Trendy W Zielonej Branży


Trendy w zielonej branży

A total of 13 products awarded the Zotym Medal will be on display at the GARDENIA 2021 exhibition – one of the most well-known statues in Poland. Only those products and services that distinguish themselves on the market by virtue of their superior quality, technological innovation, and user-friendliness are eligible for the Zoty Medal. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of Laureates.

Złote Medale MTP 2021

The ZOTY MEDAL is the most well-known award in Poland, and it is given to products that demonstrate a high level of innovativeness. The winners of each industry’s awards are chosen by a prestigious panel of experts. Awarded in the competition are innovacyjno, pomysowo, and newness of thought. Only those products and services that distinguish themselves from the competition on the basis of their superior quality, technological innovation, and user-friendliness are eligible for the Zoty Medal. ZERO THREE MEDAL is more than just an award; it is also a marketing strategy for nagradzanych companies that begins on the MTP trade show floor.

13 nagrodzonych produktów na Targach Gardenia 2021

Gardeniato is a garden-themed event that is rich in zielonych inspiracji, business opportunities, but also heavily merytoryczn and trend-setting. And, as a result, the most up-to-date solutions have been identified and distinguished by industry experts and analysts. Under the direction of Professor Grzegorza Skrzypczaka of the Wydziau Rolnictwa I Bioinynierii Katedry Agronomii Zakadu Ogólnej Uprawy Roli I Rolin in Pozna, the Zotego Medalu 2021 judging panel awarded prizes to products and innovations that are expected to become future trends in the zielonej industry.

1. Autorska kolekcja dalii dr inż. Wiesława Legutko

“Z miocy do kwiatów” is an author’s collection of paintings by Dr. Ing. Wiesawa Legutko. It was born out of a deep love for gardening on the part of its creators, and it has become a significant part of their lives. Kwiaty, and in particular dalie, are extremely important to Wiesawa, who has set a goal of creating a new gam of dalii for his own hodowli. Because W. Legutko is the company’s president, the dalies in this series are exceptional in their own right. The selection of colors and designs for the series was made with the help of the szef’s preferences.

  1. Legutko Przedsibiorstwo Hodowlano-Nasienne Sp.
  2. o.
  3. Legutko Przedsibiorstwo Hodowlano-Nasienne Sp.
  4. o.

2. Dynia zwyczajna patison Aureus F1

Using Patison Aureus F1, you can create a delicious dish that has excellent plonowanie and high-quality owocs. This dish is suitable for preparing a variety of dishes as well as for serving at a banquet. Owoce, which are low in calories and high in vitamins and microelements, are a great addition to the diet of people who are concerned with the preservation of their own healthy skin. W. Legutko Przedsibiorstwo Hodowlano-Nasienne Sp. z o. o. W. Legutko Przedsibiorstwo Hodowlano-Nasienne Sp. z o.

3. Ekokosiarki Raymo

Kosiarki Raymo are a brand-new concept in the world of kosiarek. This includes cicha praca, a lack of wibracji, zerowa emisja, as well as uniwersalno and low exploitation costs. Despite their small size, ekokosiarki Raymo have zerowy promie skrtu and a napd on four wheels, which allows them to provide a smooth ride as well as manewrowo. The device is under constant surveillance, which allows the operator to maintain a safe level of odlego.

In the ideal situation, ecokosiarks can be found in urban areas, on photovoltaic farms, or in the process of terracing fenced-in land around large industrial complexes and warehouses. To be more specific, Raymo S.R.O. / Tomex-Ogrody

4. Elektryczna pompa zanurzeniowa WA BEST ONE VOX MA

Electric water pump for use with zanieczyszczonej wody, constructed of stainless steel and hydraulically powered by AISI-304 stainless steel. All of the components of the silnik, including the pászcz zewntrzny, the wirnik, the filter, the pokrywa silnika, the tarcza uszczelnienia, and the obudowa silnika, are made of stainless steel (AISI 304), with the exception of the wafer (AISI 303). Use of mechanical tools made of ceramics, wood, and rubber (NBR) Affixed to a H05 RN-F d. 5 m or 10 m (jednofazowy) cable for use on both the zewnt and wewnt sides of the house, either with or without a pywakie, and with or without a power supply.

z o.o.

z o.o.

5. Kolekcja Daliowe Love

Kolekcja Daliowe Love is a collection of dalii in torbach that was created with the idea of dalii mioniks in mind. Into her composition go six unique compositions of odmian with varying bar widths, sizes, and weights of kwiatostans, as well as varying roiling heights. The range of products available is diverse, and they were developed with an eye toward emerging trends, with their composition being particularly well-chosen. Torby distinguish themselves as belonging to the “póce sklepowej” due to the use of environmentally friendly packaging with visually appealing graphics.

  • Legutko Przedsibiorstwo Hodowlano-Nasienne Sp.
  • o.
  • Legutko Przedsibiorstwo Hodowlano-Nasienne Sp.
  • o.

