Etykieta-Instrukcja Stosowania Środka Ochrony Roślin – Słownik Ogrodniczy

Etykiety środków ochrony roślin – jak je czytać?

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Rodzaj środka

Rolin-protection medication may be identified by a full name of the substance being protected, as well as by a nickname or an oblique reference to the substance being protected. This value is expressed in terms of percentages or the number of grams of chemical substances found in the roelin’s ophthalmic solution per litre of water. Aside from the names of the czynnej substances, it is possible to see the name of the manufacturer on the etykiet. In order to avoid ambiguity, the name of a chemical compound is always written with a small liter (for example, abamektyna), but the name of a natural substance is always written with a large liter (for example, abamektyna) (np.

Stosowanie w sposób zgodny z przepisami

In Poland, it is possible to make use of all of the MRiRW-supplied equipment. On the etykieta of the rodka, there are several pieces of information on its use, including the following: dozwolone zastosowanie(-a), numer dopuszczenia, and a time frame for its usefulness.

Stosowanie w sposób bezpieczny

In order to protect the user from potential dangers and risks associated with the use of a particular preparation, symbols of danger are placed on the etykiet. Aside from that, there are a number of safety-related stipulations that have been added, such as which personal safety precautions should be used during the construction of the building, what kind of oczekiwanie should be used during the construction of the building, and how to properly pack the puste opakowanie.

Instrukcja użycia na etykiecie środka ochrony roślin

In the user’s manual, it is specified how a particular rolin safety device should be used in the most efficient manner. The following are among the most notable of his applications: various types of upraw and a disease or a szkodnik that afflicts the individual. In addition to this, the preparation of the preparatory material is recommended.

Brak etykiety

Production or distribution companies are obligated to protect etykiet’s roelin against contamination. If you find yourself in possession of a medication that she does not have, get in touch with the manufacturer. Do not begin using the product right away because doing so may put you in a dangerous situation later.

Ministerstwo Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi

Located on the website of the Ministry of Rolnictwa and Rozwoju Wsi, the database contains information about all of the roiling rods that have been designated for obrotu in Poland, such as the current status of the rod, the duration of the rod’s use, and the number of times the rod has been designated for obrotu in Poland.

In addition, the most up-to-date information on roelin health-care tools and bio-based products may be found on this website (ich dopuszczenia).

Państwowa Inspekcja Ochrony Roślin i Nasiennictwa

The PIORiN website contains useful information on the prevention of the misuse of roelin’s protective mechanisms, as well as information about skutecznoci opryskiwaczy research, rejestry podmiotów dopuszczonych to the prevention of the misuse of roelin’s protective mechanisms, and other topics.

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Informacje o sposobie stosowania środków ochrony roślin na karcie charakterystyki

Prior to beginning the use of a certain roiling occlusion device, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the zkarta charakterystykisubstancji niebezpiecznej of that device. In it, you’ll find, among other things, information on health-related risks and resources for first-responders who are linked to them. Using the “Moje karty charakterystyki” function, you can quickly identify the substancji that are harmful to your health that can be found in the aforementioned rodka of roelin protection that you purchased.

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Jeśli masz jakiekolwiek pytania, napisz do nas. Doświadczony zespół naszych specjalistów udzieli odpowiedzi na Twoje pytania i pomoże optymalnie zaplanować działania.

Wym. dla stosujących ś.o.r. / Środki ochrony roślin

In accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child), as of the first day of September 2014, the use of integrated roelin protection became mandatory for all professional users of roelin protection. The introduction of integrowaned roilin protection into Polish law stems primarily from the provisions of Directive 2009/128/WE of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (Dz. Urz. UE L 309 of November 24, 2009, paragraph 71) and Directive 1107/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (Dz.

