Nagrodzony Projekt Zieleni Osiedlowej – Projekt Ogrodu

Nagrodzony projekt zieleni osiedlowej

The project was selected as a winner in the seventh edition of the “Nagroda Miasta Poznania” competition for its distinctive magisterial work. Under the title “History, Current Status, and Redevelopment of Dziecica Park in Poznan,” a master’s thesis titled “Redevelopment of Dziecica Park in Poznan” presents a proposal for the revitalization of a zabytkowe zieleni miejskiej, based on the preservation of its historical structures and constituents. ‘Nana’ surmia, berberys Thunberga ‘Atropurpurea’ dere biay ‘Elegantissima’ z duym, nieregularnym, biaym obrzeeniem, an odlegoci midzy drzewami wypeniono s grupami krze Because of the very czerwonym pdom, this kraw is also quite attractive in the winter.

In the spring, they turn a jasnobrzow color.

The color of the kraw will be a good contrast to the bordowym kolorem lici drzew as well as the jasnym kolorem elewacji budynków osiedla.

When compared to the rest of the cieek, the gatunek drzew is exactly the same as the rest of them.

It creates a kobierce with a diameter of 0.22 meter.

Located on the outskirts of the park, the iglaste (sosna górska) rocks, which were discovered by perukowiec podolski “Royal Purple,” and the pojedyncze drzewo measuring up to 8 meters in height, with an elongated lunej korone and a zocistoóte licie have been designed.

Between the wspomnianymi rolinami, on the grounds of the plaza ronie bylina – liliowiec ogrodowy in the odmianie ‘Stella de Oro’ – may be found.

On Facebook, the authors have created a fan page called “Projects Ogrodów.” In the month of March 2011, a piece of magisterial research with the title “History, Current Status, and Rewalorization of Dziecica on the Dbiskiej in Poznan” won first place in the “Nagroda Miasta Poznania za wyróniajc si prac magistersk” competition.

The practice serves as an example of how to look for innovative solutions in the field of redevelopment of a bytkowy objekt zieleni miejskiej, while taking into consideration the historical structure and constituents of the building.

The project consists of a meticulously crafted, extremely detailed inwentaryzacji of zieleni on the Dziecica property, which has been used to develop a comprehensible redevelopment plan for the property. “The project is a comprehensive redevelopment plan for the property.”

Tereny zielone

Jesteśmy biurem projektowym, które w swojej pracowni zatrudnia wykształconych architektów krajobrazu.Zajmujemy się wykonywaniem profesjonalnych projektów oraz dokumentacji w zakresie projektowania terenów zieleni.Naszym priorytetem jest tworzenie projektów opartych na funkcjonalności, estetyce, zrównoważonym rozwoju oraznowoczesnych materiałach.Na etapie projektowym współpracujemy również ze specjalistami z innych dziedzin (architektami, konstruktorami, elektrykami,kosztorysantami) co pozwala nam na kompleksowe opracowywanie wielobranżowych projektów.Współpracujemy zarówno z klientami prywatnymi, komercyjnymi, urzędami miast, gmin, instytucjami publicznymi, jak ibiurami architektonicznymi.W naszej ofercie znajdziecie Państwo:
  • Projects including the redevelopment of public lands (praki, zielece, skwery, bulwary, and a zabaw enclave)
  • Terrain redevelopment projects in commercial areas (taras biurowe, ziele w obiektach handlowych I usugowych)
  • Osiedlowej I deweloperskiej redevelopment projects in the city of Warszawa and the surrounding area
  • Redevelopment projects in the city of Warsaw and the surrounding area
  • Rewaloryzacji historii zaoek parkowo-dworskich, objtych ochron konserwatorsk
  • Rekultywacji terenów poprzemysowych I zdegradowanych
  • Aranacji wntrz zieleni, ogrodów zimowych
  • Aranacji taras
Projekt rewaloryzacji zabytkowego parku w Lipinkach (2012r.)

Zieleń Osiedlowa

A project to build a series of multistory buildings in Warsaw’s Woli, in conjunction with a project to build a series of low-income housing units to compensate for the high cost of living in the city. The two projects are linked by a common theme: a desire to make a difference in people’s lives. A key component in the development of the project’s szaty rolinnej was the identification of a suitable location for the installation of underground storage tanks, which would occupy nearly the whole area of the dziaki.

