Driakiew Gwiaździsta – Uprawa, Pielęgnacja, Wymagania, Opis, Odmiany


Driakiew (Scabiosa) – gatunki, odmiany, warunki uprawy i zastosowanie w ogrodzie

Driakwi in the ogrodach is only one of a handful of well-known gatunks that can be found in the area. Discover the most popular drakwi species, as well as their upkeep requirements and use in the garden. In addition to roolin, which do not immediately draw attention to itself, driakiewnalasy have the ability to add uroku to any garden rabacie. Their decoys, which are frequently filled with miododajne, koszyczkowe kwiatostany, are osadzone on a szczycie wzniesionej, wiotkiej, cienkiej, lekko owosionej odyki, góruj nad kpami lancetowatych lub pierza There are over 80 known gatunks of these fascinating roelin, but only a few of them may be found in the ogrodach.

  • Driakiew kaukaska (Scabiosa caucasica)
  • Driakiew purpurowa (Scabiosa atropurpurea)
  • Driakiew lucida (Scabiosa lucida)
  • Driakiew gobia (Scabiosa columbaria)
  • Driakiew lnica (Scabiosa lucida)
  • Driakie

Take a look at these other articles: Byliny krótkowieczne – which byliny belong to the krótkowiecznych, uprawa, pielgnacja, and rozmnaanie Dried driakiew purpurowa with a ciemnopurpurowych kwiatostan composition.

Driakiew purpurowa

Among the best-known varieties is driakiew purpurowa, also known as wdówk, which has a wide range of attractive odmian with a unique ubarwieniu of kwiatów (such as biae, kremowe, liliowe, róowe, czerwone, bordowe), a variety of peny or pópe It grows up to 70-100 cm in height and, in contrast to the other three gatunks, has a single flowering season (as opposed to the other four). In the month of March, it is uprooted from nasion wysiewanych under osonami (for example, in an inspekt). They should be prepiked, and they should be erected in their permanent location by the end of May.

  • The roliny provide tesamosiew in a well-positioned position.
  • Driakiew purpurowa rabacie komponuje well with delectable trawami (for example, ostnic cieniutk) as well as other ozdobnymi rolinami, such as gailardia, liliowcami, krwawnikiem, jeówk, and kosmosemczygipsówk.
  • Her urocze kwiatostany are also suitable for cicia and wykorzystania in slender or stout bukiets, depending on the material.
  • Driakiew Kaukaska is a photographer for Getty Images.

Driakiew kaukaska

The second most popular gatunkie is the driakiew kaukaska. In opposition to its own kuzynki, rolina is a bylin with a circumference ranging from 50 to 70 cm in diameter. Its koszyczkowe kwiaty, which are osadzone on wzniesionych, cienkich, owosionych, wiotkich odykach, have a distinctive build: they are much larger and more pliable than those of the previous gatunk, because they are constructed from one or two large okóków, which are rozoone on the bottom, pergaminow They appear in the late summer (in late September) and continue to grow into the fall (in late October).

Due to the fact that roliny are often available in the form of odmian kwitning na niebiesko or biao (e.g., ‘Miss Willmott’ with a biao kwiatach,’Clive Greaves’ with a lawendowych kwiatach, and ‘Stafa’ with a niebieskich kwiatach), the palette of bar During the summer, driakiew kaukask uprawia si most frequently from nasion, which is wysiewanych under the influence of the wind (wymagajpikowania siewki) and wysadzanych in the late afternoon sun.

  1. The season of roelin can begin as early as the first week of March if the nasiona were harvested during that month’s wet season; however, if the sadzonki were harvested during the second week of May (major-czerwiec), the season of roelin can begin as late as the first week of June.
  2. In order to prevent the deterioration of older specimens, it is necessary to carry out this procedure every few years.
  3. Driakiew kaukaskanajlepiej ronie na sonecznych lub pócienistych stanowiskach, próchniczej It is very mrozoodporn, and as a result, it does not require a winter coat.
  4. Driakiew kaukaska appears in the ogrodzie in the most concentrated form in one-gatunkowed groups.

Likewise, their kwiaty are more readily available for consumption. Read this article as well: “Najlepsze roliny ogrodowe na kwiat city” (the best ogrodowe roliny on the kwiat city) Getty Images is the photographer. Driakiew Gobia (Goblin Driakiew)

Driakiew gołębia

Driakiew gobia is the second most common type of driakwi. Ona is also a bylin (with a diameter of 40-60 cm and a height of 40-60 cm), but her kwiaty are smaller than those of the previous gatunk and she has a smaller rodek. From the beginning of December until the beginning of January, Driakiew gobia kwitnie. The most frequently encountered variations are those with kwiatach in the colors of beige or light blue, although variations with kwiatach in the colors of bordowe (e.g. ‘Barocca’) or bright red (e.g.

In the same way as the previous two gatunki did, Rolina has the same requirements and methods of application.

Driakiew lniaca (Driakiew lniaca)

Driakiew lśniąca

Intriguing gatunkiem to look out for is the takedriakiew lnica-bylina, which can grow from 10 to 40 cm in circumference and may be found in a variety of colors and sizes, with the majority of them having róowoliliowych kwiatas. In appearance, the kwiatostany are similar to those found in the previous gatunk, however, the licie are more postrzpione, as are the angie and the linice (thus the name of the gatunk). Similarly to the preceding gatunki, Driakiew lnica has similar requirements, but prefers a more arid environment.

In addition to the previously mentioned gatunks, visitors to the ogrodach may occasionally come across bylinowdriakiew ochroleuca (Scabiosa ochroleuca) with its ochroleuca-like kwiatas or bylinowdriakiew gwiadzist (Scabiosa stellata) with its unusual and visually appealing owocosta.

Owocostan driakwi gwiadzistej owocostan driakwi gwiadzistej

Byliny Driakiew – odmiany i gatunki. Byliny Driakiew – sadzenie, uprawa i pielegnacja. Encyklopedia roslin

Szczeciowaty Driakiew (Scabiosa): Driakiew (Scabiosa) is a species of roelin that includes both annual and long-lived roelin as well as pókrzews that is a member of the Scabiosa family (Dipsacoideae). Though the ojczyzna Driakiewy is the continent of Europe, the dzikim rolina of this continent occurs in an unsettled climate throughout all of the Old World. On the subject of the origins of the aacian name Driakiewynie, there is a wide range of opinions. According to one interpretation, the word «scаbiеs» appears as the root of the name, which is pronounced as «wierzb» in the native language of Aci.

