Rośliny Doniczkowe – 534 Artykuły Na Ten Temat


Moda na rośliny doniczkowe to nie tylko chwilowy trend, ale styl życia

Massive popularity is enjoyed by blogs and books that are dedicated to the uprawie of doniczkowych relics around the world. 123rf ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. Increasingly, mam and baba are taking on the responsibility of uprooting rolin doniczkowych, which is a result of the fact that they are taking on the responsibility more frequently than older people, and as a result, a zwyczajna czynno has changed their lives.

However, their function is far more important than their appearance in a room.

The optimal time of day improves our sense of well-being, oczyszcza, jonizuje, and nawila the atmosphere, all while working to protect our health.

Flora Muzyka’s owner, Aleksandra Zaorska, tells us that roelinne motywy are becoming increasingly popular in grafika, ubrania, and cosmeceutical applications as well.

Blogi, książki i kwiaciarnie

Although young people believed they were capable of defeating even kaktusa only a few days ago, the widespread use of names such as monster, sansewieria, and sukulent has now become a source of concern. Popularne blogerki, in addition to sharing fashion and culinary tips with their readers, are increasingly connecting with them through their collections of doniczkowy rolin. – Babcine has been doing havoc on my life for quite some time. They were grouped together with meblociankami and misterny splotami around a makatek.

  • Every attempt at eradication of malestwa, no matter how minor, resulted in a stalemate in the form of kikuts that had to be thrown away.
  • I made myself a satchel with the words “umiercam zielone” and didn’t do anything with it.
  • Because, for all we know, she was in a significant degree – we knew from the first kwiatka that roliny were a strza in a dziesitk when it came to ocieplanie sporego salonu and pustawych któw in the large okne.
  • In the whole world, blogs and books on the uprising of rolin doniczkowych have gained enormous popularity, as evidenced by the fact that they have been translated into more than a dozen languages.
  • Twójmiejskie kwiaciarnie are also affected by the affliction.
  • prasowe- The way people look at kwiaciarnie has changed significantly in the last few decades.

Trends from the 1980s returned, when zielone were not only parapets, but also kwiaty wiszcing in makramas, and in the ktach the most popular rolin was a lovica pócieniste stanowisko monstera, which is currently one of the most popular rolins – according to Aleksandra Zaorska, Flora Muzyka’s Aleksandra Zaorska – Growing numbers of blogs are being created, and enthusiasts are dedicating their time to photographing their homes, where, instead of firanek okno, sukulents such as starzec rowleya, herreiana, sedum morganianum burrito, and donkey tail are being grown.

These plants are members of the sukulent family, and require little care because they only need to be watered once every two weeks.

We are well aware that the people who visit our kwiaciarnie are aware of the positive impact they have on our lives.

One of their functions is to oczyszczaj I nawailaj the atmosphere, and the other is to produce tlen. “Its zielony kolor uspokaja nas I relaksuje,” says Justyna Stachowska, co-founder of kwiaciarniProjekt Kwiaty. “They make us feel relaxed.”

Modne rośliny

The fashion on the roliny doniczkowe is, on the other hand, without flaws. Not all of the kwiats from the babcinego parapet had to wait for the sun to shine. As much as szkolna paprotka continues to adorn tryumfy, a zwyczajny fioek has yet to secure a place in the top ten of the most fashionable rolin rankings. Storczyki, which were so fashionable just a few years ago, now do not belong to the elite group of trend-setters. Among those who have been given the number one are atwe in the pielgnacjisukulenty.

  1. The only thing that has to be done is to put a krach, a li cie, or something else that is odpadajing away from the sodygi in water, so that they can grow into something else.
  2. According to Aleksandra Zaorska, “Rolinka bogata” is a small li’l thing that looks like money because of its ksztat (ksztat = money).
  3. On Instagram, we may find a plethora of inspiration.
  4. This is also the case when it comes to the prywatne przestrzenie.
  5. The people who follow the latest fashions decorate their salons with drwa, pampasowe trawy in their bathrooms with zielone ciany, and even build houses around drw parked outside their workplace, according to architect Emilia Grulewska-Sawczukz of pracownimake Architekci in Warsaw.
  6. Architecci from the firm Make Architecci have added that roliny are no longer only decorative elements, but are increasingly being used as a decydujcy aspect of the building’s structure.

