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Bakłażan (oberżyna, psianka podłużna) – uprawa w przydomowym ogrodzie krok po kroku

Psianka poduna is a kind of psianka. Solanum melongena is known by the names bakaan and oberyna, which are both popular in the United States. In addition to the more well-known okrelenia such as the gruszka miosna, the jajko krzewiaste and the bakman, there are several lesser-known ones. Oberyna, which originates from tropical countries, is still relatively unknown and unappreciated in Poland’s cities. Due to the fact that it is such a delicious and healthy dish, it is worth paying close attention to how the uprawa is prepared.

Uprawa oberżyny – odmiany

Polskie ogrodników I smakoszy oryginalnych potraw are becoming increasingly popular in the Middle East, India, and the Arab world. Psianka podunato pikne warzywo has been popular in the Middle East, India, and the Arab world since ancient times. Bakasan is a jagoda that belongs to the psiankowaty family and may be found with zpomidorami, ziemniakami, papryk, and nawettytoniemszlachetnym, as well as with over 2500 other rolin gatunkami. In the XIX century, he made his way to the European stoops as a delectable warzywo, having been extensively upworked for decorative purposes.

They are also exhibiting other signs of growth.

Among the interesting odmian are, among other things, the following:

  • Todo—todo is a Polish odmiana that is distinguished by the presence of long, brown-colored brunatnofioletow skórki and the absence of zielonkawy goryczki. This type of owoce, which is a medium-sized one, is characterized by the presence of a gruszkowato owalny kstat. In the case of choroby, rolina is used in the early stages of the disease. Black Beaty is a rolina with a circumference of around 60 cm. It creates owoce with a ciemnofioletowej skórce and places it on the edges of pdachs that are extending to the gobi. White Egg – owoców o jajowatych lub maczugowatych ksztatach, pokrytych bia skórk, charakteryzujcych si wytwarzaniem duych owoców, dochodzcych do 25 cm dugoci, o jajowatych lub maczugowatych ks Its odmiany’s obryna naley do wyjtkowo dekoracyjnych elementów, and its owoce are delectably delicious
  • The Golden Egg is a rolina regarded as a delectable warzywo, whose hodowla in pojemniks provides both culinary and aesthetic benefits, thanks to the presence of beautiful ciemnozielonych large lilies and fioletowawy kwiats. Oberyna with a krzaczastym pokroju dorasta to around 80 cm in width. In the direction of the dojrzaej, biae owoce osiagajce rozmiar 10 cm change the color of the óty in the direction of the dojrzaej. tsakoniki – to rolina, której maczugowate owoce zwracaj uwag oryginalnym zabarwieniem
  • Fioletowe prgi wystpuj na biaej skórce, and biay misz jest delikatny and unbelievably smaczn In the past, Cristal F1 has been used as a substitute for Barcelona F1. It is best suited for fast, low-temperature odmiany, such as Barcelona F1. Bakery owoce with a long, linced, intensely ciemne, almost czarne skórce is what Bakaan is known for. Across Europe, without regard to the production technology used, this type of hodowla is considered to be of fundamental importance. In this category of odmiany, you will find: bakalan41/03 F1, odmiana cylindrycznaLima F1, and the newest addition to the list, Mylar F1
  • Odmiana cylindrycznaLima F1
  • Odmiana cylindrycznaL

Uprawa bakłażana krok po kroku

Hodowla necessitates the careful preparation of the podosa. It is recommended that lekkie podoe be made from odkwaszonegotorfui perlitu ogrodniczego. This granulowane koskiegoobornika, which belongs to the nawozów ciepych family, is great for boosting the production of organic substances in the body. By taking advantage of this opportunity, we are able to obtain the best conditions for manufacturing rozsady, since the oberyna is well-known for its high level of pokarmogenic toxicity. And it’s possible that you’re intrigued by anything in the garden as well.

Krok 2. Uprawa oberżyny – siew

Siew oberyny should be used in conjunction with celulozowych doniczek that has been previously prepared podoem. As we approach the end of June and the beginning of July, the weather forecast is looking bleak. We nasionaumieszczamy w pojemnikach, siejc odpowiednio w punktowy sposób. In order to make the rouzd, it is necessary to use a szklarni or foliowy tunel, as well as to make the agrotkanina pojemniki. In this manner, a normal level of wilgotno podoa will be achieved, as will a consistent level of air circulation, while the temperature of the gleba will be raised.

This will happen between the months of May and December.

Krok 3. Uprawa w gruncie

The location of the wysiewu rozsady should be cool and surrounded by a próchniczne gleba. Oberyna necessitates the use of soneczne and osonite stanowiska.

We’re making roliny with a 50 × 50-centimeter square. During periods of unappealing weather, it is important to ensure that a young baker’s growth in the szklarni, which may consist of a szklo or a folia, is well-nourished and well-maintained.

Krok 4. Uprawa bakłażana w ogrodzie

What should I do in order to obtain substantial plony? To prepare organic rolinienawozu, it is necessary to wait at least two weeks from the start of posadzenia. Over the course of time, we’ll be podlewaing and usuwamychwasty. We don’t have to worry about roliny getting into the paliks since it performs admirably on a sztywnej odydzie. Approximately 6 kwiats should be placed on the wyronietej oberyne and the boczne pdy should be wyama. Approximately one month prior to the conclusion of uprawy, we will uszczykuje pd gówny, hamujc dalszy rozwój in this manner.

Owoce wybarwione, jdrne, twarde, piknie wybarwione nie zawieraj duej stenia alkaloidów I garbników, nadajcych gorzkawy posmak.

A total of around 4 owoców may be obtained from a single krzaczka.

If you are also interested in uprawamarchwiw ogrodzie, you will find more information in this article.

Domowe wyroby na świętaj!

In Poland, most investigations are conducted in inspec- tion rooms or in tuning-rooms. A growing sense of foreboding exists about how unfavorable weather conditions may have a negative impact on the development of this ciepolubnej roliny. Following the roiling of the oxen, the upperyna is considered to be of value. In szklarniowych conditions, the following are at risk:

  • It is a type of owad that erujsce in a variety of roelin groups and reduces the severity of groaning wirus. Mszyc brzoskwiniowa owads In szklarniowych conditions, it is necessary to monitor roliny, regularly odchwaszcza them, and use them for the odawania of mszycy tamy and tablice lepowe
  • Mcznika szklarniowego– widocznego na rolinie w formacie biaej grzybni z zarodnik Excellent results in the zwalczaniu mczniaka result in odparowanie in the rozgrzanym naczyniu of the roztworu siarki. In temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, a skuteczna walk is possible
  • Przdziorkaszklarniowcaorazprzdziorka chmielowca– pajczki, erujce na dziale dole lici I snujce delikatnie nitk Those who have been wronged are usychaking and opadaking. The use of chemical agents for the zwalczanie of roztoczy is beneficial
  • The presence of szar ple– which appears in conditions of increased wilgotnoci– is detrimental. Oberyna has the potential to be attacked in both the szklarni and the garden. Preserving hygienic standards, removing debris from the pond, mowing the lawn, and, during periods of particularly harsh weather, planting flowers in the garden are the most important aspects of protecting the environment. Additionally, chemiczne srodki for plenification are available
  • Zgnilizna twardzikowa, which might manifest itself as a bluish plenification, is a grzybowa choroba that manifests itself as a zgorzela podstawy odygi and leads to the amputation of the whole rolin. Low temperatures – ranging from 1 to 15 degrees Celsius – are conducive to the onset of choroby. If zarodniki przetrwalnikowe, a.k.a. sklerocje, migrate to the glebe, they will continue to wreak havoc on the ecological system for up to 8 years. Fighting plenia is based on the niszczeniu chorych rolin and the use of chemical agents that are specifically designed for fighting choroba.