  1. According to another interpretation, the name derives from the Latin word «scаbiosus», which means «szorstki».
  2. Driakiew has a simple stojcing sodyg with a range of 20-110 cm in circumference.
  3. Aromatyczne kwiaty otoczone podsadkami, zebrane w gówkowate or kuliste kwiatostany, umieszczone na wierzchoku pdu kwiatowego, zebrane w gówkowate lub kuliste podsadkami.
  4. Their ubarwienie can be a variety of colors, including biae, niebieskie, róowe, szkaratne, liliowe, nasycono-niebieskie, and even bright orange.
  5. During the course of three years, Owoc presents himself as a no-upk with a few brzowy nasions of owalnego ksztatu, which he believes will give him the ability to kiekowa.

Approximately 100 gatunks are included in the Driakiew genus; however, some of these gatunks are frequently associated with the oddzielnego rodzaju wierzbnica (Knаutia), for example, the polna wierzbnica (Knаutia аrvensis, aka Scabiosa аrvensis), and the macedoska wier The following characteristics are present in these rolls: a simple or a rozgaziona odyga, which may be anywhere from 20 cm to 1 meter in circumference, nakrzylege, pierzaste, and zbkowane on the li’s brzegs, as well as gówkowate or kuliste kwiatostany.

Such gatunki as the Driakiew kaukaska (Scabiosa caucasica) are not only well-known, but they are also quite large.

It has long roe, which grows to 80 cm in circumference, and gówkowate kwiatostany in a variety of colors (ranging from a gwiadzista (Scаbiosa stellatа) is a rolina that grows once a year and grows up to 50 cm in diameter, with jasnoniebieskim kwiatostanami that begin to kwitny at the beginning of the year; it is also known as the gwiadzista.

Scabiosa graminifolia – wysoko wynosi ok.

The driakiew gobia (Scаbiosa cоlumbaria) is a dwuletnie or a long-lived rolina that may be found on sks, among the trees, and in the vicinity of wody-zbiorniks.

Driakiewy’s favorite ssiads are kosace, piwonie, pysznoglówki, przywrotniki, szawie, funkie, and astry, to name a few.

For the purpose of making winter bukiets, Driakiewgwiadzistarównie is also being utilized. Also noteworthy are the fact that these beautiful kwitnece roliny serve as excellent miodyjny roliny.

Sekrety udanej uprawy Driakiewy

In general, drakiew is not a particularly pleasant creature, being somewhat sensitive to both heat and cold. It does not, however, cause problems for kwiats’ hodowcom, and, as a result, has not maintained its obfity for many years. Because this rolina like the water, it is preferable to use open areas for upkeep and maintenance. If you want to make Gleba seem good, it should be urodzajna, lekka, with an even kwasowoci, and well-zdrenowana. Driakiew’s fundamental pielgnacja entails the removal of chwasts, the spulching of glebs, the introduction of complex nawozów rozpuszczalnych into the water, and the timely completion of the process (although it is necessary to be particularly ostrony with Driakwia kaukask, as this gatunek does not deplete the water’s zastoju In order to prevent kwitnienie from occurring, it is necessary to use a kwiatostany with a kwitnienie.

  1. On the whole, rolina is really hospitable; nevertheless, some gatunek, such as Driakiew kaukaska, as well as some hybryda odmiany in our geographic szerokociach, require osony na zima from the cincy warstwy of suche listowia.
  2. It is necessary to odmadza Driakiewy, which have been there for over 5 years.
  3. Agony-in-chief Nasiona announces that it will participate in an open tournament in May, or that it will participate in a rozsady tournament in March-October.
  4. The appearance of a few good-looking listks has caused siewki to pikuje.
  5. The appearance of kwitnienie may be seen as early as the first year of existence in some gatunks.
  6. By arranging krzew in such a way that each section has at least two to three pdy with the korzenia, czci wysadza si in the previously prepared doki, therefore achieving about 30 cm of space between the rolinams.

Ewentualne trudności

Mczniaka and grzybowe choroby may be afflicted by Driakiew’s agrotechnological lands if they are not properly maintained and cared for. In order to achieve the goal of profilaktyki, it is not necessary to engage in excessive gleb nawilenia or nasadze zagszczenia. If you see the first signs of rooliny disease, you should consider getting fungicidal treatment. However, you must be careful that the medication does not end up in your bloodstream.

charakterystyka, odmiany, wymagania, sadzenie, porady

The driakiew (Scabiosa) family includes a number of szczeciowaty roelin gatunki, including one-year-old, two-year-old, and three-year-old. Four gatunki have been found in Poland, which is a small number among the known 80 gatunks that can be found throughout Europe, the Americas, and Africa. It is chuffed to be able to uphold itself in the midst of ogrodowych rabats, with its beautiful miododajne and pachnice roliny and its subtelne urodzie. As an effective component of rolinnych compositions, they may be found in a variety of applications on the piano keyboard.

Check out some of the most popular gatunki and find out how the uprawa of ogrodowych driakwi looks like. If you’re looking for more information and inspiration, check out the articles about kwiatach na suche bukiety that have already been published in this location.

Scabiosa –opis popularnych gatunków oraz najciekawszych odmian

A large number of szczeciowatych rolin are found in the Scabiosa rodzaj, including annual, biannual, and multiannual rolin. Four gatunki have been discovered in Poland, which is part of a larger population of 80 gatunks that may be found throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. Barracudas, miododajne, and pachnie roliny, with a subtelne urodzie, are constantly uprooting themselves from their natural habitats. As an effective component of rolinnych compositions, they may be found in a variety of applications including use on the piano keyboard.

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For more information and insight, have a look at the articles on kwiatas and suche bukiety that have been posted in this location.

