Filodendron Pnący – Uprawa, Pielęgnacja, Wymagania, Opis, Odmiany



The Filodendron (Philodendron) is a large group of rolin that belongs to the obrazkowatych family (Araceae). Pncza roliny doniczkowe s mostly used as doniczkowe roliny. Filodendrons are native to North and South America, as well as the Pacific Northwest, and are found in a variety of climates. Filodendrony may grow to be several hundred meters tall in their native environment. In domestic settings, they routinely exceed 2 meters in length. They have nagie odygi, which serve as the organ of the czepny pncza, as well as rzadziej drewniejce odygi (found in drzewiasty gatunks).

The size and color of licie vary greatly depending on the species and the method of harvesting (from 5 to 165 cm in length!) as well as the ksztatem (from lancetowatych to zooone) and the color of the licie.

In this case, the roliny wytwarzajkwiatostantypu zoonej kolby.

In the center of the kwiatostan is an unusually large pochwa, which forms an open komora to the west of the city and a sódkowatym wydueniem to the east of the kolby.

Aerial korzenie podziemne and powietrzne/podporowe (in wzowymi miejscach) are produced by filodendrons.

Wymagania i uprawa

Filopodia thrive best in a moist, wrozproszonym wietle (which has a surprising ability to reduce bezporednie soce!) with a high level of idue wilgotnoci in the air. Roliny necessitate a lot of water during the winter and summer months; we must give them a lot of attention while they are being replanted. lubizraszaniemikko woda (for example, deszczówko) Pncza necessitate the use of force. From the beginning of October until the beginning of September, we should use mineral and organic remedies on a regular basis.

Wetland Filodendronynie are on the move, and during the spring and summer months, we can move them closer to the water table and reduce the likelihood of them becoming overgrown.

Mode roliny powinny siprzesadzacorocznie, a starsze roliny powinny siprzesadzaco 2-3 lata.


Experiment with different types of pncza to see how well they work with different types of furniture. Egzotyczne pncza work really well with different types of furniture. They are excellent for use in conference rooms. In order for the water to provide them with the proper conditions, uprawiane in widnychazienkach should be placed in a miseczce with the water.

The filodendrons found in the Amazonian rainforest have been extensively studied and used in a variety of applications ranging from ludovician medicine to skin problems to the production of plecionych koszy and lin (z korzeni powietrznych).

Wybrane gatunki

The following are the gatunks that are most frequently uprawianymi in our homes:

  • The Filodendron czerwieniejcy (Philodendron erubescens)
  • The Filodendron pncy (Philodendron scandenssyn.hederaceum) (zdj. 2)
  • The Filodendron pierzasty (Philodendron bipinnatifidum)
  • The Filodendron brodawkowaty (Philodendron verrucosum) (zdj. 4).


The name Philodendron comes from the Greek language and means “kocha drzewo” or “przyjaciel drzewa.” When growing in tropical lasses, filodendrons wspinaj si slowly and steadily after the drzewa, without causing them to wilt. Photographs by Katarzyna Jeziorska; text by Katarzyna Jeziorska; images by ForestKim Starr (CC BY 3.0), (CC BY-SA 2.0), Philodendron sp. (berniedup/CC BY-SA 2.0), and “Ecuador Philodendron (Philodendron verrucosum)” (blumenbiene/CC BY 2.0).

Filodendron pnący – wymagania, uprawa, pielęgnacja, podlewanie

Filodendron pncy is a delightful rolina, whose uprawa in the form of kwiatu doniczkowego is becoming more and more frequently encountered. Please keep in mind that, after we have made the decision to purchase these kwiats, we must educate ourselves on how their uprawa looks, what requirements there are for stanowiska and pielgnacji, and what maladies we must prepare ourselves for. We’ll take a look at what distinguishes the filodendron pncy and what it’s important to know about its propagation.

Skąd pochodzi filodendron pnący (Filodendron scandens)

Filodendron pncy is a kind of doniczkowy kwiat, which is also known as filodendron sercowaty in some circles. The scientific name for this genus is Philodendron scandens. These doniczkowe filodendrons originate in the United States, and Jamajka was the site of their first appearance not long ago. However, with the passage of time, filodendron pncy began to spread over the world, and it was discovered in Europe in 1793. Araceae, which includes filodendron pncy as well as filodendron dziurawa-Monstera delicia, is a well-known and beautiful family of plants.

It’s also important to be aware that this particular rodzina includes roliny zielne, as well as krzewy, some of which are related to the ruling obrazkowców or abieców.

It is estimated that the total number of rolin rodzajów is 115, with around 4025 gatunks and many more variants among them.

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Filodendron scandens- cechy charakterystyczne

In the case of filodendrona monstery, the rolina of the filodendron pncy (Filodendron scandens) is quite distinctive and distinguishable, just as it is in the case of filodendron pncy (Filodendron scandens). As the name implies, filodendron pncy is a kind of pnczem that may grow to be up to ten meters in length when grown in natural conditions, according to the name. Keep in mind, however, that natural conditions differ from the conditions in which we can guarantee rolines in the upraw. Our pncze have the potential to grow up to around 3 meters in length if we follow the proper care and feeding procedures.

  • Keep in mind, however, that if we want to make our doniczkowy filodendron seem as attractive as possible, we will need to use podpory, after which the rolina will begin to pi.
  • When compared to the growth of the filodendron monstera, this is a significant difference.
  • Take a look at this article about how to bring polecanych kwiatach into your home.
  • Most filodendrons have a pierzasty, podwójny pokrój lici, whereas the filodendrons doniczkowe, which may be found in a variety of zieleni odcienia, have a sercowaty ksztat, as can be seen in the image above.

Byszczce and mikkie are the ones from the zewntrz. However, many people are perplexed by the fact that they are not constantly repositioned on the pdzie, despite the fact that this repositioning occurs on a frequent basis.

