Jak Pielęgnować Kroton W Domu 5 Zasad


Kroton – roślina doniczkowa o kolorowych liściach. Uprawa i pielęgnacja w domu

Even in the natural world, kroton can grow to be several meters in length, but in the doniczkowej uprawie, it seldom exceeds 1-1,5 meters in width. This is an eerie, haunting rolina with a zachwycajcing uroda liciach. Despite the fact that it is difficult to set up and requires a lot of effort, we are becoming more and more devoted to it. Poznaj kroton pstry is also referred to as trójskrzynem. We’ll show you how to make this stunningly decorative doniczkowy kwiat. Please keep reading. Kroton is a combination of uprawa and pielgnacja.

Isaia’s large, skórzaste, bysszczczczczce, dark-colored li’cie, which are characteristic of her age and distinguish her from other roelin, inspire wonder and awe in the world.

Kroton – wymagania uprawowe

Kroton pstry, also known as trójskrzynem, is a tropical rolina whose ojczyzna consists of the Malezji, the Pacific Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean’s southwestern coast. In the wild, it may grow to a height of several hundred meters, but in the city, it seldom exceeds one to one and a half meters in height. Despite its beautiful urody and attractive lici, kroton is not an easy creature to uproot, and his requirements are quite high. Rolina aspires to pokojowej temperatures (20-22 degrees Celsius) and widnego, although osonitego przed bezporednim socem stanowiska uprawy throughout the entire year.

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  2. If, on the other hand, there is a chodno, the lice begins to squirm.
  3. From this perspective, it is necessary to podlewa it on a regular basis, but with sufficient umiarkowanie and pilnujing to prevent nadmiar wody from accumulating on the bottom (woda for podlewania should be at a comfortable temperature).
  4. Due to the fact that it sprzyja atakowi szkodników (min.
  5. What is the best way to properly care for doniczkowe roliny throughout the winter?

Dlaczego krotny marnieją zimą?

Because of the lack of sunlight and the suffocating heat of the air conditioning, the winter season is the most difficult time of year for kroton uprawian in a residence. To be sure, in this time of year, the majority of people suffer from grzybowe choroby, are attacked by szkodniki, suffer from tracing barwy, and have a gubi licie. In the event that a patient develops a symptom or a szkodnik (for example, przdziorks, tarczniks, wenowców, or miseczniks), their treatment can be extremely difficult due to the fact that rolins do not react well to chemiczne ochrony rolin (it is preferable to opt for natural remedies, which are readily available in any large grocery store).

  • Read more about kwiaty doniczkowe here.
  • When faced with unfavorable uprawy conditions, the ability of krotonów to maintain a healthy state of mind becomes a realistic goal to strive for and achieve.
  • However, zabieg should only be performed in rkawiczks because the kroton, which belongs to the wilczomleczowatych family, releases a toksyczny sok mleczny during the procedure, which has the potential to cause allergic reactions as well as skin and mucous membrane damage.
  • It’s important to remember, however, that kroton does not enjoy excessively large doniczki, therefore it’s best to choose a pojemnik with a similar size or slightly larger than the previous one.
  • Krotonyto are not only beautiful, but they are also difficult to grow, which is why they have only been successfully grown in cool, wet kwiatowe or ogrzewane oraneriach up until recently.

The new krotonóws are now more aesthetically pleasing and more suited to the conditions that exist in most homes, making their installation less difficult.

Ciekawe odmiany krotona

Particularly enticing are odmiany wielobarwne, with large, lining-inducing liciaches, such as ‘Reidii’ and “Excellent,” but even more unusual are those with an original ksztat of lici or an unusual ubarwieniu, such as ‘Golden Bell,’ “Gold Star,” “Goldfinger,” “Punctatum aure Author: Biuro Kwiatowe Holandia (Holandia’s Cultural Bureau) No doubt, every wntrza will be enhanced by the presence of the kroton.

odmiany, uprawa i pielęgnacja krotona, porady

The roelin of the wilczomleczowaty family, Codiaeum variegatum, is native to India and Malezji and is known by several names, including kroton, trójskrzyn, trójskrzyp pstry, and kroton. It belongs to the group of people who enjoy doniczkowy rolin. It is a long-lived, large-scale zielonymkrzewem, with a wysoko of up to 2.5 meters in circumference. The presence of kwitncy kroton is common in the upper regions – it is distinguished by its large, oblong pupils, with contrast-colored iridescence and czerwieni, as well as its presence of nervs.

In order to properly perform the uprooting and piecing of the krotona, it is necessary to exert a great deal of patience.

If you’re looking for more information, take a look at the articles about trujcych rolinas that have already been published in this location.

KrotonCodiaeum variegatum –odmiany, uprawa i pielęgnacja

It is distinguished from other rolines by the presence of an identified barwn line of unerwienia, which is characteristic of the original design. Lici barwa varies according to the amount of swiata present; the greater the amount of swiata, the more vibrant the colors of the tymkwiaty doniczkowebda will be. It is not common to see kwitnienie in domestic settings. The appearance of zima kremowoóte (without zapachu) and kwiaty (without zapachu) on a dugich, 10 cm pdach. According to the opinions of hodowców, kwitnienie is not a health hazard for roelins, and the appearance of drobne kwiatki does not indicate the presence of any pathogen.

The donice we use are placed in strategic and osoniet locations since rolina is dangerously close to the ground.

