Najczęstsze Błędy, Popełniane Podczas Uprawy Rododendronów. Zobacz, Jak Ich Uniknąć

Błędy w uprawie rododendronów

Rododendrony are roliny that grow in our gardens and are often melancholy and depressing. It’s a strangely shaped krzew that catches the attention of those who are looking for decoy kwiats throughout the winter season. When it comes to rododendrons, they have a unique structure and set of requirements that make them unique among other plants in their family. To ensure that these rolins grow properly, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules and avoid making any mistakes. Only in this manner can rododendrony become a beautiful ornament in our garden.

Najczęściej popełniane błędy w uprawie rododendronów:

As a result of the fact that roliny are being transported into our country at temperatures that are unsuitable for our climate, it is necessary to draw our attention to the type of odmian we are purchasing. It is necessary to get odmiany that are well-suited for use in Polish conditions. This is why purchasing rododendrons from an ogrodniczym store, where we can receive expert advice and assistance, is an excellent solution.

2. Nieodpowiednia gleba

It seems unlikely that the cultivation of rododendrons on the glebes of acacia would yield the desired results. It is necessary to have somewhat acidic gleby in the range of 4,5-5,5 pH for the growth of Roliny. If the ziemia in our garden is unhealthy, it is necessary to supplement it with a suitable preparation, such as a kwanytorf ogrodniczy, to prevent it from becoming worse. It is necessary to maintain this zabieg on a yearly basis in order for the gleba to remain stable throughout the year.

To be able to grow rododendrons, the environment in which they are to be grown must also be completely free of pesticides.

Unless the gleba is properly pushed down into the ground, rododendrons will be unable to grow and flourish as they should.

3. Przygotowanie zbyt małego dołu na bryłę korzeniową

The system of korzeniowy rododendronów must have a place in the process of proper development. No more than two times the size of the brya korzeniowa is required. The best way to prepare is to make a wykop that is at least czterokrotnie larger than the bryy that we will be sadziking.

4. Zbyt częste nawożenie rośliny

Rododendrony are available for purchase during the months of May and September. In order to make these rolins, we use specialized miwieloskadnikowymipreparatives. This will assist you in obtaining beautiful kwiatostany. A roliny nawoenie that occurs too late in the season (for example, not until the month of September) does not provide the desired results. It’s also important to give the gleb a chance to rest after this period.

5. Zbyt mało lub zbyt wiele słońca

Rododendrony are available for purchase during the months of May and August of every year. In order to make these rolins, we use specialized miwieloskadnikowymipreparatives (see below).

As a result, beautiful kwiatostany can be obtained. It is not possible to get satisfactory results with an excessively long period of time between roliny nawoenia (for example, till the end of September). It’s also important to allow the glebe to rest after this period.

6. Brak usunięcia przekwitłych kwiatostanów

Stusunicie przekwitych kwiatostanów is extremely important in the upkeep of rododendrons. In this way, we may provide a space for new kwiats to flourish. However, the use of a sekator is not recommended in the process of removing obumarych czci from roliny because, following its use, the rolin becomes zranioned, which may have a negative impact on the appearance of new kwiatostans.

7. Nieusunięcie liści, na których pojawiła się choroba

A lack of removal of lici, on which oznaki of choroby are found to be present, may have a negative impact on the entire rolin. Choroby, on the other hand, have the potential to exacerbate the growth of rolin and the process of kwitnienia. Weschnitete licie, as well as bd licie with plamkami, should be removed and cleaned as soon as possible. It is also important to collect and remove licie that has fallen from the roliny. The fact that they were chores may lead to the abolition of their licensure, with severe consequences for the entire sector.

8. Brak ochrony przed chłodem

Lack of licensing, on which oznaki of choroby are found, may have an adverse effect on the entire rolinsing process. The growth of the rolins and the process of kwitnienia can both be accelerated by choroby. In order to avoid damage to the lilies, it is necessary to remove them as soon as possible and clean them up. It is also important to collect and remove licie that has fallen from the roliny’s surface. The fact that they were chores may result in the abolition of their licensure, with severe consequences.

9. Nieumiejętne podlewanie rododendronów

Because of this, the process of nawadniania roliny should begin just before to the rolin’s entry into the glebe, especially if the brya korzeniowa has been compressed. In this case, it is necessary to introduce a korzenie to wiadra with water a few hours before the scheduled event. Rododendrony require a large amount of water after being zasadzeni. During the first two weeks, it is very important to work on restoring the health of this roelin, but this must be done in conjunction with the prevention of ostronoci.

