Uprawa Kanny W Ogrodzie


Paciorecznik / Kanna

Paciorecznik (Canna), often known as the prostukanny, is a kind of bylin descended from the paciorecznikowaty family (Cannaceae). This kind of roolin may be found on the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Northwest coasts of the United States, as well as in the Azores. Kanna is a large bylina, with a width ranging from 100 cm (niskie) to 150 cm (rednie) and a height of more than 150 cm at its highest point (odmiany wysokie). It is Rolina’s job to create grubby, drooling-inducing sikcze, from which misiste pdy with reddish hues rise to the surface.

At the junctions of the pds, different-colored kwiats form.

Cytrynowoóte, karminowe, ososioworóowe, pomaraczowoczerwone, pomaraczowe, óte, ciemno-szkaratne, ciemno-szkaratne, ciemno-szkaratne, ciemno-szkaratne, ciemno This group creates a unique blend of mammoth-sized, okrgly-shaped, and smoky nasiona, which are so dense and densely packed with tonalities that they rumble against the water’s surface.

It takes a paciorecznik several years to get to the first few premrozks of a new year.

Nektar wabicy owady wydzielony jest przez kwiaty.

Uprawa i wymagania

Uprawa paciorecznikanie naley do stosowanych zakresów. It is most beneficial to grow on cold and soneczny surfaces. Paciorecznik ronie najlepiej w ciepych or sonecznych stanowiskach. Even at low temperatures, rolina retains its pliability. The paciorecznik’s knuckle must be kept at a temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius when being stored. It is necessary to remove the kcza roliny from the ziemi as soon as the first few przymrozks are completed. In the second half of May, he prepares to fight in the Wdrugiej Powowie (po zimnych ogrodnikach).

It is also possible to wysiewa j.

But if we ask the roolines to zawiza nasiona, it is very simple to get her to krzyuj — her potomstwo is rarely a source of concern for the rest of the family.


Due to the fact that it comes from a tropical environment, kanna is a one-time annual event in Poland. A kwietnik, in the company of niskichbylin or in a more casual setting, sadzi si on her. Paciorecznik can also be used to improve the appearance of wdonicach on the balcony and the landing. Some pacioreczniki are quite effective at preventing permanent zanurzenie in pytkiej wodzie, and as a result, they can be used as roliny wodne.


He was a founder of the Indian topaciorecznik (Canna indica) breed, which was a gatunkie that was exceptionally up to par for the purpose of hunting. Current-day odmiany odbne paciorecznikas are held together by zoosonymi mieszaccams that are gatunkowy in nature (Canna x generalis). Canna indica, Canna glauca, Canna coccinea, Canna flacciola, Canna iridiflora, Canna liliflora, and a slew of other cannabis varieties arose as a result of krzykowanie, including Canna indica, Canna glauca, Canna coccinea, Canna flacciola, Canna iridiflora, and a slew of The majority of the time, the gatunkowy name is omitted from their descriptions.

  • Dorasta up to 1 m in height, with malinowoczerwone leaves, kwiatostany with a diameter of 25-30 cm, and purpure flowers. ‘Livadia’ is an evergreen shrub with a height of 25-30 cm and a diameter of 25-30 cm. Licie ‘Argentina’: licie dugozielone, jasnozielone z biaym brzegiem, drobne, pomaraczowe
  • Kwiaty drobne, pomaraczowe
  • Succulenta suevia (Suevia) – dorasta up to 100 cm tall with cytrynowe berries that are similar to orchids, a kwatostan up to 12 cm and a bright yellow lily pad
  • The word ‘Erebus’ refers to a water-loving odmiana with green leaves and blue flowers, as well as blue kwiats.


aciska rolinny gets its name from the Greek word sawakanna, which means trzcin. This is because both rolins are similar in appearance, and both have a wzniose odygi. The Polish name “paciorecznik” is associated with the shape of the nasion — it was intended to evoke images of paciorki róaca. What’s more, they’re so twarde that they were formerly referred to as naboi! The text was written by Katarzyna Jeziorska, while the photographs were taken by Tony H, Ellen Chan, dan haddock/Pixabay, and Pawe Romanowski.

Sadzenie kłączy kanny (paciorecznika) do doniczek – kiedy i jak to robić?

In order for kwiaty kanny to have an impact on our environment late in the season, it is necessary to position her kcza to doniczek throughout the winter. Kanny are being uprooted in the woods. Paciorecznik (kanna) is a kwitnieczna bylina ogrodowa, which is characterized by its non-zimujing in the gruncie. It is necessary to begin immediately with the cleaning of the cans. We’ll go through what to do, when to do it, and how to get the kcza kanny to go to the doniczek. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the potoczniekannami, which are reminiscent of beautiful, egzotycznemotyle.

Depending on the odmiany, the kwiaty kanny can be a variety of colors, including azure, czerwone, pomaraczowe, or nakrapiane, and can be reminiscent of barwne koosy or fantastic, multicolored falbany.

Original urodakannynie without a cause is associated with egzotyk since the world’s most temperate regions (for example, the United States and Africa) are the native habitat of the egzotyk.

Despite the fact that abykwiaty kanny (pacioreczinika) have descended onto our ogród in the late afternoon, it is necessary to begin their upkeep early and to get them ready for the winter months.

Dlaczego sadzimy wiosną kłącza kanny do doniczek?

When spring arrives, it is necessary to position the cane’s kcza to the doniczek so that it can bloom in the late summer. Winter is the best time to accomplish this task. Canny are being uprooted in the woods. It is a kwitnia ogrodowa bylina, which means it is always moving in the grass. Paciorecznik (kanna) is a type of weed that grows in the grass. It is necessary to begin the process of restoring canniness as early as possible. In this section, we’ll discuss why, when, and how to attach a cannon to a cannon.

Potoczniekannami are a kind of paciorecznik that grows in the area.

They’re even more cenne than usual, since they’ll be resuming in the month of July and extending their reach as far as the first round of pre-qualification interviews.

Because of this, in our current climate, uprawa kanny is not a simple task, and if we want to be able to enjoy her beautiful kwiats on a yearly basis, we must work hard to ensure that the roelins are in good condition at all times.

Despite the fact that abykwiaty kanny (pacioreczinika) have descended onto our ogród in the late afternoon, it is necessary to begin their upkeep early and to get them ready for the winter months.

