Pepino / Psianka Melonowa – Uprawa, Pielęgnacja, Wymagania, Opis, Odmiany

Pepino (psianka melonowa) – sadzenie, uprawa, pielęgnacja, zastosowanie

In our gardens and on our balconies, we are increasingly surrounded by egzotyczne porolins, which not only seem beautiful, but also have the ability to produce jadalne owoce. Psianka melonowa pepino is appropriate for this group. It is not an easy rolina to prepare, but when we are able to overcome its requirements, particularly in terms of temperature, we may enjoy not only the beautiful ozdobnymi limi that adorn the doniczki, but also the pysznymiowocamies that can be enjoyed on the surowo.

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Owoc pepino (Solanum muricatum) w kuchni i w ogrodzie

Roliny from colder climates are becoming increasingly popular among gardeners. They not only enhance the appearance of balconies and gardens, but they also produce delicious, jadalne owoce, which can be enjoyed on the beach or in the garden. A couple of examples of such rolin are miechunka jadalna and pepino (psianka melonowa). As an added bonus, owoc pepino may be treated as both an owoc and a warzywo, which makes for an even more interesting combination. In Poland, odmiana pepino gold is a popular delicacy.

  1. Pepino (Solanum muricatum), which originates in Chile and Peru, belongs to the psiankowaty family of plants, and is similar to jakpomidory in appearance.
  2. It contains a significant amount of vitamins C and A, as well as mineral-rich skadniks.
  3. Owoc prior to the onset of dojrzaoci has a smak like that of dlawarzywi, and it can be prepared in a variety of ways, including smaoned, gotowaned, or duszoned.
  4. They are drawn to activities such as fishing on the open ocean or doing crafts such as doodles.
  5. In addition to using them in baked goods, such as cakes and pastries, they may also be used to decorate cakes and pastries.
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Czy uprawa pepino w naszym kraju jest możliwa?

Solanum muricatum is now being harvested in Hiszpanii, Maroko, and the Kenii. However, in other parts of the world, and particularly in Poland, owoc ten is not well-known, owing to the fact that it is not suitable for use in large-scale distribution and transportation. Is it possible to revive the pepino plant in our current climate? Currently, this is the case, but only as an ozdobna rolinna every year. As a senior citizen, I can only live in areas with a pleasant climate. In Poland, odmiana pepino gold may be prepared under pressure or even in a grinder; nevertheless, it has significant thermal requirements.

It is also possible to use Pepino gold as an ornate rolin in a domestic setting.

Donice for pepino uprising should be large, with a total volume of 30-40 liters or more. Pepino needs preparation due to the presence of a small amount of owoce. Take a look at this taketen article about the pomidorowej miechunce.

Pepino (psianka melonowa) – uprawa, rozmnażanie,sadzonki

It is necessary to have a zaciszne stanowiska, either soneczne or pócienistego, as well as a gleb that is rich in odywcze skadniki for the pepino to be properly prepared. Psianka melonowa should be sadzona in the gruncie with an odstpach of 50-80 cm. Because rolina is wraliwa both on the susz and on the zalanie of water, the podoe must be permanently wilgotne. As a result, pepino gold should be monitored on a frequent basis. A stable level of wilgotnoci is particularly important for owocowania with a lot of resources.

  1. Sadness, upheaval, pielgnacja, and application are all characteristics of Pepino (psianka melonowa).
  2. In the case of uprawy pepino in the gruncie, it is necessary to thoroughly remove the chwastywokó sadzonek.
  3. It takes around three months for the pepino to begin to deteriorate.
  4. Pepino gold is most commonly found in the month of July, while the first owoce appear in the month of September.
  5. To prevent rolin from becoming trapped in szklarni or being transported to a location where the remaining owoców will degrade until the end of April.

Uprawa pepino w mieszkaniu

Pepino is fantastic as an ozdoba of a house that has been renovated in the doniczkach. It’s important to remember, though, that pepino gold needs a substantial amount of doniczek combined with appropriately powerful podporami. They are quite little, and a single rolina yields around 10-15 owoców. As a result, the ciar owoców may also cause the doniczki to move away from their resting place. And is it possible that you are interested in the aforementioned article on the rozdtej miechunce?

Domowe wyroby na świętaj!

It is possible that melonowa psianka will be beneficial in the treatment of iszkodniki-related diseases, particularly in the treatment of naprzdziorka. As a result, uprawiana is mostly used as a rolina jednoroczna, similar to how a miechunka jadalna is used. There is the possibility of using pepino when specific conditions are met, although this does not always result in a negative outcome. In order to properly cook pepino in a pojemnik, it must be exposed to the sun at a temperature of at least 5 degrees Celsius.

