Pelargonia Pasiasta – Uprawa, Pielęgnacja, Wymagania, Opis, Odmiany


Pelargonia pasiasta

Pelargonia pasiasta (Pelargonium hortorum) is a plant that belongs to the bodziszkowatych family (Geraniaceae). In the midst of the skrzyowania gatunków Pelargonium zonaleiPelargonium inquinans, this habitation arose. This popular rolina in Poland is particularly well-suited for use on balconies and slender parapets. Pelargonia pasiastarosa grows quite quickly, gaining 20-40 cm in height per year. Rolina is cut to a length of 80 cm in width. Resultantly, the grub rozgaziony odyg is formed, as well as a dugoogonkowe, nerkowate licie that is uooone naprzemianlegle.

They’ve been zebraned in a large baldachogrona.

Similarly to other uprawiane odmiany, nasion is not affected by them.

Wymagania i uprawa

Pelargonia pasiasta is one of the most manageable rolin in the uprawie. It is best to grow on a well-lit surface, even if it is just for a short period of time. This is true even when there are few available spaces for other activities. Optimal options include torfowe or gliniaste podoba. It’s important to remember the details of surgical procedures, especially those that are repeated on a regular basis, if not on a daily basis. Pelargonii should not be feared since it results in the appearance of biaych plam on the liaces or the formation of gorse – which leads to the formation of organs.

Most of the time, a pelargonia pasiast’s nawozami are large, pynny, and pynny to rolin kwitning every two weeks.

Check out where you can get it.

This is a young gatunek – after 2-3 years, it has an attractive appearance, but it is easy to gorozmnoy, particularly when exposed to the elements in the late summer.


Pelargonia pasiasta is a rolina that is great for relaxing on the balconies and terraces. It is possible that she will be depressed in both stojcing and podwieszaning situations. You can compose using rolinams that are known as “wypeniajcymi to kompozycji doniczkowych.” In addition, she is becoming increasingly depressed during the autumnal kwietnia rabats.

Interesujące odmiany

  • ‘Weiss’ is a biaych kwiatach
  • ‘Rubin’ is a czerwonych kwiatach
  • ‘Pico’ is a róowych kwiatach
  • ‘Ania’ is an ososiowych kwiatach

Photographs by ValeriaLu, alusruvi, smet ahin/Pixabay, and ForestKim Starr / Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 / Link

Pelargonia pasiasta – uprawa i pielęgnacja

Pelargonia pasiasta is a well-known gatunek of the pelargonii. As is the case with the vast majority of currently uprawianych rolin ozdobnych from this family, he is unquestionably a mieszace. How should one go about it in order for it to swell and get clingy to the kwiatami? Take a moment to think about it now! Pelargonia pasiasta (Pelargonium hortorum) is a plant that is favored by ogrodników poczeniemgatunkówPelargonium zonaleiPelargonium inquinans, among other things. Particularly prominent are parapets and balconies, particularly those on the southern side of the building.

If you want to have a rolin like this, you need learn more about it. We cordially invite you to the lecture hall! You will learn the following from this article:

Pelargonia pasiasta – opis wyglądu

Pelargonia pasiasta is a large bylin that may grow up to 80 cm in height and spread out across a large area. Jada is gruba and softly rooziona, and she has an ethereal aura about her. A nerkowaty ksztat wyrasta z niej naprzemianlegle licie na dugich ogonkach o nerkowatym ksztacie, które wyrastaj z niej. The ozdobny ciemniejszy pasek, which encircles them, is one of their most distinguishing characteristics. And how do the kwiaty look? Their barwa varies according on the season, but they always rise to a slightly elevated pdach, gromadzc si in a kaleidoscopic array of baldachs.

Pelargonia pasiasta – odmiany

According to the barwy kwiatów of the pelargonii pasiastej, it is the simplest to distinguish between the many variations. Now you’ll be able to figure out what they are:

  • The varieties of pelargonia pasiasta ‘Pico’ are red kwiaty
  • The varieties of pelargonia pasiasta ‘Weiss’ are biake kwiaty
  • The varieties of pelargonia pasiasta ‘Rubin’ are green kwiaty
  • And the varieties of pelargonia pasiasta ‘Ania’ are ososiowe kwiaty.

In most stores, you may get nasion miks with a variety of odmianami, which means that kwiat color-coded mieszanki can be quite interesting. The price is a few hundred dollars for an opakowanie with a slew of nasions.

Pelargonia pasiasta – uprawa i pielęgnacja

This rolina is quite easy to put together. There are, nevertheless, some requirements that every grower must meet. It is necessary to draw attention to the appropriate location for her upkeep, in particular.

Stanowisko i wymagania pelargonii pasiastej

Pelargonia pasiasta necessitates the development of a large amount of soneczne water. Only on this particular position can the wzrasta be as swift and as beautiful. Here are a few more examples.

  1. The most appropriate location for this roliny is either a south-facing parapet or a well-lit balcony
  2. However, due to the fact that the pelargonii pasiastej’s odyga is doamliwa, it is necessary that they be osonited from the water. A variety of different types of podoa are suitable for Rolina’s development, but she prefers to be exposed to the elements in particular gliniast or torfow ziemi. Her odczyn should be obojtny in nature. You may already purchase ready-to-use, specialized gleby habitations for pelargonii

Pielęgnacja pelargonii pasiastej

Pelargonia pasiasta has a tendency to suffer from a lack of water, which need frequent watering. The most suitable for this purpose is odstana woda, which is the best option. Take note of the nawoeniu roliny in order to kwita in a proper manner. The use of large-scaled nail polish for the lips or specific preparations for pelargonii are also options. You should nawozi at least once every two weeks, and at the very least once every three days. Another important pelargonie pasiastej pielgnacyjnym zabiegiem is the removal of overkwitted kwiatostans, which increases the size of the pelargonium and lengthens the time it takes to kwitny.

