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Borówka amerykańska – supergwiazda w odżywianiu – Michał Kuczek

Visit for other high-quality stock picture sets that are completely free. The evidence suggests that this particular jagoda will be included among those who use a healthy method of królowa odywiania in the near future. In this case, the phenomenon occurs almost everywhere on the planet, and the benefits of hearing her owoców are stupefying.

Krótka historia borówki amerykańskiej

Weirdly dubbed “Amerykask,” this large, potocznie dubbed “Borówka” is the source of our czarnej jagody and comes from the United States of America, specifically the state of Pennsylvania. In a number of countries throughout the world, dziko is increasing. However, all of the odmiany with large owocs are the result of upraw. During the 1930s and early 1900s, the sadowniczne rolina was established, and all of the relevant uprawne odmiany were established in the United States. At the moment, plants for the production of American borówki are being established all over the world.

The majority of borówek produced in Poland is intended for export, although it has garnered interest among the general public as well.

There are many different kinds of rozmiary that may be obtained by using borówki; however, the best and hardest to obtain in the upraw are rozmiaries of smaller czereni (borówki).

Błękitny skarb

In addition to being delicious, American-style borówki have a significant amount of nutritional value. However, among the many varieties of owoc, one in particular stands out as having a high nutritional value. owoce te are a valuable component of a healthy and well-balanced diet because of their high concentration of dietary fiber and nutrients. In order to ensure that the length of this article does not change its content in the ebook, it is necessary to consider everything in which borówki are only good, and to concentrate on the aspects in which other owocams have a dominant position.

Since ancient times, people have believed that borówki has medicinal properties.

American Borówka may be of assistance in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic disorders, such as new-onset Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as tetnic, tylak, cukrzycy, and hipoglikemii, as well as nadwagi and otylocis, zapalenia stawów, schorze moczowego I wtroby, as well as As a result of laboratory tests conducted on animals, Borówki has been labeled as a “naturally occurring microbial eliksir.” This was confirmed by the findings of the tests conducted on humans.

Omobniki on the borówkowej diet exhibited significantly improved ruchowness and memory over an extended period of time, as well as high levels of poznawczoci.

A non-typical effect on the body’s aging process, caused by resweratrol and other polifenoles, has been shown to encourage people to engage in spróbowania and the inclusion of this owocu in their daily diet.

Potencjał antyoksydacyjny

Numerous scientific studies conducted on borówka have revealed the presence of a wide range of biologically active and anti-oxidant substances in the substance’s owoc, for which the substance is highly valued. They include, among other things, polifenole, antocyjany (which are responsible for the distinctive color of borówek), kwas chlorogenowy, mirycetyna, kwercetyna, kemferol, and resweratrol. Other anti-oksydant compounds that are currently available in borówks include karoten, lutein, and zeaksantyna.

Research based on ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) tests has revealed that owoce borówki exhibit much more anti-oxidant activity than other owoce and warzywa – and that they rank first in terms of anti-oxidant content when compared to other owoce and warzywa.

Aspects of this type of activity include the potential for harm to unborn children, which has been identified as a contributing factor to a variety of diseases, including raka, as well as the potential for premature aging of the body.

They enable you to maintain a healthy, elastic skin and a good wzrok for several years.

Choroba nowotworowa

Siwolne rodniki tlenowe are considered to be one of the most important factors contributing to the development of new-onset cancer. Because of its significant anti-oxidant potential, borówka amerykaska is used as a natural broil in the treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases in the United States. On top of borówki, in a pool, and in a sink, there is a nebbish barwnik antocyjanowy, which, when combined with vitamins A, C, and E, has a non-pareil sile that alters the health of the whole family.

Research findings published in the British journal Journal of Cancer Research suggest that zwizkilupeolu, a natural salicylowe derived from borówki, not only inhibits the growth of cancer cells, but also slows the progression of cancer.


As well as being tested for its anti-proliferative properties, Lupeol has also been studied for its effects on raka trzustki and raka prostaty, with the results of the most recent tests being quite encouraging.

