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The cultivation and harvesting of orchards is a fascinating and widely practiced activity. This is a business that focuses not only on the sale of agricultural equipment and supplies, but also on the development of industry-specific publications and the creation of poradnik-style internet portals. However, there are certain flaws in the “seventieth” generation of knowledge — it is difficult to determine whether information should be considered reliable. As a result, we’ve compiled a rating of websites that deal with the topic of agriculture.

A large number of websites, however, provide factual information that is difficult to refute.

In addition, the portals “pointed” to a newly developed social media network (with some interesting ideas) and made it possible to communicate with industry experts.


Current ogrodnic events for those who own or operate agro-businesses in their backyards or on their property. To do in the garden and when to do it – practical instructions, terminarze, and step by step procedures. The website is devoted to a forum where owners of the most beautiful gardens in Poland can meet and exchange ideas, as well as the possibility of registering for the biuletyn “Sekrety Piknych Ogrodów,” where readers can receive updates on the most recent gardening projects, as well as the “best of the best” in terms of inspiration and ideas.

To collaborate in this project, the webmaster and his passion for gardening invite the best garden designers and landscape architects who specialize in restoring and maintaining agroforestry systems to submit their proposals and provide feedback to the poradnik’s readers.


This is a gateway dedicated to natural agroforestry, through which life becomes more fulfilling than it would be otherwise in the fast-paced world we live in. In a fusion of their own knowledge and that of others who have shared their experiences, the portal’s creators, Katarzyna Bellingham and Jolanta Piekarz, demonstrate how to create an enthralling egzystujcy landscape that is in harmony with nature. The ogrodnictwo shown on NaOgrodowej.pl is more than just a typical uprawa of domowych grzdek; it is also a source of inspiration.

  1. Authors of this website: Katarzyna Bellingham – a gardener with a passion for gardening and a sense of humour.
  2. Since many years, she has been designing and building gardens, photographing them, and writing about them for both domestic and international audiences.
  3. On particular, the company specializes in historical and environmentally friendly kuchenny groves.
  4. Since 2010, she has lived on the grounds of Kaszubskie Parku Krajobrazowego with her husband Andrew and their son Albert.
  5. With a degree in economics, she collaborates with national agricultural publishing houses, supplying them with photographs and texts.
  6. Author of the pt.
  7. Every spare moment of her life is spent at the odziedziczonym przez babci gospodarstwie wiejskim, where she oversees an environmentally friendly ogródek and prepares delicious, healthy dishes.

Mieszka with her family lives in Warszaw and spends every spare moment at the odziedziczonym przez babci gospodarstwie wiejskim. Social media platforms include Facebook and Twitter.


Because of the natural environment, life is more peaceful than it would be if we lived in a world were we were always surrounded by chaos. In a fusion of their own knowledge and that of others who have shared their experiences, the portal’s creators, Katarzyna Bellingham and Jolanta Piekarz, demonstrate how to create an enthralling egzystujcy landscape that is in harmony with the natural environment. Not only is the Ogrodnictwo presented on NaOgrodowej.pl a typical example of domestic gardening, but it is also a source of inspiration for those who want to start their own.

  1. Agrodniczka with a passion for gardening and an eye for design is Katarzyna Bellingham.
  2. I love this place because it fascinates me since it encompasses everything that can be improved by improving it.
  3. In addition, she manages the famous site katarzynabellingham.blogspot, which she started in 2009.
  4. Historiography and travel are two of her favorite things.
  5. In addition to being a landscape architect, Jolanta Piekarz is also a photographer, and she incorporates her passions into her professional life.
  6. Over the course of several years, she ran an internet-based store called “cebulkowy,” with a particular focus on cebulowy kwiats and other bylinas.
  7. During her spare time, a Warsaw woman with a young family spends her days at an odziedziczono po Babcie gospodarstwie wiejskim, where she leads an environmentally friendly ogródek and prepares delicious and healthy dishes.
  8. Twitter; Facebook; Google+; YouTube;


Wymarzonyogrod.pl is a website dedicated to the topic of ogrodniczej, namely the zakadaniu and pielgnacji of ogrodów, the wyborowi and uprawie of rolin, the meblom and small ogrodowej architekturze, the ogrodzeniom, the nawierzchniom and the ogro Wymarzonyogrod.pl has a variety of creative ideas for use in a private garden, a creative workspace, or on a balcony. This website provides information on gardening events, gardening publications, gardening publications related to gardening, as well as information about polskie botanic gardens, arboretums, and palmiarnia.

