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The procedure is quite difficult due to the fact that warzywoma have severe pielgnacyjne requirements; nonetheless, it continues to enjoy widespread popularity. Seler is a warzywa, without which it would be difficult to imagine one’s own culinary experiments. In addition, it is an underappreciated source of valuable odywczych skadniks, which means that it is necessary to set aside some time in order to become acquainted with all of the tajemnice of selera. In addition, the most often occurring diseases and szkodniki, which attack the rolin, are discussed in the article.

The majority of his popularity is based on the fact that every part of the selera can get contaminated, and that thanks to the low cost of his products, he is improving the quality of the materials, acting as an anti-scurvy agent, and protecting the body from toxin exposure.

Every one of these is something we can improve in our own backyard.

Uprawa i pielęgnacja selera

The best-looking stanowisks and glebes, which meet all of Seler’s requirements, are the source of the most of his problems on the upper levels. Seler is most comfortable when he is in a syznym and not very cold environment, such as a zasadowym odczynie. Seler is not a fan of large amounts of podoa. This adage applies to both the naciowej and the korzeniowej versions of the phrase. If there are any doubts about the odczynu gleby, in which case we plan to uproot the selera, it is necessary to do the necessary tests and investigations.

  • Having a good understanding of pH gleby will assist in the planning of events as well as the preparation of podola, which will be rich in the odywcze skadniki that are necessary for the development of the roelin.
  • It would be great if his uprawa had been supported by nawoeniemobornikiem.
  • Dedykowane nawozy do warzyw sprawdzaj si do nawoenia selera I sprawdzaj si do nawoenia selera.
  • The absence of mikroskadniks has a significant negative impact on the amount and quality of seler produced.
  • Despite the fact that many popular nawozów for warzyw contain significant amounts of microelements, the use of icegranulated basalt is a good way to ensure that all of the needs of the warzyw are met in a timely manner.
  • The best possible location for a selera should be well-nasoneczned and accessible.
  • It is not permissible to be saddened at the same location from one year to the next.
  • Seler grows best when exposed to sunlight, and the best time to harvest for roelins is between March and October, following the end of the summer growing season.

For rolina to develop in a healthy manner, it is necessary to do frequent nawadnianie. This is especially important during periods of intense growth and development of the korzeniowe system, which is why it is important to perform regular nawadnianie.

Choroby i szkodniki selera

The presence of choroby selera is a common occurrence, owing to the fact that rolina is not particularly well-suited for the treatment of choroby grzybowe. Furthermore, seler is prone to a variety of physicochemical problems, such as zgorzel lici sercowych selera, which is caused by bdy in the nawoeniu, as well as a lack of sufficient amounts of macro- and microelements in the roline. If this problem can be resolved, it may reduce the likelihood that chemical roilin protection agents will be required in the case of a grzybowic ailment in the future.

  • Septorioza selera is the most often occurring choroba in the upper respiratory tract, affecting both korzeniowe and naciowe selera. Early symptoms of choroby (brunatnoszare plamy) manifest themselves on the lips and tongues of those who are suffering from the disease. Following the placement of rozsady in a permanent location, after a few weeks, kuliste owocniki patogena begin to appear. It is estimated that the onset of choroby will last for at least three years in this particular location. Rulings that have become infected must be cleaned and sterilized, with the remainder being treated with Amistar 250 SC. The majority of the time, septorioz are already infected with nasiona, making it difficult to treat them. It is necessary to choose somewhat regrettable modifications for this grzyba or to prawda before the wysiewem. Chwocik selera- atakuje seler korzeniowy oraz naciowy, depending on the situation. Objawy s very similar to those seen in septoriozy, with the exception that they appear on a larger number of rolinach and that plamy are more kanciaste than oblong. Following the onset of choroby, infected rolins should be removed, and the entire procedure should be completed with the same preparation as for septorioz
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To prevent wilgowi and ciepo from developing in the course of common diseases, it is necessary to refrain from over-exerting one’s self in the treatment of such diseases. wilgowi and ciepl are caused by the progression of common diseases, and it is therefore necessary to refrain from over-exerting one’s self in the treatment of such diseases. In order to combat chorobowy changes, it is necessary to clean infected rolins and use nasion derived from reputable sources, which is supplemented with grzybobójczymi drugs.