Solanum muricatum- rozmnażanie i sadzenie

Psianka melonowa can be prepared in a vegetarian or non-vegetarian manner. Purchases of Nasionapepino gold may be made at ogrodniczych stores for around 6-15 z per opakowanie. Because the period of nasion kiekowania is very short, it is best to transfer nasiona to the rozsady as early as possible in the season. In order for nasiona to wykiekoway, it is necessary to maintain an appropriate temperature. As a result, a pojemnik with nasionami should be placed near a lamp or in a miniszklarni. In order to keep kiekujcing nasions in good condition, they must be cleaned regularly with water.

  • It is only after a month’s time that Sadzonki are ready for their next assignment.
  • In order to do this, we will use zdrowe pdy with a length of around 10-15 cm.
  • We’ll put them in a cool, dark place with temperatures about 25 degrees Celsius.
  • When the sadzonki have been maturing for around 30 days, we can transport them to large donic areas or to gruntu.
  • We can only enjoy the flavor of Pepino when we prepare it ourselves, because it is not suitable for travel.
  • It is necessary to take an interest in the upkeep of this roeliny because, following the completion of necessary upkeep, we will be able to enjoy a plentiful supply of plons in the form of owocs, which we can use in the kitchen both as owocs and as warzywo.

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Pepino gold czyli psianka melonowa – uprawa i wykorzystanie

In Poland, it is important to understand that there are no opportunities for pepino to be taken out of the game in a competitive manner. As a result, the game is either treated as a one-off event or as an annual event that takes place over several months in the spring and early summer and then again in the fall and winter. It takes up residence in springtime gardens and wintertime szklarnia for a whole year. One of the warunek’s rules is that there can’t be any mrozu, which Pepino sniszczy. Because the climate is changing, and some of the days are more reminiscent of the season, it is possible that pepino may remain in the shade for an extended period of time, such as in a poorly lit szklarni or tunel or even in a field under a grub osona.

It is preferable to wykopa rolin and, if there is a space available, it is preferable to take advantage of it, preferably in a visible location, so the rosa will continue to grow.

The most important goal, however, is to maintain a healthy korzeniowe karpa, which must be carefully inspected prior to the onset of przymrozks.

Because of the use of karps in cieplejszych habitations, the rate of growth of rolin in subsequent years has been more consistent and rapid, and the amount of owocowanie has increased relative to the previous year.

Opis rośliny

The korzeniowy system is extremely overloaded, but the pytki are not. Despite the fact that the shortest korze may be as long as 0.55 meter in the gb gleby, the vast majority of the korzeniowe masa is between 30-45 cm in length. This results in pepino being able to be uprawiad in larger quantities, and as a result, people are spending more time on balconies these days. Obfite korzenie przybyszowe is created in the presence of high levels of wilgotnoci. odyga is a zielna creature, yet she appears to be pózdrewniaa from a distance.

  1. It is necessary to be aware of this in order to avoid losing the natural color of odmiany, such as those produced by non-dobored fosforu.
  2. In the wild, pepino may reach heights of up to 2 meters, although in Poland, it is most commonly seen at heights of 50-90 centimeters.
  3. A list made up of 3-7 mniejszych listków has the potential to appear.
  4. Kwiaty, for the most part, are straightforward, however they may be a little sloppy in some cases.
  5. Typically, they may be found in large skupiska, with prices ranging from 5 to 20 kwiats.
  6. The color and size of kwiats are affected by the environment’s conditions.
  7. It’s a quiet night, and the rumble of the wind brings the sound of the wind up to the surface of the water.
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Whenever there is no wiatru present in an uprawch under the influence of osons, a problem with kwiats might arise.

Owoce are a flavorful component of pepino.

Some are kuliste, others are jajowate, and yet others are wyduone na ksztat gruszkowaty, while still others are more ogórkowate in appearance.

Although nasiona can be found on the outskirts of the city, it is important to remember that in certain areas, they are either absent or malformed.

Before deterioration, owoce are either zielonkawe or kremowe in coloration; however, as the growth rate increases, the owoce become progressively more saffron-colored, occasionally even pomaracz-colored, and fioletowe smugi may be seen on them, which can be a dominant feature at times.

The color of the mizuna shifts from a zocisto-orange hue to a more bluish hue towards the middle.

On the surface, it resembles a melon mash with ananas and cytryn, but it is a matter of personal preference.

