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Jak pielęgnować amarylis w domu?

Amarylis in a vase is an excellent choice for a sunny day – when it is kwitnie. It is possible to create a composition with a variety of roils of varying sizes and colors. New and innovative ideas are shown not in a museum, but in a misie, a szklarence, or as an element of a kokedamy (a wiszca kula with kwitncymi rolinami).

Amarylis czyli zwartnica (Hippeastrum)

Amarylis is a common name for a flower derived from the hippeastrum plant, which appears in the marketplace as a rolina formally known as azwartnic (Hippeastrum). Precious amarylisy (Amaryllis) are a type of flower that is quite similar to zwartnic, thus the name “pomylone” (pretty flower). (In this article, we will refer to the plant as “amarylis,” because it is most frequently encountered in supermarkets as well as kwiaciarnia.) Zwartnica is descended from the Amarylkowaty family. It may be found in over 70 different gatunks.

Rolin began to be developed in Europe about the year 1800.

Dekoracyjny kwiat amarylisa

Hippeastrum has several advantages, one of which is the way it changes our appearance in our eyes. It appears that there is excessive cebuliwyania, as evidenced by the presence of pusta and gruba odyga, and the presence of sigadkie pki on the horizon. Then they smear on a layer of aksammitny patkami in a variety of colors, including biay, ososiowy, czerwonym, róowy, and even zielonym, to create a mosaic of obszerne kielichy. Kwiaty have the ability to grow to a height of 20 cm! They appear to be spectacular in appearance, which is especially noteworthy given that few people are accustomed to such obfitoci after a very hot day, particularly during the summer months.

Along with more traditional colors like czerwony, róowy, and bia, we can also find roliny with kwiatas such as liliowych, zielonych, pomaraczowych, and dwubarwnych, as well as ones that are paskowane or krawdziami in another barwie, among other things.

Jakie amarylisy warto pielęgnować w domu?

  • In the case of the Galaxy, the kwiat pojedynczy must be at least 16 cm in diameter. In the case of the Diamond, the kwiat pojedynczy must be between 12 and 16 centimeters in diameter. Double Galaxy: kwiat peny o rednicy nawet 16 cm
  • Kwiat peny o rednicy nawet 16 cm
  • Double Diamond: kwiat peny o rednicy 12-16 cm
  • Double Colibri: kwiat peny o rednicy maximum 12 cm
  • Spider: pojedynczy kwiat, licie u podstawy nie nachodz na siebie or just a troch, licie pojedynczy
  • Butterfly: kwiat pojedynczy, lekko owalny
  • Kwiat pojedynczy, lekko owalny
  • Trumpet: kwiat pojedynczy w ksztacie wyduonej trbki
  • Kwiat wyduonej trbki

New variants are appearing on a regular basis. Cebule with pokryte woskiem or filcem are also available for purchase; they do not require any special care other than a few days of patience before they begin to bloom. The zwartnica in the doniczce is becoming more noticeable.

Na co zwrócić uwagę, kupując amarylis?

  • The greater the size of the cebula, the greater the amount of odyg that erupts from it (at times up to 3–4). On each odydze, three or four stokowate kwiaty can be seen in a row. The greater the size of the rolina, the greater the likelihood that the number of kwiatowych pks will increase. Check to see if the cebula is properly positioned in the doniczce and if it is too ludna in the doniczce. It is necessary to have a widoczny zielony wierzchoek (pk)
  • Check to see whether there are any pleni on the cebuli or podosu (this indicates that the rolina had a mokro)
  • Czerwone paski can be seen on the odydze at certain times of the day. This has no effect on the ywotno of the roliny

Pielęgnacja amarylisa w domu

  • Stanowisko Zwartnica obliterates both ciemne and jasne stanowiska, and she has a lot of chutzpah about both. Podlewanie In addition to not causing wysuszenia podola, the rolina cannot be allowed to remain in the water. Cebule in a wosku or filcu will kwitny without water, but they should not be allowed to remain in a warm environment because kwiaty will uschny
  • Nawożenie There is no need for zasilania because all of the necessary substances are already present in the cebula.

Flower Council Holland (text and picture)

Uprawa amarylisa – 5 prostych zasad

THIS IS VERY INTERESTING! Previous article210OkazjeNext article210Amaryllis is a beautiful flower that makes a lovely home decoration and has gained widespread recognition among those who wish to efficiently decorate their homes. The procedures for her upkeep are straightforward; as a result, it is important to become acquainted with them and begin making progress with her domestic kwiatem. The upkeep of amarylisa, also known as poprawniezwartnic (Hippeastrum), is not difficult, but it is, on the other hand, quite time-consuming.

Even while rolin is most commonly seen in the home, it is possible to find it on the balcony or the terrace during the summer months. When dealing with amarylisa, it is important to remember a few basic facts:

  1. Ideally, doniczki with a diameter of little more than 15-20 centimeters are desired by the Amaryllis. After being delivered to the doniczki, one-third of the cebulki should be placed on the ziemi’s edge. In the beginning, we use the most basic setup (no bezporednich sonecznych promieni) and from the point where the first pki appear, we use the most advanced setup (podlewamydo obficie)
  2. Afterwards, we use the most advanced setup (no bezporednich sonecznych promieni). The kwitnieniudoniczk should be prepared in a sonecznym, przewiewnym, and not very warm location, as well as with obciodygi roeliny. In the next weeks, we will begin full-scale podlewania, which will allow the entry of cebuli into the state of spring spoczynku. The next day, we will harvest the cebulk, oczyszczamy it, and store it for approximately 8 days in a cool, dark, and humid environment. We transfer it to a warm environment and wait for beautiful kwiats between 5 and 8 days before kwitnienie.

Text: ródo – GreenOK, tytuowe zdjcie:, image: TagiNewsletter Sign up for our newsletter to receive information on free horticultural excursions from us! This piques your interest. More information may be found here (4) Treci na dni nowe There are several topics to consider. Lista of available purchases Ptaki are looking for space in our garden for the planting of jaj and the preparation of pisklot. A large number of them yearn for appropriate surroundings that would be able to imitate the dziuplo drzewa.

