Trzmielina Oskrzydlona – Uprawa, Pielęgnacja, Wymagania, Opis, Odmiany


Trzmielina oskrzydlona

Trzmielina oskrzydlona (Euonymus alatus), often known as the dawiszowaty krzewe, is a member of the dawiszowaty family (Celastraceae). In the country of Azjad, there is a natural environment. In Poland, she is most frequently encountered in the upraw – most often in city parks and green spaces. Krzew wyposaony jest rozoysty, silnie rozgaziony rozgaziony pokrój. It grows to a height of 2-3 meters. Kwitnie can be found from May to December, however kwiaty are not common. The eliptyczne licie, which appear in the autumn and turn the color of the sky blue, as well as the charakterystyczne owoce – czerwonofioletowe torebki, are the most distinctive features of the trzmieliny.

Wymagania i uprawa

Krzew is a simple dish to prepare. On sonecznych stanowiskach, it progresses well, although it loses some of its pócie. There are no significant glebowic requirements. Podobe powinno by przepuszczalne, umiarkowanie suche, rednio zasobne w skadniki pokarmowe, a skadniki pokarmowe powinno by przepuszczalne, umiarkowanie suche. Gatunek is resistant to mróz, susz, and zanieczyszczenia of the atmosphere. It is not necessary to use specialized pielgnacyjne zabiegs. In the first few days following posadzenia, it is necessary to correct minor mistakes.

Zastosowanie trzmieliny oskrzydlonej

Rolin should be utilized in the creation of krzewiastych compositions as well as the production of ywopots (w ogrodach, parkach, zieleni miejskiej). Opportunities for upkeep in the pojemniks are presented by the alterations. It may be used in gardens regardless of the design of the building. In the garden, where little children live, there is a lot of activity because the trujce owoce have an attractive appearance. Alternatively, trzmielin can be positioned in order to dispense with ptaki (

Photograph by Jean-Pol GRANDMONT, CC BY 3.0 /Wikimedia Commons, used with permission.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona (płonący krzew) – odmiany, sadzenie, uprawa, pielęgnacja, wymagania

During the autumn season, the oskrzydlona trzmielina (Euonymus alatus) urzeka barwnymiowocamii that are bursting forth on czerwono limi, which in turn zawdzicza swój przydomek – poncykrzew. On the whole, around 170 gatunkówEuonymus are known, each of which exhibits a different kind of krzew or non-standardichdrzew. It is possible to uprawia ognisty krzew in a variety of ways, including presenting himself effectively as a soliter or in group nasadzenia. It belongs to the mrozoodpornych roelin, zdobic ogrody as well as the season – a large number of owoców as well as korkowatymi skrzydekami on the gazkach and pdach.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona (krzew) – odmiany, sadzenie, uprawa, pielgnacja, wymagania Trzmielina oskrzydlona

Euonymus alatus – wymagania uprawowe i rozmnażanie

In certain cases, the depth of the oskrzydlona trzmielina can be as much as 3 meters in width and around 2 meters in depth. The best place to be in the garden is on a sonecznym stanowisku, where you can enjoy a beautiful display of lilies. In addition, it will have a nice rosy hue on a leaning, freshly shaved stanowisku. It is necessary to have a squeaky clean swiea or sucha gleba, with a pH that is both slightly acidic and slightly alkaline. During a period of growth, we zasilamy krzewnawozami wieloskadnikowymi.

  • The cztery korkowe skrzydeka, whose rolina zawdzicza swoj nazw, appear on the gazia of the krzewu (Krzewu Gazia).
  • One of them will be a ptak pokarm.
  • Krzew is a mrozoodporny and tolerancyjny animal when it comes to microbial zanieczyszczania.
  • Because it is conducive to formation, naywopotyoraz is well suited for use in hodowli, similar to bonsai.
  • Check out this article about the krzewach that are being considered for the creation of ywopotu.
  • We’ll get to them in the new year.

On the market, you may find gotowesadzonkiw for a reasonable price. Ogrodnicy with a lot of experience can use a variety of replanting techniques, including:

  • Pózdrewniaych sadzonek z pitk rozmnaanie – pózdrewniaych sadzonek z pitk rozmnaanie pózdrewniaych sadzonek z pitk rozmnaanie pózdrewniaych sadzonek z pitk rozmn After removing the lilies and the wierzchoka, we place the sadzonki in a pojemnik that has been topped with torfowy podoem and topped with piaskies. It is the goal of the treatment of sadzonek to prevent them from being exposed to the public eye during a general election. We plan to put them through their paces in March, with temperatures averaging around 10 degrees Celsius throughout the summer. Explore the articles about krzewach na ywop that have been takezebrane in this location
  • The thawing of zdrewniaych pdów should be done in the summer, either in the sun or at a temperature of approximately 10 degrees Celsius in the house. The freezing of zdrewniaych pdów should be done in the winter, either in the sun or in the house. During Wiosna, we make sadzonki by putting them in the middle of the table with the piaskies. Upon reaching the current location, we will evict them after two years
  • Replanting by szczepienie – the pdtrzmieliny pospolitej, on which we will place a stopka of oskrzydlonej trzmieliny
  • And replanting by szczepienie

Zadbaj o krzewy w ogrodzie! Polecane produkty w niskich cenach

The genus Euonymus alatusmoe is also known for being buried in doniczks. Wedgwood pojemniki with beautiful rolinami that have been nailed to the ceiling of our home will serve as an authentic addition to our home’s decor. Pojemniki with rolinami that are painted on the ceiling of our home will serve as an original addition to our home’s decor. And it’s possible that you’ll be interested in the articles about liciast krzewach that have been gathered in this location. Trzmielina oskrzydlona (krzew) – odmiany, sadzenie, uprawa, pielgnacja, wymagania Trzmielina oskrzydlona

