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Chryzantemato is the name given to a group of rolin that is related to the Astrowaty family (Asteraceae). These rolins are treated in a variety of ways depending on the system of classification used – in the case of ogrodnicy, “chryzantema” is a term used to refer to a type of ogrodoweg inaczej (ogrodoweg chryzantemy) (Chryzantemum x hortorumsyn.Dendranthema x hortorum). This is a gatunek mieszacowy of significant significance in the ogrodnictwa. Intensely rozrastajc si bylinyte, resulting in the formation of pókrzewu.

The majority of the time, skrtolegle licie are equipped with a pierzastowcinan blaszk.

Ogrodowe Chryzantemy are also known for their beautiful flowers.

There are two traditional kwiats in the month of January and February, but there are also kwitnec odmiany that occur in the month of September.

Wymagania i uprawa

A simple to grow Chryzantema, it prefers a gleb that is light, próchniczne, and has an ozasadowy pH, but it is not difficult to grow. The number of sonecznych nastanowiska is increasing the most. I enjoy delicious wilgotne podoe. It is possible to nawozi her prior to kwitnienie. Some gatunki are completely mrozoodporne (such as rabatowe chryzantemy), while others necessitate the use of artificial lighting in their homes. As a result, it is important to properly prepare the wierzchokes so that they can grow more quickly.


Among the chryzantem are gatunki that have been discounted in rabats and in pojemniks. Aesthetically pleasing are posadzone in groups, with the addition of seasonal barw in the garden. Keep in mind that the chryzantemy that are sold in doniczks during the period of wita Zmarych are specifically designed to run on a seasonal schedule and do not interfere with the seasonal weather. This type of roelin’s kwiaty are extremely long-lasting after being harvested and lend themselves well to wazon preparation (they may last for up to 4 weeks!).


According to the systematized classification, “Chryzantemy” is either a rodzajowa or a zwyczajowa name.

  • The term Rodzajuchryzantema (Dendranthema) is widely used in Poland, however it should be noted that it is not universally recognized by all groups of people in the country. Byliny (Chrysantemum) – according to some, this is the only legitimate name for the species, which can be found in China, Korea, Japan, and Mongolia
  • Rodzajuzocie (Chrysantemum) – according to some, this is the only legitimate name for the species (in this case, there is no provision for a taxonomic distinction between chryzantemy and zocienie). While in some systematically organized ujciach, we only have a few one-time occurrences of zoociel karowy, zociel polny, or zociel trójbarwny
  • Nevertheless, in other ujciach, we have only a few one-time occurrences of other zociels.
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Images with the title “Chryzantema wielkokwiatowa Ludo kwiaty Dendranthema x grandiflorum 1” courtesy of Babij/CC BY-SA 2.0, Prasun Bhattacharyya/Pixabay, and “Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflorum)1” courtesy of JC7001/CC BY-SA 2.0, respectively.

Złociszek oskrzydlony – Kwiaty roczne

Ammobium alatum is a kind of fungus. Opis Rodzina: Asteraceae (astrowate) – Opis Rodzina Despite being a well-known name, Wiekuistka is a controversial one. The Polish name for this animal is Zociszek oskrzydlony, which means “oskrzydlony zociszek.” Although Wiekuistka lives in a bylin, in our climate-controlled environment, she is treated as if she were a once-a-year visitor. An enormous amount of large, jajowatych lici odziomkowych lici forms at the start of the game. The amount of widlasto rozgaziajcych si, nagich icharakterystycznie pasko oskrzydlonych kwiatowych, that appears on this horizon is staggering.