They have a low concentration of biaka, bónnika, and mineraów, with a high concentration of potasu.

When it comes to owoców, the odywczy skad can be reduced or eliminated depending on the environment in which they are raised.

Since wegetacja in Poland is relatively brief, a significant proportion of the population may not suffer from a decline in their health.

In order to prevent this from occurring, the majority of the population may be gathered and subjected to dojrzewanie through the use of an etylenu method, which we will describe in more detail later.

Warunki uprawy pepino

Pepino grows at its fastest rate in areas with a pleasant climate. He enjoys high levels of wilgotno and temperature. Temperatures lower than 10-12oC have the potential to have a significant impact on the development of owocs, which is something that is being observed in Poland throughout the late summer and early autumn. When the temperature is between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, the owoce quickly rises to the surface of the skin. In Poland, it is possible to have a weight of up to 200-400 gram, resulting in a significant amount of jabka.

  • Typically, it is gathered at the end of the month of March, as well as in the month of February, in the uprawie, in the gruncie, or under the osonami.
  • When the weather is exceptionally bad and wet, it might put a stop to the usual growth of roelin and the spawning of owoców.
  • While a suszy is in progress, the rolina is widne, the owoce is mauve, and the owoce is widne.
  • In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to silne wiatries, which have the potential to wreak havoc on pdy.
  • Despite the fact that pepino in Poland upraws itself from the nasion, it is also possible to avoid sadzonki originating from people who engage in the practice of roliny in a cieplejszych environment.
  • In the midst of a typical universal glebe, Nasiona takes a detour.
  • It is possible that the use of a folia in order to achieve temperature and humidity stability will cause kiekowanie and wschody to occur more quickly.

The procedure should be carried out in a nasonecznionym stanowisku, where there are no significant temperature fluctuations.

If the soil is not rich in pokarmowe skadniki, it is possible to begin preparing a delectable nawoenie in the following days after the sadzonek has been harvested.

Such a podobe is ideal for use in a timely manner throughout the cleaning process.

It’s possible that si will uda on the ciszych glebach as well.

Especially in ogrzewanych tunels and szklarniach, it’s possible that this has already happened.

The presence of organic nawoenie, such as obornikiem, is significantly reduced by excellent rolina (TUTAJ).

Pepino may be driven on pdy, usually in groups of 2-3.

Occasionally, the practice of uszczykiwanie pdów is put into action in order to ensure that rolina, rather than rosning wzwy and na boki (as is the case with vegetarianism), kierowaa odywcze skadniki w rozwój owoców (also known as “genetywny” rozw At any time when the owoce are not completely closed up, using a sciók is recommended to ensure that they do not touch the gleb.

However, it is possible to come across uprawy that are silently obstructed by przdziorki, mszyce, and wciornastki.

Alternariaza appears in association with chorób choby, as well as szara pleza.

In addition, we recommend that you avoid moking lici while in the process of uprawing, as this will improve your health.

When the temperature is reduced to 5 degrees Celsius and the owoce are not yet significantly worse, the owoce have the potential to last significantly longer. Temperatures that are too high can cause owoce to swell and will result in wyrzucenia.

Wykorzystanie owoców

Whenever Pepino is feeling a little under the weather, he thinks about the smakie of ogórka and gets them ready to use as a base for several other dishes. When owoce have become stodkawe, they are excellent for saatek, marmolady, demy, kandyzuje, and other applications on the surface of the water.

Autorzy: Beata Bereś i Paweł K. Bereś (DIONP)

Pepino (psianka melonowa), despite the fact that it is a warzyw, is significantly more resembling and smelling like owoc. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of rolinnych ciekawostek, many of which are sourced from other parts of the world but which are destined for the Polish market. One of them is a melonowa psianka with the droll name of pepino, which, despite the fact that it is a member of the warzyw family, is more closely associated with owocams, and which may also have a rolina ozdobna on the side.

  • Pepino, despite the fact that he is a warzywa, is far more reminiscent of owoc and smells like it.
  • When things start to go wrong, melon, gruszki, and ananase are more reminiscent of the smell than other warzywa from the psiankowaty family.
  • Licie are sztywne, ciemnozielone, lancetowate, and sztywne u nasady (similar to licie pomidorów), and they are larger in the middle.
  • Na rolinach pojawiaj si niebiesko-fioletowe kwiaty, which are similar to ziemniak kwiats, at the beginning of the year.