Trzmielina oskrzydlona – odmiany

  • It rises to around 1 meter in height, and it is known as ‘Compactus’. Compactus is a herbaceous perennial that is well suited to small-scale agricultural operations, and it grows to a height of approximately 1 meter in height. It distinguishes itself by having a zwarty and okrgawy pokroje. The situation is improving in a well-lit and well-protected location on a sunny, well-watered ogrodowej glebe with a moderate level of wilgotnoc. The oskrzydlona trzmielina ‘Compactus’ is expected to bloom in the spring on the czerwono. Oryginal owocami, with pomaraczowa osnówk, are complemented by an ornisty krzew. Owoce, which appear on short szypuks, appear in the spring and early summer, adorning the landscape with a variety of colors. The modification is intended for use in public places such as parks and skateparks, as well as on ozdobne poty
  • However, it is not intended for use in private residences. ‘Macrophyllus’ trzmielina oskrzydlona, zaliczana do najpikniejszych odmian, zachwycajc poskrcanymi duymi limi, które w jesieni przybieraj ognicie czerwone ubarwienie, co w The length of a karowy krzew is around 2 meters. Ozdobne owoce w pomaraczowych osnówkach, as well as lekko skrcone pdy, with korkowymi listwami, make for a one-of-a-kind summer garden decoration. Aeonium ‘Macrophyllus’ can be uprooted on a slope, in a wilgotne environment, on a soneczny or lekko zacieniony stanowiska
  • Trzmielina oskrzydlona ‘Timber Creek’ is a szybkorosnc odmiana with a wyprostowanym pokroju, After the onset of the czerwonych dekoracyjnych lici, the emergence of decoracyjne owoce, which ozdabia the onset of the zimowe season, occurs on the first of January. Uprawa trzmieliny necessitates the provision of a wilgotnej ogrodowej ziemi isonecznej, lekko zacienionego stanowiska in order to ensure the preservation of the wilgotnej ogrodowej ziemi
  • Trzmielina oskrzydlona ‘Silver Cloud’ – jest dorastajcym do 1 metr wysoko, jest karowym krzewem karowym krzewem. Instead of the typical oskrzydlonej trzmieliny, the smaller krzews are distinguished by their bright white lilies, which are contrasted by their contrasting dark brown leaves, which are very beautiful when viewed in conjunction with other garden ornaments. The months of January and February are characterized by a very czerwony color. It does not appear that Rolina is capable of surviving in typical korkowych skrzydeek gazkas. The odmiana ‘Silver Cloud’ may be reconstructed in the field, serving as a spectacular decoration for itaras-style balconies. Furthermore, it is possible that you are interested in an article on the expansion of Turkish influence in the world market.
  • In this case, the fireball-shaped trizmielina – which stands out as an unusually artistic piece of work – is the star of the show. The height of the osiga is around 1,5 – 2 m. Before long, the odmiana is pursuing a lilac-colored hue, decorating the landscape in an out-of-the-ordinary manner for the time of year. It generates a little amount of liquified matter, which allows rolines to effectively reduce susz. During the months of March and April, Trzmielina ‘Fireball’ owocuje, and the original owoce in pomaraczowych osnówkach serve as a pokarme for ptaków, while at the same time adding to the otoczeniu of the season. Odmiana progresses steadily toward a nasonecznionym and lekko zacienionym position, resulting in the formation of a wilgotnej glebe ogrodowej
  • After ten years of growth, the oskrzydlona trzmielina ‘Rudy Haag’ is a karowym krzewem that is steadily increasing in size, reaching a maximum height of around 0,5 – 1 m in diameter. It may be found in private gardens, in skalnych ogródkach, and in donicach, which we can place on our balconies and on our terraces. Wspaniale can also be found in public parks, in public squares, and in public parks and squares. The wspaniae ognicie czerwone zabarwienie is being offered by the Jesieni licie. Traditional korkowe skrzydeka and brzew brzowe owoce are used to decorate the walls of Zima. In order to prevent the formation of wilgotny podolu, Krzew progresses steadily to soneczny and lekko zacienionym stanowisku.

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Trzmielina oskrzydlona – odmiany i uprawa

1. Trzmieliny rozmnawane – ingenioznawcze techniczne The following are the characteristics of 2Trzmielinabrodawkowata: awakening, digestion, and enlargement. Trzmielina – Odmiany and Uprawa (Trzmielina, Odminy and Uprawa) Trzmielina – sadzenie, rozmnaanie w trzmielina The 5th trzmielina Fortunea (pnca) – odmiany, uprawa, ciecie, and rozmnaanie are all included in the price. Japoska Trzmielina (Japanese Trzmielina). Take a look at how to uprawia and pielgnowa! 7 Pospolitan trzmielina (zwyczajna, europejska): odmiany, rozmnaanie, wyczajna.

In all likelihood, the most popular and enticing of many attractive odmiana is thetrzmielinaFortune’a, but it is not necessarily the most deco-friendly.

Roclina is descended from the dawawiszowaty lineage and originates in Asia (China, Korea, and Japan).


trzmielinaoskrzydlona jest wysokoci (dorasta do ok. 2-3 m), wysokoci (dorasta do ok. 2-3 m.), wysokoci (dorasta do ok. 2-3m.), wysokoci (dorasta do ok. 2-3m.), wysokoci (dorasta do 2-3 It is surrounded by narols that are similar to those found in skrzydek and from which rolina got the name “gatunkow.” The pds’ outer edge is obscured by narols that are similar to skrzydek and wskimi in appearance to korowaty in appearance. As a result of their efforts, pdy remain decoratyjne throughout the year, but they are most attractive during the summer months when they are in a state of bezlistnyness, on the tle of pale yellow sniegu.

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While they retain a largely natural, yellowish hue for the majority of the season, by the beginning of June (k.

As a result, the roelin’s color has become associated with periods of either “ostego” or “pogoning” snow.

Jesieni, on the other hand, sees the arrival of a new krzewu –owoce attraction.

The lilacs have been left on the krzewie for quite some time now, and they serve as an important feature of the garden’s seasonal décor. The oskrzydlona trzmielina


Trzmielina oskrzydlona wyposaona jesieni dwa tygodnie póniej od gatunku, dorastajca do 1,5 m I posiadajca zwarty, kulisty pokrój, a trzmielina oskrzydlona wyposa Macrophyllus is a wolno rosnca odmiana that grows to around 2 meters in height and is distinguished by its lekko poskrcanymi liams and pdami. ‘Rudy Haag’ is a wyjtkowo niska, karowa odmiana dorastajca do ok. 0,6-1 m wys., posadajca szersze’skrzydeka’ na pdach ni gatunek I rosnajca bardzo wolno, dorast The “Silver Cloud” is a srebrzystkowo kremowo obwódk that is easily spotykana, very attractive, and small in size (about 1 m in width).

Wymagania uprawowe

Oskrzydlona trzmielina do not have many upkeep requirements, yet it grows and blooms at its best in shady or partially shaded areas. Trzmielina oskrzydlona does not have many upkeep requirements, though it does best in partially shaded or fully shaded areas. Additionally, it prefers syzne, somewhat wilgotne, and próchnicze podosa that have a high pH, but it may be found in the vast majority of typical ogrodowe landscapes. As a result, it is not sensitive to low temperatures, and as a result, it does not require freezing throughout the winter.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona jesieni w trzech stronach


The oskrzydlona trzmielina does not require treatment since it grows in a healthy manner and does not have any dark spots on its skin; nonetheless, it reacts well to abrasions and does not suffocate after being suffocated (although it may get sad in the shape of poorly formed pots). Just remember that pdów should not be used during the early part of winter; other dates should be used as soon as possible (ideally, this should be the end of winter or early spring).