It is necessary to eliminate stonk ziemniaczana, which is also a significant hazard to the effectiveness of psianki podunej uprawy and should be avoided.

Uprawa bakłażana – zalety

Uprawa is becoming increasingly popular in Poland, owing to the smakowe benefits that oberyna possesses, as well as the zdrowotne advantages that she possesses. In order to get the benefits of roliny in its entirety, growers are looking for information on how to properly care for the crop. Uprawa oberyny provides owoców, which are characterized by the following characteristics:

  • Minerali: wapa, elazo, magnez, fosfor, potas, sód, cynk
  • Vitaminy: C, B6, A, E, K as well as tiamina, niacyna, kwas foliowy, and ryboflawina
  • Bonnik: dwukrotnie przewyszajcy, na 100g, zawar

The bakaana uprising is linked to the struggle for human health:

  • The low caloric content of roeliny is a source of frustration for people who are battling with their weight. By ingesting 100 g of warzywa, we provide the body with only 20 calories
  • Oberyna possesses detoksykatory properties
  • Aids in the proper breakdown of materials
  • Lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, which has significant implications in the fight against diabetes
  • Is beneficial to the kidneys, enhancing their function
  • Is recommended for people suffering from cukrzyc
  • And has anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists have confirmed the presence of nasuniny, a component of the new-generation komorek that is accelerating the development of new-generation computers.

Gruszka miłosna – afrodyzjak prosto z ogrodu

Those who are battling with their weight are aided by the low caloryczno of roliny By ingesting 100 g warzywa, we provide the body with only 20 calories; oberyna possesses detoksykatory properties; aids in the proper breakdown of materials; lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, which has significant implications in the fight against diabetes; is beneficial to the kidneys, enhancing their function; is recommended for people suffering from cukrzyc; and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Scientists have discovered the presence of nasuniny, a component of the new-generation komorek that is accelerating its development.

Uprawa oberżyny – warzywa nie dla wszystkich

Despite the numerous benefits of warzywa consumption, it is not always a safe practice. Oberyny should not be introduced into the diets of those who have nefrologic problems or who have diseases of the digestive system. Cickostrawne potrawy, made with podujnoci psianki, cause wzdcia and gazy in their preparation. Kobiety in ciy, as well as children, should consider resigning from their positions as a result of this occurrence.

Uprawa bakłażana – kulinarne wyzwania

As soon as the delicious warzywo arrives on the doorstep, it is important to understand the procedures involved in preparing it for consumption:

  • Oberyny does not spoy on the surface of the water. Warzywo contains toksyczna solanina, which has the potential to cause serious trawienne problems. Substancies that are harmful to the body are removed by means of thermal absorption. Adult owoców should not be removed from the skórki, and degraded sztuki should be removed in a cienko manner. It is necessary to wetrze in sól if there is an occurrence of pipieczenie or bakalana smaenie, as this results in an abnormal wydzielanie of sissoku. After 30 minutes, all that is required is to peel back the layers of the warzywa and therefore eliminate the smell of rotting meat. Bakaany are a delicious surowce for preparing zapiekanek, since they are bursting with delicious nadzienia. A vegan version of this dish may be found in the vegetarian kitchen. Panierowane plastry, dipy, and pasty made from oleocane enhance the flavor of bezmisneprzepisy. Recipes need preparation – sol, pieprzem orazoregano, which results in an authentic bakaana flavor when combined

Uprawa in Poland is a reinterpretation of traditional cuisine with the addition of interesting and healthy dishes. A call to arms for growers who prize beautiful rosettes is a welcome sight for those who work in the field. Bakaan infiltrates our daily lives, causing urod to deteriorate and causing a kusz to form. Is this article going to be beneficial to you? The article appears to have been beneficial to 99.0 percent of those who read it.

Bakłażan / Psianka podłużna

Psianka, also known as bakaanluboberyna (Solanum melongena), is a rolina belonging to the psiankowaty family of plants. It is native to tropical regions such as Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, but it is also grown in other parts of the world, where it is known as warzywo or ozdobna rolina. A long-lived jestrolin (about 1,2-2 m in height) may be found in the natural environment, although it can also be found as a seasonal rolin in the colder climates. It has a wysokoci of around 0,4-1 m. With the help of gatunek, you may create an exaggeratedly large, sztywny, szeroko rozzgaziony sodyga, which can be seen through the eyes of the wyrastajcych naprzemianlegle big-eyed lizards.

  1. Licie and pdy have the potential to be gadkie or covered with drobnymiwosks.
  2. It is best served with a salad.
  3. Sąsamopylne.
  4. The majority of the time, owoce are large, wyduone, pkate, wypenione gbczastym, biaym miszem I pokryte byszczccym, gadk, fioletow skórk, but they may also be okrge, gruszkowate I w

Wymagania i uprawa

Taking into consideration our high expectations, uprooting our baking industry is a difficult task. In addition to being a good source of ciepolubna and wiatolubna, Rolina has an exceptionally long period of time dedicated to vegetative growth. Only at temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius can it flourish, since at temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius, its growth is stunted, and its kwiaty and owoców zawizki begin to deteriorate. Bakaan requires around 4 ciepych and sonecznych months to achieve dojrzao and to produce owoce throughout the growing season (dlatego gruntowa uprawa warzywa bywa zawodna).

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Along with sweet and savory, Rolina yearns for a variety of other flavors such as syznego, prychniczego, przepuszczalnego, and a stale, lekko wilgotnegopodoa.

Bakeriana will uproot itself from roszady that were prepared under ossoons in March; however, it is easier to obtain wiosna ready-to-use rozsada from the manufacturer.

As the song progresses, the rozsada shifts to gruntu at the beginning of the fifth, to unogrzewanego tunelu at the beginning of the sixth, and to ogrzewanego tunelu at the beginning of the eighth.


Bakalan is a unique type of warzywo that manifests itself after being upieczened or usmaened. It is possible to make a paste for pieczywa out of pieczonych owoców, and smaone plastry are suitable for dosaatek, surówek, and the decoration of a ródziemnomorskie kitchen. Owoce has the potential to be tefaszerowai zapieka. Prior to smaenie, it is necessary to remove the goryczki that have been stored in the refrigerator (plastry si soli, odstawia do puszczenia soku, and then pucze).