Projekt zieleni na osiedlu mieszkaniowym, Warszawa

Project for the construction of a rolinnterenu osiedla mieszkaniowego in the Bielan district of Warsaw. Ziele zdobnie zaprojektowano na wewntrznym dziedzicu osiedla as well as on the west side of Dojazdowa Street. The ogródki lokatorskie that were on their way to the building were not included in the project. Please read on for more information.

Projekt rewitalizacji zieleni osiedlowej, Warszawa

A component of a larger project to renovate a residential neighborhood on the grounds of a multi-family dwelling is the project to renovate a residential neighborhood on the grounds of a multi-family dwelling. The fragmentosiedla Mirów in Warszaw, which represents a significant portion of the city’s historical urbanistyczne infrastructure, has been included in the project, which has been submitted to the Rejestru Zabytków Nieruchomych. Please read on for more information.

Projekt zieleni osiedlowej, Warszawa

The project zieleniprzy a newly constructed complex of large-scale residential buildings in the Warsaw Bielan district. A wewnedziniec osiedlowy (located on the outskirts of the Garau podziemnego) and an adjacent zielec bezporednio ssiadujcy z ulic publiczn were both used as inspiration for the zieleni project. Please read on for more information.

Projekt zieleni osiedlowej, Warszawa

The aranacji zieleniterenup project is located in the Targówk neighborhood of Warsaw and is part of a newly constructed cluster of large-scale buildings. In order to achieve this, we have designed a series of main entrances onto the campus as well as specific entry points into individual buildings. There’s a little górk on the grounds of the school where they’re building a playground for kids. There’s also a place for them to play, a playground, a rekreacyjny trawnik, and some trees. Please read on for more information.

Projektowanie przestrzeni publicznej Warszawa

MAKI STUDIOprojekte, which have been prepared by the Krajobrazu Bureau of Architecture, are born out of a desire for a thorough search for innovative solutions, with a particular emphasis on the improvement of architectural details, the use of the highest possible quality materials, and the use of the most appropriate tools.

Harmonijne, niebanalne projekty ogrodów i zieleni

By utilizing our services, you may become a confident, well-informed krajobrazu architect who will contribute to your project in a unique and tailored manner. Preparing garden and landscape projects, we are always striving to create unique, multi-layered compositions of roelinny elements that are both harmonious and aesthetically pleasing. When designing gardens and landscapes, we are always looking for ways to make them more visually appealing. Nasze projekty distinguish themselves by possessing characteristics such as a wide-open and enclosed environment, as well as seasonally appropriate lighting, which allows for the creation of a pikno of roolinnych arrangements from the beginning of winter to the middle of summer.

We also offer a variety of other services.

We operate on the entire territory of Poland.

In the 2014 calendar year, pracownia was awarded the title “Modernizacja roku 2014” for the modernization of the skweru im.

w. Jana Pawla II in Józefowie, in conjunction with the Miejskiego Orodka Kultury building. For completing the projects at Miasteczko Ruchu Drogowego, located on the corner of Wawerskiej and Józefowskiej streets in Józefowie, the pracownia was awarded the “Modernizacja roku 2017” award in 2017.


We review our projects and provide feedback on what we believe is important when designing a structure. Clients of krajobrazuMAKI Studios include governmental institutions, developers, project managers, and individual investors from around the country, among others. Investigate for whom we completed the projects.

Ranking 10 najciekawszych pracowni architektury krajobrazu w Warszawie – Rankingi

Listed below is a list of the most highly regarded architects working within the territory of the city of Warsaw and its surrounding areas, as determined by a rigorous selection process. The most interesting professionals are those whose projects exhibit an exceptionally high level of innovativeness, aligning themselves with the most recent fashion trends, as well as those whose projects exhibit an emphasis on elastyczno in relation to the needs of the client. These are both well vetted businesses that employ qualified and experienced specialists, as well as businesses that have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our ranking:

1.Acanthus Studio Architektury Krajobrazu

Warszawa, ul. Racawicka 131/6, a02-117, Poland [email protected] Metro Group’s biurowe budynku is situated on the roof of the building. Acanthus fortissima The practice’s primary focus is on the completion of industrial-scale project work in the field of szeroko-pojtej architecture of krajobrazuw throughout Poland. Initiating the process of infrastructural development, the company creates a large team of specialists who provide comprehensive and professional oversight for all aspects of infrastructural development (from conceptualization to szaty rolinnej inwentaryzacji to construction of buildings and the selection of subcontractors and architects).