6. Kosa spalinowa HONDA UMK 450 E XEET

The UMK 450 E XEET is a professional-grade kosa with a rowerowed uchwytem that is installed on a specialized anti-wibrayjny system. In it, a cutting-edge 4-cylinder Honda GX 50 engine with a displacement of 47.9 cm3 and a maximum output of 2 KM was used. It is this particular silnik that provides an unrivaled level of performance at a particularly high obrotowy moment. It is equipped with a wytrzymaw glowiczk TapGo and three-inch-wide ostrzes with a central width of 30.33 cm, making it suitable for both koszenia traw and chwastów with a powerfully zdrewniaych odygach.

z o.o.

z o.o.

7. Kwietnik KARO eco coffee deska

The Kwietnik KARO is the perfect combination of functionality, design, and a commitment to the preservation of natural habitats. The product ensures a healthy increase in rolinom /system for delivering water/, has a very attractive manufacturing structure, and uses less than 40 percent of the amount of plastic used in its production. In contrast to this, it has natural materials such as drzewne wióry and kawy in its composition. The odpady in question are ones that should have been modified. Currently, they are receiving new swag in the form of the previously mentioned product.



8. Luiza / Fasola Zwykła Karłowa

The szparagowa odmiana is somewhat aged (okres wegetacji ok. 68 dni). Roliny o silnym korzeniowym systemie korzeniowej. Strikes with an intensely ótej barwie and a poyskiem, that are simple, misiste, and devoid of any tendency to form wókna. Luiza distinguishes herself by having a significant amount of experience in hand-to-mouth surgery in the general population, as well as having a high level of tolerance to bacterial and fungal infections. It is an alternative to traditional upraw in the polu as well as pre-primed upraw in the tunelu.

PLANTICO – Hodowla I Nasiennictwo Ogrodnicze Zielonki Sp. z o. o. PLANTICO – Hodowla I Nasiennictwo Ogrodnicze Zielonki Sp. z o. o. PLANTICO – Hodowla I Nasiennictwo Ogrodnicze Zielonki Sp. z o. o. PLANTICO – Hodowla I Nasiennic

9. Mieszanka przyciągająca TRZMIELE

Do you want to assist trzmielom? Their siedliska has been destroyed, and they are building a new one. Make your own script and listen to what is written in it. Take a look at her and observe her bujnemu yciu, zoonoci forms and their regular korelacjom, zrósnicowanym structureom rolinnym, and the beautiful owads that are found in this place of enjoyment. Maybe we’ll do something about what we’re doing now that we’re not doing it on purpose. TORAF Leszek, Tomasz, and Rafa Wgrzynowscy Sp. j. Wgrzynowscy Sp.

TORAF Leszek, Tomasz, and Rafa Wgrzynowscy Sp.

10. Nawozy z mączką bazaltową

The first unikal nawozy wieloskadnikowe made from bazaltowe mczko were made in Poland. They include essential micro- and macronutrients such as azote, fosfor, and potassium. Using a dodatek mczki bazaltowej can help you avoid becoming sick from things like krzemionk, tlenek glinu, tlenek elaza, magnez, wap, sód, or mangan. Because of the hard work of the people who put together a nawozu to meet the needs of gardeners and garden enthusiasts, with the assistance of specialized academic institutions, there is no risk of roolin poisoning.


11. Ogórek STARTER F1

Extremely fast, extremely filling, and completely devoid of goryczy. Even in the most adverse agrometeorological conditions, owoc does not deteriorate much. Jásnozielona – jasnozielona. Gruba brodawka of medium size with a rzadka finish. Owoc wyduony, z lekkimi bruzdami o stosunku d. do szer. 3,1-3,2: 1. Owoc wyduony, z lekkimi bruzdami o stosunku d. do szer. 3,1-3,2: 1. The odmiana distinguishes itself by having a high level of resistance to rzekome mczniaka as well as a lack of a tendency to gruboze.

  1. Located on a large stage, it is suitable for concerts and kwaszenia.
  2. z o.
  3. in Zielonki, Poland.
  4. On a national scale, ziemia for rotting meat is an innovation.
  5. This is the first time on the market that a product has been specifically designed for this type of rolin.
  6. In this case, it is a fantastic combination of components thanks to which all of the orange trawls will ripen at a temperature that is appropriate for them.

13. Zraszacz pistoletowy HYDRON IDEAL™

Technology that has been implemented: SAFETOUCH TM – antypolizgowe pokrycie, zapewniajce doskonae waczenie uytkowania oraz zabezpieczajce produkt w przypadku uderzenia w twarde powierzchnie, stanowi to doskona alternatywa do posadania ró In this calendar year, a new product was added to our offering.

It enjoys a high level of popularity among customers. CELL-FAST Sp. z o. o. o. o. o. o. o. o. o. o. o. o.

Kto zdobędzie nagrodę “Wybór Konsumentów”?

The last stage of the competition is underway, with the plebiscyt Zoty Medal – Wybór Konsumentów, in which Internauci will make their decision on the winner. It is possible to express one’s opinions using a web browser. MTP (materiay prasowe) is a source of information.

Ekologia wchodzi do magazynów. Trendy proekologiczne w branży – PLGBC

Ekologia has made its way into the world of magazines. Trendy proekologiczne w brany1024535PLGBCMateria partnera1024535PLGBCMateria partnera Despite the pandemonium, the value of newoczesnej powierzchni magazynowej is expected to increase by around 10% by 2020, thanks in part to the rapid development of e-commerce. It is becoming increasingly common for a logistics company to consider the goals of a company’s development in its strategic planning. In the latest episode of the podcast innogy ON AIR, representatives from the firms 7R and innogy Polska talk about the latest trends in the design of commercial interiors and exteriors.

