Uprawa Roślin – Praktyczne Porady


Praktyczne porady dotyczące uprawy roślin w ogrodzie

A wide range of benefits and pleasures may be obtained from a peaceful environment. In our modern times, the majority of people live in a hurried manner, and so have little spare time to devote to the care of their gardens. Which roelins should be used in a newly developed garden in order for their pielgnacja to necessitate just a little amount of labor?

Dla tych, co mają mało czasu, dla smakoszy i kolekcjonerów

If it is important to us that the upkeep of the roelin takes up as little time as possible, a large amount of trawnik, as well as ozdobne krzewy and byliny, should be found in the garden. Of course, drzew should not be lacking in the garden; this includes not only ozdobne, but also owocowe drzewa, to name a few varieties. People who are particularly interested in the upkeep of roses in their gardens, such as those who grow tulipans or roelin skalnych, would, on the whole, want to have a collection of original roses in their gardens (such as tulipans or roelin skalnych).

Although raking leaves in the garden is an enjoyable activity, it is not the only one.

In addition to warzywa, it is necessary to upkeep a private garden.

It is also possible to pursue new odmiany of well-known warzyw whenever the desire strikes.

Not only should you remove the koper from the zioowym zaktku, but you should also remove the koper from the koper.

Jakie rośliny ozdobne do ogrodu?

When done properly, the upkeep of roses brings with it a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction. When selecting ozdobne rolin for your garden, it is important to keep in mind the needs of certain gatunks. If you have any questions, please contact us. The selection of the most appropriate location for a certain rolin’s needs increases the likelihood that the rolin’s regrowth will be a success. Not only may bylins be found in the garden, but so can rolins that are only found once a year. To the list of once-a-year rolin that should be kept in the garden are:

  • Chabry. Chaber Cesarski, Chaber Pachncy, and Chaber Bawatek are the three options for you to choose from. Kwiaty chabrów are available in a variety of colors, including white, kanarkowoóty, róowoliliowy, biay, purpurowy, and czerwony. Those roliny that feel the best are those that are found on soneczny stomping grounds. To halt the earlier-than-usual onset of the season
  • Groszek pachncy (Pachniak’s Groszek) This is a rolina pnca that stretches up to 2 meters in length. There are many different colors in the kwiaty groszku, which distinguishes them as having a very pleasing texture. Groszek pachncy should be placed near the entrance, in the hallway, or near the ogrodzeniu
  • Nemezja. Rolina grows to a height of 30 cm. From the beginning of September until the end of October, Kwitnie has a pronounced obficie.

There are a variety of rolin jednorocznych available, including those that uproot themselves from their natural habitat. To this group of rolin belong, among other things, eniszek, aksamitka (which may be used for grunting, but which deteriorates after a while), and chinese aster.

Drzewa i krzewy do ogrodu

Iglaki, including cyprysik groszkowy, jaowiec, ywotnik, and wierk, are chtnie sadzone from drzew ozdobnych in the garden. In addition to ozdobne liciaste, uprawa rolin may include krzewy ozdobne liciaste.

Krzewuszka is one of the plants that may be found in a garden that has a lot of water (wajgela cudowna). This is a krzew, whose ozdob are kwiaty that are reminiscent of dzwonki. Depending on the odmiany, they may have a biay, czerwony, róowy, or ciemnopurpurowy color.

Narzędzie potrzebna do pracy w ogrodzie

Pixabay.com is the source of this image. Practise in the orchard begins as early as the first days of winter, and is most productive when only a few inches of snow remain on the ground. The practice in the garden is linked to the necessity of employing a wide range of tools and equipment. Szpadel is unquestionably necessary for the preparation of glebes in the garden. In this warzywny garden, it is required for the following tasks: clearing the glebe, raking the dovecote under the trees, and cutting the zagons.

If you put your hands over your eyes and look at them, you’ll see that they’re significantly smaller.

Of course, kosiarka is essential, but it’s also possible that noyce for trawy, grabie, and motyka will prove to be beneficial.

A large number of people invest a significant amount of time and effort into the acquisition of new, very visible roelin for their own gardens.

Pielęgnacja roślin – porady praktyczne

Rosin pielgnacja is one of a number of important factors that have an impact on the rosin’s proper development. The two most fundamental zabiegi are podlewanie and nawoenie. Both the nawozu dawka and the water must be tailored to the specific needs of the gatunk in question. In addition, przycinanie rozrastajcych si gazi drzew I krzewów is included in the process of pielgnacji. Its goals include, among other things, the removal of swollen ptds and the stimulation of rolins to promote growth. Important zabiegi include, but are not limited to, ciókowanie, przesadzanie, and usuwanie chwastów.

Najciekawsze artykuły w temacie pielęgnacja roślin

  • Popularne Step by step, the skrzydlokwiat is being carved out. We’ll talk about how to deal with the skrzydlokwiat. What is the best way to deal with skrzydlokwiat? Although his undertaking is not difficult, it does necessitate the fulfillment of some requirements. Rolina odwdziczy si dekoracyjnoci w naszym odwdziciu
  • Drzewa When should you pryska owocowe drzewka? The following are the most important dates. When should you use owocowe drzewka and how should you use a fenologic calendar? Preparation for grzyba and robaka with meticulous attention to detail ensures the production of healthy plonies. Doniczkowe kwiaty (doniczko) Tillandsia (opltwa) – opis, wymagania, uprawa, and other interesting facts It is an epifity, which means that it has the ability to grow on any surface because it does not require gleby. Take a look at these interesting rolins. At the end of the day, How to keep roliny on the balcony safe from a burz or a silny ulew – a guide by a professional How can I keep my roliny on the balcony safe? Investigate what measures may be used to keep balkony roiling safe from the elements like wind and water Popularne The most common types of cancer are ró – symptoms, treatment, and amputation. Choroby ró ogrodowych to niemay kopot dla dzieci. The last component of success is appropriate pielgnacja and profilaktyka. Take note of the first signs of a gastrointestinal disorder and the presence of szkodniks.