There is also a forum, which allows for the exchanging of information between users.

The free consultations with specialists are an additional feature of the website. Mgr ogrodnictwa Magdalena Michalak, absolwentka SGGW Wydziau Ogrodniczego w Warszawie, is the editor of this publication. Social media platforms include Facebook and Twitter.


The site is an ogrodniczo-poradniczy forum with an esoteric focus. It offers unique activities for ogrodniks, amators, and aficionados who are interested in learning more about the roolin. It includes activities such as agronomic uprooting of crops, balkony construction, and home renovation, recycling, environmental awareness, and the design of gardens and balkons, as well as discussions on topics such as cancer, disease, and healing. In addition, the magazine “Wasze Ogrody” contains presentations and projects submitted by our readers throughout the current editorial cycle.

  • In addition to large galleries and photo stories, E-ogrody.pl now offers high-definition video players in high-definition (HD) resolution.
  • The site also participates in social events and hosts a number of DIY presentations.
  • Katarzyna Jodowska-Turek is the editor in chief.
  • Since 2001, she has been associated with Agora and the horticultural industry.
  • In her latter years, she worked as the editor-in-chief of the largest polskie weekly magazine, “Bukiety,” for more than two years.
  • As a result, she took advantage of the opportunities presented by cyfryzacja and successfully established a relationship with the Internet, eventually becoming the editor of the e-ogrody.pl website.
  • Her favorite vacation activities are excursions, during which she always finds time to visit interesting parks, arboretums, and orchards.
  • As soon as they get on the scene, the economist begins to work – on the balcony, pomidory are being prepared, water is being dispensed, and odpadki are being constructed.
  • The following social media accounts are active: Facebook – Pikny Ogród, Facebook – Magnolia
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This is an internet-based platform on which material created by the editorial staff of Burda Media Polska’s ogrodniczych magazines is made available for public consumption. The combination of a practical section known to readers of “Przepisu na Ogród” and an inspiring and arousing profile called “Mojego Piknego Ogrodu” ensures that any enthusiast of horticulture will find something of interest on our website. It is our goal to disseminate a large amount of useful information in the course of our regular ogrodniczej practices in the most efficient manner possible, whether through the creation of articles for magazines or the development of an internet-based service.

Redaktor: Grzegorz Pawlik has been working with ogrodniczymi tytuami for over a decade, and is currently employed by Burda Media Polska.

Pikny Ogród is the editor-in-chief of the national magazine “Mój Pikny Ogród.” The Dean of the Faculty of Filologiczne at the University of Wroclaw, as well as an avid gardener, is Absolwent Wydziau Filologicznego Uniwersytetu Wroclawskiego Our professional passions are explored and developed in our own private, well-kept garden near Wroclaw.

Photographic work, particularly portraiture, is a passion for him. Instagram and Pinterest are examples of social media platforms. On Facebook, you may see posts like “Mój pikny ogród,” “Przepis na ogród,” and “Kocham Ogród.” YouTube:Mój pikny ogród,Przepis na ogród,Mój pikny ogród

Walczą, by odzyskać pieniądze od firmy cateringowej. “Oszukanych może być kilkanaście tysięcy osób”

A large number of zniki were made available to customers by a catering company. The fact that the manufacturer has not yet responded to the terms of the agreement has sparked outrage among many of them. Reporters from the television show Uwaga! TVN were called in to investigate a serious case involving one of the companies that sells pudekowe diet products. – I have a feeling that there are several hundred thousand people oszukanych throughout Poland, – says one of the poszkodowanych. A total of kilkaset tysicy Poles benefit from the services of catering companies every day.