Wybrane odmiany

  • ‘Falcon’, ‘Violetta Lunga’, and ‘Avan F1’ are all examples of fioletowe, wyduone, and pkate. ‘Black Beauty’ is a pair of fioletowe, pkate, and somewhat krótkie owoce. Pikates with fiolet-like spikes (‘Tsakoniki’)
  • Owoce pkate, wyduone, biae with fiolet-like spikes (‘Tsakoniki’)
  • ‘Golden Eggs’ are owoce jajowate, which are initially biae and then turn a bright rosy color as they mature.

The text was written by Katarzyna Józefowicz, and the photographs were taken by Paul Magdas, Dan Cristian Padure/Unsplash, Sendy Wulandhary, Sandeep Handa, Jean Louis Tosque/Pixabay, and Paul Magdas/Unsplash.

Oberżyna (Psianka podłużna) – o tym, jak uprawiać bakłażany w przydomowym ogrodzie

A high concentration of witamin and minerals can be found in the ooce and warzywa, making them essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Despite this, people do not behave in the manner in which they should. At the same time, they are concerned about a lack of important odywczych skadniks. Some people, on the other hand, are adamant that spoywajc te cenne dary natury, they are only able to assist themselves. In order for roliny jadalne to retain their properties after being subjected to high temperatures, they should be placed on the ground.

In this way, we can be confident that the warzywa and owoce will not be harmed in any way.

It is preferable to make purchases of owoców and warzyw at large online retailers.

Humans, on the other hand, have not yet learned about psiank poduna, which is a shame because it is quite valuable.

Czym jest psianka podłużna?

Poles are more familiar with the term “bakaana” than with the term “psianka”. As well as being known as oberyn, gruszk miosn, jajkiem krzewiastym, and bakmanem, rolina is also known as a variety of other names. Rolina is derived from tropical African, Arab, Egyptian, and Indian regions. The gruszka miosna is a member of the psiankowatych family. Pomidor, ziemniak, and papryka are all animals that belong to the same family. Aside from those that are okoobiegunow, roliny psiankowate may be found in all of the world’s countries.

Botanical experts, on the other hand, believe that it is an owocem, and even a jagoda, rather than a warzywo.

Jak wygląda bakłażan? Czy bakłażan uprawa jest trudna? is the source of this image. Mieszka miosnej gruszki dorasta do metra wysokocia, and in the vast majority of cases, it is surrounded by kolcami. Licie are jajowate with wciciami on the brzegs measuring 15 cm in length. In addition, they have long ogonki. Kniaty oberny wracaj pojedynczo lub w kiciowatych kwiatostanach z kotów licia wyrastajcymi przez licia. Rurki are reminiscent of the ksztatem. They typically have three patków, two of which are white and one of which is fioletowe.

The opposite is true for the kwiatu rodek. However, in the case of gruszki miosnej, the most important factor is the owoc, which may reach a length of up to 30 cm. This piece is either wydugone or kulisty. The color of owocu is a fioletowy granatowy hue.

Odmiany psianki podłużnej

The Miosna gruszka (oberyna) has a variety of interesting morphologies. Color, ksztatem, and rozmiarem are the most noticeable differences. The following are the most intriguing bakaana variations:

  • Oberyna is a stunningly beautiful ebony woman. This is an odmiana that may grow up to 60 centimeters in height. Her pdy are being wzniesione and rozgazione towards the back. The eyes of the black beauty are ciemnofioletowe and podune, while the skin is gadka and linieca. The ksztatem reminds me of a gruszk. Bakaan tsakoniki is a rolin that occurs once a year. In the case of this odmiany, the owoce, which are a pale blue color and covered with many filetowy smugami, appear to be extraordinarily beautiful. They grow up to 17 centimeters in diameter. Maczugi are reminiscent of the ksztatem. Bakaan tsakoniki have a delicious, delectable, bialy misz that is hard to resist. It’s also worth noting that bakaan tsakoniki may be found under the scientific name Solanum melongena. Bakaan white egg, on the other hand, is not used very often. As the name implies, the rolina’s appearance is reminiscent of that of Jajko. As they grow in size, they reach up to 25 cm in diameter. The skeleton is white and linoleum. Even if the economy continues to deteriorate, the company’s stock does not change. A bialy, delectable white egg is used in the baking of a bakaana. It works well with ostry warzywami and all kinds of przyprawami
  • The Oberyna negratin is a nice touch. It produces owoce of exceptional quality, which are both podune and twarde. You may describe the color of his barw as czarny, if you want to be specific. The ksztatem is reminiscent of a wyduony gruszk

Wartości odżywcze miłosnej gruszki, czyli co dobrego daje oberżyna

Bakasan is a kind of owoce that provides a significant amount of witamin and minerals to the human body. Oberyna is a source of vitamins C, K, and B, as well as other phytonutrients, among other things. In addition, bakaan contains a variety of minerals, including potas, fosfor, wap, mied, and magnez, among others. Additionally, a bonnik pokarmowy may be found on the upper deck, which aids in the breakdown of materials and the reduction of the overall weight of the body. Fitosterole and anti-utleniacze are also present, with the latter two being concentrated mostly in the bakaana’s skórce.

It’s also important to be aware that oberyna is a low-calorie food source.

Właściwości zdrowotne oberżyny. Czy warto ją jeść? is the source of this image. Bakaana should be based on the presence of minerals such as witamin and manganese. On the other hand, he possesses a number of health-related advantages that ought to be mentioned. Regardless of the odmiana a person chooses, whether it’s bakaan tsakoniki or black beauty, they can always take comfort in the fact that their spousal well-being is contributing to their overall health. In addition to having an effect on the slowing down of the skin’s natural healing process, baking soda may also be used to help heal a tusk that has been infected.

  1. The diet, in which oberyna has a permanent position, has an effect on the elimination of toksyn from the mózgu as well as the increase in the amount of blood flowing to it.
  2. It also has the ability to reduce ttno and lower cholesterol levels.
  3. In addition, naturally occurring witaminy and minerals found in the soil nourish the skin, hair, and nails.
  4. On top of that, the high density of Elaza allows for the elimination of anemii.

Bakłażan w ogródku, czyli jakich błędów nie popełnić w uprawie?

Currently, there are a few words about bakaan uprawa. In connection with the fact that the oberyna brought us into contact with a variety of suffocating climatic conditions, she is extremely demanding throughout the upraw. Most importantly, owocowi must be provided with an appropriate amount of gleb. It is necessary for her to be cheerful, practical, and appropriately wilgotna. The area around the location where the bakaan will be placed should be well-nasoneczned and free of debris, as wiatr will not be available.

Prior to posadzeniem roliny, it is necessary to use nawozu in the form of kompost or obornika.

