6 Rzeczy, Które Musisz Zrobić Na Trawniku Na Wiosnę


6 rzeczy, które musisz zrobić na trawniku na wiosnę!

With the arrival of spring comes an increase in the number of tasks that must be completed in the garden. Pielgnacji necessitate the use of krzewy, drzewa, byliny, oczko wodne, and even trawnik. If we want to enjoy a beautiful environment during the whole wegetacyjny season, it is necessary to assist nature in resuming its normal functioning in the winter months.

Usuwanie filcu

A number of obumare traw, a lisie that has not been harvested yet, and other types of rolin can be found on the surface of the water tank in the summer. These factors contribute to the formation of filcu, which is a type of warstwy that restricts the availability of tlen and other minerals to the water tank’s inhabitants. Poprzezstaranne grabienie can be used to dismantle such a warstwa. To do this, it is preferable to use delectable grabi, also known as wachlarzowych, which are capable of preventing wschodzczczcych dbe traw from being entangled.

To remove the traw that is causing the brzeg to move, use a sciek.


Wyrównywanie krawędzi trawnika

The trawnik with a good appearance is distinguished by its rusty structure and the presence of several krawdzias, as seen, for example, on the styku with sciekami. As soon as the sniegs are released, the krawdzie murawy are certain to become less even and more distorted. To put it another way, they require specific korekty when the sniegs are released. In order for the trawnik to function properly, it must be equipped with rotating bd accumulator-type noycams, which precyzyjnie obetnie obetnie si trawy of insufficient volume.


Moody days may cause the warstwa of gleby to become slightly less stable on the trawnik, and in this way, the corzenie of the fish may not have a consistent relationship with the fish’s head. Mroe days may cause the fish’s head to become slightly more stable with the fish’s head, and in this way, the korzenie of the fish may not have a consistent relationship with the fish’s head. Performing waowania, also known as zabiegu, to correct this zjawisko is necessary because it aids in the proper alignment of teeth with the gums.

This zabieg should be carried out in a state of light uwilgocenia of the glebs near the surface of the water.

After the most recent period of time, this course of action is no longer feasible. The most safest method of removing obmarych szcztków rolin from the trawnik is to use grabi wachlarzowych, as depicted in the photograph by A. Grziewicz.

Aeracja = napowietrzanie

In the event of insufficient podpuszczalnoci, the procedure is initiated. The appearance of such zjawiska can be detected by the appearance of kau on the surface of the murawy or the presence of a non-uniform color of the trawnik. At the beginning of October, when the trawnik is ready for regeneration, and at the same time, it is the time before the start of nawoenia and the beginning of intense podlewania, is the most important time for aeracji. In order to complete this zabieg, a special tool known as an aerator is used, which is a device that looks similar to a wa with a kolcow nakadk in appearance.

On the whole length of the trawnik, the aerocjapowinna was carried out precisely and reliably by a team of experts.

Air aeration is carried out on the surface of the water at a depth of about 3 cm (in the case of ozdobne trawniks), whereas air aeration is carried out at a depth of approximately 8 cm (in the case of silne trawniks).


Wiosenne nawożenie trawnika

The provision of enough gonawoenia to the trawnik is the final step in bringing him into a healthy state. This ensures that the murawa becomes more resilient to zachwaszczenie or difficult environmental conditions. The first of the nawozu’s dawek is delivered in the early morning hours of the morning. Because, in the worst case scenario, the preparation might lead to the development of dbe, it is necessary to hold the trawnik in place once it has been rozrzuconed. In the course of normal operation, Trawnik nawozi siloskadnikowymi, which are specifically designated for this purpose.

Koszenie trawy

Trawnika should be strzynione on a regular basis starting in the month of October, according to the National Trawnik Association. It is essential that this zabieg take place at non-depressing hours, close to the sea. The accumulation of zawilgocone trawnika may not only lead to the failure of the device, but it may also increase the likelihood of the development of grzybotwórczych disease. The size of the koszenia is determined by the type of trawnik used, but it is not possible to reduce the size of the koszenia to less than 2–3 cm in the first zabieg.

Jak nawozić trawnik wiosną?

If your trawnik does not look like a zielony dywan towards the end of the season, you might consider doing a winter nawoenie. Using appropriate preparations, your skin will quickly get tanned and will continue to grow healthfully in the future. Learn what you need to do, how to do it, and when you need to do it. It is necessary to regularly nawoe the trawnik in order for it to remain soczycie zielony, zdrowo rós, quickly regenerate after koszenia, and korzenia properly. This is especially important during the winter months because during the summer months, a wypukanyazot – a pierwiastek responsible for a zielona barwa and an intense increase in the temperature of the air – is created from the glebow’s profile.

The goal of this year-round trawnik nawoenie is to encourage it to grow and to regenerate quickly after a period of drought.

Czym nawozić trawnik wiosną?

Unwanied bystander azotu can be reduced by using nawozy either single-purpose (for example, saletr amonowe, which contains only azot) or multipurpose (for example, azofosk, which is a well-known and frequently used multipurpose ogrodowy nawóz, which contains azot, fosfor, potas, and other constituents). It is also possible to use specialized trawnik nawozy, such as Agrecol, Biopon, Compo, Ekodarpol, Fosfan, Frustus, Supstral, Rolimpex, and Ziemowit, which include all of the essential components for the development of trawy, including macroskadniki and microelements.

  • Despite popular belief, mineral trawnik nawoenie is not always required for proper operation.
  • After using mineral-based nawozy, send a sample of gleby to the Okrgowej Stacji Chemiczno-Rolniczej in Krakow for analysis.
  • If your skin does not require more zasilania, do not use mineral-based products without consulting your physician.
  • In some cases (such as when there is an excessive amount of azote), the trawa may be “spali.” If you want to accomplish this, you may use a good rozoonykompost (which you don’t mind sharing) by sypujing its cienk warstw on the outside of the glebe.
  • If you do not have access to compost, you can use a specialized biohumus for trawniks or a glebow polepszacz, such as Humus Active Papka, to supplement your diet.
  • In the event that your trawnik begins to deteriorate into a piaszczystej glebe, it will require first and foremost prochnicy (for example, from compost), and then mineral nawoenia.
  • Photograph by Gerd Altmann/Pixabay The presence of a pale trawnik color might indicate a lack of azot.

Jak i kiedy nawozić trawnik wiosną?