  • Trójskrzyn ‘Bravo’ – ceniony za eliptyczne due licie, wybarwione na czerwono I zielono, z kontrastowym ótym unerwionym
  • Trójskrzyn ‘Bravo’ – ceniony za eliptyczn trójskrzyn ‘Excellent’ – wytwarza szerokie licie, o zocistych I czerwonych kolorach, z ciemnym nerwem
  • Trójskrzyn ‘Excellent’ – wytwarza szerokie licie, o zocistych I Trio ‘Goldfinger’ – distinguishes itself by having white jasnozielonymi lima, which are jasno nakrapianymi, as well as an obliquely pointed nerwem (which is referred to as “Goldfinger”). trójskrzyn ‘Icetum’– wyksztaca róowo-pomaraczowe licie, o ksztacie owalnym, z ciemnym nerwem
  • Trójskrzyn ‘Sunnystar’– dekoruj rolin due li

“Bravo” trójskrzyn is known for its eliptyczne large licie, which is painted in shades of blue and white with a dark blue unerwise in the middle; it is also known for its large licie that is painted in shades of blue and white with a dark blue unerwise in the middle; it is also known for its large unerwise in the middle; it is also known for its large Trójskrzyn ‘Excellent’ wytwarza szerokie licie, in zocistych I czerwonych tonalities, with a smoky undertone; trójskrzyn ‘Excellent’ wytwarza trójskrzyn, in zocistych tonalities and a smoky “Goldfinger” is a three-headed dragon that distinguishes itself by having wavy, jasnozielonym li’m, which are also jasno nakrapianym, and a nerwe that is prominently shown on the tip of the tail.

trójskrzyn ‘Icetum’– wyksztaca róowo-pomaraczowe licie, o ksztacie owalnym, z ciemnym nerwem; trójskrzyn ‘Sunnystar’– dekoruj rolin due licie

Kroton i jego uprawa

On a neutral ground, we place the kwiaty doniczkowe in the vicinity of the rozproszonymowietleniu. It is possible that Kroton will continue to exist in its entirety; nonetheless, we should not fear for our lives in order to avoid being harmed by the poparzeniu. After being placed in a secluded location, itaras has the potential to transform the surrounding area. raliwa doliczkowa rolina egzotyczna wraliwa jest na przecigi egzotycznej rolina doniczkowa. Uniwersal ziemia with torfu as an additive is the best option, with a pH of 6-6,5 being the ideal range for it.

  1. We should remember that the kroton emerges from wilgotnych egzotycznych lasów and that the creation of appropriate climatic conditions is essential for its survival.
  2. In the course of the summer months, we may expect to see roelin up to three times every week; nevertheless, in the course of the winter months, we only need to see it once every five days.
  3. On the wilgotny side, the kroton is steadily increasing in temperature, despite the relatively high air temperature (about +18 to +24 degrees Celsius).
  4. Temperatures of around +15 degrees Celsius are required for the growth of zim kroton.
  5. Because egzotyczne kwiaty doniczkowe are rapidly increasing, we must increase the amount of doniczek we use.
  6. Take a look at this article on the uprawie and pielgnacji of guzmanii.

Pielęgnacja krotona

A unique set of pielgnacyjne wymagania characterizes Rolina Doniczkowa. For the purpose of shortening the length of the short, it is necessary to systematically and deliciously pierce the wilgotne gbk. Kroton enjoys the spukiwanie of cold water as well. Our ability to create a truly remarkable licial emergence is enhanced by the use of the appropriate nabyszczajce tools. For pielgnacja krotona to be successful in creating new pds, it must also be preceded by roliny precinania. The most dangerous part of the journey will take place during the winter months, around the middle of June and the beginning of July.

Precious moments in time are preserved by putting them in the hands of a skilled blacksmith and tamuing them in the process of wycieksoku.

If we are planning to redecorate our yard or our driveway later this week, we should direct our attention to the children and animals now on the premises — the entire rolina is in need of repair. Trojskrzyn (trójskrzyn) odmiany, uprawa I pielgnacja krotona, porady, krotona (trójskrzyn)

Kroton pstry – rozmnażanie rośliny

The use of pozyskanesadzonki allows for the samodzielne rozmnaanie of krotona. The best time to do this is during the winter months when the roelins are being pricked. A sadzonko is something we obtain from the odcitego pdu wierzchokowego. With the help of the previously mentioned five li’s, we are able to place the pd in the middle of a pond filled with water, into which a mild sok spouts. After 2-3 days, the water is drained, and at the end of the day, the sadzonki are snuffed out in the ukorzeniaczu.

Using rolinka, we trace the folia and place it in a cool environment (about 25-28 degrees Celsius).

Zadbaj o krzewy w ogrodzie! Polecane produkty w niskich cenach

Remember that the podoe must remain wilgotne for an extended period of time, making nawadnianie – spryskiwanie letni wod lici I ziemi – necessary. When the korzenie begins to wyksztaci, which can take several weeks, we prepare a batch of doniczki made of uniwersal ziemi that is encircled by torf and is both thick and light in weight. We may get an effective egzotyczna rolin by doing uprooting in a domestic setting. The length of the rope is approximately 1 meter in diameter. According to the opinions of hodowców, a kwitncy kroton in the house is a dangerous occurrence.

The kwitnienie krotona does not obstruct the roliny.

