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Czego nie może jeść pies? Lista niebezpiecznych produktów

Odpowiedzi na pytanie o to, czego nie może jeść pies, poszukujemy zdecydowanie zbyt późno, kiedy nasz zwierzak zatruje się już toksyczną substancją. To dlatego warto zawczasu zdobyć wiedzę na temat produktów, które w żołądku psa stanowią niebezpieczeństwo. Tym bardziej, że zbliżające się święta Bożego Narodzenia I mnogość potraw na naszych stołach sprawiają, że trudno jest powiedzieć „nie” błagającym oczom pupila. To, co znajduje się na naszym talerzu, nie będzie najczęściej odpowiednim pokarmem dla zwierzęcia.

Zapraszam do lektury.

Na skróty:

  1. Tobacco
  2. Alcohol
  3. Rodzynki I winogrona
  4. Cebula, Czosnek, Szczypiorek
  5. Awokado
  6. Kofeina. Tobacco and alcohol. Orzechy macadamia
  7. Pestki owoców – brzoskwi, moreli, jabek I wini
  8. Ksylitol
  9. Pestki owców – brzoskwi, moreli, jabek I wini
  10. Kryptonite
  11. Kości
  12. Podsumowanie


Cereal belongs to the category of the most well-known “ludzkich” products, which are harmful to the human digestive system. Does it occur to you, on the other hand, why czekolada is so difficult for your children? Everything is made from kakaowca berries, which contain a substance known as pzteobromin. Czekolada is made entirely of these ingredients, and as a result, we must hold them in high regard, not only for themselves, but also for any other products that contain kakao, even in little amounts (np.

Teobromina has the potential to impair the functioning of the oddechowego ukadu as well as cause arytmia in the body.

Furthermore, not only is it dangerous to consume large quantities of psu, but it is also dangerous to consume large quantities of even small amounts of nontoksycznych dawek, which can result in death.

Clinician-diagnosed signs and symptoms of zatrucia include czstoskurcz, zaburzenia rytmu serca, niepokój, dificulty with oddychanie, wymioty, biegunka, and sztywno mini.


Similar to teobromin, alcohol is a useful anti-inflammatory for the treatment of psa (although, recent research indicates that alcohol is not harmful to humans in the same way as it is to animals; in fact, alcohol is not harmful to humans at all). Occasionally, I hear of instances in which opiekunowie tumacz themselves with piwa kaps, “because Reksio enjoys piwko so much that it is impossible to odgonie him until a kufel appears in the vicinity of his wzroku.” Even a small amount of alcohol can cause psa to experience symptoms of intoxication such as wymioty, problems with oddychaniem, or a spiczk.


Another possible cause is the zjedzenie ciasta zawierajcego drode, which causes the wglowodany to be reconstituted in alcohol.

This has the potential to lead to silnego bólu, wzd, and even pknicia odka in some cases.

Rodzynki i winogrona

This point may come as a surprise to you, but it is true – rodzynki and winogrona pose a threat to the well-being of your child. If you have more than 10-12 winogron on your property, it may be unsafe for your pets. At this point in time there hasn’t been any evidence of a specific toksyn that leads to zatrucia discovered in studies. Among the most popular toksyczna dawka are 2,8 g rodzynek and 19,6 g winogron per kilogram of psa masy. Biegunka, wymioty, bóle brzucha, ostra niewydolno nerek to a few of the clinical manifestations of zatrucia.

Cebula, czosnek, szczypiorek

After ingestion of cebuli or czosnku, toksyczne dwusiarczki with a slow utleniajcy dziaanie uwalniaj si in the psa’s odku (they impair lipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipidolipid Cebula surowa, both gotowana and suszona, is a dangerous plant that should be avoided. The process of zatrucia begins after the ingestion of 5-10 grams of large cebules per kilogram of body fat. In the case of czosnku, this is equivalent to 5g czosnku/kg masy ciaa.