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Pielęgnacja roślin – porady praktyczne

All of the roelins that are growing in the garden require fertilization. Only then will things begin to move in the right direction. To be honest, certain gatunki are less demanding than others, yet even in these cases, fundamental zabiegi are required. Thus, it is necessary to describe briefly the most important factors contributing to roelin’s depigmentation.

Podstawowe zabiegi pielęgnacyjne

Rosin pielgnacja is one of a number of important factors that have an impact on the proper development of uprawianed ocassions. It is necessary to includepodlewanieoraz nawoenie in the first set of zabiegs. At the start of the game, we’ll take on the role of the first of the chosen. The amount of wody that is delivered must be tailored to the specific needs of the recipient. This is significant because, while certain roliny do not require a great deal of wilgoci, some, on the other hand, require a great deal more.

The best time to complete this task is during a lunch break or throughout the evening.

I’m concentrating on minerals and chemical compounds.

They are constructed with the idea of ogrodniks in mind, and they contain a variety of skadniks that are tailored to different roelin odmian.

However, siobornikczy kompost is also used in the process of organic farming at the moment. Both methods are intended to provide rolinom skadniki odywcze for the task at hand. Dawkowanie, much like in the case of podlewania, must be tailored to the specific needs of the gatunk in question.

Przycinanie iprzesadzanie

Przycinanie is a phenomenon that should be practiced continuously from one moment to the next. Obtains the title of najczciejdrzewaikrzewy. The fact that other roelin species may also be interested in this is important to remember. Przycinanie can be subdivided into a number of zabiegs that are just slightly different from one another. Among these is a procedure known as pielgnacyjne przycinanie. The goal is to remove diseased or snuffed-out pds from the body. The next creature is a cicie that is forming, and its goal is to achieve a similar level of rozoenia in the gauze.

  1. The most recent forms of przycinania are korygowanie and odmadzanie.
  2. It is primarily concerned with bylin, which is to say, with ancient gatunks.
  3. A large number of bylin opportunities must be taken advantage of, which will change the status quo in a few years.
  4. This process has the effect of limiting the appearance of mature and healthy pds to the knuckle area of the knuckle.
  5. The alteration of the physical environment has an impact on the development of bylinydo.
  6. Some roelin gatunki are in desperate need of a process known as ciókowania.
  7. This might be the case, for example, with sosnowa or wierkowa kora.
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It is possible to achieve a desirable level of wilgotno in the atmosphere as well as an appropriate level of ciepa as a result of this.

It is also important to note that the obstructing of the growth of chwasts is significant.

There was only one snag in the process of writing this article.

This is a very important issue, since unscrupulous go-getters who take advantage of discounts have the potential to sabotage even the best-laid plans.

Consider, for example, rczne usuwanie, which requires a significant amount of time and effort.

We, on the other hand, do not recommend the use of chemical compounds that cause chwasty. In this manner, we were able to complete the analysis of the fundamental pielgnacyjnych zabiegs. Grupa KB.pl will operate from 2017 until 2022. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Nauka&hobby: Rośliny doniczkowe – 3, 2, 1 start

  • At this article, you will learn how to prepare yourself for purchasing and starting your hodowli
  • What to look for when looking at roliny doniczkowe in the store
  • And what you need know about rolin podola. When it comes to household upkeep, why is the phrase “Wyluzuj gleba” so important to every household manager? How can you prepare your own personal mezzanine podosa – a popular choice among hodowców? When and how should you use roliny? “How come a gbi pokoju may be so suffocatingly hot already?” “What kind of water do you use and how often do you use it?” “What kind of food do you eat and how often do you use it?” … and also a collection of scientific facts about rolina in the Tropicas and in our own backyards

Wiedza z filmu przyda się też na pewno nieco bardziej zaawansowanym pasjonatom zieleni w domu. Ciekawe dla nich mogą być np. fragmenty dotyczące zalet i wad uprawy w podłożu torfowym oraz zastosowania fizyki w uzmysłowieniu sobie, ile światła otrzymują rośliny.

28th of June, 2019|| Performing upkeep on your car’s tunel using a folio-style tunel can provide you with plenty of satisfaction as well as health-related benefits. As a result, a lack of awareness about the importance of sadzenie and rolin pielgnowanie can lead to feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction at work, as well as rapid development of environmental concerns. We’ll go over how to upkeep roliny in a folio-style tunel and when the time is right to begin preparing certain gatunks for saddening.

Czy tunel foliowy na warzywa to dobry pomysł?

In order for warzywa to rosy in a manner consistent with their biological zegarem, they should be placed in an open area near the grzdkach. When the soce is operating at a faster rate and there are no opads available, it is necessary to plewi and wait for the same to occur. A similar course of action can be observed in a variety of situations. However, there are a few drawbacks to the “pod chmurk” operation:

  • These types of uptakes are very dependent on weather conditions, such as changing temperatures, excessive or insufficient opads, suszy, or przymrozków, among other factors. Because it is necessary to wait for favorable weather conditions, the period of preparation is significantly shorter. The zoo has been postponed for a couple of weeks. Zwierzta, owady, and other szkodniki have easy access to cleaning supplies.

The answer is obvious: yes, a foliowy tunel mounted on a warzywa is a good idea, especially if you want to increase the amount of serca and energy you have available. Please read the following paragraphs carefully if you have not yet learned how to choose a folio tunel.

