Najczęściej Czytane – 99 Artykułów Na Ten Temat


Najczęściej czytane artykuły w 2018 roku.

The year 2018 is about to enter the annals of history. As a result, we’ve compiled a summary and forecast of the events that will take place in the Legion’s territory in the next months. Our list of the most frequently read articles from this year is available for your convenience.

1. Wybory

2018 is the year of the samorzdowych elections. As a result, our articles on the results of elections, both sondaowe as well as rzeczywiste, have risen to the top of the list of the most often read articles by our readers. We thank you for your interest in our work. The fact that the skads of the Legionowie Municipal Council (which included the first tylu radnych from PiS), the Jabonnie Gminy Council (which had a significantly altered composition), and the Powiat Council (which included the Koalicja Bezpartyjnych in the PiS) were chosen this year has shifted the political landscape in our area a little bit.

However, because the rzdy that appointed Artura Borkowski to the position would primarily continue the policies of Sylwestra Sokolnicki, this change did not elicit as much emotion as it did in other municipalities.

2. Samochód wjechał w peleton rowerzystów

On the 17th of March, a young woman who trains with the NOSIR BDC Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki club chose to participate in a rowing session instead of a running session. When they were driving down Nowodworsk Avenue in Kauszyn, an unnoticed opel Corsa pulled up alongside them in the other lane. Four people were arrested, with one of them being an LPR smiglowce who was sent to the hospital. In the end, as it turned out later, the kierowca was trzewy, but the soce was able to save him. More about this subject at TUTAJ.

3. Egzorcyzmy przed Błękitnym Centrum

We received a great deal of interest for our article, in which we published information on one of our readers, a young woman who was snatched from her job as an employee of a truskawek sprzedawcy in the Legionowa district. The borough’s police force responded to the call for assistance, but their efforts were severely hampered by a blonde who was wykrzykujca to the microphone zaklcia. The police were called to the scene of the dziwnie zachowujcej si kobiety, and the local stranicy assisted the masked man in evading the attack padaczki, which ultimately proved unsuccessful.

4. Dachowanie przy moście w Zegrzu

The news of a fatal accident near the Zegrzu airport came as a result of a swift response. On the 25th of September, there was a car accident in this location. An unidentified 32-year-old borough resident who was driving a stolen car was killed on the scene of the accident. It was the twelfth catastrophic (and, sadly, not the last) incident to occur in this location. More about this subject at TUTAJ.

5. Napad na jubilera

On the 7th of July, in the beginning of the day, a robbery at the jubilerski store in the Legionowa district, near the Reymonta street, resulted in the death of one person. Several men in kominiarks entered the store, where they were confronted by an employee who was distracted by an object that looked like brood.

The men then robbed the store of zote piercionki and acuszki, before fleeing in their wrecked car to an unknown location. The value of the dmiots was estimated to be at least 100 million zlotys. More about this subject at TUTAJ.

6. Zboczeniec grasuje przy szkołach

We received a large number of inquiries about the presence of a zboczeca at a Legionowie school, which either zaczepia or observes children during the month of February, when the weather turned cold. In addition, the police department intervened in these cases on a number of occasions. Such notifications were received by school officials in the area of ulicy Jana Pawa I 2, in the area of Jagielloskiej 67, and in the area of Królowej Jadwigi 7. Neither the police nor the prosecutors were able to apprehend any of the individuals involved in this case.

7. Miesięczne dziecko brutalnie pobite w Domu Samotnej Matki

In the early hours of the morning of the 20th and 21st of March, in the Domu Samotnej Matki in the Legionowie, a ten-year-old girl was found dead. Maluszek, who had severe czaszki obrazenia, was sent to the hospital for treatment. ‘Mama niemowlaka’ was the one who dragged me to the win. Previously, the woman had undergone psychiatric treatment. More about this subject at TUTAJ.

8. Ewakuacja ze sklepu „Lidl” w Jabłonnie

On the 23rd of this month, customers and employees of the Lidl store in Jabonnie were woken up. A total of around 30 people were forced to flee the store. On the grounds of the obiekt, a massive amount of metan was discovered. More about this subject at TUTAJ.

9. Napad na kierowcę autobusu

One of the passengers on the L9 bus line was accosted by the driver on the night of July 27th. Kierowca zdemolowa jedno z ogrodze przy ul. Niepodlegoci w Wieliszewie, straci panowanie nad kierownic, wjecha w sup telefoniczny I zdemolowa jedno z ogrodze przy ul. Niepodlegoci w Wie More about this subject at TUTAJ.

10. Zjadły i uciekły

On the 1st of September, we published a photograph in which it can be seen that two young women exited one of the restaurants near the Warszawskiej Street without paying the bill. Three meals, wine, and lemonade were purchased by the ladies for a total of around 70 zlotych. Cuckoos, snorts, and snorts again The situation is being closely monitored. The investigation has been halted due to the failure to apprehend the perpetrators. More about this subject at TUTAJ.

Moto: najchętniej czytane teksty 2017 roku

In the course of the year 2017, we published around 550 articles in the “Moto” section of our website. / / foto czytelnicy This year’s Ubiegoroczny ranking of the most read texts on the “Moto” website was won by the announcement of the sale of VW Golfa, which received a significant advantage. A total of 173 thousand readers took the time to read the article. An unidentyczny result was obtained by the most often read motoryzacyjny tekst in the year 2017.

We now present a rating of dziesiciu artykuów with the highest number of views, which collectively reached 940 thousand visitors.

10.990 mln zł na Obwodnicę Metropolitalną trafi na południe Polski-75 tys. wyświetleń

The listopadowy article on the Obwodnicy Metropolitalnej, as well as the article on the dwindling prospects for its development, is included in our TOP10 ranking.