  1. In the wake of the first report’s release, a second group of poszkodowanieczci sigajc do nas.
  2. – We came upon this particular catering through an internet-based search engine, which skewed our perception of the price, among other things – explains Mateusz Hamera.
  3. Towards the end of the semester, we began conducting research on the internet.
  4. Pan Mateuszza had previously paid 1600 zlotych for the posiki that had been resold.
  5. The company has said that the funds would be sent at the beginning of the month of April.
  6. – I sent a total of 26 mejli to a catering company on the basis of a cost-saving measure, according to Hamera.

Uwaga! TVN. Oszustwo w branży cateringowej?

Mr. Owsiejczuk estimates that the total cost of his services will be 4563 dollars. Mczyzna has previously contracted with this company for catering services. According to him, everything had been in disarray for a period of time, prompting him to consider purchasing more diet supplements. Problems with their deliveries began to arise at that point. – It was frequently the case that a zamówienie would arrive for me, but not for my wife. I’m sorry, but I’m odwrotnie. I finally figured out why they weren’t taking a look at the zamówienia.

It goes on to say: – The company actively sought out customers and did not provide them with positków because it was unable to complete these transactions as a result of the numerous promotions it ran.

There are around 7 million people in the group of internet-based customers who believe they have been wronged by the company in question.

Kontrola sanepidu u producenta cateringowego

The factory where posiki are manufactured is located in one of the cities in Poland’s southwestern region. Several weeks ago, while working on the last report, we had the opportunity to speak with the company’s operational director. Prior to the start of the first report, the dyrektor responded to our questions in front of the camera. This time, he did not give his approval to his own statements and did not agree with their publication. A few days ago, a businessman mentioned that his company prepares food for 17 thousand people every day, and that at such a scale, it is possible to have misunderstandings or misunderstandings.

  • According to the company’s director, bdy can be found in the company’s computer system as well.
  • During the meeting, the reporter showed the dyrektor several photographs that we had obtained from former employees of the company.
  • In our response, we learned that the creation of such photographs is not a problem at this level of production scale.
  • In the end, a young man invited us to his home for a meal.
  • -would be for a few days, perhaps a week and a half.
  • One of the former employees of the company claims that there was never any mischief there at all.
  • It was determined by the inspectors that the chodno had been improperly grouped together.

Aside from that, the control team discovered few skrzynki that were not in good condition.

And he made the decision to have the kar nailed to the wall.

An employee of the company received a monetary penalty in the amount of 500 z, while the company’s general manager received a fine in the amount of 1000 z.

In this case, the U.S.

Department of Justice) was contacted by the firm, which launched an investigation and filed a complaint with the National Prosecutor’s Office.

Department of Justice also filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court of the United States of America (U.S.

Inspekcja Handlowa was also involved in the postponement.

Clients were not aware of what they were being charged for, according to Piotr Pakowski of the Wojewódzkie Inspektoratu Inspekcji Handlowej in Gdask.

– There was no one there, and no one came out. There was only one person present, who appeared to be the ochroniarze. When asked about the company, he responded by saying that it does not exist at that address and that he does not know where it is currently located – according to Piotr Pakowski.

Zamknięcie zakładu

From the beginning of September through the end of October, the shop was closed. Because there are thousands of unmarked paczek from the food industry on the premises, it was necessary to conduct the operation in a confined space. In the past, all promotions with discounts of 50, 60, 70, and 80 percent were offered with the goal of generating money and putting oneself in a better position to attract customers, according to one of the company’s former employees. As previously said, employees were aware of the situation; nevertheless, they did not know what to do in the event that the company went out of business with either a monthly or two-monthly wynagrodzenie.

  • People who did not receive money did not suffer psychologically and were able to continue their lives.
  • The company is on the verge of going out of business.
  • According to what we’ve learned, the company does not pay its customers, and the amounts owed to them are in the range of a few thousand dollars.
  • The idea of creating a type of piramid in this location, according to Anna Gut, the city’s consumer relations manager, came to her from the back of her mind.
  • – I rounded up 150 people and filed a report with the local prosecutor’s office.
  • Maciej Broek estimates that there are around kilkanacie tysicy people missing over the entire country of Poland.
  • Whoever has an agreement with another party and there is concern that it will not be fulfilled, will fulfill it in a non-favorable manner and will have no desire to withdraw from the agreement.
  • – Every individual who has been contacted by this company and has agreed to cooperate should contact the company’s consumer relations department, so that the company’s consumer relations department may begin the process.
  • They receive money when a company is successful, but when a company is unsuccessful, people do not receive money at all, or they receive money in fragments or after a lengthy judicial battle, according to the law.