Choroby oczu

Borówka has also been shown to have beneficial effects on the wzrok. It is recommended that those who work with computers or who work in the precyzyjny field listen to her voice. This includes: drivers, people who work on computers, people who work in the precyzyja field. Ekstrakt z borówki is used in a variety of popular kroplaches, with the goal of causing a halo around the affected eye. This, in turn, improves vision by improving microkrrenie in the occipital ganglion, which in turn improves overall vision.

Antocyjany borówki, on the other hand, have the ability to cause purpura of the wzrokowej siatkówki, which has an effect on the process of adjusting the eye to different light conditions (at night and in the dark), among other things.

At the time, the observation was made, members of the Epilocibrytyjskich Królewskich Si Powietrznych observed a significant increase in visibility in the ciemnosci during bombing raids following the release of borówki czarnej.

Furthermore, it was discovered that the wzrok of the tested individuals adapted more quickly to the temperature and that the normal ostro of vision returned more quickly after the subjects were exposed to blaskiem ice.


We are informed on a daily basis about new odkrycias that are associated with the illegal activities of owoców borówki in the United States. However, we now understand that owoc borówki, when consumed on a regular basis, has a positive impact on our health and is, thus, a very expensive component of jadospisu when seen from the standpoint of taste. The numerous health benefits resulting from the use of borówki have elevated her status to that of a bezcenny pokarme in the fight against cancer.

Tak! możesz poprawić zapamiętywanie i zdolność uczenia się.

The presence of one szklanki of borówek on a daily basis has a positive impact on the ability to recall and form new ideas. Researchers from the University of Houston discovered that szczururs on a diet that was boosted with borówki for one or two months had better memory performance than those who were on a diet that was not boosted with borówki. The findings were published in the journal Neurology in 2011. Identical tests were conducted on mysz, and the results revealed that zwierzta karmione owocami borówki over a longer period of time demonstrated improved physical health, as well as improved performance in laboratory tests assessing memory and cognitive function, as well as improved performance in a variety of other tests.

  1. It has been discovered that this is due to an increase in the transmission and communication of signals between certain nervous system components in the brain, as seen in studies conducted on rats and mice.
  2. If you’re going to make an American-style borówka, the best place to put it is in a pre-made postacinie, after you’ve just finished bathing in hot water.
  3. The duration of borówki can be extended by reducing the amount of time spent on them.
  4. It is possible to prepare borówki for lody or to store them till the following season in this manner Fill in the blanks with your thoughts on what you’d like to read in the next article.
  5. Preparations for a wymienite desery with borówkami 2.
  6. 3.
  7. The preceding article is based on a study of research and publication, the results of which may be found at the URL provided.


Właściwości prozdrowotne borówki amerykańskiej – przegląd badań

After being discovered for the first time in the United States of America at the beginning of the twentieth century, the term “borówka” was coined to refer to the large-sized borówka. In today’s world, not only in the United States, but also in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, the hodowle of this particular kind of owocu is popular. Her intensive uprising in Poland began in 1975 and has continued to this day. The majority of these plants are located in the United States, where they account for around 75% of all such plants in the world.

  • The second largest producer, Kanada, has an annual production capacity of 170 thousand tons.
  • The krzew, on which the wyrasta borówka wysoka osiga up to 3 metrów wysokoci, whilst the large amount of owocu’s rednicy resides in the range of 15-30mm in thickness.
  • It is true that the popularity of this owocu is associated with its savory qualities; nevertheless, it is also important to be aware of its unique set of prozdrowotne properties.
  • The amount of antocyjanin present in American borówko ranges between 63 and 330 mg/100 gram of high-quality borówko, depending on the location of the uptake and the timing of the odmiany.
  • The total amount of polifenoli in a 100 gram batch of wysokiej borówki ranges between 180 and 585 mg.
  • Because of their low caloric content (about 50 calories per 100 grams), owoce borówki americanej may be an important component of diets for those who are trying to lose weight or reduce their body fat.
  • Owoce te have a high concentration of cukr, with the majority being fruktozy.
  • It is estimated that the amount of vitamin C in a 100 gram serving of owocu ranges from 10 to a few hundred milligrams.
  • There is a wealth of information available on the prozdrowotnychwaciwosci of borówek, including those that are anti-zapalnych, anti-nowotworowych, that lower the level of cukru in the blood, and that protect against neurodegenerative diseases.