Trzmielina – Odmiany and Uprawa (Trzmielina, Odminy and Uprawa) Trzmielina – sadzenie, rozmnaanie w trzmielina The 5th trzmielina Fortunea (pnca) – odmiany, uprawa, ciecie, and rozmnaanie are all included in the price.

Take a look at how to uprawia and pielgnowa!

Trzmielina – uprawa, odmiany i pielęgnacja

The vast majority of them are either krzewy or little drzewa. Some of them have a bluish tint to them. It is possible to create puddles of mud or to spin about on czepny korzeniami on the pnie drzew, skay, and mury.

Zastosowanie różnych odmian trzmieliny

There are several gatunks and odmian to choose from, such as the trizelina, which creates a glistening canopy in the garden, the ozdoba in the form of little krzewów, or the solitera, which rises majestically to the sky above the city. The size of trzmielina depends on the amount of odmiany it receives. It ranges from 2 to 5 meters in width and produces korony that are either smaller or larger in size depending on the age of the tree. In the right conditions, ogrodowe trzmieliny pncej or pocej can reach a height of up to 10 m in width.

  1. It is a small, cramped space that is unsuitable for poduno-owalnych.
  2. Similarly, zimozielone trzmieliny pnce zabarwiaj zim swoje licie na kolor lekko róowy do czerwonawego, zabarwiaj zim swoje licie na kolor lekko róowy do czerwonawego.
  3. It ranges from 2 to 5 meters in width and produces korony that are either smaller or larger in size depending on the age of the tree.
  4. The czterograniaste torebki of this krzewu, on the other hand, are quite effective.
  5. The trzmieliny “Pfaffenhütchen” (ksiay kapelusik) gained a little more obscure German name as a result of this.
  6. Taking into consideration the extremely high level of cienioznoness of the material, trzmieliny may also be sadzone under the influence of high-pressure drzew.

Niskie and rozoyste acquiesce in the presence of seasonal discounts. The ozdobnymialbo wysokimi bylinami kwiatowymi trawami, as well as the ozdobnymialbo bylinami kwiatowymi trawami, are used to create the efektowne compositions. ‘Winter Glory’ is a Euonymus hamiltonianus cultivar.

Jakie miejsce dla trzmieliny w ogrodzie?

In the midst of the roiling soce, Trzmielina makes a beeline for it. Particularly in the case of odmiany with dark lines, there is never enough space for them to properly display their colors. Their jednobarwni krewni have a good sense of smell, even after a while. Tranquility may be found in every ogrodowej ziemi, as can be seen in the photo above. However, its optimal growth occurs in a nayznej, próchnicznej glebie, which is rich in skadniki pokarmowei with a crystalline structure ranging from piaszczysto-gliniastej.

In a nutshell, these are the fundamental conditions:

  • To pózacienionego stanowisko soneczne
  • Ciepe, osonite, I bez zimnych przecigów
  • Ciepe, osonite, I bez zimnych przecigów It’s a beautiful swiea, wilgotna for the purpose of umiarkowanie suchej
  • There are a lot of prachnicy and a good amount of pushzczalno

Podlewanie i nawożenie trzmieliny – bardzo ważne!

The presence of large amounts of lici results in a significant reduction in the rate of wody evaporation. Trzmielina should thus be checked on a frequent basis, because a stres resulting in a buildup of pressure might lead to the collapse of the entire rolina. Krzewy uprawiane w doniczkach, in particular, are particularly problematic in the absence of water. It’s important to remember that gatunki zimozielone trac wilgo as well as zima. As a result, it is necessary to make use of odwilowe days in order to provide them with fresh water.

After the first nawoeniu in March/October, the second nawoeniu occurs in the month of December.

In this case, it is necessary to confine her to a pynny nawozem starting in October and continuing for two to three weeks.

Przycinanie krzewu

Because of this, as well as the fact that it does a good job of reducing przycinanie, trzmielina has emerged as one of the most popular krzews in recent years. If it seems that some boczne pdy zakócaj harmonijn forma, it may be necessary to skróci them throughout the wegetacyjny season. For those involved in the formation and supervision of children, the months of June and July, or the months of December and January, are ideal. As part of this celebration, the krzew is also gruntownie illuminated in order to disperse the swiat and the wind across the whole roliny.

Jak przezimować trzmielinę w ogrodzie?

It is only after a few years that Trzmielina improves her odporno towards the water, which is why it is also advised to:

  • It is only after a few years that Trzmielina improves her odporno towards the water, which is why it is recommended that you:


Given that trzmielina is often grown as a pókrzew, it provides an ogrodnikowiprost method for obtaining new sadzonek – a standard example of odkorzenianie of odkads – to growers. Aims for the conversion of pózdrewniaego pdu to ziemi, the use of this pózdrewniaego pdu in a pre-prepared rowku, and the formation of ziemi. Cory with their large nacicie skoni pd to the creation of korzeni. After a few months, when the korzenie has fully recovered, it is possible to remove the sadzonk from the macierzystej roliny.

Additionally, trzmieliny can be shrunken using plowshares, or even a nasion-based shrunken technique. When attempting the siew method, it is important to remember that mieszace gatunkowe do not dziedzicz the cech of the macierzystej roliny.

Uwaga! Trzmielina to roślina trująca!

However, this lovely rolina also has its own secluded nook and cranny. Glikozydy are found in abundance in all of her parts and parts of her body, particularly her owoce. Osabienie, wymioty, and biegunka are caused by a small number of them. The presence of around 30 owoców is seen as a dangerous distraction for an elderly person. The cessation of serca’s work, as well as paralis and, eventually, death, are on the horizon. Because of this, trzmielina does not want to go to the ogrod, where a group of little children lives.

A beautiful, fragrant trzmielin odmiana, Euonymus grandiflorus is a beautiful, fragrant trzmielin.

Gatunki i odmiany trzmieliny

The following are some of the most interesting trzmielin:

1. Trzmielina Fortune’a (Euonymus fortunei)

It is a small, thin, niski or pocosy zimoziellony krzew that ranges in size from 30 to 60 cm in width. Licie are owalne and ciemnozielone in color. The landscape changes to include mokrych, wzgldnie bagnistych terrains on the edges of strumieni. It is possible for the silo to wspin up to 1.5 m above the korzeniach and kamieniach. During upalnych days, a substantial amount of water is required. He is in need of a syznej, próchnicznej gleby.