TVN warns that there is a lot of material on the website. Take a look at these other resources: Izabela Dorf is the author of this piece. Uwaga! TVN is on the air! The main source of the photographs is as follows:Uwaga! TVN/Materiay producenta cateringu

Z wizytą w zespole “Mazowsze” i Centrum Folkloru Polskiego

59:40Dzieci AAC 2021_09_05-10-00-07 DD.mp305.09.2021 (Polskie Radio Dzieciom / Dwik dobry) Dzieci AAC 2021_09_05-10-00-07 DD.mp305.09.2021 (Polskie Radio Dzieciom / Dwik dobry) Agnieszka Ciecierska is invited to participate in the dwikoapanie. The date of the emisji is September 5, 2021. 10:00 a.m. – Godzina emisji Every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m., there is a performance of “Dwik dobry.” -Zabawa dwikami, zabawka dwikami During the course of this hour-long gathering, we will go on a journey to the world of dwiks.

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We’re looking forward to hearing what’s going on, so we’re heading to the zabawy dwikami.

*** PRD toradio aimed for children and their parents.

In the audio tracks, you may hear well-known and beloved children’s songs.

All of Polskie Radia Dzieciom’s broadcasts are a source of interdisciplinary knowledge, they foster children’s curiosity about the world around them, and they are safe – they protect the youngest listeners from potentially dangerous situations and information because the station does not broadcast any advertisements!

‎Dwóch Typów Podcast on Apple Podcasts

NFT: Niezy Frajer Tej (I’m now in Pozna) | Epizod 172 – Dwóch Typów Podcast (I’m currently in Pozna)

NFT: Niezły Frajer Tej (jestem w Poznaniu) | Epizod 172 – Dwóch Typów Podcast

  • In Epizod 172, we’ll catch up with you after a long break! (0:00). Bartek was crowned world champion in the Pingwinka Kelvina speedrun over the course of a single night (02:00). Kocyk USB, often known as Red Flags, may be found in the JEGO pokoju. (03:00). Swingers Crab Is a quaint tradition of crabs and pustelniks that originated in your community (05:30). No need to worry about losing your sync
  • Your chomik has traveled to the Metaverse (09:45). Is Tokena a threat to you? – How is NFT Bro faring on the eve of the competition? (11:40). The POLSKIEG NFT XD is experiencing a PRZEOMOWY MOMENT, which is defined as when NFTciarze wish to alleviate your FOMO (14:10). How to avoid FOMO, as shown by Kevina Samego in the Dome (16:30). Kevin Sam in the Bloku: How Does a Kaskaderk Perform in Poland? (17:40). As a result of their discussions with Magdy Gessler, the children learned about the NFT (20:00). Who could have predicted that this would happen in this particular location. (23:00). In the context of social status, the NFT serves as a symbol (27:00). When it comes to marketing a mission-driven project, what does your influencer not want you to know? (29:20). What should I do instead of taking screenshots? (34:00). Gonciarz-NFT-gate is nothing like a traditional advertising campaign (37:30). So why is ADEN, the misiowy celebrity, unable to cofna himself yet? (41:00). DeviantArt’s NFT – kradziey przypadki z DeviantArt are automatically created (43:50). As though plucked from the midst of a wizerunkowe calamity (46:30). Fancy Bears’ official website is available for viewing (48:00). Bartek Sibiga like large airpods, a koszulk made of boring ape, and a dusz on the ramieniu (01:05:00). NFT Awica – BosBabies – (01:08:00). As an example of how not to respond to criticism, see Sibigi’s blog post on financial piramidies, cults, and non-related to them football clubs (NFT) (01:10:00). PumpDump has been my go-to tool since it was first introduced to me (01:11:30). Sibigi’s post has a lingering effect (01:14:00). Why is it that the issue of human rights is always second in line during missions and maupkas? Klimatyczny Doomeryzm (Climate Change Doomeryzm) (01:22:00). We have set the first criterion for our promotion of nft missions as the starting point for our approach (01:25:00). Gonciarza’s NFT gowy – a brief history (01:28:10). Why aren’t you looking up? – Nie patrz w gór? Do not waste your time watching this movies (01:29:20). As a result of his kaskaderskim wyczynem, Leonadro DiCaprio RATUJE “Nie patrz w gór” (01:33:00). How to write a film based on the experiences of demotywators – SPOILERS AHEAD – (01:36:30). Satyra filmowa umara, and we are the ones who are able to help her. The most exciting WOKE film of the year (01:42:30). DYSKUSJA SPOILEROWA – NIE PATRZ W GRZ (01:44:00)