According to the Industrial Goes Green report published by CushmanWakefield earlier this year, nearly 80 percent of potential tenants are looking for a welcoming environment, with approximately 60 percent of this group asking about building certification – as stated on the innogy ON AIR podcast by Marcin Olechowski, manager of innogy Polska’s collaboration with the non-profit sector.

  • This is already taking place in the planning stage of the building.
  • In the case of companies operating in the logistics industry, eco-friendly project development is simply not an option.
  • It has a hefty price tag and serves as an auxiliary tool in the development of renewable energy industries, among other things.
  • Today’s magazyn project managers are vying for the latest technologies, which may be found in the most up-to-date buildings.
  • Construction of buildings has a significant impact on the reduction of energy consumption; as a result, we employ technologies such as photovoltaics, anti-smog kostki, the DALI system, and a variety of other solutions.
  • In the meantime, the machines are churning out towar.
  • When using this approach, the pracownik is more of an odbiorc than he is a creator of the task at hand.
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The statistical profession confirms the existence of dynamic changes in the magazynowy sector.

The use of environmentally friendly practices in the construction of such structures has been recognized by both national and international awards.

Gmach received the award in the previous year.

In this category, you may compete with other biurowcams.

We have learned that the magazyn may also be a well-planned and executed structure.

In magazynowych investments, we may find a center for pilot training with a Boeing 737 simulator, as well as a bank for petrochemicals.

All of the conversations that took place as part of the INNOGY ON AIR cycle are now available on several platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Spreaker, and iTunes. Innogy may be found throughout the whole material, which can be found on the company’s blog.

Zielona chemia – trend, który zmienia przemysł

Fot.shutterstock Today, it is widely acknowledged that every substance is composed of atoms and czsteczek. As a result, chemia is present in every aspect of one’s daily life. From any point of view and at any time, he threatens us. It is a fundamental component in the development of every department within a company. And it is here that the aspect of negative chemistry comes into play. Some chemical processes, as well as some interactions, have negative consequences for the health of people and the natural environment.

  • As a result, chemicists are constantly researching, developing, and testing new technologies that are based on cutting-edge ideas for future development.
  • Among the first international business ventures to take place was Brana Chemical, which served as a model for the development of the world’s first chemical industry.
  • Producers of chemical products have been engaged in activities for many years, with the goal of introducing safe and secure technologies, implementing cutting-edge environmental programs, and developing quality-assured products.
  • Also important is the introduction and implementation of a wide range of local and international standards, management systems, and the adaptation of manufacturing and distribution processes to the requirements of applicable legal regulations.
  • “Zielona chemia” is currently a critical component of the business strategies of a large number of chemical product manufacturers across the world.
  • Achieving this goal requires the ability to optimally weigh environmental, social, and economic factors in one’s decision-making process.
  • The chemical industry has begun to use energy from non-traditional sources, such as wind and solar power.
  • The use of chemical fertilizers in Poland reduces the availability of energy, which is a critical component of the cost of manufacturing.
  • Ecological awareness is also an important factor to consider.

So it’s important to focus chemical manufacturers’ attention on pre-existing problems and integrate their products into the realization of their goals in the fields of environmental protection, food safety, and climate change, especially in the context of rapidly changing legal and regulatory frameworks.

The company in question is a manufacturer of more than 1000 chemicznych products and formulations for use in a variety of industrial sectors.

The increasing awareness of and responsibility of the business community for climate change and its consequences for the environment leads to the conclusion that a particularly important nacisk is the development of “zielony,” environmentally friendly manufacturing, and agro-industrial operations on a closed-off site.

  1. The response to the needs of a diverse range of clients working in a variety of different industries, where the PCC Group is one of the most important determinants of timely delivery.
  2. It is the goal of this research to develop chemic products and processes that will limit or eliminate the use of harmful substances to humans and wildlife.
  3. The term “zielonej chemii” refers to a type of chemii that has been renamed.
  4. Ona focuses her attention on a few of critical areas.
  5. conceives, develops, and manufactures chemical products and chemical processes with the goal of reducing their inherent risks.

Among the most important are: the restriction of odpad production, the planning and implementation of manufacturing processes with the goal of limiting the presence of hazardous substances, the development of products with consideration for their ability to biodegrade and emit harmful substances, the use of surowców derived from non-nawial sources, the restriction of the use of rozpuszczalniks and other hazardous substances, and the monitoring of processes that may be a cause of the formation of hazardous substances.

Since many years, the PCC Group has set high standards in the areas of the use of cutting-edge technology and the efficient planning of manufacturing processes.

Because the proposed wyroby fully realize the concept of zielonej chemii, as well as the members of the PCC consortium, are able to realize the envisioned benefits of this sound and necessary concept by doing business in a wide range of industries and spheres of activity.

Beata Gru is the Head of Marketing at the PCC Group. This artwork is sponsored by PCC Group.