Uprawa krotona – problemy uprawowe, choroby iszkodniki

Roliny that have been painstakingly pielgnowane and that have grown in a sprzyjajcych environment do not, on the whole, do harm. When it comes to causing disease to manifest itself, zaniedbania is the most common factor. When there is a buildup of bds in the upraw, it is possible that serious problems will arise:

  • Osabianie and zagniwanie roliny– zbyt obfite nawadnianie jest przyczyn osabianie I zagniwanie roliny. Licie matowiej I trac kolor– kroton ronie w cieniu, ma niewiele wyw A large amount of water in the doniczce dries up the air and causes the korzenie to become increasingly suffocating, while a lack of adequate drenau prevents the water from draining properly. We have the ability to prevent uszkodzeniom by providing drena, a large number of otworów odpywowych, and domieszane to the ziemi piasku
  • Zasuszenie krotona– licie na kocach ókn I zasychaj
  • Zasuszenie krotona– Everything points to the fact that there was an outbreak of bryosis korzeniowej. The reason for this is a lack of timely nawadnianie. The presence of a persistent wilgotne umiarkowanie in the crotona’s podole should be noted
  • The absence of a sufficient amount of azotu, fosforu, or magnezu in the glebe should be noted
  • And the absence of a sufficient amount of azotu, fosforu, or magnezu in the glebe should be noted. In addition, an insufficient amount of ziemi in the bloodstream, as well as inadequate zasilanie, might be a contributing factor. When we get to the kroton, we will transport the donic with hefty podolem and provide the necessary working conditions. If you have a roelin that appears to be old, all you have to do is remove the górne warstwa on the side of the road and zasili it
  • Oparzenia soneczne – kroton has a certain licie When we are putting up donices on sonecznych parapets or if we are trying to get a kwiat from our house to the garden, we need to pay special attention to the rolina. Kroton enjoys sooce, but we must keep him away from sonecznych promienie and prevent him from drinking the water from rozgrzanych lici. elaza is not poisoned, but it is poisoned by chloroza, which we spray on the soneczne stanowisko at the start of the day and again at the end of the day
  • Chloroza is not poisoned, but it is poisoned by chloroza. Licie sókn, which can result from overly zimnego podoa, over-dilution with zimny water, or as a result of wapiennego podoa – krotony prefer a pH that is lekko kwany (pH of 7.0). The treatment is based on the treatment of rolins with specific elaza and magnezu preparations. It is necessary to clean the kroton with odstaw deszczówk or letni przegotowan wod, and to zasila bezwapiennymi nawozami.
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Kroton pstry can also be afflicted by grzybowe choroby, which manifest themselves in the roiling of the doniczkowe arteries. Plamistos lici may appear on our shores at some point in the future. Grzyby appear when there is a significant increase in the temperature. We’re keeping the kroton at a place free of obstructions and at the same temperature as the air around it. Every 10 days, we consume kwiaty doniczkowe, which we prepare with odware from skrzypu or other appropriate preparations. In krotonów, the most common szkodniks are pluskwiaks, czerwce–miseczniki, which appear most often during the spring and summer months, when the season of grzewczy begins.

The licie zamieraj after being oponowane by the szkodniki.

Also included among the szkodników is a pair of owads, which sywice si sokami roliny -wciornastki.

We are engaged in a battle with szkodniki, employing the most appropriate ecological or chemic preparats. Is this article going to be beneficial to you? According to 94,1 percent of those who read it, the article was beneficial.

Jak dbać o krotona

ElKrotonoCodaieum variegatum is a very popular variety of codaieum that may be found in a variety of settings. Even if it is possible to find doniczks on the outskirts of town, they are also common in areas with large open spaces or very well-lit environments. Despite the fact that it is not difficult to do so (all one needs to do is go to the store and buy what one wants), the most difficult aspect of the process is the kroton pielgnacja, which is difficult due to the fact that it is a delectable rolina that must be kept in good health for an extended period of time.

Główne cechy

This is a species of rolin that belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae. You can find an abundant supply of orange-colored roe in this species. Croton is a fruit that originates in Malezji. Codaieum variegatum is the scientific name for him. Petiolate and odmiany naprzemiennej make up her licie, and it is a rolina that has been around for quite some time. We may find a variety of different types of licie here, including those with odcienia from zieleni, bieli, czerwieni, róu, óci, and brzu. Because they are little, this is not a rolina that distinguishes itself from other rolinas by its use of kwiats.

Licie are the objects that are intruding into this rolinie.

It is possible that uprawiana will occur in a pomieszczeniach as well as on the outside.

If you decide to purchase a kroton in the Doniczce It is not necessary to dispose of it prior to the expiration of at least two years after purchase.

Pielęgnacja krotonów

We want to approach the construction of the Opiek nad Crotonem from a basic standpoint, due to the fact that it has extremely high requirements. This is a good thing for all garden enthusiasts, so let’s talk about it a little more.

Klimat i ekspozycja

ElKroton This is a wake-up call for all garden enthusiasts, which is why we are already looking into your requirements in order to keep you in touch for the foreseeable future. Kroton is a rolina that requires moisture in order to flourish in favorable conditions. Despite the fact that it is not ideal that it always odbiera soneczne promienie, it is necessary that it always locate itself in a location with good illumination, but not too bright. Furthermore, it is necessary to combine exposure with temperature otoczenia, because this is a rolina that thrives in moderate and moderately warm temperatures, which translates to zimy with a minimum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and late summer with a maximum temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.

However, one of the most important considerations is that you reside in an environment where there are no significant temperature fluctuations and where the rolina is not subjected to silne przecigi.

