Peperomia Srebrzysta – Uprawa, Pielęgnacja, Wymagania, Opis, Odmiany


Peperomia – odmiany, pielęgnacja, uprawa

Peperomia, also known as pieprzówka in some circles, is a popular doniczkowa rolina that is grown in many parts of the world. Despite the fact that she is actively involved in the upkeep of residences, she occasionally causes problems. Examine which kind of pepperromiis are most frequently uprooted in our homes, how uprooting pepperromiis in a doniczceoraz looks, and why proper pepperromiis maintenance is so important. Peperomia kdzierzawa -Peperomia caperata (Kdzierzawa pepper)

Peperomia – odmiany

There are over 600 gatunks in the peperomia genus, with the majority of them occurring mostly in tropical climates. In Poland, the most popular gatunki iodmiany peperomii in the uprawie doniczkowej are as follows: Pepperomia kdzierzawa (Peperomia caperata) – is a little pepper that grows up to 15 cm in diameter. The main value of this pepper variety is its crimson-colored, misiste, and intensely flavored licie, which is harvested in the fall. Not to be overlooked are her biae kwiaty, which swiat on the grubych sodykach, referred to as the gbikach.

Peperomia tpolistna (Peperomia obtusifolia) – jest rolin osigajc do 30 cm wysokoci, osigajc od w/w nisko wikszoci.

  • In the uprawie, there are several interesting odmiany peperomii tpolistnejo liciach with janiejszymi zabarwieniami lub lub jasno obrzeonymi, such as those found in the odmiany ‘Variegata’.
  • sandersii) – is a bylin with a diameter of up to 20 cm.
  • Her licie are misiste, szerokoowalne, and punctuated with ostry zakoczeniami.
  • There are also some interesting pepperromii srebrzystejo odmiany that occur in a somewhat less crowded liciach.
  • Peperomia magnoliolistna (Peperomia magnoliifolia) is a rolina that is frequently mylonized with tpolistnie pepperromi, but has more lici and a more wyprostowany pokrój than the latter.

In the upraw doniczkowej, the most often encountered varieties of pepperromii magnoliolistnej are those with dark licias, such as:peperomia magnoliolistna ‘Variegata’ (licie kremowo-zielone) and peperomia magnoliolistna ‘Green and Gold’ (licie z jasnozielonymi rodkami Peperomia magnoliolistna (Peperomia magnoliifolia) is a kind of peppermint.

Peperomia – pielęgnacja, uprawa

What much of pepperomia does wiata require? Due to the fact that the rolina in question is somewhat kapryna, the sudden uprawa of peperomii in the doniczce may cause some issues. Primarily, but not only, important is the jestjasne stanowisko uprawy peperomii, which is not overly silent and is not very nasoneczne. The presence of water in the area of uprawy peperomii should be avoided; as a result, it is preferable not to place roliny in the vicinity of the parapet. When the peperomia is too smoky, the middlewla become sinienaturally wyduone, the pdy wiotkie, and the licie drobne, according to the recipe.

  • What is the best way to prepare peperomi?
  • As a result, peperomie podlewa si on a regular basis – latem once a week, zima once every 2-3 weeks.
  • To be effective, the water used for pepperoni preparation must be free of toxins.
  • We always put our water on the bottom of the pot under the doniczk, so that we don’t get any lici or sodyg peperomii.
  • Every two weeks, from the beginning of the winter until the end of summer, we will add a perforated pipe for use by doniczkowy roelin.
  • Peperomia need the presence of a dilgotny atmosphere, and as a result, it grows best in a kitchen environment.
  • If the air is too thin, podstawki or pytkie korytka z woda, which are placed near the rooliny, might help to cool it down.
  • An even better solution is the placement of doniczki with pepperoni on top of a large base of strewn with kamykami or keramzytem.
  • The amount of water that may be used grows as a result of the use of kamykom.
  • Therefore, we must only focus on the odparowujcej wodzie derived from the source.
  • Peperomia prefers temperatures that are somewhat cooler than 10°C, but not lower than 10°C, and certain varieties will not tolerate temperatures lower than 16°C.

Peperomia Sandersa, for example, is a member of this kind of smoky gatunk (Peperomia argyreia). ‘Rosso’ pepper (Peperomia kdzierzawa) Image courtesy of

Peperomia – rozmnażanie

If we want to ensure that pepperomies are always fresh, we should prepare new mild sadzonki in pdów wierzchokowych over a period of two years, and then conduct a pepperomii remnassing procedure. After that, we’ll slice up some pdy with a diameter of about 5 cm, paint the left side of the licorice, add the wukorzeniacz, and finish with the doniczek. Mode rolinki now have a korzenie after about four weeks of growth. The preparation of doniczek with lekkim podoem (as defined in the odywcze skadniki), lekko kwanym (as defined in the odywcze skadniki), preferably odczynie pH 5,7-6,8, is carried out in our laboratory.

Keep this in mind: we want doniczki to be able to provide us with drenaowe warstwa on a daily basis.

Peperomia – choroby i szkodniki

Due to an excessively little amount of wiata flowing into the river, wiotkie odygi and a drobne licie peperomiis are forming on the riverbank. It is most common for these symptoms to manifest themselves during the autumn-winter season, when the days are short. It facilitates the establishment of roliny next to the okna, preferably on the southwestern side. In addition to causing the loss of natural barw and lilic acid, peperomiipowodu causes the slowing or stopping of the growth of the rolins (roelins).