Branża retail -trendy i wyzwania

11th of May, 2021 6 minutes is allotted. We’re going to be szczerzy between us. You enjoy shopping, I enjoy shopping, and your husband enjoys shopping as well. Your son enjoys shopping as well. This is a fact about life in the twenty-first century: it is a non-stop stream of events. If you’ve read this article, you’re probably aware of what the term “retail” refers to, which is a good thing. And it’s possible that you’re not familiar with this particular topic. Something a lot more melancholy!

Retail does not have a name, but what is important for all of its facets is the fact that it is characterized by extreme dynamism and a high degree of czestity: the world is pulsing, and the retail industry is pulsing with it.

Its sweeping transformation of life into the cyberspace has irreversibly changed our understanding of purchasing processes – and not only those that take place online; it has also had an impact on the expectations and desires of customers who shop in physical stores.

Clients’ purchasing habits are changing — odbiór osobisty towarów zamówionych online is becoming increasingly popular, and zakupy with home delivery are becoming increasingly popular.

Rynek e-commerce kwitnie.

According to an analysis conducted by the consulting firm PwC1 in late 2016, 74 percent of ankietowych claim that the impact of the pandemic has increased the number of online purchases, with 10 percent claiming that it has increased the number of online purchases. The entry into the Polish market of another major player in the industry – Amazon – is almost certain to have an impact on the country’s soaring e-commerce figures. Is this a harbinger of the end of “real-world” purchases? To be honest, I don’t think so.

What matters to consumers is the ability to make a choice: should they shop online or visit a physical store?

The process of evaluating offers, selecting products, and paying for them must be as simple as possible, regardless of whether the transaction takes place in person or on a smartphone screen.

Co w branży piszczy?

In this case, we should pay attention to trends that are important to understand since they may result in a consumer choosing your product over one from the competition. Large-scale retailing (also known as OMNICHANNEL or large-scale retailing), which is defined as placing customers in the heart of a major shopping district in the world’s most populous country (Wszechwiata). More metaphorically, it is a systematic interaction with and acquainting with their customers across various sales channels (online and offline) in order to provide them with better access to their products.

  • It also aids in the adaptation of information to the needs and expectations of users, as well as the expansion of the amount of information available.
  • And, on the other hand, if a potential client is treated as if he or she is a stranger at every point of contact, it is likely that the client will end up where they already know him or her.
  • The more you know about him before beginning a new interaction with him, the better.
  • I’m now thinking about how to perfectly tailor each and every part of the customer journey to a certain end user.
  • GREENCONSUMERISM, often known as environmentally responsible purchases.

Wherever I went on the internet, I ran into someone who said, “We are the first generation to recognize climate change, and at the same time the last generation to do something about it.” This, in part, may be due to the increasing awareness of consumers and the significance of eco-friendly practices, which is being anticipated by a steadily increasing number of users.

RE-COMMERCE is the latest “zielony” trend in the retail industry, sometimes known as second-hand e-commerce or “second-hand e-commerce.” Similar to greenconsumerism, this is an outcome of increasing consumer awareness of rapidly evolving technologies, as well as fashion for clothing and accessories from the other side of the spectrum.

  1. Also jumping on the zielony bandwagon, Zalando has launched the Pre-owned service, which allows us to purchase carefully selected and thoroughly inspected products from the second hand market.
  2. Due to the fact that, rather than going to another company’s website, consumers in the twenty-first century can complete purchases entirely through applications or social media websites.
  3. And that’s only the beginning;) Virtual reality, or AR, is a technology that was introduced earlier this year and is now making its way into commercial settings.
  4. This is a response to the pandemic-related time constraints and a restriction on the ability to examine the product on the premise.
  5. During the course of the investigation, several sprzedawców reported losses as a result of this prozaicznej cause, which prevented customers from inspecting or purchasing their products.
  6. And the possibilities are vastly increased: thanks to AR, we may check out how our new office will present itself in our salon, as well as how the walls of a newly purchased apartment in a pre-developers’ neighborhood (“when will there be a building there”) will seem.
  7. After all, everyone who has watched cult films like “Przyjació” knows what I’m talking about!
  8. It’s just being prepared for everything and having the ability to make quick adjustments.

In other words, be on the lookout for clients’ expectations that are shifting while at the same time adapting to new realities – such as social media and online shopping! P.S. If you believe that you require assistance, please let us know by calling the number shown above.

Szklane trendy w “zielonej” architekturze na konferencji Future4Build

In this case, we should pay attention to trends that are important to understand since they may result in a consumer choosing your product over one from the competition. Large-scale retailing (also known as OMNICHANNEL or large-scale retailing), which is defined as placing customers in the heart of a major shopping district of the world’s most populous country (such as the United Kingdom). More metaphorically, it is a systematic interaction with and acquainting with their customers across various sales channels (online and offline) in order to provide them with better access to their products.

  1. It also aids in the adaptation of information to the needs and expectations of users, as well as the expansion of their number.
  2. And, on the other hand, if a potential client is treated as if he or she is a stranger at every point of contact, it is likely that the client will end up where they already know him or her.
  3. More knowledge on a subject is advantageous when beginning a new conversation with it.
  4. I’m now thinking about how to perfectly tailor every part of the client journey to a specific user.
  5. Eco-friendly purchases are referred to as GREENCONSUMERISM.
  6. It’s possible that this is the reason why consumer awareness of climate change is growing so rapidly, as well as the significance of eco-friendly behavior, which is being anticipated by a steadily increasing number of users.
  7. More and more money is being spent on materials and packaging that have been recycled, as well as on environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Like greenconsumerism, this is an outcome of increasing consumer awareness of rapidly evolving technologies, as well as fashion and accessories from the other side of the spectrum.