Piękne kwiaty w Twoim ogrodzie

To ensure that uprawa filodendronów pncych continues to progress and that no choroby resulting from the uprawa do not manifest themselves on the plants, we must get well acquainted with the requirements that must be met when growing these plants. Fortunately, this will not be a difficult task in this case because the Philodendron scandensjest one of the least demanding plants to grow. However, it is necessary to do so in order to ensure that he has a pleasant and relaxing experience. In addition, uniwersal podoe dlarolin doniczkowych are being investigated.

  1. Therefore, we choose pócieniste, nasoneczne miejsca as a result of our research.
  2. Keep in mind, however, that in the absence of a swiata filodendron pncy, the pncy’s ross will be less pronounced, and its licie will not be as intensely colored as they are now.
  3. This should be done with care, and it is best done when the gleba in the doniczce is completely discolored, as in the case of this particular podlewanie.
  4. Should it become apparent that the left limb of our roeliny is beginning to sag, we should go to the skrócenia of pdów nad the wybranymi wzgldami (wyzwania).
  5. Another important aspect of the game that we should keep in mind is the completion of drenau on the day of doniczki.
  6. As a result, we must keep in mind the importance of the podporze for these doniczkowych kwiats.
  7. The transformation is carried out using vegetarian poprzezsadzonkiwierzchokowe, which are made from a variety of ingredients.
  8. Similarly, roliny are growing, and the zabieg that causes this is causing the górnych czci of the pds to swell up and cause them to swell up even more.
  9. On the other hand, nakwietniki, parapety, and even podwieszanych under the influence of donic do very well.
  10. Another excellent solution is the creation of compositions using a variety of different gatunks of filodendrons.

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Filodendron – pielęgnacja, uprawa, odmiany, choroby

Filodendronto is a genus of roelin that originates in the southeastern and southwestern United States, and to which about kilkaset gatunks belong. It is from this source that the most frequently encountered roliny doniczkowe are two: filodendron pncy and filodendron czerwieniejcy, as well as the aforementioned roliny doniczkowe and roliny doniczkowe oraz ich odmiany. Take a look at how the ipielgnacja filodendronów is handled in a typical household setting, how to react when filodendrons appear in the home, and how to deal with them when they do.

Filodendron czerwieniejcy-Philodendron erubescens is a hybrid of the two species of Philodendron.

Filodendron – pielęgnacja, uprawa

Filodendrony (Philodendron) are rolinami with a wide range of specialized requirements. Most importantly, in contrast to many other doniczkowych rolin, they do not necessitate an excessive amount of hydration. When exposed to excessively sinister nasonecznienia, their lilies are easily ulegaj poparzeniu, matowiej lub ókn and are prone to odksztaca. The best filodendronóws are found in homes with an entrance from the west or the east, while roliny of this kind may be found in homes with an entrance from the north or the south as well as in homes with an entrance from the north or south.

  • It is necessary to move the filodendron closer to the okna at this point.
  • This may be achieved in the home with the use of a few zraszanie lici (the best way is to use water to create a bddeszczówka).
  • It is necessary to take precautions to ensure that the temperature never drops below 12°C (in some cases, the temperature cannot fall below 15°C).
  • The Nawozims nawozims every 7-10 days, using a Nawóz rozpuszczany in water for the purpose of cleaning.
  • During the zima season, we will halt nawoenia and ograniczamypodlewanie filodendronu, but we will not be able to prevent ziemia from occurring in the doniczce.
  • Among young roolin, filodendronujing is a common practice once a year; however, it is more common among older roolin, when it is done once every two or three years.
  • Rolin Doniczkowych Przesadzanie rolin Doniczkowych The preparation of doniczkowych rolin is one of the most important aspects of the process of regenerative medicine.

How to choose the most appropriate time for pre-sadzanie, which ziemi to use for pre-sadzanie, how to prepare doniczki for pre-sadzanie, and how to complete the pre-sadzanie process without damaging the rolins.

During the early spring (preferably in March), the filodendronamona is removed from the pdu using korzeniami przybyszowymi sadzonki zawierajce after 2-3 hours and soaked in water.

It is also possible to reheat it in a lekkim podou (mieszanina torfu I piasku) at a temperature of 22-25°C (zazwyczaj wymaga podgrzewania).

Ideally, prepare a number of sadzonek and spróbibly ukorzeni some of them in water, while others in a pot of boiling water.

In the event of a growth spurt, long pdy filodendronu will necessitate the use of a pesticide, such as bambusowych drabinek or doniczkowe kratek podpncza doniczkowe.

A lot of the time, in nature, filodendrons oplataj pnie drzew, wspinajc si po them, towards the górze. A few varieties of filodendronudobrze also appear to be in good condition when we let their pdom to freely swobodnie opada into the ground. Filodendron pncy-Philodendron scandens is a kind of fern.

Filodendron – gatunki i odmiany

The following species of filodendrons may be found in the uprawie doniczkowej, as roliny pokojowe, among a large number of other species: It is a kind of pncze with long, slender leaves and many wind-blown korzenia (Philodendron scandens) that grows in the Filodendron genus. Ciemnozielone, ksztatowe licie, osadzone na dugich ogonkach. Licie w ksztacie serc. Lice (Philodendron erubescens) – lice (Philodendron czerwieniejcy) are more visible in this genus, and they are more strzakowate in the ksztacie.

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Many interesting odmian were obtained from this gatunk, such as ‘Burgundy’ with czerwony licias, ‘Red Emerald’ with czerwony pdach and usks around the licie, ‘Pink Princess’ with a variety of different colored licias, or the stosunkowo wymagajca odmiana Filodendron Andrego (Philodendron andreanum) – gatunek similar in appearance to Filodendrona pncego, with the exception that the leaves are much more pronouncedly wyduone, and the brzegi and unerwienie have a bright yellow color.