  1. When we see these chorobowe objaws on the peperomii, we should immediately remove our hands from the doniczki and examine them to see if there are any gnilnych changes.
  2. Piasek or perlit can be added to the ziemie to make it more flavorful.
  3. Following the preparation of pepperoni, we work diligently to ensure that the temperature in the house does not fall too low.
  4. As with plamistosis, brzowe plamy on the lisciach of peperomii are initially wodniste, but with time, they might become wskazuj on the presence of glycemic acidosis (glycemic acidosis) or glycemic acidosis (glycemic acid).
  5. Poraone licie or the entire set of odyki must be removed and disposed of.
  6. The use of grzybobójcze rodka, such as Topsin M 500 SC, becomes necessary if this turns out to be unsatisfactory in the long run.
  7. Anomalies on the peperomii manifest themselves in a rather rapid manner.

Tarcznik Ultra should be included in the ziemipaeczki owadobójcze Tarcznik Ultra in the case of determining the current status of the miscznik.

Both of the recommended preparations are available in a ready-to-use format, in the shape of pre-measured pouches with a rozpylaczem.

Preparations that have been modified can be purchased in our online store.

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These include: uprawa, pielgnacja, choroby, and odmiany.

Pikne baldachy kwiatów, as well as a ciemnozielone and a dugie licie, are the star of her show.

Check out which choroby may occur and which kliwii options should be used for upkeep by reading this article.


It’s been a long time, but the office is still open every day of the year.

Examine the requirements for skrzydlokwiatu in terms of upkeep, as well as the diseases that attack the skrzydlokwiat. Here’s all you need to know to ensure that skrzydlokwiat keeps us as his piknem for many years to come. Więcej.

Peperomia – gatunki do uprawy w doniczkach, jak pielęgnować peperomie

In response to an excessively little amount of water flowing into the river, wiotkie odygi and drobne licie peperomiis appear. It is most common for these symptoms to manifest themselves during the autumnal-spring season, when the days are short. Use of roliny near the okna, particularly in the southernmost part, will be more effective. In addition to causing the loss of natural barw and lilic acid, peperomiipowodu causes the slowing down of the growth of rolins. It’s possible to zamieraj pdy or the entire ropeline.

  1. In such a situation, it is necessary to move the rolin to a larger, more labile position.
  2. Please keep in mind that the use of a kamyk or keramzyt on the dno doniczki makes it easier to get rid of the excess water.
  3. Peperomii aren’t something we keep around just for the sake of it.
  4. Various types of plamistoci lici peperomia are available, but all of them behave in a similar manner to one another.
  5. Using Biosept Active, the whole rolin was treated with a safe and effective biopreparation.
  6. Keep in mind, however, that no chemic preparations should be performed in the home.
  7. One of the most common is the Cytrusowiec, a miscznik whose larwy (which resemble orange-tinged czerwonawe tarczki) najchtniej skorkowacenia liciowej, as well as other symptoms, are caused by the miscznik.

In addition, the natural preparate Emulpar Spraylub chemicznymPolysect Hobby will be a potent weapon in the fight against cancer.

Consequently, they are quite convenient for use at home.

To see what’s available, click on the link below.

Peperomia prostrata is a rolina doniczkowa that is not commonly used as a deco-rational element.


These include: uprawa, pielgnacja, choroby, and alteration of the skin.

Pictorial baldachy of kwiats, a ciemnozielone and long licie are some of her most notable features, but she is also known for other things.

Discover which diseases may arise and which kliwii alternatives should be used for treatment.


In all seasons, Wallisa’s skrzydlokwiat is a zielony rolin zielny with a width of up to 0.55 meters.

In addition to the intensely zielone licie, the biay kwiatami in the ksztacie pochew rolin zdobi Study the requirements for proper uptake of skrzydlokowit and the diseases that affect skrzydlokowit.

To be able to keep skrzydlokwiat as our piknem for many years, it is necessary to understand the following: Więcej.

Peperomia – opis rośliny

Despite the fact that pepperomieosigagagagaga rozmiary are typically little, they are capable of causing uproar even in small dwellings. Their primary attraction is a variety of attractive, byszczce, and misiste licie in a variety of sizes and colors. The drobne kwiatki peperomii, zebrane in wskie, cienkie, kosowate kwiatostany, are not very decorative and cannot be used to decorate the roeliny because they lack the necessary roeliny uszczerbku. A variety of pepperomieto roliny are available, including pocym, krzewiastym, and wzniesionym.

Gatunki i odmiany peperomii do uprawy w domu

The following are among the most often encountered gatunkówpeperomiinajczciej in the uprawie:

  • Peperomia kdzierzawa, peperomia magnoliolistna, peperomia kluzjolistna, peperomia tpolistna, peperomia srebrzysta, peperomia gadka, peperomia srebrzysta, peperomia gadka

Peperomia kdzierzawa (ac.Peperomia caperata) is a pepper plant that grows 15-20 cm in height and has a dark, kpiasty pokrój. Its most prominent ozdoba consists of mocno pomarszczone, jajowate, or sercowate leaves, with a length of up to 3 cm and a pronounced unerwieniem, which is highly regarded. ‘Emerald Ripple’, ‘Purpurea’, ‘Theresa’, and ‘Rosso’ are some of the most unusual varieties. Peperomia clusiifolia (Peperomia clusiifolia) has a completely different appearance and is only slightly related to Peperomia magnoliolistna (Peperomia magnoliolistna) (Peperomia magnoliifolia).