Uprawa i pielęgnacja psianki melonowej

In countries with a warm and pleasant climate, pepino is valued as a bylin; in our country, it is valued as a once-a-year rolin. In similar fashion to the majority of psiankowatych warzyw, pepino is an extremely savory and labor-intensive rolina, necessitating the provision of favorable conditions in order for it to thrive. In connection with this, pepino is prepared mostly from rozsady. Mode sadzonki (rozsada) start their season on the 15th of May, whereas Nasiona starts their season on the 15th of May under the oscillators.

It is necessary to regularly rinse the nasiona, and the sadzonki appear around two weeks after the wysianiu (in appropriate conditions).

In the case of the warzywa from the rozsady: the wysiew nasion and the pielgnacja of the rozsady warzyw Given the nature of the situation, it necessitates the use of a soneczne or very simple structure.

It’s important to remember that the temperature of the air will vary during the day – 24-26°C during the day, 18-20°C at night.

Additionally, during the period of owocowania, cikie owoce lead to the conclusion that the rolina need additional care.

Pepino – roślina do domu, na balkon i taras

  • Pepino on the balconies and the tarmac. If we want to install a pojemnik on the balcony or the terrace, we must ensure that the temperature is optimally controlled by the heating system, as well. It is necessary to have large amounts of space (including wiszcing space), as well as a quiet, cool environment that is protected from the elements (wind and rain), as well as a permanent umiarkowanie of wilgotnej gleby (which should not be disturbed). Because pepino has high nutritional needs throughout the growing season, it is best to use natural fertilizers such as biohumus, which are readily available. The presence of barwny owocom in moving donic and pojemnik systems, as a result of the obfitemu ulistnieniu and deteriorating, can serve as a unique decoration and source of interest.
  • Pepino is at home. Psiank melonowa can also be used as a doniczkowy rolin ozdobny in the home or as a decorative element in the garden. It’s important to remember, however, that during the uprawie pojemnikowej, it’s necessary to get the rolin to a temperature of at least 5 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, donices for uprawy pepino should be large, with a volume of 30-40 liters (because to the fact that pepino has a particularly strong flavor and necessitates the use of a blender)

How to properly prepare a warzywa on the balcony. Check out the warzywa on the balcony and see which ones are causing trouble. Autor:GettyImages Owoc pepino is a kind of pepino.

Wartości smakowe i odżywcze psianki melonowej

A significant amount of vitamins C and A, as well as a variety of mineral-rich compounds, may be found in owoc psianki melonowej. It is possible to use them both on the surowo and to add them to owocowych and deserów, as well as to make desserts (for example, demy) out of them. Preceding the onset of dojrzaoci, owoc has a flavor that is ideal for warzyw, and it may be served in a variety of ways, including smaoned, gotowaned, and duszoned. A typical smakiem of ananas, melon, and cytryny may be found in these slightly charred owoces.

Papryka on the balcony – warzywa

Psianka melonowa Pepino

Described as follows: Psianka melonowa, zwana pepino(Solanum muricatum), to jednoczna, egzotyczna rolina ozdobna rodzca jadalne owoce o przyjemnym, sodkawym smaku. Pasiaste owoce has a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Uprawiana is mostly used in szklarnia, donicach, and residences as a rolina ozdobna because to the high demand for it in these environments. Odmiana samozapylajca (samozapylajinga). The maximum number of nasions in the opakowania is ten. It is necessary to know! We provide hand-selected nasiona of the highest quality, which are then hermetically sealed.

  1. This ensures high levels of dokiekkowanie zdolno dokiekkowania and high levels of dokiekkowanie zdolno dokiekkowania.
  2. Use of this method is beneficial both during normal waking hours and after waking up after a nap.
  3. Prefers pócieniste stanowiska, as well as a gleba yzna and a lekko wilgotnTermin siewu: preparations for the rozsady will take place between the months of June and October.
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Psianka Melonowa – Pepino – Nasiona Kiepenkerl

Psianka melonowazwanapepino(Solanum muricatum) is a perennial plant that grows in our country’s egzotyc zone. However, it is important to have on hand for those who enjoy jajkowaty, smoky owoców that are neither melona nor gruszki in flavor. Rolina of great interest, which has a significant amount of vitamin C and minerals in these dziwacznych owocach. It is possible that it will be decorated both in the garden and on the balcony, as well as in the house, where it will also serve as a decorative element.