Efektowne gatunkiScabiosa –do ogrodu, na balkony i tarasy

Caucasian drake, wdówka (Scabiosa caucasica)–bylina dorasta up to 80 cm in circumference (Scabiosa caucasica). In the wild, it may be found in the Kaukashik sand dunes and on the górzystych terrain. Rolina creates the first draft of a li. Paskie fioletowe kwiatostany, with a diameter of around 8 cm, begin to appear in the month of April. Driakiew decorates rabats during the whole vegetarian season. The treatment of roelin is based on the systematic removal of kwiats and the odmadzanie of bylins for a period of four years.

The ogrodniczy rynek offers a variety of enticing options.

The following are good examples of polecenia:

  • Perfecta Alba (white Driakiew), which grows to 70 cm in height, is a kind of Driakiew. ‘Staefa’ is a niebieska driakiew that grows to 60 cm in circumference. The driakiew ‘Miss Wilmott’ is white with light blue pylniks. It has a 60-centimeter width

Japanese Driakiew (Scabiosa japonica) — This species may be found in Europe, the United States, and Africa, where it inhabits mountainous terrain. It is also found in Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific. In the spring, the rozeta of the pierzastych, zielonych lici serves as a safe haven for liliowych kwiats, which appear on the sztywnych slopes of the Sztywnych odygach in the early summer. Rolina kwitnie to the end of the first week of March. It has a circumference of around 30 cm. Japoska Driakiewa need a reorganization in the near future.

In the vicinity of Morza ródziemnego, Driakiew purpurowa (Scabiosa atropurpurea) creates havoc.

She has been towed to the side of the road.

The following are the most effective modifications:

  • Every year, the driakiew czarna ‘Black Night’oraz is produced
  • A frequently encountered czarna variant known as ‘Chile Black’, which produces large kwiatostany, with a diameter of 8 cm
  • And a czarna variant known as ‘Chile Black’, which produces large kwiatostany, with a diameter of 8 cm.

Wymagania uprawowe driakwi – sadzenie i pielęgnacja roślin

Every year, the driakiew czarna ‘Black Night’oraz is produced; a frequently encountered czarna variant known as ‘Chile Black’, which produces large kwiatostany, with a diameter of 8 cm; and a czarna variant known as ‘Chile Black’, which produces little kwiatostany, with a diameter of 4 cm.

  • We visit Nasiona in March and October, and we do inspections. They are too wysiane and necessitate the use of pikowania. We will be burying our sadzonki in the month of May, at a size of 30 cm by 20 cm. The most appropriate size for large driakwi is 30 cm × 35 cm
  • Nasiona can be strewn around the ground during the months of October and May. There should be around nine roses on one square meter
  • In the winter or spring, rose podzia is performed on roses. Sadzonki can be sadziated in groups, with the number of rolins varying depending on the gatunk. It is possible to get rid of them by using roelin podzia
  • The agricultural market provides ready-to-use sadzonki. From the beginning of October through the end of November, we will be at the same location.

Piękne kwiaty w Twoim ogrodzie

Scabiosa: gatunków are being slaughtered.

  • It is based on the practice of cutting bylin before sunset. In the month of February, we will construct a chimney to a height of 10 cm above the ground. It is believed that przycinanie accelerates the spread of infection and helps to prevent the formation of non-ethical puddles of poop
  • Nevertheless, roliny do not require systematyczne zasilania. The first dawk of nawozów is used during the saddening of driakwi, and the second is applied after approximately three years, when the bylins have begun to deteriorate. The use of kwiatostans that have been kwitned results in driakwi clinging to us for a longer period of time. Additionally, you may be interested in reading this article about the Japanese government’s efforts to improve the quality of its food supply.

Zastosowanie driakwi – przegląd najciekawszych propozycji

Driakiew creates effective kwiats that round the globe for months at a time, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. It is necessary to place her in ogrodowych rabatach and skalniakach, resulting in interesting rolinne compositions that define the style of the garden – naturalistyczny, wiejski, orientalny, bd nowoczesny. adne to dla rolin niskich mog zainspiracji w roli dekoracyjnej, jako nasadzenia pierwszego planu, wysze, mog zainspiracji w role dekoracyjnej. Niskie okazyScabiosaspenia s Motyle, pszczoy, and other owady zapylajce appear near the miododajnymi driakwiami, resulting in an increase in rabatkom urody.

  • In the late summer, the pncze (Schizophragma hydrangeoides) bursts out with beautiful wonny kwiats and wspins itself out of the ground in the drzewach and podporach. It may be found in sizes ranging from 6 m to 20 m in width. Rolina, which prefers pócieniste stanowiska, has the potential to provide an effective solution for barwnych rabatek. Besides being used as a decorative element on balconies and terraces, Japanese przywarka may also be used as an original rolina on balconies and terraces
  • Chinese suchodrzew (Lonicera pileata) is an extremely small, zimozielonym krzewe with a diameter of just 20 cm. This plant is similar in appearance to driakiew and is suitable for use in skalnych or semi-arid environments. The chinese suchodrzew creates interesting rolinne compositions using driakwiami as well as Japanese przywark

Aside from pojemniks, driakiew can be uprooted in order to enjoy the freshness of roelin while relaxing on a balcony or in the garden. It takes more than two years for beautiful one-year-old gatunki to kwitnie, and they have long-lasting okazy. We may use them to decorate skrzynks or other items around the house. Driakiew, kolczasta euphorbia, and wilczmlecz are some of the ingredients in this original rolinna composition. It is necessary to mention that Euphorbia submammillarisdorasta may grow up to 20 cm in height.

Some roliny jednoroczne, such as Scabiosa atropurpurea, are particularly suited to the climax of the growing season.

The use of purpure kwiatostany in the creation of roiling compositions with unusual ksztats and colors is a favorite of those who work with such bukiety in their daily lives.

According to 82,2 percent of those who read it, the article was beneficial.

Driakiew gwiaździsta – Scabiosa stellata

In the range of 40-60 cm in length, with a glówkowatych kwiatostanch of 3-4 cm, are the roliny that occur once a year. From the beginning of September through the beginning of November, Kwitnia will be open. The kwiatostany become decoy after being kwitnied and are suited for use with a variety of bukiets.


Impossible to predict when Siew nasion will be ready to play, but it will be in the middle of the month of October. Create a piece with a 30 by 30 centimeter canvas. In a sonecznym stanowisku, the temperature rises steadily on every glebe.