Spotkania, warsztaty i targi

The increasing popularity of rolinami doniczkowymi has resulted in an increase in the number of events and warsztats aimed at attracting their followers. In the late afternoon, the Gdaski Targ Rolinny took place on the grounds of the Królewskie Fabryki Karabinów, and at the Rolin Owadoernych Festival in Sopocie, real tumy appeared. The creation of twórcze spotkania for roelin miners has great interest for us. We organize warsztats, where we work together to build our own economic systems, and we are really excited about it.

Lats in the szkle are a non-traditional decoration that allows you to observe the life cycle Knowing about rolinas is full of surprises, and allowing ourselves to become immersed in them has a positive impact on our outlook on the world and our concern for the environment, according to florystka Aleksandra Zaorska.

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The passage of time demonstrates if the fashion for roliny doniczkowe is a passing fad or a long-term trend.

The majority of zieleni zdjcia on social media sites are also gaining popularity, which is why we’re stoking our appetites for roliny doniczkowe now that the fashion for their pielgnacja is beginning to fade.

Masz je w swoim domu? Uwaga, są bardzo niebezpieczne!

You will learn the following from the article:

  • Najczęściej spotykane trujące rośliny doniczkowe
  • Co zrobić, gdy zatrujesz się rośliną

Roliny, on their own, do not pose a threat to our well-being. It is necessary, however, to maintain a bacznoci and cultivate czujno. Should it be discovered that there has been contact between rolinny soks and the skin, or that a portion of the rolins has been sknit, it is necessary to investigate all of the symptoms and, should it be necessary, to contact a physician.

Najpopularniejszetrujące rośliny w domu

This is one of the most popular types of rolin found in the home. It has a beautiful kolbiasty kwiatostan and ozdobne, which are both framed by a woskiem licie. However, some parts of this kwiat (such as the pdy and the li) contain a little amount of trujcych for humans krysztaków szczawianu wapnia. If we come into contact with him, it is possible that wysypka may appear on our skin. The obrzkiem jzyka, garda, and warg are located in the atrium’s poknicie kawaka. Another consideration is to avoid tripping over the sokiem oka, which has the potential to result in extremely severe spojówek zapalenia.

  • The swelling of the kawaka in this roliny has the potential to cause zaburze and zatrzymania oddechu, as well as the appearance of gorczki wysypki, halucynacji, odrtwienia, and wymiotów.
  • Saponin and cyklamin are found in abundance in the podziemne bulwy that he has constructed.
  • We’ll also be extremely ostroni during cyklamenu rozmnaania (podzia przez bulwy), so we’ll be robbing gumowych rkawiczks and not bringing the rok into contact with the ground in any direction.
  • This is a group of roliny that have beautiful kwiats in the ksztacie trbek.
  • In a large dawce, they are dangerously unsettling.
  • In the presence of this roliny, the sok may cause skóry zapalenie, including but not limited to swdzenie, pieczenie, and bolesne pcherze.
  • Mdoscie, biegunka, zaburzenia rytmu serca, a w krytycznych przypadkach nawet parali wywoduje spoycie jakiegokolwiek fragmentu difenbachii.


It contains szczawian as well as other substances that are uczulajce.

Contact with the sokiem of this roliny has the same consequences as contact with anturium in terms of severe skin damage. Following a pokniciu, such problems as bóle brzucha and wymioty, pieczenie jamy ustnej I garda, and linotok iobrzk bon luzowych may manifest themselves.

There are few people who can imagine themselves celebrating Boe Narodzenie without the presence of this beautiful kwiat. We buy him once a year and use him to decorate our living room or dining room. We must, however, maintain our composure. Contact with the sokiem, which is present in this region, may result in wysypki and skin discoloration. The first and most important group of people who should avoid contact with this rolin are those who have been incarcerated for a long period of time. The majority of the time, we place him in a doniczkach to have a better view of our balcony or taras.