It is one of the most calorically dense foods available and one of the most beloved vegetarian dishes. Pestka awokado is the most dangerous threat to the health of psies, and its spread can result in the development of drooling of the gastrointestinal tract and the necessity of surgical intervention. While the owoc itself (misz) is not particularly hazardous to psies, other elements of the landscape, including as the skórka, the roeliny’s edge, and the drzewa’s edge, contain persyn, a poisonous fungus.

To date, there have been two reported cases of psi-related miscarriage.

Awakado is expected to appear on the list of potentially toxic products in the near future, according to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

You may learn more about them by reading their biographies.


Neither for psa kawa nor for herbata, both of which include toksyczny kofein for psa. It’s also a popular ingredient in beverages such as cola and energy drinks, among other things. As with kofeina, so too with teofilina (which is found in herbal medicine), these compounds are linked to psychoactive substances, with psy being far more dependent on them than humans.

Precisely because of this, there is a little increase in psychotic symptoms, as well as a koatanie of the scrotum and, in the worst case scenario, death.

Pestki owoców – brzoskwiń, moreli, jabłek i wiśni

When it comes to psa, pestki are not as dangerous as they appear due to the presence of cyjanogenny heterozydu (from which cyjanowodór is formed). As a result of the incident, a halt to all comorkowe oddychania will be implemented. When a zwierz rozgryzies or when a zje is contaminated by pestk, a zatrucia ryzyko appears. For their part, nonpkniete pestki that are pokniete throughout their whole pose a threat due to the possibility of leading to the development of jelit’s nondrool. Among the clinical manifestations of zatrucia are wymioty, linotok, niepokój, and drgawki.

Ksylitol (słodzik)

It is a widely used sweetener in cukru, and it is highly regarded by many devotees of a healthy way of life. However, even little amounts of this substance can be dangerous to psa since it is a toksyczne substance that can accumulate in the psim odku. Ksylitol stimulates the release of insulin, which results in the development of hyperglycemia. It is also possible to cause wtroby to malfunction or to become dysfunctional. ksylitol can also be found in products such as bezcukrowych gums for chewing gum, cukierks, and “dietetycznych” products; thus, while applying your fit/light eyeshadow, pay close attention to the color of the product and check the exact etiquette of the product.

Orzechy macadamia

The orzechy that are available are either luzem or can be added to cukierniczy recipes (ciastka, lody, czekolada). When you feed your dog 2,4 g orzechów macadamia per kilogram of body weight (kilkanacie orzechów dla dogs weighing up to 10 kg), you might expect to see some changes in his behavior. Wymioty zatrucia, osabienie, drgawki, niezborno ruchów, a nawet niezborno ruchów, pojawiaj si w cigu 12 godzin od spycia. After two days, they are the most consistent in their results. Even though they are not toxic to humans, some orzechy varieties are extremely toxic to animals, and this can cause trzustki to become unable to function properly.


In this context, the use of koci as a non-odczny atrybutem is likely to be a source of surprise, as the use of koci as a non-odczny atrybutem is likely to be a source of surprise in our household (similar to the use of mleka for kota and sera for myszy, where the products in question are more likely to cause harm than benefit). The presence of koci on this list is particularly concerning for psies, not only because of the potential for toksyczne activity, but also because of the possibility of causing drooling or perforation of the jelit.

Osteoarthritis of the kidneys can be caused by osteoarthritis of the kidneys (arthrosis of the kidneys).

Absence of causation, diminished or absent enthusiasm, wymioty, and/or bolesne ineffective parcia in the context of causation are among the symptoms.


The celebration of the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus is a particularly intense period of work in medical offices. A factor contributing to this is the fact that products from the Witeczny Stoe are routinely found in psiego odka, despite the fact that they should not be there in the first place. Aspiring teachers should work to develop their students’ abilities in the context of available opportunities. They should refrain from engaging in “ludzkich” przysmak testing without first determining whether or not the particular rzeczy are harmful to the human body.