  1. UE L 309 of November 24, 2009, paragraph 55) concerning the introduction of rodkó into the Polish legal system (Dz.
  2. UE L 309 z 24.11.2009, str.
  3. According to Article 35 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, roelin protection devices must be used in such a way that they do not endanger the health of people, animals, or the environment.
  4. Professionals who use rohlin-protection tools are obligated to comply with the requirements of integrowaned rohlin-protection as outlined in the rozporzdzeniu Ministerstwa Rolnictwa I Rozwoju Wsi dated 18 October 2013 r.
  5. Following the recommendations of World Wide Agricultural Organization (WWAO), a rolny producer should utilize all available dziaania and methods of agrofag protection before to using chemic rolin protection to limit the use of pesticides on his crops.
  6. One of the problems in is the preservation of healthy organisms as well as the establishment of conditions conducive to their survival, which in particular pertains to owadów zapylajcych and naturally occurring wrogów in pathogenic organisms (organisms with abnormal functions).
  7. On the website of the Ministry of Rolnictwa and Rozwoju Wsi, metodyki for integrating animal welfare are made available to the public.
  8. Their wykaz may be found in a rejestrze that can be found on the website of the Biuletynu Informacji Publicznej Ministerstwa Rolnictwa I Rozwoju Wsi (Biuletyn of Public Information).

One of the most important things a professional user should do before using a roiling safety device is to become acquainted with the etykieta of the device.

  • Rejestr ochrony rolin dopuszczonych do obrotu I stosowania zezwoleniem Ministra Rolnictwa I Rozwoju Wsi
  • Rejestr ochrony rolin dopuszczonych do obrotu I stosowania zezwoleniem Ministra Rolnictwa I Organizer of roelin health-care resources
  • Rolnictwa I Rozwoju Wsi
  • Etykiety ochrony rodków dopuszczonych do opracowania I uywania przez Ministerstwo Rolnictwa I Rozwoju Wsi

The use of professional tools for roiling protection requires that users adhere to the conditions set forth in the Ministry of Rolnictwa and Rozwoju Wsi’s rozporzdzeniu dated March 31, 2014, in the area of roiling protection. These conditions include, for example, maintaining minimal distances between roiling facilities and other locations. When the wind speed does not exceed 4 m/s on an open terrain, it is possible to use roelin protection devices to keep them safe. In addition, those who use pesticides must have current and valid certificates of completion of a szkole in the field of pesticide use, or a letter from a doradztwa dealing with pesticide use, or a certificate of completion of an integrated pesticide manufacturing process.

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On the posadaczach, for example, of opryskiwaczy, there is an obligation to conduct time-limited tests to determine the technical soundness of the device.

A professional user is obligated to oversee and oversee the submission of documentation containing the name of the roolin protection device, the time period during which the device was used, the type of dawk used, and the area and upraws on which the rolin protection device was used for a period of three years.

4 zasady, którymi należy się kierować przy zakupie śor (wideo) – Agrotechnika

In accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Rolnictwa and Rural Development’s Order of March 31, 2014, professional users of rolnictwa and rural development’s tools for roiling protection must adhere to certain conditions, including, but not limited to, maintaining a minimum distance between themselves and specified locations or objects. When the wind speed does not exceed 4 m/s over open terrain, it is possible to employ roelin protection measures. In addition, those who use pesticides must have current and valid certificates of completion of a szkole in the field of pesticide use, or a letter from a doradztwa dealing with pesticide use, or a certificate of completion of an integrated pesticide manufacturing process.

Among those who have purchased the product are opryskiwaczy, who have an obligation to conduct periodic testing to determine the technical soundness of the product.

During the course of three years, the professional user is required to prepare and submit documentation with the name “rodek ochrony rolin,” the dates of application and application, and the names and locations of all of the objects on which the rodek was used.

Additionally, the method of doing tasks requiring integrated roelin protection must be included in the documentation, with the smallest number of reasons for completing the task being specified as the method of doing so.

1. Środki ochrony roślin tylko zarejestrowane

– Before anything else, we’re looking into whether or not the Rolin Safety Network is operational in Poland. Currently, there is a lot of rotation in the rotor. Some czynne substances are about to become available in the European Union, and in light of this, it is important to check information as soon as possible. – We are investigating if we can purchase a particular roelin-protection product during a particular shopping season, whether the product is still in stock, and whether it can be used for a specific project, according to Aleksandra Mrowiec.

2. Środki ochrony roślin od sprawdzonych dostawców, kontrolowanych przez PIORiN

The National Institute for the Protection of Rolin and Natural Resources conducts a control of distributors and distributors of or, as well as the quality of goods available on so-called’sklepowych pókach.’ In connection with this, when purchasing a product from a legal sprzedawcy, we are in a position to protect ourselves from illegal offers, the institute explains in a statement.