2. Trzmielina oskrzydlona (Euonymus alatus)

Dorasta to a height of 200-300 cm, resulting in a krzew with a non-regular pokroju. On sonecznych stanowiskach, progress is being made toward a lean, pózacieniony appearance. Lately, obfite podlewania is required. Pikachu stomps his feet on the ground in anticipation of an intense czerwieni odcienie.

3. Trzmielina pospolita (Euonymus europaeus)

Krzew ranging in size from 150 to 600 cm. One of two rodzimych gatunków that have been discovered in Poland. Licie are becoming increasingly intensely czerwone as the season progresses. The owoce are formed from non-pozornych kwiatów and are extremely ozdobne in appearance, remaining on the krzewie for an extended period of time. Although the licie, as well as the torebki nasienne, have the potential to rise in the future, they are not yet as well shown.

4. Trzmielina płaskoogonkowa (Euonymus planipes)

Dorasta up to a height of 200 centimeters. In the month of October, large, jajowate lilies bloom in the color czerwony. Kwiaty are uninteresting, however owoce are quite appealing: czerwonoróowe torebki on long szypuks and nasiona in czerwonych osnówks are two examples. All of the groves are alive with the sounds of birds.

5. Trzmielina brodawkowata (Euonymus verrucosa)

The second of our gatunek rodzimy, who is significantly more visible than the pospolitan trzmielina. Dorasta with a maximum width of around 250 cm can be used as a non-overly large krzew. Gazies are covered in brown brodawks, as indicated by the name. Czarne nasiona otoczone czerwon osnówk zwisaj z czerwonej torebki czarne nasiona otoczone czerwon osnówk.

6. Trzmielina japońska (Euonymus japonicus)

Rolina pnca, orientated toward the ogrodów with a saber glebe. Stanowisko pózacienione, a nawet cieniste, is something he enjoys. Dorasta up to 400 cm in height, wspinajing themselves among the cypresses and pergolas. It’s a drab gray color.

7. Trzmielina Haliltona ‘Popcorn’ (Euonymus hamiltonianus ‘Popcorn’)

It’s an azjatyckie gatunk of trzmielins with a one-of-a-kind owoców coloration.

As one of a small number of products that include torebki nasienne in a biay color, which are meant to resemble popcorn. It lends itself well to the creation of musical compositions that include other gatunks. On the majority of open fields, with the best results on the wilgotny side of the field.

Trzmielina – poradnik pielęgnacji

Anomalous Trzmielina, also known as the Ponccym Krzewe, pierwszesia si jesieni and stomps on the nocturnal bars of the forest floor. Zimna dekoracja zapewnia oskrzydlone, korkowate pdy tej roliny na oskrzydlony roliny. Assemblage of trzmieliny oskrzydlonejjest possible both in the garden and in the donicy near the tarase. To learn more about her requirements, as well as the method by which her trzmielins were transformed into oskrzydlone trzmielins, continue reading this article. Learn more about how the prowadzicicicie of this gatunku trzmielinyby obtaining a single, foremny krzew in the future.

  1. Trzmielina oskrzydlona (Euonymus alatus) is an ozdobny krzew liciasty that is commonly found in private gardens as well as among public parks and open spaces.
  2. In the process of moving up to 3 m in height, the unskrzydlone trizmielina is eroding the pokrój, which is becoming more pronounced.
  3. Dorasta up to 1 m in width at a moderately warm temperature.
  4. Small trzmielins scattered over the landscape make it possible to locate an appropriate location for this unusual kraw in virtually any setting.
  5. In addition to standard 60-cm-wide spots, kulisty pokrojus and decoy-obrzed licias are available as options for the spotka.
  6. The skrzydekami, also known as listwa korkowa, are characterized by their characteristic korkowaty nature.
  7. However, the season in which they are at their most abundant is autumn, when the color of the leaves changes to a crimson hue.
  8. Snówki are zjadajce by ptaki chtnie.
  9. Beautiful oskrzydlonej trzmielin zabarwienie in the springtime.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona – uprawa

It is simple and does not cause us any problems, and as a result, the rolina ta may be found in a variety of garden-related compositions. Trzmielina oskrzydlona prefers soneczne stanowiska above other types of structures. At the end of the day, her licie is the best it’s ever been. As the sun rises higher in the sky, gleba sucha rises to the surface of the water, pushing up against the surface of the water to create an odczyne lekko kwany to zasadowego. Because of this, Trzmielina oskrzydlonajest mao wymagajca, odporna na susz, mrozy, and zanieczyszczenia powietrza, and consequently ronie in miasta.

It is possible that the oskrzydlonejmona will restrict access to seasonal pielgnacyjne cicia as well as nawoenia nawozem wieloskadnikowym at the start of the wegetacyjne season.

The czerwone pdy dereni, the magically powykrcane gazie wierzb, the beautiful spring kwiaty ciemierników and oczarów, as well as the iglaste krzewy o rónokolorowym zabarwieniu igie – zielonym, óstawym, and niebieskim – may all Discover some of the most unusual roelins of the season and choose something unusual to put in your garden!

Trzmielina oskrzydlona – rozmnażanie

It is simple and does not cause us any problems, and as a result, the rolina ta may be found in a variety of garden-themed compositions. Soneczne stanowiska are preferred by the oskrzydlona trzemielina. Towards the end of the day, her state of mind is at its best. As the sun rises higher in the sky, gleba sucha rises to the surface of the water, pushing up against the surface of the water to create an odczyne lekko kwany to the surface of the water. Because of this, Trzmielina oskrzydlonajest mao wymagajca, odporna na susz, mrozy, and zanieczyszczenia powietrza, and consequently ronie in miastach.

It is possible that the oskrzydlonejmona will restrict access to seasonal pielgnacyjne cicia as well as nawoenia nawozem wieloskadnikowym at the beginning of the wegetacyjne season.

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Ozdobne roline zima wyznacza, e nasz ogród nabierze ciepych barw w tym sezonie, jak I innym.

Choose something interesting to put in your garden from among the most unusual rolins of the season.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona – cięcie

Trzmielina oskrzydlona cicie znosi znacznie szybko I szybko. The oskrzydlona trzmielina, on the other hand, does not skrzydlona si nadmiernie allowing one to oby without the need for precinania most of the time. It is recommended to use oskrzydlonej trzmieliny for the purpose of shaping and zagszczenia krzewu, particularly in the case of young children. As part of the first year’s uprawy (either immediately after posadzenia or as soon as possible for the krzews that have been saddened by the winter), we skracaj all of the silne and healthy pdy by one-third of their length.