The appearance of this pielgnowana rolina will most likely be enhanced by the presence of numerous kwiatostans in the winter.

Redakcja ZielonyOgró, tytuowe zdjcie: vectorass/Depositphotos, tytuowe zdjcie: vectorass/Depositphotos, tytuowe zdjcie: vectorass/Depositphotos, tytuowe zdj

Błędy w uprawie chryzantem

Chryzantemy are beautiful kwiats with a variety of odmianach and kwiat wybarwieniach, which are becoming increasingly common in gardens and along roadsides. They have the potential to be a beautiful ozdob, but only if they are properly cared for, for which proper pielgnacja is required. Under normal circumstances, uprawa chryzantem is not as simple as it appears and it is possible to make a number of mistakes that will result in an abnormally bad state of the skin, as well as in ineffective and ineffective wybarwania of lici and kwiats.

Examine the most frequently encountered bdy in the vicinity of chryzantem and learn how to properly care for these magnificent kwiats.

Najczęstsze błędy, popełniane podczas uprawy chryzantemy

One of the most difficult challenges in the uprising of these rolins is finding a well placed stanowisko for chryzant observation. Considering that chyzantemy suffer from poor circulation, excessive moisture, and silne mrozy, it is best to select a space for them that is either solitary or pócieniste in nature and that is well-protected from the elements. It is also important to ensure that there is no risk of wody zastojem in the area of nasadzenia, because chryzantemy do not tolerate arid conditions.

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Nieodpowiednie podłoże

Chryzantemy require a certain amount of gleby in order to grow at a healthy rate and fully develop. Preparations for use with chryzantemes should be clean and free of debris, with a significant amount of próchnicy in the mix. Prior to the onset of roiling, it is recommended that the gleb be properly prepared by enriching it with composition, obornikiem, or biohumusem. The best time to do this task is in the month of December.

Zły dobór czasu nasadzenia

A large number of chryzantem are long-lived rolins that have the potential to change the landscape over a number of seasons. Typically, however, this does not apply to the chryzantem that is being offered in the vicinity of Listopada. In addition, the month of June is not an appropriate time for chryzant to be dispatched. Obsadzanie rabat chryzantemami should take place during the first few weeks of winter, when there is no danger of przymrozks forming yet. Unfortunately, at this time of year, only the best ogrodniczych centers will be able to provide you with these wonderful fruits.

Brak nawożenia

Lack of forethought or an insufficient supply of necessary medications results in a shortage of pokarmowe ingredients, which ossabia rolin, makes it more susceptible to disease and other undesirable side effects, and exacerbates kwitnienie. As a result, proper nawoenie is very necessary. The use of mineral-based and natural-based waxes for this purpose is permissible. Choose a preparation that contains all of the necessary skadniks, rather than one that does not. It is possible to use nawozy for kwitning roelin or uniwersal nawozy, but it is important to keep in mind that a high concentration of azotu should be present in the preparations used in the winter, and that its use should be postponed until later in the year.

It is necessary to bring the activity to a close before the emergence of the kwiats.

Niewłaściwe podlewanie

Unwaciwe podlewanie is also a significant drawback – both her nadmiar as well as her lack of dobór might cause problems for chryzantemom. The fact that these roliny are equipped with a pytki system of corzenia must also be understood. This means that, in the event of a non-dostateczny podlewaniu, szybko widn, as a result of not having the ability to collect water from gbszych warstw gleby. Obfite podlewanie, on the other hand, sprzyja gniciu korzeniu, and as a result, it is also a significant hazard.

How are chryzantemy to be handled as a result? This is necessary in order to prevent the gleba from becoming permanently wilgotna while also ensuring that water does not accumulate in large quantities near nasadzenia. So the best advice is to use the following phrase: “little, but frequent.”

Brak przycinania

Chryzantemy, in order to maintain their bujne and obficie kwity, need the constant use of pds. In the opposite scenario, uncontrollable roosting will occur, which would result in a sluggish kwitnienie. Following the completion of the process, the pdy chryzantemy should be discarded after approximately 2 weeks, after which the appropriate ksztat should be formed. Around the following months, the zabieg ten should be completed in the middle of September and early October, ensuring beautiful autumnal foliage.