  1. What happens in the event that a pig consumes a potentially hazardous substance?
  2. A large number of potentially dangerous products for pets were discussed in this article.
  3. What’s the deal with czerpa knowing?
  4. More specifics may be found on this page.
  5. Every day at 11 a.m.
  6. In this situation, it will be impossible for me to ignore you.
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  • Wicel

Owoce na diecie – cukier w owocach

What are your plans for the day? From one perspective, they are instilling in you the belief that owoce are healthy and that it is possible to eat them. On the other hand, some have a large number of cukrów, which may necessitate limiting their availability. And how is it going in your situation? I come into contact with the recommendation to consume more warzyw and owoców since they are healthy. To be sure, this is correct; yet, it is important to remember that, when compared to other products, owoce contain a disproportionately large amount of cukr.

Spesifications of treci: Cukier is a zany creature.

Health and well-being Owoce and odchudzanie are two words that come to mind.

Who is responsible for unifying owoców?

Cukier jest zły

In recent years, a great deal of ambiguity has arisen in the field of owocowod cukru. In its most basic form, fruktoza appears in owoc and miod forms, with the latter appearing more frequently in owoc. Syropu glukozowo-fruktozowego, Syropu fruktozowego, and Syropu from agave are some of the products that are added to sacharozy (cukuru z cukiernicy), sacharozy (cukuru z cukiernicy), Syropu fruktozowego, and Syropu from Agave. Frequently, people speak about the dangers that might arise from the use of excessive amounts of fructose, namely the dangers associated with the fructose’s lipogenic properties.

  1. Fruktoza poses a threat to human health when consumed in large quantities, and it is practically impossible to exceed the dziennego limit of consumption of this cukru other than through consumption of owoców.
  2. We are very well prepared to deal with a large amount of fruktozy, which naturally occurs in the poywieniu, because we are working within an epochal framework.
  3. When a syrop contains a high concentration of fructose, we refer to it as a fructose–glucose syrup (also known as high fructose corn syrup – HFCS).
  4. It is believed that this type of syrop is the most common source of fructose in the diets of both native and immigrant Americans.
  5. The metabolizm of fructose occurs in the absence of insulin, which is in opposition to glucose metabolism.
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Aside from the wtroba, fruktoza is metabolized in the jelita, jdrach, nerkach, szkieletowych mien, tkance tuszczowej, and mózgu, but it is not transported to the comórek szlakami wraliwymi to insulin (transportery regulowane insulin GLUT1 and insulin The GLUT5 transporter is responsible for the transfer of fructose instead of fructose.

As a result, once fruktoza is approved for use as an energy source, it will have to travel a far longer distance than glukoza.

Among other things, it is not recommended for those who have cukrzycy during the onset of incydent hipoglikemii, because the time required for cukrzycy’s formation is significantly longer than that required for glukozy.

Czy owoce są zdrowe

We can find the following items in the owocach:

  • Glukoz, fruktoz, and sacharoz (the proportion of cukrs in the final product varies according on the type of owocu used)
  • The mineral bónnik, the witaminy, and the mineral skadniki are all examples of a mineral skadniki (mineral skadniki). Insulin-stimulating flavonoids and anti-inflammatory antocyjans improve insulin sensitivity while also having beneficial effects on the reduction of adipose tissue mass. Wodę

In the owocach, one of the most important components is the bonnik (pokarmowe wókno), which is one of the most important components. Owoce, which have a low caloric density, are a delicious source of energy for him. For example, a single large jabko has only 100 calories and around 5 g of bonnika. Because of its unique properties, wókno pokarmowe has a significant impact on the speed with which patients perceive their condition. Bonnika and its constituents have a number of beneficial properties, including the reduction of the length of time required for jelitogenesis, the expansion of the number of people who are exposed to pokarm, the lowering of total cholesterol (TC) and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), and the elevation of glucose levels in the blood.

In conjunction with these advantages, the drug will be used in large numbers of people who have high cholesterol or high insulin levels, as well as in the treatment of fatty liver disease, in the treatment of high blood pressure, in the treatment of high blood sugar, and in the treatment of kidney disease.