Reduce aeracji and wertykulacji at a previous time. When you start your nawoenie, start working on your wertykulacj. Grab some good trawa and some martwe dba trawy, as well as some zeszoroczny filc. Afterwards, conduct an aeration—then nakuj murawa widami, in order to have it napowietrzy. Wait at least 7 days after the zabiegs have been completed in order for the trawa to be able to regenerate. Prepare and use chwasty.Use as many zeschych lici ichwastów as possible prior to the start of the game’s final round.

  1. When are you going to nawozi?
  2. Examine the weather forecasts in order to avoid the occurrence of blizzards, which might occur at any time during the current calendar year.
  3. Nawóz is most effective when used before a deszcze, as it prevents opady from causing granulki to swell.
  4. Forma nawozu (nawozu form) The most often used granulated nawóz is the most user-friendly in terms of implementation.
  5. You may also use sypkie or pynne nawozy if you want to be more creative.

Check the pH level and start the wapnowanie process. pH gleby is a sprawd. If your score is lower than 5,5 you will need to do a recalculation. Tekst: Redakcja ZielonyOgrodek.pl, tytuowe zdjcie: singkham/Fotolia, zdjcie tytuowe: singkham

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Trawnik wiosną – ważne prace pielęgnacyjne

Regardless of the weather, Zima is not a time for trawnika to enjoy some downtime. Trawa hibernates, yet within the trawnik’s ecosystem, there are a number of intensive processes taking place. It is possible to detect their effects at any time of year, and it is necessary to correct them as soon as possible in order for the trawnik to have a chance to return to the field. Wiosna must be carefully observed in order to properly judge the trawnik’s performance. The fact that the season has arrived is acknowledged: there are obumare trawy, podgniwajce korzenie, and warstwy of blue pleni on the horizon at this time.

We would want to know how to go about obtaining a winter trawnik.

We’ll talk about when this has to be done and how to go about it.

1. Grabienie trawnika

The first order of business in the spring is the meticulous removal of trawnika from lici, gazek, resztek suchych dbe, and other zanieczyszcze. The best option is to use large grabi for lici, which significantly simplifies the work. They have an easy task ahead of them: they can go on to the next phase of the process right away, rather than having to wait for the next step.

2. Wiosenne koszenie trawnika

As part of the koszenia process, the kosiarka removes mucilage, and the final skoszenie murawy, which is around 2–3 cm in length, is the second wiosenny zabiegie on the trawnik. It is necessary to obtain the required amount of traw in the event that we do not use kosiarki with zbiorniczem. We will see a steady increase in the number of new dbes as a result of this decision.

3.Wertykulacjatrawnika kontra filc

After the trawnik has been properly prepared for the season, it is necessary to check to see whether any warstwa of gnijcych lici, korzeni, zaschnitych dbe traw and mchów, which is referred to as filcem, has formed. Assuming we can prove the existence of filcu, the trawnik requires wertykulacji, which is the process of running the machine under the supervision of a specialized device known as a “wertykulator,” which is located at the edge of the table and is around 5 cm in height. Due to the fact that warstwa filcu impedes the flow of air into the korzeni of the murawy and encircles wilgoa on the perimeter of the field, it is absolutely necessary to have a valutykulacja installed.

It is necessary to do the zabieg twice as many times as the number of krawdzi trawnika, prostopadle on the whole surface of the water.

See what you can find out about how to get your hands on some sour oranges that are zasychajcing your palms.

4. Napowietrzanie trawnika (aeracja)

Air conditioning, or more specifically, ventilation, is another extremely beneficial zabiegiem for trawniks. This is based on the nakuwaniu darni and górnej warstwy ziemi, with the goal of bringing the atmosphere into the korzeni.

This can be accomplished with the use of a specialized device (an aerator), whose primary function is the exchange of air between kolcams. Awakening of the darni widami is a simple, but significantly more mczoce and labor-intensive process.

5. Dosiej trawę

If these zabiegs occur during the summer, it is possible to eat trawa in a secluded location if the weather permits it. Preparing the ziemi before to the sianie, especially in areas where the trawa will be uzupenianed, is beneficial in addition to dosypujing piasek (if we have a small ziemi) and observing widami. Following the dosing of trawy, the entire trawnik is równomiernie waujed, and the obficie is cleaned.

6. Zwalcz zimowe choroby trawnika

When we are liprowadzng wiosenne zabiegi on the trawniku, we notice a few sókne fragments of trawy with a diameter of around 20 cm. The size of the óte pola increases throughout time. Biase, lepkie pasemka and strzpki may be seen on trawy in the early morning and late evening hours, whereas trawa in the early morning and late evening hours is a bright roowieje. This results in the formation of so-called plenia niegowa. Choroba develops under the influence of a niegu warstwa, obstructing the flow of air into the trawnik – therefore the name of the disease.

When we discover the first signs of niegowej plenocytosis, we must act as quickly as possible to remove the trawnik containing the grzybobójczyms.

Much depends on the weather; for example, fighting with grzybs is more effective when the weather is clear.

7. Rozluźnij podłoże

If wiosna begins to form kaue on the same trawnik that it has been on for the last several days, it indicates that the podose has grown excessively throughout the winter months. During periods of wody accumulation, we nacinam murawa in the vicinity of the prostokta, not disturbing any of the boks. Podwijamy dar in the same way as a puszko sardynek erupts from its shell. As we splurchniamy the odkryted podoe and napowietrzamy the piaskiem, we nadmiarly usuwamy the odkryted podoe. We create a darned dziur and silently dociska ourselves.

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Consider the following: how and when to nawozi trawnik so that he remains attractive throughout the entire season

8. Zacznij nawozić trawnik

Trawnik should be obficie nawie from the beginning of the intensive wegetacji trawy period, which begins in the first decade of the month of October. Heavy-duty mineral or compost nawozy should be used. It is necessary to assemble a two-hundred-and-fortieth-centimeter-wide warstwa that extends across the whole surface of the ground, as well as a sztuczny nawóz in the amount specified by the manufacturer. It would be fantastic if this could be accomplished in a timely manner. In some cases, farmers require that trawniks be left in the water with the nawoze removed, which allows for very reliable trawy silenciation.

Keep in mind that we start epraceprzy trawniku when the ziemia obeschnie after the trawnik is turned on. The weather in any given year has a significant impact on how much rain falls.

Piękny trawnik na wiosnę. Instrukcja dla zapracowanych.