Their large, misiste, owalne, and gadkie licie are osadzone on gruby ogonkach and sztywnych, with pdach sometimes poking out of the ground.

  • Pepperomia magnoliolistna: ‘Golden Gate’, ‘Rainbow’, ‘Variegata’, ‘Green Gold’
  • Pepperomia tpolistna: ‘Variegata’, ‘Alba’, ‘Albo-marginata,’ ‘Minima’
  • Pepperomia gadka: ‘Variegata’
  • Pepperomia kluzjolistna: ‘Jellie
  • Pepper
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Wymagania peperomii

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Peperomia argyreia Peperomia srebrzysta

Peperomia argyreia is a tasty odmiana that has also been referred to as peperomia arbuzowa due to its nontuzinkowe ubarwienie lici, which resembles the skórk of arbuza. Bylina is approximately 20 cm in width and 15 cm in thickness. This little odmiana produces effective, glistening knuckles. There are several large, owalne, misiste, byszczece licie that are located on a ciemnoczerwonych ogonkach that are surrounded by a ring of ice. The cimnozielona powierzchnia blaszki liciowej is distinguished by szerokimi, srebrnymi pasami, which swoop down from the nasady ogonka all the way to the end of the licia.

Lately, just before ulistnieniem, drobne, zielone kwiaty have begun to appear on the czerwono odykach, albeit they are not very effective.

Walory Peperomii srebrzystej

  • Kupy zwarte, barwne
  • Ubarwienie lici pikne, resembling the shape of an arbuza’s skórk
  • Ubarwienie lici like the shape of an arbuza’s skórk
  • A large, owalne, ciemnozielone licie surrounded by szerokimi, srebrnymi pasami
  • Czerwone ogonki liciowe in contrast to the wzorzystymi, srebrnymi limi
  • A czerwone ogonki liciowe in contrast to

Wymagania Peperomii srebrzystej

  • Stanowisko jasne, bez bezporedniej ekspozycji na soce
  • Podlewanie umiarkowane
  • Podobe próchniczne, przepuszczalne
  • Stanowisko jasne, bez bezporedniej ekspozycji na soce from the beginning of March to the end of September, once every two weeks to the sand dunes
  • Enjoys high levels of wilgotno in the air
  • Is not averse to a little bit of mud on the ground
  • Is not afraid of a little bit of mud on the ground. Lately, we are removing a tygodniu’s worth of odstaw woda at a time, with a zima of 14-18 days. In this case, SERAMIS® is the most appropriate podoem. It is a universal podoe from the city of Zielona Parapetulub that is specialized in SERAMIS®.

It is not required that mechanical errors occur on the spodniej half of the line, nor that they manifest themselves in the transport, be reported.

Zdjęcia wysyłanych roślin

Miejsce/stanowisko rozproszone światło
Docelowa wysokość 10-30 cm
Wymagania wodne średnie
Kolor liści wielobarwny
Kolor kwiatów żółty
Trudność uprawy dla amatorów
Pokrój kępiasty
Kategoria odporności na chłód I -Szczegóły w zakładce WYSYŁKA


Peperomies have a really attractive appearance. They are also quite distinct from one another. We will present their modifications and provide feedback on how they should be implemented.

Peperomie zwane pieprzówkami

Peperomie, also known as potocznie pieprzówkami, are arguably one of the most unique and interesting rolin that can be found in our residences. The rodzaj to which you are referring has more than 1000 gatunks, each of which differs in size, strength, and color between them, as well as several other cechami to the point that, when you encounter peppers, you are unable to identify them right away because they are so little. Despite the large variety of rolin species, in the wild there are typically only a few dozen gatunks of each type.

We also have a look at several colorful marantas and provide our thoughts on how to best use them.

In certain cases, rolin are so visually appealing that they may serve as one of the most interesting elements of an otherwise ordinary room, despite their small size (they seldom exceed 40 cm in length).

Peperomia kędzierzawa

The most unusual of them is a little, dorastajca to around 20-30 cm in height, jajowatych, mocno pomarszczonych liciach with a gsty, krzaczasty pokroju and szerokich, jajowatych, mocno pomarszczonych liciach with a gsty, krzaczas There are also kwiaty, which have a jasnych, wskich kosów, osadzonych on a czerwonych szczycie, and sztywnych odyek as decorative elements on the roolin. Consider this: Doniczkowe roliny are quite simple to put together (WIDEO)

Peperomia tępolistna

Peperomia tpolistna is the second most often seen pepperromi. Rolina has a very different appearance from the previous gatunk because it is not only much larger (about 40 cm in height), but it also has a variety of other characteristics, including large, owalne, misiste, jasnozielone, byszczce, and very gadkie licie. Despite the fact that she is quite uninteresting on her own, her variations on barwny licias are really interesting, and as a result, it is worth paying particular attention to them (for example, the “Variegata” licie zielone with a szerokim, kremowym obrzeem and jasnymi smugami).