Nieprawidłowy dobór gatunków

Pdów must be replaced on a regular basis if chryzantemy are to remain bujne and obficie. In the opposite scenario, uncontrollable roosting will occur, which will result in a sluggish kwitnienie of the brain. Following the completion of the process, the pdy chryzantemy should be discarded after about 2 weeks, after which the appropriate ksztat should be prepared. It is thus necessary to take advantage of this opportunity throughout the months of September and October, so ensuring beautiful autumnal foliage.

Niewłaściwe zabezpieczenie zimą

As previously stated, chryzantemy are not very tolerant of low temperatures, and even the selection of the most appropriate gatunk does not ensure that it will survive in such conditions. As a result, the best time to photograph chryzantemy is during the summer. The use of licensing or composition software is the most common stumbling block in this situation. Due to the fact that Chryzantemy do not enjoy excessive wilgotnoci, they may begin to gniew under such circumstances. It is decidedly preferable to use gauze-covered gauze for the purpose of protecting the roelin from attack since it keeps the chryzantemy safe from attack while not introducing excessive wilgotnoc.

Choroby rododendronów – opisy, zdjęcia, zwalczanie

Róaneczników (rododendrons) are prone to a variety of diseases, including choroby. The enormous popularity of these krzews, which are notoriously difficult to prepare, contributes to their development. Our climate is not conducive to their well-being, as seen by the frequent appearance of sbds in the rododendron garden. As a result, it is necessary to learn why róaneczniki choruji and how to recognize and treat their illnesses. Here are descriptions and photographs of the symptoms of rododendronosis, as well as methods for treating it.

Rododendrons in a bad way.

Dlaczego rododendrony chorują?

Rododendrons have quite high upkeep requirements, and our climate is not conducive to their flourishing. In natural settings, such as the places where they originate, there is a high level of ilgotno in the air, and róaneczniki grow in the stokes, after which the water is rather calm in its flow. Roliny have a lot of wilgoci in the air and on the ground, but they are not at risk of being zalewane. In our gardens, the situation is frequently odwrotne: the air is clear, but the gleba is frequently suffocating due to the high humidity.

This refers specifically to gatunków with darkened lilacs (which are typically identified by the presence of a róanecznik).

Additional rododendrons korzenia si pytko, as a result of which their korzenie is easily broken, and their korzenie is extremely prone to being broken. Rododendron choroby are caused by osabione krwy, which may be easily cured. Generally speaking, there are three types of rododendron disease:

  • Infections caused by atakes to rododendrons, known as choroby nieinfekcyjne
  • Choroby infekcyjne, caused mostly by atakes to pathogenic grzyba (choroby grzybowe)
  • Uszkodzenia caused by atakes to szkodników (whose symptoms can be confused with symptoms of infection-related choroby)
  • Uszkod

In a unique twist, chorobowe objawy u rododendronów are most frequently observed on the leaves, but we should also pay attention to their pdy, pki, and kwiaty. To learn about the differences in the symptoms of róaneczników from those caused by bdnej pielgnacji, unwacznej nawoenia, or szkodnik atakowaneczników, read this article. In the alternative, we will be forced to use roelin-protection tools that are now ineffective due to the fact that the roelins are not harmed. Bruzowienie rododendronów liciosa.

The presence of brzowienie lici in rododendrons is a frequently seen symptom.

Listed here are the top 5 most important reasons for rododendron bristle blight.

Choroby nieinfekcyjne rododendronów

the rododendronai are a kind of lilac. The presence of liczneplamy on the liciach may be associated with a lack of pokarmowe skadniks in the gleb or an unfavorable pH in the gleb, in which case róaneczniki are unable to remove mineral-containing skadniks from the gleb. The following are the most often seen signs and symptoms of naniedobory micro- and macroelementów resulting from bdów in a state of nawoeniu or nonwaciwego pH gleby:

  • Ókn, potasu- tkanki pomidzy nerwami odczuwaj, a na brzegach lici pojawiaj si niewielkie brzezowe plamy
  • Niewielkie brzezowe plamy pojawiaj si niewielkie brzezowe plamy
  • Due to a lack of boru, many brzezowe or czerwonawe plamy appear on the lici’s brzegach. Chloroza lici occurs as a result of the absence of this enzyme, with symptoms including tkanki swelling between the lilici’s nerws, as well as the presence of a bluish discoloration of the skin between them.

What is the best way to treat rododendrons with non-dobore skadniks for pokarm? The majority of the time, the solution to the problem is an appropriate pruning of the rododendrons. The use of a large-scaled-down nawóz for rododendrons with microelements should be considered following the detection of the objaws. There is also the option of doing anything on your own (for example, a roelins-nawozem-in-water oprysk) in some cases. Such nawozy as the rozpuszczalny do rododendrons will be very potent here.