Sadzenie kłączy kanny do doniczek

Immediately before serving, prepare an appropriately large amount of donic and divide it into two thirds lekko, syzno-kwiatowe ziemi (see recipe below). On this particular ridge, kcze kanny pczkami to the góry form and delectably highlight the remaining ziemi. Doniczko is then placed in a room with a temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius and is slowly but steadily warmed (ziemia should be stale and lekko wilgotna). After that, the process is repeated. Once wiosennych przymrozków have been completed (i.e.

The prowadzona kanna will be completed by the end of the month of July.

Temperatures of 5–8 degrees Celsius are ideal for zimowing in such a protected environment till the following year.

Kanna (paciorecznik) – uprawa, pielęgnacja, porady ogrodnicze

In the garden, the canna, also known as the paciorecznik, is one of the most popular roelin kwitning in the area. Each of her intensely colored kwiaty is a unique piece of the overall rabaty experience. In addition to their lack of coherence, their jaskrawe ubarwienie ensures that they will always have an egzotyc look to them. Discover what causes pielgnacja kanny to occur and what steps must be taken to ensure that the kwita in the garden is as beautiful as possible. If you are looking for a company that will build an aranasation for your garden, use the service Szukaj Wykonawcy, which can be found on the website Kalkulatory Budowlane.

PaciorecznikCanna– roślina o wielu zastosowaniach

Canna and Paciorecznik are the names of two different types of Rolina. Kanna is a cannon that is pierced in the middle by a sliver of bone, while Paciorecznik is an animal that is associated with the shape of the cannon’s nasion, which may remind some people of the shape of a paciorecznik. They’re so twarde that they were formerly used as naboi for broni or stosowane as korale for the wyrobu biuterii, to name a few of things. At the moment, paciorecznikCannajest is being used as a rolina ozdobna, which means that it will receive a reward for completing a task.

Jak uprawiać paciorecznik?

Kanny upkeep is not difficult, and as a result, even the most inexperienced gardener may be able to cultivate them. Both in the gruncie, where she finds good towarzystwem in the form of oczko wodne, as well as in the doniczce, Uprawia demonstrates her prowess. Tokwiaty cebulowe, które nie przetrzymuj zimy, s wystawione na ogrod lub natarasw pojemnikach czsto traktowane jakoroliny doniczkowei wystawiane do pojemnikach.

Canines who have been properly pruned will feel good in the garden, and not just as a rolina doniczkowa, as a result. If you are looking for ideas for kwiats for your garden, you will find them in this article.

Jak wygląda kanna?

PaciorecznikCannato rolina doniczkowa and not just, which, depending on the degree of odmiany, can range in size from a few hundred to several thousand centimeters in width. It is made up of large odziomkowe lici, which produce interesting effects when they are zwinited in a rulon licie chronising a droid. Kanna wytwarza kwiaty wygodne I bardzo oryginalne, które s przepikne I bardzo oryginalne. They have an asymetrycally built structure and are shaped in a characteristically wide manner; hence, they are asymmetrical.

Currently available are also stunning odmiany with a rososiowy or morelowy odcieniu, and odmiany with a dwubarwne or ozdobione contrastowy rzucikiem have a significant impact on the overall look of the piece.

Kanna w ogrodzie – kwitnienie

The color of the kwiatostanowy pd is most often bordowy, which signifies the origin of the roliny. The most significant paciorecznik initiative, however, is the appearance of kwiatostany as early as the first week of September. If the appropriate treatment is administered, the kwiatostany will remain stable for the duration of the season, up to and including the first few weeks of winter.

Kanna w gruncie i doniczce – wymagania

Despite the fact that kanna in the upraw is not particularly demanding, it may be rather kapryna when viewed from the perspective of the podos. Most importantly, he must have access to properly maintained gleb, because kwitnienia might result in increased need for odywcze skadniki at this period. As well as being rich in nutrients, Podoe should also be rich in fiber, therefore before beginning uprawy, it is recommended to run it through a stanowiskuobornik or a natural compost and thoroughly mix it in.

  1. The pH of glebe should be in the range of lean to slightly acidic to slightly acidic to slightly acidic.
  2. The work of Kanna (paciorecznik) includes uprooting, pielgnacing, and agronomic weeding.
  3. It is possible to place them on the runway or on the balkon.
  4. At the top of the grunt, as well as in the doniczks, kanna should have a sufficient amount of sand and water to support its growth.

Sadzenie, uprawa i pielęgnacja paciorecznika

They are essentially cebulous kwiats; however, they are often made from podziemnych kczy, which have a somewhat cebulous texture to their postion. It is necessary for canines to have a long period of rest (even omiomiesiczne, or at least póroczne) in order for their obficie to be restored.

From this perspective, roliny should be treated with caution for the time being. As a result, cebulki begins by saddening itself to doniczek and only after the roliny have begun to swell begins the process of saddening itself to its final resting place.

Paciorecznik – sadzenie

The sadzenie will take place in March, and it is possible to harvest a few cebulek in a large, slender donic. The prepared rozsada should be kept at a temperature range of 18 degrees Celsius for a few weeks, and there should be no difficulty in locating a suitable location for it within the home. On one hand, you may put some of the cebulek on the doniczko roolins, and on the other hand, you can put some of it in the gruncie. The roelin’s current location will not be reached until after the 15th of May, when the widmo of the end of the wiosennych przymrozks is reached.

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Kanna w ogrodzie – uprawa

Paciorecznik in the ogrodzie has somewhat different requirements than he has in the doniczce. First and foremost, it is important to remember to maintain regular podlewanie. In the case of canines, especially in the case of large upas, it is necessary to provide them with water on a daily basis. In the case of humans, it is necessary to provide them with water on an as-needed basis. In the case of animals, it is necessary to provide them with water on a daily basis. In the case of canines, it is necessary to provide them with water on a daily basis.

In addition, the mineral requirements of the ogrodowy paciorecznik are quite high.

Agrochemical sinawozy mineralnedorolin ogrodowychkwitncych are used to achieve this goal.

The work of Kanna (paciorecznik) includes uprooting, pielgnacing, and agronomic weeding.