Peperomia kluzjolistna

A gatunkie that is similar to peperomia tpolistnej is peperomia kluzjolista, which has similar characteristics to peperomia tpolistnej, including gadkie, byszczce, and misiste flavors, but a more pronounced licie.

The pokrój of ropes is also more pocy, which makes them more suited to upraw in wiszcing doniczkach. Roliny are also more resistant to rot. Their licie are either zielone with a czerwony obwódk or wielobarwne, such as in the case of the odm. “Jelly.”

Peperomia srebrzysta

The appearance of peperomia srebrzysta (formerly known as p. Sandersa) differs significantly from that of the other previously mentioned gatunks. Its large, szerokoowalne, ostro zakoczone, gadkie and byszczce licie are characterized by the presence of zielon blaszk in szerokie, srebrzyste pasy and are surrounded by wzniesionych, sztywnych, czerwonych ogonkach. Even though the roliny are not particularly large (with a circumference of around 20 cm), they are quite attractive due to the presence of a brightly colored lirium and brightly colored ogonki.

Jak uprawiać peperomie

Despite their large size and ease of preparation, little peperomies remain kapryne and do not belong to the easy-to-prepare rolin. Most importantly, they need comfortable indoor temperatures (about 20-22°C) throughout the year since they are uncomfortable in the summer (temperatures should not go below 15°C). They also require a significant amount of rozproszoned wiata because, in a too warm environment, their pdy slow down and their licie becomes karlej. Despite this, roliny should not be subjected to a bezporednie soce, because they are easily ulegated by the presence of poparzeniom.

The fact that roeliny do not tolerate suszy is compounded by the fact that they are extremely wraliwe for zalanie.

Also, keep in mind that peperomial vaporizes clean air, causing, for example, the suffocation of kocówek lici.

Caution: pepperoni do not enjoy being raszania lici.

Cechy rosnącej peperomii w domu

There is a category of kwiaty that looks familiar to almost everyone, but only a small number of people know what they are called. Peperomia – kwiat, which will be discussed further below – is required for the preparation of such doniczkowe roliny. Do you know what I’m talking about? Greek is the language from which the term “roliny” derives. peperi- ” pieprz ” and homoios- ” lubi ” are two words that come to mind.

Opis roślin wewnętrznych

Peperomia is a zielna bylina rodzina Pepper, which serves as a refuge for tropical birds from the United States and India. odygi peperomii are grube and misiste in nature. It is possible to have wyprostowane, wiszce, lece or pezajce eggs depending on the type of gatunk you have. Licie are also misiste, making them well-suited for containing large amounts of wilgoci. lady liciowe maj wysokie rónice: ciemnozielone, zote, barwne z biaymi kreskami, oliwkowe lub brzowe, byszczce, skórzaste, faliste, a take aksamitne, ksz Pepperomia, like a great deal of other rolin about interesting licorice, kwitnie to a degree that is almost unfathomable.

In the world, there is an enormous number of gatunks.

Accordion Feng Shui, peperomia has the potential to cause a change in one’s personality as well as a change in one’s way of life. I. The pokój, in which the kwiat is located, provides a sense of comfort.

Warunki wzrostu

Peperomia is a quite unpretentious rolina, about which it is necessary to inquire. Although you are in your home, you should continue to follow a few simple guidelines in order to create a beautiful and healthy environment. Polubnik, chlorophytum, kaktus, zamioculcas, spathiphyllum, and sansevier are just a few of the less-than-pretentious herbs that may be used in home gardening.


The quality of the owietlenie varies depending on the type of pepperoni used. Roliny with a ciemnozielonym blaszek liciowych coloration can be found in both the pónocnych and wschodnich okien, whilst gatunki with a more rónorodnych liciach may be found in either the zachodnich or wschodnich okien. As a result, it is preferable to unclog the soneczne swiat, which may result in the formation of lici.

Temperatura i wilgotność

The kwiat peperomii is a rolina that loves ice cream and does not tolerate any form of hostility. It is similar to other tubylcy kraje tropikalne. In the peak of the season, the ideal temperature is around 22 degrees Celsius, while in the winter, the ideal temperature is no lower than 16 degrees Celsius. Peperomia, despite the fact that it is derived from deszczowych tropików, is not suitable for use in a contaminated environment. Because of this, gatunkom with delicious liciowych blaszks are especially popular during the autumnal season for opryskiwanie, which brings benefits to the roeland.

Wymagania dotyczące podłoża i pojemnika do sadzenia

Luna lekka gleba is recommended for use with peperomii. Spectacular skandal:

  • (1) Ziemia sodowa
  • (2) Ziemia ogrodowa
  • (3) humus
  • (4) piasek (0,5 czci)
  • (1) Ziemia ogrodowa
  • (2) humus
  • (3) piasek

It is preferable to use pytkiej doniczki on days when a drenaowe warstwa, for example, made of keramzyt, is in progress.

Sadzenie rośliny w domu

Peperomia can be rearranged in the home in three different ways: Every one of their methods is scrutinized in more detail.


Every one of their methods is scrutinized more closely.