The symbiotic relationship between filodendronu and plamistosis and odbarwienia on the liciach

Filodendron – choroby i szkodniki

The majority of filodendronuprawie problems are believed to be the result of our zaniedba and bdów in the process of putting it together. When there is a lack of water, a low level of oxygen in the air, a malfunctioning of the korzenio-vertical system, or a lack of timely action, it is possible that the wierzchoks and the lilies of the filadendron will be damaged. In the course of this illness, the psoas muscles get swollen and swollen, and eventually they become brzowiej. The lower limbs are swollen and opadajing, yet after removing the roliny from the podos, it is visible that the korzenie is gnijing.

  1. It is quite common to see tezasychanie lici filodendronu, which is distinguished by the fact that the wierzchoki lici brzowiej, zasychaj, and that the nekroza completely encircles the whole licie.
  2. It is believed that the underlying cause of tejchoroby filodendronujest a neoplasm of the uterus and a propensity to push the uterus into a state of pre-menstrual dysphoria.
  3. Significantly more harm can be caused by filodendronosis infekcyjna podolu, which can be spread by bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens (e.g., grzyby, wirus, or bacterium).
  4. If you want to prevent further progression of the filodendron disease, you should keep the rolin close to the base of the plant.
  5. Opryski must be completed at least three times in a span of seven to ten days, while using at least two fungicyds, such as Brawo 500 SC (with a concentration of 0.2% and Topsin M 500 SC (with a concentration of 0.1%), on a daily basis.
  6. Plamy are distinguished by a zapadnity rodek and a czerwonaw obwódk.
  7. To make oprysks, it is possible to use fungicyds that are the same as those found in the wyej opisanej plamistoci lici filodendronu.

Roliny have the potential to aggravate a tebaktery It is necessary to wycinate the licie with the plams, and to reprocess the entire roliny with the preparateMiedzian 50 WPw steniu 0,2 percent.

Plamy are drobne but very liczne, sótawe, and chlorotyczne at this time of year.

At the filodendron, the most often seen zeszkodniki are those belonging to the czerwców group – wenowce and miseczniki, against which it is possible to compete with the preparation Provado Plus AE.

Tewciornastki are often encountered.

Preparation Fastaci 100 EC can assist us in our battle against these aggravating factors.

Read about bluszcz doniczkowy – pielgnacja, rodzaje, and choroby as well.

Consider how simple the process of piecing together this decoating pncza is to you.

Bluszcz is a very decorative and non-dangerous rolina that may be used to enhance the appearance of any room.


Dpladenia, or in other words, Mandewilla, is an orange-hued rolina with beautiful kwiatas and brightly colored lines on its sides.

Dipladenia can be prepared on the wntrzach, in the tarasach, or in the oraneriach.

Discover what kind of podoa your body requires, how often it needs to be cleaned, and when it needs to be re-energized.


The popularity of these pncs can be attributed to their ozdobne qualities as well as their ease of preparation.


Mynett, Roliny doniczkowe w mieszkaniu, Chemil.

W-wa 1990, s. 117-118; G. abanowski et al., Jak pielgnowa roliny doniczkowe – choroby and problems, Multico. W-wa 2011, s. 160-163. Photographs by Fot. haliso,, and Daderot, all of which are available as public domain images via Wikimedia Commons.

Filodendron (Philodendron) – odmiany, uprawa i pielęgnacja, rozmnażanie – e-ogrody

Filodendron is a kind of plant that grows in the United States (Philodendron). The rodzaj consists of little krzewy with a wzniesionym pokroju or pncza. A pair of kwiats that have been zebrane in the kolby, and that are grube and osonite pochwa kwiatostanowe are referred to as roliny jednopienne (spatha). A ghastly smell emanates from the skaleczenia’s locations, accompanied by the sound of a cigging sok. Filodendrons are often mistaken for pnczams in the wild, particularly in tropical lasses.

Philodendron is derived from the Greek words phileo, which means “to cook,” and dendron, which means “dredge.”


People who want strong, bright colors in their homes may appreciate filodendrons, which are available in a variety of colors. Many roiling gatunks may be found in the doniczkach, although only a few are visible. Their licie are quite ornamental – large, skórzaste, sometimes okazae, frequently rónorodnie powcinane, occasionally adorned with a purpurowe “podszewk.” Similarly, ogonki and pochwy liciowe can be used to enhance the rolinom of zgaszoned czerwieni, and odcieni zota can be found in some mieszaców.

Filodendron – kwiat

When it comes to Kwiaty, they are a common sight in the homes of obrazkowatych families. When otoczone kolby otoczone okaza pochwa, they appear to be rather common in the home. Scindapsusy are a kind of scindapsus that is similar to filodendrons in that they have monsteryi scindapsusy with which they frequently myl.

Filodendron – podpórki

The pncy Filodendron scandens and the Andreego (Ph. andreanum) do not cause any problems, because its long, wiotkie pdy are easy to oplat on the ground and do not require any special skills. – Some varieties, such as ‘Xanadu,’ which grows only to 70 cm in height and ‘Tuxla,’ do not have significant silo growth and so do not require any additional support. Other gatunki, such as the filodendron czerwieniejcy (Ph. pubescens) or the filodendron Selloa (Ph. selloum), as well as a large number of mezzacowych varieties, such as ‘Imperial Green’ and ‘Imperial Red,’ produce relatively large kpy for the first few years before rapidly increasing in size as the weather worsens.

Filodendron monstera

Not many people are aware that the filodendron, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, is also a monster.

Filodendron – uprawa

Compared to other plants, filodendrons are not particularly useful in the field of pielgnacji. They behave well in places where other kwiaty are actively wegetating, and they do not react negatively to a great deal of zaniedba and bdów.