There is a great deal of discussion about the upcoming winter pielgnacji of trawniks. More and more words are being written. There isn’t even a single website dedicated to the topic of agriculture on which this topic would not be discussed. It’s especially good because the trawnik is a crucial piece of information. There is only one minor “ale” in this situation. It seems that Tzn. is talking a little too much, and certain issues are becoming more complicated than they need to be. My opinion is that the entire situation may be resolved by making an informed decision.

  1. The trawniks have been there for some years, and they cannot be said about them without sounding like a broken record.
  2. There is just one condition: in order for the trawnik to be adny since the beginning of winter, it must have been adny previously.
  3. To be clear, trawnik does not consist of a kilo of trawy, nierówna, ziemia that has been zachwaszczone, zabrudzone, or any other of the aforementioned characteristics.
  4. Niestety.
  5. But it’s all good.
  6. Here’s the question: Could there have been a trawnik here once?
  7. Resuming, however, the process of wet pielgnacji and four straightforward steps.

Krok 1.

Koszenie. I think it’s really powerful, and I’m putting my finger on it at around 2cm. Trawy zbierania kosiarka mechaniczna, z funkcji zbierania trawy. Of course, the entire surface area of the trawnik is covered in trawnik. And no one seems to notice the fact that, after the koszeniu, he is still the same adny and równy, and therefore doesn’t have anything he needs. Because there is a need, we will proceed to the next set of considerations.

Krok 2.

As soon as it is revealed, a quick word of caution: because it is a porada for the working class, it should be noted that we are already in the third of the entire duration of the event. A second step is wertykulacja. We’ll have a look at Kosiarka and see if we can make a wertykulator. We have two options: either with a koszem or without a koszem. If you have a koszem, the “urobek” will come to you; if you don’t have one, you’ll have to wygrab it. The next version is with koszem, and at the appropriate time, on the first plan, the protagonists of the third chapter, about which we will speak in a moment.

  1. It appears to be accurate, and wygrabianie resztek produces better results than mechanical zbieranie, in my opinion.
  2. However, after that, it’s just a matter of time till we talk about the samejwertykulacji.
  3. This includes, in the broadest sense, mechanical “wygrabienie,” nacicie darni, and the removal of zeschych resztek from the darni, as well as powierzchniowej próchnicy (point of view).
  4. Following wertykulacji, it is also possible to consider piaskowanie, which is the enlargement of the trawnik’s surface area by the addition of piaskiem, which further enlarges the surface area and increases the amount of space available for it to move.

However, due to the fact that this is a version intended for professionals, we will take our piaskowanie in our own hands. We’ll go on from here.

Krok 3.

I’m sorry, but this is the case. And it’s not the same as a nawoenie, which is the severing of a trawnik’s thread. There are a lot of nawozów and mieszanek. Different skeletons, different ways of doing things. However, because, as stated in the title, we are dependent on a beautiful trawnik since the beginning of winter, rather than “once upon a time,” it is prudent to invest in scrumptious pies that are remarkably quick to cook. It’s a nawóz known as SZYBKI EFEKT DYWANOWY that they’re after.

  • Because the majority of us are concerned about a trawnik such as dywan.
  • Rare azotu is distinguished by the loss of the original color of the hair as well as its stopniowy discoloration.
  • Nawóz zapewnia szybkie, intensywne zielone wybarwienie trawy, prawidowa gstos And, in my opinion, this is the most attractive: it zagszczas the trawa and transforms the color into a “soczysty ziele.” As a result, we nawozim.
  • Because we do not have the resources to complete this task accurately, without the use of “mijanek,” and without the ability to provide appropriate dawkowania.
  • Of course, on a pleasant trawl.
  • The start of the zabiegs.
  • At the conclusion of this task, I must remind the participants of the following: nawóz, we already know what it is, but it is the second.

Because it is always possible that after a rainstorm, whether as a result of these or other factors, we may find ourselves with a “puste pola” somewhere on the trawnik.

However, even if they are many, it is not necessary to wait “for the inevitable.” To traw dosia, warto traw dosia.

The best ones to have are those that are siany throughout the whole trawnik.

Sportowy natrawnik, which we recommend and use in our dosiewek of Nasiona: a pecjalistyczna mieszanka with a high concentration of odpornych Nasion traw, which is particularly well suited for the creation of long-lasting music on sports fields.

Creates a glistening, ciemnozielona murawa with eye-catching aesthetic qualities while also being resistant to udeptywanie and mechanical malfunctions.

It’s possible that the nawozem was designated for use during the sianie.

There are different types of rolins for every type of rolin.

As a result, if I choose to travel to one of the ogrodów that we manage, I make sure that I am prepared for any situation.

Short and succinct summation of the situation.

A large number of alterations are proposed.

However, it is not impossible to become stuck in a rut, employ a slew of gimmicks, do extensive research, and accrue a large number of sleepless nights as a result of this title.

It’s possible that it’ll be under the protection of the National Stadium’s murawa. If, on the other hand, the trawnik was not there during the previous season and the tornado did not pass through him, then three simple steps will enough to bring him to a successful conclusion:

Of course, everything was completed in a timely and accurate manner. This should provide a beautiful trawnik on the eve of winter. I’m done with the season. I’m having a bad day, but I’m hopeful that everyone will be able to benefit from the smallest possible number of people.

Jak zadbać o trawnik po zimie? Przygotuj trawnik na wiosnę

What is the root cause of trawnik regeneration, and what steps should be taken to improve its progress? In order for a trawnik to have an attractive appearance after a rainstorm, the following measures must be taken:


Regeneracja trawnika po zimie

When you see crokusy, onkile, and pierwiosnki on the horizon, you know it’s time to plant. The first signs of spring are the first signs of the beginning of the growing season. Trawniks should be prepared for the next wegetacjn season, and these kwiaty should signalize that time has come to do so.

Kiedy zacząć prace po zimie?

The exact time required for the completion of winter pielgnacji will vary depending on the climate in your area. If you live in the southeastern part of Poland, you will notice that the season for weeping will be shorter than in the western part of the country, where the season for weeping will be longer by a month. If the temperature in your area is dropping, begin when you have a reasonable expectation that the summer season will be coming to an end. The completion of forsycji kwitnienia, as well as the initiation of bzu kwitnienia, are important indicators of the passage of time.