  1. At the center of each rozgazieniu is a stosunkowo insignificant kwiat of approximately 1.5 cm in diameter, which is surrounded by rurkowaty kwiats and udajcych patki suchej okrywy koszyczka.
  2. Bikanica (also known as a bikini or bikini top) is a shorter version of the traditional gatunek, measuring around 30-35 cm in length and being slightly more kwitne.
  3. The height is between 50 and 60 centimeters.
  4. kwiatu color kwiatu Kniaty are light blue, and the patki that hold the listki are dark blue with a white koszyczka in the middle.
  5. Imagination and pielgráncia yzna wiekuistka ronie na pulchnej, piaszczysto-gliniastej glebie pulchnej, piaszczysto-gliniastej.
  6. Mrozoodporność Żadna Rozmnażanie The nasiona is 3 millimeters thick.
  7. As needed, we will enter the house at the beginning of October and, following the completion of preliminary inspections, we will relocate to a permanent location, or we will enter the house in the beginning of May and proceed to grunt.

Both after 2-3 nasiona to one of the doniczki and after 2-3 nasiona to doka in the gruncie are OK.

The szkodniki and the choroby Rolina is ready to respond to adversity.

It is necessary to properly execute the zbior instant.

Those that are fully grown have a tendency to brunatnia and the osypywania of rurkowaty kwiatków.

When we get close to the cicia, the vast majority of kwiatków should look like this.

On the photograph, one example is a scene in which a wiekuistka is one of the elements.

Greek sowoammos’=piasekibios’=ycie (Greek sowoammos’=piasekibios) The gatunkowa word “alata” refers to the acinieskrzydlaty.

It is believed that Robert Brown wrote the poem, but it was not until 1824 that it was published under that name by John Sims that the poem was published under that name.

Przypisy The following images were taken from the following pages: This is such a bukiet – q=ammonium Nasiona – Ammobium alatum – Barwione – Ammobium alatum – Barwione –

Ammobium alatum – złociszek oskrzydlony, wiekuistka

Ammobium alatum is a kind of fungus that grows in the ground. The Opis Rodzina is a member of the Asteraceae family and contains the chemical astrowate. However, despite its widespread popularity, Wiekuistka remains a controversial nickname. Zociszek oskrzydlony is the official Polish name for this creature. Though she lives in an orphanage with her siblings, Wiekuistka is treated like a once-a-year visitor in our climate. Large rozeta large, jajowatych oligosaccharides develops at the start of the game.

  • Small, lancetowate listki appear in the vicinity of the rozwidle.
  • Owoce s nieupkami, which means “nothing at all.
  • Because it is around 30-35 cm in length and is also more conspicuous than a bikini, it is known as a bikini.
  • 50-60 cm in height.
  • This product is manufactured from raw materials, and it begins shipping around the beginning of December.
  • Wiatu’s kwiatu color scheme Kniaty are light blue, and the patki that hold the listki are dark blue with a white koszyczka in the center of the picture.
  • Aesthetics and physiology On a pulchnej, yznej, piaszczysto-gliniastej glebie, Wiekuistka ronie szybko I szybko.
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Mrozoodporność Żadna Rozmnażanie Approximately 3 mm in diameter, the nasiona The number of sztuks in a single game is around 2500.

This system may be referred to as “gniazda.” It is possible to go to one of the doniczki after 2-3 nasiona, or to doka in the gruncie after 2-3 nasiona.

Szkodniki and choroby In response to a looming threat, Rolina has taken to the streets.

It is essential to properly execute the zbior moment.

Those that are fully grown have a tendency to brunatnia and the osypywania of rurkowaty kwiatków.

When we get close to the cicia, the majority of our kwiatków should look like that.

Take, for example, the photograph below, where the word “wiekuistka” appears as one of the compositional elements.

Pieseki bilos’=ycie z greckiem sowoammos=piaseki bilos’=greckiem sowoammos.

This is a link to a page about skrzydlonych pds.