Kanna w doniczce – pielęgnacja

Kanna in the doniczce, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of water. It is recommended that a paciorecznik that has been uprooted in the house or on the balcony be left for two to three days. Of course, we use just a little amount of water for this purpose, because kanna has the potential to be beneficial in the treatment of grzybowe choroby in an excessively dark environment. As an alternative, doniczki, which allow for the immediate release of nadmiar water after the podlaning process, or uzupenia gleba to remove the sand, which results in a more porpuszczal structure, should be used.

Kanna in a doniczce, for example, on a balcony, necessitates nawoenia, but not as intense as that required by uprawiana in a gruncie.

It is possible to administer it once or twice a month throughout the course of the month.

The greater the amount of nawozu, the more beautiful and large the rolina will be. If you are also interested in kwiaty on the balcony, you will find plenty of inspiration in this article.

Piękne kwiaty w Twoim ogrodzie

Kanna is a somewhat egzotyczna rolina, which is extremely effective in preventing temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius. After the first night’s przymrozku, rolina begins to suffocate the kwitnienie and the entire body. This is also a signal that she should get her kicza re-done. No longer is it possible for Paciorecznik to remain in the glebe, and the paciorecznik will not emerge in the next year. Because of this, kcza kanny must be trimmed and properly oczyszczone before the start of the season.

  1. Incubate their nadziemne czci.
  2. A paciorecznik ogrodowy, such as the one who uprawia jakokwiaty in doniczkach, must endure a lengthy period of spoczynku before the kwiaty may be replanted.
  3. It is possible to prepare them with such ingredients as piaskies or torfes; the most important thing is that they be delicious.
  4. As a result, it continues to grow at temperatures ranging from 5 to 8 degrees Celsius until the end of March, when it is ready to be harvested for doniczki.
  5. This type of zimowanie is the best assurance that the kcza will reappear in the spring and that paciorecznikCannaznów will reappear in the summer.
  6. The article appears to have been beneficial to 96.7 percent of those who read it.

Paciorecznik (Kanna) w ogrodzie – uprawa i pielęgnacja

The term “byliny” refers to a long-lived roliny. 2Chabry – preparation, modification, and application 3Dziurawiec – odmiany ozdobne odmiany ozdobne odmiany ozdobne 4Funkia (Hosta) in the midst of the garden 5Godziki – ogrodowe kwiaty, which are quite famous in Poland. Sixth, lantana is an attractive krzew with attractive kwaats. Seventh-century Pelargonie – their origins and evolution 8Soneczniki ozdobne – kwiaty soca (ozdobne soneczniki) czstopaciorecznikiem) is a term used to describe Kanna(Canna).

Previously, they were used as naboje or as a raw material in the production of biuterii.

Because of its widespread use in Peru, it is referred to as “Wiet Rolin Inków” (Holy Rolin ink).

It is possible to eat it on a surowo, in a piec, or to make a mash out of it. Paper is snatched from the hands of pacioreczniks. Despite the large number of expensive products available in Poland, pacioreczniki are most commonly used as ozdobne roliny, which are often found in fields or on farmland.


Kanna joins the ranks of the paciorecznikowatych family (Cannaceae). paciorecznik indyjski (Canna indica) is an example of the fundamental gatunk, and it grows in the intermediate zone between two zwrotniks. Originally from the pónocno and srodkowo regions of Mexico, as well as the southwestern United States. In domestic gardens, the most frequently encountered plant is the paciorecznik ogrodowy (Canna x generalis), which serves as a mid-gatunkow mieszanka for plants such as Canna indica, C. glauca, C.

iridiflora, and C.

Kanna is a paciorecznik.


In the aftermath of the hodowli, a large number of paciorecznik odmian and mieszaców were discovered, each of which differed from the others both in terms of color of the lici and kwiats, as well as in terms of size. Depending on the odmiany, they can grow in size from 50 cm to as much as 200 cm in circumference. Since Paciorecznik has a sztywne sodyga, he is able to move quickly despite the fact that his rolins are little in comparison to his body size. Licie are large, poduwane, lancetowate, and often zielone, although they can also be czerwonawe or brzowawe in color.

The sterylne prciki, also known as prtniczkami, are the most decorative part of the kwiat.

Although czerwone are the most common, other colors such as biae, kremowe, oóte, pomaraczowe, róowe, dwubarwne, and nakrapiane may also be seen.

The use of overkwitnited kwiatostans significantly lengthens the period of kwitnienia.

Wymagania i uprawa

Canines, despite their tropical origins, are not difficult to cultivate. To remember that they come from colder regions of the world is important; as a result, in our climate, they are uprooted like jakobylinyniezimujing in the gruncie, which is necessary because their kcza has to be wykopad and chowad by the sun. Roliny necessitate a syznek podoba, since they produce a large amount of zielonych lici and a little number of kwiats. Gleba must be abundant in próchnicy and well-puszczalna in order to be effective.

To be honest, the odczyn glebypowinien was deliciously kwany to the point of being disgusting.

In order for pacioreczniki to thrive, they require frequent feeding (a few times per week) and systematized nawoenia (at least once every two weeks).

The use of mineral-based pacioreczniks for kwitning roelin and specialized pacioreczniks during the winter season is recommended. To prevent kanny from growing in the doniczkach, it is necessary to introduce biohumus. Kanna is a paciorecznik. Continue reading this article.

Uprawa kanny (paciorecznika) – wiosenne sadzenie kłączy do doniczek

Canna, also known as the paciorecznik, is a beautiful roelin that blooms from the middle of summer to the end of the season. It is native to Poland and grows from the middle of summer to the end of the season. Colors such as red, orange, pomaraczowe, and nakrapiane cany garner attention, and they appear to be both elegant and effective in their presentation. Paciorecznik is the favorite rolin of many gardeners and garden enthusiasts. In both solo and group compositions, it is possible to make use of this instrument.

  1. Anatomically correct canine reproduction may be seen in all three stages of development: on the rabacie, in the doniczce, and in the skrzynce.
  2. Kanna, as a bylina derived from arid and arid-like environments, is not a very odourless creature.
  3. Following the oczyszczeniu, it is necessary to carefully examine and sort the kcza.
  4. In addition, it should be prepared with grubsza oczyci made from obumarych drobnych korzeni, which will speed up the development of pds in the spring.
  5. In both solo and group compositions, it is possible to make use of this instrument.
  6. In such materials as newspaper paper, siano, or dark-colored trociny, Kcza finds its way into the fray.
  7. The goal is to protect the knuckles from damage caused by muck and, at the same time, to prevent the premature aging of the knuckles.
  8. This contributes to the elimination of problems associated with roelin zgniliznie once the procedure is completed.