Pelargonia pasiasta – rozmnażanie

Pelargonia pasiasta is a centuries-old rolina, which should be taken to a more secluded location during the summer months, and then let to rot in the shade. Kwiaty haven’t looked quite as well in recent years, therefore some people have taken to leaving a roelin on their balconies until they have had enough time to shave and so allowing them to avoid being shaved.

Jak rozmnażać pelargonię pasiastą?

We need to take care of her relocation so that she may live in your home on the ground floor.

  1. To do this, you might shorten the length of your sadzonki
  2. By using the ostrego noa to odcinate the górne pdy, you may get it done late at night. After that, you must zaurzy the dó sadzonki in a ukorzeniaczu of type A or AB. Subsequently, introduce sadzonki into the obojtnym odczynie of the obojtnym odczynie. Roliny should begin to form within a month’s time frame.

Pelargonia pasiasta is a beautiful and not very demanding roelin in its own right. Each of her distinctive kwiaty and licie have the ability to enhance the character of every room or balcony in which she appears. It is also possible to use her for grunt work, in exchange for seasonal discounts, in order to improve her appearance over time.

Pelargonia pasiasta – uprawa i pielęgnacja

Pelargonie: their characteristics and szkodniki2Pelargonia kaskadowa: their characteristics and uprawa and pielgnacja3Pelargonie: their characteristics and szkodniki4Pelargonia kaskadowa: their characteristics and uprawa and pielgnacja 4Pelargonie angielskie, wielkokwiatowe – uprawa, rozmnaanie I choroby – uprawa, rozmnaanie I choroby 5Pielgnacja pelargonii krok po kroku, pelargonii krok po kroku Sixth, reorganization of pelargonie from sadzonek and nasion, and seventh, reorganization of the pelargonie from success.

8Adjustment of the pelargonii in accordance with the rules Pelargonia pasiasta (Pelargonium zonale) is a gatunek that encompasses the rabatowej pelargonii and their surrounding areas (Pelargonium hortorum).

Because of its low maintenance requirements and lengthy kwitnion time, pelargonia pasiasta has been one of the most popular ozdobnych rolin for many years.


Pelargoniepasiaste have pdy that are wyprostowane and rozgazione, and they have a height of 30-60 cm. kwitnie s do wczesnej jesieni od maju do nowej jesieni, a waciwie pielgnowane nawet dugo dugo. Kwiaty – whether single or gathered in baldaches – can be found in a variety of chromatic variations, ranging from bieli to róu to soczystej czerwieni. Different ksztaty as well as lici zabarwienie are also seen. On the whole, they’re rather large, with wosks pokryte, sercowate, and a zbkowanym brzegiem.

Pelargoniepasiaste are most frequently seen in the form of jakoroliny, which occur once a year.

Popularne odmiany

  • The title character, Mrs. Henry Cox, is represented by jasnoróowe kwiaty and a dark ozdobne licie in a blue-green hue. Happy Thought is a collection of brightly colored kwiats, a vibrantly colored licie, and cream-colored rodks. In a nutshell, “Appleblossom Rosebund” refers to a pair of blue-and-red flowers that seem like different-colored pips and are found in a variety of shops.


It is believed that the Pelargoniepochodz are from the Horn of Africa. Because of their high wraliwoci in the winter, these ciepolubne roliny are most commonly used as doniczkowe roliny in the Polish countryside. Lately, it is possible to exchange them for rabatki or to use them to transport nabalkonczy to the garden, because they have a beneficial effect on the air quality and the environment. Ideally, the pelargonie should be kept in a cool, dry place with a temperature of around 10°C (ideally 3°C or 5°C) during the winter.


From the beginning of October until the beginning of March, we regularly zasilamy pelargonie with a pynny nawoze wieloskadnikowym. If you want to keep your roelin in good condition, you should wash it often and wipe it down with zesche licie and kwiatowe szypuki. We are compelled to replace our old, rusted pds by completing a przycink in the month of August or September, depending on the season.


Pelargonia is in need of obfite podlewania from the beginning of March until the end of September. From one moment to the next, ograniczamynawadnianie was implemented in order to prevent ziemia from spreading. If you’re going to transport roelins to a more distant location, be sure to do it in an orderly manner. Licens shouldn’t be disturbed during this time. Continue reading this article.

Pelargonia rabatowa – wymagania, uprawa, pielęgnacja, zimowanie, odmiany

Photographs courtesy of Adobe Stock and Tunatura. Pelargonia rabatowa (Pelargonium zonale), as well as all other pelargonie, is a member of the bodziszkowatych (Geraniaceae) family and originates in Africa. For many years, the bluszczolistnej obokpelargonii, also known as zwisajcej, has enjoyed unparalleled popularity in Poland. Odmiany with a strong czerwonym hue, as seen on Zwaszczaodmiany. From the month of May to the month of February, kwitnie dugo I bujnie. A kwiaty pelargonii rabatowej can be one of three types, depending on the odmiany.

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The most common color is czerwony, although ste biae, fioletowe, in róu odcieniach, and, most recently, ososiowe are all worthy of consideration.

They are advancing over a long stretch of sand.