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Also jumping on the bandwagon is Zalando, which, through its Pre-owned division, allows us to purchase carefully selected and well inspected merchandise from the second hand market.

Due to the fact that, rather of going to another company’s website, consumers in the twenty-first century can complete purchases entirely through applications or social media websites.

And that’s only the beginning.

Preparing before you buy something, or virtual pre-purchase inspections, is an appropriate response to the current pandemic situation and a means of limiting the ability to examine the product on the spot.

As a result, a large number of sprzedawców reported losses as a result of this prozaicznej cause, which prevented customers from inspecting and purchasing their goods.

And the possibilities are vastly increased: thanks to AR, we may check out how our new office will present itself in our salon, as well as how the walls of a newly purchased apartment in a pre-developers’ neighborhood (“when will there be a building there”) will seem.

After all, everyone who has watched cult films like “Przyjació” knows what I’m talking about!

Along with this trend comes the most important message for everyone involved in the retail industry: “adapt or perish.” In other words, be on the lookout for clients’ expectations that are shifting while at the same time adapting to new realities – such as social media and online shopping!.

P.S. If you believe you require assistance, please contact us at the address below.

Szkło w “zielonej” architekturze

The use of szklo is one of the most often used materials in contemporary architecture, according to Jolanta Lessig, who spoke at the opening of her presentation. It helps to increase the overall value of a construction project from an aesthetic, ecological, social, and economic standpoint, among other things. The advancement of szklan technology has resulted in an extensive range of szklan products being available to architects today, all of which contribute to a reduction in the energy consumption of buildings while also providing a greater level of comfort for their clients.

The use of szka also aids in the achievement of high ratings in building certification systems that use multi-criteria evaluation.

Szkło dla oszczędzania energii

During the presentation of “Rola szka w zrównowaonej architekturze,” Jolanta Lessig stated that the standards for green building have a significant impact on the reduction of energy consumption during the construction and operation of buildings. As a result, anti-sonectic and anti-emissions compounds are being used in more and more cutting-edge szklany products, ensuring adequate protection against stoichiometry and cieplnia. During the presentation, it was demonstrated the results that can be obtained by using very effective anti-sonectic szybs, which limit the ability of buildings to move and reduce the need for climate change adaptation.

Szkło dla zapewnienia oświetlenia światłem dziennym

Health and comfort of users are important considerations in certification systems for new buildings, according to the Institute of Building Science and Technology. Analyzing this area throughout the certification process allows us to determine whether or not the users have been provided with sufficient access to the dzienne water supply as well as a clear view of the horizon. In this case, the development of large-scale projects with a large amount of preszkle is encouraged. The use of superbezbarwnego szka (powlekanego czsto wysokoselektywn powok przeciwsoneczn) results in increased wiata’s ability to push over obstacles.

In order to improve the comfort of building occupants, a number of innovative solutions have been developed.

For a concrete example of this type of innovation, szyby zespolone with zintegrowanymi aluzjami, which are located in the middle of the middle szybowej, were demonstrated.

Szkło dla ograniczenia hałasu

In order to ensure adequate acoustical isolation in zewntrznych buildings located in urban areas, near airports, or in the vicinity of kolejowych shopping centers, dwikochone szyby made of szka laminated with acoustical folia are used. Szyby dwikochone made of szka laminated with acoustical folia are used This type of solution has a positive impact on the reduction of haas while also ensuring the safety of the patient and their ability to withstand a fall. In the Metropolitan building in the heart of Warsaw, zespolone szyby with dwikochonnym szkem were used, achieving a wskanikizolacyjnoci akustycznejna wskanikizolacyjnoci akustycznejna wskanikizolacyjnoci akustycz (-1, -5).

Szkło dla bezpieczeństwa

The purpose of complying with security standards is achieved through the use of products from the government’s szka, which protects the building and its occupants against potential threats from the outside, such as wandalizm, wamanie, and napa resulting from the use of palnej broni. The use of these products is encouraged by the use of a large amount of szka. Specifically, three types of laminated szkoa are available to address potential hazards: szkoo bezpieczne, szkoo antywamaniowe, and szkoo kuloodporne (see below).

Szkło dla oszczędności wody

In her closing remarks at the conclusion of the presentation, Jolanta Lessig referred to the szkoo samoczyszcece, which, in the context of high-level certification systems, allows for the acquisition of additional points. When used on rooftops or dachas, samoczyszczce eliminates the possibility of czstego mycia on those surfaces, so limiting the amount of water that may be absorbed. It was used, among other places, in the BorgWarner building in Jasion, which was the first in Poland to receive the LEED Silver certification.

Since the beginning of time, architects who design buildings have been enthralled by the prospect of creating open, functional, and beautiful structures.

As a result, it has made significant contributions to ecological trends in architecture.