  • Analogous cicie should be carried out at least two more years after that.
  • For older krzews, in which the korona has become unacceptably skrzydlone, it is necessary to perform a procedure known as odmadzajce trzmieliny oskrzydlonej.
  • The use of a ywopot from oskrzydlonej trzmieliny will necessitate a greater amount of time.
  • When a ywopot reaches a predetermined size, it is sufficient to take him out of the house only once a year, in the winter.
  • Check out these other articles: Trzmielina – Symptome, Diagnosis, and Treatment Mczniak is the most common victim of trzmielin attack, which causes the trzmielin to stop growing, cause licie to bulge, and cause the patient to pass out.
  • Examine how to overcome choroby and trzmielin szkodniki so that krzew may once again be proud of his appearance!
  • It’s all in the details with Irga and Cotoneaster: odmiany, uprawa, cicie, rozmnaanie.

Irgi are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of upkeep as well as their numerous decorative possibilities; in some cases, irgi are even visible throughout the summer months.

Examine how uprawa irgi appears in the garden, and then select the best irgi gatunki and irgi odmiany for your own garden.

The octowiec’s sumak: odmiany, uprawa, rozmnaanie, and how to get rid of it Sumak octowiec has the same number of admirers as he does wrogs.

Examine which varieties of sumaka octowca should be used in the garden, how uprawa sumaka looks in the garden and what should be done after it has been positioned, as well as how to get rid of sumaka octowca when it becomes too ekspansywny.

It was based on the following sources: Bartels A., Everything about Drew and Drews: 1500 Drew and Drews for the Garden, wiat Ksiki, s.

70-71; Gorejcy krzeww: Mój pikny O Most beautiful krzews, byliny, and kwiaty cicie on the planet.

Markley, Krzewy I drzewa (Krzewy and Drewa, RM Wydawnictwo).

Rolin preservation, sadness, pielgnacja, and cicie are all possible. Agencja Promocji Zieleni, s. 83; Retournard D.,Rozmnaanie 250 rolin przez sadzonki, Oficyna Wydawnicza Delta W-Z, s. 213. Muras P.,Katalog rolin – drzewa, krzewy, byliny, Agencja Promocji Zieleni,

Jak zadbać o Trzmielinę? – Uprawa, pielęgnacja, wymagania – Porady i inspiracje

Trzmielinyto ogrodowe liciaste krzewy, które s one of the most distinctive features of the season’s ogrod. They may also be seen in the vicinity of pnczy, which results in them appearing strangely unhappy in the midst of a drzew cieniu — they have the ability to spin to a height of up to 3 meters after being sucked in. They are also frequently used as a component of potu, and they contribute to the growth of ogródków skalnych.

Wygląd rośliny

Trzmielinyto is one of the most distinctive features of the agroforestry landscape. We distinguish around 120 gatunków trzmielin, of which a portion goes to drzewka, a portion to ozdobne, and a portion to ekspansywne pncza. All of the gatunks, however, are distinguished by their attractive, characteristic lises, which cuddly acclimatize themselves to the season. Additionally, owoców have a unique appearance thanks to the use of trizmieliny.

Pochodzenie trzmieliny

The vast majority of trzmieliny odmian originates in Azji, particularly in the countries to the south, such as Japan, China, and Korea. In addition to the Kaukaz, the trzmielins made rapid progress throughout the rest of Europe’s south-eastern provinces. A trzmielina europejska is a kind of tree that grows wild in Poland.

Popularne odmiany trzmieliny

The following are the most common trzmieliny for use in a private garden:

  • Trzmielina Fortune’a ‘Golden Harlequin’ – poca forma trzmieliny o bardzo dekoracyjnych pdach, dwubarwnych liciach, o póca forma trzmieliny o bardzo dekoracyjnych pdach, o dwubarwnych liciach, o p Zimozielona
  • Because of its beautiful appearance, the Chicago Fire trzmielina is considered to be one of the most beautiful varieties of the trzmielina, especially for the holiday season. It is particularly suitable for the season because of its beautiful appearance. Due to the fact that it is a gatunek that is both dormant and actively growing, it is quite noticeable in large areas of forest. Trzmielina Kiauczuowska ‘Manhattan’ is a zimozielona rolina with a prominent wzrost and a large number of large, ciemnozielonych, byszczczcing licias.

Występowanie trzmieliny

Trzmieliny are ozdobne cenne roliny that are available for purchase in a variety of countries across the world, regardless of the climate. In their natural state, they may be found across Europe, as well as in the Azores and the United States of America. While in Poland, we may see the European Trzmielin, as well as the Brodawkowat Trzmielin, which are both native to the country. ‘Blondy’ is Trzmielina Fortune’s alter ego.

Wymagania środowiskowe rośliny

Trzmielina, whether in the shape of a krzew or a pncza, is not a particularly demanding gatunkie for roliny, despite its size.

Jaka ziemia dla trzmieliny?

Even in the most remote corners of the world, Trzmielina continues to grow in a healthy manner. The best, however, is a gleba yzna, which is a próchnicza that is rich in pokarmowe seasonings and piaszczysto-gliniasta. The only thing that matters when it comes to krwa is that the gleba is neither too wilgotna nor too zbita.

Jakie warunki uprawy dla trzmieliny?

All of the trzmielin variations are delicious with sour cream. In particular, it is important for odmian with barwny liciach – it is almost impossible for them to have a lot of sand in their hair. The smallest barwne odmiany should be stored in the refrigerator, but with access to fresh promieni sonecznych. The temperature of the trzmieliny should be cool, osoniete, and free of zimnych prezecigs. Trzmielina europejska, on the other hand, is a good diuretic.

Sadzenie trzmieliny

Assuming you have a plan to install a trzmieliny, be confident that you have chosen a suitable location for it. When did the trzmieliny become a problem? Over the course of the whole wegetative season, it is possible to harvest the roelins that have been uprooted in the doniczkach.

Gdzie posadzić trzmieliny?

The structure of the trzmieliny should be, first and foremost, properly odchwaszczone.

A young trzmielina requires an adequate amount of space and water, and chwasty are likely to cause major problems in this regard because they would be a direct competitor to trzmieliny.

Jak gęsto sadzić trzmieliny?

The size of the trzmielins depends on the gatunku and odmiany (siy wzrostu) and the expectations you have for the outcome. In most cases, the length of a Fortune’s trzmielin used as an okrywow rolin is between 40 and 50 centimeters.