Nawadnianie i kompost

This rolina necessitates the presence of wilgoci, making its care essential. Accordion-style, it is sufficient to take two or three doses every two or three days throughout the months of winter and autumn, and once every four or five days during the summer. It is essential that rolina never again finds herself in such circumstances. You have the option of spryskating it later on in the day in order to get more wilgoci. Crotona’s best strategy is to get two hours of exercise a day for the duration of the month in order to boost his growth.

Gleba i przycinanie

When it comes to gleba, and when we place it on the zewntrz, gleba should be a mingling of both the gleba and the torfu portions. This is a rolina, whose licie is capable of opadaing, however not all of them are capable of doing so, due to the fact that this is a very old rolina. If you want to ensure that your rolina has access to all of its li’s at all times, you can try spróbowa górn odyg wiosn in the spring. As a result, we receive a shipment of new pds from the source and dispense with the remainder of the roeliny.

As a result, polecany is scheduled for the second half of the year.

It is essential to prevent the spread of lateks through the rolins and the transmission of infection to them over a long period of time.

Zadania konserwacyjne Croton

We’ll take a look at what Croton’s administrative responsibilities are right now. If we want our rolina to be properly rosy, we must first remove all of the previously removed trosk. If we make use of this doniczkowe roliny, we will be able to savour it. Incredibly short turnaround time for this rolina of around one-half-meter in diameter. The wzrost index is the most engulfing feature of this roiling roiling. After rolina has completed all of her requirements, she will experience a significant increase in obfitosity.

  1. As we previously stated, it is necessary to perform this task more frequently than every two years in order to be able to transfer it to a larger number of doniczki.
  2. Even though this rolina requires extensive prepping, we may make do with a small amount of prepping if we want to reduce the amount of licin we’re exposed to.
  3. The only source of ostronosis that you will have to deal with is a sok, which is toksyczny in nature.
  4. In order to do this, we will utilize a leczniczy device that will be monitored.
  5. As can be seen, the kroton is an overly complicated rolin for pielgnacji and does not lend itself to the needs of those just starting out.

I have a feeling that you will learn a lot more about kroton pielgnacji as a result of this information. The content of this article complies with the standards of our editorial board. To make a decision on a bid, click on the button.

Kroton – uprawa i pielęgnacja

Fot.123RF.com Trójskrzyn, or kroton, belongs to the wilczomleczowaty (wilconomleczowaty) family. Normally, it may be found in the Azores and on the Pacific Ocean’s shores. This particular rolin is really popular among people in our environment. When we bring a kroton into our home, we must choose a location that is both visible and accessible to him. This location should be near a window, but not directly in front of it. The provision of rolines between 6 and 8 hours of daylight will be the most beneficial for achieving a healthy growth rate.

  • It’s important to remember that crotony are extremely sensitive to a variety of environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, and light.
  • On the other hand, during transportation, it is rather simple to snag a rolin, which can quickly cause a licie to form.
  • It is generally agreed that the highest level of wilgotno found in our homes is around 45 percent.
  • Fot.123RF.com We no longer place krotonów on the roof of a building or on the roof of a building’s parapet because we find it to be really unpleasant.
  • If you have podogowe ogrzewanie, krotona postaw na stojaku do kwiatów is the solution.
  • Pour in warm, lightly salted water, or deszczówk (dessert with a hint of salt).
  • The presence of excessive chloryne and chlorane in kranowa water, as well as a high concentration of minerals in the water, might lead to the formation of lilic acid crystals.

As a result, the best time to perform the procedure is when the ziemia in the gbi doniczki is just beginning to deteriorate.

We’re looking at 3-4 podlewanie.

When dealing with pstrych liciach odmiany, it is necessary to employ nawozy ubogie in the azot.

Mieszanka ziemi torfowej, ziemi kompostowej, piasku, and perlitu will all make excellent kroton-making substrates.

Na wiosnę możemy wykonać delikatne cięcie czubków łodyżek, dzięki czemu kwiat będzie się zagęszczał.

Dlatego rany po cięciu warto obsmarować węglem drzewnym lub węglem aktywnym (do kupienia w każdej aptece).

Ucięte pędy, pod warunkiem, że nie są zdrewniałe, możemy spróbować rozmnożyć. Jeżeli zakupiony przez nas kroton ma bardzo wilgotne podłoże, najlepiej od razu go przesadzić I poczekać z kolejnym podlewaniem do momentu, gdy ziemia przeschnie.

Dlaczego krotony zrzucają liście?

Things happen in this way mostly at times of change in the conditions in which kwiaty have been rising. We are also concerned with ensuring that they do not become enraged, dissatisfied, or ustawioned in the process. Author: makeyourlifegreener Deccoria.pl Deccoria.pl is a Polish website that promotes environmental awareness.

jak pielęgnować kwiaty (dracena, kroton, benijamin)

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  3. Bahati Dobry:) Dzani…kot?
  4. Mam number seven!
  5. Ottona, Jadwig, NiohNioha, Mushu, Jasi, Baby Yod, and Arian are the children of Mamy.
  6. Bahati On this day, the weather in the Azores is so bad that nobody wants to go outside, not even to the bathroom.
  7. It’s a shame that so many young people have to go to school.;) the 28th of November in the year 2021 at 10:11:59 megi65 Nuexzue, I’m Witam Nuexzue.

“nue”-francuski, hiszp., or a new slang term?

the 29th of November, 2021, at 19:52:58 Smosia My husband and I upiekam babk na soku pomar.+ amaretto, and it worked out really well (in a little keksówce) because we had 2g more than we needed to upiekam.

The time is 19:53:46 on November 29, 2021.