Mio from Recyklingu is the subject of episode 171.

Epizod 171 – Miłość z Recyklingu

  • In cooperation with BookBeat, you may receive a 30-day premium subscription for FREE! Use the code “DTP” to get your subscription! In the 171st episode of Dwóch Typów, the main character is perplexed by a sztucznym niegiem on a film-making plan (0:00) Newly appointed director of photography for the upcoming Polish romantic comedy starring Karolakiem (6:27) In the play “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” Olivera Sacksa plays the role of the husband (30:02) How do artists’ styles change as a result of neurological impairments? (40:54) Colina Blacka and a zbiór anegdot anestozjologa, who was admitted to a pediatryczne hospital for children, were dubbed “Gas Man.” (46:29) Following the resolution of the kanapkowej sprawy, the focus will shift to the final definition of zupy (56:31) It all starts with gulaszem, mleczny zupa, and a bulionem (1:00:21) When does zupa krem become zupa? (1:07:33) The issue of makaronu in the kitchen is a significant one (1:09:48) Azupy wiata (World Pudding) – made with krwi, bananas, piwa, or a combination of these ingredients. (1:14:08) Currently, the most controversial beverage on the menu (1:28:11) is zupa.
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A visit to Orzech amid the Romantic Ruins (Epizod 170)

Epizod 170 – Orzech w Romantycznych Ruinach

  • In 170 Epizodzie Dwóch Typów, the author disassembles schemata without adding a koperku to the ziemniaks (0:00) Living a bisexual life – his or her state of mind when dealing with adversity and upadek of drzewa (3:33) TedEx is presented in two different ways (6:17) In a variety of flavors, Lewandowski’s kopnita pasja may be found (9:10) Drink-and-drink-and-drink concept for tourist bait’u (11:33) Folly is a decoy sztuka in the style of the 1920s (17:42) Polska sztuka angielskiego (Polish English Dictionary) Folly – Romantic ruine in the Orzech region (23:39) Polska sztuka angielskiego (Polish English Dictionary) The Folly – a play by Sybilli in the Puawach (37:41) Is it possible that the krzywy dom will be Folly? (40:02) Polska sztuka wyborcza wyborcza wyborcza Solpol’s towarowy Dom towarowy – Folly (42:04) This is a simple technique for removing a building’s or a building’s foundation (48:24) Unusual occurrence of “oversmarowanych” rzeb (50:06) How do you go to the beautiful buildings and what do you do once you get there? (54:34) Nasza nienaturalne budowle w dziwnym etapie sztuki w dziwnym etapie sztuki (1:05:14) The best Polski Nightmare Blunt Rotation (1:14:56)
  • The best Polski Nightmare Blunt Rotation (1:14:56)

The OSTATECZNA DEFINICJA KANAPKI is the subject of Epizod 169.