The project-based services offered by pracowniskierowana are geared toward both individual clients and business owners, as well as developers, architects, and government agencies.

WyróżnienieSARP(2016) Wettbewerb for the development of urbanistically and architecturally inspired concepts for the recreation and entertainment park in Jankowicz, Poland.

2. Miejskie ziele

Call 607 176 664 or visit us at Ul. Tadeusza Korsaka 1/5703-744 Warszawa or for more information. One of the Pracowni projects, this one depicting the Miejskie Ziele. Not only is our team involved in the design and construction of new gardens, but it is also a place where we can receive expert consultation in the areas of maintenance and modernization of already-existing gardens. The provision of professional house staging services, business strategy sessions for project managers, and participation in the development of functional small-scale architecture (DFA) in cities and suburban settings are some of the characteristics that distinguish this company from others.

An extensive portfolio of completed ogrod projects – each with its own unique name – has been posted on the company’s website.

3. Griner

600 874 [email protected] Ul. M. Wakowicza 7a/602-796 Warszawatel. 600 874 [email protected] Pracownia architektury krajobrazu, specializing in the provision of comprehensive services related to the development of land. During the development of their projects, the founders of the company place a strong emphasis on solidification of the ogroddow, the estimation of costs associated with the implementation of new investments, and the execution of projects that are as convenient as possible for their clients.

On the company’s internet site, we may get acquainted with the company’s extensive portfolio of projects and their execution, as well as with the company’s award-winning projects.

The organizer is the city of Józefów (Skwer im.

4. Zieleń bez Granic

257 Ul. Puawska, 10902-769 Warszawa, Poland [email protected] tel. 22 126 11 03 [email protected] [email protected] Project for a lean-to garden in Magdalence, k. Warszawy, with a view of the Polish border. In 1995, the founders of the firm began working on establishing a strong position on the Warsaw market. They have extensive experience in this field. One of the primary focuses of the company’s operations is the development of agro-ecosystems, both onsite (such as dachas and restaurant grounds), as well as outside (such as parcels of land around business parks and residential subdivisions).

On the website of the pracowni, we can see examples of completed projects as well as a gallery of photographs taken while working on already completed adaptations of zielonych partitions.

Our team, on the other hand, was able to secure the completion of.

The group is comprised of the following specialists: mgr.

in arch. krajobrazu, in arch. krajobrazu, mgr. in ogrodnictwa, mgr. in budownictwa, and in arch. Already in the near future, photographs taken over the course of this project’s execution will be available for purchase in Thermory’s international catalog of products for the year 2018.

5. Ogrody Niwa

The address is Ul. Szeroka 2305-540 Zalesie Górne, k. Warszawy. The email address is [email protected]; the phone number is +48 602 313 521; the website is In the Wilanowie district of Warsaw, a naturalistically inspired garden was created. The photo is courtesy of Ogrody Niwa. The second pracownia, which focuses on the comprehensiveness of the services provided, provides project development and implementation for ogrodów przydomowych and formerly unused land (for example, dacha gardens, aranacje tarasów, otoczenie firms and institutions, and a slew of other services).

In addition to this, we can find services such as aranacja przestrzeni zamknitych zieleni: biura, basenu, and oranerii in the company’s offering.

It is a diverse portfolio that includes czerpanie in a variety of styles and a variety of rozwiza in the course of the project’s implementation by the pracownia.