Identical to what happened in the first instance, a long-lived organism is rozmnaane by sadzonki (both odyga and wierzchoek). Sadzonki with 1-3 wzami are the most appropriate. Only with the addition of humus should you use the best quality podoa for ukorzeniania. Prepare a pojemnik with sadzonkami in a warm environment (about 25 degrees Celsius). Other types of domestic rolins can be shaped using sadzonki, including fittonia, maranta, tradescantia, fuksja, filodendron, dyplomacja, and color scheme schemes, among others.

Dzielenie buszu

Because of the wiosennemu przeszczepowi przeronietej peperomii, it is possible to complete a rozmnaanie and a dzielenie buszu in a short amount of time. This is the most efficient and most straightforward method. You must carefully manipulate the krzak so that it does not interfere with the korzeniowe system. In order to select doniczki for the new sadzonki, it is necessary to select doniczki that are somewhat smaller in size than those used in the previous sadzonki.

Jak dbać?

A quick and easy way to complete a rozmnaanie or dzielenie buszu is to use a wiosennemu przeszczepowi ofronited peperomii.

This is the quickest and most straightforward method. In order to avoid interfering with the korzeniowe mechanism, you must rotate the krzak. There are some doniczki that should be chosen for the new sadzonki that are somewhat smaller than those that were used in the old ones.

Cechy podlewania o różnych porach roku

While on a miesiczki diet, wegetacja requires obfitoci podlewanie to be effective. The ideal temperature for cooking is mild water that is somewhat cooler than the ambient temperature. Because of the risk of zgnilizny korzeni in the spring and summer, podlewanie is severely restricted throughout the months of June and July. Ważny! An insufficiently strong licie indicates a weakening of the system’s ability to cope.

Karmienie roślin

It is used in the period of active growth and kwitnienia, i.e. in the months of January and February, as well as in the months of September and October. Mineralogically enhanced nawozy for use with liciast mineralized roelin.

Przeszczep kwiatów

Regular presadzanie of young roelin in the age range of three to four years is recommended; presadzanie of older female kwiaty is recommended in the case of increased korzeniowe system activity. The need for presadzania is precisely defined by the korzenie: if you exit the drenaowe otwor, the doniczka is already little.

Rosnące trudności

During the process of harvesting peperomii, kwiaciarnie may encounter certain difficulties. Following that, we’ll go over the major points, pointing out the causes and solutions.

  • Licie opadaj zim: zy reim temperaturowy
  • Zy reim temperaturowy Brzowe kocówki lici: in this way, the kwiat reacts to temperature fluctuations that are either too high or too low
  • Pytki liciowe opadaj, a nastpnie odpadaj: niewystarczajce podlewanie
  • Pytki liciowe opadaj
  • Pyt The weather has turned chilly and lethargic: there is a lack of moisture in the air, and the roiling of the roiling is necessary
  • In the case of a wyblake and powolne zima: nadmierne podlewanie. It is necessary to restrict the spread of sclerosed ogonki liciowe: there is a lack of wilgoci, and the spread of podlewanie is restricted.
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Ważny! The most important task during the upkeep of the peperomii is to unclog any clogs that have formed and to remove the ludicrous gleb. Furthermore, kwiat is subjected to a variety of szkodniki, such as wciornastki, wenowca, przdziorków, and pochwy. As a zapobiegawczy rodek, it is necessary to cook with pepperoni in a mild, savory broth. Rolina has the potential to zapa wirusa, which might result in karowatosis. It is preferable to remove this kwiat in order to avoid infecting healthy individuals.

Peperomia – mało wymagający kwiat doniczkowy

One of the most common types of Anturium (Anthurium) is the uprawa and pielgnacja. Two types of kwiats for the home and garden are Cyklameny and Ogrodu. The upkeep, the maintenance, and the reorganization of 3Kalanchoe Blossfelda are all included in the price of the house. 4 Kalatea – Ostrzeszyn (Calathea)5Klarkia wielkokwiatowa (Godecja wielkokwiatowa) – a few words about the name, the type of crystal, and the method of making it 6 the pstry of Kroton – Trójskrzyn 7 Zanokcica (Asplenium) Is a flower that blooms in the springtime.

They are one of the most popular gatunks in our homes, and they are derived from tropical plants.

For those just starting out in the world of doniczkowy upraw, they’re excellent rolinami.

Pochodzenie i wymagania uprawowe

In the United States, the tropikalized regions of the country, where the smallest three lasu are found, are the primary source of peperomia. There is a small amount of water available there, which should be plenty for their growth and development. As a result, neither we nor our tenants will expect an excessive amount of sand in our homes. The placement of a doniczk with rolin should be in the pócieniu or in a less-than-nasonecznionym miejscu. When it comes to odmiany with a variety of different ubarwienie options, they want for a little bit more ice since their colors may become much more vibrant in the heat.

  • As a result, Peperomies is in the position to dislodge the chwilow susz, and he is unlikely to encounter any difficulties.
  • Because Peperomia enjoys being zraszana on a regular basis, the situation appears to be slightly different when viewed through the lens of wilgotnoci powietrza.
  • It is necessary to be cautious while handling peppers since they are sensitive to significant temperature changes, particularly when temperatures fall below 18 degrees Celsius.
  • Peperomia When we have peperomi prepared, it is necessary to ensure that she has a lekko, but also a syzne and a próchnicz ziemi.
  • She will also be rewarded for frequent nawoenie, with the best results coming from organic nawozem (np.
  • It is necessary, however, to use caution while handling nawozowego preparations, because this is a rolina that is susceptible to degradation.