Wiosenne sadzenie kłączy kanny

Whoever has a clean and pleasant environment may be able to start the season of vegetarian paciorecznika as early as March. As a result, immediately following the removal of wiosennych przymrozks, it is possible to move the rolin to a more permanent location in the garden or on the terrace. Soon after, the zakwitnie will occur, and the ozdob will result as a result of this.

The fact that even little rolinkiwprowadzaj ywa ziele to mieszkania can be seen as an additional benefit of recent cany sadzenia, according to some. To this end, a parapet okienny, a zimowy ogród, or a szklarnia may be added. Awakening of the canines to fight in the ice on a winter day

Jak sadzić kannę (paciorecznik)?

The paciorecznika’s zimowanie should be completed by the end of the month of February. At this point, it is necessary to prepare aged roelin for further processing. In this case, it is necessary to:

  • Preparing the Doniczki: Cut the Doniczki into 8-10 cm pieces and place them in a warm and dry location (for example, near the grzejnikie)
  • Storing the Doniczks: Store the Doniczks in a warm and dry location (for example, near the grzejnikie)
  • Storing the Doniczks: Store the Doniczks in a warm and dry location (for example, near the grzejniki

Roliny, which have been cultivated in the home, may only be transplanted to the garden or to the terrace after the last frosts have passed, which usually occurs in the second half of May. In order to avoid sonecznych lici popping, it is necessary to use old pacioreczniki that are slowly przyzwyczajad into the whole soc. Throughout the year, doniczki with sadzonkami assemble on the terrace or on the balcony of the Wiosna Hotel, which is located near the sadzeniem. If you want to be able to see what you’re looking at, you must enable Javascript.

Kanna – odmiany, pielęgnacja, uprawa

Kanny are a type of roelin that can be found in both pojemnik and ogrodowej rabacies, and they are extremely attractive to look at. Nevertheless, byliny egzotyczne pose a significant set of requirements. They must be given a soneczne and warm location, as well as the opportunity to relax in a comfortable setting. What is it that we need to know about the uprawie cany? In his garden, Kanny has planted beautiful kwiats in a variety of colors, as well as long, thin lilies with a bright, intensely zielone glow.

Lista of products that are required:

Kanna – charakterystyka i odmiany

Kanna, also known as paciorecznikiem, is a tropical rolina that may be found in the warm climates of the Azores, the Pacific Northwest, and the Pacific Northwest. The name Aci is derived from the Greek word kanna, which means “trzcin” (trzcination). Because to the presence of sztywne odygi as well as a steady increase in temperature, this has been designated as such. It is also possible to perform her uprising in Poland, in private gardens or on balkony decks, provided that the location provides her with pleasant surroundings and a satisfactory level of pielgnacji.

The following are some of the most popular cany dishes: Canny will be kwitny from the beginning of September until the beginning of October.

Paciorecznik kwiaty s w kolorze ótym, cytrynowym, ososiowym, róowym, czerwonym, pomaraczowym, szkaratnym, ciemnoczerwonym I ciemnoczerwonym.

Kanny can grow to be up to 200 centimeters in circumference, yet it is possible to find canny odmiany karlowe roliny that grow to be up to 100 centimeters in circumference.

Karlowe odmiany can be prepared in a variety of settings, including balkonies and tarasas. Kanny seem to be well-positioned in the vicinity of the oczek wodnych.

Kanna – wymagania i pielęgnacja

The fact that it is an egzotyczna rolina makes it exceptionally ciepolubna, and it consequently has considerable upkeep requirements. First and foremost, it is essential to ensure that her stanowisko is soneczne, ciepe, and free of wiatru. He also like ziemi that is a little bit softer, like a syznec ziemi. Paciorecznika should check his or her kwasowosci level prior to beginning the work – the optimal podoem for roliny will be gleba with an odczynie of lekko kwany to neutralny would be the best choice.

  1. It is necessary to maintain the integrity of the bylin, and even to do so on a regular basis during the season of suszy.
  2. Its inability to respond to stimuli on the mróz is a significant concern in the uprawie cany.
  3. As soon as the koczy are finished, the pdy begin to form, which is then oczyszcza from the ziemi, and last it is enclosed in skrzynks and zasypuje trocinami or torfem.
  4. It is necessary to monitor the wilgotno of the kocs as they are being prepared.
  5. After the 15th of May, it will be possible to bring the kcza back into play for the season’s first game.
  6. 10′′ diameter ogrodowe rkawice, impregnated with nitrous oxide.
  7. kup na: kup na:
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Kanny – jak sadzić?

It is necessary to odchwaci, szpadlem przekopa, and rozpulchni grabiami prior to the sadzeniem kanny rabat. If you have a rodzim ziemi that is already in the fall or winter, it is a good idea to wymiesza it with a composition that has a positive effect on the growth of pacioreczniks. The presence of Pacioreczniks in the air during the months of August or March causes the rolina to be deposited in the correct location more quickly and efficiently than usual. In order for canny to be effective, they must be provided with secure syzne and przepuszczalne podobes, and they must be kept in an environment where temperatures are maintained between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius.

Canny to gruntu is scheduled to begin on May 15th; nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that sadzonek was already zahartowane.

Kanna – jak rozmnażać?

Through the use of an egg substitute, we can make Kanna more vegetarian-friendly. It is necessary to divide the roliny into fragments in such a way that each fragment contains one or two pki odnawiajce. Following this zabiegu, we will place the kcza in order to obeschy. The zasypanie of newly formed ran under a darkened sky is suggested. As soon as they start to wyschnie, we may move them to the ogrodzie, where they can be used for grunts or as pojemniks.

The use of nasiona in the process of generating new ideas is not recommended for amateurs. In this particular instance, siewki do not impair the ability of a family to care for their children. It is primarily about mieszacowe odmiany of paciorecznika ogrodowego that is being discussed.

Kanny, czyli pacioreczniki. Jak je uprawiać, sadzić i rozsadzać

Known also as paciorecznik, Kanna is one of the most easily identifiable roelin kwitncych that may be found in the garden and should be taken care of. Her large, szerokie licie and wysokie, occasionally reaching up to 2 meters in height pdy, surrounded by dark green kwiats, góruj na rabacie and have the potential to be one of the most dramatic decoy elements in the garden. Kanny look their best when they’re grouped together or used as an element of a bylinowej discount, and we can thank them for their delicious kwiats going back as far as the early 1900s.