Uprawa warzyw w tunelach foliowych – podstawowe zasady

Agronomic tunels foliowelubszklarnie ogrodowes idealne do upraw rolin, w tym rolin rónego rodzaju:

  • Pomidory, ogórki, papryka, biaa kapusta, szczypiorek, cebula are examples of cipolubnych vegetables. The following are examples of pre-cooked vegetables: rzodkiewka, saata, kalarepa, and szpinak. Bazylia, czber, kolendra, koper, estragon, dziurawiec, lubczyk, melisa, and other varieties of zió are available. Oberyna, melon, kiwano, arbuz, ciecierzyca, to name a few of the more popular gatunks. Kwiatów ozdobnych
  • Kwiatów ozdobnych

Preparation of ziemi for uptake in a folio-tunel is the first and most important step in achieving successful roelin uptake. It is necessary to prepare the tunel for use at the beginning of the season, as well as oczyci, przekopa, and spulchni the gleb. It’s also a good idea to use ziemi, preferably by combining it with a composition, obornikiem, or specially prepared mieszankami.

  • To get the best results, use around 50-80 kg of jesienia per 10 m2, keep it away from the sun, and wait till winter. It may also be used at the beginning of the season, but it is necessary to select an obornik that has been properly rozooned and pre-composed. In order to properly prepare the compost, it should be spread on the ground (20-60 kg per 10 m2) and then enclosed with grabi. In this case, the nawóz próchniczy should be placed on the side of the glebe.

Some syzne gleby do not necessitate the use of additional equipment. It is also important to match the odczynu gleby to the specific type of rolin. Once every few years, it is necessary to relocate the tunel or to odkwasza the ziemi with wapniowy nawozami and clean the gleb in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. The use of a high-intensity gleba under the ossuary promotes the growth of algae, so if you want to enjoy lush greenery throughout the year, don’t skip the preparation of gleba under the uprawy (see below).

Uprawa warzyw w tunelach foliowych – co i kiedy, czyli kalendarz sadzenia i upraw

As a result of the limited amount of space available under the tunele, it is necessary to eat warzywa in the appropriate number of servings in accordance with their vegetarian dietary requirements. This allows for the most optimal selection of sadzenia and zbiorów throughout the year, allowing you to sadzia different gatunki in the same location from winter to summer. Saata, szpinak, and koper can be prepared in the tunelu foliowym as early as the first week of February and as late as the first week of March.

Immediately after them, it is necessary to prepare a savory stew, into which are added pomidors and ogórki, and, later, in the second half of the dish, papryk, oberyn, and melon are added.

  • Termin siewu/koniec lutego – termin sadzenia/koniec marca/koniec kwietnia
  • Kapusta biala wczesna– termin siewu/koniec lutego In the middle of the year, the period Siewu begins in the beginning of the month of Lugop. oowa lutego – termin sadzenia koniec marca/powa kwietnia
  • Oowa lutego – termin sadzenia koniec marca/powa kwietnia
  • Termin siewu poowa lutego – termin sadzenia koniec marca
  • Saat wczesno–termin siewu poowa lutego–termin sadzenia koniec marca In the case of Rzodkiewka, the deadline for submission is the first of March. A deadline for the Marchew Wczesna is set for the end of August/beginning of September. Termin siewu listopada/pocztek grudnia w Koperzie
  • In the case of Pomidor and Ogórek, the deadline is the first of the month of March/the first of the month of October
  • The deadline for the second of the month of October/the first of the month of May is the last of the month of May. Saat zimowa – termin siewu pierwsza dekada wrzenia – termin sadzenia pocztek padziernika
  • Saat zimowa – termin siewu pierwsza dekada wrzenia – termin sadzenia pocztek padziernika

Zabiegi pielęgnacyjne

When it comes to upkeep of warzyw in tunels, it is not just dependent on the presence or absence of rolin and the expectation of success in the field. Some of the most important components in the treatment of warzyw under a tunele are the removal of roelin, the protection of the warzyw from wychodzenie and other forms of wychodzenie, the repositioning of warzyw, and the prevention of choroba grzybowa and szkodnika. The precise scope of roelin’s health and welfare, as well as the measures used to protect it, are dependent on the roelin’s needs.

Because of this zabiegom, uprawa warzyw in a foliowym tunelu will be more efficient, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of obfitych zbiorów on a yearly basis.

Nawigacja wpisu

A private ogródek is not only a place for relaxation and recreation, but it is also a place for those who want to improve the quality of their own warzywa and owoce. If you have access to a suitable workspace, you may samodzielne hodowa a wide range of different rolin jadalnych odmian, which will allow you to create a samowystarczalny landscape and ensure that you have a constant supply of joy throughout the year. The goal of achieving sustainable supply chain management is to develop a sezononowy strategy for uprawywarzyw and owoców, as well as learn about the ways in which roliny towarzysz, as well as understand what is meant by tzw.podozmian.

Ogródek domowy dla początkujących: garść podstawowych informacji

Whoever chutzpahs his or her own warzywa, on the other hand, is unlikely to have stopped thinking about how he or she may be able to save themselves and their families from the ravages of war. If you have a large dziako, on which you want to place a large amount of upraw, you may be perplexed as to how to properly hodow warzywa and owoce on a large scale. Specifically, in this celuprzemyl:

  • How much time do you have to devote to the improvement of your garden? When it comes to dziaki, how much space do you have? What kinds of warzyw and owoców do you want to zasadzi? What number of people – and to what extent – do you want to wyywi from upcoming events? What kind of budget do you have?

Taking the most important issue into consideration, begin preparing the grzdek for its upcoming appearance. At the start of the game, try to reorganize your agonymay stepping stones in order to better control and pielgnowa the whole field. The best place to start is with one or two grzdek, on which you can sasadzisz only a handful of different warzyw. In order to properly fulfill your own wishes, you must meticulously track down and record whatever jarzyny and owoce you have purchased over a period of several months.

As a result, ogrodnicy can make an informed decision on which roliny should be tended to on a regular basis.

The use of pre-wysszonych grzdek will be a fantastic solution for those over the age of 50 who are concerned about their safety on the job or who are planning a gazebo on their balcony. Depending on the parameters, they can be easily uprooted on a stojco or a siedzco basis.