Increased production of this cytokine is associated with an increased risk of developing new tumors, allergies, and other autoimmunologic diseases.

Przegląd badań

As a result of one of the studies, it was discovered that the use of an extract from wild borówki (300 mg) reduced the amount of szczurów in the blood by 66 percent. In addition, borówki extracts increase the activity of the enzyme mieloperoksydazy (MPO), which is responsible for the development of several krenia-related diseases, including osteoporosis and other forms of arthritis. A second experiment used liquid chromatography mass spectrometry to assess the concentration of antocyjans in various parts of the szczur’s marrow, which had previously been administered as a supplement to the American borówko.

  1. The Szczury family also participated in an experimental study with the fictitious nameLabirynt Wodny Morrisa, which revealed significant improvements in memory and the ability to recall information after 10 days of exposure to high-dose borówki borówki.
  2. According to the findings of previous research, those who regularly use alcohol will have a lower risk of developing cukrzycy type II and krenia, among other things.
  3. Among those who participated in the study were people in their 50s to their 70s who had a high level of nadwage and otyocy.
  4. An further 2019-year study discovered that making and consuming napoju made from 200 grams of dried borówki over the course of a month leads to improved function of the kidneys and a decrease in the rate of scurczow cinienia of the blood.
  5. In the course of the most recent study, researchers discovered a slew of intriguing findings.
  • The skurczowe blood pressure of those who consume borówek has decreased by 5 millimeters of mercury in a month’s time, which is comparable to the benefits of using blood pressure-lowering medications. During the course of the study, the use of borówek as a source of energy increased the amount of calcium in the bloodstream by two hours after the sample was taken, and this condition persisted for the whole month of the study.
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The authors of this study stated in their summary that the best thing for our bodies is to consume a large amount of fiber in order to reap the maximum benefits from all of their components. However, the results of their research revealed that the majority of positive effects of this owocu occur as a result of antocyjanism. The researchers also speculated on the possibility that a consistent intake of borówek throughout a person’s lifetime might reduce the risk of developing sercowo-naczyniowe choroby by as much as 20%.

  1. In order to do this, 26 healthy individuals between the ages of 65 and 77 were recruited to participate in the experiment.
  2. In contrast, a majority of the participants (14 in total) received a placebo.
  3. The authors of the study stated that a large amount of previous research had suggested that older people’s poznawczych function may be improved if they were on a diet rich in dietary fiber derived from roelinne.
  4. In a series of studies conducted on mice, researchers discovered that consuming borówek may aid in the reduction of genetycznych and biochemicznych determinants of depression and samobójcze symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  5. Hormone ten is strongly associated with the sensation of szczcia as well as with a feeling of well-being.
  6. In the context of borówek, there is a plethora of information available on the benefits that result from their consumption for various organs and systems in our bodies.
  7. As much as these initial hypotheses have been proven several times, including in the context of the research presented in this article, the assertion that night vision is possible has sparked much controversy.
  8. In one of the most recent scientific publications, published in 2014, researchers discovered that previous research had not been conducted in an appropriate manner, and that there was reason to have doubts about the validity of this hypothesis.

The scientific community has come to the conclusion that antocyjany can improve the health of the eyes in those who are suffering from a condition known as glaucoma.

Ministerstwo borówki – młodzi plantatorzy

I’d like to invite you to check out the profile of Ministers of Borówkina on Facebook and Instagram, where you can express your desire to have a Borówka free of any other ingredients! A group of young and enthusiastic zapau planters are carrying on a long-standing family tradition and delivering delicious owoce directly to the homes of Warsaw residents. Polecam. Literatura:

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  2. SH. Nile, S. W. Park, Edible berries: bioactive components and their effect on human health, A 6-month, double-blind, randomized controlled study found that eating blueberries improved indicators of cardiometabolic function in people with metabolic syndrome, according to the findings. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN), 2019
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Na czym można zarobić? – Uprawa borówki – Inne uprawy

However, even if the cost of establishing 1 ha plantation of borówki is estimated to be as high as 80 thousand dollars, experts and plantation owners are certain that the business will succeed and will provide profits in the foreseeable future for the producers. The history of upraw borówki wysokiej in Poland begins with the introduction of the first krzews, which were conducted by Prof. Szczepana Pienika, a scientist from the United States, during the Second World War (borówka is also known as “American”).