  • Sia is a magical being.
  • 4,5 to 6,0 is a suitable pH range for róaneczniks, according to the data.
  • The pH of gleby water is extremely important, since rododendrons have difficulty in the production of odywczych skadniks from the root system when the pH is too low.
  • If the pH of the soil is higher than what is recommended for rododendrons, it is necessary to use a nawóz zakwaszajcy.
  • It is also possible to use nawozy that are specifically designed for rododendrons, borówek, and iglaks.
  • Podoe pH- is pronounced as pH-.
  • The emergence of lilac rododendrons in the springtime The presence of a zwisajcze and rolujcze si wzdu nerwu gównego, which is observed during the summer months, may indicate the presence of naprzemarznie and the dissipation of róaneczniks.
  • As a result, tkanek roliny is subjected to more scrutiny.
  • How can I keep my rododendrons safe over the winter?

Discover why roaneczniki are so vulnerable to temperature drops, as well as how to protect your rododendrons throughout the winter months so that they can reappear in the spring with their bright green leaves and a sprinkling of beautiful flowers. Więcej.

Choroby grzybowe rododendronów

It is a róanecznik named Fytoftoroza. When the pds are brzowieji, the nekroza enlarges and turns into licious blaszki. Wierzchoki pdów brzowieji brunatniej They trace poysk, brzowiej, zamieraj, and roluj si from the dou of krzewu to the apex of the nervus centralis. On the basis of the pdu’s zgnilizna, which is slowly advancing towards the góry, may be determined. Aside from that, it is possible to observe jasnobrzowe, quickly cooling plamy on the cliff faces. These signs and symptoms indicate that the krzews have been afflicted with fytoftoroza, a róanecznik disease with a grzybowy origin.

  1. To do so, it is necessary to use the appropriate fungicides, such as Magnicur Energy 840SL or ClubProplant 722SL.
  2. In order to limit the use of chemicals in the garden, fungicidal treatments should be used in conjunction with natural products, such as Biosept Active, which increases the resistance of roelin.
  3. On the list is a safe for roelin grzyba, which is characterized by the fact that it eruje on the grzyba, causing fytoftoroza.
  4. It is not possible to plant new rolin that are easily attracted to fytoftoroza, such as róaneczników and azalii, cisów, cyprysisków, jode, or sosen, in the vicinity of the previously removed choral rododendrons.
  5. Despite the fact that róaneczniki are quite similar to one another, they also have unique glebow requirements, making them particularly suitable for use with all types of pokarmowe skadniks.
  6. How should one deal with fytoftoroza, a disease that affects roaneczniks and is frequently seen?
  7. Więcej.
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In the gdyna liciach rododendronów, there are a few little okrge brzowe plamki, which are usually surrounded by a ciemnoczerwony obwódk.

On the ground level of the plam, czarne skupienia of grzyba zarodniks may be seen.

It is necessary to remove the first layer of plamek from the liciach of rododendrons or, in the case of severe poraenia, to remove the entire layer of pdy from the poraonymi lims.

If plamistoci lici objaws do not manifest themselves immediately on the rododendronach, it is possible to go on to a more distant rodek grzybobójczy, such as the Topsin M 500 SCS.

Rozaneczniki I rododendrony have the potential to aggravate teszara ple.

On the rododendronach, we are most interested in the blue plenian objaws, which we can see in their kwiata and pecks of kwiata.

Szary pylcy nalot begin to appear on their faces.

Szary, pylcy nalot grzybni appear on all of the kwiatowych pks, as well as in the obrbie plam on the kwiatowych patks, and in the obrbie plam on the kwiatowych pks.

All of the rolins are made up of natural ingredients that were previously mentioned in the article: Biosept Activelub and Polywersum WP.

Rododendrony began manufacturing these apobiegawczo preparations after the abolition of kwiatowych pks and before the onset of kwitnienia in the following years.

We should also remember that reversing the progression of gout causes an unpleasant zagszczenie of the roelin as well as a czsto zwilanie of their pdów and lici.

The best way to prepare woda is to deliver it directly to the ziemi, preventing it from frothing up on the roiling surface.

We guarantee high-quality products at competitive prices and prompt delivery.

Take a look at these other resources: Why is it that the rododendron does not kwitnie?

They present themselves beautifully in groups, and their kwiaty cling to the ground from May to December.