Once you get to the wazon, you may use the water to cook the krzews that have been sitting in the water (forsycja, migdaek trójklapowy, pigwowiec poredni) and they will turn into a beautiful wall decoration.

This contributes to the wyamywaniu gazi as well as the deformation of the rolin.

If there are further large-scale proposals, we will investigate if the materials used to protect our roelin’s donice on the tarasas and balkons are enough.

Hippeastrum (amarylis) – uprawa i pielęgnacja w domu

The color of the kwiats in hippeastrum varies according on how they are prepared. Hippeastrum, often known as amarylis, is a beautiful cebulowa with beautiful kwiatas that blooms in the spring. A wide selection of kwitning hippeastrum roelin in doniczks is available in late summer and early fall at a variety of shops and restaurants. A roelina cebulowa, hippeastrum (zwartnica), also known as amarylisem, is a kind of cebulowa that is most commonly found in doniczks. In exchange for exhibiting an appropriate life cycle for herself, Hippeastrum dedicates itself to long-term upkeep and maintenance.

At that point, a slow but steady increase in lici occurs, and the cebula increases in size.

Warunki uprawy Hippeastrum

Our hippeastrumustawias will be in a cool, comfortable environment with a comfortable room temperature, as close to the okna as possible (but not in the hottest part of the house). We will also be putting in an additional 2-3 weeks of work with a pynny nawozem till the end of the month of July. When we harvest hippeastrum in the spring, we are preparing the roelin for the coming season of spoczynku, which begins at the beginning of the summer month of September. After that, we’ll give it about three months to work on it and gradually narrow the scope of our intervention until it’s completely finished.

A group of hippeastrums are zasychajing and obumierajing. If this stage is not completed, hippeastrum does not deteriorate in a predictable manner. Read this as well: What should you do to ensure that hippeastrum does not spontaneously erupt? What kinds of roliny doniczkowe kwitnie zima?

Pielęgnacja hippeastrum

It would be ideal if doniczka zcebula hippeastrumstaa in a chodnym pomieszczeniu during the spoczynku (13-15 stopni Celsjusza). In this time of year, the presence of cebuli in the podos increases the risk of disease progression; as a result, it is best to remove them from the doniczki after a thorough dissection of the podos – in an oblique manner so as not to disrupt the pitki korzeniowej. After the wykopaniu, zaprawi je w mieszaninie fungicydów (for example, Topsin M 500 SC + Kaptan zaw. 50 WP — zwykle opryskuj si cebule zawiesina o steniu 0,2–0,3 proc.).

  1. In the following days, we will keep the cebule at a comfortable temperature (20–23 degrees Celsius) for approximately 2 weeks while the air is being cooled (it is also possible to store the cebule in a sealed container in a cool and dark place).
  2. Following the wysuszeniu, we place the cebula in a cool (13-15 degrees Celsius) and dark place and leave it there until we are ready to eat it.
  3. From the time of the spoczynku till the end of grudnia, uprawhippeastrumwznawia si.
  4. Due to the presence of even a little amount of water, pokarmowe skadniki grown in cebuli begin to activate, and rolina begins to wypuszcza pdy.
  5. During this time period, we will place the rolin in a quiet location at the entrance of the okna.
  6. Read more about Amarylis and hippeastrum, two different types of cebulowe rolins.
  7. is the source of this image.

Amarylis w doniczce to w rzeczywistości zwartnica! Poznaj tajniki dotyczące pielęgnacji amarylisa. Czym się różnią zwartnica i amarylis?

This beautiful doniczkowe roelin, which is kwitnie in the springtime, was given the name amarylise by the scientists. Currently, however, this is a factual occurrence (hippeastrum). Among the doniczkowe roelin, she has one of the largest kwiatowe kielichs in the world. As a result, it serves as a delightful addition to the home’s décor. Those who do not have what are known as “roelin’s roes” should become acquainted with this roelin since it is not only beautiful, but also extremely difficult to master.

treci spis treci spis

Zwartnica a amarylis – czym różnią się te rośliny?

The amarylise plant, which blooms in our gardens in the spring, is commonly referred to as amarylis. However, this is a bad thing. Tozwartnica, also known as hippeastrum, is a real thing in today’s world. While all amarylis have a similar appearance, they differ in terms of ripening time (they ripen in the late summer) and nutrient content (they are grown in orchards and are harvested seasonally in Poland). Because amarylis leaves are a little drobnejsze, there are more of them on the sedge (up to dwunastu), and the sedge is dense and most often snagged on the edge of the pond.

Zobacz: The kwitned roliny doniczkowe, which are easy to handle in the uprawie Amarylis is a flower with beautiful, large flowers in a variety of colors, most often ranging from white to blue to purple to red.

Regardless of what you choose, large, contrasting kwiaty based on a long, sztywne odydze will be the focal point of your home’s interior design when the clock strikes twelve in the morning.

The preparation of amarylisa in a domestic setting is not difficult. Despite this, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Jak sadzimy cebulę amarylisa?

Amarylis is a kind of cebulowa flower. Zima kwitnie, a lot of the time around the middle of grudnia and the beginning of spring. However, we have the option of stewarding the roliny during the period of kwitnicia. To prevent amarylis from wilting, keep in mind that while placing cebuli in a container, one-third of the cebuli should be at the water’s edge. As a result, we are in a very nasoneczniejszym miejscu, which is conducive to the growth of rolin. It will take around 8 days to reach the kwiat.

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Polecamy przeczytać

  • How should one go about ensuring that the alpine fir tree grows in a beautiful manner? The absence of tajemnic
  • Grudnik does not kwitnie or smear the pks on his shins? Check out how to make a szlumberger pielgnowa

Jak dbać o cebulę amarylisa? Tajniki pielęgnacji tej rośliny

The most important thing to ensure in the preparation of this roliny is that the cebula survives the period of spoczynku and presuszenia. After the pre-kwitnioning stage, when the licie roliny have already uschned, we wyjmujemy cebula from the ground, oczyszczamy and set up shop in a dark, foreboding location. It should be cool (about 10-15°C) in there. A week or so after the start of the spoczynku period, which lasts between 6 and 8 weeks, the cebula is ready for harvest. As a result, we place her in the doniczce and begin to work on her umiarkowanie.