A previously planned road has been removed from the list of projects funded by the POIi, and funds from Pomorza will be used to construct roads in the Podkarpaciu and lsku regions.

9.Czy pięć osób może zablokować budowę Obwodnicy Metropolitalnej za 2,1 mld zł?-76 tys.

The final piece of writing in our collection is on the construction of the 30-kilometer-long Obwodnicy Metropolitalnej, which will connect the Poultry of Gdansk with the Kaszubsk Road in Chwaszczyna, among other things. In a late-February article, we discussed the repercussions of a bungled investment that resulted in a politically motivated decision by the government.

8.Agresywny kierowca z filmu zidentyfikowany. Usłyszał zarzuty-76 tys.

This is the second installment in a series of articles about an aggressive young man who, during the first week of March on the zWza Karczemki, wymusi the first two cars and drove them off the road, then jumped out of his car and hid in the trunk of the car that was passing by. A few moments later, he was sitting in his tyre. In this section, we’ll tell you about the charges that were brought against the young man.

7.Zajechał drogę, a później zaatakował innego kierowcę-77 tys.

Two charges were brought against an aggressive driver. is a television station that broadcasts in the Czech language. The first time a text about a naughty driver was seen, it took more than a thousand more wywietle. It’s interesting to note that after the footage was published on our website, the filmmaker himself went to the police department to report the incident. Two charges were filed against him. The first of them included the malfunctioning of a vehicle, while the second involved driving a vehicle despite previously acquired uprawnie for the purpose of driving mechanically-powered vehicles.

6.Policja pokazuje nieoznakowane radiowozy-79 tys.

The police department displayed its before unseen radiowozy, whose primary mission is to apprehend and apprehend drogowe pirats in the Trójmiecie. ft. Wojewódzka Policja (Wojewódzka Policja) The article, in which we revealed all of the previously unseen radio transmissions from the Third District Police Department, drew a great deal of interest from our readers. In May, the drogówka was in possession of four “tajny” cars that had been outfitted with wideorejestrators: three of them belonged to the Gdask police (VW Passat B6, BMW Serii 5, and Opel Insignia), and one belonged to the Gdynia police flota (VW Passat B6).

5.W minutę ukradli auto z parkingu centrum handlowego-83 tys.

For the second time, zodzieje demonstrated how to reclaim a stolen vehicle in an extremely simple and quick manner. In the month of April, we received information on a byskawicznej and bezinwazyjnej kradziey samochodu from the monitored parkingucentrum handlowego Riviera. It took just minutes for two rabusiów at the current location of many sheep to uproot and destroy an already-parked and well-protected BMW 425. Using a cutting-edge computer system, the boys were able to capture signals from an electronic kluczyk for later analysis.

4.Śmiertelny wypadek na Drodze Różowej-94 tys.

On January 1st, 94 thousand readers were treated to a first-person account of a car accident that occurred on the Drodze Zielonejna at the start of the year. 30-year-old driver of an Audi TTtraced panowanie in front of the vehicle and slid into the seat with great speed. Unfortunately, the man died as a result of his actions.

3.30 zł za kilometr jazdy taksówką-99 tys.

Our reader expresses his displeasure with the topic of exorbitantly high prices. is a Polish news website. In one of the Gdask taksówek, the artykuowi presenting their work on the topic of kosmicznie wysokich stawek received the award for the best stopie podium.

Our czytelnik, who had previously posted a photograph of the cennik, had suggested the topic. As a result of this, the starting fee is 20 z, and the customer must pay 30 z for each kilometer traveled after that point.

2.Opis kolizji, który rozbawi cię do łez-112 tys.

The author of this article explains how to create a festive atmosphere after a drogowej kolizji. is a good place to start. The news of sprawcy drogowego zdarzenia hucza the entire internet since it was so out of the ordinary. Despite the fact that it took place in Gdyni, the zany account of the incident quickly became a hit on the internet. A total of 112 thousand people read the article on our website. As may be seen in the accompanying image, the atmosphere during a drogowe kolizji does not have to be stresujing.

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1.Środowe opady deszczu w Trójmieście-172 tys.

Trojmiejscy kierowcy were not having a good time at the beginning of this month. is a Polish news website. The tekst from September 26th, in which we informed our readers on the situation in Trójmiecie, took first place in our rating, garnering more than 60 thousand views on the site’s homepage. Please keep in mind that on this particular day, our region was hit by strong deszczu storms, which resulted in a number of localized problems, including sluggish streets, snarled traffic, and snarled public transportation.

Jakie są najchętniej czytane tytuły prasowe w Polsce?

  2. Wiadomoci
  3. Prasa
  4. Czytelnictwo Prasy
  6. Wirtual

“Fakt”, “Tele Tydzień”, “Życie na Gorąco”, “Newsweek Polska”, “Przyjaciółka”, “Viva!”, “Twój Styl” i “Claudia” to najpopularniejsze tytuły prasowe- wynika z raportu

“Fakt” (Axel Springer Polska), which is read by 14,26 percent of Poles, is the most popular tabloid in the country, while “Gazeta Wyborcza” (Agora), which is read by 14,11 percent of respondents, is the most popular publication among opinion-makers. The free “Metro” (Agora; 6,99 percent) and the “Super Express” (Murator; 6,48 percent) are next in line, according to a report by, which was compiled on the basis of the most recent round of PBC General polling. Data from the “Futbol News” newspaper, which has been published since September 2009, have been discovered for the first time in this collection (Sportlive 24).