Tempo wzrostu

TRZMILINA GROWS EXTREMELY FAST – Krzewy and Pncza have the potential to grow by several hundred centimeters each year or perhaps more. Trzmielina, or dziko, that has grown in the wild or on the edge of the forest or on the edge of a lilac grove, can reach heights of up to 7 meters; however, those grown in a domestic garden often do not exceed heights of 3–4 meters. ‘Gracilis’ is the work of Trzmielina Fortune.

Kwitnienie trzmieliny

Kwitne Zielonkawe I óste kwiaty Trzmieliny kwitne zwykle w maju. They are extremely drobne and unpalatable.

Jak pachnie trzmielina?

Trzmielina does not have a particularly distinctive zapachu. The majority of odmian pachnie in a neutral manner, whilst the kwiaty pachnie in a pleasant, but not in any way delectable manner.

Liście trzmieliny

Because of the large number of gatunks in the trzmieliny, the licie of certain rolin might differ significantly from one another. All of them, however, are disproportionately little, okrge, or owalne. The majority of lici trzmieliny slowly transition towards the season of autumn, displaying hues like as pomaraczowy, czerwony, and even róowy.

Owoce trzmieliny

During the months of March and April, owoce trzmieliny can be found in the kwiats. This set of decoy owoce-torebki has a unique róowo-karminowych odcieniu, which was inspired by the original. When the licie of the trzmieliny opadnie, the owoce emerge from the krzewie, which can last until the end of the summer.

Pielęgnacja trzmieliny

This really popular krzew is quite effective at preventing certain types of pielgnacyjn zabiegi. During the entire period of vegetarianism, you can eat pdy boczne, which help to create a more harmonious type of krzewu. The best time for a cicie zachowawcze trzmieliny is, however, during the months of December or January.

Jak ciąć trzmielinę?

In the event that you wish to have your trzmielina rosnca in the shape of a krzew grow quickly and evenly, you may start doing so as early as the first week of winter. The trzmielin is przycinaj every year, with the pds being skracajc by the end of the previous year’s przyrost, zachowawcza przycinaj trzmielina every year, with the end of the previous year’s przyrost. Trzmielina Fortune’a does not require cicia, but she does a good job at acquiring it, which allows you to skraca pdy wyrastajce poza dla her obszar, if you have a good enough reason to do so.

Podlewanie trzmieliny

Trzmielina requires frequent maintenance due to the fact that it does not eliminate susz. The lack of water significantly worsens the condition of the roelins.

Nawożenie trzmieliny

Trzmielina necessitates nawoenia a minimum of thrice each year. The first nawoenie is expected to take place in the first half of the year – around the middle of March and the beginning of October – and the second – in the second half of the year.

If you keep your trzmielin in a doniczce, it is necessary to nawozi it more frequently than once a month using a specialized pynny nawoze.

Przesadzanie trzmieliny

Young trzmielins are well-suited for presadzanie; older trzmielins necessitate presadzanie with a greater amount of korzeniowe bryo. The best time to schedule a delivery is during the months of July and August or early winter. ‘Chicago Fire’ is an oskrzydlona trzmielina.

Jakie odmiany trzmieliny do ogrodu?

The following are the best things to look for in a private garden:

  • Fortune’s trzmieliny have been transformed into a zielony niski krzew with a ciemnozielonych liciach. It is possible to spin up to 1.5 m in diameter. Trzmielina oskrzydlona – krzew o ciekawym, nieregularnym pokroju, wymagajcy latem regularnego podlewania
  • Trzmielina oskrzydlona – krzew o ciekawym, nieregularnym pokroju, wymagajcy latem regular Pospolitan trzmielina is a krzew characterized by intensely czerwonych jesieni and karminoworóowych owocach, which take an inordinate amount of time to emerge.

Najczęstsze pytania dotyczące uprawy trzmieliny

Tak. Trzmielina, despite the fact that it is quite attractive, is a rolin that is extremely trujcing. Her owoce include toksyczne glikozydy (glikozydy are found in a variety of places, but owocs are the most abundant), which, even in little amounts, can cause wymioty, biegunki, and osabienie.

Trzmielina Oskrzydlona – czyli wszystko, co warto o niej wiedzieć

The following is a photograph of one of the most beautiful krzews, which may reach up to two meters in length, as well as the same width, and which can be used to identify the location of the spring equinox. Take a look at the methods for cleaning roliny, which are also known as “oskrzydlone” trzmielina, as well as “poncing krzewu” odmiany, as well as locations where it is possible to get roliny at a reasonable price, as well as its price, characteristics, and much more. To learn how to properly hodow oskrzydlon trifolium, watch this video.

Examine what requirements must be met in order for the product to be able to resemble naturally rosing versions seen in azjatyck countries.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona – uprawa i cięcie

The karminowe barwa of trzmieliny brings us closer to the source of our inspiration. This is one of the reasons why it is important to have her close by. How to prepare oskrzydlon trzmielin, where to place the roelin, and how to get out of the way for the upraw are all questions that a lot of people have. If you are interested in oskrzydlona trzmielina, upkeep should not be a problem, as the rolina does not have any wygórowanych wymaga in the area of hodowli and adapts itself well to its environment while outside.

  • It’s possible that this is also a spot that’s been freshly scuffed.
  • In the case of gleby, the vast majority of podola types will be appropriate.
  • Additionally, “ponccy krzew” effectively reduces susz and mroz and, on the whole, is non-toxic.
  • If you’re wondering when you should start przycinating trzmielin, the answer is the first few weeks after posadzenia, and then once a year after that.
  • The issue of przycinania trzmieliny oskrzydlonej is being debated.
  • Is there something more beautiful than a zadbana trzmielina oskrzydlona?
  • It is important that the pielgnacja and podcinanie of the trzmielina with an indentation on the pnie look the same as they did when it was first created.

In addition, trzmielina oskrzydlona pniu possesses a culist shape and features that are similar to those of the version for posadzenia w ziemi. If we know how to prepare trzmielin, we may proceed to learning about its characteristics.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona – owoce, rozmnażanie i odmiany

The owoce with a trzmielina oskrzydlona owoce has a distinctive appearance. It is possible to characterize them as czerwonofioletowe torebki with a small angular dimension. They are both a ptak-friendly pokarme and a human-friendly trucizn. When it comes to the psychological aspects of trzmielina oskrzydlona, the owoce do not outperform the barwny liciom, which alters the color of their fur depending on the time of the year. Despite this, owoce are appetityczne and serve to highlight the nontuzinkow nature of the composition.