  • Selerowa liciolubka (also known as liciolubka) is a little muchówka, or muszka, that aggressively attacks all roliny from the selerowaty family (seler, pietruszk, and lubczyk). One of the most dangerous types of larwa are the little ones, which slow down the flow of water from the other side of the river. The weather is getting colder in the mountains, so as a zapobiegawczy rodek, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the ziemi and apply a change of clothing before every task. After identifying the signs and symptoms of erowania, it is necessary to conduct an investigation using a reliable insektycyde, such as preparatem Karate Zeon. Poynica marchwianka is a kind of marchwian that is most commonly seen in the uprawie of marchwi, although it may also be found attacking selera korzeniowego. When the larwa grows, it causes corzeniowe zgrubienie to form, which in turn causes korytarz to form, which in turn severely uszkadzaj and obniaj the plon. It is necessary to keep an eye on the progress of wyapi dorose, latajce owady, which are being rozwieszajcóte tablice lepowe. This is a sign that jaja is being skewed and that a larw colony will appear soon. In the first instance, it is necessary to use environmentally friendly and naturally derived anti-szkodniks in order to defeat the marchwiank. In a significant way, the use of opryskmydlom potasowym with the addition of czosnkulubwycigiem from pokrzywymoe can reduce the amount of time that the szkodnik is exposed. If, on the other hand, the attack is zmasowany, it will not manifest itself without the use of chemical agents.

Winorośl – uprawa, pielęgnacja, choroby i szkodniki – Sklep Dla Ogrodu

Winorol is a rolin that is frequently chosen for upkeep in a private garden, mostly because of the owoce, which, in addition to their smakowy and odywczy qualities, provide a wide range of creative possibilities for gardeners. In today’s article, we’ll talk about topics that have something to do with cleaning and preserving winoroli. We also talk about diseases and disorders that affect the reproductive system. Taking into consideration the ease of use as well as the potential for abuse, winorol may be divided into the following categories:

  • A variety of delectable owocs prepared in unusually savoury, chrupilicious, and delectable ways
  • The following types of odmiany are available: odmiany przerobowe (na wino)– cechuj si maymi and soczystymi owocami, zawierajcymi due iloci cukrów I kwasów, which demonstrates excellent results throughout the process of making wine
  • Odmiany ogólnouytkowe– up These are alpine odmiany that may be used for a variety of purposes, including spoycia and several types of pierogi.

Uprawa winorośli

Winerol is a red wine with a strong taste of licorice. The appropriate for him stanowisko should be mocno nasoneczne and thoroughly osoniete prior to the start of the wiatre. The best results are obtained when the plant grows and owocues at a pH range of 6.5-7.2. This location is ideal for the posadzenie winoroli spoudniowe and zachodnie ciany zabudowa, since their nagrzewanie si throughout the course of a day raises the temperature of the nearest point of roliny. A winorol that has been placed in szpalers that are oriented toward the north or south will be the most effective in an open space.

Sadzenie winorośli

A doek placed towards the top of the krzew should be around 30 cm in height, in order to adequately protect the rolin from adverse weather conditions (particularly in the summer). The optimal distance between the next two okazams is somewhere between 110 cm and 140 cm, depending on the degree of odmiany. Prior to posadzeniem roliny, it is necessary to wzbogaci glebobornikiemlub kompostem, as well as to przekopa and odchwaci glebobornikiemlub kompostem in the appropriate manner. After removing sadzonki from the ground and removing her ziemia, we create a little wgbienie around the rolins and then use an obficie to remove the ziemia.

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Zabezpieczenie rośliny przed zimą

Prior to the onset of winter, it is necessary to take appropriate precautions against the development of winoroli or wraliwe wraliwe odmiany at low temperatures.