Trawnik should be prepared for new growth by starting with the first step, which is to make an acquisition. “It had been some months since there had been any lici on my drzew,” he said. “Wait a minute, what?” When the weather becomes cold, a trawnik need a good oczyszczeni, which may be achieved by using a combination of zalegajcych lici and obumarych dbetrawy. Even if you have created a wonderful robot for picking up lilies in the middle of the night, you will still have to contend with strych.

Co to jest strzecha trawnikowa?Strzecha to ciasno spleciona warstwa żywej i martwej tkanki istniejąca między zieloną roślinnością (tj. liśćmi traw) a powierzchnią gleby. Zawiera głównie produkty z łodyg, osłonek liści, koron i korzeni odpornych na rozkład. Chociaż niewielka warstwa strzechy poprawia tolerancję trawnika na zużycie,nadmierna strzecha jest siedliskiem chorobotwórczych organizmów i owadów, dzięki czemu trawnik jest bardziej podatny na uszkodzenia spowodowane chorobami i suszą.

Po co grabić trawnik po zimie?

In the case of strzecha trawnikowa, a reason for which it is necessary to grabie lici jesieni during the holiday season. After completing any necessary harvesting during the summer, it is necessary to return to this state immediately after the winter, since you must remove accumulated sdba trawy that have grown over the winter months. I’m not going to do anything to make this trawa change its mind. To grab a Trawnik after sunset, we’ll need a krzyk. To facilitate the use of wyschnited sfilcowaned trawy, we employ grabi with a large number of predetermined zobs.


Jeśli twój trawnik jestintensywnie eksploatowany, jeśli ktoś po nim biega, dzieci często się na nim bawią może to spowodować ubicie gleby. Jeżeli zauważysz mech, który rośnie na ubitej glebie, możesz się go pozbyć, ale musisz głębiej przyjrzeć się jego przyczynie. Na pewno niezbędne będzienapowietrzenie trawnika i podłoża. Aerator do trawnika tworzy otwory w darni trawnika, któreumożliwiają wodzie i powietrzu wnikanie do gleby i docieranie do jej podstawy.

Jak prawidłowo napowietrzyć trawnik po zimie?

There are several different types of aerators available on the market. In the event that you do not have a large enough space or if your gleba does not have a sufficient amount of gliny, you can benefit from the following options: aerator rczny or aerator sandaowy. Wiosna is not the most suitable location for trawnik napowietrzanie, but the surrounding landscape may be conducive to such an endeavor. Whenever the gleba is compressed to such a degree that the existing catrawa cannot be replenished, wiosna may be necessary, which will improve the structure of the podosa (see Figure 1).

It is recommended that this activity take place during the winter months, because the otwory napowietrzajce provide a perfect setting for the keeling of nasion chwasts.


If you see a zauwayszmech pokrywajcy ziemia during a winter obchod, this is an indication of a large glebe. Trawa prefers a pH that is close to natural. It is possible to neutralize kwasw glebie by adding a small amount of water to it; however, this is not the quickest solution. Wapniowanie progresses at a steady pace. When you have finished, take a sample of gleby to the Stacji Chemiczno Rolniczej in order to determine its kwasowoci – it will cost you a few hundred dollars, and you will be able to find out about any irregularities in the growth of your trawnik.

Use a siewnik to get a consistent level of rozsiania wapna.

A gleba that is excessively sadow may also cause problems with the trawnik.


In order to remove nagie plamy caused by psiego moczu, excessive ruchu, or zaniedbania, a special trawnik (we recommend Barenbrug SOS Lawn Repair) must be used to remove the nagie plamy (we recommend Barenbrug SOS Lawn Repair). It is a process of transferring the nasion to an already existing trawnik. Make use of the wolno uwalniajcy si nawóz azotowy if your dawki aren’t working out so well. If your business need assistance, the best time to do so is during the winter months. If your business requires assistance, the best time to do so is during the summer months.


As part of the decontamination process, trawnika is subjected to a chemical nawozu, which is then trzebadostarczy a variety of organic substances. While it is possible to nawozi trawniki organicznieza with the help of kosiarek kompostowych and mulczujcych, we have developed, in collaboration with BARENBRUG, a specialized year-round nawozowy program for those who prefer chemic nawozy. The systematic nawoenie of trawnika ensures that he maintains an effective appearance throughout the entire year.

Wiosenne nawożenie trawnika

The proper nawoenie of trawnika results in the animal having a greater ability to respond to diseases and ailments. An optimally placed trawnik is more comfortable, more visually appealing, and easier to apply to the skin. A large number of experts recommend a slower “carmienie trawnika” in the spring and a faster one in the fall. However, an excessive amount of nawozu in the winter months might lead to illness and problems with the chwasts. If you use nawozu during the first half of the year, it will continue to appear in the trawnik until the end of the year.


For those who want to keep their trawniks free of chwasts, wiosenna pielgnacja trawnika is a procedure that involves both preventing chwasts from forming and assisting in the growth of the trawnik. You will not be able to remove all of the chwasts off the trawnik in this manner. Depending on whether the chwast is a one-time event or a multi-year occurrence, the appropriate herbicide can be used: herbicydu przedwschodowego or herbicydu powschodowego If you use a lot of southwestern herbicides, don’t plan any trawnik aeration until the end of the season.

Predwschodowe herbicydy are also active in the treatment of nasiona traw. Consequently, if you need to zasadzi new trawa, it is possible that you will not be able to do so if you use herbicyd from the south-west.


The first signs of winter include the appearance of mleczeto wesoe óte kwiaty from the astrowatych family, which are also upartymi, long-lived rolinami, which appear as the first signs of winter in the fall. They don’t just put you in a bad mood, but they may also push you into the realm of the insane if you go too close to the edge of control. While nasiona is developing, odamuj kwiatów odygi till they become swollen and discolored. Alternatively, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you might try wykoping them using korzeniami.

Just be sure to get it in a package with szerokolistne chwasts.

A significant cost in the battle against chwasts is the use of skuteczne tactics.


Wiosna also indicates that the time has come for the kosiarka to be released and given a chance to succeed. We’re opening it for the first time since the winter. If the patient does not recover as quickly as he or she would have liked, it is possible that the patient may require treatment. One time a year, Zaleca is required to submit kosiarka regulations. If you follow a few simple steps, you can restore your kosiarka to its optimal condition. To begin the first koszenia of the trawls after the sunset, it is necessary to wait.

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The first koszenie of trawnika occurs most frequently in the month of October!