10:48:16 UTC on November 30, 2021 D’Anina Fonda is a fictional character created by author D’Anina Fonda.

D’Anina Fonda is a fictional character created by author D’Anina Fonda.

The time is 07:56:56 on November 30, 2021.

Where can I get photos of Bahati.a?

To be honest, things have changed a little in my life:( 10:36:23 on the 30th of November in the year 2021 Bahati It’s possible that a new wtek is in order.:) 2021-12-02 11:28:36 (Pacific Standard Time) megi65 Hello.

That is exactly what you are.

Everything is in Tobie’s favor.:) 2021-12-03 08:51:11 (December 3, 2021).

Smosia I agree – kombinatorka, wada wrodzona;D and the possibility/whatever will happen if everything goes as I want and desire;) The time is 08:53:29 on December 3, 2021.

The time is 19:14:42 on December 4, 2021.

and for a little moment, bajaderka The time is 08:42:26 on December 6, 2021.

The time is 08:44:22 on December 6, 2021.

Could a makowo-piernikowa + biszkopty combination be wyczarowane on a Wednesday?

The author, Jasne Smosiu.

he is a rartysio 2021-12-07 08:39:34 (Pacific Standard Time) Smosia Hello there:) The only thing that makes me smile is when I see baked goods that have been placed under the rumem or likierem:P, it’s a novel idea.

2021-12-07 13:32:05 (Pacific Standard Time) megi65 Uroki zimy na uroki zimy.

mggi63 at 14:27:07 on the 7th of December, 2021 It’s a good day:) mggi63 at 14:27:23 on the 7th of December, 2021 Milo, you were a widziec:) mggi63 at 14:29:17 on the 7th of December, 2021 As long as you don’t believe it, you’re fine.

7th of December, 2021, 14:59:49 megi65 Nooo mggi, not at all.

A lot of people like it:D 2021-12-09 08:32:17 (December 9, 2021).

(Czoem, kochane kobietki, czoem.

Smosia;DD cześć:) The time is 19:35:55 on December 9, 2021.

10th of December, 2021, 11:57:41 D’Anina Fonda is a fictional character created by author D’Anina Fonda.

Basialis Monika, I’m not sure if this weekend will be a relaxing one, but I’m sending my best wishes your way.

Smosia Witam.

Smosia Leniwy?

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mggi63 at 14:02:21 on December 18, 2021 Hejka!:) mggi63 at 14:02:41 on December 18, 2021 The name of the band is Czesc Smosiu:) The year is 2021, and the date is December 18th, 14:03:58 (mggi63).

What kind of blaszce do you want to rzeknijcie in, and who among you is doing it?

I’m taking kochana to the piekarnika right now.:))) 2021-12-18 17:55:18 (December 18, 2021).

SmosiaCze:)2021-12-18 19:27:49 SmosiaCze:)2021-12-18 19:27:49 Smosia Do you have any makowce pieczecie?

megi65 at 23:34:16 on December 18, 2021 Smosiu ne smosiu.

megi65 at 23:34:57 on December 18, 2021 I’m on my own without the need of a timer.:) megi65 at 23:35:47 on December 18, 2021 A warstwowy maksowiec.

The following is an excerpt from the srodowiskowy wywiad:) mggi63 at 13:39:37 on December 19, 2021 To do this, I use a 30×30 blaszke and the results are satisfactory.

mggi63 at 13:41:18 on December 19, 2021 Of course, there is discussion over the use of makowami.

2021-12-19 15:48:35ekkoreMggi63 does not appear to be skiing.

Mak has something to do with himself, and in a lodówce, it always takes a long time.

ekkore 2021-12-19 15:50:44 ekkore 2021-12-19 15:50:44 ekkore It never crossed my path, despite the fact that I am not a fan of makowców and that there were other ciasta on the table at the time.

2021-12-19 20:36:31 (December 19, 2021).

I’m making 600g of maku + bakalie on a richo and there’s a makowiec on the way.:) 2021-12-19 20:42:49 2021-12-19 megi65 You have the option of enjoying a relaxing upiec in a quiet location.

2021-12-20 08:28:25 00:28:25 Smosia At this point, there are plenty of secluded spots to choose from: the gruby karton, the balcony, and the jus.

2021-12-21 17:37:35mggi63Dobry w2021-12-21 17:37:47mggi63Dobry w2021-12-21 17:37:47mggi63 Greetings and best wishes:) The year is 2021, and the date is December 21st, 17:38:08mggi63 I’d want to thank the ladies for their suggestions.

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On the first beat, there’s ciacha, then micha, and in the middle, there’s rybko after the Greek machna.

mggi63 My teciowa brata passed away on the civid a few days ago:( 2021-12-21 18:39:30 (Pacific Standard Time) A couple of kondolencje from ekkoreMggi.

Smosia Mggi and I are partners in crime.

/mdra and dobra, doskonale gotowaa/ 2021-12-22 08:33:23 (Pacific Standard Time) Smosia Starsi, middle-aged wirus is devoid of litoci, despite the fact that the time is frantic and the task difficult.

The time is 08:56:43 on December 23, 2021.

Smosia If you want to make your own kogucik, add the following ingredients to your search engine: schab, morela, and then rybka pieczona and po kopocie/with your choice of toppings.