  • The reshaping of this rolin takes place in a vegetarian manner, with the use of plowshares.
  • In the month of September, the trzmielina oskrzydlona sadzonki of the highest quality will be released.
  • In addition, we recommend that you use IBA ukorzeniacza.
  • The most important thing to remember while dealing with trzmieliny is that rozmnaanie is the most important thing to remember.
  • Odmiany “ponccego krzewu” are available in a wide variety of stores.
  • In light of the rapid rate of growth, Timber Creek will be a fantastic choice for those looking for a high-quality oskrzydlon tree on the pniu.
  • When it comes to oskrzydlony trzmielin, the price is not dependent on the type of rolin used.
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Pora roku ma znaczenie – trzmielina oskrzydlona zimą

If you have a large amount of weight on your shoulders, a trzmielina oskrzydlona zima will cause you just as much concern as a trzmielina oskrzydlona jesienia. Although we may find seasonal gatunki in many places, the most majority of them are found in the Arctic Circle when the temperature is significantly lower than it is in the Northern Hemisphere. If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to slice an oskrzydlon trzmielin, preparation and proper preparation for the mróz are essential. In order to create a bry wierkow, it is necessary to create warstwa lici, gazi wierkowych, or somy.

In the absence of enough moisture on the mróz, a trzmielina with an oskrzydlony zima may erupt. It’s important to remember that rolina doesn’t start losing its odporno until it’s in its second or third year of life.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona – sprzedaż wysyłkowa

For example, in the case of purchasing trzmieliny, the price is determined by the type of gatunk that is purchased. We may find it in online stores if we search for it using the phrase “trzemlina oskrzydlona sadzonki.” It is necessary to ensure that the product is transported to the residence. The sale of products such as oskrzydlona trzmielina takes place without the presence of a court order, while the rolin can be purchased at an ogrodniczym store as well as online. Are you prepared to purchase a trzmielina oskrzydlona?

Unaffected by whether or whether you are interested in trzmielina oskrzydlona for sale on the internet, or whether or not you want to purchase it in person, we recommend that you do so.

He completed a course in construction technology and has since enjoyed working on renovations, refinishings, and stolarce projects.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona — opis i uprawa

In the garden or in the park, a trzmielina that has been unskrzydlona is a wonderful addition. Prior to commencing with her upkeep, it is necessary to become acquainted with a number of important considerations, in order for her to develop properly. Get acquainted with the artwork and take note of all of the tajemnice trzmieliny oskrzydlonej! Trzmielina oskrzydlona is also known as poncy krzew, which is a kind of poncy krzew. Everything is due to a large number of intensely wybarwion lici, which cause the krzew to exude a beautiful, czerwon barwa.

You will learn the following from this article:

Trzmielina oskrzydlona – szczegółowy opis rośliny

Trzmielina oskrzydlona (Euonymus alatus) is a roelin that originates in China, Japan, and South Korea. It is possible to reach a height of around 2-3 meters. It has a distinctive liture that is particularly appealing in the autumn, when the leaves are a vibrant czerwony color, and which is very appealing in the winter. It also distinguishes itself by having czerwonofioletowymi owocams. Because it is such a beautiful ozdob, it is common to see trzmielin ognist in a variety of different types of parks.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona – warunki uprawy

In order for trzmielina to grow and develop properly, it is necessary to ensure that she has the appropriate environmental conditions. This is good news since it means that the rolina in question does not have a lot of requirements, which means that it may even be maintained by garden enthusiasts.


Trzmielina like well-nasoneczne miejsca, especially in the winter. When the amount of soca is insufficient, the situation cannot be rectified properly. When the proper amount of soca is used, the licie of the plant flourishes and the rolina develops a unique color.

Rodzaj gleby

The same is true in the case of gleby trzmielina: it behaves well both as such and as awash, and has a pH that is somewhat acidic.

It is a zasadowy pH. However, if the pH level becomes too low, it is necessary to employ specialized agents that will cause the pH level to become more astringent and hence more palatable.


Despite the fact that oskrzydlona trzmielina effectively reduces the duration of periods of no water, this does not imply that it is necessary to remove it. Aufgrund of its design, the korzeniowy rolina system is not always capable of removing water from the gbszych ziemi, making it necessary to maintain it on a regular basis. This is especially important during the summer months, when temperatures soar to dangerously high levels. It’s important to remember this so that your pdu and lici don’t get messed up during the process.

Jak prawidłowo nawozić i przycinać trzmielinę?

Obnisty krzew do prawidowego wzrostu wymaga odzywienia w forma nawozu (inflation). One of the most interesting aspects of this device is that it can provide both micro- and macro-elements at the same time. It is necessary to nawozi trzmielin at the beginning of the vegetarian season. When it comes to przycinanie, this should not be confused with an excessive amount of stres for the rolins. For the purpose of determining her appropriate ksztat, the przycinanie trzmieliny must be performed twice every year for the duration of the year.

W jaki sposób należy rozmnażać trzmielinę ognistą?

Thanks to the help of sadzonek, the rzmielin ognist has shrunk in size. At some point, in the late summer or early autumn, a piece of wood with around 10 cm in diameter should be cut and placed in a nook between a pile of piask and a pile of torfu. Before beginning work on this project, it is recommended that you use a ukorzeniacza. This is because the entire korzeniowy system will be completed much more quickly at this point. When you notice that the korzeni have already formed, you should move the rolin to the same location in the ziemi as before.

Czy trzmielina ognista jest bezpieczna dla zwierząt i ludzi?

Whenever it comes to ptaki, owoce trzmieliny provide excellent pokarm for them and are a wonderful source of relaxation, particularly during the summer months. Trommeliny, although being czerwone and unusually attractive, are not suitable for people who find them to be a source of great stress and anxiety. Desperately seeking their well-being is essential while caring for children, which is especially true if you wish to have a trzmielin in your garden. Because they are reminiscent of these jadalne, her owoce may serve as a source of embarrassment for them.

After exposure to its owoców, it is possible to see symptoms such as wheezing, biegunka, and generalized organ dysfunction.

Co jeszcze warto wiedzieć o trzmielinie oskrzydlonej?

If you have already acquired necessary knowledge about pielgnacji, have a look at what more you need know about oskrzydlonej trzmielines!

Duża odporność na czynniki zewnętrzne i atmosferyczne

Oskrzydlona trzmielina to rolina zwykle prosta w uprawie, odporna zarówno na mróz, jak I susz, odporna na mróz I susz. Its atmospheric adsorption is not very noxious, which is why it may be found in parks and even in large cities on a fairly regular basis.

If you’re looking for anything specific, try searching for it on Google. It’s a great way to find out what you’re looking for. It’s possible that a unique component of ywopots will emerge.

