Hall Place Garden – Angielski Ogród Tarasowy – Wizyta W Ogrodzie

Hall Place Garden – angielski ogród tarasowy

Hall Place Garden is a place that provides enjoyment for both gardeners and those with an interest in history and architecture. It is a popular destination for both. A zabytkowy dom from the Tudor era, built in 1540, as well as a rozlegy ogród in the Arts and Crafts style, contribute to the fact that a trip to the provincia of Northamptonshire, located not far from London, will leave you with some unexpected thoughts for the foreseeable future.

Ogród stworzony z ogrodów

The Hall Place Garden is divided into a few sections, which does not appear to be a problem until we realize that it encompasses an area of more than 15 hectares! The first is a plot of land adjacent to the house that was encircled by wypenionycisowymitopiaramipowstaymi in the late 1980s and early 1990s and commissioned by the house’s previous owner, Lady Limerick. The second is a plot of land adjacent to the house that was encircled by wypenionycisowymitopiaramipowstaymi in the late 1980 One or more of them is a massive zwaliste shape.

A beautiful kunszt of ogrodniczego cicia may be created by spacing out the wzdu szpaleru zielonych, which has a kilkumeterrowej width, and rzeb that displays the wizerunki of Kremlin-style herbowed smokes on the edge of the field.

It is flanked by the distinctively Angliiduga rabata that has been in effect since the middle of May, and which has been credited with a never-before-seen amount of bylin that will last for several years.

Starodrzew i spacer wśród kwitnących krzewów

With a large discount in hand, we make our way to a rozlegytrawnikotoczony starodrzew, where, for many years, the urzdzane pikniki have been a favorite of the people of the United Kingdom. The final stretch of road takes us to the wgbnik of the otoczoned krzewamiróanecznikówikamelii. This location appears to be particularly romantic during the winter months, when patki kwiatów, encircling kamienne cieki and barwic them on a fioletowo and róowo basis, create a romantic atmosphere. The escalating squalor propels us headlong into the abyss of the obszarstarodrzewu.

Intensely monochromatic nasadzenie aazalii japoskich, wielkokwiatowych, and drobnokwiatowych róaneczników from the groupyyakushimanumcause wraenie szczelnie przeronie puszystych poduszek.

Drzewodawidii chiskiej robi the largest amount of wraenie in this section of the garden (Davidia involucrata).

This is a one-of-a-kind, often encountered drzewo in the ogrodach, which is also known by the ominous name “drzewa chusteczkowego.” With the addition of kwitning kolorowy krzewami from azalii and róaneczniks, this combination creates an eye-catching visual effect.

Ogród ze słonecznym wrzosowiskiem

In the distance, a spacer with serpentynowymi ciekami leads to a puddle of zaronietego pdami, this time in the color of white. As part of the water-growing system, the mostek is protected from the elements by an artificially constructed kana that suspends it in the water-growing system. As a result, we arrive at a massive naturalistycznegowrzosowiska. The wrzosowisko was built in the sonecznej section of the garden, where it is surrounded by awe-inspiring views of the starodrzew gównieiglasty.

  1. Those massive niczym rzeby góruj nad kwitnicymi in the month of October and majuwrzocami, whose pdy often dorastaj to the size of a single meter.
  2. In a strange twist of fate, little, iridescent clusters of glass alter the perception of the world in a positive way.
  3. Meanwhile, the trawniks’ ramifications have gotten out of hand, creating a zielony ram for the wrzosowiska.
  4. Occasionally, a slew of liczneptaki may erupt from within our organization.
  5. The goalline poacie of trawnika serves as a place of rest for them, and for many of them, the okoliczne zarola serves as the best location for gniazda preparation.

Czar pięknych drzew owocowych

As we make our way from the wrzosowiska, we arrive at the stargosad. It was Pikna ka that brought them together with their Podjaboniami, Liwamiigruszami. Already in the second half of March, a previously uncounted number of bujnie kwitncychnarcyzów has been discovered. In the month of May, kwitnienie begins to enlarge its owocowe nadrzewa, which will eventually result in a naka full of kwiats in the months of Czerwcu and Lipcu, which are a valuable food source for a variety of gatunkówowads.

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Jak dojechać do Hall Place Garden?

The abundance of rolinnych forms and krajobrazowych rozwiza in Hall Place Garden may serve as an inspiration to any number of professionals. It is really necessary to see this gorgeous location! Take a train from London’s Charing Cross Station to Bexley Station, which is the closest station to the city’s central train station. Spacerem is around 15 minutes away from the station. Bourne Road is located in the London borough of Bexley in the United Kingdom. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day of the year till the end of the world.

Tomek Ciesielski wrote the text and took the photographs.