What is the wysoko osigania rabatowa pelargonia? According to the size of the object, it might be anywhere between 20 and 50 cm. The wzniesioned pokrój and sztywne pdy are the distinguishing characteristics of this group of odmian. Spesifications of treci:

  1. Pelargonia rabatowa – wymagania I uprawa
  2. Pelargonia rabatowa In this tutorial, you will learn how to make rabatow pelargoni. Pelargonia rabatowa czerwona
  3. Rabatowa czerwona Pelargonia rabatowa nowe odmiany
  4. Pelargonia rabatowa nowe odmiany Pelargonia rabatowa – nawoenie
  5. Pelargonia rabatowa Zimowing Pelargonia rabatowa (Rabbatowa Pelargonia)
  6. The rabatowa pelargonia can be either nasiona or sadzonki in appearance.

Photograph of Pelargonia rabatowa/Adobe Stock, with the addition of whiteaster

Pelargonia rabatowa – wymagania i uprawa

Pelargonierabatowe are dosyatwe when viewed from above. Pelargonia angielska is more simpler to use than wymagajca, albeit it is not always as effective as wymagajca. In nasonecznionych or pócienistych locations, the best results are achieved. It’s possible to get a discount on both donic and skrzynek, as well as on a rabat. In the event that you can ensure that your pelagoniarabatowa will be odporne and ready to be used with the addition of a kompost, it will be the most delicious. Gleba should be thick and creamy, with a pH range of 6 to 7 and a pH of 6 to 7.

Assasinating kwiaty into the pojemniks, you may use them in the form of wire, keramzyte, or kamyks throughout the day.

Besides having an overly developed korzeniowy system, Pelargonia also has a rolin with a strong desire to get her hands on some edible skadniks, which, in a little amount of space, quickly becomes too little for her.

Jak pielęgnować pelargonię rabatową

Pelargonia rabatowa needs, above all, constant cleaning and maintenance. Even in the midst of upaów roliny in pojemnikach, it’s necessary to re-apply two times a day: in the morning and in the evening. The only thing that is required when the temperature rises in the syznel on the rabacie is some form of cooling during the period of suszy. Only one thing to remember: abynie moczy lici I kwiatów. This irritates the chorobom grzybowym and bakteryjnym in the same way as unappealing wilgo irritates the chorobom.

When you are unable to persuade a rolin, immerse it in water until the bottom of the doniczki is reached and wait until it becomes nasikne.

When owoce begin to appear on the surface of kwiatostans, one of the most important pielgnacyjne zabiegiem is the stusuwanie of the kwiatostans.

The sooner you recognize them and begin to take action, the easier it will be for you to deal with them.

Pelargonia rabatowa czerwona

In the world of rabat pelargonii, the color czerwie is unquestionably the most often used. There is a large selection of beautiful odmian available, each with a different degree of kwiatiness, a more or less pronounced zwarty pokrojem, a ksztat or a barwa of lici. Abelina is a well-known actress. The odmiana Anthony with large kwiatas that appear at the same time deserves special attention. Barbarossa has a lot of kwiaty and a wyrany rysunek on the liciach.

In Mr. Pollock, there is a powerful rysunkie on the liciach as well as kremowo-rdzawymi przebarwieniami. TRENDIX Red Eye is a beautiful pelargonia with vibrant, deep purple-czerwony hues and a very smooth texture. It is also available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Pelargonia rabatowa nowe odmiany

Every year, new odmiany are introduced that are carefully chosen not just for their color, but also for the amount of kwiat they contain and the amount of kwitnienia they contain. On the whole, they are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the effects of unfavorable weather conditions and illnesses. Many of the newer designs use original colors, such as fioletowo (Alice) or pomaraczowo (Salmon Queen), or they have a dark background with a light background (Vancouver). Photo by Astrid/Adobe Stock of Pelargonia rabatowa and Odmiana Rosebud Astrid/Adobe Stock of macrophoto For the year 2021’s Pelargonie, Rosebud Astrid was chosen.

Unfortunately, at the moment, this odmiana is difficult to come by in Poland.

Pelargonia rabatowa – nawożenie

The pelargonie will not be properly kwitty if no action is taken. The most convenient method is to use a specialized nawóz for pelargonii. Draw attention to the skandal. The ideal nawóz is one that is rich in microelements. Azot, fosfor, and potas are the most important nutrients for the proper development of rolin. Magnez, wapa, siarka, elazo, and cynk are all excellent choices as well. More advanced growers use two different types of nawoz during the course of the growing season. Rolin is growing at an alarming rate, thanks to the presence of wiosna – azotowe.

Pelargonia rabatowa – zimowanie

Pelargonia rabatowa is typically thought of as a one-season flower, however if it is properly pruned and pruned well, it can last for two to three years. How should I care for my pelargonium over the summer? Using the first set of przymrozks, transfer your pelargonie to a room with an approximate temperature of 15°C and provide them with ample humidity. Put a small amount of it in the middle of the day’s pds and leave it there for 2-3 days, just enough to keep the podoe from turning into a wiór.

When the first signs of muddled puddles appear in the morning, begin to intensify your roelining.

During the second half of May, you will be able to dispense with doniczek on the balcony or in the rabacie.

Pelargonia rabatowa – nasiona czy sadzonki

If you have decided on the upkeep of pelargonii from nasion in order to ensure that roliny are fully ripened as soon as possible, you should do so before the end of the previous winter in either an inspekcie or a miniszklarence. You may improvise on it by creating a “tunel” out of folio leaves and placing it next to your rozsad. The zakupsadzonek is quite simple to use. Due to the fact that rabatowa pelargonia is not resistant to low temperatures, it is best to store it in a cool place until the 15th of May.

Check out these other articles:Sadzonki pelargonii – How to Fix Them This is one of the most beautiful and out of the ordinary roliny on the balcony. Two of your ssiedzi are zzieleniej from the zazdroci. When it comes to donic ogrodowych, what kind of Kwiaty do you like to see in the donic?