  1. Oleander has a trujcy sok, which uwalnia si when exposed to sunlight, and this can result in skin discoloration and skóry discoloration.
  2. We should be aware, however, that the oleander is also a kind of lecznic rolina.
  3. We frequently upholster this kwiat that has an original appearance in our residences.
  4. Skarne podranienia skórne are caused by a sok that can be found in all of this rolin’s parts, including the odygi, licie, and korzenie.
  5. This is a beautiful, yet trujing, pair of doniczkowe kwiats.
  6. Grozi is a podrasnieniem luzówki jamy ustnej I przewodu pokarmowego, as well as obrzkami górnych dróg oddechowy, according to the National Geographic.

Wilczomlecz lśniący

This beautiful kwiat from Madagascar may be used as an unusual ornament atop parapets or in other unusual locations. (Source: Wikimedia Commons.) If we have small children, we will not place him in the vicinity of their rucksacks. It has the potential to damage the skin as well as cause biegunk. This beautiful rolina from the Pacific Northwest is the perfect addition to any home – it is not only effective, but it is also uncomplicated and uncomplicated. However, it is possible that she will turn out to be dangerous.

It is possible that it will be a pleasantly surprising addition to the inside or outside of the house.

His current state does not pose a threat to us in any way at this time. It is necessary to note that the introduction of kawaka roliny into the pokarmowe system has the potential to cause biegunka, nudnoci, and gowy bóle. Other potentially dangerous roliny doniczkowe include:

  • Roliny z rodziny obrazkowatych
  • Roliny psiankowate
  • Roliny amarylkowate
  • Alokazja
  • Fikus
  • Kaladium
  • Scindapsus
  • Hoja
  • Amarylis
  • Rolin

Jak postępować w przypadku kontaktu z trującymi roślinami?

It is common for skin damage to occur, particularly during the course of roiling or other roiling-related activities. As a result, such procedures should be carried out in ochronny rkawiczks at all times. We’ll also talk about the incredibly accurate way in which the rucksack is stuffed when the workday is over.

  • It aids in the spukanie of silny strumieniem wody in the event of skóry or oczu fractures. The water should be poured over the sok or fragments of crumbling rolin if they get into the jamy ustnej
  • The sok or fragments should not be soaked in it. When it comes to the deterioration of the zielony fragment, it is best to begin wymioty as soon as possible
  • If a large amount of pynów is ingested, it is best to drink water, which quickly rehydrates the body and aids in the removal of the trucizne from the body. Should halucynacje manifest themselves among us, the practice of picking up wody is prohibited. In the event of a serious injury, immediate contact with a medical professional is essential.

Barbara Machalska is the author of Cyran

Praca dla florysty, w kwiaciarni – Strona 4 z 47

  • Preliminary etat
  • Preliminary etatu
  • Praktyki-Sta
  • Tymczasowa
  • Pozostae

We are looking for florysts for use in the workplace. The nature of the work has changed. Creatywno, opanowane podstawy florystyki, zaangaowanie, dyspozycyjno (with a focus on work in the kwiatowej lubów, particularly from the fourth to the seventh day of the week) are some of the requirements. There are a lot of eyes on the prize. The Akademia Florystyki is looking for wykadowców – florystów to assist in the facilitation of szkole z zakresu florystyki in the weekend format in Gdask, Krakow, Poznaniu, Szczecinie, and Wrocaw, among other places.

  1. Flourists in Katowice have been hired to work at a restaurant.
  2. There are thousands of people that are watching this.
  3. It’s possible that this offer is no longer valid.
  4. Three-month-old floristki with prior knowledge of the subject.
  5. A large company with a well-established market position, which has been in operation for more than 20 years, has hired employees from the beginning of the project to the present day, which is located in Hurtown.
  6. The number is 507011515.
  7. A kwiaciarnia in the heart of Warsaw employs those who meet certain qualifications.

A well-observed computer znamiomo and a jzuka polskiego are present.

SZUKAMY DO PRACY – PRACA DLA FLORYSTY – SZUKAMY DO PRACY In conjunction with the company’s growth, we are looking for a new employee.

We are looking for a floryst with prior experience (bukiety lubne, wizanki pogrzebowe) to start working in Sosnowcu immediately.

A florystko is being sought for employment with us, whether it be at our office or in the Aleksandrowie or the city of Lodz.

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It’s possible that this offer is no longer valid.

The property, which is 30m2, is located in the heart of the city of Dziergowice, in the province of Opolskie, near the cmentarza and the parafial hospital.