  1. PLANTACJA DLA BOGACZY PLANTACJA DLA BOGACZY PLANTACJA DLA BOGACZY The fact that it is a dugowieczna rolin, which owocuje on a regular basis for at least 20 years, and maybe longer, justifies the investment in borówki of exceptional quality.
  2. However, it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the stanowisko for uprawy should be zaciszne, soneczne, or pócieniste, with a wilgotna przepuszczalna, kwana, PH 3,5-4,8, and a piaszczysta with a large amount of próchnicy.
  3. Most frequently, liczby ranging from 50 to 80 tys.
  4. The most expensive part is the purchase of sadzonek and the subsequent nawodnienie.
  5. The cost of sadzonki at a school is 6-7 zlotys, thus the total cost is at least 14-16 zlotys.
  6. z per hectare to consider.
  7. However, at this point, there is no conclusion.
  8. The majority of the products chosen by the manufacturers are plastic containers that hold 250 g of owoców.
  9. The traditional ubianek (as well as other mikkich owoców) are not preferred in the case of borówki.

Small-scale sorting and packing of eggs takes place on a continuous basis (although high labor costs must be considered), while large-scale plantations – kilku- or kilkunastohektararowe – necessitate the purchase of specialized lines that sort eggs according to their size, and even wybarwienie, among other things.

  1. Zatrudnienie, which has already been mentioned, is a sensitive financial subject.
  2. Often, workers from Ukraine are recruited for positions in large manufacturing plants (mostly in the Mazovian region and on the southwestern edge of Poland).
  3. According to what we could find out, kombajny currently have just three plants in our country that are ready for use.
  4. Większość plantacji w Polsce to jedna odmiana (Bluecrop), która owocuje na przełomie lipca I sierpnia.
  5. Czy mając na uwadze wszystkie te wydatki, inwestycja jednak się opłaci?
  6. Z wyliczeń Stowarzyszenia Plantatorów Borówki Amerykańskiej wynika, że plon z jednego krzewu w pełni owocowania (po 6-7 latach od posadzenia), w zależności od odmiany wynosi 3-6 kg.
  7. 10 t z ha.

– Wszystkie inwestycje poczyniliśmy dzięki kredytom preferencyjnym, dotacjom lub innego rodzaju wsparciu unijnemu – przyznaje Piotr Milewski, prezes I współwłaściciel firmy Milbor, która posiada 25 ha plantacji borówki w powiecie płońskim.

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W nielicznych – na razie – punktach skupu za kilogram owoców można było uzyskać ok.

– Wydaje mi się jednak, że przy tej ilości nasadzeń borówki w Polsce, jaka występuje obecnie, cena będzie systematycznie spadać.

Jednak – jego zdaniem – uprawa borówki wysokiej jest nadal opłacalna.

W ciągu ostatnich kilku lat nastąpił jednak borówkowy boom.

Podkreśla, że jeszcze w perspektywie 10 lat borówka amerykańska będzie opłacalnym biznesem.

Kilka lat temu sprzedawaliśmy owoce wyłącznie do Anglii, an obecnie wysyłamy duże partie także do Holandii, Niemiec I Skandynawii.

Chcielibyśmy także eksportować do Azji, ale tu napotykamy konkurencję ze strony USA – komentuje prezes firmy Milbor.

Ponadto sieci handlowe w Polsce starają się jak najmocniej obniżyć ceny borówek.

na targowiskach.

Z tej zależności korzystają sieci, które – z drugiej strony – gwarantują producentom zagospodarowanie dużej ilości towaru.

W sezonie 2014 Grupa Producentów Owoców “Polskie Jagody”, duży producent owoców jagodowych z Lubelszczyzny, wprowadziła na rynek markę BeFruit, pod którą sprzedawane są pakowane borówki.

Grupa twierdzi, że markowe owoce to przyszłość rynku.

W celu dostarczania tych wyrobów przez cały rok zainwestowała w mroźnie.

Zdaniem ekspertów, polscy producenci – choć stale nastawieni są na produkcję owoców deserowych – podpatrują rynki Europy Zachodniej, gdzie coraz więcej owoców przeznacza się na przetwórstwo.