  • Światło. The smallest of the okazy should be placed near the okna in order to benefit from the abundance of rozproszoned wiata, rather than just next to the sink, because the hot sand easily suffocates them. The elderly may choose to remain in their homes. If, on the other hand, their new licie is drobniejsze and blade, it will be necessary to move the donic to a more convenient location. Temperatura. The annual ciepo, to the greatest extent possible, responds to filodendronom, and in ogrzewanych pokojach, they cierpione a tad less than the majority of other rolin
  • Podlewanie. As a result of the presence of skórzastym liciom filodendrons are able to sustainably manage water and require little in the way of it. Due to the fact that they do not experience the onset of autumnal spoczynku, they remain in the same state throughout the year, preventing them from being subjected to the onset of winter. It is necessary, however, to be cautious in order to avoid slapping the korzeni, which may cause them to gnie. There is a lot of smog in the air right now. During the winter months, it is possible that the licie of certain odmian will brzeg up on the walls of some ogrzewanych pomieszczeniach. A simple method of doing so is to scald them with warm water (twarda will be covered with white foam). Nawożenie. Filodendronów should not be overwatered in order to prevent them from rotting completely. Przesadzanie. To achieve this, all you have to do is zasili je nawozem wieloskadnikowym or, alternatively, to use the winter months to embed a long-lasting nawóz in a doniczce. Roliny of a moderate size should be moved to a larger doniczk of a próchniczny ziemi, such as one that is uniwersal for doniczkowych, at least once a year during the winter months. If we continue to struggle with this, filodendronom will not be able to maintain its current state, and will instead grow more vigorously. After a while, though, he began to reappear under his own ciarem. The fact that the procedure is necessary is evidenced by the fact that the older specimens are rosning in large quantities
  • Cosmetics are the only ones that are available. Roliny are suffocated by a short period of time on the limbs, which makes it difficult for them to maintain their equilibrium. It is thus necessary to repeat the process. It is easier to maintain a healthy weight by spryskujing them or using nabyszczajcy supplements, but it should not be done more frequently than once every three months
  • Cicie. It is not necessary to obstruct the flow of air. They remove wilgo from the air, and when they suffocate in the ice, they make roline odywianie more easier. If they continue to move away from the doniczko, it is necessary to assist them in regaining their footing
  • Podpory. It is most beneficial for the growth of Gatunki Pnce when they are harvested from kokosowy palikas, in which the korzenie powietrzne is incubated. Pncy Filodendron et al., as well as other little gatunki, present themselves attractively in a variety of doniczkach.

Filodendron – rozmnażanie

The replanting of filodendron pncego and gatunków with a few licias is a rather simple process. Fragments of pds ranging in size from 2-4 lims can be found in a body of water or a wilgotnym, lekkim podou at any time of year. The greater the number of roliny, the greater the number of kopots. As an example, sadzonki filodendrona czerwieniejcego (which can only have two leaves) should be planted in a wilgotnym piasku and surrounded by a bezbarwny folium on the outskirts.

It is possible that the korzenie will appear after 5 days. Because they are brittle, it is necessary to be cautious when transferring rolin to doniczki in order to avoid poaming them. In contrast, a massive sztywnych, grayish-brown swarm of pheasants swarmed out of the woods and into the air.

Filodendron – gatunki i odmiany

  1. FILODENDRON PNCY is an acronym that stands for Filodendron Pny (PH. SCANDENS) The pncze in question are characterized by extraordinarily skromny desires. Despite the fact that she has mature pdy that rapidly degrade, she does not produce a great deal of rozgazie. Licies are small, with a diameter of around 15 cm. If the rolina is in a warm environment, the zabarwienie will be czerwonawe, but if it is in a cool environment, it will be jasnozielone. Wierzchok Pdów I Mode Licie The oldest are a single ciemnozielone
  2. FILODENDRON POSTRZPIONY are the most recent (PH. LACINIATUM) In this case, the pnczem is an oval, five-meter-wide hole in which it is easy to owija around the base of the gatunek. For the time being, the lilies have two small, symmetrically placed pairs of flowers. There is currently more of it among the elderly, who have a dugosc of around 30 cm. Rolina znosi cie in a flawless manner. It’s not always easy to be wytrzymaa. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. The appearance of kwiats on the filodendron is a sign that the rolina is in good health – this is due, above all, to the amount of kwiats present. The filodendron czerwieniejcy (Ph. erubescens) is the most common plant in the house
  3. MONSTERA DZIURAWA is the most unusual (MONSTERA DELICIOSA) Botanists have classified this plant as being similar to the filodendron monstera and belonging to the odrbny rodzaju. The creature seems skromnie at first, but with time transforms into a monstrum with a grubby pdzie and liciach, with blaszki that extend to 80 cm in length. Their wciciom, as well as their many otworom, make them look very bizarre. Take note, however, of the fact that the rolina in question requires more space. Ona is also capable of causing havoc in the home
  4. FILODENDRON PNCY ‘BRASIL’ (PH. SCANDENS) The licie of this variety differs from the generally zielonych lici of the typewego filodendrona pniecego jasnozielonymi plamami, which are progressively more jasnozielonymi the more wiata that comes into contact with them (although silne soce has the potential to wypala ciemne plamy on them). Similarly to the rest of the ‘Brasil’ filodendrons, the opleciony at the base of the plant is the most attractive
  5. FILODENDRON ‘SILVER METAL’ FILODENDRON ‘SILVER METAL’ This mieszacowa odmiana distinguishes itself as a superior odcienie. In a calm state, she is sztywna and does not require any assistance. The dwindling lilies have a diameter of around 20 cm, are wavy, and have been spiczasto capped. With the passage of time, they are becoming increasingly large. FILODENDRON ‘XANADU’ is a mszacowa odmiana with a height of up to 70 cm and a width of up to 70 cm. Roliny show off their beautiful color only when a lot of water is poured into them. Creates a skrócony pd, from which licie erupts from the center. They have kilkunastocentymetrowe blaszki as well as long ogonki. Compared to older people, younger people have less opportunities to be powcinane. It’s important to take comfort in the fact that rolina has a proclivity to skadania si na boki. If, on the other hand, she is standing on dala from the okna and has been przytulona to the ciany, she will kieruje in the direction of the swiat
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Filodendron roślina – sadzenie, uprawa i pielęgnacja filodendrona