Usuwanie mchu z trawnika

To be sure, zapobieganie is always preferable to leczenie in terms of effectiveness. To rutynowej pielgnacji trawnika, it is possible to add a few more ingredients in order to reduce the likelihood of mchu forming in the future. It is necessary to clean the trawnik’s licie, the odpads after the precipitation, and other messes on a regular basis. The result of this is that trawa will have an increased amount of tlenu, which will help to maintain the lush, pristine environment that mchy enjoys so much.

When a trawnik performs oddobne functions or when it is exposed to the elements for an extended period of time, it is necessary to kosi him to a depth of 2 – 3 cm.

It is sufficient if we maintain the koszenia at a height of 4 – 5 cm.

Prior to beginning the process of wapnowania, it is necessary to do a pH test to determine the current pH.

Mech enjoys a good stomp in the cieniu. Alternatively, one might concentrate on the delectable preparation of krzews or drzews, which are rzucaj cie na trawnik in order to increase the amount of soneczne wate.

Pielęgnacja trawnika w ciągu roku

Every home’s wizytówk is a trawnik that has been zadbany. The owner of the garden must, on the other hand, put in a lot of effort in order to obtain a beautiful zielony dywan for the posession. While the process of trawnik restoration is expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive, the results are worth it. There is nothing more enjoyable than a leisurely stroll through a shady grove with a kubkiem of kawy in the distance. No one who has a home with a garden understands the significance of the fact that one must work on a trawnik throughout the year.

Examine how to care for a trawnik in the winter, as well as how to care for one in the summer so that it is bujny and zielony in the fall.

Pielęgnacja trawnika jesienią – sprawdź, jak go zabezpieczyć przed zimą

When it comes to trawniks, the current state of the industry will have a significant impact on how they will look in the upcoming months. It is a good time of year to have a trawl before the arrival of the summer heat; for this purpose, a specialized summer nawóz with a lower concentration of azot should be used, which increases the resistance of the trawnik to diseases such as microbial stomatitis and choroby. We’re still kosiming trawnik on a regular basis, but at a little slower rate than we were previously.

  1. Particularly important is the final koszenie before the end of the season – it should be completed on a trawy with a length of around 4 cm.
  2. Similarly, if we przytniem the trawa too quickly, we risk causing korzeni to become discolored.
  3. During the month of February, the pielgnacja trawnika prior to the arrival of the sun is expected to include licification of the trawnik.
  4. Aeracja is expected to be carried out on the first day of the month of February (napowietrzanie).
  5. Wapnowanie should be carried out a few days later, in the opposite case of the situation.
  6. Following the conclusion of the current season, it is necessary to do an oil change in the kosiarks spalinowych and prepare the sprzt for the upcoming season.

Pielęgnacja trawnika wiosną – od czego zacząć wiosenne porządki?

When the wind has died down, it is possible to begin the first steps in the garden. The type of work to be done depends on the state of the trawl. Aeracja and wertykulacja are two factors that contribute to the improvement of the state of the trawnik. In the event of insufficient podpuszczalnoci, the use of an aeracjatrawnik should be considered. To be successful, trawnikom must be intensively used, udeptany, and extremely zagszczonym. Aspects of the process include the encircling and slicing of otwors in the trawnik, which allows for the rapid expansion of korzeni as well as the most efficient possible dispersion of water, air, and other pollutants in the glebe.

  • In this case, it is focused on the left-handed nacinaniu of darni and the usuwaniu of a growing filcu in the left-hand wing.
  • To see the first fruits of our labor, we must, nevertheless, patiently await their appearance.
  • The first koszenie of trawnika for the winter season is expected to take place in March.
  • The purpose of waowanie trawnika wiosna is to reduce the amount of traw that comes into contact with the ground.
  • After that, the trawnik is prepared for winterization by performing sidosiewanie and nawoenie.
  • If there are any open spaces on the trawniku that are suitable for trawling, we can do so.
  • In the month of October, we continue to kosimy trawa and na bieco usuwamy chwasty.
  • Trawa begins to intensify its growth in the month of May, prompting us to increase the amount of koszenia we consume, so contributing to the growth of trawa.

The intense pielgnacja of trawnika in the winter will almost certainly pay off – when the weather is only mild and the sun is shining brightly, we’ll be able to enjoy pikny, intensywnie zielony dywanem before the house.

Pielęgnacja trawnika latem – sprawdź, jak zadbać o ogród podczas upałów

It might be argued that the current season is a period in which we can self-apply trawnik pielgnacji at any time of day, and that the result will be pleasing. However, the more upalne the seasons, the greater the amount of attention that must be paid to the trawie and the state of its condition. During the summer months, when high temperatures prevail, we must keep in mind that our trawnik should be subjected to frequent and intensive cleaning. In the late summer, trawnik maintenance should be performed on a regular basis – at the very least 2-3 times a week.

  1. During the process of evaporation, the water should reach a depth of around 10 cm.
  2. Trawa begins to increase in intensity during the summer months, and we begin to use it more intensely as a result.
  3. Late in the season, the trawnik’s koszenie should take place earlier than usual in order to more effectively restrict the flow of water from the glebe.
  4. We must pay particular attention to this in order to avoid becoming entangled in a tangle of small things.
  5. The final significant characteristic is the late-night arrival of trawnika.
  6. The odchwaszczanie of trawnika is just as important as the nawoenie in terms of importance.
  7. Czste koszenie is beneficial in the prevention of trawl kwitnienia.

In this situation, it is necessary to obficie podlewa trawnik.

The zwalczanie of pdraków in the late afternoon is extremely difficult and necessitates the simultaneous zwalczanie of elderly chrzsczi who are huddled on the rolinias in the orchard.

You’ve been thinking about what’s going on behind the scenes at the trawl, but you’re not sure why the trawnik has decided to zasech and take his own life?

In order to achieve this, you must first nisko skosi the object, then use a nawóz and an obficie to soften it before zazieleni.

In this manner, we will bring the trawnik to the surface of the water and will be able to enjoy his appearance for the remainder of the year.

What is the starting point for the proposal for aranacji large, secluded ogrodu? 2.Are there any further projects that we might be able to put together for the time being? 3.Which outdoor furniture should you choose so that they last as long as possible?