The problem in question is typically associated with bdami in the uprawie and pielgnacji of these rolin.


Some rododendron szkodniki, such as the mszyce, are notorious for their obsessive attention to roliny.

Here are several effective methods for removing szkodniks from rododendrons.

Racaneczniki – depressywne, pielgnacywne, rozmnawienie In addition to being known as rododendronem, róanecznik is a krzew that belongs to the rodziny wrzosowatych and is rich in a variety of gatunki rodzajs of krzews.

A large amount of wind is blowing through the area, and the zacienioned structures are being pushed around.


Shubert and M. Herwig, “Mieszkamy wród kwiatów,” PWRiL, Warszawa 1986, s. 321 – 322; T. Pawowska, “Azalie,” Kwiaty, nr 1/1999, s. 2; “Wspaniae róaneczniki,” Mój Pikny Ogród Photograph by I.Sáek, public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (objawy fytoftorozy) and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Najczęstsze błędy przy zakupie i uprawie rododendronów

If you’ve decided to purchase and care for a collection of rododendrons, you’ll want to know how to do it properly. However, it is possible to come across individuals who, at any point throughout their workday, do bodily harm. The result of this is an unpredictably rapid increase in rolinnocystic activity. As a result, it is important to observe from a distance how this bdy manifests itself most frequently in rododendrons. As a result, in order for rododendrony to flourish and become the most prominent feature of any garden, it is necessary to eliminate all weeds.

It may also concern the selection of an appropriate location for saddening, as well as the provision of unusual krzewa opieki.

Nietrafiony zakup rododendronów

As we near the end of the selection process for appropriate rododendrons, it is becoming increasingly common to hear rumours. Odmiany are being considered, however they are deemed unsuitable for use in Polish conditions. Roliny are strewn throughout the landscape in places where the climate is significantly cooler than in Poland. This, even from the start, raises the possibility of a reversal of fortune. As a result, celowa is required in these odmiany, which have already been aclimatized in our country.

If a certain rolina, for example, has been growing in an ogrodniczym during the winter season, it is possible to purchase it without hesitation.

Obwohl the price for a purchase is often reasonable, it is preferable not to squander money on unnecessary expenses.

Has access to the highest quality rolinnoci and a large selection of different rolinnoci variants, among other things.

Sadzenie rododendronów bez sprawdzenia gleby

One of the most common myths associated with the rododendrons is the saddening of their limbs in the glebe, which has yet to be investigated. It is being spoken about a phenomenon associated with the fact that the current ziemia is large. A group of people who consider themselves to be “on the edge” of the cliff are on the hunt for her. Choosing the right zemi for rododendrons is critical, with the pH of the odczyn ranging between 4.5 and 5.5 on the scale. It’s necessary to put in a little effort now in order to later enjoy the sight of awe-inspiringly morphing rododendrons.

The placement of krzewów in an area where there would be no such conditions results in roliny being unable to gromadzi wody in a normal manner, resulting in their eventual extinction.

Źle dobrane stanowisko dla rododendronów

It is not only the quality of the glebe that is important for the proper development of rododendrons. It is possible that their location in the ogrodzie is not the best choice for them to be. Insufficiency of knowledge on how atmospheric conditions affect these rolins leads to their extinction. This does not differ in any way from the previous situation: the placement of the clock in an inconvenient location, the presence of a steady stream of warm air, and the absence of anything bad. Rododendrony like a saciszne location, where the pócie will be the dominant force.

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Zbyt mały dół na bryłę korzeniową

The preparation of too few donuts is the second stumbling block for those who despise rododendrons. The system of korzeniowy rolin must have a significant amount of flexibility in order to function well. To prepare anything that is two times larger than the entire brya roliny is, to put it mildly, excessive. Because of this, rododendrony will require wykopania dziury that are up to four times larger than those produced by the currently possessed korzeniowe brya.

Nieumiejętne nawadnianie rododendronów

There’s nothing to hide the fact that some ogrodnicy, particularly those who aren’t well-versed in the subject, don’t know how to properly care for rododendrons. The situation is grave, with the potential to result in a rapid deterioration of the kidneys. The process of nawadniania roliny begins just before to the rolin’s wsadzeniem into the ziemi. If the korzeniowa brya is widocznie przesuszona, it should be wound up in a bucket of water for a few hours after it has been dumped. The next set of events takes place in a situation of rolinnoci reversal.

However, this is not a healthy situation, and it is not possible to bring about a situation in which the water will remain in the glebe.