The following are some of the tasks that we should complete as soon as possible at the start of the month of April:

  • Use of kopca made of ziemiwokó bryniowej, which is particularly beneficial to the functioning of the mrozu
  • Winoroli pdy are not typically elastic, allowing us to delikatnieprzygi them into the ziemi and okryjeagrowóknina
  • Kopca made of ziemiwokó bryniowej, which is particularly beneficial

Nawożenie oraz pielęgnacja winorośli

The preservation of appropriate pokarm-making ingredients, such as azot, potas, cynk, elazo, or wap, is essential for the proper development and plonowania of winorols, as well as for the prevention of plonowania. They have an unavoidable impact on the natural processes of roliny, such as photosynthesis and the normal decomposition of owoców. We can help to slow down the growth of krzewu by increasing the amount of obornika we eat (because of the high concentration of azotu in our diet, which can cause roliniosis if we eat too much, it is important that we eat at least two servings of obornika each day).

These are available in the majority of grocery stores, which also provide a variety of other essential ingredients, such as an ecological natural nawóz for winoroli.

Choroby winogron

The most common type of grzybow disease, which affects the lilies, but also the psoas and the owoce, may be found in this area. Characteristics of the formation of mósto-brzowawych plam include their rapid expansion, which is particularly noticeable under conditions of high wilgotno. On the spodniej stronie lici, we can see the occurrence of a bluish nalot, which is also noticeable. The rolina that has been savaged by grzyba does not heal properly, which results in a reduction in the amount and quality of plon, as well as a stopniowy obumieranie of the rolina.

Szara pleśń

Atakujcy owoce, or grzyb, appears throughout the whole surface of the roeliny, albeit it is not very noticeable. Particularly dangerous is the presence of high temperatures and low levels of oxygen in the air, both of which are common in summer. Owoce begin to gnie, szary nalot grzybni appear on their perimeter, and tkanek roliny appear on a number of zielonych plamy, which are being used for tkanek roliny obsychania and wykruszania roliny. If you have a problem with little owls that have been savaged by a sharp plee, an appropriate solution is to use an oral preparation with a short duration of action, such as Magnicur One-Day.

Antraknoza winogron

On the ridges of the roeliny are a few smaky plamki that, as the season progresses, begin to ciemnie, releasing a czerwonobrzow barwa. Tkanki that have been infected are obsessing, and the li’cie is squirming and oozing. Choroba, even under optimally favorable for her development conditions, has the potential to wreak havoc on the entire biological system.

In order to properly clean antraknozy, it is necessary to use fungicydy, which effectively clean szar plee and mczniaka rzekomego, and to use them on a regular basis.

Szkodniki winogron

This is a small group of pajczaki that may be found on the edges of a zielony roliny. The sok that has been stored in them is released upon the nakucie of her tkanek, which leads to the formation of plam and the obsychania of lici. The reduction of asymilatory roliny’s surface area leads to a reduction in owocowania as well as the development of winoroli that is not in accordance with best practices. To zwalcza przdziorki, kluczowym jest wybranie adekwatnego preparatu, as well as the use of a prawidowy, accurate oprysk (preparation).

Szpeciel pilśniowiec

The appearance of a bright red nalot, known as pilni, on the spodniej stronie of the roztocza is a characteristic feature of the occurrence, as is the appearance of czerwonawych, wzdtych plam. To get rid of szpecieli from upraw winogoron, it is necessary to do an oprysk preparatem systemicznym, which kry in the sokach of roliny and is thereafter wchony by the szkodniki. For example, Mospilan 20 SPlubDeltam is an example of this type of a rod. In order to prevent the occurrence of disease as well as the development of pathogens that attack winorol, it is necessary to devote sufficient resources to the proper development of roliny.

Smog w Chorzowie, stan na 10.02.2022. Jakie stężenie PM2.5 i PM10?

Smog in Chorzów on February 10, 2022. Examine the levels of PM10 and PM2.5 in the air. Assure yourself that spending time on the zewntrz in the czwartek is safe. Consider how the air quality in the city of Chorzowie has changed over the last few days. Zawroty gowy are a common symptom of too long wdychania of zanieczyszczonego powietrza.

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Smog 10.02.2022 w Chorzowie. Jakie jest dzisiaj powietrze?