Pelargonia rabatowa (pelargonia zonale) – odmiany, uprawa i pielęgnacja

Originally, it was known as a pelargonie pasiast – ranging from a crimson-hued sandbar to a pelargonie zonele, which was specialized in being namalowaned by nature around an omszoned licia. On this day, the term “rabatowa pelargonia” is most commonly used. In this region, the most common kwiats are biae, róowe, czerwone, pomaraczowe, and fioletowe, while the most uncommon are pene. Biae, róowe, czerwone, and fioletowe kwiats are also available. We have teodmiany pelargoniidwubarwne and wielobarwne on display.

It is, nevertheless, a somewhat demanding rolina, which may be easily transitioned from one season to the next.

After completing a brief form, you will receive offers from some of the best wykonawców in your immediate vicinity.

Pelargonia rabatowa (pasiasta) – charakterystyka

Pelargonia rabatowa to doskonała roślina, uprawiana zarówno na balkonie, jak I w ogrodzie. Charakteryzuje ją wzniesiony krzaczasty pokrój I długie mięsiste łodygi. U starszych okazów pędy drewnieją u podstawy. Liście pelargonii rabatowej są długoogonkowe, okrągławe lub nerkowate, niewyraźnie klapowane, karbowane I ząbkowate. Taką właśnie botaniczną nomenklaturą opisują je fachowe podręczniki. Uprawa pelargonii zonale na balkonie wymaga przede wszystkim systematycznego nawożenia I podlewania. Często spotykanym błędem jest zbyt gęstesadzenie roślinw skrzynkach lub doniczkach.

  • Odległość między roślinami powinna więc wynosić od dwudziestu pięciu do trzydziestu centymetrów.
  • Na balkonie o wystawie południowej ładną kompozycję utworzy czerwona pelargonia rabatowa,połączona w donicy z białymi kryzowanymi petuniami.
  • Więcej inspiracji na kwiaty na balkon znajdziesz tutaj.
  • Sadzonki wysadzamy do gruntu dopiero po połowie maja.
  • Do połowy czerwca podlewamy sadzonki dość obficie.
  • Pomoże to roślinie w skupieniu całej swej energii na kwitnieniu, a nie na liściach.

Odmiany pelargonii rabatowej

Among the more ancient pelargonii zonale (rabatowych) that need attention are the roove sachsengruss and westfalengruss, as well as the czerwone meteor, vulcan, rubin, weltruf, and madame sallerey. The following odmiany are among the best-looking from the point of view of the ogrodniks: bladoróowa champagner, ciemnoróowa fidelio, krwistoczerwona riviera, and dwubarwna biaoróowa apple bossom rosebud. The pelargonia rabatowa rocky mountain white is another popular kind. New items include tulipan-inspired pieces as well as bright pink Pandora and red-and-white patricia Andrea jewelry.

New rabatowych variations have distinctive and striking designs, for example, brzegs with passes or large piercienie in blue, green, and yellow.

Among the many rabatowych pelargonii devoted to barwnych liciach, it is worthwhile to learn about the odmiany Frank Headley and Mr.

Pelegronia rabatowa vancouver contennial is characterized by the presence of no czerwone kwiaty and a powerfully exhilarating double licie.

Pollock, Dolly Vardon, and Blanzory. Szerokie piercienie, on the other hand, distinguish themselves by the use of exotica and bicolor red. Additionally, pelargonie z stellarnych grup, o gwiazdkowatych kwiatach I mocno wycitych liciach, have been included.

Pelargonia stojąca o pachnących liściach – właściwości i zastosowanie

It’s also worth mentioning the pelargonias, which have a distinct pachnie in their licie. It is derived from the pelargonium capitatum and pelargonium odoratissimum, which were formerly common rolin, and were referred to as neither “waciwiegeranium” nor “muszkatelem.” Gatorade, as well as pelargonii with pachning liscias, originate in the Middle East and North Africa, where they flourish in large areas such as Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Odmiany, uprawa, and pielgnacja of Pelargonia rabatowa (pelargonia zonale).

The majority of their ozdoba consists of decoratie licie with a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Characteristically, zapach is produced in the roeline of eterycznych oils – in the woskach that obscures the licie, in the ogonkach that obscures the licie, in the pdach, the szypukach, and the kwiatowych kielich.

When we are squeezing or rubbing our hands together, we can see zapach orzechów laskowych, gaki muszkatoowej, coca-coli, mity, cytryny, róy, jabka, pomaraczy,sosny,truskawek,moreli, imbiru, bylicy, lipy, terpentyny, kamfory, Changes in the layout of pelargonii zones with pachning licias should be made with consideration for the health and well-being of the people who live there.

  1. In the United States and in the European Union, pachniece licie are added between galaretek and masa, or tortownice are inserted between these two elements.
  2. Because it is used in the treatment of infectious diseases, the long-known pelargonia pachnia has been dubbed “anginka” in recent years.
  3. Insects are attracted to the zapach of pelargonii pachncych.
  4. Pelargonia rabatowa, like pelargonia angielska, pelargonia bluszczolistna, pelargonia kaskadowa, or pelargonia kaskadowa, necessitates nawoenia, uszczykiwania, and podlewania, much like the other varieties.
  5. Our roelin is being prepared starting in November at temperatures ranging from four to sixteen degrees Celsius.

During the late summer, doniczki should be taken to the ogrod, where the rolina is slowly but steadily growing in size. More information about kwiat upkeep may be found at

Polecane nawozy do pelargonii – sprawdź je!