Impossible to predict when Siew nasion will be ready to play, but it will be in the middle of the week in November. Produced in a 30 by 30 centimeter format. In a sonecznym stanowisku, the temperature rises steadily in every glebe.


From the beginning of September through the beginning of November, Kwitnia will be open.


Roulines that occur once a year.

Wybrane oferty z naszego sklepu:

  • Start with some of the best kwiats on the balcony. Begonie are one of the most beautiful kwiats that can be found on the balconies and terraces of buildings. Various ksztats, colors, and shapes captivate us with their uniqueness. Some people adore them for their exquisite, ozdobne licie, while others despise them for their ugliness. More information may be found by clicking here.
Altany ogrodowe
  • On the balcony, these are the perfect kwiaty. One of the most beautiful kwiats that may be found on balconies and porches is the begonie. Different types of ksztats, colors, and shapes captivate us. Some people adore them because they are such beautiful, unusual lilies, while others are less enthusiastic. Read on for more information.

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A group of szczeciowaty driakiewto roliny have been formed. To this group belong more than 80 roelin species, of which four are particularly well-known in Poland. Their reproductive success is influenced by the climate in our country. The origin of these roelins is located in the southeastern United States, although some of their odmiany may be found on the island of Kaukaze or on the African continent. Depending on the gatunk, the color scheme of kwiats includes the following hues: bia, óst, czerwona, niebiesk, and ciemnofioletowa.

Their maximum height is around 80 cm.

In Driakiewto, the most common roliny are the one-year, two-year, and byliny.

It is most effective for these roliny to grow on a sonecznym stanowisku, in glebach przepuszczalnych, and in areas where the temperature ranges from obojtny to completely zasadow. Skaliste wzniesienia, on the other hand, are ideal.

Driakiew popularne gatunki

  • Scabiosa caucasica M. Bieb.
  • Scabiosa stellata L.
  • Scabiosa atropurpurea L.
  • Scabiosa hispidula L.
  • Scabiosa graminifolia L.
  • Scabiosa graminifolia L.


The gwiazdnik (ac.scabiosa) of the Rodzaj of the Long-Lived Rolin of the Szczeciowate Rodziny (szczeciowate). The rodzaj consists of around 100 gatunków and originates from the unexplored regions of Eurasia’s western and southern coasts, as well as the southern and eastern coasts of Africa. Some of these types are included in the oddzielny rodzaj of the wierzbnica (Knautia). Azwa derives from the acciask word ‘wierzb’- grzybica, which was used to describe a creature that helped one of the roelin’s gatunks, the lici.

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With the help of woody podstawy, byliny, czasami, and other elements, odygi are rzadko biennale and once-a-year. Pdy simple or rozgazione, wyprostowane, silny, ranging in length from 10 to 100 cm Licie are arranged in the following ways: in the reverse order, in the integral order, in the pinnatipartite order, or in the pinnatisected order.

Film: Jak sadzić scabiosa Pielęgnacja gwiazdnik Siewniki sadzenie upraw scabiosa

A type of kwiat that can be found in the giatostans of gówkowaty, spaszczone, kuliste, or kuliste, and that may be found towards the base of long, thin sand dunes and on the edges of otoczony owiniciu with wypustkami. In the ksztacie lejka z piciu patków, kondensowanych zewntrznych kwiatów kwiatostanu wiksza, and korony in the center of the lejka. Pylniki dugich prcików wyróniaj si na tle patków za spektakularnie jasne pylniki dugich prcików. Owoce are achene, and the nasiona are small, owalne, and jasnobrzowy.

  1. Rolin ronie pojedynczo or in a number of groups in the midst of lush, verdant forest, between krzewów na brzegach strumienia, wysokiej iloci I wilgotnych gleb, in an izolowane landscape.
  2. 10-100 cm wide dwuletniego or wieloletnich rolin zielnych wysokoci.
  3. Prone, jajowate, podune, karbowane, or pinnatipartite are some of the options for the rozeta lici.
  4. Kielich szczeciny are 5-10 mm in length and have a czerwono-brzowy color.
  5. Kwitnie is open from the middle of September until the end of November.
  6. Developed by nasiona, it is easily digested by both water and animals (sztywne and kujce kielicha resides in the water and is easily digested before reaching the wosów).
  7. Driakiew gwiadzista gwiazdnik gwiadzistego gwiazdnik gwiadzista gwiadzista gwiadzista gwiadzista gwiadzista gwiadzista Ojczyzna – Europa Poudniowa (Old World).
  8. Prostowane pdy 15-45 cm in length Licie are in opposition to one another, dolna – Cay zbate na krawdzi górnej – glubokorazdelnye.

Kwitnie is available from the beginning of April until the end of June. Owocowania. Owoce is a beloopushennaya achene made from large dzwonkowatych bract. Over the course of 2-3 years, Nasiona develops a positive attitude. Kaukaski gwiazdnik-driakiew kaukaska gwiazdnik-driakiew kaukaska

Wideo: scabiosa kaukaska sadzenie Jak Roślin opieki wysiewu roślin scabiosa gwiazdnik

Kwiaty in gstych kwiatostanach gówkowaty, spaszczone, kuliste lub kuliste, znajdujce si na kocach dugich odygach I otoczony owiniciu z wypustkami, znajdujce si na koc In the ksztacie lejka z piciu patków, kondensowanych zewntrznych kwiatów kwiatostanu wiksza, and korony in the middle of the lejka. Pylniki dugich prcików wyróniaj si na tle patków za spektakularnie jasnej jasnoci. It’s called a “owoce” because it looks like an apple. The nasiona are small and yellow, and the fruit is sweet and juicy.