Dowiedz się więcej:

  • “Amarylis,” or zwartnica, is not a kwitnie, is it? In this case, we’ll say “Uwaaj” (thank you).

Podlewanie amarylisa

Amarylisa has a negative impact on our umiarkowanie. When the period of kwitnienia begins, however, we make a greater effort to be more accurate. At this point, however, there is little that can be done to ensure that the water remains in the base. Unfortunately, this is an often encountered blunder. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been taking good care of the roelin. On the whole, excessive podlewanie, and particularly excessive przelewanie, is detrimental to her success.

Warunki do uprawy amarylisa w doniczce

Due to the fact that zwartnica requires a significant amount of water, placing her on a parapet is the best option. In light of the fact that she has a dug, grub odyga, her odchylenie in the direction of the wiata will be noticeably more convenient. This necessitates modifying the way doniczki are used. After preparing the cebuli, we place the doniczk on the parapet, and later, when the kwiat begins to deteriorate, we may move it to a less conspicuous location, therefore significantly extending the period of kwitnia.

Nawożenie amarylisa

On average, every three weeks, we provide uniwersal nawozu to the Amarylisowi community. However, this will not be the case for the entire year. As soon as kwiatowe pki appear on the roslin, we begin to nawozi the structure. The number of kwiats on the odydze zwartnicy (powszechnie nazywanej amarylisem), which rises to a height of around 60 centimeters and descends to a depth of approximately 60 centimeters, is approximately five hundred. cricrimo cricrimo cricrimo cricrimo (


It is possible to see this rolin as a truly great gwiazda among the kwiatów doniczkowych without any reservations. On the hot sands of Dumnie, massive kielichy form on the sands of Dumnie.

It emerges from a large amount of cebula and czerpies its own sinew. Every year must begin with a new beginning, thus specialized care is required. Non-stop attractiveness not only on the okiennym parapet, but also in the wazonie in the shape of the bukiet.

Amarylis – pielęgnacja przez cały rok

  • Temperatures in the air range from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and Thursday. But there’s no way to tell if the stanowisko is good or bad without a good deal of forethought. When you move from the beginning to the end, the cebula becomes such. Odci zwide kwiaty roliny na dniach Luty, Marzec I Kwiecie Licie is now positioned on the roline. The months of May, June, and July: Doniczko makes his way to the center of the stage in the middle of the show. He zasila pynnym nawozem raz w tygodniu
  • Zasila pynnym nawozem raz w tygodniu Sierpie: I’m not going to bother you. It is the end of the first phase of odpoczynku and the beginning of the second phase. On the eve of Wrzesie and Padziernik, turn out the lights in the old lilies. Toss the doniczko in a bowl of water at a temperature of 15oC. We will not be deterred
  • From July to September: Transfer the cebula to the new ziemi (and leave it in the ziemi until the end of the month). Listopada is in full swing as of the first of the month. He placed Doniczko in a peaceful and quiet location. When the pd reaches 10 cm in height, it should be cleaned thoroughly every day.

Amyrylis z kwiaciarni – nie zawsze jest “prawdziwy”?

Amarylisy, which are sold in kwiaciarnia throughout the summer, should not be referred to as such in general. Even if you are a member of the Amarylkowatych family. It is often known by the spelled-out name “amarylis,” although it is more commonly associated with the plant’s botanical cousin, Hippeastrum, which is known in Poland as “zwartnic.” The beautiful botanic amarylis (Amaryllis bella-donna), which goes by the polskie name of amarylis nadobny, bears a profusion of colorful, pachniec kwiats in the late summer.

In those days “owcy rolin” feared for their lives, but their only goal was to acquire and ship to Europe large quantities of egzotyczne kwiats from Africa, the United States of America, and the Azores, either as rolins ozdobne or as doniczkowe rolins.

Even in the XX century, people were spooked by a rolin that was based on the ideas of Linneusz (although he did not accurately describe it).

Mylona with amarylisem zwartnica (Hippeastrum) originates in the United States of America.

Amarylis i zwartnica – jakie są różnice?

In practice, a naukowa klasyfikacja has been established and standardized, and one of the amarylis varieties has been successfully introduced into the wild. When we talk of “amarylises,” we have the word “zwartnic” in mind. During the XVII and XVII centuries, a variety of utensil-grade rolins, including as kakao, ziemniaki, and banany, were introduced into Europe. Amarylisy, which are sold in kwiaciarnia throughout the summer, should not be referred to as such in general. Even if you are a member of the Amarylkowatych family.

Beautiful amarylis from Peruvian Andes, Brazil, or Bolivia are a threat to the security of European citizens.

While in the Afryce Poudniowej, Lilia bella-donna was odkryli by the locals.

Sadzenie amarylis do doniczki

For the same reason that a wspaniay amarylis grows from a large cluster of cebulas, just doniczka and a good ziemia are required for the same reason. In order for one of the three to survive, Cebula buries herself in the ground so deeply that she becomes one of the three. It is not necessary to rework the korzeni. After the amarylis is planted, the pd begins to grow rapidly. As soon as it reaches a significant height, it is possible to rolin on a regular basis. If cebula receives an excessive amount of water at one time, it will only be able to develop a lisie rather than a kwiatostan.

Pielęgnacja amarylis po przekwitnięciu

The amarylis is pruned after kwitnieniu, i.e. during the period of spoczynku, to prevent the plant from gaining energy for nasion production. In the period from the beginning of winter to the beginning of summer, the wavy licie roliny should get a sufficient amount of water and sunlight in order to increase the amount of energy stored in the cebuli. Since the beginning of September, the nawoenie must be reduced, and from the beginning of January, it must be completely eliminated (neprzestrzeganie tej zasady is one of the most common problems encountered in the upraw of doniczkowych roelin!).