To make these rolls, you’ll need a lot of ciêpa.

Temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius are required for a pleasant rosning experience.

If, on the other hand, the temperature rises above 20 degrees Celsius, the temperature will rise. Additionally, when preparing bakaanów, it is important to keep in mind the need of regular cleaning. They require a significant amount of water.

Nasiona bakłażana, co warto o nich wiedzieć?

Nasiona bakaana can be purchased at a local grocery store or online through a secure server with home delivery. The price will be determined by who is purchasing the item and what type of item they wish to purchase. For example, nasiona bakalana black beauty will be more expensive than tsakoniki. Additionally, nasiona in a variety of gramatical variations can be purchased. Saszetki (1 g) or 0,5 g) are the most often encountered. Typically, nasiona bakaana is harvested in the month of March, whilst plony are harvested in the months of September and October.

Psianka podłużna = oberżyna = bakłażan – Solanum melongena

A rolina from the psiankowatych (Solanaceae) family of plants, also known as baker’s yeast or papryka, is a kind of squash. It is also known as baker’s yeast or miosna gruszk. Psianka poduna is the legally correct name for this warzywa.

Psianka podłużna – opis

The owoc of bakaanu has a variety of ksztats and zabarwienie depending on the odmiany; the owoc of gruszkowatego ksztatu with a fioletowoczarnej skórce is the most often encountered. Owoc of bakaanu has a variety of kszta Owoc bakaanu has a high concentration of mineral soli, including fosforu, elaza, and wapnia, as well as a high concentration of wglowodanów, particularly cukrów. It contains a little amount of witamin.

Oberżyna – uprawa w Polsce

Bakaan can be uprooted and replanted in the garden with little difficulty; the only thing to remember is that it is a rolina ciepolubna. The best way to deal with uprawa bakaanaz as a result of this is to place it under the osonami (w szklarni lub pod tunelem foliowym). When it comes to temperature, the Oberynajest is very demanding – it requires a rise of 20–30 degrees Celsius, and at temperatures lower than 15 degrees Celsius, the wzrost of the bakaana is zahamowany. When the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, the occurrence of roiling is increased.

In order to properly prepare for baking, the oven must be extremely hot, well-ventilated, and free of moisture.

Gleba should be syzna, abounding in próchnicy, and a uniformly wilgotna coloration.

Bakłażan – sadzenie i zbiór

In the beginning of May and the beginning of December, Bakaanuprawia si from the rozsady sadzonej to gruntu. Bakaana should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected during the period of rapid growth of rolinies. After about three days of kwitnienia, the owoce bakaana develops into a sprzyjajcych warunkach wzrostu (cieplo!) and appropriate pielgnacji (ask your doctor!).

Owoce zbiera si as soon as it appears that things are about to become worse. Byszczc fioletow skór, as well as a bluish-gray muzzle, are required. It is not necessary to avoid zbiorem because warzywa that have not been stored for a period of time abieraj brzowego koloru, matowiej, and trac smak.

Stanowisko słoneczne
Wilgotność gleby średnio wilgotna
Roślina ozdobna z owoców
Kategoria Warzywa
Podlewanie dużo
Barwa liści/igieł zielona

NEW NUMBER NOWY NUMBER The month of August brings with it a burst of energy from wyrazistoci (colors and styles), as well as a sense of well-being in the home. In the MOODBOARD, we’re looking at a shaky connection between fiolet and niblick. Make a one-time payment of 1 zloty.

Psianka podłużna – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Psianka podłużna

Owoc psianki podłużnej (bakłażan, oberżyna)
Domena eukarionty
Królestwo rośliny
Podkrólestwo rośliny zielone
Nadgromada rośliny telomowe
Gromada rośliny naczyniowe
Podgromada rośliny nasienne
Nadklasa okrytonasienne
Klasa Magnoliopsida
Nadrząd astropodobne
Rząd psiankowce
Rodzina psiankowate
Rodzaj psianka
Gatunek psianka podłużna
Nazwa systematyczna
Solanum melongenaL.Sp. Pl. 1: 186 186 1753

Psianka poduna (Solanum melongena) is a legitimate botanic nagatunkurolin from the genus Psiankowata (Solanum melongena). Rolina ta, on the other hand, is most known under the zwyczajowymi nazwami jakoobernalubbakaan, but it also goes by other names, such as gruszka miosna, jajko krzewiaste, and bakman. It originates in tropical Africa, Egypt, the Arab world, and India. Polish Uprawiana occurs mostly in pleasantly warm microclimatic conditions (Polsceuprawiana, Polsceuprawiana).


odygaDorastajca up to 100 cm in length. Occasionally, kolcami are visible (depending on the degree of odmiany). Licie Jajowate, occasionally with pytkimi wciciami na brzegach with a length of up to 15 cm. They are advancing on a series of really long ogonks. Kwiaty Kodron kwiatowej rurki ksztatej picioma, wykonanej patkami in niebieskim or fioletowym colorie, oótym rodku Kwiaty wyrastaj pojedynczo lub w kiciowatychkwiatostanachz któw lici w kiciowatychkwiatostanachz któw lici. They have a 5-dziakowy kielich that is kolczasty.

In a fioletowy or brunatny color, soczystajagodaw in a length of up to 30 cm, soczystajagodaw in the same color.


The term “bakaany” refers to bakaaany that are uprawiane in tropical and subtropical regions all over the world, from the Indian subcontinent to the Philippines. In a similar vein to Hindus, the Japanese are attempting to introduce new, as well as the best, alterations to their culture. wspóczesne krzyówki maj owoce owalne, okrge, or in the ksztacie gruszki, a jej skórka moe wybra fioletow, sótozielon, or bia barw. wspóczesne krzyów When prepared as roliny jednoroczne, owoce can weigh as much as 500 g if prepared in the proper conditions and stored properly.

The first changes to the way bakaanas are prepared date back to the fifth century p.n.e.

Bakaany zawdroway z Azji do Europy wraz z muzumanami, którzy dotarli do Hiszpanii przez pónocn Afryk w VII wieku, w czasach kalifatuUmajjadów, za czasów kalifatuUmajjadów, za czasów kalifatu It is possible for bakaany to grow on the dworze, in the ogrodach, or on the polach because to the favorable climate in Spain.

The Rolniczych Rolniczych Rejestrze of the European Union is located here.

Sztuka kulinarna (Kulinary Stuff). In India and Africa, on the southwestern edge of the Saharyoberyny Mountains, a crucial component of the ubogiej ludnoci’s jadospis is found. There are a variety of ways in which they can be used.

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Bakłażan: uprawa w doniczkach i pod osłonami. Najlepsze sposoby

Whether faszerowan, duszony, grillowany, or prepared in a variety of other ways, bakaan is a delectable side dish in any form or preparation. This subtropikal rolina, whose ojczyzna is India, was transported to Afryki by Arabs in the IX century, and only later to Europe in the XV century. However, in order to gain popularity, bakaanowi would have to wait for more than four years after that.