Wizyta w angielskim ogrodzie Kasi Bellingham

An English-style natural ogród emerges among the malowniczej scenery of Kaszubskiego Parku Krajobrazowego’s Kaszubskie Park Krajobrazowego. Kasia Bellingham narrates how it all began and reveals his brambles in front of the audience. As a teenager, I won the Stypendium of ogrodniczki competition in the United Kingdom, and I used the money I won to travel to the United Kingdom to study horticulture. While I was there, I didn’t look at myself in the mirror, which was a big regret of my life. The pursuit of more qualifications has become a passion of mine, and in the near future, I hope to work as a professional gardener, where I will be studying the history of gardens and horticulture, as well as horticulture design.

During our time together, we were able to provide complete support for ecological farming.

As an alternative, roliny przyjazneowadomiptakom were slashed, koszenie trawników was lowered on the eve of Halloween, and instead of scraping zagons, organic material was used to cover them.

Ogrody kuchenne, warzywniki, sady, jagodniki, and ogrody zioowe all gained popularity in recent years, thanks to the efforts of the Polish people.

In this new era of ogrodnictwa, Andrew and I worked together on a number of projects, including the revitalization of historic kuchen gardens in Ireland, the establishment of ecological demonstration gardens in England, and the establishment of a private garden for Ksicia Karola and a large number of other arystokrats.

However, at the time, I had little to look forward to – from the beginning, my dream was to establish my own ecological garden in Poland, where I would be able to share my knowledge with others and demonstrate to them how easy it is to maintain beautiful, productive gardens without the use of chemicals or the use of pesticides.

However, the road to my destination was long and at times treacherous. In a nearby warzywnik, we prepare liciowe warzywa such as saaty, natka pietruszki, koperek, jarmue, and musztardowce, all for a discounted price. We spend the most of our time preparing saaty.

Truskawkowe pole

The construction of an orchard in Poland was a joint celebration for us. However, we were left with no money in the morning, and our ogrodniczej pensji was frequently insufficient to last us until the end of the month – we decided to take a chance and deposit money in a bank to purchase a kawaka made of zemi near my family’s home in Gdask. In the year 2000, we began looking for a wymarzonejdziaki and quickly realized that the acquisition of the poyczki was the most straightforward aspect of the task at hand.

  • We were looking for a large patch of contrasting color in the sky that was differentiated by terrain and roiling, and the only thing that came our way was a beautiful pola and a hulajing wind.
  • When this happens in life, it is known as a “miracle,” and we were fortunate enough to experience it in Zgorzaem, near Kaszubach, where we were treated to a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.
  • After a quick phone call and a quick meeting, I made a decision within five minutes.
  • And if it weren’t for the fact that znajome of every sadzonki are wyrastajing here and now, no one would have suspected that it was a barbarously old and deteriorated pole of truskawek.

Witajcie na Kaszubach

The establishment of an orchard in Poland was a top priority, but first and foremost, it was necessary to amass an unanticipated number of pozwole and construct a house – all the more so because Albert, our synek, had come to live with us. In 2011, we threw our English-speaking dobytek into the ciarówki and made our way along the Canal de la Manche to fulfill our promise to the French people. The weather in Poland was particularly unpleasant this year, but despite this, we were able to begin installing the first solar panels on our home’s roof in late August, thanks to the assistance of a large amount of donated funds.

  1. We were able to put the system in place in September and have it running smoothly until the end of the year.
  2. The location near our headquarters was chosen because it offered the best conditions for roelin upkeep: a large expanse of land surrounded by natural wiatrochrones from the drzew that had been present in this part of Europe for hundreds of years.
  3. We created for ourselves and our garden not only an effective osona from wiatru and haasu, but also a malownicze to.
  4. Katarzyna Bellingham is the photographer.
  5. The building site prepared for the construction of the house was three times larger than what was required, but we were grateful for this since it provided us with a large number of available spaces on the same piece of land, which was extremely convenient when planning the garden.
  6. When the only thing left was a podoe przescho in the wiosennych roztopach, we set our sights on the wytyczanie of the most important ogrod elements on the property.
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Preparation and use of organic ingredients in home-based, environmentally friendly kitchens We consider warzyworazzióbyy to be the most important thing in our lives, and as a result, in our homes (and kitchens), there has arisen a kuchenny smear of traditional zagonami with ipodwyszonymi rabatami.

Of course, it was necessary to posadzi drzewa and ywopoty in the first round since they were the most rapidly growing.

We uprawia byliny that aren’t very demanding, such as rudbekies, jeówki, and a variety of ozdobne traws, during preriowe rabats.

All that is required is that we expose them to the sun once a year, in the winter.

For many years, warzywnik was surrounded by moborniki and our own proprietary ogrodowym composition; under the trawnik and during the day, we piled up a couple of tons of torf from the oczyszczaned during the day, and under the twirowy ogród zioowy, we did nothing but polepszali podobes punktowo during the day.