The use of pre-wysszonych grzdek will be a fantastic solution for those over the age of 50 who are concerned about their safety on the job or who are planning a gazebo on their balcony. Depending on the parameters, they can be easily uprooted on a stojco or a siedzco basis.

Planowanie grządek na warzywa – informacje dla osób chcących uprawiać samowystarczalną działkę

If you are able to estimate how much time you have to devote to dziakowe tasks and what needs you have, you may use a tool like Mozzacz to arrange how you will interact with the keyboard.

Analiza działki i jej przemiana w ogród samowystarczalny

Do you want to ensure that you and your family have a good time from your own efforts? Prepare yourself to be completely honest about your warzywnej work. Analyze the jejnasonecznieniei ocejako gleby to determine what they are. In order to successfully improve one’s own warzywa and owoce, one must meet the following criteria:

  • One of the most important aspects of rolinom’s well-being is to ensure that a sufficient amount of natural water is available to him. Two of your grzdki should be positioned toward the southern horizon in order to ensure that the rolinom receives an adequate amount of natural water. Terrain characteristics: a paska dziaka or a poudniowy stok o delikatnym nachyleniu are the best places to choose a good spot to camp. In addition, it is possible that this territory will be isolated from the rest of the world. As an example, in order to effectively uprawia roliny jadalne, gleba should not be either piaszczysta or overly gliniasta in texture. In order to improve the quality of the ziemi, it is necessary to separate it from the composition. Awodnienie: If you want to make your work life easier, you might consider installing an automated system of podlewania. However, it is important to remember that this is a high-risk investment. The nawadnianie gruntu wem lub konewk will be significantly more time-consuming. Consider also zbiorniki na deszczówk, because doing so not only allows you to earn money, but it also allows you to contribute to the well-being of the environment.

Simple tests may be used to determine the quality of gleba’s performance. Weave a mokrej ziemi through a doni and cinnij it. After that, you should try to shape anything on a ksztat rolki. Assuming that you obtain a zbit, but do not obtain an unkleist mas, you may be confident that you own an excellent gleby abode at that time. You’ll have greenery on your hands when the rolka is curled, but the crowd is complaining about the overly piaskowe podolu when the rolka is curled. Simple tests may be used to determine the quality of gleba’s performance.

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After that, you should try to shape anything on a ksztat rolki.

You’ll have greenery on your hands when the rolka is curled, but the crowd is complaining about the overly piaskowe podolu when the rolka is curled.

Stopień samowystarczalności i konieczna ilość wymaganej przestrzeni na grządki

In order to provide easy upkeep and access to hodowanych rolin, it is recommended that grzdki be no more than 1.30 meters in length. In addition, the obsadzanie rabatek na planie prostokta received approval. As a result of having easy access to them, you may make tworzcgówne cieki with metraipoboczne przejcia that are larger than 60 centimeters in diameter. We created an orientacyjne list of samowystarczalnoci levels to help you figure out which area of your workspace you should be paying attention to in order to avoid being distracted by work-related stressors.

Stopień samowystarczalności Powierzchnia sadzenia
Uprawa pojedynczych okazów drzew i roślin jadalnych Wymagana przestrzeń zależy od rodzaju hodowanych roślin (wystarczy nawet jedna grządka, gdy uprawia się mały ogródek warzywny na balkonie)
Częściowa samowystarczalność od 25 m² na osobę
Znaczna samowystarczalność od 70 m² na osobę
Całkowita samowystarczalność od 160 m² na osobę

Płodozmian: jak najlepiej wykorzystać substancje odżywcze zawarte w glebie

In order to facilitate the wyywienie of a single individual, the optimal zagospodarowanie of the space will include the maintenance of four czterechgrzdek warzyw, one zagon zió, as well as the repurposing of appropriate space for owoce jagodowe and drzewa. In order to properly utilize the odywcze substances present in the body, it is necessary to employ podozmian and operate on the basis of the currently operating system:

  • Groszko 1 – roliny o duych wymaganiach: warzywa I owoce, które maj odywczej ziemi, mog by sadzone na glebie niewolonej kompostemi, a w przypadku uprawy mog by uzyskane regularnie w Pomidor*, ogórek, cukinia, papryka, szparag, kapusta, ziemniak, seler, and bakaan are all included in this group of roelin
  • Ogórek is also included in this group of roelin. Grodka 2: Roliny with moderate requirements: These uprawy do not necessitate the same level of involvement on our part as the roliny from the first grzdka. Grzdka 3: Roliny with high requirements: These uprawies necessitate the same level of involvement on our part as the roliny from the first grzdka. Despite all, their podoe must be wymiesza from the nawozem at the end of the season. Warzyw o rónych wymaganiach zaliczamy saaty siewnej, buraków, mangoldów, roszpunków, marchewki, szpinaków, cebulów, koper woski, as well as kalarepów. Roliny with limited capabilities: sadzonki of this nature have the potential to grow to great heights, even in the midst of winter. They include, among other things, zioa, rzodkiewka, czosnek, rukola, groszek, and fasolka. For upkeep on the white nawoz, the most effective roilings are: ubin óty, seradela, and peluszka. Grzdka 4 – zielone: najlepsze roilings for upkeep on the white nawoz are motylkowe, for example: ubin óty, seradela, and peluszka. They pulchniaj and wzbogacaj gleb in a variety of minerals, and as a result, they may be quite environmentally friendly, particularly when used to deplete nektaru pszczom.

It is expected that the rotation of grzdek, also known as podozmian, would occur once a year and that it will be carried out in accordance with the ruchem of the zegara’s wskazówek. In the area where roliny with high demands are growing, it is necessary to apply a zielone nawozy a year later in order for the gleba to naturally uyni. Following that, warzywa and owoce from the first round of rabatting will be able to be purchased in the second round of rabatting. A similar procedure is followed with rolinami of moderate difficulty and they are placed in the third grzdce, while uninteresting sadzonki are placed in the fourth grzdce.