6. Sungarden

2305-540 Zalesie Górne, ul. Szeroka, k. Warszawy The email address is [email protected], and the phone number is +48 602 313 521. Development of a naturalistic-style garden in the Warsaw suburb of Wilanowie, photo courtesy of Ogrody Niwa (Naturalist Garden). The second pracownia, which focuses on the comprehensiveness of the services provided, provides project development and implementation for ogrodów przydomowych and formerly unused land (for example, dacha gardens, aranacje tarasów, otoczenie firms and institutions, and a variety of other services).

We can also find such products and services as aranacja przestrzeni zieleni: biura, basenu, and oranerii in the company’s offering.

Is to be found a diverse portfolio of czerpanie in a variety of styles and a wide range of technological innovations used in the process of project implementation by the author.

7. Ogrody A J

602 153 559 Warszawatel. Ul. Fleminga 2A03-176 Warszawatel. 602 153 559 [email protected] Ogród after modernization completed by Pracownia, photograph of Ogrody A J Krajobrazu’s pracownia architektury is a well-developed organization that is involved in a wide range of services that are not only closely related to project development but also to land preparation. On the website of the pracowni, we may see photographic documentation of various stages of the completion of selected projects.

We also provide services for modernizing ogrods, which are listed below.

In addition to individual investors, the offer is aimed at developers and multi-family property companies, as well as real estate agents. Construction of gardens and elements of garden architecture constructed from gabion blocks are given particular attention.

8. Garden Pleasure

[email protected] +48 692 081 969 [email protected] The practice of ogrodowy design, which has been recognized with a number of industry awards, provides services for the planning and construction of gardens in the Mazowiecki region. Services include the creation of ogrodów plans, the implementation of irrigation systems on zieleni-covered terrain, the planting of ogrodów, the construction of aranacji on the wntrz using zieleni, the decoration of zielonych dachów, and the construction of aranacji on the wntrz using zieleni.

9. Firma Krzak

ul. Wiatowida r. Mielewskiej V a 03-144 Warszawa tel. 515 515 780 [email protected] ul. Wiatowida r. Mielewskiej V a 03-144 Warszawa tel. 515 515 780 [email protected] Photograph from one of the completed projects, courtesy of the Krzak Design Studio. As a matter of fact, it is the most well-known multinational corporation, which specializes in providing services in the agricultural sector. Wycinka drzew, sprztanie posesji, tworzenie systemów nawadniajcych, as well as malowanie ogrodze I zakadanie trawników lub przycinanie ywopotów: to tylko a few services that can be found in the company’s offer.

In the event that we wish to obtain comprehensive professional services from individuals who not only have experience in the construction and design of aesthetic gardens, but who are also capable of managing our entire property from A to Z, this is the company to contact.

10. Terradesign

The address is: Ul.Izabela 23h 05-462 Wizownatel.502 702 508 [email protected] [email protected] It is a consulting firm that provides services in the areas of projecting and constructing on the basis of agricultural land. The company’s services also include the construction of sheds in the woods, as well as the creation of elements for small-scale drewnian landscape architecture. Projects in the areas of nawadniania and owietlenia ogrodów are also completed by the firm’s employees. Furthermore, Terradesign specializes in the design and implementation of pielgnacyjne services in the zielonej zone, including services associated with the initial stages of trawnik installation and roelin nawoenia, as well as caosezonowe dalsz opiek nad rolinami (wertykulacja, aeracja, nawoenie, ció

Polecane produkty

TAGI: Ogrodów Warszawa is currently being planned. Warszawa’s horticultural establishment. Warszawa’s krajobrazu (city hall) architecture. The development, redevelopment, and establishment of private and public gardens in the city of Warszawa. GardenPleasure is a garden design company based in Warsaw, Poland. In the city of Warszawa, there is an agricultural market. Warszawa’s most luxurious gardens. Spectacular ogród projektowanie I wykonawstwo w ekkluzywie. Architecturakrajobrazu as well as a ziele miejska Grottoes of the future — conceptualization and construction of new gardens.