At this time, there are also uschnited licie. When new pdy are introduced, cebula is allowed to rest for two months in a dark and damp environment before being released.

Amarylis i jego pielęgnacja

ródo: Zielone Pogotowie, Poland If you want to be able to see what you’re looking at, you must enable Javascript.

Amarylis i hippeastrum – różnice, porady, uprawa i pielęgnacja

Hippeastrum and amarylis are popular for a wide variety of reasons. They draw attention to themselves mostly because of their enormous, beautiful kwiaty, which are difficult to pass through without being suffocated. Even the earliest of kwiats’ mionosniks can be persuaded to join them in their quest for victory. Because of the large amount of odmian, a festival of colors may take place on our island even in the middle of the summer. Investigate how to properly pielgnowa those stunning cebulowe roliny.

Kwiat doniczkowyamarylis czy hippeastrum? Kilka słów o gatunku i jego hodowli

It is sometimes stated that the doniczkowy kwiat amarylis and the hippeastrum are synonyms and represent the same rolin. However, this is not the case – despite the fact that both of these cebulkowe kwiaty are very similar to one another, they are two very different gatunki. It is known as Hippeastrum (ac.) and is a member of the amarylkowaty family of plants that originates in the southern United States, where it naturally flourishes in a subtropical climate. He is unable to work in the garden due to the fact that it is too hot in the summer.

  • In Poland, he is frequently referred to as a zwartnicy.
  • It is derived from southern Africa, where it frequently reaches the dziko.
  • Hippeastrum, as well as amarylis, are examples of cebulowe roliny.
  • In exchange for the somewhat more delicate kwiaty, it produces a stunningly beautiful pachnie.
  • Oba, on the other hand, has the same kind of construction.

Every one of the doniczkowych roelin produces one pd kwiatostanowy, around which the kwiats develop – in the case of hippeastrum, which produces at least four (despite the fact that hodowcy have begun working on the creation of szeciokwiatowych odmian), amarylis produces anywhere from two to as many as dwunastu pd Between the kwiatami, the licie is the most distinguishing feature of both rolin.

This plant has somewhat smaller leaves, which are extremely liczne and frequently cause pd kwiatostanowy to appear.

If you are unable to achieve this level of differentiation, you can still see the rolins after they have been saddened.

But the differences between the two rolinas are so great that they are most often combined into a single work, and the name “hipeastrum” is used as if it were a synonym for “hipeastrum.” Even more striking is the fact that the requirements for both types of rolin doniczkowych are strikingly similar, such as the need for pielgnacja and cebul czypodlewanie.

The only thing that differs between them is the time period during which they occur, and it is for this reason that it is important to understand which of them we are dealing with. And how do you go about pielgnowa te roliny cebulowe?

Piękne kwiaty w Twoim ogrodzie

If we have the opportunity, we should have a look at the cebulkom just before we start the sadzenie. When it appears that the cebulka, while being in a little degree contaminated, has failed to thrive, hippeastrum and amarylis may fail to thrive as well, resulting in pleniaszar or nadgnita. It is recommended to choose zielone and twarde cebule, preferably as large as possible – this will ensure that the plant produces piquant, large kwiats. In our environment, the only roliny doniczkowe are present, making the selection of the most appropriate pojemnik the most important factor to consider.

  1. The majority of the time, cebulkowe kwiaty prefer to be somewhat ciasne, thus it is preferable for the donor to be okrga, and for the donica’s diameter to be just about 2-3 centimeters larger than the cebuli’s diameter.
  2. It’s also worth remembering that the cebulapowinna wystawia nad poziomem ziemi in a third of its total width.
  3. Because of this, cebules are protected from the gnicie and nadmiar wody has the potential to flow freely.
  4. The first stage of the process must be quite obtuse.
  5. The ideal temperature for the development of hippeastrum and amarylisa is 21-23 degrees Celsius.
  6. The blooming of hippeastrum occurs during the spring season – from late spring to early summer.

Amarylis doniczkowy i hippeastrum – cebulki amarylisa i hippeastrum uprawia się tak samo

Uprawa and amarylisa, as well as hippeastrum, are almost identical. These cebulowe rolins cause kwiats to appear around 6-8 days after the cebul is ingested. The focus of pielgnacja at this time is primarily on the prevention of suffocation, which should be avoided at all costs. In conjunction with the expansion of roliny, an excessive amount of podlewanie should be increased. Both amarylis and hippeastrum require good nasonecznienia at this time of year, and it is possible to place them on a parapet to benefit from this.

  1. How should I prepare hippeastrum and amarylis during the kwitnienia season?
  2. The development of such large kwiats is a source of concern for roliny, and it is thus necessary to wspomaga them.
  3. If the podoe to the kwiatów was previously zaprawione nawozem elowym, it is possible to reduce his porcjes by half.
  4. When a schnie occurs, it is necessary to provide a large amount of water to the doniczki in order for it to settle on the bottom.
  5. These doniczkowe roliny may require cleaning on a regular basis over this time period, particularly if they are used in conjunction with ceramic or glinian doniczek or if they are housed in a damp environment.
  6. When the roelina is growing, it requires a lot of swiata and ciepa, but when the roelina begins to wytwarza kwiaty, it is important to schowa it in the evening.

At these temperatures, the emergence of these cebulkowe kwiats is also significantly delayed. It is necessary to carefully examine amarylis and hippeastrum. It is possible that the cleanup will take a little longer if all of the pdy and kwiaty are immediately removed when the kwitnie is completed.

Polecane cebulki i nasiona kwiatów. Sprawdź oferty poniżej!

Interesting enough, the uptake of amarylisa occurs not only in the doniczce na parapecie, but also in the garden. To be successful, it requires a quiet, warm environment that is not directly adjacent to a busy street. When the cebulowe kwiaty are ready to be served, it’s a good idea to mix in some hummus or a wieloskadnikowy noodle dish. Cebulki amarylisa should be stored immediately after purchase, preferably in an appropriately sized koszyczko, to avoid becoming a source of owads wailing in the heat.