  • A glimmer of hope on the horizon, as seen in the European Zachodniej, as well as in the southwestern and eastern edges of the European portion of Russia, in the Krymie, and in the Kaukazie.
  • rolin ronie pojedynczo lub in kilku grupach w kk zakustarennych trasy w midzy krzewów na brzegach strumienia, wystarczajco bogatych and wilgotnych gleb, w izolowanych obszarach.
  • dwuletniego lub wieloletnich rolin zielnych o wysokoci 10-100 cm.
  • Prone, jajowate, podune, karbowane, or pinnatipartite are some of the options for the rozeta lici style.
  • A glówkowaty kwiatostan, a sóko filmy, and more.
  • In contrast to the other varieties, the Corolla has czerwono-purpurowe kwiaty that are larger on the zewntrz.
  • Kwiaty in the rozkwicie of kwiatostanu stopniowo and owady odwiedzajce im naleytej nektaru obecny w rurze corolla jest przenoszone na pyek kwiatowy, w którym dojrzae prciki na Due to the fact that the prciki are degrading the tuczka, self-zapylanie of this roeliny is ruled out.
  • Pszczoa has a beautiful roline.
  • This is a year-round rolina (year-round rose).
  • JASNONIEBIESKIE KWIATY (Jasnoniebieskie Kniaty) are harvested in the early morning hours, while Gówkowaty KWIATOSTAN (Gówkowaty Kwiatostan) is cultivated in the late afternoon hours with long, powerful szypuek.

It will be available from the beginning of April to the end of June. Owocowania. In Russian, owoce means “beloopushen” and is made of large, dzwonkowaty bract. After 2-3 years, Nasiona begins to show signs of life. Kaukaski Mr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. dr. Dr. dr. dr. Dr.


Nazwa:, derives from the aciski sowa wierzb ‘-‘wierzb, a word that is used to describe one of the gatunks in this region, and which is similar to the word lici. According to another interpretation, the word’scabiosus’ -szorstki,i is associated with the szorstka otoki, przylistki. Tatiana Shahmanovoy’s photographs of Driakiew atropurpurea ‘Chile Czarny’ Opis: This species, which includes around 100 gatunks, originates in the arid regions of Europe, the southwestern and central African gobi deserts, and the Pacific Ocean.

  1. KorostavnikKnautia: Driakiew arvensis=Korostavnik pola -Wierzbnica polna=Korostavnik pola -Wierzbnica polna Macedoski-Knautia macedonica = Driakiew macedonica = Driakiew lyrophylla = Driakiew rumellicakrzewy, a few times from Woody podstawa odygi, mostly dwuletnie and once-a-year.
  2. Odwrotne, cay, pinnatipartite, or pinnatisect are the types of lice you’ll find in this category.
  3. Cylindry pylniki for long-distance prciks are positioned on a bed of jasnych patków.
  4. W 1 g 340-350 w 1 g During the course of three years, Nasiona will demonstrate their ability to enjoy life.
  5. Ronie solo or in groups after a few rolin on a kach, zakustarennyh stokach wzdu strumieni, w wystarczajczajco bogate I wilgotnych glebach, na izolowanych obszarach.
  6. Photographs of Driakiew columbaria ‘Róowy Mist’ Shahmanovoy It is possible to have a tadianadwuletnie or a long-lived zioo of 10-100 cm in height of macierzystych wzrostu, which is sometimes owosione, and sluggish rozgazione on the flanks.
  7. Dvazhdyperistoslozhnye macierzystych pozostawia pinnately lub duzhdyperistoslozhnye macierzystych Capitate, Kwiatostan, capitate, óko Filmy.
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Colourful corolla with more prominent zewntrzne kwiats than the other varieties.

The kwiaty are in a state of flux, with owads odwiedzajce ich because of nektaru, which can be found in the Corolla rurze, and they are bringing in pyek from the kwiat, where there are deteriorating prciki on the kwiat and the supek is deteriorating.

It expands as it passes through nasiona, easily repositioning itself as it passes through water and thorny critters, and then settles into a position with a kieliche of kolczaste owoce and easily repositioning itself as it passes through wosów.

Driakiew Gwiadziste-Driakiew GwiadzisteL.

Driakiew GwiadzisteL.

Licie s odwrotne, nisza -caa, zbkowane na brzegu, górnej -glubokorazdelnye, górnej -glubokorazdelnye.

Kwitnie is available from the beginning of April until the end of June.

Owoc – a beloopushennaya nieupka with a large amount of dzwonkowatych bract.

Zdjcia nalece do odmian kwiatostan ‘Dramstik’.

Eugenia Maksymenko is a Russian actress.

Driakiew caucasica (Caucasian Driakiew) Bieb It may be found in the regions of Kaukazu and the Azji rodkowej.

MichaelDriakiew ciemny fiolet-Driakiew atropurpureaL.

roczna rolina lub dwuletnia rolina Prostowane pdy, rozgazione, wysokoci 30-100 cm, rowkowane, zielony, szczególnie owosione, rozgazione.

They are gówkowaty to 7 cm in diameter and have long elastyczne szypuks on the ends of the fibers.

Owocowania will take place in the spring.

In the culture, which dates back to 1629, there are several ogrodowych and odmian, which are divided into a number of groups:wysoki-60-100 cm,krzaczaste-40-60 cm, and iniewymiarowe-25 cm in height.

For example, a ‘Blue Moon’ is a blado niebieskie kwiaty; a “Rose Cockade” is a róowe kwiaty; and a “Monarch Cockade” is a mieszanina kwiatostan duych, dwu, rónych kolorach.

Placement: soneczne okolica is required for the completion of the uprawy.

Kaukaska gwiazdnik is not tolerant of darkened skies!

An unusually well-kept secret.

Svetlana Voronina’s ‘Nachfalter’ driakiew caucasica photography is featured here.

GATAUNKI ROCZNE – GATAUNKI ROCZNE – GATAUNKI ROCZNE – GATAUNKI ROCZNE – Pdy, with temperatures ranging from 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, can be found in Driakiew zvezchatoy for 14 to 18 days, kaukaski for 20 to 25 days, and a chilly fiolet for -8 to 14 days.

Sadzonki zasadzi on the first of May and keep it in its current location, ensuring that the distance between the rolinams is between 25 and 30 cm gatunks.

During the process of nasion regrowth, aged rolins kwitned for approximately 2-3 years.

It is possible to grow by as much as 5 years in a single location.

Dekorative items will be submerged in water for approximately 5-7 days.