Dzienniki ogólnopolskie procent respondentów
Fakt 14,26%
Gazeta Wyborcza 14,11%
Metro (dziennik bezpłatny) 6,99%
Super Express 6,48%
Przegląd Sportowy 4,02%
Rzeczpospolita 3,93%
Dziennik Gazeta Prawna * 2,81%
Echo Miasta (dziennik bezpłatny) 2,45%
Gazeta Podatkowa 0,83%
Futbol News ** 0,53%
Puls Biznesu 0,43%
Parkiet Gazeta Giełdy 0,24%

“Tele Tydzie” is the most popular daily newspaper in Poland, with 34,67 percent of the population reading it. “Life on the Gorce” is the second most popular daily newspaper in the country, with 19,12 percent of the population reading it. “Tele Tydzie” is the most popular daily newspaper in Poland, with 34,67 percent of the population reading it. “Life on the Gorce” is the second most popular daily newspaper in Poland, with 34,67 percent of the population reading it. Both of these titles are published by Bauer Publishing.

“Newsweek Polska,” published by Axel Springer, is the most popular of the tygodniks of opinion, with a readership rating of 9,71 percent.

Tygodniki procent respondentów
Tele Tydzień 34,67%
Życie na Gorąco 19,12%
Chwila dla Ciebie 15,22%
Pani Domu 15,08%
NAJ 14,15%
Angora 10,54%
Newsweek 9,71%
Gala 8,80%
Auto Świat 8,68%
To i Owo 7,81%
Polityka 7,08%
Twoje Imperium 6,35%
Na Żywo 5,85%
Wprost 5,71%
Magazyn Telewizyjny Kurier TV 4,89%
Teleprogramy 4,55%
Super TV 4,15%
Takie jest Życie 4,10%
Gość Niedzielny 4,08%
Przekrój 3,93%
Rewia 3,61%
Motor 3,57%
Imperium TV 2,22%
Świat i Ludzie 2,21%
Tele Max 1,95%
Forum 1,72%
Bella Relaks 1,50%
Jarmark 0,83%
Tygodnik Siedlecki 0,74%
Przewodnik Katolicki 0,73%
MM Moje Miasto (tygodnik bezpłatny) 0,69%
Tygodnik Ostrołęcki 0,65%
City (tygodnik bezpłatny) 0,58%
Panorama Leszczyńska 0,55%
Anonse (wyd. pomorskie) – Tygodnik 0,45%
TEMI Galicyjski Tygodnik Informacyjny 0,41%
Teraz Białystok (tygodnik bezpłatny) 0,30%
7 Dni (tygodnik bezpłatny) 0,19%
Teraz Toruń (tygodnik bezpłatny) 0,04%

On the top of the list of dwutygodniks are two tytuy poradnicze, which were formerly listed as tygodniks. “Przyjacióka” (Edipresse Polska) had the most number of responses, with 17,52 people responding to the poll. The second place is taken by “Tina” (Wydawnictwo Bauer), which is read by 15,98 percent of Poles and published by Bauer.

Following that, there is “Viva!” (also published by Edipresse Polska; 11,46 percent), which is considered the most popular magazine in the people category, and “Z ycia Wzite” (Phoenix Press; 10,02 percent), which is considered the leader in the real life tales section.

Dwutygodniki procent respondentów
Przyjaciółka 17,52%
Tina 15,98%
Viva 11,46%
Z Życia Wzięte 10,02%
Komputer Świat 7,36%
Party Życie Gwiazd 6,13%
Tele Świat ** 5,48%
Bravo 4,57%
Świat Seriali 3,85%
Sukcesy i Porażki 3,49%
Show Magazyn o Gwiazdach 3,26%
Bravo Sport 2,96%
Bravo Girl 2,38%
TV 14 ** 0,78%
Monitor Księgowego 0,53%

Among the most widely read magazines in Poland, “Twoj Styl” (Wydawnictwo Bauer) receives 13,18 percent of the vote, and “Claudia” (G+J Polska) receives 11,30 percent of the vote, according to the survey. “Twoj Styl” is the market leader in the category of luxury miesiczniks for families, while “Claudia” is the market leader in the category of miesiczniks for business travelers.

Miesięczniki procent respondentów
Twój Styl 13,18%
Claudia 11,30%
Cztery Kąty 10,78%
Focus 9,85%
Poradnik Domowy 9,15%
Murator 9,03%
Olivia 8,21%
Mój Piękny Ogród 7,51%
Świat Kobiety 7,45%
Kobieta i Życie 7,39%
Dobre Rady 6,92%
National Geographic 6,34%
Auto Moto 6,12%
Avanti 6,07%
Działkowiec 5,81%
Mamo To Ja 5,12%
Glamour 4,95%
CKM 4,88%
Pani 4,17%
Moje Mieszkanie 4,00%
Joy 3,99%
Ładny Dom 3,88%
Uroda 3,80%
CD Action 3,77%
DomWnętrze 3,74%
Cosmopolitan 3,73%
M jak mieszkanie 3,68%
Moje Gotowanie 3,65%
PC Format 3,51%
Przyślij Przepis! 3,49%
Auto Motor i Sport 3,37%
Playboy 3,33%
Samo Zdrowie 3,27%
Ogrody, Ogródki, Zieleńce 2,88%
Zdrowie 2,83%
Elle 2,79%
Dziecko 2,77%
Zwierciadło 2,77%
Świat Zdrowia (miesięcznik bezpłatny) 2,72%
Twoje Dziecko 2,68%
Dziewczyna 2,58%
Kwietnik 2,52%
Dobre Wnętrze 2,49%
Kuchnia 2,28%
Popcorn 2,24%
Magazyn Futbol 2,23%
Auto Świat Poradnik 2,21%
Magazyn dla Rodziców Mam Dziecko 2,20%
Chip 2,19%
Logo 2,19%
Mój Piękny Dom 2,02%
Świat Motocykli 2,02%
Twój Maluszek 1,93%
Burda 1,90%
Vita 1,88%
Rodzice 1,81%
Twist 1,74%
Focus Historia 1,69%
Charaktery 1,61%
Top Gear 1,60%
Majster 1,58%
Reader’s Digest 1,55%
Men’s Health 1,50%
Tak Mieszkam 1,48%
Zbuduj Dom 1,42%
M jak Mama 1,36%
Forbes 1,34%
Na ścieżkach życia 1,26%
Sól i Pieprz 1,19%
Shape 1,05%
Sukces 1,00%
InStyle 1,00%
Play 0,83%
Podróże 0,74%
Voyage 0,72%
Fun Club 0,65%
Architektura-Murator 0,55%
Hot ModaShopping 0,48%
Żagle 0,40%