The use of pachnie, similar to the use of bluszczolistne and rabatowe, can significantly reduce the symptoms of post-partum depression. The odmiany chelsea jewel, lady plymouth, madame salleron, dolly vardon, and golden choice are among the most appropriate for the current atmosphere. For those of us who enjoy chocolate, we should try the chocolate peppermint odmian. Among the other plants in this zapach are the pelargonia orsette, the cytrynowy, or queen of lemons, and the mitowy, or lady plymuth.

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Pelargonia rabatowa ogrodowa – uprawa i pielęgnacja

How should kwiats be prepared and how should they be prepared throughout a period of growth? In a home-based setting, it is possible to create sadzonki for rabat-related pelargonium. On the first day of lutego, we transfer doniczki, who are zimuating at temperatures of a few degrees Celsius, to a warmer and more comfortable temperature, which does not exceed czternastu degrees Celsius. Rolina necessitates at this time intensive care and attention in order to progress. Sadzonek from rolin that is in the process of spoczynku is not allowed, to say the least.

  • We will be creating them between the months of June and the end of October.
  • In the month of September, we store sadzonki in our apartment on the first floor, where they will remain until the time of their posadzenia in skrzynkach.
  • The best place to look for signs of wiosenne rozmnaania is in the uprawie sadzonki pozyskane from pdów wierzchokowych.
  • We use the most of the lists and leave the sadzonk in place for a few hours to ensure that it is completely dry.
  • If you want your new pdy to come out quickly, you must provide them with plenty of moisture, warmth, and nourishment.
  • To make it easier, put the pelargonia in a bowl of water and stir it up.
  • We have the option of posadzi rozsad in a large doniczce as well.
  • It is necessary to install an odwrócone dnem on the side of the doniczko that is smaller.
  • Sadzonki obficie is dragged over the floor, and then it is zraszamy.
  • The last phase of sadzonek’s treatment, which occurs during their time spent in balkony skrzynks, is based on the use of a kilkakrotnym zasilaniu Florowitem or an innymnawozem to reach the pelargonie.
  • As a result of our meticulous preparation, we are able to deliver complete kwitnienia to the skrzynek.

As opposed to this, the upturn of the pelargonii on the west-facing balconies brings about less money, but the ropes will be equally as ornamental. Is this article going to be beneficial to you? The article appears to have been beneficial to 96.5 percent of those who read it.

Pelargonia rabatowa krok po kroku – pielęgnacja, uprawa, odmiany

From its kilkuset of odmianami, pelargonia stretches from a few dziesioleci to some of the most prominent roelin ozdobnych. Rozmaite odmiany pelargonii are repurposed as balkony kwiats and as rabatowe in the garden, respectively. Affordably priced in the upper price range, they captivate with their obfitocy of kwiats, intensely colored hues, and lengthy kwitnienia period. The pelargonia angielska, the pelargonia bluschzolistna, the pelargonia kaskadowa, and the pelargonia rabatowa, as well as other hybryds and kultywary, will be available from October through February on balkonies, tarasy, and ogrodowe rabaty.

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Pelargonia rabatowa, czyli pasiastaPelargonium x hortorum

Various pelargonii nasiona were transported from Afryki Poudniowej to Hollandia as early as the XVI century, where the roelins were uprooted and replanted in the same botanic garden where they now stand. In the span of a few years, they have traveled to the Wyspy Brytyjskie, the Wolga, France, and Hiszpanii. The upkeep of pelargonii has quickly become quite popular. Pelargonium zonaleorazPelargonium inquinans and other gatunki, such asPelargonium zonaleorazPelargonium inquinans, have been found to grow on the edges of hybrydowej lines of odmian hodowlanych pelargonii pasiastej, which are also known as rabatow.

  • Various pelargonii varieties may be found on balconies and in gardens, with names such as pelargonia kaskadowa, pelargonia angielska, pelargonia bluszczolistna and pelargonia bluszczolistna being simply names for groups of pelargonii varieties.
  • Dugoogonkowe licie s charakteryzowane z nerkowatym ksztatem I pofalowane brzegi.
  • Consequently, none of the odmiany have a licie that is particularly intensely wybarwienie.
  • Kwiaty are zebrane in baldaches after 12-40 seconds.

Odmiany pelargonii rabatowej

There is a tremendous variety in the pelargonii pasiastej (pelargonia rabatowa) PELAGRONIUM (hortorumzachwyca) hortorumzachwyca kwiatami jedynczymi, pópenymi, I penymi, wyposaonych na ca palet barw (barley). It is possible to categorize them according to a variety of criteria:

  • The names ‘Jardin des Plantes’, ‘Lannion’, and ‘Yvonne’ are examples of pojedynczych kwiatach
  • The names ‘Gloire de Nancy’, ‘Glacis’, and ‘Héléna’ are examples of pejdynczych and pejdynczych kwiatach
  • And the names of the plants are examples of pejdynczych and pejd Pelargonia rabatowa miniaturowa – ‘Baby Brocade’, ‘Deerwood Darling’, and ‘Garnet Rosebud’ are some of the varieties available. In addition to the well-known names such as “Madame Salleron,” “A Happy Thought,” “Chelsea Gem,” and “Contrast,” there is also a rabatowa version of the plant known as “Pelargonia.”

Uprawa i pielęgnacja pelargonii rabatowej

The dywany pelargonie, which creates a stunning array of colors, is frequently used as a balcony kwiat. To those looking in from the outside, the jagged kwiats provide an unusually clear vantage point. In addition to being found on historic mansion grounds, skrzynki with kwitniaczymi pelargoniami may also be found on grand hotel balconies. Similarly, in areas where people congregate for recreation, such as in the garden or on the terrace, where they are surrounded by doniczka and pojemnik, these classic roliny ozdobne provide an authentic decorative element.