Już obserwowane są takie nowości na rynku, jak suszone przekąski z borówek czy dżemy. Inne artykuły z cyklu „Na czym można zarobić?”:

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Do you like this piece of writing? Take a deep breath! Materia chroniony przedruków okrelaregulamin autorskim – zasady przedruków autorskim

Borówka amerykańska ‒ uprawa, odmiany, właściwości

The procedure for making borówki in the United States is straightforward, provided that we have a large amount of greenery in our yard or on our worksite. What is the best way to deal with American borówki? What is the best way to remnast? Which options will you choose? When and where should you nawozi, in order to get as many owocs as possible? Agnieszka Cegielska spoke about the advantages of borówek, but she didn’t stop there. Polska is one of the world’s largest producers of borówka amerykaska (borówka wysoka), which is why we are one of the world’s largest producers of this product.

The best American borówki variations available.

Odmiany borówki amerykaskiej (which are expected to be implemented in the second half of this year): Redniowczesne odmiany borówki amerykaskiej (odczuwaj si na pocztku lipca I w szesnastku sierpnia): American borówki are being re-imagined in the following ways, which will be completed by the end of the month of September: In order to remain in the ogródku owoce for an extended period of time, it is necessary to decide on the upkeep of a number of American borówki.

  1. It’s important to understand that borówki zapylane krzyowo bujnej owocuj.
  2. Amercian Borówki are large krwy (up to 2-3 m in diameter), which naturally grow on the mountains of the United States, blocking off the sun and obscuring the view of the ocean and the sky.
  3. I like lekko kwany odczyn gleby because the higher the pH, the better the owocuj.
  4. We enjoy wilgo, but we do not tolerate stojcej wody.
  • The time for burying borówki is available throughout the period of weeping, which is from late winter to early spring
  • Sadzonki borówki amerykaskiej may be obtained most quickly in the months of March and April
  • If we plant borówki in the spring, we must protect them from the elements by protecting them from the sun with trocinami or kor, such as sosna.

How do you feel?

  • Preceding the posadzeniem borówki amerykaskiej podoe wzbogacamy kwanym kompostem (z kory, trocin, igie, szyszek) and przekopujemy
  • Dla jednej sadzonki kopiemy dó na 40 cm gbokoci I 60-80

After the saddening, we should be able to see the first of the owoców in the next year. Podlewanie I nawoenie nawojem Because Borówka has a pytkie korzenie and will not be able to provide for herself, we have to clean her on a regular basis. This is especially important throughout the months of suszy and the first year of uprawy. What should be done with the American borówka? Then we stoich up some water (preferably deszczówko), and once or twice a week, we employ the technique of nawoenie borówki.

  • We always use the dawek that is provided in the opakowaniu since the borówce generates significantly more szkody than the contents of the package.
  • “Natural” nawozy for borówki in the United States are rare to find.
  • Using it only for the first time is permissible (mniszki are not permitted to be kwitnite, for example).
  • The number of borówki in the United States The growth of American borówki began in the first year of the century (at the end of the summer and the beginning of the winter), but we are only seeing savage, usychajcze pdy.
  • Only in the following years will we begin to see the emergence of so-called “cicia przewietlajce,” which refers to the use of the oldest and most durable gauze and pds.
  • This will take place during the first week of February, either at the beginning of lutego or at the beginning of March.
  • Rozmnażanie By using sadzonki or odkady, the Borówki Americana swells in size and volume.
  • The required temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, and the required humidity is 95 percent.
  • One of the best American varieties of borówki, suited for upkeep in large quantities on a balcony or in a terrace, is the somewhat more expensive Bluegold.