  • In Episode 169 of Dwóch Typów, Dwóch Typów describes his gupkowaty comedy synonims (0:00) We’re here at the Bawa’skim Kaprysie – today’s special is a Bubble Tea with a flavor of Kogel Mogel (2:00) The most terapeutically effective way of expressing emotions (5:28) Is Elon Musk putting an end to the world’s fizyczne gastronomie? (7:17) Kanapek’s history is a fascinating subject (11:44) The list of all of the world’s countries and their definitions is a fascinating topic (14:51) Whether or not Hot-Dog is a kanapko is a topic that has everyone talking. What really is the situation with Panini? (20:10) The issue of dziwnych kanapek, as well as what they post on Wikipedii, has received little attention (27:35) Is it possible to refer to anything as kanapk after it has been placed on the chleba? (35:47) In this case, does it still count as a kanapka, despite the fact that it looks like pierogi? (47:23) What exactly is a kanapk and what exactly is a wypiekiem? What’s going on with Lunchables at the moment? (54:42) It is simple to insert a puapk into a kanapkowe kanapek – kanapek concepts that are not widely accepted (1:00:49) Ocean X Team and their mission to improve the performance of NOL in Bahtyk (1:08:08) The conclusion of the morskie anomaly investigation is being awaited with bated breath (1:17:51) Serwis Paranormalne.pl w oczach Bartka (1:26:11)
  • Serwis Paranormalne.pl w oczach Bartka (1:26:11)

2021: Premiera insektów (Epizod 168)

Epizod 168 – Premiera insektów 2021

  • Australian pluskwiaki, which have been around for a while, have been dubbed “dark pluskwiaki” (0:00:54) A zyzusiowata hazard exists (0:13:51) We have petitioned the Polish Wrestling Federation (Polskie Federacja Wrestlingowa) (0:21:15) olimpiada YouTuberów (YouTube Olympics) (0:28:30) Noach Harari’s Homo Deus is a book on the future of humanity and the future of humanity’s future (0:33:40) In this article, Katrine Marçal discusses the reasons why the walizka with the knives was discovered so late. Mother of Invention: How Good Ideas Get Ignored in an Economy Built for Men – Katrine Marçal, Mother of Invention: How Good Ideas Get Ignored in an Economy Built for Men (0:47:20) One of the ratowniks called the tourist, but he did not answer because he did not recognize the number (01:08:20)
  • Bartek goes to the photowoltaiki (01:13:40)
  • A tourist was killed in the mountains (01:13:40)
  • A tourist was killed in the mountains

Wiadruna is the subject of Epizod 167.

Epizod 167 – Wiadruna

  1. A look into Polish Internet Classics is featured in Episode 167 of Two Types (0:00) Tectonic is the most recent reinterpretation of a teledysk from the early 2000s, and it is the most accurate (1:37) This is one of the latest trends in baked goods that are reminiscent of frogs and zoo animals (4:14) Jumpstylowej Magia – przyjanie I konkurencje w scenze jumpstylowej (5:43) Searching for classics on the internet and reading an obituary for a jumpstylow film are two examples of what you may expect from this type of list (9:07) Magia parkouru – ucieczki, wspinaczki, and freerun are all available (14:47) What is the source of the zajawki on the tace? (18:45) Diunie Dezodorant – Garantie dostpno twojego bezpieczestwa! (21:47) How do you talk about Diunie when you’re not talking about Diunie? (23:29) The most recent development in the story of the Jedi and Star Wars fans (24:25) We are currently in the Metaverse, in which any of us may be a czowiekie (28:49) NFT – pick up a little hype’u right now and tell it in your own virtual home (41:42) We are living in a dystopian world in which ciko gada is possible without the need of money. (47:56) We’re heading into the future – Dune and Typowe hot take’i on the state of the world, as well as postaci (51:23) = TU ZACZYNAJ SI SPOILERY DO DUNE = = TU ZACZYNAJ SI SPOILERY DO DUNE The overall pace and atmosphere of the picture – both its successes and failures – are discussed (1:04:53) What can be foreseen and what can be avoided? (1:12:03) What does the film lack in terms of specifics from poseansowych doczytywanek? (1:18:17) Film and a call to action for the audience (1:28:09) The beginning of the film and some disturbing images (1:36:38) Woda (1:47:28) = STREFA BEZPIECZNA OD SPOILERW = STREFA BEZPIECZNA OD SPOILERW Google Alphabet – a naprawcie maile from the perspective of a gwiazdko (1:52:45) A beautiful evocation of the Finnish people’s relationship with Finnish wiader, courtesy of Google Translate (1:54:48) What kind of univer-salny przedmiot do you think the Poles would like? (2:11:04) 2:14:12 – Wiader as a cinematic concept (2:14:12)

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