Przypisy It was decided to use photographs from the following websites: Q=ammonium in suchy bukiet In addition to the plants listed above, there are also the following: Nasiona – Ammobium alatum – Barwione

Wymagania i uprawa

It is possible to have a so-called “soneczne” stanowisko with a “puszczalna” gleba that is a little too sour or even sucha. On the first day of the fourth month, transfer the nasion to the skrzynek, cook for 15 minutes at 15 degrees Celsius, and transfer to the grunt on the last day of the fourth month. Sadzenia rozstawa 20 cm x 30 cm rozstawa It is possible to tewysiewa nasiona na pocztku V without having to wait for the game to start.


Primarily based on suche bukiety and compositions, this piece is highly stylized. The time to cut the kiats is when the okrywy are completely osaniaj sóte kiaty rurkowe (the time to cut them is when the okrywy are czerniej). Additionally, there is a demand for discounts, solitary and shared spaces. 0

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Złociszek oskrzydlony, Wiekuistka – Sklep Świat Kwiatów

Malekie koszyczki kwiatowe zociszka oskrzydlonego o duych, kulistych, sonecznie ótych rodkach I silnie przylegajcych do nich biaych patkach zachwycaj w suchych kompozycjach. Male This wdziczna rolina has a wzniesione wytwarza, a wysokie rozgazione pdy (about 50-70 cm), and is surrounded by a ring of large lilies (otoczone rozetami). This species of zociszek, also known as a wiekuistka, has unsurpassed upkeep requirements and performs admirably on odchwaszczonych, przepuszczalnych, and otherwise abrasive surfaces in the vicinity of the glebach.

  • In order to uprawia roliny from rozsady, which will be manufactured in October, the roliny must come from the majowego siewu and be wprost do gruntu.
  • On the rabatts in the company of suchousek and other gatunks with dark kwiatas, zociszki present themselves in an attractive manner.
  • One gram of nasion may be found in the package.
  • In the case of Polska (large paczka), the price is 8,9 zlotas (eight dollars and nine cents).

Złociszek oskrzydlony, Wiekuistka w Sklep-Nasiona

Stunning, malevolent zociszka oskrzydlonego kwiaty wznosz si na mocnych, wysokich odygach, roztaczajc swój niezaprzeczalny urok zarówno na rabatach, jak I w wazonach. Wyjtkowe, This somewhat wymagajca, wiatolubna rolina is simple to prepare, and as a result, it kiekuje quickly and evenly, with little obfuscation or dilution. Her kwiaty are a fantastic source of raw materials for the creation of musical compositions; yet, their decoratie value surpasses that of even the most popular of garden ornaments.

Rólina jednoroczna w formacie dziaalnociowa Drawing: The wzniesione odygi appear grube and mocne due to the contrast between them and the drobnymi kwiatami.

Size: The roslins available in our store range in size from 50 to 70 centimeters in length.

Ulistnienie:Zociszek oskrzydlony zawdzi It is from the base of the sodyg that bujne rozety are formed, which are made of a large number of lancetowatych lici.

Posyskane okazy from rozsady kwitn a few of weeks ago, around the beginning of the month of April.

Kwiaty rurkowate soneczniejszy kolor kwiatów, listki okrywy jest znienobiae albo kremowobiae, kwiaty rurkowate soneczniejszy kolor kwiatów, listki okrywy jest znie Aspect: The rozgaziona wiekuistka does not have any uprawowych expectations that have been predetermined.

Rolina prefers gleby piaszczysto-gliniaste, which are smoky and somewhat sweet, above other types of gleby.

It’s worth mentioning that the oskrzydlony zociszek on display in our store demonstrates excellent resistance against susz.

mrozoodporno: Wiekuistka rozgaziona does not tolerate the presence of przymrozków.

After the previous wysuszeniu, his koszyczki kwiatowe can be painted in a variety of colors.

The information on this page pertains to upkeep and maintenance of wiekuistki, as well as the time period during which they are useful for siewu.

8 9 z Poczta Polska – przedpata – nasiona8 9 z 19.9 zl Przesyka Kurierska – Pobranie – Nasiona19.9 zl Add only 90 zlotys to the koszyk, and the dessert will be complimentary.

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