Partnerzy: Krwawnik, Anaphalis, Aster gawdka, Aster pyrenaeus, Aster sedifolius, Oenothera missouriensis, Salvia nemorosa, Oenothera missouriensis, Oenothera missouriensis “Driakiew. “Pumpochki” in the midst of a kwiat field,” writes Andrew Ganov.

opis 20 najlepszych odmian wyrastających z nasion, sadzenia i pielęgnacji

Having a long lifespan has a number of advantages. In addition to its beautiful multicolor kwiats, rolina bestows upon you a high level of resistance to low temperatures and susz. Identifying the causes of saddening and kwitnienia will increase the likelihood of obtaining bujne and long-lasting kwitnienia. All of the different types of odmiany and odmiany differ in their wzrost characterization, kwitnienia duration, ksztatem, and color of the kwiatostans. Assault against both the nasion and the subsequent pre-prepared sadzonek in open-ended rebates is expected to take place.

Opis i funkcje

During the course of time, the driakiew will migrate to the edges of the zielnych or krzewiastych roelin. People call kupka kwiatów, skrofula, chaber szorstki, and guzik by various names.

  • During the course of time, the driakiew will migrate to the red or purple roelin. It is known by several names, including: cuckoo clock, skrofula, chaber szorstki, and guzik, among others.

Roliny have lecznicy properties in specific areas of their structure. When treating gout or zoster, napary and wywary are used to help the patient cope with their symptoms. They are also used to help the patient cope with their symptoms of gout or zoster.


The lecznic properties of specific roliny sections are known. It is recommended that you use napry and wywary in the treatment of giardia or zoster, as well as in the treatment of skin disorders. They will assist you in dealing with your symptoms.

W kształcie gwiazdy

The height of the kwiat does not exceed 42 cm. Kwiaty are either jasnoniebieskie or chabrowe in appearance. There are a lot of holes in the books. Kwitnienie begins in the middle of the year and continues until the last few days of January.


No more than 42 cm is the height of the kwiatu. A jasnoniebieski or chabrow kwiat is used in the preparation of this dish. A lot of the things on this list are off-the-wall! This process begins in the middle of a year and continues until the last days of February.


This kind of scabiosa comes in a wide range of colors. There are liliowych, czerwonych, liliowych, and nienobiaych odcieni kwiatostany available. It’s a long kwitnienie. They grow up to 8 centimeters in diameter and are frequently used in the decoration of outdoor spaces. The odyga grows to a height of 76 cm.

język japoński

The odga shrinks to a single unit of measurement in width. It’s a licorice with auropod krawdziami on the side. Chabrowy or fioletowy-flavored kwiatostany are available.


The width of the rozgazionego krzewu does not exceed 54 cm, and the licie are srebrzyste with pokwitaniem. It is in the middle of July when the Niebieskie Kwiaty kwitn.

Ciemny fiolet

Lice are crisp and fresh, with little pokwitaniem. The width of the krzew is 54 cm, and the length of the krzew is not more than 54 cm. Kwitny niebieskie kwiaty kwitniejsze w poowie lipca

Płatki śniadaniowe

In this variation, the Scabiosa is distinguished by its delectable, niebiesko-bialy odcienie of kwiatostans. Kraw dorasta do 63 centimeters


Rolina has a circumference of 110 cm, a wyprostowane odyga, jasnoóte kwiaty with a diameter of up to 3,5 cm, and the pki are due to be finished in the czerwcu.


It is shaped as a narrow koronal krzew, up to 55 cm in length, with kwiaty pomalowane in a biao or niebiesko-fioletowo finish.

The thickness of the gizzards has decreased to 4 cm, and kwitnienie has begun at the beginning of September.


This kind of scabiosa distinguishes itself by having a large rozmiarem gówki kwiatostanów. Patki are available in two colors: jasnoniebieski and niebieski. Pki begin to otwiera themselves at the beginning of the month of Czerwca.

Popularne odmiany

Scabiosa of this type distinguishes itself from the rest of the species by having an especially large gizmo on the kwiatostan’s gizzard. Jasnoniebieski lub niebieski is the color of the patties in this category. Starting at the beginning of the month of April, the pki will begin to otwiera their presence.

Niebieska notatka

This particular kind of scabiosa distinguishes itself by having a large rozmiarem gówki kwiatostanów. Pâtki are available in two colors: jasnoniebieski and niebieski. Pki begin to otwiera at the beginning of the month of April.

Różowa mgiełka

This kind of scabiosa distinguishes itself from others by having a large rozmiarem gówki kwiatostanów. Patki are available in two color options: jasnoniebieski and niebieski. Pki begin to otwiera at the beginning of the month of December.

Blauer Atlas

In the last days, the rolina has been transforming into ciemnoniebieskie kwiats.

Clive skwarki

58 cm is the length of the odygi. Kwiaty jasnej lawendy (Jasnej Lawendy). Their height in the kwiatostanie is 7.5 cm, and they begin to kwitnie in the second half of their lives. Licie drogi rzebione. Rzebione licie.

Panno Willmott

58 cm is the height of the odygi. Icing on the cake for the jasnej lawendy. Their maximum height in the kwiatostanie is 7.5 cm, and they begin to kwitnie in the second half of their lives. Licie odygi, rzebione liczby.


The length of the odygi is 58 cm. Kwiaty jasnej lawendy (Jasnej Lawendy) Their height in the kwiatostanie is 7,5 cm, and they begin to kwitnie in the second half of their lives. Rzebione licie dla dzieci.

Moerheim niebieski

Size of odygi: 58 cm Kwiaty jasnej lawendy. Their height in the kwiatostanie is 7.5 cm, and their kwitnienie begins in the second half of the year. odygi’s rzebione licie

Niebieski księżyc

Long-lasting kwiatostany are created by a long-lasting rolina in the color of jasnoniebies. The height of the wyprostowaned odygi is 64 cm at its highest point.

Różana kaczka

Rolina belongs to the category of ciemnofioletowej odmiany. The kwiatostany are a variety of colors. Kwitnienie begins at the beginning of the month of July.

Kokarda monarchy

In the case of ciemnofioletowej odmiany, rolin belongs to the group of products. Each of the kwiatostany’s has a different color scheme. Awakening begins at the beginning of the month of July.

Król ognia

In this variation, the czerwonym kwiatostans are jasny, large, and puszysty, while the patks are biay, little, and spherical. The maximum height of a simple, powerful odygi is 92 cm.