Filodendron is a well-known species of doniczkowa rolina. shutterstock is the source of the image

  1. Filedendron gleba – glebowe wymagania
  2. Sadzenie I uprawa filodendronów
  3. Nawoenie filodendronów
  4. Rozmnaanie filodendronów
  5. Filedendron – glebowe wymagania
  6. Protection of filadendrons
  7. Filodendron in the house

This is a combination of two Greek words: “philo” which means “love” and “dendron” which means “tree.” The name filodendron refers to the fact that filodendrons, and not only those that grow on trees, like being in a state of dzikim immijscawia si bliskopniwysokich drzew. However, although they are typical of the northern hemisphere’s tropopause region, they may also be found at elevations ranging from 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level, with some species even occurring on open ocean surfaces.

The origin of filodendrons may be traced back to their ichrorodnoci, which was, for a long time, a source of frustration for botanists who were attempting to properly classify the amazonian erolins.

In the next stages of the process, they are transformed into various colors of jagody.

Filodendron – wymagania glebowe

The logic behind this is that in order to successfully restore tropikal roliny in Poland, it is necessary to provide them with the most natural conditions possible. This indicates that donice with filodendrons should be placed in a safe, but not in a bezporednionasonecznionychmiejscach pomieszcze wychodzcych na wschód lub zachód In most cases, a dramatic increase in licence occurs as a result of an exhibition at the uppermost sooce. To use for saddening, choose yzne, lekkiepodose, or anything else that is well-puszczalne.

It is also permissible to make use of soil that has been enriched with kompost, as well as the use of cocoa beans.

Sadzenie i uprawa filodendronów

Filodendrony require a sufficient amount of donic – but not too large quantities! When they have a good amount of stoczonekorzenie, rolinom responds the most favorably. Once in a while, when the korzeniowe brya becomes extremely brittle, it is necessary to change the donic to a larger size – ideally 5-7 sizes larger. One of the most important elements of uprawy is the use of podpórki, which are particularly effective when exposed to both pncym odmianom and pionowo góra odmianom. When it comes to aesthetic considerations, omszonegaziez lasu and bambusowe podpórki are two options to consider.

Every day, a kilkucentymetrowe warstwa podoa should be present under the bridge, and after the roiling of the roiling of the roiling, without the need for any more uciskania, the bridge should be filled with brzegi.

Roliny with presadnierozrastajing si can be przycinated, provided that they are not skracad with pds larger than 20 cm in length. It’s the perfect time to be in the cicie korygujcetowiosnalublato. In a natural environment, there is a Filodendron. shutterstock is the source of the image

Podlewanie i nawożenie filodendronów

Filodendron, like the majority of tropical roelin, enjoys podoe, which are not only persistently wilgotne but also not overheated. In order to avoid this last scenario, it is recommended that rolines be wyschned between one and the other impodlewaniem– in such a way that only the górne 2 cm podoa are exposed. Poziomwilgotnocinajatwiej sprawdza si palcem, ale widne licie s równie dobrym znakiem ostrzegawczym I dobrym znakiem ostrzegawczym. Remember that ziemia wysycha more readily in plastikowych and emaliowanych donicach than in ceramicznych or glinianych donicach without emalii.

Care must be taken, however, to ensure that the powietrzewokó is sufficiently wilgotne.

The first dawk of pynned nawozu with a zrównowaonym skadziemineralnymwarto was able to establish rolines within a month after the start of the project.

Rozmnażanie filodendronów

In the late summer and early fall, filododendronyrozmnasi can be easily harvested from the matki’s rolins. Pd should have at least one li and two stawy, at the very least. The wybierapdyskrajne gatunków pncych are the best because they have a higher concentration of powietrzne korzenie przybyszowe, which is beneficial. The use of ukorzeniacza is not mandatory, however it does not appear to be harmful. The prepared sadzonki are placed in a suitable amount of water in a bowl of piasku and torfu, and they are cooked at a constant temperature of 21 to 24 degrees Celsius, with help from unpasteurized sour cream and fresh lemon juice.

On average, the procedure takes 4-5 days, after which it is necessary for the sadzonk to be transferred to a more favorable environment.

Ochrona filodendronów

When the leaves of the filodendron are widened and swollen, it is a sign of improper pielgagnation, which can lead to nadmiarusoca or predicaments in the healing process. If licie have a tendency to wyduania ogonków at the expense of rozmiaru, this means that the rolinie lacks soca and is attempting to wyciga si kuwiatu. Nadmiar nawozu, on the other hand, manifests itself as brzowieniem blaszki on the liciach. Occasionally, however, filodendron is attacked by bacteria that cause plamistosis licis (which manifests itself as transparent plams that change the color of the barwn to a czerwono-brzow hue) or bakterie zgnilizny (which manifests itself as zielonymi plams that ignite a fire) or bakterie zgnilizny (which manifests itself as zielonym In each of these instances, the most fundamental method of combat is the removal of tattered sections of roeliny.

Additionally, chemiczne preparaty for the skin can be purchased at ogrodniczych stores. Philodendron melanochrysum is a kind of philodendron. shutterstock is the source of the image

Filodendron w domu

The Filododendron, particularly its sercowata, a pnca odmiana, has been discovered on a NASA-developed list of the most effective plants for filtering indoor air pollution (Rolin et al., 2003). In addition to the typical wymiandwutlenku wglanatlen, filodendron has the ability to eliminate lotnegoformaldehydu, which has been emitting for many years, for example, from mebli. Because of this, the upkeep of these beautiful, tropical roeliny has a distinctly practical aspect that should be optimized by placing donice in the salon and putting them in the bathroom.