It has few calories and is high in vitamins B and C, as well as witamin and polifenole (substances that have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties). The following are the odywcze values in one hundred grams of American borówki:

  • 84 g of vegetables
  • 14,5 g of wglowodany (including 2,4-3 g of bonnik)
  • 0,4-0,7 g of tuszcze
  • 0,6 g of biaka
  • 57 kcal of calories

Contains the following vitamins and minerals per 100 g of American borówki:

  • 10 mg wit. C
  • Wit. B1: 0,04 mg
  • Wit. B2: 0,04 mg
  • Wit. B3: 0,45 mg
  • Wit. B6: 0,05 mg
  • Wit. A: 54 UI
  • Wit. E: 0,57 ATE
  • Kwas foliowy: 6 g
  • Kwas pantotenowy: 0,12 mg
  • Kwas pantotenowy: 0,

The best way to enjoy borówka amerykask on a surowo is to eat it raw, which allows you to consume all of the microelements. However, because of its high zawarto, pektyn borówka amerykaska does exceptionally well when used for outdoor activities in the summer. Author: Redakcja Dzie Dobry TVN (Good Day TVN)

Polskie amerykańskie wykańczają hiszpańskie

According to the Hispanics, the American borówka from Poland was the catalyst for the bankruptcies of their Spanish counterparts. reported that Asturian Berries, which was one of the original pioneers of American borówki in Spain, had filed for bankruptcy, citing the Spanish “Official State Gazette” (Official State Gazette). forum zuma press/forum The Asturias-based Producers of Mikkich Owoców has announced that it has lost a second producer due to rising competition from countries such as Poland and Romania, which have lower production costs.

  1. As well as the length of time spent in practice – If we play against the Spaniards, it’s not about lower prices, but about higher quality.
  2. Dominika Kozarzewska, prezes Grupy Producentów Polskie Jagody, comments on the fact that they haven’t been able to compete with each other for more than a year in the grand scheme of things.
  3. It’s possible that the Hiszpanians’ focus on the eksporcie was a mistake, and that this was not a wise strategy.
  4. According to newspaper reports, the bankructwo Asturian Berries has caused a stir among other plantation owners, whose stance on Brexit is already being questioned, given that the United Kingdom is one of the largest producers of hiszpaskie borówek in the United States of America.
  5. Spain’s lamentation over the Asturian Berriers is understandable because the company is one of the country’s pioneers in this field, having begun uprooting a completely unpopular at the time borówki in the United States in 2006 and therefore paving the way for the development of the industry.
  6. Dominika Kozarzewska claims that her family has been working with owocams for 40 years.
  7. To be precise, byo It is not the first time that zachodni producenci have expressed concern about the possibility that Poles may evict them from the market.
  8. There has been discussion about the fact that we are spying on them since we are in a position to “produce twice as much as the Holenders (.) and the quality of our grzybów is comparable to that of the Holenders” – according to one of Holender’s sprzedawców.
  9. What’s more, the Holendrzy went so far as to do research on the subject – more than two decades ago, a ZLTO farmer’s group in Germany inquired as to why polskie grzyby are being displaced by holenderskie.

The Germans believe that we do better in such areas as price-quality relationships, extremely high quality and control, availability of high-quality products throughout the year, and the management of advertising campaigns. © ℗ Michalina Szczepaska and Marek Dru are the authors of this document.

Borówka amerykańska – właściwości, wartość odżywcza i kalorie. Jak zrobić przetwory z borówek? Czy istnieją przeciwwskazania, by je jeść?

American boar’s head, which is particularly large, is a popular uprawny owoc, which is highly regarded primarily on the basis of its gastronomic qualities. It does not provide the same level of protection against lecznic zwizków as a traditional jagoda lena, but it is far more accessible and more comfortable to use — the owoce are larger, more pliable, and do not bruise. A regular dose of Jedzone helps to maintain your safety against miadycy, nadcinieniem, and cukrzycy. We’ll go through which beneficial zwizki are associated with American borówki, how many calories they provide, which health benefits they provide, and how to use them in the kitchen.

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Borówka amerykańska, czyli borówka wysoka (Vaccinium corymbosum) i jej odmiany

It is known as teborówka wysok (Vaccinium corymbosum) in the United States. It is a lubniebiesk jagodto krzew with a diameter of 2-4 meters in the United States. It is derived from the wrzosowaty family and is adorned with borówk czernic, also known as czarn jagoda (Vaccinium myrtillum), as well as borówk brusznic, and inadvertently, borówk czerwon (Vaccinium vitis-idaea). It is believed that the high-quality borówka comes from the United States of America’s Pacific Northwest, where it was formerly one of the many gatunks uprawianych over hundreds of years by rdzennych residents of that part of the world.