I’m looking for somebody to work as dorywczki at a kwiaciarni in the outskirts of Rzeszow.

Flouristry has a lot of interesting things going on, as you can see in the video below.

Ta… It is possible to get work as a bukieciar at the Cmentarzu Bródnowskim in Warszawa at the Kwiaciarnia Przy Cmentarzu Bródnowskim.

Excellent work, warunki.

It’s possible that this offer is no longer valid.

Practise in either the cay etat or the post etat.

Wiadomość… We are looking for florysts to work in a kwiaciarni in the Konstancinie-Jeziornie area (10 km od Warszawy). We provide employment opportunities in a small and zgranym zespole inside a rapidly growing company. The practice is still in its infancy. …

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Takie oznaki świadczą, że jajko jest nieświeże. Jeśli to zauważysz, natychmiast wyrzuć jajka

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Utrudnienia w ruchu 21.01.2022 w woj. warmińsko-mazurskim. Gdzie są dzisiaj prowadzone roboty drogowe?

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Promocje w sklepach sieci Reserved, House, Cropp, Mohito w piątek, 21.01.2022. Zobacz, jakie ubrania możesz kupić dziś taniej!

Throughout the year, Lidl runs sales and promotions. We’re always monitoring prices and determining which products may be purchased for significantly less money, perhaps as much as 50% less. Take a look at the most recent offers. 7:00 p.m. on July 21, 2022

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What have the gwiazda’s been working on for you this summer? Take a look at what, according to the weather forecast, will happen tomorrow. 21st of September, 2022, 19:00

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Prezent na walentynki dla mężczyzny. Czym kierować się przy wyborze?

Walentynki are a wonderful opportunity for some people to organize romantic outings, spend quality time together, or give a special someone a little upomink. 18:49 on the 21st of September in the year 2022

Prezent na walentynki dla niej. Tymi pomysłami zaskoczysz ukochaną

Walentynki are not only a joyous occasion for everyone involved, but they are also an opportunity to spend some very memorable time with loved ones. Even ukochani are getting into the spirit of the day by wearing upominks. Czy. 21st of September, 2022, 18:49

Prezent na walentynki dla niego. Perfumy, gry, a może mała kawiarka? Zobacz najlepsze upominki

Do you have any ideas for holiday gifts for him that aren’t too expensive? We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting ideas for the year 2022, which you can read about here. Purchases of gifts from us are a good investment. 21st of September, 2022, 18:49

Gdzie na spacer w walentynki? Możliwości jest mnóstwo – podpowiadamy

It is possible that a walentynkowy spacer will assist us in getting away from our daily routines and that we will discover new and interesting places. We’d want to know where we should go for a romantic get-away. Każdy. 21st of September, 2022, 18:49

Pomysły na walentynkową kolację w domu. Spędź romantyczny wieczór z ukochaną osobą

Walentynki are a celebration of love that takes place on the 14th of August every year. It’s possible that this will be a memorable day, since the couple is obdarowuj si drobnymi upominkami i. 21st of September, 2022, 18:49

Co robić w walentynki? Jak zaskoczyć swoją drugą połówkę? Podpowiadamy, jak miło spędzić dzień zakochanych

Walentynki are a memorable day once a year for those who are close to you. How did you spend your time with your second powówk this day, by the way? We prepared a number of proposals, all of which were accepted. 21st of September, 2022, 18:49

Co warto wozić w aucie zimą? Jakie rzeczy przydadzą Ci się w samochodzie w zimie?

Examine which kind of vehicles should be used to transport a winter vehicle. As soon as the temperature in the upper atmosphere drops, it’s a good idea to toss some extras into the mix that we don’t need. 21st of September, 2022, 18:49

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Najlepsze łyżwy – czym kierować się przy wyborze?

See what type of vehicle should be used for a summer getaway. Wen the temperature outside begins to drop, we should take advantage of the situation by wiggling some more objects between our legs and putting them somewhere safe. 18:49 on the 21st of September in the year 2022

Najlepszy upominek dla babci

What kind of upominek do you think the Babci will be performing for you on the occasion of Jej’s birthday? We have a few of suggestions for you. Dzie Babci has already been celebrated for a few days. Spraw, in order for her to come across as impressive and to mention the current year’s celebrations. Kwiaty and bombonierka are both too little. To be the best match for her skin, a collection of cosmetics tailored to her needs would be ideal – her skin would be properly nawilone and rejuvenated.