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As a result of this, rolina becomes more quickly kwitne.

Amarillo flowers only experience temperature drops to -5 degrees Celsius, which indicates that they should be harvested as soon as possible after blooming.

Cebulkaamarylis po przekwitnięciu- pielęgnacja i przechowywanie

Amarylis and hippeastrum are both very old-fashioned flowering plants. However, in order for them to be able to grow in the upcoming year, they require more time for leisure. wiatowo cebul, który ju wykorzysta, jest najczciej szybsza, dlatego watro powinno dopowiednio zabezpieczy roliny, dlatego mona je wykorzysta w kolejnymokresie wegetacyjnym. In addition, the cost of purchasing will increase in the upcoming year. One amarylis cebulka may be sadzona for up to 8-9 times and will produce a large number of pre-flowering cebule, which will allow you to reshape your roelin.

  • Pielgnacja and amarylisa, as well as hippeastrum, are based on the idea of keeping them in good spirits.
  • We assist in the prevention of stopniowe licensing, which we do in a systematic manner.
  • Rolina has arrived at the time of spoczynku, making it impossible to do a surgical procedure.
  • However, this is not always the case; cebule might simply be found in a secluded location without any signs of life.
  • The shortest possible time for amarylisa and hippeastrum to bloom is 6 weeks; nevertheless, it usually lasts a little longer – cebule are looking forward to the next opportunity to wow us with their beauty and majesty.

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Amarylis – jak go uprawiać i pielęgnować?

Rośliny Hippeastrum or amarylis – how do these two beautiful roliny differ from one another, despite the fact that their kwiaty are not alike? What is the best way to uprawia and pielgnowa?

Amarylis – piękny kwiat doniczkowy

Pudeka with the name “Amarylis” has appeared in a number of kwiaciarnias throughout the last several years. After entering the house, you will find a little doniczk with a pkata cebul in it as you enter the house. Although it appears to be a zaschniet, this is only a pozory. It’s enough to place her on a parapet and start squeezing her until she resembles a królewna spica, which obstructs the view. In the near future, on the aforementioned odydze, a kwiat without a mate appears – bodaj the largest of which can be seen near the doniczkowej rooliny.

Normally czerwone, but occasionally róowe, biae, zielone, or pasiaste.

Amarylis belladonna – naga dama

And now for something completely unexpected: there are two roliny with the same theme. According to botanists, however, only one of them has the authority to intervene. The mianowicie Amaryllis belladonna from the southern hemisphere of Africa is also known as the naga dama because it blooms in the midst of a hot, dry climate. This is a true story: in the month of December, a licie is released, and they continue to enjoy themselves throughout the month of January and into the month of February.

  1. Later in the day, it appears on the horizon.
  2. Following that, the roliny, which have been napojone deszczem, produce a large number of pachning jasnoróowych kwiats.
  3. The majority of the time, they’re trujce, just like all of the roliny with the word “belladonna” in the name, which translates to “pikna pani” in the wyosk.
  4. Some panowie believe that this is, in fact, a matter of opportunism.

Hippeastrum (zwartnica) czy amarylis – czym się różnią te rośliny?

If, as a result, the rolina with the kwiaciar is no longer our amarylise, what is it? Hipeastrum (Hippeastrum) is the name given to this plant since its kwiat has been associated with the word konia (from the Greek hippos, which means “ko”). It has the same Polish name as well – zwartnica. There’s nothing unusual about the fact that ogrodnicy will be responsible for identifying “amarylis.” In addition, we may find a slew of websites whose authors are certain that it is about the same rolin. Both are similar in that they both produce cebule and are in the process of spoczynku.

  • They are smaller in size, but they are liczne and pachnce, and they are almost always different in color.
  • As a result of the ambiguity, the anti-sodygi are finally exposed: u amarylisa, the pusta is in the bud, and u hipeastrum, the pena is in the flower.
  • There are a lot of wielbicieli.
  • Ogrodnicy have been creating new varieties for over two decades, and they recently harvested a harvest of saffron.

There is little doubt that this will not be the end of it, because the roliny that are being sold in stores are the result of the skrzyowania of several gatunks, and there are 75 of them in all. All of these items have the potential to be useful materials for experiments.

Amarylis – wyhoduj własną odmianę

In a prezencie, my friend obtained a total of ten cebul hipeastrum, which he afterwards pozapyla when they started to wilt. Patki were intercepted on the second day, and after a few weeks, 700 dorodnych nudnosion were collected. When things start to go wrong, the znajomy wysia them, and the doniczki retreated to the bottom of the hill. It took three years for Wiosna to be able to nawozi, and it has remained that way. Cebule swell and become wysadzone after a few weeks, and then they shrivel and die.

Even if some of them did not look or act like traditional rolin-rodzics, they were undoubtedly influenced by their colleagues’ and bosses’ work.

Amarylis – pielęgnacja i uprawa w pigułce

Choose a large-sized cebula from the grocery store (the larger the cebula, the more dorodniejsze wyda kwiaty). Don’t be fooled by the fact that it roes in a little doniczce and that it emerges from the ground — the roes provides an explanation. Prepare an inverted parapet and arrange it so that the ziemia is evenly wilgotne; after two weeks, remove the parapet and discard it. Eventually, they will make pd and zakwitn. If the temperature in the room is too high, the kwiats will take longer to reach their boiling point.

  1. These, after a few months of growth, zóknie and become brown in the sun.
  2. Preparing the doniczk in the early spring or early summer, and putting it in the oven with a little bit of melted butter, and putting the cebula in the oven until it is done in the middle of the day, is a great way to use up leftovers.
  3. After a few years, you’ll notice a difference in your przychówku – separate the small cebulki from the large cebuli and eat them alone.
  4. Photograph courtesy of Liliana Sokoowska, Medium, Shutterstock

Polecane produkty:

Hippeastrum ” data-medium-file=” ssl=1″ data-large-file=” ssl=1″ src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ alt=”” width=”640″ height=”424″ src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ width=”640″ height=”424″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”ssl=1 680w,ssl=1 300w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”ssl=1 680w,ssl=1 300w” data-recalc-dims=” data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=”″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending- In order for hippeastrum to bloom on the Feast of St.