  1. Psianka has a krzaczasty pokrój, and on the pdach there are fioletowo-oóte This is due to the fact that kwiaty are samopylnemoe, which allows you to cuddle up to your loved ones while watching television on the balcony or in the house, thanks to the fact that they are samopylnemoe.
  2. It is also possible to make soki and demy out of them.
  3. Because of their sensitivity to obfitosis wytwarzanych owoców, pepinoze necessitates a syzneczne I próchnicze podoba.
  4. In order to ensure drenas, it is necessary to select a large number of donics every day and to use a few centimeters of keramzyt.
  5. It is necessary to zasila her on a regular basis, with the best results coming from biohumus in the pyne.
  6. Due to the fact that pdy are not very powerful and that owocams that have been obstructed will quickly become swollen, it is recommended that they be stabilized with, for example, bambusowymi tyczkami.

It is just by chance that pepino prefers pócieniste stanowiska, that his uprawa psianki from nasion should look exactly the same as his uprawa pomidor from nasion.

  • Prepare rozsady for the start of kutu, and set up shop at the permanent location starting in the second half of May. Kiekowanie: temperatur gleby 18-24°C, 10-14 days
  • Kiekowanie: temperatur gleby 18-24°C, 10-14 days
  • 50 cm between the rzdami
  • 50 cm between the rzdami
  • Zbiór: from the beginning of September until the end of October
  • Applied in a variety of settings, including: general use, owocowych salatek, na soki and przetwory Efficacy: A single nasion opakowanie is sufficient for around 10 rolin. Solanum muricatum is the Latin name for this plant.

Dlaczego właśnie te nasiona?

Nasiona serieProfi-LinemarkiKiepenkerludowodnie swoje przybitne waciwoci w uprawie profesjonalnej I s nowoczesnoci s dostpne równie do przydomowego ogrodu oraz do domu It was decided that we would provide the Kiepenkerl Profi-Line since the nasiona kiekuj excellently and produce healthy, energizing roliny was the best option for us. Many of the products in this series have natural anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties, and they have high-quality cosmetic qualities such as a pleasant smell, a pleasing texture, and a pleasing appearance.

We believe that high-quality nasiona are the best investment for your warzywne and kwiatowe landscape since they pay off in the long run with little effort.

Uprawa pepino (psianki melonowej). Poznaj tę roślinę i jej wymagania

Pepino is a delicious and nutritious dish. We’ll show you how to make a melon-shaped pizzelle. We’re smakowani in pomidors, papryce, and ziemniaks, but we’re also trying our hand at other rolin uytkowych from the psiankowaty family, which is becoming increasingly difficult. One of them is pepino, which is also known as psianka melonowa. Another one is pepino, which is also known as pepino (Solanum muricatum). Even though it has a close relationship with popular warzywami of the botanic family, pepino is closer to owoców than it is to warzyw.

Jak wygląda pepino (psianka melonowa)

The pepino plant produces long, elastyczne, pokrywajce sil, rozgazione sodygi (diameters of 1-2 meters), which are frequently covered with zielonymi, sztywnymi, szerokolancetowatyms or zooonymi (as in the case of pomidors) limi. The pepino plant In the recent past, little, non-fioletowe, samopylne kwiaty, reminiscent of ziemniak kwiaty, have also developed into something more substantial. Wrzesie-padziernik is the best time to harvest the fruit since it is so sweet, aromatic, and sour. The best time to harvest the fruit is in the spring (wrzesie-paadziernik) when the fruit is ready to harvest.


Dlaczego warto jeść pepino – właściwości

Despite the fact that owoce pepino are not widely available in our country, they should be included in a regular diet because they are delicious, healthy, and packed with a variety of beneficial nutrients such as organic kwas, wglowodany, minerals (primarily potassium and iron), and vitamins A, C, and E. (przede wszystkim wit. C I A).

Jak jeść pepino

Because of its delicious flavor, owoce pepino may be served as a garnish or added to a variety of dishes such as owocowych saatek, deserów, lodów, kremów, and ciast. They can also be used for kandyzowania, suszenia, and a variety of other purposes (for example, demy). Pepino, in the same way that many other owoców may be used, can also be added to da obiadowych, sosów, mis, or zapiekanek.

Roślina wieloletnia czy jednoroczna?

Pepino is a delicious and nutritious uytkowa rolina with smoky and valuable owocs, but it is also, like papryka or ogórek, a very time-consuming dish. Pepino is native to tropical regions of the world, including the tropics (e.g., the tropics of the United States). Because of the unfavorable climatic conditions and difficult winter season in our country, bylin is treated as if it were a yearly crop, and it is particularly vulnerable to disease and szkodnik attack during this time.