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Kanny are really old, but in our climate, it is necessary to harvest them in the summer. Mrozów do not linger in the background. Hans – courtesy of pixabay.com Kanny come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own degree of hardness, color of kwiats, and number of li’s. Katarzyna Laszczak is a Polish actress and singer. Kanny (pacioreczniki) are natives of the United States. There are a variety of roelin gatunki on display here, some of which have jadalne kcza. Katarzyna Laszczak is a Polish actress and singer.

  • Katarzyna Laszczak is a Polish actress and singer.
  • Katarzyna Laszczak is a Polish actress and singer.
  • It should be mourned in places that are isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Katarzyna Laszczak is a Polish actress and singer.

Jakie kanny wybrać do ogrodu – odmiany

The paciorecznik ogrodowy is the most frequently encountered of the kilkudziesiciu gatunków belonging to the paciorecznik family up in the mountains. There are several beautiful odmian with colorful kwiatas or dark licias to choose from. Some of them have large kwiats, which are reminiscent of egzotyczne motyle (for example, “Cleopatra,” “En Avant,” “Lucifer,” “Orange Beauty,” “Tropical Sunrise,” “Picasso,” “Talisman,” “Mr. Crozy,” “Guciu”), while others have small kwiats that are reminiscent of mundane objects (for example, “Stuttgar The following is recommended:Przewodnik po hibiskusach.

Among the numerous variations available are roeliny that are extremely large, reaching heights of up to 1.8 m (e.g., “Pretoria” and “Wyoming”), as well as roeliny that are extremely little, measuring just 0.88 m or less (“Striped Beauty” and “Lucifer”).

Kanna to bylina, ale jej kłącza trzeba wykopywać

Paciorecznik is a kczow bylin with impressively large liaces and obvious kwiatas in its native environment; nevertheless, because it originates from one of the world’s most arid regions, it is only available for harvest in our country during specific times of year. The plant, which was planted in the garden over the summer, does not produce any mucilage and does not contribute to weeping in the following year. For pacioreczniks to be able to cherish their birth for many years, their kcza must be removed from the ground at the start of each season and stored in a warm place until the next winter.

To finish the dish, remove the kcza from the heat and put it into an oven at a temperature of around 5-8°C.

To prepare the warstwa, place it in a drewniane or aurore skrzynk or a pytkich or kartonowych pud and bake it for about 15 minutes. Indyjsk Poziomka – bylina dekoracyjna, z któr moesz mieli problemy.

Kiedy i jak sadzić kanny

We want pacioreczniki to start deteriorating as soon as possible, therefore we must send kcza to the ziemi as soon as possible, ideally before the end of the month of June or early in the month of March. Given that it is still too cold for roelin at this time of year on the equator, it is recommended that they be stored in a cool place (for example, a shed or a greenhouse) until the end of May, when it will be safe to transport them to a field for harvesting and storing them until the end of June.

Rozmnażanie pacioreczników czyli kann

Pacioreczniki can also be slowed down during a period of deep contemplation. Following the removal of kczy from the resztek lici and ziemi, it is necessary to divide them into sections (each segment kcza should include at least two healthy pki), and then to place them on a pasko to doniczek, with a layer of yzna ziemi on the base of the torfu. As an example, consider the following:How do you uprawia drczk? It is a simple task with only a few requirements. In the event that you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere, it is recommended that you use a proszkowanym drzewnym wglem, which will save you from being a victim of a grzybowych disease.

Jakie warunki muszą mieć kanny, żeby pięknie kwitły

In addition to being attractive and egzotycally pleasing, paciorekniks are also quite demanding on the roelin, which is why, if they are expected to remain kwitne for the duration of the season, we must ensure that they have enough upkeep conditions. The most important thing to remember when choosing a stanowisko for them is to choose one that is dark, soneczne, and osonied from the wiatru, as well as one that is extremely syzne, próchniczne, gboko uprawiony, and stale lekko wilgotne with a neutral or slightly acidic pH.

Podpowiadamy: When and how should hortensje be pruned Those placed in the cenzu will be extremely kwitty, while those placed in the glebach suchych and jaowych will have their liscie zwidned, and the kwiaty will be little or will not zawi.

In favorable conditions, kanny are extremely choruj; nevertheless, because their licie is a prey item for szkodniks, it is necessary to protect the roelins from being infected with these pathogens.

Kanna, paciorecznik, Canna, Ogrodnik-amator. Uprawa kanny paciorecznika,opis ro�liny.