  • Construction of the ogrods and planting of the crops.
  • Tarasów crafted from egzotyczne drewna (emerald).
  • Installation of automated nawadniania systems as well as the construction of small-scale landscape architecture.
  • Initiation of the interdisciplinary design of new-generation agricultural landscapes.
  • In addition to traditional Japanese gardens, there are Japanese-style gardens and Feng Shui gardens.
  • Warsaw’s outskirts are dotted with orchards.
  • In the front, there is a goalet with a rope to the biur and oranerii.
  • The development of ogrodów in Warsaw as well as the development of zieleni in Warsaw.
  • Firms and organizations will benefit from these projects.
  • Construction, development, and implementation of private gardens, as well as aranacja zieleni for businesses.
  • Realistic representations of agricultural landscapes.

Professionnal design and construction of city parks and green spaces (ogrodów I zieleni miejskiej). Firms and private clients can benefit from a variety of zieleni projects. Sztuka ogrodowej pracownia pracownika GardenPleasure was founded in 2012. All of your wishes have been granted.

Ogrody Bydgoszcz, usługi ogrodnicze – GREENKOR Rafał Brygman

TAGI: Ogrodów Warszawa is now in the process of being built. Warszawa’s horticultural establishments Warszawa’s municipal architecture. The development, redevelopment, and establishment of private and public gardens in Warsaw. GardenPleasure is a garden design company based in Warsaw, Poland, that specializes in organic gardening. An ogrodyne farm in the city of Warsaw Spectacular gardens in the capital. Ekskluzywny ogród projektowanie and wykonawstwo (conceptualization and construction). Aesthetics of architecture, krajobrazu, and the city’s horizon Grottoes of the future — design and construction of new gardens.

  • Build-out and planting of agro-forestry systems.
  • Deski kompozytowej ibudowa tarasów (composytowej tarasów) Tarasy made of composite wood Ibuowa Tarasów Automatic systems for the city of Warszawa’s illumination.
  • New-growth forest development is being carried out.
  • The development and establishment of Japanese gardens.
  • Trawniks are being nawadned by automated systems.
  • The best and most comprehensive agricultural services in Warsaw and the surrounding area are available here.
  • Wntrz is zieleni, and the arranacja is wntrz-zieleni.
  • Plantation of orchards, including the maintenance of orchards and the operation of a farm website, as well as the modernization of orchards.
  • Warszawa’s architectural practice, Pracownia architektury krajobrazu Aranacja zieleni for businesses, as well as the development, construction, and maintenance of private gardens.
  • Virtualizations of agricultural fields that are realistic in nature.
  • Sztuki ogrodowej pracownia pracownika GardenPleasure is a brand that was established in 2012.
  • Conceptualization and development of agro-ecosystems
  • Development of private gardens
  • Development of public gardens
  • Development of public gardens in public places

When developing a project, we take into consideration the needs and requirements of future ogrod customers, as well as their financial capabilities. Plans for project-related work that take into account roiling and dziaki, as well as a material inventory and a projectant’s recommendations for roiling and roiling-related work, all contribute to a safe and orderly completion of work. Ogród is intended to be a place that is not only effective, but also functional and easy to use during the cleaning process.

For us, the most important thing is that you are pleased with us. We invite you to get acquainted with our wizualizacjami and to glean inspiration from their pages. A large number of our ideas, we are confident, will appeal to you.

Wizualizacja ogrodu 3D

In the course of providing services for the completion of a project in the form of project plans – rzutów from the top, we provide a photorealistic rendering of the garden, which depicts the vision of the country’s architect. The use of computer-based visualization aids in the visualization of how an object will seem in the future. In order to make it even easier for you to become acquainted with the rolinami that have been proposed as part of the project, we have also included photographs of them with the video.