Bakłażan – charakterystyka

Similarly to how it is frequently the case in the case of egzotycznych gatunków, in the context of their unique names and classifications, the only certain identification is the botaniczna name. Bakasan, oberyna, jajko krzewiaste, bakman, and a slew of other names refer to the same plant: psianka poduna (Solanum melongena), a bliska krewnauprawnianych ziemniaków that thrives in our arid environment. Die in our country popularized names “bakalan” and “oberyna” refer to the early stages of the game “Gluchy Telefon,” which was overseen by a group of kupców and gamblers over several years.

Last but not least, bakaan is located from the culinary perspective of warzywem, yet it is true that it is owoc, with jagoda on the horizon to the right.

Uprawa bakłażana w doniczce

Indyjskie Kuchnia, where Bogata has been working for many years in witaminy, has been a long-standing fixture for Bogata for many years. After making its way throughout the world in a zwyciskim pochodzie, it has become a regular dish in the region of the Middle East and Turkey. To be effective in our geographically diverse region, this smoky rolina need a number of specific pielgnacyjne zabiegs. Most importantly, they provide constant temperatures of at least +15°C. Due to the nature of upraw in doniczkach, it is possible to deliver large quantities of baked goods to the stó directly from the balcony or from the taras, even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Indeed, this is the primary reason for treating bakanajako as roliny of the twelfth lunar month.

Anyone who enjoys experimenting with food may choose to try their hand at baking their own bakaany at their home.

It is necessary to look for such odmian on a regular basis.

Optymalne stanowisko i podłoże dla bakłażana w doniczce

The most important characteristic of a bakery’s stanowisko is that it must be warm to the touch. It is preferable not to attempt to bake doniczki with bakaanem in the evening. The best location is one that is close to the house’s chimney, because the walls nagrzewaj si during the day and magazynuj ciepo, and at night they wypromieniowuj. Bakalan is unlikely to stage a protest against such nocturnal dogrzewanie, based on past experience. When it comes to pomylnej uprawy, a large quantity of doniczki is essential.

In order to achieve good results, it is necessary to work with a suitable substrat. It is preferable that the podobe for the bakaana be crisp, light, and easy to push through the oven door. The optimal pH ranges from 6.3 to 6.9, depending on the situation.

Bakłażany w doniczce: sadzonki i sadzenie

Given that bakalan belongs to the roelin that requires a lot of time to mature (it takes 2-6 weeks), it is necessary to store nasiona until the end of September, or as late as the beginning of March, and then to store it in the refrigerator. Temperatures ranging from 20°C to 25°C are required for the growth of siewek. When the nasiona is in the water, it sinks to the bottom of the pool by 1-2 cm and is completely covered with water. As soon as the first listki appear and the nasiona wykiekuj, it is possible to pikowai mode rolinki from the bakalana.

Uprawa bakłażana w doniczce: podlewanie, nawożenie i przycinanie

Since the owoce is rising at an alarming rate in the opposite direction, it is necessary to maintain regular maintenance on the sadzonki. It’s important to remember that in doniczkach ziemia wysycha faster than it does in rabatów, and that czstsze podlewanie is a certain possibility. Regardless of whether the bakalan is uprawiany in the gruncie or in the doniczce, a lack of wilgoci can lead to the development of zgnilizny korzeni. Bakaan is looking for ways to increase the amount of skadniks used in the production of pokarm.

Lately, frequent zasilanie nawozem do pomidorów has become increasingly important in the overall development of the company.

Because of this, rolina is able to store more energy for use on subsequent pdy.

In comparison to the case of pomidors, it is preferable to carry out this zabieg using an ostry noem to avoid infection.

Uprawa bakłażanów pod osłononami

Baked goods are best when they are prepared in the oven with the lid closed. Zamiowanie do ciepa and zdecydowana niech to temperatures below 15°C ensure that the baked goods are best when prepared in the oven with the lid closed. Depending on the capabilities of the ogrodnik-amator, this may be a szklarnia, a foliowy tunel, or a foliowy namiot. This warzywa-jagody, also known as the oberyn, benefits from a favorable microclimate in the enclosed space, as well as comfortable temperatures and air flow patterns in the surrounding area.

Psianka „szafirowa burza” – jak ją uprawiać, pielęgnować i przezimować

This beautiful rolina, also known as szafirowe burz, may be found in both the garden and on the balcony. We’ll go over what conditions must be met by her throughout the year, as well as what time of year it is and how to properly care for her. Roliny psiankowate are a zrónicowana and very poyteczna rolina rodzina with a distinctive appearance. Many of the company’s executives are available for consultation on a regular basis, such as psianka poduna, czyli bakaan, without mentioning the ziemniakach, pomidorach, or papryce, for example.

One of the most visually appealing and edible psianek is Rantonneta (Lycianthes rantonnetii, formerly known as Solanum rantonnetii).

Occasionally, these rolins can also be found on the market under the name “drzewko goryczkowe.” To kalka od francuskiej nazwy arbre à gentiane, uywanej prawdopodobnie ze wzgldu na podobiestwokwiat ów do tzw.

goryczki tropikalnej, a take ze wzgldu na podobiestwokwiat (Exacum trinervium). To begin, we’ll discuss the tropikal goryczki (eksakum) and how to best prepare these roliny.

Szafirowa burza – psianka Rantonneta

It is a beautiful kwitning krzew – szafirowa burza denotes the presence of kwitning krzews, which can be seen on the pdach from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. óte oczko I prciki, as well as gruby pylnikami in the same color, are contrasted with a vibrant, non-bieskofioletow barwa of patków, which contrasts beautifully with the kwiat’s intense, non-bieskofioletow barwa of patków. Die Pâtki are crisply pomarszczone and zroniete against one another, and the area of growth is denoted by the use of a brighter color.

Licie have a wyduony, lancetowaty lub owalny ksztat as well as a single, ciemnozielony coloration.

Uwaga – to roślina trująca

This rolina may also be used to create owoces, which have a very attractive appearance (czerwieniejsze kuleczki combined with dojrzewaniem, for example). Similarly to the rest of the psianki, the owoce and nasiona are difficult to manipulate (the majority of toksyn is concentrated in the owocach, and they appear a little squeaky for children). If there are children playing in the garden, we will be concentrating on cleaning up the roeliny.

Jak uprawiać szafirową burzę – podstawowe wymagania

These roelins originate in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, where they grow in a cooler climate than in Poland. This is why they are particularly vulnerable in donics, which are particularly vulnerable when the weather turns cold (see below for more information). A similar donic may be done in the sun, and the psianka will appear as if it were a grunt-like krzew in the summer. You can also choose to sit on the terrace, the balcony, or in a specific area of the garden. Amiejsce dla psiankimusi should be protected from the elements (preferably from rain and snow) and be secluded (it should be secluded for at least 8 hours every day).