  1. Notably, it should be remembered that each individual is free to adapt his or her own preferences to their own circumstances.
  2. Conversely, problems associated with wypróniania can manifest themselves in the form of wypróniania when pyn overload is excessive.
  3. Often, these are the kinds of foods that we don’t get enough of in our daily lives.
  4. Potas impairs the functioning of our organs in a variety of different ways.
  5. Of course, owoce offers a diverse range of products, including a variety of witaminowo-mineral-based formulations in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  6. It is preferable to use a variety of owocs and analyze their glikemiczny indeks as a result of doing so.
  7. Banany, winogrona, and ananas are some of the most delicious fruits.

In this manner, we provide our own bodies with a plethora of valuable dietary supplements, and as a bonus, we produce a delicious and well-balanced posiek.

Owoce a zdrowie

A large body of research suggests a beneficial relationship between the occurrence of warzyw and owoców and the risk of developing a variety of diseases. One of them, for example, indicates that the consumption of even a single percent of owoców in a single day reduces the risk of developing sercowo-naczyniowe chorób by 7 percent. The results of a meta-analysis of kohortowych research studies with 469 551 participants revealed that higher levels of owoców and warzyw are associated with lower rates of homicide due to krenia, with the lowest rate of homicide being 4 percent for every additional percent of owoców and warzyw consumed daily.

Another significant finding was that the majority of owocowego spoycie was associated with a higher risk of contracting cukrzycy of the type.

In certain respects, the research indicates that increasing consumption of high-quality owocs has no negative impact on cukr control, even in the case of those who have cukrzyc.

A large number of other publications describe the benefits of reducing the risk of developing diseases such as cancer, gout, nadcinienia, severe stres, glikemii, and other neurodegenerative disorders, among other things.

Owoce a odchudzanie

When we talk about owocs and cukrzes, we’re talking about really high levels of sytosis. This is something we talk about all the time. Because of the high concentration of wody, bonnika, and pektyn in their products (for example, jabek and pomaraczy), their sytolic indeks (for example, jabek and pomaraczy) is higher than that of jajek or woowiny. Because of the introduction of owoców into your diet, it is possible that you will begin to consume less calories overall from the remaining products.

This implies that it is necessary to devote a disproportionately large amount of attention to what is healthy, rather than what just results in such dissatisfaction.

It’s worth devoting a few minutes to reading through their skandal because it’s possible that the attractive packaging, which depicts a napój that is the source of the same odour-causing substances, is in fact an ekstrakt in which cukier reigns supreme, and the amount of the same soku is insufficient in comparison to the expectations of customers.

The experiment lasted six days.

The results of the Nurse Study II, a study of control nurses in the health care system, show that those who increased their owoców and warzyw over the course of 24 years were more likely to suffer from health problems than those whose owoców and warzyw were reduced.

It’s also a good idea to have a look at the following three frequently asked questions:

  • Which owoces contain a higher concentration of kalori and which owoces should be used in limited quantities? All of the suszoned, kandyzowane owoces will serve as a source of a significant amount of cukru. It’s the same as owoce in a syropach. Banany, winogrona, and ananas are among of the more caloric options available when it comes to large owocs. The fact that awokado is also an owocem, something that the vast majority of people are unaware of, is a fascinating twist. Taking into consideration the caloric content of tuszczu, it is the most calorically dense of all the owocs
  • Is jabka tucz? It is a type of owoce that provides an abundance of vitamins and mineral substances, and it is also a very important source of bonnik (boonnik is a type of owoce). In addition to this, they are high in vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, cynk, and lutein. Therefore, in response to the question, spoywanie of a low-fat diet with a moderate amount of protein will not lead to an increase in body fat. What kinds of owoces should you include in your diet? No less than every owoc spoywany in the appropriate amounts by healthy individuals brings with it a variety of beneficial health effects. When we search for owoców, we look for those that are difficult to find in other countries, and we don’t value those that are readily available in domestic markets.