There are also uprawne roliny, which we should avoid changing the location of too frequently, as this would interfere with the regular rotation of the plow in the course of plowozmianu.

For example, rabarbar, *pomidory, and truskawki must all be stored in the same location for a minimum of two to three years.

There are also uprawne roliny, which we should avoid changing the location of too frequently, as this would interfere with the regular rotation of the plow in the course of plowozmianu. For example, rabarbar, *pomidory, and truskawki must all be stored in the same location for a minimum of two to three years.

Sadzenie warzyw – optymalne wykorzystanie grządek poprzez stosowanie wsiewki i międzyplonu

If you want to properly maintain the health of your roelin, you must be aware of not only the podozmianie, but also the ostosowanie of wsiewki as well as other factors. It is necessary to familiarize oneself with the significance of terms such as midzyplon and poplon, among others. Wsiewki I podozmianu are two types of information that may be gathered by a cztkujcy dziakowicze. Wsiewki are one type of information that can be obtained by a cztkujcy dziakowicze. Podozmianu is another type of information that can be obtained by a cztkujcy dziakowicze.

Wsiewki I podozmianu are two types of information that may be gathered by a cztkujcy dziakowicze.

Podozmianu is another type of information that can be obtained by a cztkujcy dziakowicze.

Wsiewka poplonowa w ogrodzie samowystarczalnym

Wsiewka is a supplementary rolina that is formed by the interaction of two upraws and which effectively uzupenia the main zasiew– wzmacnia it and odstrasza szkodniki. This will enable you to first plan which warzywa and owoce you wish to upkeep, and then select uprawy that are suitable for these needs later on. You may find a list of excellent ssiads among the roelin here:

Międzyplon i poplon w przydomowym ogródku

Due to the varying requirements of roelin as well as their varying periods of dojrzewania, it is possible to obtain a jestrónorodny wysiew on a single game board, even three times every year. In the scheme of things, we may divide warzywa into three categories:

  • In the month of March, it will be possible to see the roliny that will be adapted to the predplonte warzywa, since the eventual przymrozki will be received without difficulty. Its plony is being robbed by the law from the middle of the month to the end of the month. The following ingredients are added to the list: rzodkiewk, buraka, several saaty variations, marchew, and zioa. Plon gówny: od powrotem maja warto rozpocz siew warzyw, których plonów wyczekujemy najwiksze wyczekiwanie na najwiksze. They will have favorable conditions for growth if they continue to deteriorate over the next few months and years. Obgórki, pomidory, cukinia, dynia, and several varieties of kapusty are among the foods that taste best when served on this siew.
  • Poplon is a kind of roelin that can withstand low temperatures without becoming brittle. It is possible to suffocate in the summer because of this. To ensure that this is possible, it is necessary to begin thinking about their potential consequences as early as the middle of September. We can add roszpunk, por, jarmu, szpinak, or brukselk to this group
  • We can also add jarmu, roszpunk, or por to this group.

If you are looking for a good design for a siew that can accommodate podozmian and want to know which warzywa are best for naprzedplon, plon gówny, and poplon, consult our infographic. Learn from her how to use grzdki in a simple and effective manner in a familiar environment.

Jak zrobić zapasy na zimę – przechowywanie warzyw i owoców

Anyone planning to spend time with their family in their own home and engage in a samowystarczalne dziak should spend time getting ready for the season and learning how to properly prepare for the season’s zapases of warzyw and owoców. The most effective methods for achieving a long-term increase in the value of your odywczych plonów are as follows:

  • Suszenie: Various types of warzywa, owoce, and zioa lend themselves to suszenia in the piekarniku. Pomidory, cukinia, bakaan, cebula, grzyby lene, czosnek, marchew, jabka, and also liwki will be suitable for this purpose. A zamraanie is a process in which a piece of meat is cooked in an oven at a specific temperature for an extended period of time. In this manner, your zapasy will continue without interruption till the end of the season. Not all warzywa and owoce, on the other hand, are suited to this purpose. The following foods are best prepared in this manner: jagody, truskawki, maliny, jabka, gruszki, rabarbar, papryka, marchew, cukinia, groszek I fasol, kapust, szpinak, and other pestkowces such as brzoskwinie or czerenie
  • Product preparation: Products such as groszek, fasola, marchew, pomidory, buraki, czerenie, or gruszki can be prepared at a temperature of 180° C and then zawekowed. Because of this, I will be able to devote a significant amount of time to leisure for several months. Producing your own marmolade is an excellent and healthy idea for smothering your own posiks, according to Smaenie. The vast majority of owoców are used in the preparation of conventions. The best will be a variety of jagód and cytrus varieties
  • Marynowanie: Regardless of the method used – zalewa octowa, olejowa, or solona – warzywa and owoce will remain in them for a long time and will be useful for savoring. A variety of vegetables like as onions, rzodkiewki, papryka, cebula, buraki, and cukinia are excellent for frying in oil or roasting in the oven. Apertyzacja: by enclosing a szczelnym pojemnik and preventing it from emitting any airborne pollutants, it is possible to work towards increasing the usefulness of spoywczych artykuów for a longer period of time. This collaborative method of processing contributes to the reduction of the bitterness of the majority of warzyw and owoców.

When planning the creation of samowystarczalne dziaki, keep in mind the importance of having access to space for storing and displaying your plons and conventions, particularly with regard to the possibility of enjoying their summer.


By putting up a well-thought-out strategy for saddening and using grzdek, you may create an ogródek that is rich in uprawy and flavor. If you find yourself with some spare time and space on your hands, you can spend some quality time with yourself and your family. In order for the samowystarczalna dziaka to be effective, it must be properly planned and implemented in accordance with the podozmianu rules.