  1. As it is, rolina is a perfect complement to light-colored skin and a delightfully somber accent in any interior design scheme.
  2. When deciding on the upkeep of the filodendron, it is important to keep in mind that it is a rolinatoksyczna plant that contains krysztay szczawianuwapnia- zabójcze dlakotówi that cause wysypk and rozstrójodkowyu in the human population.
  3. In spite of this, the procedure is quite simple and straightforward, especially given that filodendron, like a small flowering plant, communicates its needs to the world by sending off szybkie responses in a lilac-colored appearance.
  4. micons) – pncze stosunkowo niewielkie o liciach przebarwiajcych si w kierunku czerwieni; filodendron Xanadu (P.
  5. is a Polish environmental website (Agata Pavlinec)


Filodendron pncy is one of the most effective plants for the upkeep of domestic pncy. Praise him for his rapid growth, his birth and aging, as well as his lack of requirements. Regularly recurring sercowates, with a poyskujing licie, ukadaj silnie on pdach, resulting in dachówkowaty ukad, which is then transported to the abyss of the world. Filodendron pncy, when grown in a domestic environment, can reach a height of 2-3 meters in height, with a yearly growth rate of several hundred centimeters.

It’s also possible to use it as a zwisajcing rolin, and if we’re consistent in skracaing growth, we’ll have an effective kpiast-forming rolin in our possession.

The odmiana ‘Brasil’ is distinguished for its vibrant color scheme. This pale yellow barwa contrasts with the zocistymi, irregularly rozmieszczonymi plamami that are erupting from the blaszek liciowych stomping ground under its brzegom.

Pielęgnacja filodendrona pnącego

Philodendron is a low-maintenance plant that is simple to grow and care for. It is preferred that the stanowisko be delikatly zacienione with the middle of the soneczny lake. The most comfortable temperature for him will be between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. Przecigów must be removed, and the lingering wilgotne gleb must be re-established. In this case, the appropriate podoe is the uniwersal Zielonego Parapetulub podoe, which is specifically designed for SERAMIS®. Filodendrons prefer a high level of wilgotno in the air (about 70 percent).

Zdjęcia wysyłanych roślin

Miejsce/stanowisko jasne lub ocienione
Docelowa wysokość powyżej 100 cm
Wymagania wodne średnie
Kolor liści wielobarwny
Trudność uprawy dla amatorów
Pokrój pnący lub wiszący
Kategoria odporności na chłód H -Szczegóły w zakładce WYSYŁKA


Pikniejszy pncz, filodendrony pnce, to jeden z najlepszych w rozwoju rolin doniczkowych, as well as one of the most beautiful and fastest-growing varieties of the flowering plant, Filodendrony pnce. In this video, you will learn how to care for your filodendronemBrasil,ScandensiLemon Lime, in which environment to do so, how to prepare it, and on which szkodniki of rolin kog you will be naraone. We’ll also talk about how to make them ripen, how to nawozi them, and where they’ll do the best growing in the future.

Filodendrony pnące – filodendron Brasil, Scandens i Lemon Lime

Tropikal roliny are formed by the growth of Philodendrons. They have taken up residence in the natural environment of the United States of America’s southwestern region, where they are pniing sil after pniach drzew in the direction of the soca. It is possible for our plants to be both wdziczne and rapidly growing, resulting in beautiful kaskady sercowatych lici. Their long pdy will be cuddly adorned with plecioned makramy, wiszcing doniczki, or a hefty kwietnik adornment. If, on the other hand, we like a larger sized lici, we should consider moving them to a kokosowy or podporz paliku.


Scandens has a limonkowe soczyscie zielone licie, which is referred to as Lemon Lime, according to its name.

Pielęgnacja filodendronów pnących

The provision of appropriate stanowiska, podosa, as well as regularity and consistency in the process of replanting filodendrons used as doniczkowes, is a kluczowe aspect of the uprawie filodendrons used as doniczkowes. When these conditions are met, they should not result in a significant increase in the number of gastrointestinal problems.


The selection of the most appropriate stanowiska is critical in the advancement of every doniczkowych rolin. The znajomo pochodzenia naszej roliny may appear to be particularly threatening. As we previously reported, filodendron pnce in their natural environment are growing in abundance in the tropical lasses of the United States. It is a quiet, peaceful enclave in which a puddle of water, filtered through a gauze of drzew, makes its way to the occupants. With the assistance of wind turbines, they are attempting to increase access to wiata by spinning silt off the pniach drzew.

For example, on the wschodnie or zachodnie parapet, or at a kawaek location away from the southwestern corner of the okna.

A soce that is too close to the surface of our roliny may cause the licie of our roliny to bulge, with the result being brzydkie przebarwienia and plamy. On the other hand, wilgotno powietrza does not have to be as high as that found in dungli to be effective – around 60% is sufficient.

Jaka ziemia dla filodendronów pnących?

In our store, you’ll find our handcrafted authorskiepodose that have been meticulously crafted with filodendronom in mind. However, the creation of one’s own self-puszczalnej mieszanki, also known as bigosu, is an excellent option. It’s important to keep a few things in mind when composing for him. For example, the mieszanka for filodendrons, specifically for pncych filodendrons, should be sypka and well-puszczalna. Among the ingredients that should be included in her formulation are coconut chips, sosnowa kora, perlit, and keramzyt.

It is for this reason that the production of podoe, which are slimy in texture and unpleasantly scented, does not lend itself to the upkeep of filodendrons.

As a result, we encourage you to start growing your filodendron pnc as soon as possible after purchasing it.

Podlewanie i nawożenie

We should give the podosu a good scrubbing between the next several podlewania. If you want to nawily the entire planet, you need to make your podlewanie very, very, very, very obfite. We will be removing the mud that has been deposited by the drenaowe doniczki’s otwories shortly after the podlewaniu. In the wet season (from early spring to late summer), filodendrony pnce grow exceptionally fast and vigorously, necessitating constant application of nawozu for roelin zielonych (green onions).