Raport Banku Pekao: U progu zielonej rewolucji. Perspektywy sektora OZE w Polsce na tle trendów globalnych i regionalnych

Energy sources that are not conventional are becoming increasingly important to the global economy, and everything points to the impending arrival of the “zielonej rewolucji” in its current form. Large wyzwania in this area exist both inside and outside of our country, and Bank Pekao will strive to play an important role in the transition of Poland to a non-emissions-based economy. The most recent report by economists at Bank of America focuses on the transformation of Poland’s economy in the context of odnawialnych róde, presenting the sector’s perspectives on a global and regional scale.

Polska’s participation in the first wave of global energy consumption peaked at 12 percent towards the end of the previous decade.

Increasing public awareness about looming climate change, which is fueling increased international cooperation and specific government actions, such as the dynamic technological postponement in the field of odnawial power generation, has elevated this sector of the energy sector to a more favorable and attractive investment environment for investors.

In the background of this development are a number of smaller but rapidly growing countries, who see in the advancement of OZE technology not only the possibility of improving the well-being of their citizens, but also actual economic and social opportunities.

– Among the critical factors that influence the speed with which OZE’s significance grows are technological advancements that reduce the company’s costs while increasing its profitability.

– As a result of the zielony rewolucj, there has been an increase in environmental awareness among the general public, which has been reflected in the actions of consumers, as well as an increase in marginal costs of energy production from non-conventional sources, which has resulted, among other things, from the loss of access to some surowców, the high rate of depletion of existing wytwórczych activity, and the rise in climatic prices, according As a result, many believe that the global energy sector will undergo the most significant transformation in its history during the next few decades.

  1. In accordance with the International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) forecast, each of the world’s energy transformation scenarios will result in a long-term, dynamic growth of the OZE sector across the world.
  2. Europe’s Western Hemisphere is experiencing an increase in the scale of wyzwa.
  3. Although their current pace is not optimal – particularly when taking into consideration the specific characteristics of local businesses, such as high levels of energy consumption and CO2 emissions – they are making progress.
  4. As a result, the increase in the participation of OZE in the final generation of electricity was significantly lower than expected (+8 percent vs +17 percent).
  5. Biomasa and biogas play a significant role in the development of the OZE sector in some countries (e.g., the Czech Republic and Poland), whereas others (e.g., the United Kingdom and the United States) do not.

The report’s co-author and analytic Banku Pekao, Marek Czachor, points out that the companies who were determined to be the leaders in terms of dynamiki of growth in electricity production from OZE were, at the time, focusing on their own growth in the renewable energy sector in Litwa and Poland.

  • Polska has joined the ranks of those who have embraced the “zielonej rewolucji,” from which there is no turning back.
  • Polsk is obligated to carry out zintensyfikowanych activities in this area in accordance with international obligations.
  • Even in the wake of the recent eviction of Nowego Zielonego adu, the ambicjam zone may be re-established.
  • Moreover, the third-largest oparcie of business model in a wide range of horizons on a zielonych horizons serves as a strategic priority for national energy corporations, and the issue of energy transformation is well integrated into the post-pandemic reconstruction of the economy.
  • As a result, we want to play an active role in the financing of energy-related transformation in Poland.
  • This will be an aspect to which we will devote a significant amount of attention in the course of developing our new strategic plan for the period up to 2024, according to Jerzy Kwieciski, wicepresident of Banku Pekao, nadzorujcy Pion Bankowoci Korporacyjnej, Rynków I Bankowoci Inwestycyjnej.
  • One of the most important issues to address will be the assurance of the safety of energy deliveries.
  • Energy-related investments are expected to total more than $16 billion over the next 20 years, according to predictions made in the near future.

The development of the country’s energy model will necessitate, among other things, the provision of safe and legal social transformations, referred to as “waglowy rejonów.” “W tym kraju zachodzcych trendów globalnych, koszty zarówno ekonomiczne, jak I spoeczne „zielonej rewolucji” bd te prawdopodobnie I tak mniejsze ni te, które ponie Bank Pekao is involved in a number of projects with the goal of improving the energy efficiency of its customers, implementing environmentally friendly projects, and providing financing for OZE.

  • The bank is the coordinator and dealmaker for the issuance of 10-year bonds by the company PKN Orlen, whose oprocentowanie is in line with the MSCI ESG rating.
  • z o.o.
  • It was agreed that Tauron will issue bonds in the month of February 2020 to fund the company’s new growth strategy.
  • In all, the value of zielonego and zrównowaonego finansowania (for example, the financing of agricultural farms, photovoltaic installations, and low-emission municipal transportation) in Pekao is expected to reach $8 billion by 2020.
  • was founded in 1929 and is one of the largest financial institutions in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Bank Pekao has more than 5,7 million customers, despite the fact that it only has a second-to-largest number of branches.
  • The future of UniverSal Bank is dependent on the bank’s rising market position in private banking, asset management, and manufacturing.
  • Since 1998, Bank Pekao has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s Giedzie Papierów Wartosciowych and has participated in a number of local (including the WIG 20 and WIG) and international indexes (w tym MSCI EM, Stoxx Europe 600 I FTSE Developed).

Pekao is one of the most dynamically growing stock exchanges in Poland during the course of the last ten years, generating a total of around 20 billion dollars in revenue over that period.