The best way to improve your abilities is to do so gradually and gradually increase your wealth. Using this method, the upkeep of a common ogródka will be pleasurable and efficient.


The 2338/ zakladamy-ogrodek-warzywny-praktyczne-porady (due to be delivered on April 5, 2021) plodozmian-w-warzywniku-co-to-jest-plodozmian-i-go-stosowac-w-praktyce-20811.html (dostp 04.05.2021) plodozmian-w-warzywniku-co-to-jest-plodozmian-i-go-stosowac-w-praktyce- 1974/2nd amendment, also known as the Rotacja Rozlin System Dwupolowy and the Rotacja Rozlin System Tripolowy (due to be completed on April 5, 2021).

On October 11, 2018, we published a piece titled “samowystarczalnosc-ogrod-warzywny” (which was published on April 5, 2021).

Źródła zdjęć:

Image courtesy of IStock.com/Jay Yunoi and IStock.com/Zbynek Pospisil

Dobór zapraw nasiennych – praktyczne porady

Every year, throughout the winter and late summer months, it is possible to see a pszenic strewn with zocist pszenic, a srebrzystym ytem, or an intensely ótym rzepakie in Poland. These observations imply that the period of ozima kwitnienia is still ongoing, with the onset of wysiew occurring earlier this year, in the month of July. In order to be able to demonstrate first-year results on the polach after a few months of hard work, it is necessary to conduct appropriate roliny zadbanie right from the start.

It is therefore necessary to immerse oneself in preparations that will serve as a successful weapon in the fight against plonom-causing pathogens.

W jakim celu stosuje się zaprawy nasienne do zbóż?

Zbó, as well as warzyw, are commonly used as rolin rods. Zaprawy nasienne are commonly used as rods of ochronne rolin, both for zbó and warzyw. Her goal is to dezynfekcja ziaren just before wysianiem, which will allow her to protect them from grzybowymi chorobami, which may be caused by gleba, soma, or even the raw material used to make the paper. As a result of this, even in the midst of summer, healthy ziarna is being delivered to the glebe, significantly increasing the likelihood of the entire uprising being a success.

This, on the other hand, takes time to complete all of the subsequent steps and provides substantial assurance that the plony will be healthy and free of defects.

This is one of the most effective methods used by rolniks, and there are several more.

Jakie choroby zwalczają zaprawy nasienne do zbóż ozimych?

In order to do this, nasienne ozimych zaprawy have been developed to protect the rolin from grazing chorobas as well as to eliminate those that are already there. The following are some of the most common szkodliwych alterations in the nasion’s obrbie, which may be corrected with the use of appropriate preparations: zgorzel siewek, ple zbó and traw, zgorzel podstawy dba, gownia pylca pszenicy, gadka lub cuchnaca There must be an understanding that every type of ozimych zbó breeds with specific chorobas that are exclusive to them.

Depending on the kind of pathogen, an ochronny rod and its dawka are recommended to be used in conjunction.

Na co zwracać uwagę przy doborze zaprawy nasiennej?

The selection of the most appropriate nasienne zaprawy is essential for ensuring the best possible protection of roelin. The decision on which to base one’s decision should be independent of a number of factors, the most important of which are those affecting a rolnik’s performance. In connection with this, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • The following terms are used: protozmian
  • Przedplon
  • Rodzaj gleby
  • Poziom osiganych plonów
  • Odcinenie materiau siewnego
  • Rodzaj uprawy
  • Rodzaj zwalczanych chorób

In order to increase the likelihood that the ziarno will be adequately protected against choroba, it is recommended that such ochronny substances be used, which have a broad range of use. The greater the amount of active ingredients in the preparation, the greater the number of different types of grzybs that can be harmed by the use of a single zaprawy. It is also necessary to draw special attention to the posta of ochronnego rodka. Nasienne zaprawy, on the other hand, can take the shape of zawiesiny, elu, emulsji, roztworu, or proszku.

Prawidłowe zaprawianie nasion

The environment in which nasiona thrives has a significant impact on the level of protection against gastrointestinal diseases, as well as the size and obfitosity of smaller plons. A proper zabieg should take into consideration a number of fundamental elements, such as those listed below:

  1. A considerable deal of appropriate zaprawy
  2. The use of certain narzdzi that are tailored to the particular type of zaprawy, such as mieszalniks or zaprawiarek
  3. It is customary to perform the following tasks: preparing nasion for use in cold, dark, and wet environments (for example, a magazine)
  4. Carrying out zabiegu right next to the sink
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Unquestionably one of the most effective methods is the preparation of ziaren preparats using various chemical combinations and operating modes. It is because of this that pathogens will no longer have a chance to reappear on a single ochronny rod. To ensure that plony remain healthy and unblemished, in addition to employing natural remedies, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the type of ziarna used and to select those that are wysokoplonujce and have greater resistance to disease.

Uprawa bonsai – praktyczne porady

It is believed that Bonsai originated in Japan, however it has been around for more than two thousand years. It is a style of uprooting miniature trees in artistically decorated pots that originated in Japan. Drzewek’s extremely small rozmiary are osigane on a regular basis through the frequent soaking of korzeni, gazi, pdów, lici, and pielgnacji. Drzewka wegetuj w nienaturalnie maej bryle ziemi w malekiej doniczce, w efekcie którego listki malej, a pie I gazie robi si coraz bardziej kompaktowe I zwarte.

  1. pojemnik – a páska taca or a piece of meat Said in the third person: Sai – Rolina There is a lot of folklore around the art of bonsai.
  2. This resembles a krakowsk fable about a wawelsk smok, which is borne up by the fact that this gadzina enjoyed it even when she was in her twenties.
  3. It was once regarded as an experimental medicine based on nature’s healing properties, associated with arystokracji and duchowiestwe, but as time progressed, all social welfare organizations began to take an interest in the wizualnymi walorami miniature drzewek.
  4. Currently, almost everyone comes into contact with the term “bonsai” and understands that it refers to a beautiful, fikus-like tree.
  5. Several people have expressed their desire to avoid purchasing bonsai over the internet and instead visit a well-known store instead.
  6. As a result, the online store swiat-bonsai.pl has opened its doors to customers in need of assistance.
  7. However, curiosity got the better of me, and I ended up clicking on one of the many drobnolist websites in the store.