  1. To be effective, the ziemia for this group of psiankimust be both pleasant and unavoidably puzzling.
  2. Warstwadrena u oraz odpyw must be present in order for the meeting to be successful.
  3. Therefore, nadmiar water should flow freely, and the northern warstwa should be allowed to cool before the next nawadnianie is carried out.
  4. Due to the high demand for Psianka Rantonneta’s services in the field of pokarm, it is recommended that she be regularly sprayed with a nawoze for the benefit of the roelin kwitning.

Since a result, we should refrain from using azote-based nawazów, as rolina will have a lot of lici, but less kwiatów. It’s also important to avoid nawozi j around the middle of the month of September, because rolina must prepare herself for a summer vacation.

Psianka Rantonneta jako krzew lub drzewko

Those pdy on this psianka are rapidly growing in size and becoming darker. It is possible to use it as a krzew or to shape it into a drzewko using kulist korona. It is really simple to ksztatowa, all the more so because it is necessary to do so on a regular basis.

Przycinanie psianki Rantonneta

Every year, in the winter, it is necessary to clean the szafirowe burztrze. Pdy can be shortened by half, or even by two-thirds. Psianka kwitnie na pdach tegorocznych, a kwiaty pojawiaj si zarówno na kocach pdów, jak I w ktach lici na nowych przyrostach. Psianka kwitnie na pdach tegorocznych, a kwi The warm weather of winter causes pds to swell and a slew of new pds to appear, including those with lilies and kwiats. Pdy can also be prepared in the event of a need, but we do not anticipate any spectacular growth from the kwiatami in this situation.

In the case of a rolina with a particularly prominent, pionowy pd, it is possible to kstatowa a kulista korona on it by appropriately przycinajc her pds and usuwajc all of the items that appear below.

The following is explained in detail:How can I properly soften krzews made from sadzoneki that are zielnych, pózdrewniaych and zdrewniaych?

Zimowanie psianki Rantonneta

Due to the fact that this rolina does not survive the winter months in Poland (temperatures can drop to -5oC and the weather can be rather pleasant in certain parts of Europe), it is necessary to transfer it to a warm location by the end of the month of December. It is possible to zimowa in temperatures ranging from 0 to 4oC (during which time it will not have lici and will not require wiata) or slightly higher temperatures, i.e. 5-10oC, but during which time it will have access to wiata (this is consistent with the fact that it zrzuci licie, but does not zahamuje significant wzrostu, which means When it comes to zimowania, it is necessary to keep the temperature stable from one day to the next so that ziemia does not completely disappear (the degree of difficulty varies according to the temperature; generally, it takes 3-4 days).

Szafirowa burza wiosną

Towards the end of March, rolin should be preprzesadzido wikszej doniczki and przycido. This leads to a more comfortable and pleasant environment for the two of them. If the weather is pleasant on Wednesday, it is possible to spend the day on the zewntrz. However, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature in order to prevent psianka from freezing. It is possible to find safe haven on the horizon in the second half of May (after the previous year’s hazard mitigation).

Psianka Rantonnetiego czy psianka Rantonetta

In the descriptions, the name Rantonnetiego (or Rantonettiego) is frequently used; however, this is a variant of the name, and the correct name is psianka Rantonneta. The name is derived from the names of a French horticulturist who went by the name of Barthélémy Victor Rantonnet.

It is as a result of this that the Polish town of Rantonneta is born. Meanwhile, in twór “Rantonnetiego,” the name comes from a combination of polskiej kocówki and an aciskiej nazwy in which that name appears in the dopeniaczu (“raconnetii” in the original Polish).

Psianka podłużna, oberżyna, bakłażan – uprawa donicowa

Ten post is expected to be published in the month of September. Ajajaj, but the time has come to rest. No, we’re not going to do that.

Bakłażany w donicach sezon 2017

In this particular year, I had an abundance of bakaanów. Duuuuużo. I pretended that the taras was rozcigalny, and then a selection of bakaany in donics was placed in front of me. I had bakaany in donics on the taras, under the taras, on the trawnik, and on the schodachczyli, and they were all in the right place at the right time. The czerwona odmiana Red Turkish, on the other hand, threw me for a loop since it appeared to be completely out of place. The only thing that’s wrong with it is that it’s hot and humid, despite the fact that it has an abundance of odrobin goryczki.

My most fervent hopes were dashed when the reality met my expectations.

And it’s all because of the weather.

Wymagania czyli co bakłażan lubi

Because there was a post about bakaanach in the previous year, I’m not going to mention it here, but for the sake of completeness, I’ll say it here. Bakaan enjoys a good cup of coffee. The optimal temperature for baking is between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius during the summer months, and between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius during the winter months. During the night, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of at least 15°C, preferably 18–20°C, because a lower temperature causes the growth of bacteria to slow.

  • If a chodna nocturne is forecast, all that has to be done is to narzuci kubraczek made of wókniny on the krzaczek.
  • We restrict access to the Internet during periods of heavy precipitation, and we increase it during periods of heavy rain.
  • When it’s sunny and warm, we’ll eat conew at both the start of the day and the end of the day, and when it’s cold and wet, we’ll eat just conew at the start of the day and the end of the day.
  • Bakaan has extremely high pokarmowe requirements, which are somewhat higher than those required by papryka.
  • The ability to control the rate of zasolenia of the podosa is extremely important; Bakaan, for example, reacts poorly to abnormally high levels of soli in the podosa.
  • In the course of kwitnienia, I changed my odywk to one with a higher concentration of fosfor and potassium (NPK+Mg 9:9:27 + (3)), with the goal of completing the cycle by submitting to a nawóz siany with a prolonged dziaaniu (NPK+Mg 10:12:14+ (2) once a week.
  • As it turned out, it was far better than the previous year’s rather oszczodne nawoenie.

No, this is not a perfect eco-system, but in the case of donic, the use of just organically produced fertilizer does not provide complete satisfaction in the field. Either mineral nawoenie and a kosz peen bakaanów, or ecological mikstury and a single krzak-one owoc are viable options.

Odmiany tegoroczne warte powtórzenia

Odmiana, która mi si spodoba, jest bardzo ciekawa. Despite the fact that the owoce have a very thick skin, they do not possess any cienia goryczki. It takes the longest time for the body to recover after a zerwanu. It is extremely full and resistant to disease. This is the Russian equivalent of “Odmiana.” More plenna, but with a higher concentration of owoc. It’s very delicious. However, such a point of view was shared by limaki. It’s possible that Bd would like to nawozia troszk in the upcoming season.

  1. Calliope is a beautiful, owalny, bakasan in the style of the Azjatycks.
  2. It was a pleasure working with you.
  3. Pasiak number two.
  4. On the photograph, the subject is still in a tense state.
  5. The vehicle is parked on the side of the road in the Tarassas.
  6. The man is extraordinarily ozdobny, as well as remarkably jadal.
  7. Mode owoce, on the other hand, do not possess this quality.

nah, not worth mentioning.