  • John the Baptist, it is necessary to plant cebulk between the months of February and August (X-XI).
  • Because Poland is not a mróz-friendly country, nadaje si just to housecleaning activities.
  • Cebula is an organism that performs trwalnik functions.
  • From the beginning of February until the beginning of September, Cebule is closed (X-I).
  • Hippeastra begin to enter the state of spoczynku between the months of July and August (VII-VIII).
  • The wyedy are little and do not resemble nawozi.
  • During the months of February and March (X-I), cebula erupts from the surface of the earth and sinks into the ocean.
  • 60-100 centimeters in height The hippeastrum’s largest diameter is reached during periods of intense kwitnienia.
  • Kwiaty are also available in podwójne and podwójne varieties.
  • The length of time spent wybudzenia from letniego spoczynku, among other things, has an impact on the duration of kwitnienia.

There are several groups of hippeastrum that differ depending on the ksztalt and the size of the kwiats: Double Galaxy (podwójne, bardzo due), Double Diamond (podwójne, due), Double Colibri (podwójne, redniej wielkoci), Spider (pajki), Butterfly (motyle), Trumpet (trbki), Double Colibri (podwójne, redniej wielkoci), Spider (pajki), hippeastrum ” data-medium-file=” ssl=1″ ” data-medium-file=” ssl=1″ The data-large-file attribute has the value “ssl=1” The source attribute has the value “is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1” The alt attribute has the value “” width=”640″ height=”428″ The data-large-file attribute has the value “ssl=1″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”1″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ The following parameters are specified: ” ssl=1 680w,ssl=1 300w” data-lazy sizes=”(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px” data-lazy src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=” A kwiaty hippeastrum that is reminiscent of the word “motyle.” iBulb iBulb iBulb Liście:zielone They’re waiting for the right moment to strike.

  • Rozmnażanie:cebule During the months of February to September (X-I), the cebule shrinks in size until half or one-third of its górnych mass is visible at the zenith of the zemi.
  • Later on, things start to become interesting.
  • Cebula may be able to grow more zapasów pokarmowych as a result of this.
  • Because of this, nadmiar wody has the potential to respond in a healthy manner, and kwiat is less prone to grzybowe choroby.

hippeastrum ” data-medium-file=” ssl=1″ data-large-file=” ssl=1″ src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ alt=”” width=”640″ height=”480″ ” data-large-file=” ssl=1″ src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ width=”640″ height=”480″ The data-recalc-dims and data-lazy-srcset parameters are as follows: ssl=1 800w, ssl=1 300w, ssl=1 768w The following data-lazy-sizes are specified: (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px” data-lazy-src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=”″ data-lazy-sizes Cebulki hippeastrum can be eaten after a few bites.

I enjoy rosning in a ciasnych doniczkach.

A Podlewanie: in the case of vegetarianism, it should be muted; in the case of spoczynku, it should be skewed or left unattended; in the case of veganism, it should be left unattended.

The following are the dates: stycze – lipiec (I-VII); when is it? Odporno na mróz:brak na mróz The choroby and the szkodniki: odporne nie zdrowo w roku. Szkodniki don’t sit well with him. It is possible to snuff him out with a snide remark. Gnicie cebul is caused by a lack of water.

Ciekawe odmiany hippeastrum

This beautiful kwiat has a large number of odmian. Among the options available are odmianybiae, biao-czerwone, and czerwone.

Cebulki biało-czerwonej odmiany Dancing Queen są do kupienia w Sklepie Niepodlewam –Hippeastrum Dancing Queen podwójne 1 sztuka

  • Hippeastrum has been consumed in Polish households for at least 100 years
  • A dish that is very similar to hippeastrum is tamarylis pikna panna.

Among the differences is the timing of kwitnienia. Hippeastrum blooms in the spring and summer, whereas amarylis blooms in the fall and winter.

  • In the case of Hippeastrum, it is best to place the bouquet before or together with the kwiatowy pdem, while in the case of Amarylis, it is best to place the bouquet after the kwitnieniu. Cebulka hippeastrum is a wonderful gift idea for the holidays. There’s something comforting about this kwitnie
  • It’s easy to get up and down with it. Cebulek hippeastrum is available for purchase starting in January. If it falls between the months of November and December (X-XI), it is zakwitned on the Day of the Dead.

Amarylis piękna panna – uprawa, rozmnażanie, cięcie

Amarylis pikna panna is a beautiful flower. “data-medium-file=”ssl=1″ data-medium-file=”ssl=1″ data-large-file=” ssl=1″ src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ alt=”” width=”640″ height=”410″ data-large-file=” ssl=1″ src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ alt=”” width=”640″ height=”410″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”ssl=1 680w,ssl=1 300w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”ssl=1 680w,ssl=1 300w” data-recalc-dims=” data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=”″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending- Amarylis pikna panna is a beautiful doniczkowy kwiat (flowering plant).

  • iBulb iBulb iBulb Other names include: Amarylisa, Amaryllis nadobny, Amaryllis pikny, Amarylka, Amaryllis belladonna, Belladonnalilja, and Amarylisa nadobny.
  • Pochodzenie:Afryka Cechy:bylina The preparation of amarylis is simple.
  • Amarylis pikna panna begins to flower around the middle of the month of September and early October (VII-VIII).
  • The month of June has come to an end.
  • After the kwitnieniu, the licie stopniowo zasychaj (as is customary) and the amarylis enters the period of spoczynku.
  • A variety of colors are available in kwiaty, including: black, white, red, and multicolor.
  • The length of time spent wybudzenia from letniego spoczynku, among other things, has an impact on the duration of kwitnienia.
  • Liście:zielone Amarillis first produces kwiaty, and then a liquified state of being.

iBulb iBulb iBulb Czebule and nasiona are the focus of this reinterpretation.