7 wiosennych prac pielęgnacyjnych przy trawniku

Spesifications of treci:

  • (1) Sprawdzenie ogrodowego sprztu
  • (2) pierwsze koszenie trawnika
  • (3) Sprztanie trawnika
  • And (4) Kontrola przed chwastami. The placement of ubytków in the trawnik
  • 6.Application of trawnika
  • 7.Trawnika’s Podlewanie (Trawnika’s Podlewanie)

Following the onset of winter, both the trawnik and the entire landscape may be in a different state. Consequently, as we proceed with his seasonally appropriate pielgnacj, we must evaluate his strata. To name a few indicators that trawnik is in need of assistance: a deteriorating trawl, poókne plamy in locations where zaspy have formed, gruba warstwa filcu, mech, and a chwasty. Regardless of the state of the trawnik, we are in a position to restore the brightness of the zielonej murawie thanks to a recently discovered zabiego.

1.Sprawdzenie sprzętu ogrodowego

As soon as we begin working in the garden, we must inspect the planting bed and any other potentially hazardous elements. In the first of two parts, we will examine the system of nawadniania. Whatever we do, whether we shoot a tractor-trailer full of ogrod with a handgun and some cavalry, or if the task at hand is to construct an in-field facility to conduct irygacions, we must have it up and running by the end of the week. A large number of domestic dwellings have had their whole nawadniania system demolished during the winter, and their windows are frequently boarded up.

  1. Following that, we will be monitoring the following elements: we ogrodowe, zraszacze, pistolety, przewody, zaworyizczki.
  2. In order to avoid awarii in the middle of the season, when the tractor will require frequent nawadniania, it is necessary to conduct system evaluations at least once a year with the assistance of fachowcs.
  3. This is the primary device that necessitates examination.
  4. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to log into the service and determine whether or not the computer is suitable for use.

2.Pierwsze koszenie trawnika

The completion of the first koszenia after the harvest is highly dependent on the condition of the trawnik. It’s important to get a hold of a severely harmed person as soon as possible so that they can begin to recover. If, on the other hand, the weather is very unpleasant, it may be necessary to implement a more severe ustawienie noy in the kosiarce or to shift the timing of koszenia to a more wilgotny period. Keep this in mind so that we don’t lose track of time. Zabiegi can be started as early as March, but only in locations with a delectable ambiance and favorable weather conditions.

It’s preferable to take a few steps back from the pielgnacj.

The best way to reduce parowanie and to allow for longer wilgo development is to place mulczes, or drobno-zmielone traws, on the gleb’s edge.

Trawnika’s surface is mulczowane, which results in a reduction in the rate of growth of chwasts. It’s important to remember this in order to avoid getting into trouble with a nadmiarem mulczu, which, on the other hand, has the potential to deteriorate the weather conditions in the glebe.

3.Sprzątanie trawnika

The use of a sophisticated trawnik does not need the use of difficult maneuvers. Most of the time, during the koszenia process, the kosiarka adds liquid, drobne gazki, and other organic materials to the kosza, which results in the trawnik’s frontal area looking crisp. Those who own bezkoszowe kosiarki will be required to uzbroi themselves in the grabie as well as kosze or torby on the trawl. If we have a kompostownik on our team, trawa will be a fantastic bonus that will greatly benefit him and the company.

  1. This filc, together with the mchem, should be photographed in order to improve the condition of the trawnik.
  2. In return, trawnik will be more thoroughly cleaned and napowietrzony, while water will be more easily transported to the korzeni.
  3. Keep in mind that the new trawnik will not be deemed valuable because the korzenie and dba are both quite delectable.
  4. This particular zabieg is intended for use on sloping terrain.
  5. If we do not have access to such a device, there are other options available on the market, such as nakadki nabuty z gwodziami, with which we may napowietrzy a little trawnik or walec z kocami, for example.
  6. This may be tested by using a simple pH indicator and then swapping the trawnik after some time has passed.

4.Kontrola nad chwastami

A healthy trawnik is often odporny to chwasty conditions. If we do so in a timely manner, trawa will be in a position to wyprze the smallest of gatunki. They are, however, the ones with which we must contend on our own if we choose to use a gas-powered trawnik instead of the traditional ki kwietnej. Among the topics discussed here are medical mishaps, zwyczajne babce, skrzypie, and coniczynie. It is recommended to employ preparatuselektywnego against dwuliciennym chwastom in the case of a large number of chwasts or if we have a large amount of trawnika space.

The improper application of roelin protection tools may result in the extinction of the remaining roelin in the field. This may also be accomplished in real time with the assistance of various tools for chwast wydubywania and wycinania.

5.Wypełnianie ubytków w trawniku

Typically, the first few stages of pielgnacyjne work reveal shabby conditions on the trawnik. PLAMES PAINTED WITH ZWIERZACYMI ODCHODAM, PUSTE LOCATIONS POST ACTIVITY OF KORETS, OR WYKOPANE DZIURY BY CZWORONONICH MILUSISKICH ARE ALL POSSIBLE. Puste miejsca might occur as a result of too intensive trawnik use (for example, near hutawks or hamaks) or as a result of long-term niegu zalegania. We must keep in mind that any unzagospodarowana powierzchnia na trawniku will be poronited with chwasts, not with trawa, which is why it is necessary to have a place to put a trawa in the first place.

  1. It’s important to remember that every gatunek trawy contains a variety of sdba, each of which differs not only in color, but also in shape and size.
  2. On the market, there are also specialized trawnik regeneration machines, which we not only use in difficult-to-reach places, but also apply uniformly throughout the whole surface of the water, improving the overall effect of the water.
  3. There is nothing particularly troubling about this, because the gleba, as a result of the processes that are taking place in it, does not appear to be “working.” As a result, we can jzwaowa in order to increase the size of the trawnik’s opening.
  4. Check out these other articles: Plaster on the Trawnik – Pilna Regeneration

6.Nawożenie trawnika

The process of creating a wiosenne is not straightforward. If we wait until the last minute, we may end up with more problems than we started with. The result might be an increase in the number of chwasts or the malfunctioning of old dbes. It is recommended that the nawoenia zabieg be carried out as soon as possible after the fourth koszeniu of the trawnik, when the trawa has already begun to deteriorate. When choosing a name for our nawozu, we consider not only the phrase “do trawnika,” but also the type of nawozu.

We’ll have confidence that we won’t be trampled by him at that point.

Both non-doywienie and predawkowanie will be detrimental to the trawl’s well-being.