It also has a massive bogactwo of gatunks, as shown by the fact that around 1000 of them were odrbned. It is possible that this will lead to the formation of an exciting new rolina kolekcjonersk, since the acquisition of ever more new and original pieces will be quite exciting. Peperomia

Charakterystyka ogólna

The pattern of roliny differs. Pepperomie most commonly appear in the form of krzaczków, with a rounded shape and a spherical shape, with a diameter of around 15 – 20 cm. There is, however, a group of pepperromii with a lekko przewieszonym pokroju, whose pdy are longer and can reach lengths of up to 30 – 40 cm (peperomia rotundifolia and rozesana), which is also worth mentioning. Licie, on the other hand, are distinctly different. Some gatunks are misiste and somewhat grube (for example, kluzjolistna and magnolistna peperomia), while others are delicatniejsze and ciesze.

  1. For example, p.kdzierzawa or cakiem gadkie, such as p.gadka, are considered pomarszczone.
  2. kdzierzawa), paskowane (for example, p.srebrzysta or p.tetragona), kremowo-zielone (for example, p.kdzierzawa), and the most vibrant biao-zielono-czerwonespotykane (for example, p.
  3. When found in gruby liciach gatunków, they are frequently byszczce and appear as if they had been woskowane.
  4. Peperomia Continue reading this article.

zdjęcia i odmiany, cechy uprawy, pielęgnacji i rozmnażania w domu

Lush, skórzasty lim and grubby pdami distinguish this pereromiya-inspired dziwaczna rolina from the others. Her several incarnations have piqued the interest of kwiat hodowców, who are particularly fond of her. It is possible for peperomia to be in the form of krzewem, pókrzewem, or rolin ampeliczn. It has the potential to be used in the ozdabiania of pomieszcze and the creation of kwiatowych compositions. The vast majority of occurrences have small morphological variations, resulting in a space between varying rolinami that is filled by a variety of rolinams.

Peperomia: rodzaje, opis, zdjęcia

Epifityczna rolina originating in the tropical regions of the United States of America’s Pacific coast, where it can manifest itself as either one-time or multi-year trawa and krzewa. One of the most notable features is a kwiat that descends to little over 50 cmgrube pdy, as well as an irregularly-shaped licie, whose whole perimeter is framed by a woskowy powoka. Color, size, and ksztat lici vary depending on the gatunk, and as a result, they may be quite disparate. The following kind of cookies may be found: gadkie (gracious), faliste (sweet), puszyste (delicious), misiste (sweet), miniaturowe (small), large (large), lancetowate (lancetowate), zaokrglone (pretty), or podune (pretty).

Cylindryczne kwiatostany roliny s niepozorne, and they’re made from little pieces of kwiat.

Główne rodzaje peperomii

Peperomia is a particularly liciasta plant. The wzniesioned rolina belongs to the zielnych bylin. In nature, growth occurs both on the surface of the earth and beneath the surface of the water. Atypical Peperomia has gstymi, misistymi li’mi, with a length of 8-12 cm and a circumference of 4-5 cm, with a diameter of 8-12 cm and a circumference of 4 cm. Each morning, Licie jajowateznajduje herself on the pdshelf. They converge in the direction of the foundations and then swell outward into the góra.

  1. Although mostly ciemnozielone, they are also available in szaro-zielone, kremowe, and mlecznobiae varieties.
  2. Niska rolina originating in the Brazilian Amazon.
  3. Lici are distinguished by their brzowe yki, which are wklse on the spodnie side and silnie wpuke on the górne side, giving them their distinctive appearance.
  4. It is for this reason that he is frequently used not only as an ornate liciasta rolina, but also as a kwiaty.
  5. Petiolate from this gatunku are making their way out of the korzenia.
  6. Small, round, and glistening lakes distinguish themselves from the rest of the landscape by having a distinct coloration.
  7. Peperomia is a sour pepper.

Lice and pdy Roliny are frequently spotted with wosks due to their large size and 5 cm depth of the licie.

Peperomia is a delicious treat.

Gatunek distinguishes itself from other lions by being little and owalny in size.

It is common for the Licie to grow toward the other side of its own body, usually in groups of three or four.

Peperomia is a suffocating pepper.

An ever-present licie of licious ogonks with a jajowatym kstacie can be found on his pdach, where they may be found on a daily basis.

The wewntrz is decorated in the style of an ampelous rolina.

The limi, which have a color that is similar to marmuru, distinguish themselves from the goalny, niski, slowly rosncy krzew.

Peperomia is a high-valued commodity.

Approximately 20 cm in diameter, ciemnozielone, gste, and byszczczce licie are jajowate and adorned with a sprinkling of biaymi ykami.

Peperomia is a deep red color.

His czerwone, cienkie pdy are obscured by a small number of lilies.

Peperomia is a clusiform plant.

Predstawiciele gatunku majsiedzce, petiolate, gste licie które rosn niedawno na pdach przedstawiciele gatunku majsiedzce, petiolate, petiolate, gste licie Jedes of the li’s measures 15 cm in length and 8 cm in width, and the ciemnozielone blaszki li’ciowe are accented with a czerwonawy odcie and a fioletowy obwódk.

Peperomia is a very toxic substance.