  1. FLOSLEK Laboratorium presents ROSE for skin róane ogrody, which you may use to pamper your children.
  2. The following cosmetics were created with the idea of aging women in mind, and they contain olive oil from a spicy chili pepper blend as well as a piwonie extract.
  3. A wide range of pszczyznach are affected by their actions; for example, they nawilaj and prevent the spread of wilgoci, while at the same time without obstructing the skin’s ability to breathe.
  4. Similarly, Aktywne serum witaminowe 3 w 1contains a unikaln formu czczc esencj z róowych kwiatów z zamknitymi w maych kapsukach witaminami A I E.
  5. As soon as it is used, it provides relief from wrinkles and skin discoloration, as well as a reduction in the sensation of szorstkoci on the skin.
  6. Lawendowe pola (Lawned Pole) Kwitnca lawenda is associated with socem, lateness, and beautiful weather, and her zapach is filled with koi zmysy and odpra.
  7. Cosmetics from the LAVENDER line A wide range of products and services are available from FLOSLEK Laboratorium, including waving, odywiajing, and sagodzing.

ANTI-AGING is a topic that deserves special attention.

The unique combination of lawendowy olejku and szlachetnych rolinnych olei provides the sensation of “satisfying completion,” while the lawendowy zapach works odprajco on the zmysy (satynowe completion).

Lawendowe pola to wegaskie produkty, które include up to 98 percent natural ingredients, whereas opakowania typu refill contain up to 80 percent less plastic and are hence more environmentally friendly.

In addition, the oil of lemongrass improves elastin, regenerates, and soothes the skin.

Chronis also in the presence of the noblest of the nobles.

Filtrat ze luzu limaka, koncentrowany 95 percent filtrat, wykorzystali w najnowszych kosmetykach liniiSnail, które intensywnie nawilaj, regeneruj, I spycaj zmarszczki w spycajcej temperaturze.

They also promote the development of nihilism and provide an aksamitnej, gadkiej, and mikkiej sensation in the area of the skin’s surface.

In addition to twarzy-peeling cremes, the Snail line also includes an odbudowujcy elixir concentrated concentrate.

Improves the appearance of cery and the condition of the cery by inhibiting the growth of nierównoci.

Twoja babcia, we are confident, will be really pleased with this combination! All of the cosmetics are available at the store cz artykuu, which is decorated with wide-screen televisions: material for press releases (fot. material for press releases (fot.