In a recent survey of two hundred and sixty-six readers, the title “Komputer wiat: Twój Niezbdnik” (Axel Springer Polska) garnered the greatest amount of interest, with a czytelnictwo of 4,76 percent of those who participated.

Dwumiesięczniki procent respondentów
Komputer Świat Twój Niezbędnik 4,76%
Auto Świat 4×4 2,49%
Komputer Świat Ekspert 2,07%
Komputer Świat Gry 2,03%
National Geographic. Traveler 1,98%
Elle Decoration ** 0,70%
Sens. Poradnik psychologiczny 0,40%
Weranda Country 0,24%
Polska Wita ** 0,07%

It was the Institute of Millward Brown SMG/KRC that carried out the PBC General Study on behalf of the Polish Bureau of Czytelnictwa Sp. z o.o. The study was carried out with the assistance of CAPI technologies in the period from December 2008 to February 2009 on a losowej próbie polskiej people (24 284 cases), which was derived from the PESEL operation and was completed in time for the wyczerpania. CCS – Czytelnictwo Cyklu Sezonowego – is represented by the numbers in the table. In this case, the data from “Dziennika Gazety Prawnej” correspond to those from “Gazety Prawnej” that were published through the middle of the month of March.

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Promocje dnia – 17.01.2022: Blue Monday, Czarna Owca, Jachimek, Masłowska, Godecka, Dialog, Zarządzanie, Biblioteka Akustyczna

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It’s witty and powerful, sardonic and melancholy, awe-inspiring and heartbreaking, awe-inspiring and heartbreaking. And also in a significant way – since the observations of these very talented commentators contribute to the creation of an osobliwy image of contemporary Poland.

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Up to the 19th of September, you can purchase E-bookie ze Znaku from the year 2019. Approximately 20% zniki on a total of 176 positions.

Wiedza i Praktyka -45%

Ebookpoint has reduced the price of Wydawnictwo Wiedza I Praktyka by 45 percent till the 21st of September. Expertise-based decision-making tools, including new features for the years 2021 and 2022, for example.

  • ULGA DLA KLASY REDNIEJ – puapki, kalkulacje na listach pac, wzory I inne ulgi(16,49 z)
  • ULGA DLA KLASY REDNIEJ – puapki, kalkulacje na listach pac, wzory I inne ulgi(48,35 On the year 2022, here are 10 practical suggestions for how to pay for them (16,49 zloty).
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Packt -30%

The whole Packt Publishing catalog is on sale for 30 percent off at Ebookpoint through the 23rd of September.

On the Packtdo website, however, a promotion is now running in which we may purchase any e-book for as little as 5 dollars.

Biblioteka Akustyczna: TOP 50

Virtualo is offering 50 percent off the top 50 audiobooks from Biblioteka Akustyczna’s publishing house until the 23rd of September. Np.

  • Malcolm XD (13,90 z)
  • Ukryta sie (educational video). Wherever you go, keep your eyes peeled. Tom 3: Jakub Szamaek (14,90 zlotys)
  • Tom 4: Jakub Szamaek (14,90 zlotys)
  • Tom 5: Jakub Szamaek (14,90 zlotys)
  • Tom 6: Jakub Szamaek (14,90 zlotys)
  • Tom 7: Jakub Szamaek (14,90 zlotys)
  • Tom 8: Jakub Szam Dziewczynka z parku– Barbara Kosmowska (14,90 z)
  • Kolor magii– Terry Pratchett (14,90 z)
  • Dziewczynka z parku– Barbara Kosmowska (10,90 z)

Audiobooki do 15 zł

15 audiobooks must be delivered to 15 zw Woblinku by the 19th of September. Np.

  • Dark ages– Szymon Drobniak (15 zlotys)
  • Burej-based band, Banda z Burej. Tajemnica piwnicy w bibliotece – Magdalena Witkiewicz (9,90 z)
  • Tajemnica piwnicy w bibliotece – Magdalena Witkiewicz ycie na penej petardzie, czyli wiara, poldwica I mio– ks. Jan Kaczkowski I Piotr yka (11,90 z)
  • Ycie na penej petardzie, czyli wiara, poldwica I mio– ks. Jan Kaczkowski I Piotr y

Audiobooki dla małych i dużych

The audiobooks will be available for purchase at Publio until the 27th of September. There are around ten thousand titles. Np.

  • Wspomnienia. In the first half, Sinéad O’Connor (20 z)
  • In the second half, Norman Ohler (27,30 z)
  • In the third half, Henryk Sienkiewicz (34,13 z) – a total of 106 minutes.