When looking at the lici on the ground, you will see 5-7 shades of jasnozielony color. kwiaty are formed at the junction of gazi and ktach lici, and their koski measure 7 cm in length.

Peperomia: opieka domowa

Nothing complicated is required for the installation and maintenance of roliny. The most important thing is to pay attention to the different types of kwiats and to avoid certain consequences.

Oświetlenie i temperatura powietrza

Among the several types of peperomii, okazy with a zielonych or a barwnych liciach may be found. As a result, the position on the rolin is chosen in accordance with the color of the rolins. A slice of zielonekwiaty is a delightful addition to a meal. A variety of species of gatunki prefer a darker environment, but not one that is completely devoid of soneczne ice. If they don’t have access to water, their lilies begin to wilt and become bizarre and atypical. If the growth of several types of pepperomia occurs in the pónocnym pokoju, it will necessitate the use of additional lighting.

In a building with a staircase leading to the second floor, rolina moves further away from the third floor.

Due to the fact that Peperomia is intolerant of dissent, it will not bloom on the balkons or in the garden during the open-air goylatory season.

As long as rolina remains on the parapet, it should not be pknied in the kitchen.

Wilgotność powietrza i podlewanie

There is no need for Rolina to have access to contaminated air. Peperomia will continue to grow and develop even in confined spaces with a suffocating amount of fresh air, such as in a pomieszczenia. However, in order to get a luxurious roelin, it is necessary to do frequent spryskiwanie. This should be done as often as possible during upas and while the grzejniks are connected. When the oxygen content of the air drops below 50%, the growth of krzew begins to accelerate. It is important to note, however, that peperomies with deteriorating lilies react in a highly negative manner to the process of removing them from the plant.

  1. The amount of wody produced by peperomii is only required during periods of active growth. It is necessary to carry out the Podlewanie procedure with osiad water at a temperature appropriate for the occasion. Intensity of podlewania decreases during the months of June and July
  2. On the other hand, korzenie may occur. Because peperomia is more prone to causing nadmierne wysuszenia than it is to causing przesuszenia, it is not recommended to use it to prevent wody stagnacji in the glebe.

Only during periods of active growth is it necessary to reduce the amount of water in the peperomii. In order to complete the Podlewanie, it is necessary to use hot water at a comfortable temperature. It is possible that korzenie will gnie if the weather is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Because peperomia is more prone to causing nadmierne wysuszenia than it is to causing przesuszenia, it is not recommended to use it to prevent water staining in the glebe.

Przeszczep i zapłodnienie

Only during periods of active growth is it necessary to increase the amount of water in the peperomii. It is necessary to do the Podlewanie procedure using osiad water at a temperature appropriate for the occasion. Intensity of podlewania decreases throughout the months of June and July, however korzenie might occur in the other direction. Because peperomia is more prone to causing nadmierne wysuszenia than it is to causing presuszenia, it is not recommended to use it to prevent wody stagnacji in the glebe.

It is not immediately clear whether or not the rolina will be relocated to the new glinianej mieszanki.

During the month of September, karmienie takes place once a month.

Szkodniki i choroby peperomii

A non-pretentious rolina with appropriate in-home care is a practical solution for people suffering from illnesses and disabilities. However, there are times when the kwiat may begin to dominate in unfavorable growth conditions:

  1. Weniak manifests itself as a biaa puszysta masa in the knuckles of the lilies. His emergence may be precipitated by low temperatures, protruding ribs, and roiling of the blood vessels (roiling of the blood vessels). Awakening szkodnik’s wacikiem, which has been infused with alcohol, in the first phase of the game. When dealing with a large number of robaks, it is necessary to use specialized chemical agents to spruce up the krzaki. Due to the fact that they resemble jasne kropki on the edges of roads, wciornastki on a variety of roadways are almost unnoticeable. It is these szkodniki that appear when the amount of peperomia increases in dark, smoky environments with low levels of oxygen. The use of owadobójczych preparats is essential in the treatment of these patients. Pajczyna appears as a pajczyna in the space between the lilies. Owads are attacking Rolina in a number of populated areas where the air quality is very poor. During the early stages of krzewy, it is sufficient to just spuka bieczk wod, przeciera gbk z mydlem, and spryskiwa on a regular basis. The removal of owadobójczymi rodkami is required in the case of an obfite infection.
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The ulubieccami of kwiaciarni are ulubieccami of peperomie, which are uniformly elegant, unpretentious, and served on a long latap. The variety of their types allows for the transfer of personal odors to the inside of the home. Furthermore, rolina produces fitocyds, which contaminate the air in septic tanks containing pathogenic bacteria by oozing into the air. As a result, it is recommended that peperomii be kept out of children’s bedrooms. Peperomia delica (delicious pepper)

Peperomia – uprawa, odmiany i pielęgnacja kwiatu doniczkowego w domu

Peperomia has a beautiful, ozdobne licie and over 1000 different varieties, which contributes to the fact that it is a rolin that is frequently used as a doniczko. It does, however, have some requirements – read on to find out what you should keep in mind while approaching pieprzownika! Peperomia is a kind of doniczkowy kwiat with oblong licias. It is also known as pieprzownikiem, and is one of the most popular kwiats doniczkowych on the market today. These rolins are often of medium size, with a maximum width of 50 centimeters.