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Jolu jak u Ciebie ju� cudnie, �wi�tecznie pi�kne prace i choineczki z makaronu i ciep�a tuniczka i bombeczki
Temat:frywolitki la_femme
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:166Wy�wietle�:93979 Forum:Chwalimy si�Wys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 18:17Temat:frywolitki la_femme
Jakie �liczne s� te bombeczki
Temat:Bo�enai jej d�ubanki wszelkiej ma�ci
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:3129Wy�wietle�:179518 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 18:13Temat:Bo�enai jej d�ubanki wszelkiej ma�ci
Bo�enko jeste� pracowita mr�weczkaPi�kna chusta dla mamy i skrzaciki i hafciki
Temat:EWASD – moje prace/kilka nowo�ci
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:449Wy�wietle�:70825 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 18:12Temat:EWASD – moje prace/kilka nowo�ci
Bardzo fajny i praktyczny szalo-kaptur
Temat:kabyr nowa suknia
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:4874Wy�wietle�:272737 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 18:10Temat:kabyr nowa suknia
Ale odlotowa jest ta sukienka dla suczki
Temat:Prace Gra�yny –
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:3881Wy�wietle�:200437 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 18:08Temat:Prace Gra�yny –
Gra�ynko oba sweterki s� pi�kne
Temat:R�no�ci Janeczki:)
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:4590Wy�wietle�:313657 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 18:06Temat:R�no�ci Janeczki:)
No ja nie wiem ja nie mog� si� ogarn�� ze wszystkim jestem w czarnej dziurze a Janeczka ciach ciach i tyle cudnych rzeczy pokazuje
Temat:Awenturyn – moje ma�e conieco:) r�owo str 41
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:1024Wy�wietle�:52927 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 18:04Temat:Awenturyn – moje ma�e conieco:) r�owo str 41
Pi�kne �wieczniki i wiankiale po tym orkanie. to pobojowisko.
Temat:Pysiatom i rob�tki.
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:1238Wy�wietle�:160765 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 18:02Temat:Pysiatom i rob�tki.
Kasiu cudne Miko�ajki i skrzyneczkamam nadziej�, �e w styczniu to si� ju� spotkamy w Ksi��nicy
Temat:karteczki i pude�ka danfi
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:2495Wy�wietle�:330679 Forum:Nasze praceWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 17:58Temat:karteczki i pude�ka danfi
Cune bardzo lubi� ogl�da� takie karteczki
Temat:karteczki Eluni
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:620Wy�wietle�:134596 Forum:Nasze praceWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 17:57Temat:karteczki Eluni
Elu karteczki jak zawsze pi�kne
Temat:Nnowo�ci u jokul- str 19 – 23.06.2016
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:484Wy�wietle�:82243 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 17:56Temat:Nnowo�ci u jokul- str 19 – 23.06.2016
Ale cudna
Temat:�abka – Prosto z bajorka -sowy str. 100 (19-10)
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:2481Wy�wietle�:137296 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Pon 09 Gru, 2013 17:55Temat:�abka – Prosto z bajorka -sowy str. 100 (19-10)
Same cude�ka
Temat:R�nosci Mirki
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:1197Wy�wietle�:61543 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Czw 28 Lis, 2013 14:22Temat:R�nosci Mirki
O mamusiu. tak si� zastanawia�am co u niej.
Temat:Shalom w wersji mini
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:9Wy�wietle�:3133 Forum:Dla dzieciWys�any: �ro 20 Lis, 2013 18:31Temat:Shalom w wersji mini
C�re masz kapitaln�i jak wygl�da w tych sweterkach i sukienkach
Temat:We�niany �wiat Ainer
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:1043Wy�wietle�:148756 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: �ro 20 Lis, 2013 18:22Temat:We�niany �wiat Ainer
S� takie s�odkie
Temat:Ainer wymy�la i tworzy
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:434Wy�wietle�:112867 Forum:Nasze prywatne galerieWys�any: �ro 20 Lis, 2013 18:21Temat:Ainer wymy�la i tworzy
�wietny efekt bardzo podoba mi si� chusta
Temat:Ma�e co nieco Haliny
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:146Wy�wietle�:56560 Forum:Nasze prywatne galerieWys�any: Sob 02 Lis, 2013 18:50Temat:Ma�e co nieco Haliny
�liczne s� te szaliki
Temat:Nnowo�ci u jokul- str 19 – 23.06.2016
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:484Wy�wietle�:82243 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Sob 02 Lis, 2013 18:49Temat:Nnowo�ci u jokul- str 19 – 23.06.2016
�liczny jest
Temat:EWASD – moje prace/kilka nowo�ci
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:449Wy�wietle�:70825 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Sob 02 Lis, 2013 18:49Temat:EWASD – moje prace/kilka nowo�ci
Pi�kny jest ten sweterek i sp�dnica mi si� podoba i szalik jest supera�ny
Temat:Zak�tek pe�en drobiazg�w- sowa i baletnice s. 145
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:3607Wy�wietle�:333610 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Sob 02 Lis, 2013 18:47Temat:Zak�tek pe�en drobiazg�w- sowa i baletnice s. 145
�liczna ta Twoja c�rcia i fajne te chusty
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:1086Wy�wietle�:249424 Forum:sp�dnice, spodnie i sukienkiWys�any: Sob 02 Lis, 2013 18:45Temat:SUKIENKI
Cudnie wygl�dasz w tej sukience
Temat:Rob�tki anle
Violetta21Odpowiedzi:1352Wy�wietle�:88090 Forum:Galerie prac u�ytkownik�w forumWys�any: Sob 02 Lis, 2013 18:43Temat:Rob�tki anle
�liczne s� te zawieszki i obrus cudny ozd�bki bardzo fajne

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