Jak zagęścić filodendrona pnącego?

In the event that it is necessary for us to achieve a particularly dense growth of filodendrona pncego in a short period of time, we may decide to take many sztuk from the same roliny and place them in a single doniczce right away. Another method is the frequent soaking of puddled sadzonek in water or in a wilgotnym sphagnum, which is referred to as oczkiem. Sadzonki, which have been korzenioned in this manner, can be delivered to our matecznej roliny or used to generate a new opportunity, such as in a new doniczce.

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uprawa i pielęgnacja Blog Ogrodniczy – Sklep Dla Ogrodu

It is a genus of roelin that belongs to the genus Filodendron (Philodendron). This genus is part of the obrazkowatych genus, which includes more than 700 gatunks, of which only 465 have been described so far. Tropic rolins are a kind of roelin that may be found growing in the wild around the world, from Meksyku and Antyli all the way to Argentyn and Paragwaj. In doniczkach, the most often encountered gatunki are: filodendron czerwieniejcy and filodendron pncy, as well as a plethora of its odmian.

This product does an excellent job of removing formaldehyd (found in cosmetics, lakiers, and deodorants, among other things), benzol (found in spaliny), and dwutlenek wgla.

Uprawa filodendronów w doniczce

Mode filodendrony should be pruned once a year, with the best results occurring in March or the beginning of October. When they are mature and have a sufficient amount of doniczk, all that is required is a change in the direction of the warstwa’s main axis. When it comes to a doniczce, ziemia should be fresh, próchnicza, and pushed back; a kompost or torf wymieszany with perlite or pokruszonym (wearczek and motek) keramzytem would be ideal. This plant belongs to the not very numerous group of rolin that blooms from the beginning of the season until the conclusion of the season.

  • The roolin is well-suited to this location in the house, since the promienie soneczne do not venture there without permission, but it is not very dark.
  • Although it might be either the west or the east coast of the United States, it is likely to be on the east coast of the United States.
  • Take a look at it as well.
  • From the beginning of winter to the end of summer, the optimal temperature for otoczenie should be between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius, with the maximum temperature being 18, and the minimum temperature not exceeding 15 degrees Celsius.

Pielęgnacja filodendronów

It is wilgotno that is the clincher in the treatment of filodendrons. This is true both in the doniczce and in the otoczenia. The fact is that if the rolinie does not receive adequate wilgotno for otoczenia, the marnie will begin to swell and become irritated. When it comes to doniczki, a well-made one with a sturdy foundation is ideal. It removes moisture from the air and replaces it with water. It is impossible for the same doniczka to remain in the water. This type of zabieg contributes to the formation of rolines, which are characterized by the presence of appropriate microclimates.

  • Ideally, the water should be mikka and odstana.
  • As for systematyczne podlewanie by ziemia w doniczce, it must be said that it was always a bit wilgotna.
  • However, it is often necessary to bake them in delectable, wilgotne ovens to prevent them from being sadzajingly hot.
  • Filodendrony perform a good job of filtering water that contains biohumus.
  • Filodendrons are very easy to grow and care for.
  • The introduction of a new podola will be a significant boon for the rolins.

On the liciach, there are a series of pale plamy in the Ksztacie litery V that stand out. As soon as we see takowe on our rolinie, we should use kupiarczan magnezui roztworem podla filodendrona (1 yeczka per 3,5 l of water) to get rid of them.

Rozmnażanie filodendronów

It is wilgotno that is the clincher in the cultivation of filodendrons. Both in the doniczce as well as the otoczenia, this is the case. If a high level of wilgotno otoczenia is not provided to the rolinie, the marnie will rost and chorowaa as a result. When it comes to doniczki, a well-made one with a sturdy foundation is ideal. It removes moisture from the air while also removing stains from the surface. Even if she tried, she couldn’t keep her doniczka in the water. An appropriate microclimate is created when such a phenomenon occurs, which is facilitated by the presence of rolines.

  • The water should be cold and clear.
  • As for systematyczne podlewanie by ziemia w doniczce, it must be said that it was always a little wilgotne.
  • However, it is often necessary to bake them in delectable, wilgotne ovens to prevent them from becoming sadzajc.
  • Water from Filodendrony is well-suited for use in biohumuses (organic fertilizers).
  • Taking care of filodendrons is a simple task.
  • The introduction of a new podoa will be a significant boon for the rolins.
  • On the liciach, there are a series of pale plamy in the Ksztacie litery V, which serve as an indication of the time of year.

Fikus: Zalecane oświetlenie, temperatura, wilgotność dla fikusa

In addition to serving as a decorative element, fikus also purifies the air in buildings constructed of benzene and fenoli (which, by the way, look like jakokwiats in the office), as well as being a source of positive energy. The main disadvantage of this kwiat is that it prefers to remain in one place and does not react well to sudden changes in the environment. Following the completion of a planned purchase, a suitable location for him should be selected, taking into consideration his requirements in terms of lighting and temperature.

Fikus like warm weather and water, which is why many owners of these roelins place them on their balconies during the summer months, mindful of the fact that the roelin is sensitive to cold temperatures. In such unappealing conditions, fikus has the potential to cause a liquified state.

Oświetlenie dla fikusa

Because it is a saltwater-soluble protein, fikus cannot be held responsible for the unintended consequences of promieni sonecznych. These odmiany, which have a grube licie in a ciemny color, may be found in less well-lit areas of the house. In the winter, gatunki with short limbs require more intense illumination; in the summer, the use of additional lighting throughout the day is recommended. If the fukus does not contain a sufficient amount of water, it may cause the li’s growth to be significantly slowed, and its overall size may be significantly reduced.

Fikus needs more wiata during periods of active growth and kwitnienia than it does during periods of spoczynku.