XXIV Konferencja Trendy Ekorozwoju w Przemyśle Chemicznym

Szanowni Pastwo, Szanowni Pastwo, As the Tarnowski Oddzia Stowarzyszenia Inynierów I Techników Przemysu Chemicznego in collaboration with Grupa Azoty (the conference’s primary sponsor), we hope to invite you to participate in discussions about the future of chemistry in Poland, particularly in the context of the country’s increasingly concerned with environmental and ecological issues. We are doing this as part of the “Trends in Economic Development in the Chemical Industry” – Conference, which has already begun and will include participation from representatives of the chemical industry, organizations that support the industry, and representatives from government institutions.

  • This time around, the admonitions are particularly important.
  • Because of this, the spread of this knowledge has served as an impetus for the development of several initiatives aimed at preventing the spread of negative events.
  • It is intended to assist in the transformation of the European Union into a modern, competitive and zasobooszczdne economy.
  • But in order to achieve this, a large number of actions must be taken, the majority of which must be taken by the government and the private sector.
  • The XXIV edition of the Conference on “Trends in Ekorozwoju in the Pharmaceutical Industry” will be held in Zakopanem, Poland, on the 13th and 15th of February, 2021.
  • As a result, we cordially invite representatives from the chemical industry, academia, and government and samorzd organizations to participate in this critically important event.
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Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów i Techników Przemysłu ChemicznegoWiceprezes Zarządu Oddziału w TarnowieJacek Kupiniak Członek Zarządu Grupy Azoty S.A.Dyrektor GeneralnyZbigniew Paprocki

Cztery trendy odmienią branżę produkcyjną w 2022 roku – finanse

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Polska na fali zmian w energetyce. Za nami Trendy Energetyczne 2020

Trendy Energetyczne, one of the most important events in the energy sector, will take place for the third time on 27th of February in the year 2020. Participants in a televised and fully zdalny forum this year discussed four of the most important trends in the energy sector, including the European Union’s Strategic Development Plan (ESDP) and the Fala Renewacja (Fala Renewacja), Poland’s fight against air pollution and hazy skies, the development of photovoltaic technology, and new technologies in the country’s energy sector.

According to the results of the latest Trends event, which was organized by the GLOBEnergia news agency, the event attracted more than 4000 viewers and had a total audience of more than 13 000 users.

Nagranie III Trendów Energetycznych:

Already at the beginning of Trendów, there were important tidbits about the future of priority programs such as Mój Prd and Czyste Powietrze. In the company of honorees at the event was Ireneusz Zyska, vice minister of the environment and natural resources and deputy prime minister of the Republic of Poland, who stated that the program Mój Prd is currently being evaluated and that models for its continuation in the year 2021 are being considered. Financial assistance is sought for the installation of recharging stations for electric vehicles (EVs), heat pumps (HPVs), and residential energy storage systems (RESS).

  • Additionally, work is being done on a wodorowe strategy as well as “urynkowieniem” klastrów energii.
  • Programu Czyste Powietrze, will also be in attendance.
  • The estimated cost of the project is 8 billion euros.
  • The NFOiGW’s Artur Michalski, a vice president of the organization’s board of directors, spoke about the system’s significant deficiencies, which include a lack of funding for pro-development investments.
  • Over the course of 31 years, the fundusz has provided financing for projects with a total value in excess of 250 million dollars, with the exception of governmental funds.
  • In addition, the Ciepownictwo Powiatowe initiative, which will be expanded, is currently being reviewed for approval.
  • Grzegorz Burek, redaktor naczelny GLOBEnergia, who was in charge of the event’s organization, commented on how the OZE market looks on a micro scale in particular.
  • This is a very favorable prognosis for the microinstallation process.

Although a decline in the dynamiki of growth is expected in the next year, the overall trend of photowoltaika is not expected to change.

Nadchodzi Fala Renowacji

The European Union wants to modernize buildings in order to improve their energy efficiency. Pawe Wróbel, ekspert ds. regulacji, wprowadzi uczestników do istoty europejskiej strategii integracji systemu energetycznego I wyjani, dlaczego wana jest elektryfikacja na drodze do transformacji Dr Christian Schnell (Solivan, POBE) stated that the European Union has decided to use a scientifically sound technology selection process in this strategy, which will result in an effective reduction of CO2 emissions.

  • After four months of operation, the percentage of ciepa in Czyste Powietrze 2.0’s udzia has increased from 9 to 18 percent.
  • PORT PC’s President believes that this campaign must be implemented as soon as possible.
  • Tomasz Malowany (SGGiK) warns that it is necessary to prepare szkolenia for installers in order for them to meet the challenges of the upcoming phase of building renovation.
  • Prefabrykaty drewniane, according to Marek Beka of SEDG, have a wide range of applications in the field of termomodernization in the context of building renovation.
  • This, in turn, will have positive health consequences for those who use the facility, as well as the potential to cause significant increases in energy efficiency.
Niezbędna jest kompleksowa walka ze smogiem

Andrzej Gua (Polski Alarm Smogowy) opined that in the future, there may be an issue with the quality of the services provided and a lack of qualified installers. Embark on a journey into the industry in order to establish a strong installation market in order to complete the transformation of several million homes in Poland. Mr. Roman Cioka (Glen Dimplex Polska) widened the scope of the issue of energy efficiency in automobiles. The fact that auditors are not always precyzyjn in their recommendations for a ciepa is a factor that contributes to the estimation of the energetyczne, economiczne, and ecological effects.