Zagony in the warzywniku are made using a no-dig method, and therefore, instead of putting them together with szpadlem, we use them to make a grub warstwa of kompost every season.

Because we had experience as a working group and knew exactly what we wanted, we completed the majority of the work ourselves.

Despite the fact that we have already experienced one ogród in our lives, we are doing it for ourselves.

We interacted with the local community and immersed ourselves in the natural environment of this bajecznej kraina. Kaszuby is one of the most beautiful places on the planet in my opinion.

Spełnione marzenie

The most common statement is that the world has not yet reached its zenith – particularly given the enormous amount of ice on the ground and the amount of energy available. Not only did our location change from season to season – from winter to summer, from winter to spring, and from winter to summer – but we also added completely new sections of the garden throughout time. Towards the end of the day, a large portion of the lawn adjacent to the trawnik’s house is taken up by four large rabats, each of which is decorated in a naturalistyczne style, while a siogród lenny appears between the drzewa and the dome.

  • Anglo-Saxon bylinowe rabaty bylinowe were launched in the old warzywnik.
  • The English language’s bylinowy ogród is otoczony by sywopotem derived from buków and grabów, which we collect once a year in the first week of January.
  • It’s true that our natural environment and the otaczajcy nas naturalny krajobraz dyktuj us as to what and how to do in our garden.
  • We strive to make our environment as inwazyjny as possible for our guests, and we work hard to achieve a natural balance and operate in harmony with the environment that surrounds us.
  • The natural environment and the otaczajcy nas naturalny krajobraz dyktuj nam, what and how to do in our garden.
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This means that we avoided using sztucznych or egzotycznych forms such as szpalery from juk, or alejki from juk – instead, we used ywopoty grabowe and igogowe – and On the rabats, byliny for owads, ptaks, little ssaks, and gads are growing, while on the lasem, drzewa and krzewa kwitne wiosn and obficie owocujce jesieni, such as dzikie or rajskie jabonie, without czarny, dere After more than a decade, all of the garden’s elements, including the house and the lake, appear to have been perfectly incorporated into the surrounding kaszubski krajobraz, and they appear to be as they have been since the beginning.

The natural atmosphere of the garden attracts a large number of people who are looking for relaxation, inspiration, or a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The English language ogrod is where you’ll find yourself today.

Galeria It is located among the lasów of Kaszubskiego Parku Krajobrazowego, which stretches between the wioskami Goubie Kaszubskie and Zgorzae and is surrounded by the town of Ogród Kasi and Andrew Bellingham.

From the beginning of May until the end of February, visitors can visit the site on weekends. On the grounds of the garden, there is also a roolin szkóka and a kawiarnia. Zgorzae woj. pomorskie, ul. Zamkowa 2, 83-322 Zgorzae, Poland Katarzyna Bellingham wrote the text and took the photographs.

Hall Farm Garden. Angielskie ogrody część 1

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’re probably aware that many people like taking walks in the woods. Particularly those from Poland, as part of the project “Busem przez polskie ogrody.” However, in the year 2019, I intend to broaden my interests and get a better sense of what the world has to offer by visiting foreign countries. At the outset, we’ll use the English language, because Anglia is, as far as we know, an unquestioned kolebka of orchards. We cordially invite you to our first encounter with Hall Farm Garden, which is located in the heart of Lincolnshire.

If you happen to be in the area, we strongly recommend that you stop by and see what we have to offer.

Traditionalistically, I tried to choose the most interesting elements and describe them in my own words.

I have a feeling that this relationship will be a great source of inspiration for you.

Hall Farm Garden

Ogród Hall Farm Garden is a large garden that is located in the vicinity of the city of Lincoln in a small valley. I’m not sure how much space it has, but it’s a significant amount of space compared to my current location. The ogród is divided into a number of distinct stref, each of which differs just slightly from the others. The largest of these is a typical English-language landscape, in which gastronomic and environmentally friendly discounts predominate, between which a single, zadbane trawnik emerges.

The most prominent feature of this section is a large aleja, which extends from the main building and runs across the center of the section’s garden.

It is also known as the Biay Zaktek, and it is an open-air garden, from which sprouts of greenery can be seen in all directions.

I’m not going to go over each and every one of them here, but I’m going to concentrate on the elements that, in my opinion, need attention and may even be worth saying.

Trawniki that have been zadbane The winter and spring sales are officially underway, and you can take advantage of them now.

Particular attention should be drawn to the fact that bylinowo is employed in this section of the Hall Farm Garden – a warm autumn ogródek, an orazpodwyszony warzywnik, in which the roliny of the occupants are arranged in an odd manner.

This is a typical English ogród, which can be referred to as a wzorcowy ogród.

I have the impression that despite the fact that we are 1500 kilometers away from him, a large number of elements may be transported to our farmland and harvested. If you accomplish this, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that I was able to bring about this situation.

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