Because of this, bylin is treated as if it were a yearly crop in our country, and it is particularly vulnerable during this time. Licencja

Uprawa pepino w ogrodzie i na balkonie

Pepino, like papryka and pomidor, has extremely high thermal, water, and pokarm requirements, and as a result, it is typically grown under cover in tunels or szklarnias, and only in the country’s driest regions. On chilly, osonitych stanowiskach and chilly glebach, however, pepino’s upraw can be successful in the field. In addition to uprawie doniczkowej on a large balkon or tarase, psianka melonowa should be able to provide herself with a sense of calm if the appropriate conditions are met (soneczne, ciepse, shielded from the wind by the stanowisko and the yzna, próchnicza, with a stale lekko wilgotne ziemia).

Wymagania psianki melonowej

Pepino desires a lot of warmth, but the temperature in his environment should be varied, with the highest temperature during the day (24-26°C) and the lowest temperature during the night (about 18-20°C). Rolina is also a wiatodna plant, which necessitates the use of a soneczne or extremely simple structure. Due to the rapid growth and large amount of zielona, the plant requires a variety of nutrients, including a yzno-próchniczego podoa that is rich in odzywcze skadniki and organic material (during the growing season, nawoenie roliny nawozami organicznymi, such as biohumus).

O czym jeszcze pamiętać, uprawiając pepino

Pepino has the potential to ripen quickly and intensely in a good growing environment, which necessitates the use of preservatives (such as paliks, which are similar to large quantities of pomidor), which will be applied over a period of 2-3 days. It is also possible that Krzew is buried in a large enough amount of dirt, from which his pdy will be able to swobodnie sizwiesza, although this is less likely. The presence of large and difficult-to-remove owocs in a rolina’s system may necessitate the provision of additional care for the rolina.

Psianka melonowa – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Psianka melonowa

Domena eukarionty
Królestwo rośliny
Podkrólestwo rośliny zielone
Nadgromada rośliny telomowe
Gromada rośliny naczyniowe
Podgromada rośliny nasienne
Nadklasa okrytonasienne
Klasa Magnoliopsida
Nadrząd astropodobne
Rząd psiankowce
Rodzina psiankowate
Rodzaj psianka
Gatunek psianka melonowa
Nazwa systematyczna
Solanum muricatumAitonHort. kew. 1:250. 1789
  • The species Solanum guatemalensehort, Solanum hebephorumDunal, Solanum longifoliumSesséMoc, Solanum ensifolium, Solanum melaniferumMoric. ex Dunal, Solanum pedunculatumRoem.Schult, Solanum saccianumNaudin, Solanum saccianumCarrièreAndré, Solanum scabrumLam

It is a member of the pepino (Solanum muricatum) family and is native to the Dorodzinypsiankowaty region. Psianka melonowa, pepino (Solanum muricatum) family, gatunekrolinzrodzajupsianka It is a zielonbylin that originates in Peru and is currently uprooted across the tropical strefies of the Andes, the subtropical strefies, and the szklarnia of the cieplejszych regions of the world with a temperate climate. Due to the presence of sour, jadalne owoce, the rolina deteriorates.


Ruoliny grow in size to 80 cm in diameter (200 cm in the case of a szklarniowe uprawie), and the odgi are slowly reshaping. KwiatyNiebiesko-fioletowe, which are similar to kwiatówziemniaka, are also available. In a jajowatym ksztacie and byszczcej skórce in a colorze przechodzcym w miar dojrzewania, ranging from koloru ótego to óto-pomaraczowego, with regularnymi fioletowymi prgami, Owoc Jagodao has It is a light tan, soczysty color with a strong zapachem.

The miisz of dojrzaego owocu is tan, soczysty, and has a strong zapachem. The weight of a pepino pepper after it has been chopped might reach up to 0.50 kg.


Dietary fibers such as oats and barley, as well as vitamin C-rich foods like as oysters and barley, are abundant in the Surowo diet. In the handicraft industry in the countries ofKolumbia,Ekwador,Bolivia,Peru, and Chile, owoce pepino are very popular, particularly outside of the borders, because transportation over long distances is difficult due to a lack of enough resiliency against contamination. In the New Zealandian country of Chile, efforts were made to increase the production of high-quality, commercial-quality pepino destined for export.


W Stanach Zjednoczonychpsianki pepino were first discovered in the vicinity of San Diego in 1889, and then in Santa Barbara in 1897. At the beginning of the twentieth century in New Zealand, economic reforms were instituted that made pepino more affordable, paving the way for its introduction onto the market in Japan, Europe, and the United States of America. Maroku, Hiszpanii, and IzraeluiKenii are the locations where the work is being done. Psianka pepino grows in a variety of elevations, ranging from the surface of the ocean to about 3000 meters above sea level.