During the process of dosing the trawls and regenerating the trawnik, a period of time is spent using a nasion with a nawozem. It is necessary to do this action prior to the use of the uyciusiewnik in order to ensure that the nawóz is disposed of properly on the trawnik.

7.Podlewanie trawnika

It is necessary to proceed to the cleaning of the trawnik after each zabieg. We have the option of testing an automated system of nawadniania with wynurzalnymi zraszaczami or using a very simple method of zrosiing it in a garden with the appropriate kocówka containing a soaking solution. We’re attempting to keep the trawnik from becoming too swollen. The addition of a few kropelks, which mimic the shape of a deszcz, will make it far better. There are many different types of kocówek for trawnika on the market, including wahadowe, rotacyjne, pulsacyjne, and even ones that zasraszaj in the shape of mgieki.

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While wiosna is generally well-nawodnioned, there are periods of suszy weather that can occur.

When it comes to shopping, spring is a particularly good time, especially if we are still in need of trawnik-painting tools.

10 rzeczy, których nigdy nie powinieneś robić na swoim trawniku

Is it possible for you to imagine how much time the koszenie on the Biaego Domu will take? During a period of unhappiness around 20 years ago, I sliced up trawniks in order to make a sandwich. Gary’s, Rick’s, and Tony’s work was mostly responsible for this. I used to be Dziewczyna Walenia Weed, and Papieem Pocigajcego Trujczu, but now I’m Dziewczyna Walenia Weed. Every morning at 5:30 a.m., I wycigaem my obolae koci from óka, wygldaem przez okno, and modliem si o deszcz. Deszcz oznacza a lack of work as well as an increase in stress.

  • I’m not going to be able to win.
  • Those were bogaczy trawniks, to be sure.
  • We traveled to a location in Rhode Island with a trawnik of significant size after experiencing some very upalned and parned popoudnia.
  • I went over to my good friend Tony’s house and asked him, almost ponuro, “Do people really need a trawnik of this size?”.
  • I swore to myself that nigdy, przenigdy would never have a trawnik of such a significant size.
  • My residence in the United Kingdom was formerly characterized by the use of cykuty, klony, popiosy, and something I refer to as “drzewem fasolowym.” Over the course of years and battles, drzewa re-emerged, and gazie began to fall like exploding bombs from the Second World War.
  • Then I made a 24-calow (61-centymetrow) kosiark out of it (I’m not the most exciting person in the world when it comes to silniks).

After years of upsetting days at work with Gary, Ricky, and Tony, I’ve learned a number of things that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Here are some of the things I’ve learned through the years. The tenth day of Zawarto

  1. Is it possible for you to imagine how much time the koszenie on the Biaego Domu will take up in your head? Trawniki were sliced into pieces during a period of unhappiness around 20 years ago. Gary, Rick, and Tony worked together on this project. But I was more like Walenia Weed’s Dziewczynna, and more like Papieem Pocigajing Trujczu Bluszczu’s Papieem. Jeden dnia o 5:30 miaem wycignite jednak moje obolase kosci z okno, przegldaem na okno I modlaem si na deszczu. It is expected that Deszcz will be out of work and would have more spare time. It also means that there is a lack of money and that the trawniks are getting bigger and stronger. I was unable to win. Never again will we sacrifice little trawniks to poczynki. They were bogaczy’s trojan horses, to put it mildly. It seemed like there was a shortage of money and resources. We traveled to a location in Rhode Island with a trawnik of significant size after experiencing some very upalned and parned weather. As a matter of fact, we visit here every day. I went over to my good friend Tony’s house and asked him, almost ponuro, “Do people really need a trawnik of this size?” Trawnik was really stunning, with a zielony and bujny appearance. In my own mind, I predicted that nigdy, przenigdy would not possess a trawnik of such magnitude. I’ve had this item since the beginning of the year. At one point, my residence in the United Kingdom was filled with cykuty, klony, popioy, and something I refer to as “fasolowy Drzewe.” Over the course of years and battles, drzewa retreated, and gazie sank like exploding bombs from World War II. Trawnika now consists of around 2 akry (0.08 hectare). Then I made a 24-calow (61-centymetrow) kosiark out of it (I’m not the sexiest woman in the world, but I’m very close). During the years that I spent working with Gary, Rickie, and Tony, I learned a lot of things that I would never have learned if I hadn’t been working with them. The tenth (Zawarto) of October

10: Nie używaj soli do topienia lodu

When it comes to posypanie sol on this particular chodnik throughout the colder months of the year, it may seem like a good idea—as long as no wiosenne uderzenia appear and no brzowe plamy begin to materialize. Zima has the potential to be surowa. Lód, anieg, deszcz ze aniegiem, deszcz marzncy (anieg, lod). Many people who live in hot climates have betonowe or kamienne chodniki that are wyrzebione in trawniks. People have the option of posypaing the obstructed exit routes in order for them to become open.

While it is still early in the season, brzowe trawy martwej trawy may appear in places where there is a lot of sól, particularly in the northern hemisphere.

It’s possible that your trawa will refocus itself within a few weeks to many months.

9: Nigdy nie skaluj swojego trawnika

An excessively rapid strzyenie trawy has the potential to endanger the health of the trawnik. In addition to this, he is not sanctioned by the psa. The method of korzeniowy trawy is hampered by an excessively rapid koszenie trawnika lubskalpowanie. odyga is in a stojcej position when the third and fourth blaszki are released. Skalpowanie takes place when the third and fourth blaszki are released. According to the findings, the korzenie grows faster as a result of the high level of trawl slicing, which enables them to suffocate more bacteria and skadniks of the odour-causing bacteria.

A group of experts has expressed concern over the potential removal of more than one third of the trawy’s area.

Additionally, a thicker trawa causes a reduction in gleba thickness, which means that korzenie does not dissipate as quickly as it should.

8: Nie pakuj ścinków trawy

Make this a part of your to-do list for the day’s work on the tractor! Every two weeks during the summer months, I spend money at “Big Dog Farm,” the name of the property I acquired after completing my krajobrazowe work. I have a lot of psy, but I’m not a farmer in the sense of Old McDonald. The task will take around two hours of my time on a not very busy day. If I were to spakowa wycinki, which I do not, it would cost me ten dollars. In lieu of this, they mulczuj. I had no idea that my leniwiec was assisting my trawnik in maintaining his zielonym status.

I was also aware of the fact that the wycinki encircle all of the good spots.