It’s important to pay attention to regional and seasonal owoces. The country of Poland is engulfed in a bogactwo of owoców, including: czarna porzeczka, malina, jeyna, jagody, truskawki, winie, czerenie, agrest, jabka, brzoskwinie, and others. It is also important to recognize the beneficial properties of kiwi and pomaraczy. They differ in that they have a low glycemic index (IG) and a high concentration of wglowodanów in their blood.

Kiedy jeść owoce?

Throughout history, a plethora of myths and legends associated with the occurrence of owoców have sprung up. Indeed, there is no specific time limit for their use, as has been stated previously. The theory that we shouldn’t consume owoców during the second half of the day because they have high glycemic indexes has not been proven in scientific studies. However, the consumption of any wglowodany product will result in an increase in glucose levels in the blood, regardless of the time of day it is consumed.

The most interesting part of ulokowania 1-2 porcji owoców is the time between meals – it appears that the combination of glukoza and fruktoza is the one that most effectively promotes glikogen depletion (both in the short term and over time).

Furthermore, they are a source of potasu, and their participation in the strict regulation of the water and electricity industries, as well as the regulation of the kwasowo-zasadow industry, is encouraged.

As a result of these advantages, we will be able to exceed our calorie intake limit, provide affordable dietary supplements, and provide a healthy and delicious dessert to our jadospis.

Kto powinien unikać owoców?

Owoce are a healthy and delicious snack that should be included in any healthy diet, regardless of the time of day it is consumed. There are, on the other hand, diseases that will need their exclusion. Preeminently, we are talking about people who have an intolerance to fructose (caused by a disruption in the function of the GLUT-5 transporter), and whose spoor will be characterized mostly by symptoms of the immune system (wzdcia, bóle brzucha, uczucie przepenienia, biegunka). The process of consuming fruits and vegetables is highly individual among these individuals, and the amount of owoców consumed must be tailored to each individual’s needs.

  • The amount of owoców produced by some people with reactive hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, or insulinopornoecdystrophy should be reduced or eliminated in some cases.
  • And even the fruktoza itself cannot be used as a substitute for cukru.
  • Owoce are also quite versatile.
  • Because to their high odour tolerance, low energetyczne tolerance, high sytolic index, and smoky flavor, they are a fantastic alternative to fried foods and savoury snacks like sour cream.

If you remember to avoid being in a bad mood around them, and if you don’t have any allergies to them (or at least none that are severe), then your overall score should be significantly higher. Not only is this under the guise of healthy kalorie consumption. Bibliografia:

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Owoc zatrutego drzewa. Skutki podatkowe

23.01.2017 Teza: Nale�y przyj��, �e „owoc zatrutego drzewa” jakim s� decyzje o roz�o�eniu na raty zaleg�o�ci podatkowej, okre�lonej uprzednio w decyzji o zaleg�o�ci podatkowej, która nast�pnie zosta�a wyeliminowana z obrotu prawnego, co do zasady nie mo�e wywo�ywa� skutku prawnego w postaci zawieszenia terminu przedawnienia zobowi�zania podatkowego. SENTENCJA President of the National Administrative Service (NSA) Jolanta Soko owska, Director of the National Administrative Service (NSA) In the matter of skargi kasacyjnej M.

  1. – H., S awomir Presnarowicz (sprawozdawca), Zbigniew Romaa (del.
  2. akt I SA/Kr 604/15), the Zaskar was established.
  3. The complaint was filed in the name of M.
  4. – H.
  5. Podstaw� prawn� powy�szego orzeczenia by� art.
  6. – Prawo o post�powaniu przed s�dami administracyjnymi (Dz.U.
  7. 270, ze zm., dalej: “p.p.s.a”).

z 2012 r., poz.

Z uzasadnienia wyroku WSA wynika, �e decyzj� z dnia 3 lutego 2015 r.

(dalej: “organ I instancji”) z dnia 18 sierpnia 2014 r., okre�laj�c� Skar��cej wysoko�� zobowi�zania podatkowego z tytu�u podatku dochodowego od osób fizycznych za 2002 r.