Lodowate serce

Odmiana is distinguished by the presence of obfity kwitnieniem. Kwiatostany are bujne, niebiesko-biae, or lawendowe, and measure up to 6,5 cm in diameter. Pdy are simple, with a wysokoci of 86 centimeters.

Blauer Mond

The length of a zielnej roliny is 58 cm, and the kwiatostany are ciemnoniebieskie in color.


It has a circumference of 58 cm and kwiatostany are ciemnoniebieskie, and it is made of zielny rolin.


The length of the zielnej roliny is 58 cm, and the kwiatostany are ciemnoniebieskie.


The diameter of the zielnej roliny is 58 cm, and the kwiatostany are ciemnoniebieskie.

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Dom Izaaka

The length of a zielnej roliny is 58 cm, and the kwiatostany are ciemnoniebieskie in color.

Japoński romans

Twee liliowo-róowy odcienia distinguish these kwiaty from other odmiany. The maximum height of lean rozgazionej odygi does not exceed 24 cm.

Motyl niebieski

Krzew kompaktowy (rednica do 28 cm), niski, wysokoci do 38 cm (width to 38 cm). Kwiaty lawendowo-niebieskie zebrane s w gste kwiatostany gówkowate, a kwiaty lawendowo-niebieskie zebrane s w gste kwiatostany gówkowate. Pki begin to kwitny towards the middle of the month of July.

Ritz Blue

Najcompact (rednica do 28 cm), niski (wysokoci do 38 cm), krzew (rednica do 28 cm). kwiaty lawendowo-niebieskie zebrane s w gste kwiatostany gówkowate (lawendowo-niebieskie) kwiatostany gówkowate (lawendowo-niebieskie kwiatostany) Starting about the middle of the month of July, pki begin to kwitny.

Jak sadzić w otwartym terenie

In the vast majority of cases, there are no difficulties associated with the sadzenie of scabiosa. The amount of time spent on the project is little, and it does not necessitate a significant amount of effort or time.

Wybór miejsca

To the saddening of kwiats, a paski terrain is appropriate, as it is very well illuminated by the sun and protected from the elements.

Wymagania glebowe

Driakiew zakorzenia si szybko na cikich, gliniastych glebach, jako dzieci. Making preparations for a project as early as possible is the best strategy. During the month of June, we will rework him and provide organic materials for him. Scabiosa appears to be in good health on a syznej, lunej glebie with a good napowietrzeniu and a low kwasowoci. Ideally, it should be wet and ludwigian in appearance. Widniecie kwiatu is caused by an excessively large amount of gleba. Prior to preparing the dish, you must first shave the ziemi and add the odywcze skadniki.

Daty siewu

The start of the nasion swarm on the open sea will be in the second half of the month of October.

Schemat lądowania

Prytkie doki are being constructed on the selected terrain with an odstpie of 37 cm, and the distance between the rzdami is around 42 cm. After being exposed to high temperatures, the gleba curls up and produces only a minor amount of compositional warstw.

Uprawa przez sadzonki

When the weather is hot and humid, sadzonki are preferred. In the month of March, the Siew in a specially prepared glebe will begin.

Przygotowanie materiału do sadzenia

Under strict adherence to all applicable rules and regulations, Nasiona zachowuj zdolno kiekowania for three to four years:

  • The procedure for stratyfikacji is now being carried out. On the edge of civilization, the Nasiona are struggling to survive. In the spring, they wilt and die, and they remain dormant in the summer for several months. Prior to the ceremony, it is necessary to complete the selection process. To do this, employ the roztworu soli, in which nasiona are zanurzoned. After 15 minutes, ze okazy, which do not acclimate to the environment, should appear. It is necessary to dismiss it. The next day, the nasiona are myte and glued on a piece of paper. It is necessary to treat it as if it were only a piece of nasadzeniowy wyschnie, and to do it in a crude manner using nadmanganianu potasu in the interest of dezynfekowation of the powierzchnie. Many growers use nasiona in their fungicidal systems to protect their crops from bacterial and fungal infections. Properly formulated medications, such as “Fitosporin” or “Baktofit”

Jak sadzić

You have the option of storing nasiona in large pudek or little doniczk containers. There are some little zagbienia growing in the gleb, and the nasiona are being pushed forward and positioned on the piaska ridge. As a result, warstwa gleby is already in full swing. It is recommended that you wash your hands after using the restroom and to use the restroom after using the restroom after using the restroom after using the restroom after using the restroom after using the restroom after using the restroom after using the restroom after using the restroom after using the restroom after using the restroom after using the toilet.


Folia must be removed from the pojemnik on a daily basis for two hours. This facilitates the transfer of air to the glebe and the acceleration of the gniciu. It is essential to avoid the occurrence of condensation, because it results in pleural swelling in the gleba. Following the appearance of a large number of sadzonek, the folia becomes unusable.


At any point at which just the first para of prawdziwych lici appears on the pdach, rolina is zaurzana in the oddzielnym pojemniku. The length of the distance between the pds is reduced to as little as 6 cm if a shared pudeka is employed. Sadzonki begin to twardnie a day or two before the scheduled departure to the open portion of the runway. Several times a week, a pojemnik with sadzonkami is delivered to the center of the city. The amount of time spent in a hot environment is increasing at an alarming rate.

Lądowanie w otwartym terenie

During the last several days of May, Sadzonki has been moving closer to the open klombs. First and foremost, it is necessary to wykopa and nawozi the ziemi on the spot. It has a 16-mm-thickness and an overall length of 32 cm, and it comes with sadzonki. For the first time in the night, it is preferable to observe sadzenie folii.


The maja sadzonki has been moving closer to the open klombs in recent days. In order to use the ziemi, it must first be cleaned and prepared for use. It has a 16-mm-thickness and an overall length of 32 cm, and it has sadzonki on the end of the zrobo. Pryknie sadzenie folii za first time in the evening is preferable.


The method is useful for reducing the size of both annual and long-term kwiat odmian kwiats. Three szypuki will be found on the wylocie, and the nasiona will be in full decline. Nasiona blooms in the spring and grows in the tkaninowych, bawenianych torbach. In accordance with the established saddening schedule, nasiona wiosna will begin to wysiewa. The first signs of pds should appear after two weeks, and the rolina should begin to kwitny after 2.5 months of growth.