Kończą się dziś:

  1. Up to 17th of September, Publio will accept 50 ksiek to kocyka at 50% off the regular price. is offering a 50 percent discount on this year’s jarmark hits until the 17th of September. The Bellona, MAG, Albatros, and wiat Ksiki are among the most notable. The “Sulina” series from Wyd. Czarne to 50 percent off at Ebookpoint through the 17th of September
  2. Zeszoroczne premiery ze Znaku o 35 percent taniejw Woblinku do 17 stycznia
  3. Zeszoroczne premiery ze Znaku o 35 percent taniejw Woblinku do 17 stycznia
  4. Between now and the 17th of September, you can get E-booki Histmaga for as little as 2.50 euro in Woblinku. You can also get E-booki Nory Roberts for as little as 50 percent less money in E-bookpoint between now and the 17th of September, and you can get both of those books for as little as 2.50 euro in Woblinku. Voting for the year 2021’s wydawcy will take place at Publio until the 17th of September. The best reviews will be rewarded with bonuses for purchases at the bookstore. The most frequently read books from the last three months of taniejw Publio are available till the 17th of September. More than 400 titles
  5. Unf*ck Your Life– a series from Microcosm Publishing is included in the Humble Book Bundle. There will be three formats till the 17th of September. Mercury Learning’s Applied Mathematics is included in the Humble Book Bundle: Applied Mathematics. Increasingly podrcznikowo and on a variety of topics. There will be three formats till the 17th of September.

Pozostałe promocje:

  • Sense-arousing stories from the Marginesy publishing house will be available until the 19th of September. We have a total of 64 percent zniki with our Premium account. Bestsellery to 55 percent taniejw Woblinku till the 27th of September. In addition to Marginesy and Skarpa Warszawska, the best rabatts are available at NieZwyke and Dowody na Istnienie, amongst other titles. E-booki not just for babies and children, but also for adults, are available at without a specific end date, although they will most likely be available until the 22nd of September. Free cyfrowe magazyns from the Cogitow Nexto Publishing Group. Cogitow Nexto Publishing Group provides free cyfrowe magazyns to the public. PDF format is used. Cogito and Victor are two of the titles, as is the Trening of Saint Ignace. Tim Muldoon’s duchowy rozwoju plan is available for purchase in the WAM store for 16,96 z. 50 percent zniki z kodem WAMBL65, which is valid until the 21st of September
  • To 20 stycznia, Diany Palmer’s stories will be shown on WBZ-TV. For the first time, we have: Wadca pustyni (1990 z)
  • Literatura obyczajowa ze Skarpy Warszawskiej taniejw Ebookpoint till 20th of September. A newcomer to the scene, Agnieszka Lis (25,93 zlotys). Similar promotions may be found at Virtualo and WoblinkuiNexto, therefore it is necessary to compare prices. The top 100 audiobooks of the year 2021 will be released on the 27th of September in Woblinka. Additionally, there are some older titles, such as Seria Dzie Pisarzy Skandynawskich from wyd. Poznaskiego to 40 percent taniejw Nexto till the 18th of September. We have a total of 64 percent zniki with our Premium account. Testing– Nina Wähä (27,93 z
  • From Premium 16,76 z)
  • Children’s Literature from the Skarpy Warszawskiej to 50 percent off till the 18th of September
  • Premiera: Testing– Nina Wähä (27,93 z
  • With the Premium subscription, we get access to up to 70% of the zniki. The premiere will be held on September 27th, with Matusz and the zapomniany skarb– Magdalena Witkiewicz (24,43 ZL
  • From Premium, 14,66 ZL)
  • Obbyczajowe powieci will be shown to 50 percent of the audience in Woblink until then. For example, the publishing houses Albatros, Otwarte, Filia, Prószyski, Kobiece, and Marginesy
  • From the 18th of September to the 18th of September, Hanny’s Poems will be read aloud to 40 percent of the audience. We have a total of 64 percent zniki with our Premium account. Premiera:Sam w dolinie (23,73 z
  • Z Premium 14,24 z)
  • Wydawnictwo Pauza do 40 percent taniejw bez daty trwania
  • Wydawnic Psychiatrists from the Psychoskok publishing house have been offered a 50 percent discount till the 18th of September. We have 70 percent zniek from the Premium Konto
  • We have 45 percent taniejw from the Powieci Doroty Maslowej Konto till the 18th of September. Premiummamy up to 67 percent zniki z kontemPremium. wydawnictwo Albatros wydawnictwa Albatros do 40 percent taniejw Nexto do 18 stycznia
  • Premiera:Bowie w Warszawie (26,60 z
  • W Premium 15,96 z)
  • Pikna literatura zespoowa Wydawnictwa Literackiego do 42 percent taniejw Woblinku do We have a total of 64 percent zniki with our Premium account. A large number of newcomers, such as Grisham, Child, and Sparks, were recruited for the promotion. Nexto to 18 stycznia, Wydawnictwo Filtry will be 30 percent more expensive. We have 58 percent zniek from the Premium account
  • Obyczajowa literatura from Skarpy Warszawskiej is 55 percent taniejw Woblinku till the 18th of September. Premiere: Szczciarze – Agnieszka Lis (17,96 z)
  • Literatura obyczajowa z Skarpy Warszawskiej do 50 percent taniejw Nexto do 18 september With the Premium subscription, we get access to up to 70% of the zniki. Premiera: Szczciarze– Agnieszka Lis (27,93 z
  • Z Premium 16,76 z)
  • TOP 50 Wydawnictwa Copernicus Center Press do 60 percent taniejw Ebookpoint do 18 stycznia
  • TOP 50 Wydawnictwa Copernicus Center Press do 60 percent taniejw Ebookpoint do 18 stycznia Up to 50% off taniejw Ebookpoint till the end of September
  • Styczniowe taniejw Publio until the end of September
  • Wydawnictwo Estymator o 50% off taniejw Ebookpoint until the end of September
  • is offering a 50 percent discount on pre-orders for delivery to Bieszczadach until the 20th of this month. is offering a 40 percent discount on printed versions of their books, as well as a 50 percent discount on books about social media until the 20th of this month. The following items are available for purchase: 40 percent zniek, 50 percent ksiazki poradnikowe, and 50 percent zniek without a time limit. A large number of Sowne publishing houses
  • Audiobooks from the Znaku and Otwartego series at a 35 percent discount on Woblinku until the 23rd of September
  • And about 4 thousand electronic books at a 50 percent discount on Ebookpoint until the 19th of September. To this day, you may save 40% on audiobooks, which cost 17,90 zlotys. Following the conclusion of the noworocznej promotion, a significant portion of the znika returns in the current year. For example, a handful of books, such as the one I recommended, “Psychoefekty,” are being sold for a similar price to that of a new-promotion. year’s Top ten kryminaów authors in audiobooks released in the first week of September till the 20th of that month. This includes, for example, Marek Krajewski, Wojciech Chmielarz, Vincent V. Severski, Krzysztof Bochus, Remigiuisz Mróz, and Katarzyna Puzynska
  • Wydawnictwo WAB o 50 percent taniejw without a time limit
  • And Wydawnictwo WAB o 50% tani The Humble Book Bundle: Self-Care All-in-One For Dummies is a collection of books from the Wiley publishing house. Until the 20th of September. No, this is exactly the type of subject matter that is great for a new year’s resolution. This time around, we’ll be talking about diet, healthy eating, and exercise. The vast majority of books are available in the PDF and EPUB formats, with a small number also available in PRC (which is an older version of MOBI). Pismo magazine’s monthly issue was published, and it was made available to readers, including prenumerators. If you are interested in purchasing prenumeraty, our current promotion, which offers a once-a-month access to the cyfrowej version of the product, is still active. By using the code „7d232ab815″ on the offer website, you will receive a one-year subscription for 99 z (instead of 120 z). More on this subject will be written in an osobnym artykule