  1. Rolina is significantly wytrzymaa na krótkieprzymrozki, and temperatures as low as -2,5 degrees Celsius are possible.
  2. Rolin can be manipulated in the gruncie, the szklarniach, and the doniczkach.
  3. Due to the fact that they are quite easy to eat, sadzonki use them to make wegetatywn sazonki.
  4. Psianka uprawiana psianka is similar to jakpomidory Owoce degenerate in a short period of time, often between 4 and 6 months after exposure.
  5. Psiank pepino may be found in a variety of different types of glebs; however, in order to obtain large quantities of pepino, it is necessary to maintain the original level of wilgotnoc.
  6. In the United States, Solanum muricatum is known under the name pepino dulce (zhiszp.
  7. In Poland, krzewy for uprawy are available in szklarniach or on folies under the name ‘Pepino gold’, as well as melon gruszkowaty, which is a botanic name for melon.


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  5. Rolin


  • The Spirit of Ancient Peru: Treasures from the Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera is a 1997 publication from the Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera. Forthcoming from Thames and Hudson is AFLP and DNA sequence variation in an Andean domesticate, the pepino (Solanum muricatum, Solanaceae): implications for evolution and domestication (New York, Thames and Hudson, 2007). The American Journal of Botany, volume 94, no 7, is 1219-1229. Pepino Dulce
  • Lost Crops of the Incas: Little-known Plants of the Andes with Promise for Worldwide Cultivation, Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 1989, ISBN0-309-04264-X, OCLC56141084
  • :Solanum muricatum
  • :Pepino Dulce
  • :Pepino D

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Por ‘bavaria’ – wczesny – kiepenkerl

Because of this, it is not possible to eat Por ‘Bavaria’ (Allium porrum), which is a herb that is particularly suited to amatorish cooking.


In this case, despite the fact that the odmiana known as Por ‘Bavaria’ (Allium porrum) is particularly well-suited for amatorskie dishes, it will not work. The plant grows quickly and produces large amounts of fruit, regardless of whether the season is summer or winter. It has a long, blond trzon, which passes through an intensely wybarwione, mocne, unbieskozielone licie before dying. It’s an unusually aromatic and savory dish that’s light on the palate and perfect for salatek, zup, sosów, pizzy or zapiekanek.

  1. ‘Bavaria’ is a very old warzywa that contains a lot of wapnia, fosforu, as well as kwas nikotynowy, karoten, and small amounts of the following vitamins: C, B1, and B2.
  2. However, there are significant requirements in terms of zasobnoci, which are met by immersion in water.
  3. Rolina enjoys not just wilgotne podobnie, but she also enjoys having a ring of wilgo in the air around her.
  4. Gleba should be rich in odywcze skadniki, próchnicza, and wilgotna umiarkowanie, among other things.

Wprost do gruntu from March to October, according to the schedule temperature of the glebe 16-20°C, 14-21 days in the kiekowanie 15 to 20 cm in the direction of the rzdzie (after wzejciu przerwa) Distance between the rzdami: 40 cm From the beginning of September until the beginning of February Uses include: making surówek, sosów, zup, making suszenia, and making mroe.

  • Allium porrum is the Latin name for this plant.
  • Currently, the Kiepenkerl brand’s Profi-Line series has shown its worth in the professional landscape industry, and its products are available for purchase for both residential and commercial use.
  • In addition to having natural anti-sickness and anti-bacterial properties, many of the products in this line have high-end consumer qualities such as flavor, texture and appearance as well as decoratiom.
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He is characterized by owoce that are zociste and pokryte with fioletowymi pasami, and that have a sour taste in their mouth. We’ll talk about how to deal with pepino’s upturn in the future. Pepino Solanum muricatum L. is a plant that originated in Peru and Chile and is currently grown mostly in Spain, Morocco, Israel, and Korea. A fascinating creature, it may be used as a warzywo or owoc, depending on your preference. It has a mild flavor that may be described as a combination of the flavors of ananas, cytryny, gruszki, and melon.

  • Taras and balconies may be beautifully decorated with kwitncy and owocujcy krzew, which can be used as a focal point in a room or on a balcony.
  • In Poland, it can only be harvested as a rolina jednoroczna, which may be harvested both under ossoons and in the field, although its thermal requirements are quite high.
  • Krzewy grow to around 80 cm in height.
  • Kwiaty samopylne are a kind of samopylne.
  • After 4-5 months of posadzenia ukorzenionych rolin, the owoce is ready to be harvested.
  • Because it responds well to uprooting in a pojemnik, its preparation (at a minimum temperature of 5°C) is simplified.
  • In order to do this, we will select pds with a zdrowe, 10-15-cm odcinki.