  • Nasiona– siew from the moment of purchase. The older the nasiona, the better the kiekuj (kidney). Nocturnal amarylis blooms in temperatures ranging from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius (both during the day and at night). The first listki appear on average after 14 days (or sooner if the weather is really gloomy). When the second li is pressed, Siewki proceeds to the osobnych doniczek
  • Cebule– after the kwitnieniu amarylisy, boczne cebulki appear. It begins to deteriorate about the middle of July and the beginning of August (VII-VIII). Typically, they begin to deteriorate after 3 to 6 years.
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Amarylis pikna panna is a beautiful flower. ” data-medium-file=” ssl=1″ ” data-medium-file=” ssl=1″ The data-large-file attribute has the value “ssl=1” The source attribute has the value “is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1” The alt attribute has the value “” width=”640″ height=”433″ The data-large-file attribute has the value “ssl=1″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”ssl=1 680w,ssl=1 300w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”ssl=1 680w,ssl=1 300w” data-recalc-dims=” data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=”″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending- Cebulki amarylisów (amarylis flowers).

  • iBulb iBulb iBulb It’s time: on the broomsticks or in the corner of the room Amarylisy can be used to fill up the gaps between the kwitnienia on the bukiety.
  • After the pre-kwitnioning stage, it is preferable to wait until the kwiatowy amarylisa pd zaschnie in as little as 2/3 of the time.
  • Amarylis, on the other hand, in order to bloom in the next year, must be cultivated in the cebule with as many zapasow pokarmowych as possible.
  • Zapasy in a significant degree gromadzi z photosyntezy (which is not readily available for use in this case).
  • Stanowisko:słoneczne Amarylis begins to bloom in the middle of the year.
  • As a result, the best-performing structures are those that are maximally soneczne.
  • The temperature should not be more than 6 degrees Celsius at that time.
  • Among the most notable are amarylisy ranging in age from one to two years – there is no need to worry about them being overripe.
  • As a result, these specimens produce large cebulki more quickly and begin to deteriorate sooner.
  • A Podlewanie: in the case of vegetarianism, it should be muted; in the case of spoczynku, it should be skewed or left unattended; in the case of veganism, it should be left unattended.
  • Odporno na mróz:brak na mróz The choroby and the szkodniki: odporny Amarylis is a beautiful flower that blooms in a healthy manner.

Szkodniki are not fond of him. It is possible to sabotage it with unappealing behavior, particularly throughout the winter and late fall. Gnicie cebul is caused by a lack of water.

Warto wiedzieć

  • Amarylisy were already popular in Poland throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They have been dubbed “luxurious kwiats.” Amarylki, belladonnalilje, and ameryllisy, as they were referred as at the time, provided the best kwiaciarnie, including:

The combination of a slachetna kwiatu budowa and a savory barw allows you to include Amaryllis into the most beautiful and slachetnejszych citych kwiatów in the world. “They are also being sought after by better-kwiaciarnie larger cities that are well-pacone,” wrote the newspaper “Ogrodnik” in 1931. Already 100 years ago, horticulturists were able to extend the season of amarylis blooming — from the beginning of March to the end of May. (IX-V). The uproar over these kwiats was, to put it mildly, opacal.

src is “is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ width=”607″ height=”389” src is “is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ alt=”” In this case, the recalculated dimensions are 1 and the lazy srcset is ” ssl=1 607w, ssl=1 300w ” ” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 607px) 100vw, 607px” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 607px) 100vw, 607px” data-lazy-src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=” Photo taken in the Koszcinie (on the Baltic Sea) in 1931 and published in the “Ogrodniku” magazine.

Uprawa amarylisów in the Seecka garden in Koszcinie (on the Baltic Sea) is a photograph taken in the Koszcinie (on the Baltic Sea) in 1931 and published in the magazine “Ogrodniku.”

  • Hippeastrum is a flower that is strikingly similar to amarylisa piknej panny in appearance. Among the differences is the timing of kwitnienia. Amarylis and hippeastrum bloom on parapets in the spring and summer, and amarylis and hippeastrum bloom in the fall and winter.

The amarylis blooms after the kwitnieniu, whereas the hippeastrum blooms before or along with the kwitnieniu.

  • When amarylis blooms in Africa, the agapant community takes great pleasure in it
  • In Africa, the amarylis is referred to as “naga dama.” Inspiring factor: nagi pd kwiatowy, którego licie nie odkrywaj

Amarylis – Uprawa i Pielęgnacja – Poradnik

Even those who do not pay particular attention to kwiats will be delighted by the delectable patties in vibrant colors: the amarylis captivates even those who do not pay particular attention to kwiats. Rolina is as beautiful as it is delicious, and it requires no special care, despite the fact that some znawcy are concerned that it does not require special care. Learn how to care for this beautiful roelin, so that she can urczy us with the piknem of her kwiats. Learn how to distinguish the amarylis hippeastrum from the more commonly known amarylis belladonna, as well as why the names of the roelin were changed.

Amarylis, co to za roślina?

The Amarylis, about which today’s post is written, is a kwiat that originates on the American Continent and belongs to the amarylkowatych family. Hippeastrum is a flowering shrub that adds a beautiful splash of color to any room. Its blooms are so bright and eye-catching that it is difficult to take your gaze away from them. The absence of amarylisa’s kwitnienia is an unmistakable advantage. Fresh kwiats appear during the spring and summer months, particularly during the months of September and October.

To ensure that amarylis does not die in our home, it is especially important to work hard.

  • Amarylis has large cebule that range in size from 5 to 12 cm in diameter. This plant is distinguished by its duga (about 60 cm in length) pusta in the stem and the presence of kielichowate kwiaty on the plant’s koecu. We can find a maximum of four large and rosy-colored kwiats at the end of the odygi
  • Amarylis has a lily-like appearance as well. The number of zielonych, podunych lici that grow from a single cebula ranges from 2 to 7. In the doniczce, the lilies are a little further away from the zemi. Duga odyga, which is encircled by kwiats, emerges from among the group. In the case of amarylisa, the licie are the focal point, and it is only a minor draw that attracts attention. When amarylis roenie comes in season, they enjoy having two soca. Slowly, but steadily, the kwiat will erupt on the sand dunes near the town of wiata. When a rolina reaches the point of complete kwitnienia, it is possible to move it from a large sandbox to a more secluded location, because it will then become wolniej. Ideally, the rolin should be baked at room temperature, between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. It is possible to use the amarylisa flower more than once. All that is required is to remove it from the soil and place it in a warm, dark place for a few weeks, after which it will be ready to be placed in a doniczk and let to grow naturally.