You can find the most recent promotions in the archiwum. How can I avoid becoming a part of a promotion? Information on new Czytnik artykus from throughout the world may be found in a variety of places, including:

  • A profile of Czytniks from across the world on Facebook and Twitter. This is a channel from the current news feed on television
  • Subredditr/SwiatCzytnikowna Reddicie
  • Subredditr/SwiatCzytnikowna Reddicie
  • Android-based application with limited functionality

Links to internet-based books (such as Amazon) are almost always affiliate-based in nature. By completing the purchase, you are assisting the Czytnik World. Dziękuję. Is this piece of writing useful? If that’s the case, have a look at these six ways you may help the Czytniks throughout the world. Dziękuję! This post was published in the categoryPromocje dnia,Stare promocje on the day of publication. Add a zakadko of well-behaved odnonika to the mix.

Bydgoszcz is located at Ul. K. Szajnochy 14, 85-738. kujawsko-pomorskie The following numbers are available: 52 322 71 99 tel2: 602 133 227 facsimile: 52 322 71 99 O firmie é uma empresa em Portugal. From October 2009 till the present, the portal has been under construction. At that point, the first signs of life appeared on the other side of the screen. Since that time, the portal has undergone continuous improvement. It took only a few months for it to establish a loyal following of visitors and gain recognition among companies in the chemistry-related business.

  • Additionally, we send out a newsletter to around 11 000 regular subscribers twice a week.
  • In terms of content, the site provides enormous merytoryczne zaplecze for those involved in the construction industry and those who perform home repairs and renovations.
  • A total of 3 851 articles (poradniks, czytelnicy, and news items) and 528 products in the database are available.
  • – baza ogosze- baza firma- przegldy maszyn I narzdzia – ogldy maszyn I narzdzia – filmy galerie – galerie The site includes: – sondy- cenniki- instrukcje dla dostpnych- catalogi narzdzi- up-to-date information on szkoleniach- up to date information on trade fairs- sklepOfertaGRUPA

In addition to an interactive, electronic calendar developed by eFachowiec, other features include a news portal with information for journalists, and a company’s catalog of products and services.

Przybory szkolne – Empik

For a child to be properly prepared for school, his or her parents must purchase all of the necessary supplies, including paper, that are required for scholastic or extracurricular activities. You may get all of the products necessary for students, teachers, and other educational institutions from us in one convenient location – – on the internet. Take care of them as needed, in a comfortable manner, and without the need to leave the house. What kind of papiernic artifacts should be included in a school’s papermaking curriculum in order for it to be comprehensive?

Wyprawka szkolna – co kupić?

The term “szkolne wyprawki” refers to a variety of products from which your child will benefit while participating in various educational activities in a school setting. Because some of them will be used by students and teachers alike, the kategoria przyborów szkolnych has been created to cater to a wider range of students and teachers than only those attending primary and secondary schools. Throughout the year, schools and universities prepare a showcase of products that should include a school-sponsored wyprawka.

Preparations such as pimiento and malarskie pulp, as well as paper, on which you may create notatki, rysunek, szkic, and other crafts are available.