W skardze wniesionej do WSA, Skar��ca zarzuci�a naruszenie: – art.

187 § 1, art.

191 ustawy z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 r.


749 ze zm., dalej: “o.p.”), przez nieprawid�owe ustalenie stanu faktycznego przedmiotowej sprawy; – art.

W odpowiedzi na skarg� Dyrektor IS wniós� o jej oddalenie, podtrzymuj�c argumenty zaprezentowane w uzasadnieniu zaskar�onej decyzji.


wyrok z dnia 11 grudnia 2008 r.

akt I SA/Kr 751/08 oddalaj�cy skarg�) I przekaza� spraw� do ponownego rozpoznania.

W nast�pstwie powy�szego wyroku, WSA, rozpoznaj�c spraw� ponownie oraz b�d�c zwi�zany w my�l art.

ocen� prawn� wyra�on� przez Naczelny S�d Administracyjny, wyrokiem z dnia 30 listopada 2011 r.

akt I SA/Kr 1256/11, uchyli� decyzje organów obu instancji wskazuj�c, �e przy ponownym rozpoznaniu sprawy, organy powinny zbada� mo�liwo�� przeprowadzenia dowodu z wydruku z pami�ci kas rejestruj�cych tym bardziej, �e wed�ug stanowiska pe�nomocnika Skar��cej, dysponuje ona wszystkimi kasami fiskalnymi, z których istnieje mo�liwo�� odtworzenia obrotu za 2002 r.

Wydana w wyniku ponownego rozpoznania sprawy decyzja Dyrektora IS z dnia 13 sierpnia 2012 r.

akt I SA/Kr 1584/12.


WSA przes�dzi�, �e zebrany w sprawie materia� dowodowy wskazuje, I ewidencjonowane w ksi�dze przychodów I rozchodów zapisy dotycz�ce przychodów osi�gni�tych w firmach Skar��cej, nie odzwierciedla�y stanu rzeczywistego, gdy� nie obejmowa�y wszystkich zrealizowanych w tym okresie transakcji, dlatego organy prawid�owo uzna�y je za nierzetelne.

  1. Przy czym chodzi�o nie tylko o uzyskanie danych na potrzeby szacowania, ale uzyskanie danych o przychodach, które mog�yby pos�u�y� do wyliczenia podatku dochodowego od osób fizycznych bez odwo�ywania si� do metody szacowania.
  2. W zwi�zku z tym, �e ka�da kasa fiskalna musia�a by� wyposa�ona w pami�� fiskaln�, to niew�tpliwie istnia�a mo�liwo�� odczytania zapisów w elektronicznych kasach fiskalnych znajduj�cych si� w posiadaniu Skar��cej.
  3. WSA podkre�li�, �e organ zosta� zobligowany do uzyskania tego dowodu.
  4. wskazuj�c, �e organ powinien podj�� starania maj�ce na celu uzyskanie danych zawartych w pami�ci kas fiskalnych posiadanych przez Skar��c�.
  5. G�ównym zarzutem Skar��cej by�o nieprawid�owe ustalenie stanu faktycznego, w zakresie okre�lenia podstawy opodatkowania w drodze oszacowania.
  6. W tym celu organ I instancji powo�a� bieg�ego, posiadaj�cego specjalistyczn� wiedz� I uprawnienia z zakresu serwisu kas fiskalnych w celu wydania opinii, której przedmiotem mia�o by� dokonanie odczytu wszystkich mo�liwych do uzyskania danych z pami�ci kas rejestruj�cych za 2002 r.
  7. Na marginesie zaznaczy� nale�y, �e Skar��ca dostarczy�a bieg�emu cztery spo�ród pi�ciu kas.
  8. Skar��ca przed�o�y�a uwierzytelnion� kserokopi� protoko�u z czynno�ci odczytania zawarto�ci pami�ci tej fiskalnej kasy w zwi�zku z likwidacj� dzia�alno�ci oraz wyci�g z ksi��ki serwisowej tej kasy.