Smosia:) Lea2Hej Smosia:) the 28th of December in the year 2021 at 08:17:23 Smosia Heej:) When I go home from work and my family’s vacation, I’ll postpone my departure until the next day;D The year is 2022, and the time is 12:43:42.

megi65 Witaj witaj, witaj witaj Basiu I Inni (Basiu and Inni) 2022-01-21 09:39:27 (GMT+02:00) Dżanina Fonda I’d want to thank everyone for their contributions:)

Trójskrzyn pstry – uprawa i pielęgnacja

The trójskrzyn pstry (kroton) distinguishes itself from other rolin doniczkowych by virtue of its unusually ozdobny lims. While the rolin is not very attractive, it is not without merit. What should I do in order to avoid a reversal of fortune? It is a member of the Codiaeum variegatum family and comes from the Wilczomleczowaty tribe of plants. It is sometimes referred to as a krotonem or a codieum. It is derived from the pónocnej Australii and the surrounding areas of the Pacific Ocean. Pstry with a dziki kroton is extremely difficult to work with in a residential setting; nevertheless, wspóczesnie wyhodowane odmiany, which are available for purchase, perform admirably in a residential setting as well.

Kroton, trójskrzyn pstry – jak wygląda?

In nature, trójskrzyn pstry is a zimozielonym krzewem with a diameter ranging from 3 m to 3 m in diameter. In contrast, the dimensions of dwellings are limited to a maximum of one meter. His licie, which wyrastaj z cienkiego pnia, are the most prominent feature of the gatunku. Despite the fact that they are large, skórzaste, and have an eliptical, over-the-top ksztat, their appearance can vary significantly depending on the amount of odmiany. As a result of the influence of soot, the trójkrzyn works extraordinarily well.

Odmiany krotona

It was discovered that there are many interesting variations on the pstrego trójskrzyna. Ones can differ in both color and ksztat lici, and they can also differ in size. Here are a few of the most interesting roliny shapes to consider:

  • Trójskrzyn pstry ‘Aucubifolium’ o zielonych, ostro zakoczonych liciach z ótymi kropkami
  • Trójskrzyn pstry ‘Bravo’ o klapowanych liciach z ótymi paskami
  • Trójs

Trójskrzyn pstry – uprawa

The pstry trójskrzyn is a rolin that is moderately difficult to uproot. It has a number of specialized requirements, therefore it is important to become acquainted with them.

Stanowisko i wymagania krotonu

Trójskrzyn pstry prefers to have a lot of wiata. However, it is not possible to keep him in one piece due to the fact that he has some really delectable licie that are very easy to get rid of. The lack of moisture in the air, on the other hand, may cause the lilies to not wilt in any way, and the roe to begin to marnie. Three-podobes skrzyne’s should be as lekkie, as pushzczalne, and as yumilicious as possible at the same time. His pH odczyn pH ranges between 5,7 and 6,8. This is an appropriate range.

Kroton responds well to upkeep at regular room temperature and tolerates temperatures ranging between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Pielęgnacja krotonu – podlewanie i wilgotność powietrza

Trójskrzyn pstry musi contain a significant amount of water. His ziemia must be wilgotna at all times, despite the fact that zima has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of time spent in the garden. There are a number of approaches that may be used to ensure that rolines have the appropriate amount of wilgotnoness. The zraszanie of her lici is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspects of her life. It is possible to use pregotowaned and odstaned water for this purpose.

Another method is to place the postawienie on the croton of naczy while it is still wet with water and herbs. In addition, new-generation electronic air conditioners are available for purchase in stores, allowing you to control the temperature of the air in your home at your discretion.

Pielęgnacja krotonu – nawożenie i przesadzanie

Kroton should be nawozi throughout the period of increased roelin production, which is from early spring to late summer. A rozcieczony nawóz to rolin doniczkowych appears in the vicinity of this point. In order to reap the benefits of this gatunkie, it is sufficient to carry out the procedure once every two weeks for the first two weeks. When the trójskrzyn pstry is young, it is necessary to keep it on a year-round basis due to the fact that it grows quite quickly. In contrast, the growth of older, kilkuletnich rolin has been significantly slowed, and it is just necessary to replace their ziemi warstwa with a ziemskie wierzchnia.

Trójskrzyn pstry – choroby i problemy w uprawie

The kroton is responsible for a significant number of problems in the upraw, but on the whole, it is very simple to combat them. If the rolina has too much fat on her, her dolne licie will begin to sag. Wiotczenie lici, on the other hand, is a symptom of an excessive amount of wody present during the process of decontamination. In the meantime, the beautifully illuminated pstry trio begins to develop a distinct color. Roliny have the potential to aggravate grzybowe choroby, and one of the symptoms of this condition is the presence of unesthetic plamy on the limbs.

You might be interested:  Jak Łączyć Kolory Kwiatów Cebulowych

Despite the fact that a pstry’s third krzyn may be rather problematic in the upward position, it does so by clinging to the sides of the body with stunningly beautiful lips.

Krotona can be maintained for a long period of time, despite the fact that a few facets of its pielgnacji are deteriorating.

Anturium (Anthurium) – uprawa i pielęgnacja

The kwitnca rolina (Clivia) is a highly effective and efficient rolina. Two-kroton, three-krzyn pstry. 3 Podlewanie anturium in accordance with established procedures 4 Sansevieria (also known as Sanseweria or Wownica) – Sansevieria 5 The Skrzydlokwiat – how do you prepare it and bake it? Zobacz! 6Uprawa rolin doniczkowych (doniczkowe rolin) 7Waciwa pielgnacja storczyków is a heartwarming story. 8 Zrolicha (Syngonium) is a cute doniczkowa rolina with a rosy hue. Anturium is one of the most popular, but also one of the most original, tropical roelins available.