Powrót do szkoły

Make an effort to make a comfortable trip to the educational facilities in your area. The child takes an active role in the preparation of his or her own work; in the end, the child will benefit from the scholastic artifacts that have been gathered in classrooms or at the child’s home. Choosy a good-quality pióra (kulkowe or with stalówko), with the help of which your kilkulatek will be able to create a beautiful kaligrafia. With the help of appropriate tools, he is able to write more attractively in both literature and cyfry, and his zeszyty przedmiotowe have improved in appearance.

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They may also be used in rysunku and plastyki classes, as well as in matematyce classes to create figures and bry.

więcej AstraMilanPasoHamaStarpakHerlitz

TOP 10 najpopularniejszych artykułów Trans.INFO. To czytaliście najchętniej w 2018 r.

The beginning of a new year represents an excellent opportunity to reflect on what has transpired over the previous 12 months. 2018 was a pivotal year for the transportation industry, thanks to a slew of significant events. A large number of them served as inspiration for writers on Trans.INFO and authors who published their work on our website. Trans.INFO: Today, on the last day of the year, we’d like to remind you of those articles that were the most often read and generated the greatest amount of interest among our readers.

In the first dziesitce of the most acclaimed works of literature, each of which was read by a total of kilkadziesit tysicy people, the majority of the works was devoted to the same zagadnieniom.

In this group, there is also a piece of writing by one of the blog writers, which demonstrates that Trans.INFO is an important medium for the transportation community. As a result, NaszTOP 10 appears to be unappealing:

1. Ile czasu może pracować w nocy kierowca?

The most popular article published in the 2018 edition of RokuArtyku was one on the subject of new transportation legislation, which included provisions such as fines for exceeding the legally mandated hours of operation during the night shift.

2. Kara dla kierowcy bohatera

A great deal of emotion was evoked among readers when it was revealed that a trucker, who attempted to flee with a poncc cystern from a port in northern Germany in order to avert a tragedy, had been arrested and sentenced to prison. Grywnia bya wymierzona przez Szczesna. As a result, the jury determined that the driver should not go on the remaining route without first investigating the circumstances that led to the vehicle’s breakdown. Despite the difficulties, it is necessary to emphasize that one should conduct oneself with great caution and avoid falling into a trap.

3. Tego nie pokazano w „Najtrudniejszej branży świata”

Similarly to the previous year, material pertaining to the synned-out but not limited to the transportation industry’s film business Adar relating to the work of kierowców occupied the third spot on the list. Trans.INFOprzedstawiciele Adaru opowiedzieli, tym razem toprzedzonym kamer Trans.INFOprzedstawiciele Adaru opowiedzieli, dlaczego chcieli przeama tabu cice nad warunkami, w których pracuj kierowcy I spedyt

4. Nowe oznaczenia paliw na stacjach benzynowych

New etykiety and symbols, which have been on the market as a result of the EU’s dyrektywy from the beginning of February, have piqued the interest of all drivers. In the end, the vast majority of us travels to and from work on public transportation or privately owned vehicles.

5. Kary za posiadanie urządzenia OBD II we Francji

A large number of comments prompted the creation of a piece of writing on the topic of consequences that every driver who has a vehicle equipped with a fuel-injection system would encounter. Keep in mind that in France, the laws governing this area are quite restrictive.

6. Zmiana przepisów dotyczących tachografów

Our readers were also quite interested in receiving detailed information about changes to the law governing tachografs, which came into effect in the second half of the year. New rules developed by the government are intended to limit the manipulation of data by tachografies while also increasing the reliability of warsztats responsible for the installation, maintenance, and control of these and other governmental facilities.

7. Zmiany w prawie dotyczące osób zarządzających transportem w firmach przewozowych

In addition, information on new regulations affecting those in charge of transportation was important for business executives. However, this information was not useful for the industry as a whole. They will be in a worse situation as a result of the changes, because monetary penalties for any and all violations will be applied automatically – on the basis of a decision by the urzdnik. Previously, those in charge of transportation were subjected to a judicial process, which provided them with the opportunity to assert their rights and demonstrate their ineligibility.

8. Mercedes bez lusterek

A group of drivers would not have formed if they had spent the previous several hours talking about new ideas that will be implemented in the new Actrosa model. As you can see, we’re on the same page.

9. Prawo jazdy C+E dla kobiet za darmo

The lack of qualified drivers affects the whole industry, not just in Poland.

As a result, any piece of information on ideas and solutions that have the potential to alleviate chronic shortages garners widespread interest among industry insiders. This was also true in the case of an article published by the ódzkie Stowarzyszenia Przewoników Midzynarodowych I Spedytorów.

10. Poradnik o czasie pracy kierowcy w porze nocnej

The debate over the number of hours a driver can work throughout the night has generated so widespread interest that Trans.INFO, with the assistance of industry experts, published a policy brief on the subject in question.

Recenzja filmu: „Music Box. Woodstock ’99: Pokój, miłość i agresja”, reż. Garret Price

Following the relative success of the legendary Woodstock festival, which was held in the year 1994, the festival’s trademark was renewed for the third time three years later. And, as of the most recent moment, this is indicative of the fact that things did not turn out as planned. Following the relative success of the legendary Woodstock festival, which was held in the year 1994, the festival’s trademark was renewed for the third time three years later. And, as of the most recent moment, this is indicative of the fact that things did not turn out as planned.

But also on the schykowej, przeartej sensacji MTV I on the “cultureze gwatu,” as depicted in the film Moby.Music Box, as well as on the internet.

The Polityka 32.2021(3324) from the day of the 3rd of August, 2021; Afisz.

70 “Demolka Woodstock” is the title of the original piece of writing.

Nie spisałeś się? Zadzwoni rachmistrz.