  • Existing roolinny structures will be evaluated
  • Existing dendrologic and architectural elements will be evaluated (existing mszkalny structure, gara, altana, narzdziowy dome, etc.)
  • Existing roolinny structures will be photographed
  • Existing roolinny structures will be – a project derived from the study of rolinnoci (gatunki and odmiany in the Polish language and in the acinie)
  • The inclusion of a pedestrian walkway (tras spacerowych) as well as rowing spaces, viewpoints, architectural elements (such as pillars, arches, and other similar features), the placement of landmarks, and the placement of recreation facilities (such as a zabaw or a sports stadium)
  • And the inclusion of a pedestrian walkway (tras spacerowych) as well as rowing spaces, viewpoints, and other similar features. A project for the implementation of changes to the way the land is laid out (including the examination of the land’s contours, the placement of spadks, and the laying out of skarp)
  • A project for the reshaping of the land using siatko 1m by 1m, which will allow for the precise placement of project elements
  • A technical description of the project, which will include the following information: – the representation of the dmiot and the underlying principles of operation
  • – a list of the materials that were used (rabat rolinnych, trawnika, nawierzchni, dugoci obrzey, and the materials that were used) as well as an explanation of what was used
  • – a list of rolin that has been planned (in both Polish and English) in the form of a table, together with the number of rolin that has been planned. – wskazówki od sadzenia I pielgnacji zaprojektowanych rolin oraz reguy przygotowania gleby I miejsc sadzenia zaprojektowanych rolin
  • – wskazówki od sadzenia I pielgnacji zaprojektowanych rolin oraz reguy przy

We do not charge for the cost of preparing the land for redevelopment on the basis of the project developed by our team of professionals. Preceding the start of project work, the Zleceniodawca is required to provide the necessary documentation (mapa sytuacyjno, with a wysokociowa terenu and a naniesionym mieszkalnym budynkiem lub the provision of another geodezyjne podkad; rzut parteru budynku mieszkalnego We provide project management services throughout the entire country.

Nagrody i wyróżnienia

Every piece of writing on the subject: Plac Nowy Targ in Wroclaw is included in the listopadowym miesiczniku “Architektura-murator.” (Architecture-murator) The newly constructed plaza, which was designed in accordance with the winning entries in the architectural competition, serves as the city’s new social gathering place, while the seasonally operating targowisko pays homage to the building’s former use.

  1. How much does it take for him to be a success in order for his neighbors to benefit from him?
  2. The winning design will be built on the site of the former SARP building.
  3. The deadline for submitting contest-related work is the 16th of October, 2013.
  4. ód is a city that has not yet been conquered.
  5. In the nearby zielonych terrain, an elwacja painted in the color of blach will provide a link to the color of the surrounding blachy terrain.
  6. Nordic Haven, the city’s newest and most luxurious apartment building, was opened in Bydgoszczy.
  7. The world’s largest public library, the Birmingham Public Library, opened its doors to the public in the spring of 2013.

What role did collaborative architecture play in the otoczenie?

In the span of ten years, the city of Porto, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, has lost around 30 percent of its population, and the number is expected to continue to grow.

The Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi and the Praskie Centrum “Koneser” invite you to the Praskie MDM wystaw.

IID Modernization of the kolejowy worzec in Bydgoszczy is expected to begin in the near future.

The Allplan Group is putting up a new investment project.

The newly constructed section of the museum is a wyduona, historic brya.

What can you expect to see in Madryt?

Madrid Ró is the most recent of them, with an imponuating zaoenie.

Woda in the city became a topic of discussion in meetings and workshops; we provide the results of that meeting.

In the heart of the city, a new information technology center with a height of 22 meters has been built.

The competition is being held in conjunction with the city’s mayor.

Karowice, miasto-ogród, is the theme of the 2013 edition of the magazine.

Work on a new park on the site of an old koryta in Poznan will begin in the spring of 2014, with the completion of the project expected to take place in the city’s central area.

Is it a little or a large number?

In addition to zaj projektowych, which will be available only to enrolled architecture students, Letniej OSSY Gdask 2013 will have open workshops for anybody who wishes to participate in them.

Aranżacja ogrodu w lawendowej odsłonie od Land Arch Design

Accepting the regulations The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), also known as the “RODO,” “ORODO,” “GDPR,” or “General Data Protection Regulation,” became effective on May 25, 2018, marking the first anniversary of the adoption of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, which came into effect on October 27, 2016, in the area of physical protection of individuals in connection with the processing of personal data, as well as the abolition of Directive 95/46/WE (also known as the “RODO,” “ORODO,” “GDPR,” In connection with this, we would like to notify you about the processing of your personal data as well as the timelines and conditions under which it will take place after the 25th of May in the current year.

You will find the most important information on this subject farther down the page.