You’ll find some useful information here: The true story of the Turkish eggplant Beautiful, czarne owoce with a unique ksztat and a significant amount of grejpfrut.

It took a long time for her to realize that she needed to do something before the end of the month of July.

Despite their visually appealing appearance and the fact that they are completely free of hazard, podune odmiany are found in a variety of locations.

It is difficult to find karowe odmiany that aren’t full with malutkich owocach.

They’re making their way to the bukiets, albeit they’re not staying for very long.

In the event that you are just interested in culinarily oriented values, and musicians are interested in deciding between these and large-scale orchestral arrangements, the following suggestions may be of interest to you.

Galeria donicowych bakłażanów 2017

This is an arrangement that I really enjoy. Even if it has a very thick skin, the owoce lack any cienia goryczki in the first place. After a zerwanu, he becomes extremely full and odporny to a variety of illnesses. This is the Russian equivalent of “Odmiana” It’s less plenny, but it has more volume. It’s very delicious! However, such a point of view was shared by a number of people. It’s possible that Bd would like to nawozia troszk in the upcoming season, but it’s unlikely. It’s possible that I’ll be able to increase my total amount of time available.

  • It’s a delicious treat for zbiorów at the historic stadium, and it comes with a deliciously moist pastry.
  • F1 in and of itself is a good thing, but one of its additional advantages is its ability to withstand colder conditions.
  • 2 (second time) Very full of delicious smoky sporych owocs, which is really rare.
  • Later, after attaining a mass of similar size to that of a typical grocery store bakery, I will re-enter the fray.
  • Exactly, this pomaraczowa piecka is also a baker’s devil’s delight.
  • Although it has a goryczk, it is possible to zniwelowa it after it has been posed.
  • Because of this, widok krzaka is.

It lends itself well to grilling and nadziewaing, as well as to baking.

The owoce are beautiful and bright in color, and they have an unusual shape and high concentration of grejpfruts in the center of them.

Long time ago, she pondered how she would go about observing owocams on her own before the end of the month of September.

Despite their visually appealing appearance and the fact that they are completely free of a criminal record, podune alterations are seen in a variety of locations.

Sliczne are variants on the theme of karaoke that feature malutkich owocach.

Although they are not very long, they are a good way to spend some time outside.

In the event that you are just interested in culinarily oriented values, and musicians are interested in deciding between these and large-scale orchestral arrangements, the following suggestions are made:

Krótki opis uprawy

  1. . Rozkwit. It begins in late January or early February and concludes in late February or early March. Oświetlenie. To complete the process, a large amount of cold water is required. Temperature ranges are discussed. In the winter, temperatures range from 18 to 26 degrees Celsius, while in the summer, temperatures range from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius. Podlewanie. Podlewanie After the wyschnieciu herrzchnej warstwy, gleby’s mieszanka nawilia si in the weeks of October and November. In conjunction with the onset of the autumnal season, the degree of czstotliwo and obfito podlewania decreases. And in the winter, they are confident only in the fact that the ice does not melt. There is a lot of smog in the air right now. Every month of the year must have a high level of performance. A doniczk with a krzakiem is placed on the ground near the ground-level tacy wypenionej mokra with an expanded glina in order to increase wilgotno. Butelka z rozpylaczem zwila si z rolin w upalne dni
  2. Rolina zwila si butelk z rozpylaczem w upalne dni
  3. Rolina zwila si butelk z rozpylaczem w upalne dn Nawóz. Beginning with the last few days of winter and continuing through the first few weeks of autumn, pianko karmi si twice or three times per month. In order to do this, zoony minera is applied to rolin kwitncych in the form of a pynne
  4. The period of odpoczynku. It begins in the month of February and ends in the month of August. Lamówka. When the owoce start to deteriorate and the liquified owoce begins to swell, it is time to take a break. The annual winter solstice takes place immediately after the spring equinox
  5. Mieszanka gleby. Mieszanka gleby. Sol and the Liciasta gleba, torf (1: 1: 1)
  6. Sol and the Liciasta gleba . The sadzonki odgowe and the Nasienna Methode
  7. Robactwo
  8. Mszyce, mczliki, and przdziorków
  9. Choroba When exposed to excessive wilgotnoci and air temperature, rolina may have a licie that lasts for an extended period of time.

Dbanie o psiankowate w domu

Every season of the year requires a great deal of delicate, yet rippling, water for the household psianka. Parapets on the southeastern or western horizons are ideal for him. Kwiat can also be placed in the uppermost portion of the okna, but in this case, it will necessitate cieniowania in the upper portion of the okna before the soca begins to palc. The pónocny parapet does not lend itself to such an endeavor since poor lighting can cause poor kwitnienie, as well as a significant increase in the size and growth of the krzew.

Warunki temperaturowe

When the temperature of the air is between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius in the early morning and late afternoon, krzew feels great. In the spring and summer months, the weather is pleasant. If the temperature in the house is lower than 18 degrees Celsius, it may result in latanie of the lilies and owoców. Under these conditions, the temperature of the air in a dwelling should be between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius throughout the summer. Late in the day, when the sun is shining brightly on the horizon, rolin may be seen gliding across the sky toward the horizon; it corresponds to the same balkon or horizon.

The Zima psianka, which is located in a separate building, must be systematically wentylowane, while at the same time being protected from intruders.


During the period of wegetacji, which lasts from the beginning of October until the beginning of November, rolinie obfite podlewanie is guaranteed. This occurs as a result of the lekkim wyschniciu powierzchni mieszanki gleby, which occurs naturally. A restriction has been placed on podlewanie during the months of June and July: it must be even and even. However, it is not possible to dissuade glinianej bryy.

Wilgotność powietrza

Rolina is in desperate need of a lot of wilgotnoc during the course of the year. To achieve this, it is necessary to systematically remove it from the oven, as well as to place a pojemnik made of tulej on a dark-colored palette, which must first be covered with mokrym kamyczkiem or keramzytem to ensure that the dno doniczki does not get stykad with ciecz. Because of the low wilgotno of the atmosphere, owocowanie may begin later and be less intense.


Culture is karmioned twice or three times every month, depending on the length of the month. In this case, the karmienie should take place between the last few days of May and the first few days of February. To karmienia psiankowatych, it is possible to employ specialized nawozów designed for ozdobnych upraw kwitncych in habitations or for pomidors. When the nawóz is in the pynnej position, it is preferable. The consistency of the output should be the same as that specified by the manufacturer (patrz opakowanie).


It is necessary to carry out a third of the odyg every year during the winter.

In accordance with standard operating procedure, przycinanie occurs after the onset of owoców and the beginning of blaszek liciowych. In order to make the krzew more bujny, szczypanie odyg without kwiatów and pków is recommended in the summer.