  1. Almost all other types of balkony gatunks with a wzniesionym and zwisajcym pokroju are compatible with them.
  2. An increasing number of color combinations are possible with sadzonki pelargonii, which may be used in conjunction with selected color-coordinated werben, komarzycam, suter, or nemezj.
  3. It is only necessary to draw attention to the fact that roliny towarzyszce pelargonii have similar requirements in terms of structural integrity and pielgnacji.
  4. Zioa, like pelargonie, enjoys a good cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate.
  5. The zocienie (Argyranthemum), the rabatowe pelargonie (Pelargonie rabatowe), and the elegant krwawnik (Achillea ptarmica’Gypsy White’) make up the rest of the trio.

If you’re looking for more information and news about pelargonia, take a look at the articles that have also been published in this location.

Polecane nawozy dla kwiatów w domu i ogrodzie

Aspects that are ideal for pelargonii include large doniczki or balkony-style staircases, in which one may accommodate 4-5 rolin. Skrzynki musz mie an 18 cm wysokoci w zaopatrzeniu w wod I skadniki pokarmowe dla dobrego zaopatrzenia w wod I skadniki pokarmowe. As a result, pelargonie must have either odpywowe or good-quality drena in the containers in which they will be housed. This is due to the fact that even in “mokrych stóp,” these beautiful kwiats – pelargonia angielska, pelargonia bluszczolista, pelargonia kaskadowa, and other varieties – do not degrade What kind of requirements does pelargonia rabatowa have, such as cleaning and painting?

  1. Only in the second half of May may pelargonie be seen on the open decks of yachts and in the gardens of country estates in the southern hemisphere.
  2. In the event that someone is looking for new pelargonii designs, they can go no farther than a local garden center for used rolin.
  3. In addition, kultywary, even if they wytwarzaj nasiona, do not guarantee the dziedziczenia cech rolin macierzystych by the presence of potomstwo.
  4. As a result, it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the podoe should be appropriately yzne throughout the saddening process.
  5. Pelargonie necessitate a lot of water, but not a lot of it; they should be watered when the warstwa ziemi’s wierzchnia begins to deteriorate.
  6. This zabieg also has the additional effect of causing rolin to kwitnie.

Zimowanie pelargonii rabatowej

Afro-African pelargonie, which originate in the southern hemisphere, do not survive the winter in our climate, but they may be enjoyed without difficulty for several months throughout the summer. This may be accomplished by removing the roliny from the skrzynek and doniczek and dissolving the luan ziemi. It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that there may be a significant number of minor korzeni. After that, all of the pieces come together at a height of approximately 10 cm, with 2-3 wzy on each of the pieces.

In the same way, the Licence should be revoked.

In the next stages, the pelargonie is established in the pojemniks and begins to produce a mixture of piask and kwiatowe cheeses.

During the winter months, roliny only moves from one point in time to the next. Is this article going to be beneficial to you? The article appears to have been beneficial to 95.5% of those who read it.

Pelargonia rabatowa – uprawa, pielęgnacja, odmiany, zastosowanie

One of the most beautiful kwitning roelins is Pelargonia rabatowa, which is used to decorate the balconies and terraces of homes and businesses. pelargonia rabatowa, also known as pelargonia pasiasta or rabatowa pelargonia, is a hybrid of two gatunks that share the following characteristics: easy upkeep and a long and obtrusive kwitnienie. How and where should you prepare your rabat-friendly pelargoni? Which options will you choose? A new genus of pelargonium, Pelargonium inquinans, has emerged as a result of the cross-pollination of two different pelargonium gatunks.

Pelargonia rabatowa is a plant that is easy to grow, grows quickly, and has a pleasant fragrance that draws attention to itself.

Pelargonia rabatowa – charakterystyka i interesujące odmiany

In the garden, it is known as rabatowa bylina (in the garden, it is known as rolina jednoroczna), which grows to a height of 50 cm in diameter. Produces grube, but palatable pdy, which are laced with nerkowatymi lima. They have pofalowane brzegi as well as characteristically brzowe przebarwienia, which combine to form piercies. The nature of the kwitnienia is differentiated. One thing that brings together various odmiany is a long and arduous kwitnienie. It is possible to kwitnie in the winter and continue kwitnienie until the end of the summer.

Barwa is available in a variety of colors, including biaa, kremowa, jasnoróowa, ososiowa, pomaraczowa, and czerwona.

Mezzki, among other things, are disrupted by a powerful zapach unleashed by Rolina.

Examples of rabatowe pelargonie alterations include:

  • Glacis is a rosning odmiana with a reddish tint and pojedynczych biaych wiat
  • TRENDIX Orange is a rosning odmiana with a large, pomaraczowy wiat and a pronounced rysunku on the lips
  • Glacis is also available in several colors. ‘Shocking Pink’ is a pink-hued odmiana with a reddish wzronie, a zwartym pokroju, and a variety of kwiatas. The following flavors are available: ‘Chocolate Apricot’, a róowych kwiatach (red and white), czekoladowych (white and dark), dekoracyjna (included after baking), ‘Fireworks Bicolor’, a biao-róowych kwiatach (blue and white), ‘Chocolate Orange’, ‘Chocolate Lemon’, ‘Chocol

Uprawa pelargonii rabatowej – wymagania

Pelargonie rabatowe are required to be placed in secluded areas, where the obficie becomes kwitne. In addition, it has the potential to increase in lekkim zacienieniu. Unsuitable, on the other hand, is cie, because the sun is rising, the licie are shrinking, and the kwitnienie are becoming stale. Pelargonie rabatowe toleruj a variety of gleb types. Ideally, podobe should be at least moderately syzne and up to the task of pushing. Uniwersalna ziemia for pokojowych rolin (przemiesza z piaskiem w proportie 4:1) or specialistyczne podose for pelargonium can be used in the uprawie doniczkowej.