SADZONKI BYLIN (oferta Sadowniczy.pl)
Typ ro�liny:Bylina zimująca w pomieszczeniachWysoko��:Ro�lina do�� wysoka – od 100 do 150 cm. Istniej� te� kar�owe odmiany paciorecznik�w, kt�re osi�gaj� od 40 do 70 cm wysoko�ci.Ozdoba ro�liny:Efektowne kwiaty, r�nego kszta�tu i wielko�ci zebrane k�osy. Kwiaty kanny mog� by� jednobarwne: cytrynowo��te, karminowe, �ososiowor�owe, pomara�czowoczerwone, pomara�czowe, ��te lub ciemnoszkar�atne. S� te� odmiany o kwiatach nakrapianych: np ��te ze szkar�atnymi plamami. Niekt�re odmiany mog� mie� brzeg p�atk�w innego koloru, np. ciemnokarminowe p�atki z ��tymi lub r�owymi brzegami.Li�cie paciorecznik�w te� s� ozdobne – du�e, jajowatolancetowate, zielone lub czerwonobrunatne.Pora kwitnienia:Od po�owy lata do wyst�pienia przymrozk�w.Uprawa:Ro�lina jest do�� trudna w uprawie i wra�liwa na niskie temperatury. Wytwarza grube, mi�siste k��cza, kt�re musz� przezimowa� w pomieszczeniu o temp. oko�o 10 st.C.Po pierwszych przymrozkach trzeba wykopac pacioreczniki z ziemi, odcina martwe cz�ci a kl�cza przechowuje w lekko wilgotnym torfie. Sadzi si� je zn�w, gdy jest ju� ciep�o – w drugiej po�owie maja.Kann� rozmna�a si� przez podzia� k��czy, najlepszy termin to koniec lutego – pocz�tek marca. K��cza dzieli tak, by ka�da cz�� mia�a przynajmniej 1-2 oczka. Miejsce ci�cia przysypa� w�glem drzewnym. K��cza sadzimy p�asko do doniczek lub skrzynek z ziemi� kompostowo-li�ciowa z domieszk� piasku lub substratu torfowego i ustawia si� w pomieszczeniach o temp. 20-22 st.C. a p�niej temperatur� si� obni�a. Nie nale�y zapomina� o systematycznym podlewaniu ro�lin, konieczne jest te� obfite nawo�enie.Gleba:�yzna, pr�chnicza, kompostowa i wilgotna.Stanowisko:S�oneczne i ciep�e.Zastosowanie:Na kwietniki – wygl�daj� pi�knie posadznone same lub w towarzystwie ni�szych kwiat�w. Wnosz� do ogrodu nieco egzotyki. Mo�na te� posadzi� pacioreczniki w donicach na balkonie czy tarasie. Do uprawy w pojemnikach lepiej wybra� odmiany ni�sze.Rada:Pacioreczniki rosn�ce w donicach mog� si� przewraca� dlatego trzeba sadzi� je w du�ych pojemnikach ze szerokim dnem obci��nym dodatkowo kamieniami. Kanny w pojemnikach powinny mie� ziemi� stale wilgotn�.Ciekawostki:Kanna pochodzi z tropikalnych rejon�w Ameryki.Polska nazwa ro�liny – paciorecznik – pochodzi od kszta�tu nasion, kt�re przypominaj� paciorki r�a�ca.Tematy pokrewne:Kwiaty �atwe w uprawie, Kwiaty trudniejsze w uprawie,ro�liny cebulowe i bulwiaste,ro�liny do letniego ogrodu,ro�liny egzotyczne na balkony i tarasy,galeria ro�lin cebulowych i bulwiastych.

Opisane ro�liny cebulowe i bulwiaste:

agaptant afrykanski (agapant afrykanski),alstremeria (lilia Ink w),begonia bulwiasta,begonia zwisaj ca (pendula),brodia,cebulica syberyjska,dalie,frezja ogrodowa,hiacynty,jaskier azjatycki,jaskier az Narcyzy,puszkinia cebulicowata,rannik zimowy,szafirki,szczawik Deppego, niedek baldaszkowaty ( pioszek), niedek baldaszkowaty ( pioszek), niedek baldaszkowaty ( pioszek), niedek baldaszkowaty ( pioszek), topinambur (s�onecznik bulwiasty), tulipany,tulipany botaniczne,tulipany Darwina, tulipany Fostera,tulipany fryzowane (Crispa), tulipany Greiga, tulipany Kaufmanna, tulipany Klusjusza, tulipany liliokszta�tne,tulipan tarda, tulipan Triumph, tulipan turkiestanski,tygrys�wka pawia, The website zimowit jesienny.ceneo.pl offers SPRZ T AGD AGD do zabudowy, AGD wolnostoj ce, zmywarki, praki, lod wki, and electric power plant products.

  1. In the house, in the kitchen, in the kuchni.
  2. It is necessary to use the word “urz” to refer to the place where the piel gnacji cia is found.
  3. MIKROLISTKIM If you’re looking for anything specific, go no further than “ikrolistki,” which are four- or five-stodgy siewki warzyw and zi (or “ikrolistki” in Polish).
  4. In the same way that the other ki does, so does Mo na.

NARZ?DZIA OGRODOWE! – NARZ?DZIA OGRODOWE! Piay spalinowe, rozdrabniarki do ga?ezi, aeratory I wertykulatory, no?yce ogrodnicze, podkaszarki do trawy, glebogryzarki, traktory and kosiarki samojezdne,?uparki do drewna, r?czne narz?dzia r Porady ogrodnicze (orchard practices):

Balkony i tarasy Byliny i rabaty bylinowe Choroby ro�lin doniczkowych
Ci�cie drzew i krzew�w Dodatki ogrodowe, meble ogrodowe, o�wietlenie Drzewa
Drzewa do ma�ego ogrodu Dzieci w ogrodzie Ekologiczny ogr�d, uprawa w zgodzie z natur�
Gleba w ogrodzie, sposoby poprawy Iglaki zawsze pi�kne Kolory w ogrodzie
Krzewy �atwe w uprawie Krzewy trudniejsze w uprawie Krzewy-terminy kwitnienia
Kwiaty �atwe w uprawie Kwiaty trudniejsze w uprawie Kwiaty ci�te
Letnie kwiaty cebulowe Mowa kwiat�w Najpiekniejsze ro�liny pokojowe
Narz�dzia ogrodnicze Nawo�enie ro�lin ogrodowych Ogrodowe orygina�y, rzadkie i ciekawe ro�liny
Ogr�d u�ytkowy czyli owoce, warzywa i zio�a Ozdobne p�dy, owoce i li�cie Pn�cza
Prawo i ogr�d Przygotowanie ogrodu do zimy Ro�liny cebulowe i bulwiaste
Ro�liny do cienia Ro�liny na prawie ka�d� gleb� Ro�liny na gleby kwa�ne
Ro�liny na gleby zasadowe/wapienne Ro�liny pachn�ce Rozmna�anie ro�lin, terminy siewu
Sadzenie ro�lin Skalniak-zak�adanie i dob�r ro�lin Style ogrodowe
Szkodniki ro�lin doniczkowych Szkodniki ro�lin ogrodowych Trawnik
Trawy ozdobne Woda w ogrodzie – staw i oczko wodne Wp�yw ksi�yca na ro�liny
Wrzosowisko Wysiew nasion – terminy siewu ro�lin Zabiegi piel�gnacyjne w ogrodzie
Zdrowie z ogrodu czyli o leczniczych w�a�ciwo�ciach ro�lin Zio�a w ogrodzie – uprawa i zastosowanie �ywop�oty, zak�adanie �ywop�ot�w, wyb�r drzew i krzew�w
Ro�liny cebulowe i bulwiasteWi�kszo�� ro�lin cebulowych bardzo efektownie kwitnie a na dodatek w porze wczesnej wiosny kiedy inne ro�liny dopiero zaczynaj� wegetacj� a ludzie zm�czeni s� zim�. O�ywi� i upi�ksz� ka�dy wiosenny ogr�d. Nie znaczy to �e z ko�cem wiosny trzeba po�egna� si� z ro�linami cebulowymi bowiem umiej�tny dob�r zapweni nam kwitn�cy ogr�d od wczesnej wiosny do pierwszych jesiennych przymrozk�w.wi�cej na temat ro�lin cebulowych i bulwiastych w ogrodzie.Krokosmia, montbercjaPomara�czowoczerwone, pomara�czowe, ��te lub bordowe kwiaty zebrane w 12-30 kwiatowe kwiatostany w formie jednostronnego k�osu. Li�cie w�skie, mieczowate. Pora kwitnienia: Od lipca do wrze�nia.Po�udniowo-wschodni skrawek kraju – ostatnie fragmenty prawdziwie dzikiej przyrody.S�yn� r�wnie� z rozleg�ych p�l jagodowych a jesieni� jest szansa na obfite grzybobranie. Zim� mo�na skorzysta� tras narciarskich np. w Ustrzykach Dolnych.wi�cej o atrakcjach Bieszczad.Ksi�garnia InternetowaZ�ote My�li:
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Kanna – tropikalny kwiat