Although it is increasingly being used in domestic settings, it does not fall into the category of simple wupraw due to the high demands placed on it in the area of maintaining high levels of air quality.

Rodzaj Anthurium contains a large number of gatunks, but only a few of them are notable for being surrounded by ozdobny rolinami.

Anthurium andreanum, Anthurium scherzerianum, Anthurium forgetii, Anthurium leuconeurum, Anthurium magnificum, Anthurium x hortulanum, Anthurium x cultorum, Anthurium veitchii, Anthurium leuconeurum are just a few examples of the olbrzymiest bogactwa that should be avoided.

Anturium powabne should also be improved, if only for the sake of having a more decoratie licie. Naturalne siedliskaAnthurium, which may be found in the tropical lasach of the United States of America and the United States of America.

Anthurium andreanumnajpopularniejszymAnthurium

Currently, the most prominent Anthurium is Anturium Andregoto, which is composed of a number of mieszacami that are descended from a wyjciowe gatunku that is distinguished by its czerwonym kwiatami. We have the ability to purchase a large quantity of odmian from the Anthurium group, with a large proportion of them being not entirely original. In comparison to Anturium Scherzera, it achieves more rozmiary, and the kwiatostan in the shape of a kolby is more straightforward and will be delectably wygited.

To be sure, there are some colors that are very bright in this group: czerwona in the case of the gatunk, but very pale in the case of the mieszaks (such as white, czerwona, róowa, biaa).

Kwitnienie is dependent on the odmiany and is possible throughout the season, including winter and late summer.

Wybrane odmianyAnthurium andreanum
‘Acropolis’ – odmiana o białych pochwach, które przepięknie prezentują się na tle zielonych i błyszczących liści.
‘Carre’ – odmiana o dekoracyjnych kwiatostanach. Różowawe pochwy doskonale prezentują się na tle liści.
‘Crimson Love’ – odmiana o bardzo dekoracyjnej, barwnej pochwie (m.in. biel, zieleń, róż).
‘Summer Love’ – odmiana o pochwie u nasady zielonej, a w pozostałej części różowawej.
‘Red Love’ – odmiana o pochwie zabarwionej na czerwono.
‘Champion’ – odmiana o białej pochwie.
‘Fantasia’ – barwa biała.
‘Mirabile Spadix’ – barwa czerwona.
‘Alaska’ – barwa biała.
‘Avo- Margaretha’ – odmiana o pochwie barwy białej.


It is necessary to perform upkeep in clean dwellings; nevertheless, we cannot expect it to result in a complete loss of nasonecznienie; the best option is a well-prosced pool.


Podobe powinno by bardzo próchnicze, przepuszczalne, yzne, I kwane, a nie tylko próchnicze, przepuszczalne, I kwane (pH 5,0- 5,5). Together, we should set up our living quarters, which should have mech torfowiecs, torf, as well as piasek and liciowe ziemi (liquid). Remember that before to the posadzeniem roliny, it is necessary to odkazi the podoe. Anturium is a genus of plants that are related to the genus Anturium (Anthurium)


While remembering the drenau, we begin our journey through Anturium toward the end of the first and second weeks of the month.


The optimal temperature for anturium is around 20°C, however at higher wilgotnoci, the temperature can significantly increase, while at lower wilgotnoci, the temperature can significantly decrease. During the spring and summer months, it is not necessary to expose roliny to temperatures lower than 16-15°C.

Podlewanie i wilgotność powietrza

In order to avoid the podoe being overheated, it is best to prepare the podlewania in the same manner as during the vegetative period: stale and lekko wilgotne (stale and lekko wilgotne). We restrict our ability to move throughout the spoczynku period, which begins in the month of January. We are attempting to maintain a stable level of ozone since anturium, as a tropical rolina, need such environmental conditions. This makes it easier for us to postawienie roliny on the basis of wypenionej kamykami and czciowo woda, as well as uprawa in a large number of rolin.

It is preferable to see how zamgawianie develops.


When wet weather arrives, we nawozim rolin with a pynny, wieloskadnikowy nawoze with a little steniu, since anturium is beneficial to the soil’s health throughout the growing season.

It is sufficient to nawozi twice a month for a year. Anturium kwiaty (Anturium kwiaty)

Pozostałe wybrane gatunki rodzaju, uprawiane w mieszkaniach

In addition to anturium Andrego, it is necessary to restore the smaller anturium Scherzera, which had formerly had considerable popularity but is now considerably less so. In addition to this, and with consideration for the decoacyjne licie, it is important to recall the anturium powabnym.

Anturium Scherzera (Anthurium scherzerianum hybridum)

Anturium Scherzera, which derives, among other things, from Kostaryki, is the most popular of Andre’s anturia, which can be found in many of our residences. It’s important to note that while Anthurium x cultorum was formerly a popular species, it is now a rare sighting. Although the species is found in large numbers of odmian, the most of them were selected with an eye on their potential significance in the city kwiat. Approximately 20- 50 cm in circumference, Anturium Scherzerajest is small.

Licie podune (whose length can reach up to 20 cm) can be skórzaste, zielone, and decoratajne (decoratajne = “decorated”).

Is it true that.

czytaj dalej.

Dlaczego? Because a large number of rolin has beneficial properties for both humans and domesticated animals, Since over a decade ago, we have been hearing about the questionable conduct of fikus’s agents in the United States. Fikus, to paraphrase a figowiec, is a rolin that is extremely silently uczulajc – following the zamaniu pdu or licia, it wydziela mleczny sok, in which there are allergies to czsteczks that are similar to lateksu. The smaller the gatunek fikusa, the more likely it is that allergic reactions may occur.