The concentration of PM10 and PM2.5 particles in the air in Chorzowie is considered to be safe for human health. You have the freedom to spend long periods of time on the outskirts of town without having to worry about your health. I checked into whether or not there is pollution in the area and what the current quality of the air is in Chorzowie last night at 14:31. The following were the recommended air quality parameters for Chorzowa at the time:

  • SkaeniePM2.5:36 percent of the normal value (9 g/m3). This did not change the situation
  • The skaeniePM10:37 percent of the norm (15 g/m3) remained unchanged. The rate of zanieczyszczenie is increasing.

Zadbaj o powietrze w domu

Materials for promotional purposes provided by a partner As recently as a few weeks ago, the following was the appearance of somewhat dobry zanieczyszcze:

Polecamy na smog i nie tylko

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Kiedy jest smog? Jakie są normy jakości powietrza w Polsce?

Regulations on the levels of certain substances in the atmosphere were finalized in a rozporzdzeniu of the Ministry of the Environment on the 24th of September 2012 r. In accordance with their recommendations:

  • Achieving a stable PM10 concentration of 50g/m3i cannot be exceeded more than 35 days per year, according to the World Health Organization. As an added precautionary measure, the annual average cannot exceed 40 g/m3. Skaenie PM2.5: for pyu PM2.5, the rozporzdzenie contains just the annual average, which is 25 g/m3. The World Health Organization (WHO) has adopted a low-level standard, which is 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air. It’s important to remember that any level of PM2.5 pollution has an unfavorable impact on our overall health.

Szukasz maseczki przeciwsmogowej dla dzieci?

Materials for promotional purposes provided by a partner

Co to jest pył PM2.5?

PM2.5 is a type of pollution whose czsteczki are not as large as those of PM2.5. The World Health Organization (WHO) classified him as the most dangerous to human health among the zanieczyszcze atmosferycznych, according to the organization. His szkodliwo wynika, among other things, from the fact that his czsteczki are of such a small size that they are susceptible to being sucked into the krwiobiegu by pcherzyki pucne. It has been demonstrated that a continuous exposure to high levels of PM2.5 pollution in the air shortens one’s life expectancy.

As an added bonus, there are several well-known dokuczliwe symptoms that manifest themselves as soon as there is contact with a saline environment, such as kaszel, nasilenie astmy, and an overwhelming sense of duskyness.

The increased risk of zawau and arytmia as a result of the oddychanie of polluted air containing PM2.5 particles.

Szukasz maseczki przeciwsmogowej do biegania?

Materials for promotional purposes provided by a partner

Co to jest pył PM10?

PM10 is a py that is made from czstek with a smaller or equal tenth of a millimeter in diameter. His occurrence is associated with a variety of processes, the most notable of which is the spalania of stain and iced paliw. Py has the potential to contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans. Benzopyrene and other high-piercieniowe aromatic compounds, as well as dym, sadza, azbest, arsen, nikiel, kadm, and other high-piercieniowe aromatic compounds, all of which not only smell bad but also have a negative impact on our health.

Jak sprawdzamy, czy jest SMOG?

In order to determine the quality of the air we breathe, we use on open-source data provided by the systemSensor.CommunityorazGIOS. Data derived from czujników located in the vicinity of the location for which we are preparing a report are uredniamy in the last 15 minutes of the day and published in the next available format. For uproszczenia za górn norm PM2.5, we obtained 25g/m3, and for PM10, we obtained 40g/m3.

Polecamy na smog i nie tylko

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Smog w liczbach

  • According to a report published by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, haze was responsible for the deaths of 19 thousand Poles in 2016. Moreover, Polish municipalities spend an increasing amount of money each year on environmental protection initiatives. Over 2.5 billion dollars is being allocated to this goal by 12 metropolitan areas
  • It is estimated that 52 percent of pollution in Poland is caused by so-called “niskie” emissions, which include spalania in domestic kotach and piecach with low emissivity parameters. Rybnika holds the record for the most SMOGU points scored in a single game in Poland. In this location, the zanieczyszczenie powietrza reached _3 126 percent of the norm in September of 2017


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