It is possible to categorize the American borówki according to the time of year when they are most likely to be affected by owoców, which is between the end of September and the beginning of January.

  • The following are examples of American wczesneborówki: Duke, Patriot, Reka, Spartan
  • Odmiany wczesne I wczesne póne: Bluecrop, Blu-ray, KaBluey, Northland
  • Odmiany wczesne I wczesne póne: Bluecrop, Blu-ray, KaBluey, Northland Aurora, Darrow, Elliott, Jersey, and Chandler are among the penned names.

Large and jidrne, the owoces of American borówki are situated atop a granatow skórk with a jasnoniebieskim nalotem, under which is sprouting a lilac-colored mis z. It is harvested in the months of September and October, after which it is stored in natural conditions (in a cool and dark place) or at temperatures that do not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. There are also some American borówki that serve as a leczniczy surowce. The period of their zbioru takes place earlier, from czerwca to lipca, and the process of suszenie is best carried out in cieniu.

Sprawdź także:

  • These dzikie owoce appear in the month of January. They are suitable for a variety of purposes, not only for a game of chess. In this case, Owoce is a skarbnica of odywczych skadników. Is it true that owoce tucz?

Borówka amerykańska – kalorie i wartość odżywcza

American toowoc ubogi in cukry and low in calories – a porcja that resides in the szklance (130 kcal) provides just a sliver of the recommended daily allowance of 80 calories. The following is the recipe for 100 grams of American borówek (two garci):

  • 85,2 g water
  • 0,74 g biaka
  • 0,33 g tuszczu
  • 14,5 g vegetables, including: 9,96 g cukrów
  • 2,4 g bonnika
  • 0,28 mg elaza
  • 77 mg potasu
  • 0,16 mg cynku
  • 0,336 mg manganu
  • 32 mg beta-carotenu
  • 80 mgluteiny and zeaksantny
  • 0,57 mg

Borówka has a relatively low glikemic index (IG 53), despite the fact that its values above 55 (from 69) are regarded as being of moderate importance. IG niebieskiej jagody, on the other hand, is significantly higher than in the case of czarnej jagody (IG 25). As a result, compared to hodowlane owoce, lene owoce represent a significantly more advantageous option in the case of glikemii and cukrzycy dysfunction. This has a connection with the fact that czernice are significantly more abundant in antiyoksydanty than American borówki – both of which have a crimson skin and contain misz.

At this time, large amounts of borówki wysokiej are still present in the owocach, and they are supported by a small number of barwniks of a light color that help to maintain the owocach’s wzrok.

Dowiedz się na temat:

  • Aspects of borówki czernicy that are beneficial are referred to as borówki leczo. What is the best way to make jagód pies? What are the capabilities of the jagoda kamczacka, and how does she behave?

Borówka amerykańska – właściwości prozdrowotne i przeciwwskazania

Dietary supplements of American borówki, which are consumed as part of a balanced diet, have been shown to have beneficial effects on health, and their extracts can be used for therapeutic purposes. Jagady and licie, as well as in the case of czarnej borówki, are particularly useful in the case of trawienia-related trawienia-related trawienia. Amerikanische Borouchki (Owoce Borówki) are a type of anti-inflammatory drug that improves the condition of the kidneys’ naczy and is anti-inflammatory as well as anti-inflammatory.

  • The naparies made from them are dziaajcigajcigajco and moczopdne, which makes them ideal for use in zapalny situations.
  • An experiment found that eating 50 grams of American beef each day for eight weeks reduced LDL cholesterol levels in those over the age of 40 by 27 percent, according to one study.
  • Another study found that lowering “bad” cholesterol reduced the amount of “good” cholesterol by a significant amount, reducing the amount of “good” cholesterol by a significant amount.
  • In addition, a particularly beneficial effect on the krenia ukad has been seen in the case of women who have had menopause.
  • Analyzing data from around 93,6 thousand pielgniarek, it was discovered that the high spoycie of these rolinnych pigments results in a 32 percent reduction in the risk of serca amputation.