Niedostateczne ściółkowanie rododendronów

In this case, one single sciókowanie and wystarczy is a completely unwise approach to the situation. Starting with the fact that, thanks to a well prepared cióce, krzewy do not suffer from wilgoci and do not develop chwasty, it is possible to begin. A professional gardener will regularly dogld cióki in the vicinity of the rododendrons and, if necessary, will permanently remove them from the area in question.

Późne nawożenie rododendronów

If the krzews take an excessive amount of time to reach the nawóz, the entire operation will be dangerous. The completion of this task in a rododendron, for example, in the month of July, results in the new growth not being ready for the season of autumn. At the same time, rolin develops into a marshy wegetacji. The completion of all tasks associated with the nawoenie must be completed by the beginning of the month of July.

Szkoda usuwać liście, na których widać oznaki choroby

It was a mistake for some of the owners of rodeodendrons to install a li’cie, on which the first signs of a potentially fatal disease appeared. Because these roliny are so beautiful, a reduction in the amount of lici in the environment would be detrimental. However, a lack of activity will result in far more problems in the future. To be effective, wschnite licie, particularly those with symptoms of disease, must be identified as soon as possible and treated as efficiently as possible.

Unzbieranie lici, which have fallen from the krzews, is also a source of concern. If they are damaged and fall to the ground, they will have a negative impact on the gleba, which will cause it to lose its zakaeniu.

Pałeczki nawozowe – dlaczego warto stosować? Zobacz!

To understand the meaning of nawoenie and nawozy, one must first understand the meaning of the word “nawozy.” The history of malin, including the dawks, termina, and nawozas3The history of rododendrons, including the cenne porady four-hundred-and-fortieth anniversary of the founding of the city of St. Croix, and we explain how to do it right. 5 A truskawek’s appearance is followed by an extended period of time (cenne porady). During the course of an organization’s growth cycle, awoenie is a very important process.

It allows for proper functioning as well as kitting.

In order to avoid this, we are required to become acquainted with all of the requirements of the roliny that we have developed, as well as to provide the necessary supplies.

Błędy podczas nawożenia

To the list of the most serious blunders that we may make while going through the process of roelin nawoenia, we can add the use of non-waciwego nawozu, the use of non-odpowiedniej dawki, and the nawoenie at an inconvenient time. Roliny, on the other hand, despite the fact that they are in desperate need of certain pokarmowych skadniks, are only in a position to accept a limited amount of them. A disproportionate use of chemicals will result in unfavorable consequences, as is the case in the case of roelin rosning on the ubogich gleb, where they lack access to necessary skadniks and hence die.

The provision of other substances than those required, or the provision of such substances at a time when rolina does not require them, contributes to the stalling of the organism’s development.

Zalety pałeczek nawozowych i ich rodzaje

With the use of nawozowe paeczki, it is possible to avoid all but the most serious of the problems encountered during nawoenia. Following the application of the nawozy, which are stored in them, they begin to degrade gradually, remaining active for a period of several days after that. This eliminates the need for constant remembrance of the dates and times; instead, the paeczki will be tasked with ensuring that the rolins are properly odywied. The provision of an excessively large or insufficiently little quantity is also prohibited under these conditions.

In the event that we have a large collection of kwiats in our salon, we may use them as paeczkami uniwersalnymi for the rolin doniczkowych firmy Zielony Dom to transport them.

Additionally, we may purchase rolin wspomagania paeczki, which are designed to aid in the fight against certain problems, such as, for example, szkodnik activity or techochorobygrzybowe.

It is possible that they will be active for up to nine months, ensuring that the body receives an optimal amount of the substances it requires throughout that time. As an example, we may recommend Nawóz to kwiatów balkonowych in the shape of comfortable koreczks from the Substral company.


The proper nawoenie is the foundation of the udane uprawy. However, he is capable of resolving a large number of problems. The poor quality of the skadniks, the misinterpretation of timetables, and the use of excessive amounts of dawki are among the most often encountered problems throughout the roiling process. It is necessary to spend time in nawozowe paeczki in order to rid oneself of these annoyances. This eliminates the possibility of dogldania since the paeczki will successfully uwalnia odywcze skadniki after they have been implemented.

As well as generic paeczki, we may get paeczki that have been specifically designed for a certain group of people.

The decision to go with nawozowe paeczki will, we are certain, not impair the quality of our kieszeni, and in exchange, we will receive a courtesy call as well as a guarantee of uninterrupted operation.

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