In short, Kanny(Canna) are egzotyczne roliny with a dramatic appearance and intense colors. They have a large, often paskowane licie, similar to that of bananowców, and they have effective kwiats in the colors of czerwieni, pomaraczu, óci, bieli, and róu. They may be uprooted and used as annual roelins in the Polish climate, rather than becoming zimujce in the winter. If we choose unusual odmiany, we will be rewarded with a variety of tropikal characteristics as well as a great deal of interest.

  • The following are some of the most effective and useful roliny for your garden with an egzotyczny character.
  • While the size of the smaller gatunki increases to as much as 2-3 meters in height, the size of the larger ones remains the same or even decreases.
  • Cannato is the only species in the family Cannaceae.
  • Their name derives from the Celtic language, where it denotes the words “laska” or “paka,” but the Polish word “paciorecznik” is derived from a group of words that resemble paciorki.
  • Gatunki kanny are also known as gators or gators can.
  • Kwiaty zlokalizowane na wysokich szypukachskadaj si z trzech dziaek kielicha I trzech maych patków, które s ukryte pod ekstrawaganckimi prcikami.
  • Uprawa I pielgnacja w polsce Kanny are favored for their sweet sour taste, as well as their well-puszczalned and syzne gleb.

In the winter, kcza do not survive at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, so in the spring, after the first round of przymrozks, we slicze the pds and wykopuje them without paying attention to the temperature of the water.

They are not allowed to styka each other.

Another method is to use a ziemia-based dye, followed by a process of suszenie and zapakowanie to create folio-style work.

We’ll take care of the umiarkowanie.

Using a syzna gleb, we wyjmujem, dzielimy, or przesadzamy to larger doniczek in a cool location such as a patio or a rabat.

If we have a namiot or a szklarnia, we should place the okazy first in this location so that the licie may be dispensed with as little delay as possible.

After that, we’ll knead the kcza poziomo, syp the ziemi, and then we’ll press the button.

Pkniciami lici may appear as a result of a lack of water.

Kanny enjoy being dokarmiane because it produces a saroczne olbrzymy rolinne.

Usuwamy kwiaty kwitniete na przykwitniete stronie.

The szkodniki and the choroby Kanny, on the other hand, are immune to disease and szkodniks because they possess a woskowe licie, in which water does not suffocate them.

When it comes to choroby, rdza is a viable option because it can cause pomaraczowe plamy on the liciach.

In addition, in wilgotnych conditions, szara ple may appear on the kwiatach of azure.

Also possible are wirus-related diseases, which can lead to a reduction in the size of the kwiats and lici as well as a reduction in the rate of growth.

With the aid of the ‘in vitro’ method, kanny grew in a sterile environment in the ogrodniczej greenhouse.

The possibility of a nasion rozmnaanie exists, which we can perform by mooching the nasion for 48 hours before transferring it to a skrzyneczek with the composition and thoroughly preparing it.

After around two years, they begin to deteriorate.

The use of nasiona and nasienne strikes is common in the manufacture of bicycles and musical instruments.

Kcza is used as a skrobi ingredient, odgi is used as a zwierzta pasza and as a means of preventing wókna from being stuck, and old pdy is used as a warzywo – a topping for tortilli.

Purpurowy barwnik is another item that may be obtained from them.

During the reign of Queen Victoria, they were extremely popular in the United Kingdom.

Sadzone, when used in large quantities, produce egzotyczne zaktki.

Donice are kept at a location near the edge of the oczek forest.

The most interesting modifications For me, the most beautiful of the bunch is Canna’Ermine, which is known for being predominantly white despite the fact that it has a few tan “nacieki,” as well as ‘Lily Ambassador,’ which has kremowymi patkami in a variety of colors and lilies that are not quite white.

A somewhat different variant is ‘Assault,’ which is distinguished by its intensely czerwonym kwiatami (one of the largest in the game) and ciemnofioletowymi limi, but not as crimson as those seen in ‘Roi Humbet’ or ‘Australia.

Canna’Bethany’ has pomaraczowe k Licence in the color of crimson zieleni.

It has czerwone kwiaty with a tan obwódk.

Danuta Moniak-Gardenarium is a work of art by Danuta Moniak.

Paciorecznik ogrodowy (kanna) roślina – sadzenie, uprawa i pielęgnacja paciorecznika ogrodowego

Image courtesy of shutterstock of a paciorecznik in the garden.

  1. Paciorecznik ogrodowy – wymagania glebowe
  2. Paciorecznik ogrodowy – wymagania glebowe Sickness and recovery of paciorecznika ogrodowego
  3. Ogrodowego Paciorecznik Podlewanie I Nawoenie Paciorecznika
  4. Changing the paciorecznik’s position in the garden
  5. Agronomic pest control
  6. Paciorecznika ogrodowego ochrona
  7. The use of a paciorecznik for agricultural purposes
  8. Podsumowanie

Botaniczny rodzajCannaincluduje a tengatunkówwystpujcych w stanienaturalnymod terytorium poudniowychStanów Zjednoczonychpo pónocn Argentyn. Botaniczny rodzajCannaincluduje a tengatunkówwystpujc Those who had been re-routed after the swine flu were able to make themselves known in other parts of the world, becoming known as wrczgatunkami inwazyjnymi – the most common of which was the indian paciorecznik (C. indica). A significant increase in the production of cans occurs during the Wiktoriask period, when, as a result of the expansion of the British Empire’s colonial ogrodnicy, they were able to supply virtually any type of egzotyk.