In the opinion of the Managing Director of ROCKWOOL Polska, energy ubóstwo is a serious problem that cannot be solved at this time due to financial constraints.

Without public assistance, there are little chances of escaping this quagmire.

Viessmann Polska’s president stated that just 8% of the buildings on the Polish market are built to a high quality, and that the majority of the ogrzewanie in older buildings is based on the use of kopalne paliwa.

According to Janusz Starocik (SPIUG), the transformation of ice-water cooling systems will have a significant impact on the development of Poland’s energy transformation as well as the limitation of potential costs resulting from the emission of noxious gases into the atmosphere.

Fotowoltaika wchodzi na nowy poziom

The photowoltaika industry in Poland has reached a new level of development. SBF Polska PV’s Bogdan Szymaski stated that the client’s organizational structure is changing, and that firms are becoming increasingly interested in making investments in solar energy. In this sector, new trends are being seen, such as a significant increase in the power of PV modules and their prices. Marcin Jdrachowicz expressed himself in a similar manner (Jinko Solar). Inwestorzy increasingly place their bets on renewable energy generation, based on how much they expect to earn over the course of 20, 25, or 30 years of operation, rather than on the initial cost of the project.

Petr Wiktorowicz (Corab) drew attention to the fact that the expansion of the market for photovoltaic modules results in significant changes for manufacturers of wsporc structures, including a desire to adapt their products to rapidly changing fashion trends and the introduction of new construction statistics.

  • According to the experts, it is critical to have discussions about two aspects of safety: ensuring that the PV installation itself does not become a source of fire and that it does not pose a threat to the safety of the surrounding community.
  • Micha Marona (SolarEdge) opined that electric vehicles and solar-powered water heaters will be important factors in reducing the amount of energy we consume in our homes.
  • In a recent interview, Edyta Witkowska-Grzekiewicz (Bruk-Bet Solar) discussed the relationship between technical parameters and the output of a PV system throughout the course of its deployment.
  • During the Trendów Energetycznych conference, organizers conducted a poll among attendees, in which they were asked how they expected the Polish photovoltaics market to develop in the coming year.

12 percent of respondents believe that the market will continue to grow in a positive direction. Two-thirds of those who have submitted an application have no opinion on the subject.

Nowe technologie napędzają transformację energetyczną

Professor Piotr Rudyszyn of the Jagiellonian Institute of Technology points out that the efficacy of water turbines is quite high and continues to grow. It is not a revolution, but an emancipation. However, due to changes in the law, a technological breakthrough in the field of renewable energy is threatening to devastate Poland’s economy. Morska energetyka wiatrowa I fotowoltaika represent promising futures for Poland. The director of the Center for Wodorowych Technology at the Institute of Energy, Jakub Kupecki, has stated that Poland requires zielonego wodoru not only from the standpoint of technology and its development in the country, but also from the standpoint of kadr, which will be necessary in order to develop new gazie and businesses.

  1. Maciej Mazur (PSPA) expressed his thoughts on the current state of electromobility on the planet.
  2. At the time of writing, Maciej Tomaszewski (Ecoenergetyka-Polska) stated that while the Vehicle-to-Grid technology is true, there are no legal solutions in Poland at this time.
  3. Krzysztof Burda expressed himself as well in the context of the development of electromobility (PIRE).
  4. Poland’s cities are not prepared for electric mobility at this time, since they lack the necessary infrastructure and preparations for a merytoryczne event.
  5. At the very least, a few of the technological innovations that we will be seeing in the near future are already in use, albeit on a smaller scale.
  6. According to the responses, the most significant barrier to the development of Poland’s electric mobility is the high cost of automobiles.
  7. Short-term zasig – 35 percent of respondents – is ranked second among the categories, followed by infrastructure (12 percent of respondents) and nawyki (6 percent of respondents).
Wirtualne spotkania z ekspertami

The second and third days of the event were devoted to a series of webinars, which served as virtual meetings with industry experts. More than 1400 participants took part in the event, who had the opportunity to ask questions about Europe’s 2020 vision, energy system integration strategies, building renovation trends, technological trends for 2021, photovoltaic installations for businesses in the context of PPO regulations, and the preparation of a system for rapid growth of the prosument in the coming decades.

This year’s hottest event in the energy industry is the Trendy Energetyczneto.

Experts predict future trends, and the occurrence itself contributes to a flurry of discussion about the future of energy in Poland.

GLOBEnergia is the organization in charge of the event.

Honorary Patrons: Ministerstwo Klimatu I rodowiska, Ministerstwo Nauki I Szkolnictwa Wyszego, Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony rodowiska I Gospodarki Wodnej, Wojewódzki Fundusz Ochrony rodowiska I Gospodarki Wodnej w Krakowie, Wojewódz Ekoenergetyka-Polska is a joint venture between Viessmann and Rockwool.

The following organizations have donated to the cause: Stowarzyszenie Brany Fotowoltaicznej – Poland PV, Polska Organizacja Rozwoju Technologii Pomp Ciepa, Polskie Stowarzyszenie Paliw Alternatywnych, Climate Accelerator, SPIN-US Sp. z o.o., Zwizek Województw

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