It is possible to use sadzonki for ukorzenienia in 1- or 2-liter donic, and after approximately 30 days, when the roliny have risen to the surface, it is possible to use sadzonki for larger pojemniks or grunts.

The only pepino that is more awansowane in the wzrocie has the potential to reduce short-term temperatures to -2°C.

Pepino need podpor owing to the presence of large, cikie owoce.

An uprawianew gruncie should be sadzone at a size of 50-80×80 cm or less.

If, on the other hand, we decide to treat him as a bylin, we must make an effort to do so, but it is not always possible due to the fact that, despite the provision of adequate conditions, he is subjected to the upcoming winter months.

Everything is fine.

As a result, owoce can be used at various stages of the disease process, depending on the individual’s preferences and the significance of owoce.

In its cooked form, pepino has the same concentration of cukrs as in its raw form, but it has a higher concentration of cukrs than in its raw form.

Pepino may be used as a warzywo, gotowado, and smaydo, whereas it can also be used to make demy from wilted owoców.

They are also associated with mroeing, suszenia, and kandyzowania. As a result, they are not suitable for excessively prolonged cooking. Dojrzae owoce are mild and suitable for odksztacenia, thus they are not suitable for excessively prolonged cooking.

Psianka melonowa Pepino Solanum muricatum

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Nazwa: Psianka melonowa Pepino Solanum muricatum
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5 comments have been made. The name Pepino is derived from the hiszpaski language and refers to a crow. The owocuhiszpascy Konkwistadors presented her to them, and their unflinching gaze was reminiscent of the ogórek. Owoc is a member of the psiankowaty family, and is related to other members of the family such as ziemniak, oberyna ipapryka, andpomidor. Smaczne, smoky pepino with sweet and salty owoce. They have a ksztat o barwie kremowej with fioletowymi paskami that is either poduny, sercowaty, or gruszkowaty.

  • When rolina dejrzewa, it becomes mushy, similar to, for example, kiwi in texture.
  • Rolina is a product of Chile and Peru.
  • Her owoce deteriorates in the summer and has the potential to reach a weight of four dekagrams.
  • Pepino Uprawa (Pepino Uprawa) Pepino’s favorite place to be is Stanowisko, which is a secluded and tranquil setting.
  • Pepino rozmnaamy z nasion lub sadzonek w trakcie rozmnaania.
  • Rolin can be worked on both in the doniczce and in the gruncie, but it should be returned to the ziemi no later than the fifth of May to avoid it dying.
  • However, owoc behaves most optimally at temperatures ranging from a few degrees to three and a half degrees Celsius.

The szkodniki and the choroby Pepino is known for attacking przdziorki on a regular basis. Szkodnik attacks can be observed in the vicinity of the delikatnych pajczynkach and the Pepinomaych czerwonych pajczkach, both of which are located on or near the rolinie. Continue reading this article.

Truskawka Elan nasiona – Kiepenkerl

A mieszacowa in the color of jasnoczerwony, Truskawka Elan is an odmiana mieszacowa F 1o large and aromatic owocach, as well as soczystych, lnicych, and sour owocach. It is estimated that the length of the owoce is between 5 and 6 centimeters. This particular version of Elan’s truskawki is notable for its obfity and lengthy owocowanie up to the point of przymrozków. Has zwisajczociowe pdy, which may reach distances of up to 1,5 km. As a result, this odmiana is also known as truskawka pnca and truskawka zwisajca, among other names.

Nasiona should be grown on the edge of the water, docisned, and well-nawilled; it requires special care and maintenance, such as ogrodowej próchnicznej, and should be kept in a shady location.

It will take 10-20 days, and the temperature will be 18-25 degrees Celsius.

30 cm between the rzdami is the distance between the rzdami.

Among other things, we may find it for use in bezporedniego spoycia, in deserów, koktajli, on a tablecloth, in balkony and on a wall.

The high quality and versatility of these nasiona distinguish them from the competition.

They are derived from carefully selected and certified raw materials.

As a result, they are more expensive than the nasion available for purchase on the open market.

  • Nasion data pakowania (nasion data pakowania)
  • Data on the nasion wanoci
  • It is possible to count the number of nasion or the number of rolin that are produced by them, or to count the number of meters that may be measured by them (depending on the kind of nasion). Disputes on the subject of uprawy

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