Messace zaliczane do pacioreczników ogrodowych, które uprawiane s w niemieckiej strefie klimatycznej, najczciej dorastaj do wysokoci od kilkudziesiciu do 180 centimetrów.

A canny zakwitajlatem, usually at the end of the clip or at the beginning of the second half of the day, and zdobizagonya dojesieni.

The majority of the time, jednobarwne morphs into other tones of sóci, pomaraczy, and czerwieni.

Paciorecznik ogrodowy – wymagania glebowe

The amount of money that growers must pay in exchange for the ability to grow cans in an unfavorable climate is a significant amount of money. Paciorecznikom, above all else, must be provided with a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep, which means that vacated buildings are not recommended. On top of that, while growing near humid, tropical environments, the zagon should be well-próched and rich in phytonutrients and other phytochemicals. To achieve a high-quality ogrodowe ziemi, it is necessary to mix it with ogrodniczym substrate and gnojówk, which will eventually become dojrzaym composition.

In practice, paciorecznik ogrodowy can tolerate relatively long periods of suszy without causing major problems.

Sadzenie i uprawa paciorecznika ogrodowego

The podziemny czci paciorecznika ogrodowego jestkczei is the part of the paciorecznik that is most frequently sadzone on the zagonie. As an alternative, it is also possible to obtain ready-made sadzonki from this region; however, in both cases, we must wait until the second half of May for the ziemia to clear and the ryzykoprzymrozkówminie to appear. When selecting kcza at the store, we should be aware that they are large, twarde, and jdrne, and that they have between 3 and 5 oczek – these are the ones that determine the kocowym wzrocie roliny and the kwitniciu of the rolin.

Interactions between certain cannami may vary according on the odmiany and can range anywhere from 45 and 90 cm in size, with the largest kultywars being 90 cm in size.

Use of pojedynczych suchych kwiatów throughout the period of kwitnienia is essential because it delays the onset of roiling.

When the whole kos is zeschnied and there are no new pczks visible on it, it is possible to odci him using an ostry sekator in conjunction with the upper portion of the odygi, leaving just a few zdobne licie on the zagonie. shutterstock.com/photo/paciorecznik in the pków mode

Podlewanie i nawożenie paciorecznika ogrodowego

It is important to work on regularnenawadnianiezagonu or donicy from the time of posadzenia to zakwitniecia, since Kanny like wilgo. There are no sztywnej zasady relating to czstotliwocipodlewania in this context — the best approach is to stand on the teet of the palce. A person who is immersed in water near a paciorecznikiem should always be in a position to detect wilgo in the water. It’s important to get up and move around on a frequent basis if you want to enjoy the beautiful weather. In this case, a universal nawóz or a product with a high concentration of fosfats is recommended – it should be used at least once a month, preferably twice a month, taking care that the preparation does not end up on the kwiaty or the licie.

Rozmnażanie paciorecznika ogrodowego

In two different ways, pacioreczniki grew in size: first, by being crushed by a knuckle, and second, by being squeezed by knuckles. The second method is less time-consuming and results in overall better results. We’ll be starting work in the new year, and we’ll be using the zeszoroczne kcza to do so. We’re going to put them on the kawaki with an ostry, cheesy noem so that everyone has at least one oczko. Following that, we’ll be preparing for a snuffling in the wind. For better zablinienia, it’s important to pay attention to the surroundings of the cicia.

When it comes to removing nasion from the body, the zbiór is rather simple – all that is required is for a few kwiatoms to be ushned onto the sodydze.

This is why namaczanie at 24 hours in the coldest part of the day is recommended, with the use of pilnikiem or górny warstwa paper being preferred over other methods.

After a few weeks, small listki begin to appear on the horizon – when the temperature reaches around 15 degrees Celsius, it is possible to move them to the horizon’s edge under the condition of pleasant weather and a few days of recent hartowania.

Ochrona paciorecznika ogrodowego

Kanny are unable to enjoy the summer months in Polish conditions, and this is their greatest regret. It is also necessary to wykopywa kcza and to przetrzymywa sie w ogrzewanych wntrzach, w stale wilgotnej glebie, once a year during the month of December. Whenever the first przymrozek causes problems with the lilies, we obcinam them and wyrzucamy, while the knuckles cause problems with the zeoli – it is not necessary to do so in a special way. However, pacioreczniki are also susceptible to zapadania on a wirusowchorobprzenoszona przezmszyce, which manifests itself as schncymi and óknicymi strefami on the limbs.

However, because the virus has already spread throughout Europe, even those of us who purchase kcza uhodowcyne may be confident in their well-being.

On the other hand, pomaraczowe plamy on the liciach may be an indication of grzybicznejrdzyi need the use of fungicides and the removal of affected rolin. Photograph by shutterstock of a paciorecznik in a cage.

Zastosowanie paciorecznika ogrodowego

Not only is Paciorecznik indyjski grown in a natural environment one of the many cuds available from Matki Natury, but he is also a source of high-quality roelin. His kcza, even in the most basic of positions, are both jadalne and appear to be surrounded by jakowarzywo. The use of ancient bulwarks may be applied to a variety of applications, including karmieniazwierzt hodowlanych. In addition, traditional plecionki are made from wókien that can be found in the odygach, as well as from brzowypapier and nasion biuteria sourced from the lici.

The most beautiful pacioreczniki are those that appear in skupisks after a few minutes, porastajc trawnikowe wysepki, for example.

When it comes to reputable companies, zieleni project managers are eager to connect cany with zliliowcams, jeówkami, baptysjami, or kufeami, as well as with ozdobny wysokimimitrawami.


Many growers treat pacioreczniks as if they were a type of roelin that was too egzotyczne in comparison to the conditions in Poland. In practice, it appears that the task is not nearly as difficult as it appears, and the result is quite pleasing, particularly when we choose from a variety of cultywary. For example, kanny wodne (C. glauca), whose wspaniale ozdabiaj brzegi ogrodowychjeziorek, should be taken into consideration. As a result of this, the ogrodnicy cultivate a variety of canes, including Crozy canes with small kwiatostans (such as “R.

Agata Pavlinec is a Polish actress.


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