Another piece of advice: don’t collect leaves in the fall; instead, mulcz them to make them kosiarka.

Another advantage is that you will not have to deal with a large amount of nawozu during the winter months.

7: Nie tnij mokrej trawy

Simply place a pikno on a mokrej trawy and turn it on. Please do not do this. Such a trawa is the most ideal time for a koszenie. As soon as the trawa is contaminated by wilgo from the deszczu or poranna rosa, the ostrza begin to wyginaj, making it difficult to do simple tasks. Also possible is to slither around on a smoky trawie, whereas cinki have a propensity to slither around and engage in nefarious behavior. Furthermore, choroba has the potential to rapidly worsen throughout the process of koszenia mokrej trawy.

However, it is possible that you will be forced to skosia mokr traw, particularly if a large amount of water is present.

In addition, do not ko trawy during periods of high humidity or during periods of extreme heat, because the koszenie is excessive.

6: Nie przesadzaj

Your trawnik is of high quality. Take a little more time to work on your strategy, as well as when you want to implement it. The problem is that it is difficult to solve. With a single potknicie, you can transform a trawnik into a brudny pustynia. As a result, you should avoid attempting to nawozi or to nawozi under inconvenient circumstances. We azot is the primary component of the vast majority of nawozów. A disproportionate amount of trawl may result in a brzowo trawl. One or two of the more azotocin-producing nodules quickly suffocate themselves in the glebe.

  1. Assure yourself that you have the appropriate type of trawnik.
  2. Nevertheless, an excessive amount of soli, as we discussed in the first paragraph, may impair the flow of information or even cause a trawl to be destroyed.
  3. It’s been a few years since I’ve added a troch of Dolomite ice.
  4. Limonka raises the pH level while at the same time adding important minerals.

5: Nie koś tępym ostrzem

The removal of kosiarks from the control panel appears to be a clumsy move, yet Twój trawnik may reap the benefits of such a simple move. A few times a year, I take a trip to the city, where my good friends from the sklep with the ogrodniczym sprztem dostrajaj and ostrz noe, as a way of saying thank you. The appearance and health of the trawnik are greatly influenced by the presence of the ostrza. When you smoke, it significantly reduces the amount of water that is lost and increases the amount of photosynthesis that occurs.

If you notice a bia tkank erupting from a blaszek liciowych after the koszeniu, you will be aware that your machine requires maintenance.

The presence of a tpym noem causes a lack of oxygen in the odywczych skadniks, which results in the formation of a rosncym trawnik. Two times a year, the ostrz ostrze kosiarki.

4: Nie używaj trucizn

All of the games and activities are suspended while the trawnik remains stationary, like a szalone mlecze. Some experts advise against the use of herbicydów for the purpose of chwast suffocation or pestycydów for the purpose of owad suffocation. These chemicals are being released into the environment, and they are also interfering with the flow of water in the glebe. Pestycydy have the potential to cause problems for unprotected owadom, microorganisms, and ddownicom, all of which are important in maintaining a healthy trawnik.

  • Consider the following example: a coniczyna removes an azot from the atmosphere and transports it to the glebe.
  • Koszenie is a stumbling block.
  • If you must use chwastobójczego srodka, use the term “naturalnego” to describe it.
  • Some time ago, when my backyard looked like a miniature version of Park Jurajski, I created a homemade device for cleaning up spills from octu, alcohol, and laundry detergent.
  • A few chwasts have been wspaniale in their work, but not as much as they should have been.

3: Nie koś w południe

With consideration for the health of one’s own and one’s own family, refrain from consuming trawnik in the same region. Alternatively, any other unsettlingly upbeat period of the day. When eaten at the appropriate time of day, particularly in the evening, koszenie can assist in reducing the size of the zielony trawnik. After all, as we already stated, do not kosi rano when the trawa is murky. Wait till the trawnik starts to wyschnie. He’ll arrive between the hours of pónym popoudniem and wczesnym wieczorem after the wyschnieciu.

In upalne days, the koszenie may not only be stressful, but it may also cause you to lose control of your trawnik.

Dietary fibers, on the other hand, are beneficial.

2: Nie podlewaj zbyt często

Something similar to trawnika podlewanie can be found. In the long run, a few minutes of a person’s time every day is not a good idea. This is a bad joke. A pytko-korzeniowy system is created by a series of little adjustments. Roulines involving the pelvic girdle and pelvic girdle must be maintained for a long period of time in order to promote health. Instead of doing so, do it once a week for around an hour and a half. This facilitates the transfer of water to the glebe and ensures that the trawnik is more resistant to adverse conditions.

When you’re done podlewa, rób to a wczesnym rankiem, just as the soce begins to piec krajobraz.

It is also possible to delay the start of the day until later in the afternoon. Take a look at your own gatunek trawy. Untold numbers of trawls do not require regular maintenance. When nothing happens, these trawls swell up and become zbrzowiejse. When it does, though, they oywiaj si.

1: Nie myśl, że wszystkie grzyby są złe

When it comes to Grzyby, they are not always up to date with the latest news. (Plus, where would Smerfy be if he lived somewhere?) Every year, especially when there is a deszcz, and I haven’t spent a penny on trawnik in the last several weeks, I eat grzyby. I don’t have any grzybów, and I’m not interested in having them on my trawnik. They’re a little bit brzydkie. However, not all grzyby are harmful, despite the fact that some of them might worsen existing conditions. In the case of some grzybs, they contain a portion of the raw material used in the production of the grzyb.

  • Groby prepare organic materials and refine odor-inhibiting additives that can aid in the development of fisheries, according to the company.
  • Grzyby have the potential to obstruct the flow of trawnik, resulting in an increase in trawy in some areas and the formation of a pierce in the trawie.
  • If you want to get rid of grzybs, reduce the amount of salt you use.
  • Grzybów on the ground are not harmed by the presence of wierzchoka grzyba, but you will not see muchomora for several weeks.

Dużo więcej informacji

Here are two things I’ve learned about trawnik maintenance: never put chwasts in small spodnie holes and always keep oculars ochronne (orange). Despite the fact that you may be experiencing difficulties with the handling of szorts in gorcy, wilgotny dzie (and your gogle are always parujing), do not be discouraged if you have the desire to trawnik. During the time when the chwasts’ pogromca was preoccupied with his own issues, gauze, kamienie, and other objects were thrust onto me, causing me to lose my balance and fall to the ground.

kocno!” we used to say back then.

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