  • The amount of rabatowej pelargonii that may be seen on the mróz and the susz
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When it comes to rabatowa pelagonia, it is not well-suited to the Polish climate, and it usually dies after a few days of exposure. Zima does not continue to exist. Nadmiaru wody is not something he enjoys. krótkotrwae susze I letnie upay, on the other hand, are significantly reduced. The term “wytrzymaoci” is used to describe the quality of being able to do something. Household rabatowe pelargonie are available from the beginning of the year through the end of the year. Because of the convenient location of the wiata, these are the best possible times.

After the second half of May, when the risk of przymrozków is at its highest, it is recommended that she be buried in the ground. It is necessary to remove warstwa drenau (no more than 2-3 cm) from the top of the pojemnik every day.

It is necessary to exert effort in order to keep the rabatowej pelargonii from becoming overgrown before the next zabieg. The amount of time it takes to replant the rabatowej pelargonii is dependent on the amount of time it takes to replant the rabatowej pelargonii. The number of egzemplarze uprawiane in pojemnikach increases on a regular basis in the late afternoon. Podlewanie should be avoided at all costs, but water should not be allowed to enter the korzeni (lub w podstawce). After a stawiczny zalewaniu, the situation quickly degenerates into gnicia.

  • Intensywne rabatowe pelagronie nawozi si nawet co 1-2tygodnie, w tym przez wiosny do koca lata (from the beginning of winter to the end of summer).
  • An attractive, dark-colored pokrój can be added to an otherwise plain-looking pelargonie.
  • Roliny may be easily reshaped by encircling them with sadzonek wierzchokowych (which can be done immediately by encircling them in a circle).
  • The amount of Podlewanie is limited to the bare minimum.

Zastosowanie pelargonii rabatowej

Pelegrona rabatowa to jeden z najwikszych rolin dla dekoracji wntrz, balkonów, I tarasu. It is also used in the decoration of garden architecture (for example, for the construction of a pergola), as well as for the construction of entryways into the house. Not a single flaw can be found in his approach, as he byuprawia her on rabats (as indicated by her name) jakorolin jednoroczn. Throughout the most of the year, it has been an effective decoration.

Zobacz galerię: Pelargonie na balkon i taras

Pelagonia: how to prepare samodzielnie sadzonki pelargonie (pelagonian samodzielnie sadzonki)

Pelargonie – odmiany, uprawa, zimowanie

Pelargonie (Pellargonium) are one of the most commonly encountered and harvested ozdobne roelin. We may find them in a variety of ogrodach, on balconies and in tarasas, as well as in zwisajcze z parapetów okiennych, where they bloom beautifully from May to September. As a result of its widespread popularity, pelargonii require little upkeep and have a long season of kwitnienia. There are several different types of pelargonii, each with a different bar of kwiats and lici, which all contribute to their popularity.

Pelargonie is one of the most widely used rolin kwitncych in the world.


Odmiany pelargonii. Które wybrać?

It’s a long time since I’ve seen any of them, but they’re still there. They’re called Pelargonie, and they’re from the continent of Africa. Sipelargonie wielkokwiatowe (Pelargonium grandiflorum) are particularly beautiful because they form a single, not rozgazion odyga from large, zbkowanymi limi and rónobarwnymi, large kwiatami that are gathered in baldaches. Kwiaty have the potential to grow to a height of up to 5 cm. The problem is that because of the demands of modern life, large-scale pelargonie must be constructed in a variety of settings.

  • Those who work in the garden are encouraged to use rabatowe pelargonie (Pelargonium hortorum), which have a wzniesionym, krzaczastym pokroju and a variety of barwny kwiatach, and which are grown in baldachy kopulaste.
  • Kwiaty are not the only type of ozdob found in pelargonii.
  • Pelargonie rabatowe (min.
  • As if that weren’t enough, we also have pelagronie with pachniacych liciach available for your consideration.
  • In this group of plants, you’ll find such varieties asPelargonium capitatum (lilies with a variety of zapachus),Pelargonium crispum (lilies with a cytrynowym zapachu and fioletowych kwiatach), andPelargonium x fragrans (lilies with a muszkatoowym zapachu and biae )?
  • It is also possible to include mosquito fighters from the Netherlands to the list of extremely expensive pelargonii from this group.
  • A pelargonie with pachning licias is particularly well suited for roelinnych compositions in conjunction with zioami, as well as for sadzenia in zdobionych, drewnianych balkonowych skrzynkach or in kamiennych misach, which are shown on the terraces and in the typupatio gardens.

Pelargonie bluszczolistne (bluszczolistne pelargonie)

Warunki uprawy pelargonii

Sadzenie Sadzonki pelargonii will be available for purchase by the end of October. It is expected that Radz will hold off until the middle of May, when it will be clear that rolinom will not threaten przymrozki. Even though pelargonie grow rapidly in saline environments, they maintain their viability in slightly acidic environments as well. Pedals from the bluszczolists’ pelargonii, on the other hand, are more brittle, which means it’s best not to use them on the balconies of buildings on the upper floors, where silne wiatries may be heard humming.