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  • It is already the third Pole who has taken part in the ttnicze. How to deal with cinienie and what the norms are
  • Miadyca begins to behave strangely and has disastrous consequences. How to interpret her signs and symptoms

It is already the third Pole who has participated in the ttnicze nadmienie! How to deal with cinienie and what the norms are; how to deal with cinienie It is not long until Miadyca begins to behave strangely, with disastrous consequences. How to interpret her cues;

Przepisy na przetwory – dżem z borówki amerykańskiej, nalewka oraz inne przetwory

To enjoy owoce of borówki amerykaskiej, either as a samodzielne przeksk or as a topping for yogurt, owsianki, musli, or koktajlu smoothie, gratinate the onion and slice it thinly. The same is true of deserów, and among the most popular are ciasto and tarta z borowka, as well as muffins, sernik, and babeczki (a type of pastry). Borówki can also be used to decorate a variety of household items, such as a dem, a konfitura, a sok, or a nalewka. It is important to remember that they require more cukr, which means that they are ineffective in the case of cukrzycy.

  • In these types of situations, it is necessary to have owoców in a swollen state.
  • If the borówki are ready, all that has to be done is to put them in a pot with good quality water and let them sit for a while.
  • Mix together 2,5 kg borówek and 0,5 kg cukru in a slurry, then combine with skadniki, knead sój and odstaw on a daily basis, alternating between mieszajc and zmiksujc sój.
  • 15 minutes is all you have.
  • In the meantime, prepare the naczynie with the hot sciereczk and postaw it to the ceiling for 4-5 days, slicing it many times throughout the day.
  • Add it to the pot with 1 l spirytusu 96 percent of the object and let it sit for 2-3 days.
  • Recipe for a day in the life from the American borówki Cukrem zgniecione lub lekko zmiksowane borówki amerykaskie – zasyp cukrem zgniecione lub lekko zmiksowane borówki amerykaskie – proporcja to zwykle 1 szkl.
  • Getuj 30-40 min, sometimes mieszajc, till masa zgstnieje, after which transfer it to a bowl filled with wyparzonych soiks.
  • Preheat the oven to 350°F and bake the soiczks for 15 minutes, or pasteryze the soiczks for 15 minutes then bake them at a lower temperature for a more delicate result.

Smoothie TOP 10 – kolorowe koktajle z owoców I warzyw z przepisami na kolorowe koktajle z owoców I warzyw TAKE A LOOK AT THIS: Tarta z borówkami amerykaskimi – pikny sposób na pieczenie kruchym z kremem mietankowym


To enjoy owoce of borówki amerykaskiej, either as a samodzielne przeksk or as a topping for yogurt, owsianki, musli, or koktajlu smoothie, gratinate the onion and place it in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients. This is also a popular dessert, and among the most popular are ciasto and tarta z borówkami, as well as muffins, sernik, and babeczki. Aside from that, borówki may be used to decorate a variety of household items such as dem, a konfitura, nalewka, and other similar items. It is important to remember that they require more cukr, which means that they are ineffective in the case of cukrzycy.

  1. In these types of situations, owoców in a swollen state is required.
  2. – It is sufficient to just boil the borówki at the end of a good-quality water and then toss them in the oven.
  3. Mix together 2,5 kg borówek and 0,5 kg cukru in a slurry, then combine with skadniki, knead sój and odstaw on a daily basis, from one hour to the next.
  4. 15 minutes should enough.
  5. 4-5 days later, clean the naczynie and place it on the okna, rinsing it many times during the day to remove any residue.
  6. In a bowl, combine 96 percent oil and 1 liter spirytus; let aside for 2-3 days.

An American-style recipe for a dem from borówki The proportion of cukrem zgniecione borówki amerykaskie (or lekko zmiksowane borówki amerykaskie) to 1 kg of owoców is typically one pound of cukrem (220 g) to one pound of owoców (or one pound of cukrem zgniecione and one pound of borówki ameryka Add sok from the entire cytryne or at the very least 2 yki of this particular skadnik to make the dish more enveloping.

Make a paste and cook it for 30-40 minutes, sometimes mieszajing it, until the masa is zgstnieje, after which transfer it to the soiks that have been pre-pared.

Place in a large bowl 1 kg borówek, 350 g cukru, and a ryeczk soku made from cytryny, and stir until the cukier softens and the owoce softens and the sok is pushed aside.


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