Podział kłączy

Through the use of kcza, certain kwiatu morphologies become more pronounced. When only the weather is pleasant in the winter, the kicza are rearranged, oczyszczane from the ice, and dzielone into oddzielne sections. It is necessary to postpone ostronie in order to avoid causing damage to the korzeni.


Due to the fact that it is unpretentious, it takes just the most minimal amount of preparation. Terminowe kwietnika, the introduction of odywczych skadników, the prevention of the development of chwasts, and the implementation of profilaktycznych opryes are all important.

Podlewanie i nawożenie

Following are some recommendations for action during the removal of a large-scale, long-lasting strupe:

  • Ustanów regularnie, umiarkowane podlewanie
  • Ustanów regularnie, umiarkowane podlewanie
  • When just the warstwa gleby’s wierzchnia wyschnie, it is necessary to begin nawilanie. Approximately once every seven days. During the period of suszy, the frequency of podlewania increases to two times per day for seven days. The water used for nawadniania is cold and osiad
  • The best time to do a zabieg is in the morning.

During the season, it is necessary to karmi 3-4 times with Rolin. The use of zoosed mineral nawozu is recommended prior to the appearance of pock marks. In the course of active kwitnienia, preparate based on fosfor and potassium will be beneficial. Increased pko population and abundance of kwiats are facilitated by the use of nawóz.

Rozluźnienie i pielenie

It is necessary to poluzowa the gleba once it has been podlanie. Providing a steady flow of air and odywczych skadniks into the roeliny gorge is made possible by this.

It is not possible to prevent the increase in chwasts. They are considered to be a contributing factor to the spread of disease and szkodniks. In addition, chwasty create cie, whereas kwiatostany create mae.


Pki kwiatowe wyblaky, and it is necessary to okresowo remove them from the krzaks till the same time as the kwitnienia is completed. Because of the zabiegowi, kwitnienie will be bujne and long-lasting. A sufficient number of pków is also required in order to avert the onset of samosiewowi.

Przygotowanie do zimy

A few days before the end of the season, it’s necessary to remove the last of the kwitnienia pki kwiatowe that have wyblak. Kwitnienie will be bujne and long-lasting as a result of the actions of the zabiegowie. It is also necessary to consume a certain number of pks in order to prevent samosiewowi from becoming infected.

Zbieranie i przechowywanie nasion

The deteriorating nasiona of kwiatostans are easily weakened by the passage of time; as a result, worek derived from gas is emitted from the szypuce. A bordowy color is used in the design of the dorzae nasiona. Wet nasiona should be thoroughly wysuszed and placed in a póciennym woreczku or cartonie, as soon as possible. Make your way to the dreary, foreboding location. For the past four years, nasiona has been unable to get kiekowania due to these conditions.

Choroby i szkodniki

Due to the ease with which wiatr can dislodge deteriorating kwiatostans, worek from gaseous sources is seen on the szypuk. A bordowy color is used to distinguish the dojrzae nasions. Wet nasiona should be thoroughly wysuszed and placed in a póciennym woreczku or cartonie once they have been harvested. You should do it in an empty, dark place. After four years of living in such conditions, Nasiona has not experienced the pleasure of keno.


The first sign of choroby grzybiczej is a biaawy nalot on the zewntrznej powierzchni blaszki liciowej, which can be fatal. When the liquid is stopped, it becomes widny, sókny, and padaj. Symptoms of the disease include: unappealing yellowing of the skin, nawolenie, significant changes in the temperature of the air, the presence of chwasts, and the deterioration of kwiats:

  • Chemicals such as Fundazol, Previkur, and Topaz are useful in the fight against prawdziwy mczniakiem
  • Compositions prepared in accordance with traditional recipes are regarded as the most effective. It is possible that they will be based on ingredients such as musztard, drzewna kalina, soda, mydlo, and czosnkowy bulion.

Zgnilizna korzeni

A new phase of odyga’s development begins to unfold and mature in the strefie korzeniowej at the end of the roliny. After contracting the infection, zarodniki begin to experience kwiatu korzeni. Brzowe plamy begin to appear on the liciach. Slowly but steadily, the liquid becomes thicker, widder, and more liquid. The whole kwiat has been obumiera. The following factors contribute to the progression of the disease: unappealing wilgotno gleby, inferior quality of nasadzeniowy material, and unsatisfactory pielgnacja nasadze:

  • A new phase of odyga’s development begins to unfold and mature in the korzeniowe region. After contracting the infection, zarodniki succumb to the kwiatu’s korzeni. Brzowe plamy begin to appear on the licias. Slowly but steadily, the liquid becomes thick, widny, and wavy. All of the kwiat has been obumiera in the last few minutes. Inadequate gleb wilgotno, inferior quality nasadzeniowy material, and ineffective pielgnacja nasadze are all factors that contribute to the progression of the disease.

Larwy ćmy kwiatowej

Jaja is made on the rolinach, and the gsienice are made from the leftovers after they have been cooked. They are cienkie, zielonkawe, or brzowawe, and they have a nagie ciao. The first pair of nóg gsienicy have not been re-grown. It’s owads that are snatching up the li’l bit of the pie. Because to their actions, rolina becomes sabne, and her reactivity to the sun and infections decreases. In the battle against szkodnikiem, the following methods can help:

  • Treatment using chemical agents such as “Akarin,” “Fitoverm,” “Karbofos,” and “Bitoxibacillin”
  • Use of folk remedies such as “wywary z wierzchoków pomidorów, opian, and ostra papryka”

Myszy norników

Myszy nornik has the potential to cause problems with rolinom.

The length of the ciaa is around 11 cm, while the length of the ogona is 4 cm. Futro szare (future szare). A group of kwiats is being gryzonied. Methods of dealing with skodniks include:

  • Utilization of puapek and puapek
  • Utilization of chemicznych, trujcych leków
  • And other related activities

Użyj w projektowaniu krajobrazu

Scabiosa will serve as a staging area for alpine and other types of expeditions. On the sciekach and krawnikach, it appears to be indistinguishable.

Jak jest używany w florystyce

This mountain range will be a popular destination for alpine and other types of travelers. Neither on the scieków nor on the krawnikach does it seem well.

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