Fikus is termofilny, and the optimal temperature is between + 22 and 28 degrees Celsius in the summer and + 15 and 21 degrees Celsius in the winter. Sluggish, low-temperature, and przecig-intolerant odmiany fikusa of various sizes and shapes are not tolerated. It’s important to remember that too high or excessively low temperatures might cause liquification of the lips. In the event that rolina is residing in a location that does not meet her temperature requirements (parapet or podoga), it is recommended that she be moved to a more temperate location or placed on a stojak during the summer.

Wilgotność powietrza

If the odmiana fikusa has a large amount of grube licie, the wilgotno of the air will not have a significant impact on how well it will perform in natural home environments. Late-night spryskiwanie of kwiatów with little liciach is required in order to create optimal conditions. The use of deszczówki or the odstawienie of water for 2-3 days is required for the achievement of these goals. Fikus Benjamin has a high level of wilgotnoness, which necessitates frequent spryskiwania. In the absence of wilgoci, rolina begins to slam into the li’ce.

Podlewanie fikusa

As a result, in order to carry out this task properly, it is necessary to meet a number of requirements, which are as follows:

  • If you always do it at the same time of day, whether it’s morning or evening, you’ll get the best results. It is not possible to use water from the well, and the water must be allowed to sit for three days. It is possible to purify water that has been filtered
  • However, this is not recommended. The soup should be hot
  • It should be spicy.

It is necessary to adjust the degree of flexibility in handling fikusa to the current time of year. In the spring and summer, it is sufficient to prune the roelin once a week, and in the winter, it is sufficient to prune it twice a month. When there is an upas, it is necessary to check the condition of the gleba in the doniczce and to adjust the rolin, especially if the górna warstwa has halted. In order to provide additional drobnolist protection, the practice of once-a-week opryskiwanie of drobnolist gatunks is employed.

If the fikus is located in the vicinity of the grzejnik, the podlewanie must be of the highest quality.

The use of a fikusa kpiele under the prysznice is permissible during the upalne days. The gleb should be poluzowane at the appropriate time of year in order to ensure proper air circulation and improved wilgotno.


Knowing how to deal with household cleaning, it is possible to wyhodowa certain gatunki up to two or four meters in length. However, in order to achieve an active increase in roliny growth, a period of time-limited nawoenia is required. It is necessary to begin dokarmiaing fikusa after the onset of winter’s odpoczynku and continue doing so throughout the year until the beginning of spring. In order for Fikus to earn a large amount of money, he need the use of awozy containing azot. Because the pdy will be icy and blade-like in the winter and early spring, it is not possible to make them in the summer or early fall.

In comparison to other rolinas, fikus does not need extensive dokarmiation.

  • Fikus is on the verge of exploding, or its growth has significantly slowed
  • Pdy continue to become cienkie and wyduone
  • The Licence begins to trace the jdrno and barwa (the blade remains stationary)
  • If the kwiat zrzuca licie or starts to sókn, it is considered a failure. Plamy began to appear on the liciach
  • A pair of skodniks stomped on an osabiony kwiat

Rodzaje fikusa

Among the several types of fikus, the following are the most popular:

  • A maze of lilies, fikus Benjamina, fikus deltolistny, fikus tpy – a maze of lilies
  • It is a large number of fikus, including spryty fikus, lirolisty fikus, Bengalski fikus, and Wskolisty fikus. Fikus pncy, fikus czepny – licie pnce I poce
  • Fikus pncy, fikus czepny

Przesadzanie fikusa

Pielgnacjafikusa is associated with the execution of procedures in the context of regular roliny development. When the following factors come into play, it is necessary to take action:

  • The roolin’s korzenie is encroaching on the drenaline’s otwors, and the roolin’s cinie is pronounced in the doniczce. On-site purchase of Fikus was made at a local store. The amount of gleba in the doniczce has been reduced, and the rolina is beginning to grow
  • The removal of drenaline is required. If this is necessary in order to shrink the kwiat

All roliny with a life expectancy of less than 4 years must be replaced every four years. Older ficus are often stored for 3 to 5 years at a time. Winter is the most appropriate time of year to begin planning for the upcoming year. Remembering that the fikus does not tolerate large changes, it is possible that the li’l thing will be lost once the process is completed, but this is most often the case during the summer season. Doniczk should be chosen in accordance with the growth of the rolins.

  1. It is necessary for Dno Doniczki to have drenaowe otwory in order to avoid wody stoichiometry.
  2. It is necessary for the atmosphere to be calm in order for it to be able to cyrkulowa.
  3. Fikus should be submerged in warm water and placed in a safe location without the need for immediate soneczno-surgical intervention.
  4. Following that, it is necessary to insert it into the ground at the wyschniciu górnej warstwy gleby not less than 2-3 cm.

Uprawa fikusa

Fikusa can be manipulated in a variety of ways:

  • Sadzonki, on the other hand, are classified into two types: odygi and pki liciowe. In most cases, after two weeks, the rotting sadzonki sinks into the water and causes the korzenie to appear. Following that, each and every pd might be buried in a glebe in an individual doniczce. By using odkady powietrzne, you may change the temperature of your home. This method of rozmnaania necessitates a high level of consideration. It is necessary to select a pd and remove any lingering lici. After that, create a naciscie, in which a zapak will be inserted. In a wierzchu with wilgotnym mchem and polyietylenem, Owin is in the lead. Korzenie musi kiekowa w cigu miesica, a potem korze mona oddzieli od gównego pnia I posadzi w osobnej doniczce
  • Korze mona oddzieli od gównego pnia I posadzi

The majority of the time, fikusy in the home do not deteriorate due to the presence of nasiona; instead, it is a very time-consuming and time-consuming process. In order to provide the best possible conditions, a small szklarnia is used, in which nasiona is deposited. Excellent wilgotno and a suitable temperature should be ensured for the plant.

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