  1. Specjaln ziemi dla rolin kwitncych or specialnym podosem dla pelargonii should be used to decorate the balkony stools.
  2. Arrangement of roelin on a balcony Whenever the weather becomes chilly and the threat of thunderstorms diminishes, we may prepare ourselves for the possibility of a roiling of the balkony rools.
  3. Więcej.
  4. Pelargonie rabatowe, on the other hand, zareaguj podwidnieniem I zasychaniem brzegów lici from the beginning.
  5. It is referred to as a “doglebowy absorbent wody,” which is a substance that absorbs and magazynizes water.
  6. Nawożenie We will begin nawoenie pelargonii in the beginning of May.
  7. The nawóz should be abundant in potas, which will allow the pelargoniom to enjoy bujne kwitnienie.
  8. The presence of azotem in the presence of a lack of potasu results in the absence of kwiatów in the epelargonie and their kwitnienie being extremely sluggish.
  9. The path to the pelargonii.
  10. pelargonie are rolinami with moderate to high pokarmowe demands, and the manner in which they are harvested has a significant impact on the overall growth and kwitnienie of these rolin.

Examine which nawóz to use for pelargonii, as well as how to nawozi pelargonie so that they are zdrowo rosy and not obficie and long-lasting! Więcej.

Zimowanie pelargonii

The zimowanie of pelargonii in a domestic setting is possible, however only a small number of people choose to do so. Most of the time, we just don’t know how to properly clean a pelargonie, and it appears to us to be an extremely difficult task. In other cases, a lack of suitable housing, in which we can provide appropriate living conditions throughout the winter, is also a source of concern. As long as the temperature does not drop below 0°C, jesienipelargoniemog will remain on the balconies and terraces.

  • Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to transfer them to a temporary location before the first of the month of September.
  • The best options are chodne werandy and jasne klatki schodowe.
  • In order to keep the ropes as short as possible (between 5 and 5 cm in length), we must cut them very short.
  • Pelegronie in a doniczkach that have been pushed to the side.
  • It is necessary to wykopa, otrzsni z ziemi, and also to quickly przyci pelargonie, which rosy in rabats or which we cannot separate from the pojemniks in which they rosy for other reasons.
  • It is necessary to include ubogie in pokarmowe skadniki in order to prevent the growth of overchowywanych rolin from being stunted.
  • Uwaga!

It is possible that a shift “od góry” (below the level of the glebe) may cause a gnicie of roelin to develop, which will facilitate their atakowanie by choroby grzybowe.

As a result, we will conduct a last round of roiling around late August or early March.

Pedargonie sadzonki are located in doniczkach with wilgotnie ziemia to be used for wysewing or ukorzenia (the best of which is the mieszanka, whose constituents are: liciowa ziemie, orf ogrodniczy, and piasek) and are situated in a bright and open space.

Doniczki can be used to create a folie that is too ripe by strewing namiastko warunków szklarniowych on the sadzonkom.

As soon as the pelargonie begins to droop, we should transfer it to a larger doniczek or skrzynek, where it will be uprawianed.

Sadzonki pelargonii are available for purchase from the beginning of winter until the end of summer.

How to make a sadzonki pelargonii – step by step instructions Pelargonie are one of the most common types of roolin that may be found in skrzynks on balconies and on the roofs of houses.

Every year, it is necessary to place large sadzonki of pelargonii on the skrzynek in order for them to grow beautifully and healthfully.

Więcej. Pelargonii do not get any more attention than they do during the course of two seasons. Older roliny should be removed since they are tracing their own odobne values. In the first year after completing the course, the roliny are at their best.

Choroby i szkodniki pelargonii

In some cases, Rzadkopelargonie may be caused by an infection with bacteria, such as Candida albicans (poraone roliny become inflamed and swollen, and brzowe plamy appear on the liciach) – however, this is not always the case and the rolins must be removed, with the remainder being treated with fungicides such as Miedzian 50 WP. Choroby grzybowe, on the other hand, may develop as a result of the death of pelargonii’s miosniks. The possibility of a plei forming is quite high. Worm-eaten plamy may be found on the slopes of the porached roels, and with time, szarawy (sharp fish) and mole-eaten nalot can be found on the slopes of the porached roels.

Poraone roliny are treated with biopreparatem (Biosept 33 SL) or, if necessary, with even more potent preparations (such as Bravo 500 SC orKaptan 50 WP).

Plamy with a bluish tinge appear on the lips and on the spodium as a result of the disease’s progression on the lips and spodium.

Roliny are prepared following the identification of choriovascular symptoms with the use of the preparatesDithane NeoTec 75 WG and Polyram 70 WG Jessealternarioz, Werticilioz, and Zgnilakow are just a few of the conditions that can be worse by pelargonii uprooting.

Continue reading about pelargonii in Choroby Pelargonii.

In the aftermath of a patogen attack, the pelargonie becomes swollen and unsychajs, and the tracings of kwiaty or licie are visible.

Check out the reasons why pelargonie sóknie and usychaj and which are the most effective methods for treating pelargonie disease!

Kwiaty balkonowe zwisajce w swisajce The addition of balkony zwisajcze kwitne over the course of many years enhances the beauty of our balkonies and tarsoms of particular significance.

Unless we provide them with appropriate upkeep conditions, these roliny tend to grow rapidly and become kwitny in appearance.


Fuksja ogrodowa is a beautiful ozdobna rolina that is prized for its exquisite kwiats.

How do I properly uproot a fuksj such that it doesn’t reappear every year?

Here are the best fuksjak uprawy secrets and the best fuksjak odmiany for uprawy on the balcony and in the garden.

Using the following sources as inspiration: C.

170 – 171; M. Schubert, R. Herwig,Mieszkamy wród kwiatów, PWRiL, Warszawa 1986, s. 292 – 294;Pelargonie – dzieci s J. Przymska, Pelargonie o ozdobnych I o pachncych liciach, Haso Ogrodnicze, Nr 5/2003; Mój Pikny Ogród – Wydanie Specjalne nr 1/2005 – Ochrona Rolin, s. 30 – 31; Mój Pikny Ogr

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