The use of amarylisa is not generally seen as difficult, but we must be cautious when it comes to the treatment of rolins. We’ll have more to say about rooliny pignacji in the next section of this article. As with many other ozdobnych rolin, amarylis from the amarylkowaty family has a wide variety of variations. However, there is no connection between a few kopots and the name of this roeliny and the size of this gatunk. It is possible to state that we do not refer to the rolin as an amarylise, as is required.

  • Today, we have egzotyczne kwiaty, warzywa, and owoce from all around the world waiting to be thrown into the ring.
  • It’s not a big deal that no one has had trouble with ozdobnych rolin since the beginning.
  • According to legend, people risked their own lives in order to witness beautiful egzotyczne roliny.
  • Handlarze with the same zapaem fought for the best kwiats they could find.
  • Eventually, a large number of roelin began to make their way into Europe, and there was no way to distinguish them from one another.

As a result of the amarylise effect, zwartnic (hippeastrum), a roelin that originates in the United States of America, was named. This is due to the fact that the true amarylis originates in the southern African country of Afryki. Both roliny are rather similar to one another.

Czym różni się zwartnica od amarylisa?

Speaking most succinctly, the rolina, which we refer to as amarylisem, is, in fact, a zwartnic (hippeastrum). The same musician stated that the amarylis blooms far better than the traditional amarylis, and that the zwartnica is significantly more popular in Poland than the traditional amarylis. The name of the flower quickly spread throughout the country.

  • In contrast to amarylisa-zwartnicy, which we uproot in the fall and plant in the spring, the prawdziwy amarylis blooms in the late summer and becomes an ornamental plant. In the winter, we uproot it and plant it in the spring. The amarylis, which originates in Africa, has drobne, liczniejsze kwiaty, which serve as a zwieczeniem for long-lived sodygi. They appear to be quite similar to hippeastrum in appearance
  • Nevertheless, the amount of them found on the scrotum distinguishes them above everything else. The zwartnica is surrounded by a maximum of four large kwiats, but the amaryllis belladonna has up to 12 large kwiats and they are significantly smaller
  • It’s also important to pay attention to the sodygia. Amarylisa afrykaesis has a penetrating sodyga, while hippeastrum has a sodyga pustatum in the center of the flower.

Amarylis: uprawa i pielęgnacja

Amarylis can be purchased in the form of wyronitego kwiatu in the doniczce or in the form of cebulki. On the other hand, prawdziwi mionicy uprawy rolin are likely to choose for the second option. As soon as the kwiat is pielgnowadziemu, we must begin working on the cebula.

Jak sadzic cebule amarylisa?

It’s possible to sterowa roliny during the period of kwitnienia. The Cebula will be in the water with the Kwiat at the end of the eight-day period. The cebule is being transported to Doniczek, approximately 4 weeks before kwitnienia begins in Poland. Months such as Padziernik, Listopad, grudzie, and the first day of September are considered to be the most favorable for beginning a new project. If cebulki have access to a large amount of soca, the result of this procedure will be spectacular. As a result, it’s best to eat cebulki around the end of September or the beginning of October, when the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is rising.

  • On the spodzie doniczki, we’ve installed a drenaowe warstwa made of kamyczków or swiru.
  • Cebula will have to work a little harder to get away from the doniczki.
  • In order to do this, we may make use of uniwersal technology and use it every three weeks.
  • It is necessary for Amarylis to be protected from the elements as well as the rest of the roelins, regardless of whether the uprawa takes place in the house or in the garden.

Okres przydatności cebuli

In the case of Hipeastrum, kwitnie roliny at a certain time, and it is important to remember that once roliny have been kwitned, we will be preparing ourselves for the preparation of cebuli. This period of time is referred to as the spoczynku period. Cebula should be picked up off the ground, oozing, and steamed in a dark, moist environment. The period of time when the cebula blooms ranges from 6 to 8 weeks. After this period, cebula may be used on its own, and it is possible to anticipate that a beautiful kwiat will emerge from it as the season progresses.

Jak pielęgnować amarylis?

We keep wzrastajcy kwiat in a doniczce at a convenient location, such as, for example, near the parapet. Roliny from cebuli grow at a rapid pace, which is referred to as Sprzyja. Hipeastrum must be treated in a safe and effective manner. Wody lejemy just enough so that the ziemia in the doniczce remains permanently wilgotna. When the end of the kwitnienia season approaches, we will increase the amount of time we have to prepare for it. However, it is not possible to remove the rolins. Amarylisy do not inhibit this, and we may be able to get a plump, rosy roelin by avoiding too pieczoowite podlewanie, which results in the formation of cebuli zgnicie.

It’s important to remember, however, that rolina need more water just when kwiaty appear on the horizon.

We should put a doniczk on the parapet every now and again, so that the kwiat may be skied from different directions into the soca direction.

Hippeastrum remains beautiful for several weeks, but when the time comes for harvesting, the kwiats begin to sag and fall apart.

This period of time is optimal for the development of cebuli.

When the licie roliny begin to sóknie, it is a good sign for us since it means we are on our way to removing them.

Since roliny are not in danger of being destroyed, we encourage them to wysycha while they are still in the process of being destroyed.

It is also possible for her to remain in the doniczce for the upcoming season.

They are certain that they will not have to wait until the next season to get back into the game.

Is it appropriate for those who are pocztkujce to take responsibility for the upraw of amarylisa? Despite the fact that it is easy to make a mistake when working on the amarylis, this is not a very taxing situation. The images were obtained from the website

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