Natomiast pozyskanie danych z paragonów fiskalnych z ka�dej transakcji dokonywanej przy u�yciu kasy rejestruj�cej nie by�o mo�liwe, gdy� paragony fiskalne s� zapisywane w pami�ci RAM urz�dzenia I w momencie wydruku raportu dobowego paragony s� sumowane na raporcie dobowym I jednocze�nie kasowane.

W wyroku z dnia 30 listopada 2011 r.


Portugalia Get in touch with the most up-to-date information from the market and gain valuable insight into the operational aspects of running a business. Detailed information and links In the month of March, Poland’s exports to Portugal totaled 564,5 million PLN (an increase of 32,3 percent year on year compared to the same period in the previous year). In the same month, Poland’s imports totaled 406,4 million PLN (an increase of 30 percent year on year compared to the same period in the previous year).

  • Katalizatory na no niku z metalami szlachetnymi lub ze zwi zkami metali szlachetnych jako substancjami aktywnymi (92,9 million PLN)
  • Katalizatory na no niku z metalami szlachetnymi lub ze zwi zkami metali s Silniki spal. t ok. zap. do monta u ci gnik w z silnikiem o pojemno ci2800 cm 3(45,6 million PLN)
  • Silniki spal. t ok. zap. do monta u ci gnik w z silnikiem o pojemno ci2800 cm 3(45,6 Cars and related accessories for use in a motor vehicle/silnik fleet (24 million PLN)
  • Aparatura odbiorcza dla telewizji, kolorowa, pozosta a, z ekranem, w którym zastosowano ciek okrystaliczn technologi wy wietlania (LCD) (21,6 million PLN)
  • Aparatura odbiorcza dla telewizji, kolorow cz ci mebli do siedzenia inne ni z drewna, z wyj tkiem cz ci foteli stosowanych w statkach powietrznych (18,2 mln PLN)
  • Cz ci mebli do siedzenia inne ni z drewna, z wyj t Tyto (13.6 million PLN) will be spent on paperosy. Artykuy z metalu nieszlachetnego (oprawy, okucia, I podobne artykuy), but not zawiasy and no ka samonastawne, are added to the total amount of money (6,8 million PLN).

The most significant increase in the eksporcie against Portugali in March of this year, as compared to the analogic period of time in 2020, was recorded in the following categories:

  • In addition to warzywa, the korzenie and the bulwy jadalne have increased by 376 percent. Owoce and orzechy jadalne
  • Sk rki owoc w cytrusowych lub melon w (321 percent)
  • Owoce and orzechy jadalne Drawings and artwork made of drewna
  • Gains in the drewna market (+258 percent)
  • In the drewna market (+258 percent)
  • Silniki spalinowe t okowe z zap onem samoczynnym (wys. I redniopr ne) (+235 percent)
  • Silniki spalinowe t okowe z zap onem samoczynnym (wys. I redniopr ne) Getry and the rest of it are similar
  • 149 percent of the artyku is similar
  • Obuwie, getry, and the rest of it are similar. Antennas for television, and even radio broadcasting, as well as apparatus for recording or transmitting images or video
  • Monitors and projectors for widescreen television (+142 percent)
  • Acoustic instruments (+142 percent)
  • Acoustic instruments for recording and transmitting video (+142 percent)
  • Antennas for recording and transmitting audio (+142 percent)
  • Antennas for recording and transmitting video (+142 percent)
  • An

The Republic of Poland has an enhanced trade balance with Portugal in the context of the towarowej rematch. The difference between the two countries’ yearly trade balances is 1,8 billion PLN, with the latter exceeding the former’s total trade balance of 8,32 billion PLN (2020 r.). This year’s Wzajemna wymiana handlowa is characterized by strong growth dynamics, and it hasn’t happened in the last several years at the speed of two centimeters per second. During the last five years, the value of Polish exports to Portugal has increased by two-thirds.

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