Even in the portrait mode, the photographs do not convey the beauty and elegance of the subject or the subject’s surroundings.

Something that is not available for purchase in the ogrodniczej galerii and is difficult to locate inside the grounds of the ogrodnik.

As a result, before purchasing our first bonsai, we recommend that you read the following: choosing an appropriate location, one that is safe and that includes a pikno, in which we will be uprooting the roelin.

In the case of roliny with the potential for use in balkony upkeep, it is preferable to locate the roliny in a southeastern soneczne location, rather than a more northern or more southwestern one.

In order for the canony sztuki to be completed, drzewka must be applied to a malutkiej, very paskiej doniczce, which causes a sensation of dread that rolina will magically appear before our eyes, much like a marzenie of senne, and wyrasta in front of our nose.

It’s not necessary to mention that bonsai trees can be grown both indoors and outdoors; this refers to those that can be grown indoors and those that will only grow outdoors.

The location of our drzewko in the earth’s crust is also important, and it must be rotated every two or three years in order to ensure the continued supply of high-quality silica and minerals in the new ziemi, which is not without significance.

Most of the time, the bonsai’s roots must be pushed into the ground, which means they must be made not only of wood, but also of other materials such as swiru, torfu, or kory.

It is also important to consider how we prepare our gauze and which instruments we employ.

It is not necessary to snub the roiling tnc gazie and licie without prior knowledge, because we will not be able to provide any assistance to them in this manner.

The most important indicator here is the age of the wood: if the wood is old and beautiful, it indicates that it has been reworked by professional woodworkers.

One of the less dramatic, but no less difficult, zabiegies is the drutowanie gazi, which has as its goal the nadanie of the rolines of the old drzewa’s ksztat.

Because the gazies of our little cacek are not typically amliwe, we do not recommend using stationary druts.

In a certain situation, after a number of obrotach drucika around the gazki, we ucinate him with kleszczykami.

It’s important to remember that, both throughout the drutowaniu and the przycinaniu of rolinki, it’s necessary to have a constant state of mind.

A well-executed plan constitutes half of a successful outcome.

Preparations are either doglebowe or dolistne in nature.

Normally, they are stored for one or two days, with the roelins clearly visible.

A bonsai’s drewka becomes naturally widne after being subjected to extensive nawozu pruning.

Remember that bonsai is a type of art for people who are unusually happy and content, and that it is designed with a large space for roots and a keen understanding of nature in mind. Marcin Barszcz is the author of this piece. Published on the 24th of September, 2017 by Przezadmin

Nawożenie malin – praktyczne porady

Even though many people believe that malina is not a gatunkie with high pokarm-related requirements, several studies have found that it has a significant impact on the plonowanie and quality of owoców. During a dowiadczalnej uprawy hydroponicznej malin in the United States, for example., signs of azotu, fosforu, and wapnia deficiency were discovered within 30 days after the start of the experiment. Symptomes of a potassium deficiency began to manifest themselves a few days later. So, when and how should maliny be nawozied in order to prevent the occurrence of non-doboring symptoms and to obtain owoce with a high degree of density, barwa, and jdrnoci?


In accordance with the size of the plon, maliny of summer harvest produce anywhere from 42 to 122 kg azotu per hektar. In the first year following the establishment of the plantation, 5–7 g N/m2 is produced, according to government estimates, in the form of 1 m-wide paths. In the first part of the story, Dawk splits into three parts:

  • 1. When the height of the protrusions exceeds 10 cm
  • 2. and 3. – after three and six weeks, respectively

In the second year, the same dawk dzieli si on two czci and wysiewa na pasy with a diameter of 1.5 meters.

  • The first one is activated when the growth rate reaches around 10 cm
  • The second one is activated four weeks later.

Because it is the third year of growth, azotowe nawozy have spread throughout the entire field, averaging 80–100 kg N/ha or 50–70 kg N/ha in the case of a 2 m wide field. In all instances, the dawk is divided into two halves, just as it was in the previous year. For odmian powtarzajcych, a similar nawoenia schemat is used, with the difference being that the dawk is increased by 40–50 percent. Dawk divides the world into three parts and explains:

  • On the first day of wegetacji
  • After three weeks
  • And at the end of May or the beginning of December

When selecting a kind of azotowego nawozu, it is important to consider nawoenie from the standpoint of wegetacji. The first dawk of the day will be on the saletrzan and amonowich nawozach. In the next phase of intense growth (maliny jesienne) and just before the onset of ripening (maliny letnich), the plant succumbs to the fast-acting saletrzane products, which anticipate the appearance of severe abiotic stress at that time. It is recommended to make use of additional wap-producing nawozy (saletra wapniowa oraz saletra potasowo-wapniowa).


The amount of malin required for fossowing is quite little (6,5–8,0 kg per hectare). In the absence of an analysis of gleby, his most frequently observed results are 40–70 kg P2O5/ha. The following is the decision made by the skadnik: It facilitates the development of young roelin’s korzeniowe system, which has an effect on their ability to reappear after posadzenia. The symptoms of a lack of fosforu include bordowofioletowe przebarwienia. The occurrence of roe in the soil during plantation is difficult due to the fact that it is restricted in its ability to grow in soil (the distance between the korzeniami and the location where the roe will be harvested must not exceed 5–10 mm).

On top of that, in acidic environments (pH lower than 5,5), fosfor dissolves in non-dissolvable forms, making the use of zapas ineffective or impossible.

If the pH of the soil has not been brought up to an optimal level, it is necessary to use new generation fosfore or large-scale fosfore containing polyfosforan.