Przeszczep psiankowatych

After the end of the winter season of przycinania, it is necessary to transfer the krzew to the new yznej mieszanki gleby. So that water does not become stagnant in the roliny’s korzenia, on doniczki days, a drenaow warstwa with a thickness of 30 millimeters is constructed; in this case, little cega or keramzyte are used. A suitable gleby mashup consisting of liciastej and sodowej glebs, as well as torfu, is used for the purpose of krzew disintegration (1: 1: 1). Aside from that, it is also possible to make use of podosa made of torf and darniowej ziemi, as well as piasku and próchnicy (2: 2: 1: 2).

Przeszczepiony Krzew.


In the event of a psiankowaty owocu being stomped on in a residence, it is possible to face serious consequences. When dealing with domestic animals or little children, it is necessary to be extremely ostrony in this situation.

Metody rozmnażania

For the purpose of removing psiankowatych odors from dwellings, sadzonki odyg are used. Following the wiosenny climax of the roliny, the next segments are not wyrzucane. Select the healthiest and most nutritious segments and place them in a posada to elongate them. To do this, you may use mieszanki torfu and piasku, or you can use a wermikulitu or just piasku. When the sadzonka is zakorzeni, the sadzonka is buried in a permanent, indywidualnym naczyniu, which is filled with a ziemi-mix consisting of piask, darni, and gleby próchnicznej.

Do not forget to complete the drenaowe warstwy on the day of the pojemnik.

Lately, it is possible to do a few lean ci, which will also aid in the reduction of roelin krzewienie.

Uprawa z nasion

For the treatment of psiankowatych patients, the nasion method is also used. Begin with the napenienia of a little pojemnik with a liciast gleb and work your way up. On the side of the road, near the bridge, is a nasiona rosette. Draw a line through the nasiona’s crimson warstwa of piasku. When rooliny is freshly cut, it swilts away from the rozpylacza, leaves behind a szke or folia on the side of the house, and settles in an area that is always warm (about 22 degrees Celsius). The first signs of sadzonki should appear after around 15 days.

Following that, the krzewy makes its way to the gleby mieszanki, which include gleby darniowej and próchniczej, as well as piasku (1: 2: 1).

Możliwe problemy

There are several issues that might arise when there is an excessive amount of psiankowatych in a residence:

  1. It does not produce owoców. The use of household ropes may necessitate the use of sztuczne zapylenia. In order to do this, it is necessary to use a pdzel with a little wosiem and use it to transfer pyku from one kwiat to the other. Latanie in the vicinity of lici and owoców. The fact that there is a lot of smoke in the house, and the amount of oxygen in the air is quite high
  2. Robactwo are the most obvious consequences of this. Muszyce, mczliki, and przdziorks are all capable of establishing themselves on the rolinie. The majority of the time, this refers to krzewów that may be found in dwellings with excessively low levels of oxygen.

Rodzaje psiankowatych ze zdjęciami i nazwami

Brazil is the eldest member of this gatunku. It is represented by brightly colored krzewy, which have cienkie, krcone odygi that are free of blemishes and discoloration. It is possible that their height will exceed 400 cm. Wierzchoki odyg ozdobione s wyduonymi, jajowatymi, prostymi blaszkami liciowymi o caych krawdziach, na powierzchni których nie wystpuje pokwitanie, a na powierzchni których It is most often seen in the left side of the sodyg, where it grows to a size of around 30 mm in diameter and 70 mm in length.

The do bujny rozkwit is observed on a regular basis from the beginning of March to the end of February. The diameter of non-bieskawych kwiats is around 20 mm, and they are harvested in the form of wierzchokowe kwiatostany. The diameter of the owoce ciemnoczerwone is around 15 mm.

Olbrzymia psianka (Solanum giganteum)

The gatunek is represented by a rozgaziony zimozielony krzew, whose wysoko can reach up to six meters in height. Powierzchnia grubych gazi is characterized by the presence of pokwitaniem in the form of biaawych wosów, as well as little kolców. Anterior to the pdach may be found wyduone owalne, ciemnozielone, and blaszki liciowe, each of which has a length of around 25 cm. Pokwitanie, which is represented by a pair of blond wosy, appears on the seamy side of the lici. It’s kwitnie season from the middle of September until the end of October.

In the culture of the home, gatunek is a rzadki creature, which may be found most frequently in szklarnia.

Zeaforta psiankowata (Solanum seaforthianum)

It is represented by a very large, zimozielony krzew with a length of around 5–6 meters, which is representative of the gatunek. His krcone odygi are ozdobione with lancetowatymi blaszkami liciowymi, which are more commonly jajowato-lancetowatymi blaszkami liciowymi. They are fresh, with all of their krawdzis visible, and thoroughly pofalowane. Kraw kwitnie od pocztku marca do powodu pónej jesieni od pocztku marca. A pair of kwiatostany wiechy pachowej are constructed from opadajcych kwiatów lawendy.

Wendland psiankowata (Solanum wendlandii)

In nature, gatunek may be found in the górzystych regions of North America, with a range of elevations ranging from 2000 to 3000 meters. A wysokoci of approximately 4 meters is represented by a brightly colored rozgazione of krzews in the middle of the day. The edge of the owijajccych si gazi is obscured by a pair of short cierni (shrubs). The podune, eliptyczne licie in the upper portion of the sodyg licie are around 10 centimeters in length. Three-clap-like lilies with a crimson odcieniu may be found in the left-hand section of the gauze.

Kwitnie w miesicach letnich (in the summer).

Fioletowe kwiaty with a diameter ranging from 50 to 60 mm are rapidly increasing in size.

Kędzierzawa psianka (Solanum crispum)

This decorative and kwitning gatunek distinguishes itself by having a rapid growth rate and krconymi odygami. The neobiesko-fioletowe kwiaty are harvested from the wierzchokowe uski.

Fałszywe psiankowate (Solanum pseudocapsicum)

Gatunek reprezentowany jest przez krzew bez liściasty, którego wysokość wynosi około 50 cm. Rozgazione odygi ozdobione s ciemnozielonymi wyduonymi lancetowatymi pytkami liciowymi I ciemnozielonymi wyduonymi lancetowatymi pytkami liciowymi I ciemnozielonymi wyd The krzew kwitnie and owocuje throughout the entire year when treated well.

The majority of the mammoth kwiats are white. The owoce on the zewntrznie are similar to the owoce on the wini. The color of their skin varies depending on the degree of dojrzaoci and can range from zielonego to ciemnoczerwonego. Jagody są bardzo gorzkie I nie należy ich jeść.

Papryka psiankowata (Solanum capsicastrum)

The name “winia jerozolimsk” is also given to this gatunek by the locals. It’s possible that the zimozielony, nisko rosncy karowaty krzew will reach a height of little more than a mile. The lancetowate szaro-zielone blaszki liciowe are characterized by a falist krawd and a variety of morphologies. It’s kwitnie season from the beginning of April until the end of September. The majority of the mammoth kwiats are white. They have a diameter of around 20 mm and are studded with a trucizne.

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