It is about personal data that is collected in the course of using our services, including but not limited to our websites, services, and other functionalities provided by Group Sztuka Architektury, including but not limited to data that is collected in cookies, data that is collected in contact forms that are installed on our websites by us or by our Zaufanych Partners, such as Royalad or Gemius Polska.

  1. Everyone is aware of their rights: The right to data access entails the ability to make copies of information that has been made available to us.
  2. In the event of the fulfillment of the specified conditions, the right to restrict the dissemination of information exists.
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Although we will not be asking for more information than is necessary during the course of submitting the data, Similarly, in this context, the data that are provided are correct; yet, their non-disclosure prevents us from carrying out our obligations if we are unable to properly verify their authenticity.



I give my consent to the storage and use of my personal data in the KLAXON database for marketing purposes in the Spóki, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 1997, Dz. U. Nr 133, poz. 833.

Konkurs pt. “Ulubiony Ogród” – Gmina Narewka

On the basis of a concept developed by themselves, what do you think should be built in the heart of the city? Yes, that is possible! Participate in the competition and create a fun-filled experience for owads! Up until the 30th of April, we will be accepting submissions for the Konkursu “ULubiony ogród,” whose theme is an ogród that is enjoyable for owads. The organizer of the contest is the magazine “Ziele Miejska,” which is published by the Abrys publishing company in collaboration with the Poznanian Municipality and the Poznanian Zarzodem Zieleni Miejskiej.

  • The competition is being run in the style of “zaprojektuj I wybuduj.” Laureat Konkursu, in addition to developing a conceptual design for the project, is also developing a technical design for the project and is moving forward with its implementation.
  • In the course of four years after the last edition of the competition, the participants completed two projects for redevelopment of city centers.
  • The third place prize is a financial award with a value of 2500 zlotys.
  • 660-762-427, e-mail: [email protected], is the point of contact for official matters.
  • 61-860-85-27, e-mail: [email protected], is the person to contact in the case of merytorycznych issues.

Warszawski szept

Joanna Hernik is a krajobrazu architect, a biolog, a podróniczka, and a mioniczka of the roosters. The completion of her studies at the SGGW in Warszaw, at the Wydziale Ogrodnictwa I Architektury Krajobrazu at SGGW in Warszaw, and at the Uniwersytecie Warszawskim in the Katedrze Biologii Eksperymentalnej Rolin was a highlight of her career. Currently, he is employed in the Arktyczno-Alpejskim Ogrodzie Botanicznym in Troms, Norway, which is one of the world’s most remote botanic gardens, having been reached only by boat from the Arctic Ocean.

She is also an absolwent of the University of Przyrodniczego.

The work of her projektowo-studialne team earned her the prestigious ‘Wroclawsk Magnoli’ award from the President of the Republic of Poland.

Kobierska, a member of the ‘grupa doprzodu’ project-collection team as well as a member of the KA Kobierska project-management team, is an active member of the SAK (Stowarzyszenia Architektury Krajobrazu).

Joanna Paniec is an architect from Krajobrazu and a cultural animator.

Plans events, organizes conferences, and gets involved with community and innovating projects.

Currently, the projectpromujing the ksztatowanie of otoczenia is being redesigned in a more user-friendly manner.

Author or co-author of more than 60 projects, including parks, skwers, and rekreacyjne terrains, among others.

Among the topics that pique his interest are gender studies, ecology, and dissenting views.

Warsztat Zieleni is a company that has been in operation in Wroclaw for 11 years.

Zwierzt in the middle of the city, according to the sojuszniczka (zwierztahn).

She is also an author and co-author of a number of other award-winning and wyrónian projects.

Terenowa Park is the current owner and operator of the company.

It is also the responsibility of the company to design playgrounds and zoos.

Additionally, Chtnie is involved in partycypacji processes such as warsztats and societal consultations, among other things.

She is the founder of MOIA.

The first szlify was obtained in the United Kingdom, where she participated in projects including social inclusion and environmental protection.

In the same way, she worked on projects in buildings that were under the supervision of a consul general in Warsaw.

Enthusiast for environmentally friendly architecture, landscape design, and cutting-edge technology. Mieszka na Siekierkach has been in operation since 1992.

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