The contest will run from the first of October through the thirty-first of November. The rachmistrzowie telefoniczni began their work on May 4th. This implies that anyone who has not completed a samospis on the Internet (read more about this topic here) may find themselves on the phone in this situation. They may be reached by calling the numbers 22 828 88 88 or 22 279 99 99. Rachmistrzowie can be reached by calling the number 22 279 99 99. We will, however, be vigilant – in the event that you have already attempted to spisa data over the Internet or telephone, the General Statistics Office will not intervene in this matter.

Even in your own home, no one is interested in you.

If you have any doubts about whether or not you have a legitimate dispute with the rachmistrzem, you may check his tosamo by using the application on the website or by calling the information line on +48 22 279 99 99.

Data, on the other hand, is subject to statistical analysis, ensuring that each individual remains anonymous.

Is it true that you’re trapped in a gigantic kork?

Do you have a cool photograph you’d like to share? Inform other residents of Pruszkowa, Grodziska, and the surrounding area about this. Send photos and information to’s editorial staff through e-mail ([email protected]), SMS (600 924 925), or MMS (600 924 925) to the address shown above.

Problemy Polityki Społecznej. Studia i Dyskusje

  1. The article was written with the assistance of the Editorial System panel. The subject of the article should be between 6 000 and 9 000 words (or, in the case of a book review, between 2 000 and 3 000 words), taking into account streszczenie, bibliografia, and other relevant information. A skewed artyku is not permitted to aid in the identification of its authors: it is not permitted to contain author names or surnames, future names of research projects, or bezporednich identifiers for other publications. These details may be obtained by entering the following cipher: ” “. The information on the authorship of the work is provided in a timely manner using an electronic system. The text should be written with interline spacing of 1.5
  2. The font should be Times New Roman 12
  3. And the margins should be 25 mm. The text must be evenly spaced between the right and left margins (wyjusted)
  4. The pagination must be in the rightmost rogu
  5. And the number of columns must be even. In order to be included in the tytu caoci, as well as the tytues podrozdziaów, they must be placed on the left-hand margin of the page and wyrównane to the right-hand margin of the page. Akapity should be started as soon as possible (using a standard, automatically implemented, and without the need of tabulators) and should be completed as soon as possible. It is not necessary to use automatic style generators. Streszczenie (between 150 and 200 sów) as well as key words (between 3 and 5) as well as a biographical note about the author or authors (between 100 and 200 sów) must be included in the article. Among the items on the list should be: in the case of theoretical texts, the main point of the argument, and the conclusion
  6. In the case of empirical research, the main point of the argument, the conclusion
  7. And the main point of the argument, the conclusion. The streszczenie should be written in the third person and should include crucial words and phrases. It is not necessary to comment on it or paraphrase the title of the article. They should be written in plain English in the current time period
  8. The journal publishes whole texts in which scholarly citations have been added in accordance with APA 7 standards, for example: (Weber, 2002), (Weber, 2002, p. 238), or (Weber, 2002, p. 239). The journal also publishes full texts in which scholarly citations have been added in accordance with APA 7 standards, for example: (2002). When there are two or more authors on a piece of work, the sign ” ” should be used between their names: (VerbaNie, 1987). When there are four or more authors on a piece of work, the zapis specifies the following posta: (Jaworski and colleagues, 2016). After completing a single set of prac, it is necessary to create a zapis including information on subsequent prac, which should be organized alphabetically according to the names of the first authors, for example: (Auguciak, 1987
  9. Weber, 2002). At the end of the text, a bibliography, organized alphabetically, must be found, containing citations to publications cited in scholarly articles in a manner consistent with the APA 7 style. Examples of bibliographic citations: Williams, R. Bibliographic citations: Williams, R. (2003). Television as both a technological and a cultural form Routledge. B. Szatur-Jaworska is the editor of this volume (2018). Politics in the public interest. Theoretical and methodological sagadnienia that have been selected. UW Press is a publishing house affiliated with the University of Warsaw. M. Porter’s et al (1998). What exactly is strategy? According to S. Segal-Horn (ed. ), The strategy reader (pgs 73–99). In collaboration with the Open University, Blackwell has published a new book. A. Bonen and S.M. Shaw (1996). An examination of data from a nationwide survey on recreational exercise participation and aerobic fitness in men and women is presented. Journal of Sports Science, vol. 13, no. 4, August, pp. 297–303. Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication (Grady, J. S.), Ms. Her, G. Moreno, Ms. Perez, J. Yelinek (2019). Comparison of storybooks that reflect ethnic and racial groupings in the United States to examine the emotional content of stories. The Psychology of Popular Media Culture, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 207–217 A. Kamiska, A. Kamiska, A. (2012). Dania puts the United Nations in a precarious position. What is in store for us? The following elements must be included in the table: the word “Tabela,” the number of the table, and the title of the table
  10. In addition, the word “Ródo” must be included in the table. Wykresy, schematy, and the like should be created in a range of colors ranging from czarne to biae. In the case of wykres, schemats, and so on, the following information must be provided: the word “Wykres”/”Schemat,” the next number and title of the wykresu/schematu, as well as the name of the wykres/schemat
  11. And the name of the wykresu/schematu. Typographically correct citations should be included in the cudzyslowie. In the case of long-term cytaty, in particular in the case of wypowiedzi badanych osób, it is necessary to record a course of action with a deadline. In order to display more information or to provide merytoryczne uzupenie, the right-hand side of the page is used. If you want to get into literature in the middle of the night, you need to have a well defined shape. Artyku must have a structure that has been suggested by the editor (patrz punkt: “sugerowana struktura artykuu”) and must be properly written in the English language.

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