3. Środki ochrony roślin z etykietą w języku polskim

– Every original roelin-health-care-system must have an etykiet in the Polish language, not in the Ukrainian, German, or any other language that has been tainted by tumaczenie. We must have a written instruction in the Polish language before we can purchase the product, and we must have a guarantee that we are purchasing genuine product, according to Aleksandra Mrowiec.

4. Dowód zakupu

– Regardless of whether we purchase a roiling safety device in a brick-and-mortar store or an online store with the ability to conduct business in the United States, following the delivery of the product to our company, we must always have proof of purchase – either a factory certificate or a paragon. More information about the wide-screen material:

Właściwe postępowanie ze środkami ochrony roślin

Opublikowano:. Porady dla rolników – Inne kategoria:Porady dla rolników Rodki ochrony rolin (opryski) s one of the most problematic zwizków, a dziaanie której rolnicy s naraeni rolnicy nad szczególnoci. Their indiscriminate use and propagation pose a serious threat to both humans and animals. They are also harmful to ecosystems. In order to avoid ograniczenia, negative consequences of one’s actions, and other undesirable consequences of one’s actions, it is necessary to be familiar with the rules of one’s own actions.

  • They should be recognized and unavailable to those who are not familiar with them, e.g., they should be frozen in a klucz or properly wentylowane.
  • If there is an okna in the building, it should be equipped with szybs that prevent the spread of microorganisms.
  • The names of these places should be accompanied by the phrase “RODKI OCHRONY ROLIN.” “.
  • In the place of skadowania, it is possible to prepare wycznie opryski in their original packaging, as well as the etykiet – the manufacturer’s instructions for using the manufacturer’s roiling safety device.
  • The popuczyny should be routed to the zbiornik of the opryskiwacza with a utensil of the corresponding rolin and deposited on the point where the oprysk with the corresponding rolin is completed.
  • Afterwards, the prepared, oczyszczone, and protected opakowania should be delivered to the point of sale for roelin protection products, in which they were purchased, if an obowizek of this nature is derived from etykiety – instructions for using the product in question.
  • In order to properly use one or more of them, it is necessary to first become acquainted with the etykieta, which serves as an instruction manual.
  • Opryski can be used to achieve certain goals and in the quantities specified in the etykiecie-instructions for use.
  • This type of rod should only be used in conjunction with a clean roiling and on a surface that requires this type of treatment.
  • The importance of the zawiadczenie is determined by the time span of 5 years.
  • Technical sprawnoci testing opryskiwaczy should be completed in no more than three years, according to the rules of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
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For the purpose of limiting the loss of cieczy opryskowej due to weather conditions, it is necessary to become acquainted with weather forecasts in general, and in particular with sia and wind direction forecasts in particular, to determine whether the opryskiwacz is in good working order technically, whether it is equipped with znoszenia-preventing devices, to adjust the belk of the opryskiwacza to an appropriate size, to increase the speed with which the opryski It is necessary to do an opryskiwacza calibration at the beginning of the season, after any changes to the kocówek rozpylaczy or other components.

Karencja as well as prewencja If you are using an opryski, you must schedule times for karencja and prewencja.

Term “prewencjirodka ochrony rolin” refers to the period of time following the application of the drug, during which time humans and animals are not permitted to styka or reside in the vicinity of the locations where the drug was administered.

In addition to the names of the roolins, the names of the products roolinnego or the names of the products, the Ewidencja should include the names of the uprawy, the names of the uprawy, the names of the uprawy and the dates of the uprawy, and the names of the roolins and the dates of the uprawy, and the names of the products roolinnego and the dates of the In the Ostroce, Anna MilczarczykMODR Oddzia in Ostroce 1.

„Ochrona rodowiska w gospodarstwie rolnym” (Protection of the Environment in the Role-Playing Community) “.

“Minimum requirements for wzajemnej zgodnoci (cross-compliance) for rolnygospodarstw rolnych objtych systemem patnoci bezporednich oraz patnociami w ramach zrównowaonegospodarowania na gruntach roln “.

Doradcy’s aid is a tool for them. 3. “Kodeks Dobrej Praktyki Rolniczej” (Code of Good Rolnic Practice).”

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