The kroton (patrz zdj. powyej) is one of the most often encountered rolin in our area. Despite the fact that his beautiful licie is painted in autumnal colors, kroton is a member of the wilczomleczy family. There are more of these wytwarzatoksyczny biay soks in gruby liciach and odydze than everywhere else. In our country, the entire rolin wilczomleczów family is not widely known or appreciated. First and foremost, this is due to the fact that roliny of this type grow well even in places where no one specifically inquires about them.

The most popular wilczomlecze are gwiazda betlejemska (poinsecja), wilczomlecz trójebrowy I lnicy, and zocisty, which are among the more than 2 thousand different species.

In most cases, the sok rolin is biaawy, and it contains cyjanogenne and euforbonol-producing cells. Spicy food can cause severe problems with the digestive system, and contact between the soku and the skin can result in pcherzes or skin discoloration (owrzodzenia).


Another rolina with a similar sokiem in the color of mleka jesthoja has been added. Despite the fact that it does not belong to the wilczomleczy, it behaves in the same way as they do. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, particularly during the cooler months, hoya produces an intensely pachning ice cream, which has a distinctively miodowy, nutty flavor and a little sweet aftertaste. Trujcy is a simple sok, but his toksyczno is of such a high caliber that it has the potential to harm both humans and animals.


On a number of occasions, skrzydlokwiaty have been seen, which have been identified as roliny that impinge on the atmosphere. However, there is another another trujcing rolin. Licie and kwiaty include alkaloids and szczawiany wapnia; if a child or a dog ingests them, they may cause skin damage around the mouth and sluzówkum in the jamie ustnej and the peritoneum to become inflamed.


The amarylisniesies share a zapach of winter: we enjoy beautiful, brightly colored kwiaty, which, when placed in the window, give us a glimpse of the quickly passing day and the brightly colored year. But we’re not going to lie, we’re not going to lie. When we learn his acciosk name, everything begins to make more sense. Amaryllis is the flower of the Amaryllis belladonna. Cebule are the trujcing czci’s. Following their ingestion, there is a risk of pokarmowe suffocation, as well as a risk of dusznoci and bon luzowych oparze.


It is also possible that the cyclamen, also known as ozdobny fiokiem or alpejskim fiokiem, is a dangerous rolina. In the presence of sunlight, alpine fir creates toksyczne bulwy, which include toksyczne saponins and trujcy glikozyd – cyklamina. If the situation progresses to the point of an allergic reaction, take precautions since contact with the podziemne czci of the roliny may also be a source of skin irritation. Most importantly, it is necessary to exercise caution when dispensing cyklamens in order for the ubrudzonymi w ziemi rkami not to contaminate the water supply.

Cyklamen may also be problematic for those who live in their own homes.


Known as the “smoky drzew,” dracena may be found in many residences and is frequently used in cooking. It grows quickly and is not particularly enjoyable; yet, it may be hazardous to small children and domestic animals, particularly pigs and chickens. Saponins, which are found in the rolinie, are toksyczne. They have the potential to cause distress in both humans and domesticated animals. It has the potential to lead to mózgu poraenia or the malfunctioning of the oddechowego system; thus, it is preferable to keep the youngest children and animals away from them.

The udomowione odmiany bluszczu pospolitego are the most often uprawiane.

Every aspect of this roeliny is difficult for humans to comprehend. Saponiny, which are present in high concentrations in the soil of bluszczu, are harmful to humans since they cause blight, halucynacje, and even wymioty when ingested.


In addition to its large liciom, Difenbachia is highly regarded for its ability to zakwitnia, which can occur in the residence. If we have a problem with difenbachia throughout the procedure, the sok that is ejected from it may cause skóry to become sloughed off. If we poke the oko with the sokiem, we may experience a silny ból, skurcze powiek, and a zawienie. Even in little amounts, difenbachii can cause symptoms such as mdoocy, biegunka, a disruption in the functioning of the nervous system, and even paralysis.

Of course, it’s possible.

If we are unsure whether or not the rolina we intend to purchase for our home’s parapet is in good condition, we should inquire of the seller.

  • Because of its large size, Difenbachia is highly valued, however it has the potential to wreak havoc on a home. If we have a problem with difenbachia during the procedure, the sok that is ejected from it may cause skóra to bleed. It is possible that silny ból, skurcze powiek, and zawienie will occur when we sokiem podranimy the oko. Difenbachia poisoning can result in mdoocy, biegunka (a form of diarrhea), a disruption of the digestive system, and even death. This does not imply that beautiful trujcing rolin cannot be displayed in the home. Yes, it is correct. You must first understand their capabilities, which includes granting them access to trujing children and household animals. It’s worth asking the vendor whether or not the rolina we’d want to purchase for our home’s parapet is in good condition. The following are the most popular types of domestic trujille:

In the meanwhile, there is one type of rolin that we should not be using in the house. This is a roliny chronione. They are frequently seen in the vicinity of a lake or an orchard in a szklany naczyniu, which is becoming an increasingly attractive feature of our homes. The bielistka siwa, also known as the poduszkowy mchem, is one of the most popular mchów gatunkiem that is used for these purposes. It is also possible to use this mechanism in conjunction with chrobotks to create holographic images or scenography.

It’s important to keep this in mind at all times.

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