Nietypowe formy trzmieliny oskrzydlonej

It’s important to remember that each oskrzydlona trzmielina has its own set of variations. It’s common to see the odmiana “Compactus,” which is characterized by its low height, which is just one meter high, and which, as a result, performs well in situations with limited space. Another unique solution is a trzmielina oskrzydlona na pniu, which presents itself in an extremely attractive manner and which is particularly enjoyable to experience both in gardens and in parks. Trzmielina czerwona to rolina, która wzgldu na barw swoich lici I atrakcyjne owoce stanowi prawdziw ozdob wzgldu na barw swoich lici I atrakcyjne owoce.

Immediately get acquainted with the preceding article and get necessary knowledge about the treatment of oskrzydlone trzmieliny, as well as learn about its unusual applications, which will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your garden!

Trzmielina oskrzydlona. Jak uprawiać ten krzew ozdobny, jakie ma wymagania i odmiany oraz jak i kiedy przycinać trzmielinę

Despite having few requirements, oskrzydlona trzmielina has a pleasing appearance. Write to us about how to improve it, if and when to use ci and which trzmielin to use. Tromelia oskrzydlona jest blisko spokrewniona z dziko rosnujcym w Polsce tromelia pospolita oraz uprawiane w ogrodach tromelia Fortune’a oraz tromelia japosk. Tromelia Fortune’a I japo’sk Nature is changing in the western part of the Arabian Peninsula, although our climate appears to be in excellent condition. There are only a few uprawowe requirements in this case.

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Jak wygląda trzmielina oskrzydlona

Trzmielina oskrzydlona (Euonymus alatus) is also known as czerwonatrzmielina (Euonymus alatus) and ponccym krzewem (Euonymus alatus) (burning bush). Take a look at how the oskrzydlona trzmielina seems. This is a medium-sized krzew (dorasta to 2-3 m in width) with no discernible, rozoystym pokroju. When it comes to size, the ratio is about the same as when it comes to weight. Early in the morning, a trzmielina oskrzydlona appears to be nothing special, but it is rather zwyczajn. On the whole, it kwitnie on the eve of winter and summer, but her kwiaty are zielonkawe and unpozorne, making it difficult to find among the lilies.

The season of autumn provides a spectacular display of urody, as her lilies burst forth in a dazzling display of czerwono-purpurow color.

The colors of this krzew are changing as the season progresses, but the appearance of the oskrzydlona zima is still quite appealing.

Throughout the season, listwy korkowe became more common in the area.

One by one, the pds come together to form a skrzydeek-like structure. The term “trzmieliny” is derived directly from the term “oskrzydlona,” which means “oskrzydlona.” THE TOP 16 rolin with the most vibrant colors available! It’s perfect, na.

Uwaga na owoce trzmieliny oskrzydlonej

Those who suffer from other ssaks find the owoce of the oskrzydlonej trzmieliny trujce, but those who are healthy and do not pose a threat to their own health find the ptaks to be a source of comfort. Because the owoce are so visually appealing (they are pomaraczowe, okrge nasiona in a variety of colors that resemble “torebks”), we are concentrating on the sadzeniem trzmieliny in the garden, where children are playing. Oboce trzmieliny have the potential to be easily dismantled. It’s important to remember that trujce owoce may be found in all trzmieliny, including pospolita, japoska, and Fortune’a.

Uprawa trzmieliny oskrzydlonej – podstawowe wymagania

Trobasadzi trzebasadzi trzebasadzi trzebasadzi oskrzydlon trzebasadzi w sonecznych miejscach In all likelihood, the temperature will rise in the aforementioned locations as well, but the liquified state of the water will not be favorable by the end of the month. The greater the amount of soca present, the more czerwiesza trzmielina will be, and this will be the primary significance of trzmielina. Trzmielina, on the other hand, is completely devoid of merit. It is tolerancyjna when it comes to ziemi; yet, it is necessary for it to be przepuszczalna.

For this, one must rely on one’s own resources: just mode roliny are required in the absence of opads, and starsze roliny are required in the presence of suszy and upa.

The result is that it no longer confines itself just to cultivated fields, but also to urban encampments, as well as to highway rest stops.

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Trzmielina Compactus

Trzmielina Compactusto atrakcyjna odmiana trzmieliny oskrzydlonej odmiana trzmielina compactusto Characterized by a onapowolny wzrost and smaller rozmiars, as evidenced by the fact that it is only around 1 m in height. It also has a smoky, kulisty tinge to it. A listwy korkowe do not appear on her pdach at any point in time. It adapts exceptionally well to little gardens.

Trzmielina oskrzydlona na pniu

Tetrzmieliny oskrzydlone na pniu (pienne), czyli szczepione, presentuj si bardzo ciekawie na pniu (pienne). One of them is a drzewka with a simple pniu and a korona that is not too kuliste. When purchasing a trzmielina oskrzydlona na pniu, it is important to pay attention to the height of the szczepienia (drzewka are available in a variety of heights ranging from 70 to 180 cm). The Podkadka (pie) will not rise in height, but will instead rise in width, whereas the korona will rise in height. This group of owoców will not be displaced!

Trzmielina oskrzydlona cięcie

Despite the fact that oskrzydlona trzmielina does an excellent job of reducing cicie, this is not a zabieg that is absolutely necessary. The most common occurrence is that she produces no and just a dark pokrój, and she also does not swell or swell excessively. If we buy old, sably rozkrzewone roliny, it is important to keep them in a cool, dark place for the first two to three years after purchase, otherwise they may rot. Make a wiosnie out of it by skracajc pdy for about a third of a day. In addition, every year during the winter months, sanitarne trzmieliny are constructed, which are used to clean up suche or poamane pdy.

Compactus and other karowe odmiany do not necessitate the use of cicia (poza sanitarnym). A trzmielina oskrzydlona may also be used as an aywopot – at that point, it will begin to ripen in the early spring, and then again in the late summer (in the month of March/April).

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Jak wykorzystać trzmielinę oskrzydloną w ogrodzie

In the garden, the oskrzydlona trzmielina looks beautiful as a soliter, which is positioned on a trawnik. On the walls of the house, particularly those that are brightly colored or sombre, it presents itself in a similarly effective manner. However, it is also possible to use it as a component of krzewiasto-kwiatowej rabaty. The best things to put in it are roliny that bloom in the late summer and early fall, such as rudbekii, chryzantemy, and jesienne astries bylinowe (tzw. marcinki). It appears to be the same way in the context of ozdobnych traw.

In addition to trzmieliny oskrzydlone, it is possible to describe them as a ywopot, whether it is one of the two types of ywopot or if they are found in the company of other krzews such as pcherznice (for example, those with a ótawych liciach), forsycje, or norweskie t


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