This kind of uwsteczniania does not work as well in a large number of little glebahs. Polifosforan amonu (Polifosforan amonu) in the amount of 10 liters per hectare is a good example of a good technological solution.


Potas is the fifth and last plonotwórczy skadnik. In the case of gleby analysis, it is necessary to begin collecting data as early as the third year of plantation life, with dawki ranging from 50 to 80 kg K2O/ha for medium-sized gleby and from 80 to 120 kg K2O/ha for small gleby. Potas reduces the amount of rolin available for wymarzanie, hence increasing the concentration of asymilats in the workplace and decreasing the point of wymarzanie in the workplace. In the spring, the potasowe starts to grow and continues throughout the season, with the glebs becoming more and more concentrated as the temperature drops.

As a result, bezchlorkowe nawozy, based on siarczanie or azotanie potasu, are commonly employed.

Storage of large quantities of potable water in the hopes of reducing the severity of gleb should take place during the autumnal season.

During the last stages of wegetacji, nawoenie can be obtained from the potasowo-wapniowej saletrze on the eve of kwitnienia (in the case of odmian malin letnich and powtarzajcych owocowanie).


The presence of non-dobory magnezu is common in malin plantations, particularly in autumnal odmian. The amount of magnesium produced by traditional malin plantations is 7–8 kg Mg/ha. Some claim a value of 15–24 kg Mg/ha, while others say it is higher. In this case, the symptoms of non-doboru appear most frequently on lean, piaszczysty gleba (or a combination of the two). Intuitively, chloroza midzynerwowa appears on the liciach starszych and then moves on to the brain. It is a characteristic symptom of the disease.

  • The most common cause of the occurrence of magnezu-related symptoms is excessively high doses of potasowe nawozów.
  • Roczne straty magnezu obtained from its decomposition after being sucked into the earth’s crust are determined by the amount of the first mineral to be absorbed by the earth’s crust.
  • When assessing the zasobno gleby w magnez, it is necessary to take into consideration the amount of potas that is there.
  • If there is a problem with this skadnik, it may be attributed to the deterioration of the siedmiowodne siarczanu magnezu, which has a steniu of 1–2 percent.


This is a skadnik that has significance for the business world: On has a negative impact on their jdrno, which is why it must be available during the whole period of wegetacji. At the outset of their development, the vast majority of wapnia otrzymuj. Under the influence of opads, the skeadnik is transported to the gbszych warstw gleby. As a result of this method, approximately 180 kg Ca/ha is wymywane each year. The first stage of wapniem formation occurs when glebs are washed for three or four years at a rate of 700–1500 kg CaO/ha, depending on the pH of the glebs and the granulometry of the glebs.

This nawoenie has the effect of increasing the amount of wapnia that can be wypukiwane from the pola over the course of a year.

This is a product that will have a minor impact on the pH of the glebe, but will have a significant impact on the occurrence of fytoftoroza if used in large quantities.

  • Masa owoców, cukrów content, organic kwasów, suchej masy, and vitamin C content are all included.

The severity of the reaction is dependent on the circumstances. In the absence of korzeniowe dokarmianie rolin, wapniem is used from the beginning of kwitnienia until the end of the owoców zawizywania period – kilkakrotnie, in the range of 7–14 days.

Fertygacja a nawożenie posypowe

Since 2016, researchers at the Sadowniczy Gospodarstwa in Karczmiska have been conducting studies to assess the efficacy of fertygacy programs in comparison to normal posypowe practices. In the course of four years of research, it was discovered that the fertilization program had a significant positive impact on the plonowanie and quality of the owoców in the Polana malina. A wapniowy neural network based on the tiosiarczane wapnia – CaTs – was found to function very well in these programs.

Faza wegetacji Produkt Dawka na 1 ha (kg)
nawóz N P2O5 K2O CaO
Początek wegetacji Petro 330 ST bio (pelet na bazie obornika) 500 15 15 40
Rosafert 5-12-24 150 7,5 18 36
RSM + CaTs(belka herbicydowa) 140+15 58,8 1,35
Wzrost pędów Saletra amonowa 2x 100+100 68
Początek kwitnienia Unika calcium 250 35,5 60 30
Razem 184,8 33,0 96,0 71,4
Faza wegetacji Produkt Dawka na 1 ha (kg)
nawóz N P2O5 K2O CaO
Początek wegetacji Petro 330 ST bio (pelet na bazie obornika) 500 15 15 40
Rosafert 5-12-24 150 7,5 18 36
RSM + CaTs(belka herbicydowa) 140 +15 58,8 1,35
Wzrost pędów RSM + CaTs (początek fertygacji) 10 + 10 (1x) 4,2 0,9
Rosasol 19-19-19 15 (2x) 5,7 5,7 5,7
Przed kwitnieniem, kwitnienie Rosasol 12-03-43 15 (2x) 3,6 0,9 12,9
Rosasol 19-19-19 15 (1x) 2,9 2,9 2,9
RSM + CaTs 10 + 10 (2x) 8,4 1,8
RSM + KTS 10 + 10 4,2 2,5
Początek zbiorów/zbiory Rosasol 19-19-19 15 (1x) 2,9 2,9 2,9
CaTs 10 (1x) 0,9
Rosasol 12-3-43 15 (2x) 3,6 0,9 12,9
RSM + KTS 10 + 10 (1x) 4,2 2,5
Razem 121 46,2 78,2 44,95

Since 2016, researchers at the Sadowniczy Gospodarstwa in Karczmiska have been conducting studies to assess the efficacy of fertility programs in comparison to the industry standard. In the course of four years of research, it was discovered that the fertilization program had a significant positive impact on the plonowanie and the quality of the owoców in the Polana malina crop. A wapniowy neural network based on the tiosiarczane wapnia – CaTs – is tested thoroughly in these programs.

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