  • The kwitnia (peperomia) is a type of roe – wyduone, zielono-óte kwiatostany with posta of wystajcych in the góra pdów, which appear in the spring and summer months (peperomia).
  • Among the many distinguishing characteristics of this pieprzownik are its beautiful, rounded lims on the wzniesioned pdach.
  • Peperomia Is one of the best ingredients for housecleaning.
  • The most popular of these, and the one that is most frequently encountered in Poland, is the pepperomia caperata (also known as peperomiakdzierzawa).
  • It is also known as peperomiak Additionally, odmiany of this roeliny with an oinny flavor may be found, for example, the pepperomia’Rosso’ with wzrok, fioletowych, and the Peperomia polybotrya ‘Raindrop’ with large, sercowaty liciach in the Ksztat of Eezki.

Peperomia obtusifolia, also known as jakopeperomiatpolistna, is a gatunek pieprzownika with a height of approximately 30 centimeters that distinguishes Rolina has a gste, owalne licie in a kolorzejasnozielonym, with a gadkiej and byszczcej powierzchni, with a gadkiej and byszczcej powierzchni.

  • Peperomia is not the easiest ingredient to work with while preparing rolin.
  • In a secluded environment with high levels of pollution (for example, in the kitchen or the bathroom), it develops the most effectively.
  • Peperomia, on the other hand, contains misiste licie, which perform the function of a wody magazyn.
  • WSKAZÓWKA When preparing peperomi, it is critical to be vigilant in order to avoid becoming involved in a scuffle with the cook.
  • In order to prevent this from happening, during the preparation of peperomii on the day of doniczki with otworami, a drenaowe warstwa made of kamyks should be used.
  • Their lilies are already blooming at temperatures between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius, and as a result, it is not necessary to raise the temperature of the zewnt zone during the autumn and winter months.
  • The most common problems with peperomii are in the home.
  • Here are some of the most common issues that arise throughout the process of bringing this roelin up to speed, along with possible solutions: The presence of opadajce licie is a sign that the surrounding temperature is too high.
  • Work on increasing the amount of oxygen in the home and regularly removing the liquified szmatk; non-eclectic plames in the naliciach– these are poparzenia that appear when peperomia grows in an excessively nasonecznionym location.

Larger zacienie on the rolin; wyduone pdy on the rolin– all of these symptoms indicate a lack of sufficient nasonecznienia. Reduce the size of the doniczki.

Peperomia – uprawa, pielęgnacja, odmiany

‘The previous piece of writing’

Najczęstsze błędy w uprawie roślin doniczkowych

The following article will be published shortly.

Odpowiednie nawadnianie roślin doniczkowych

PEPPEROMIA is a term used to describe a variety of things such as uprawa, pielgnacja, and odmiany, which are all terms used to describe a wpis that features a beautiful rolom with an atypical appearance. As a dredge, pieprzówka comes from the tropical and wilgotnych lasów of the southern United States, where it grows as an epifit in the midst of the desert. As a result, it can be observed in places that are not heavily soiled. In most cases, small sized peppers (about 30-35 cm in diameter) are used in the preparation.

  • Kwiatki are drobne, zebrane in wskie, cienkie, kosowate kwiatostany with a smoky flavor.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that pieprzówki are safe for both humans and animals.
  • Even in a heavily fortified position, he manages to keep his cool.
  • 15-18 st., maybe a little less than that.
  • Podlewanie.
  • During the day, it is once a week; during the night, it is once every two weeks.
  • Nawożenie.
  • We will not be harmed by Zima.
  • It necessitates the use of syznej, przepuszczalnej, and lekko kwanej gleby.

Peperomia tetraphylla `Hope`

The pieprzówka ‘Hope’ is distinguished by its attractive pokroje and ulistnieniem. This creature is in possession of licie that are grube, misiste, okrge, and zebrane after 3-4 in the okókach. The ruins are located in a series of odstpach atop a long, sloping pdach. Licie, in addition to being zdobione, are also more difficult to use.

Peperomia rotundifolia

It is a poctato-odmian pieprzówki with a zielony soczysty and lniacych lisciach, and it is a poctato-odmian pieprzówki. Delicate, delicate pds are held together by drobnymi listkami, each of which is hardly more than one centimeter in length. In wilgotnych pomieszczeniach as well as wiszczczcych doniczkach, he appears to be in excellent form.

Peperomia prostrata `Pepperspot`

“Pepperspot” pieprzówka charakteryzuje si zwisajcym pokrojem I dekoracyjnym ulistnieniem dla dekoracyjnych. This species is distinguished by its long, thin pdy, which are a brzowo-czerwonym color.

On the pdach, the osadzone licie are not very large, okrga, or grube. The outside edge of the blade is painted in the color zielony, and it byszczys unexpectedly. The color of the spodu, on the other hand, is czerwono.

Peperomia `Silver shine`

It is distinguished by having a srebrzyst barwa lici with an elegant and zamszowe structure. Peperomia “Silver Shine” is also known as “Silver Shine” or “Silver Shine”. On the blaszce liciowej is also visible a charakterystyczne unerwienie in the form of obienia, which is not uncommon. It is this pieprzówka that produces little kupy with a diameter of around 20-30 cm.

Peperomia caperata `Rosso`

Peperomia caperata ‘Rosso’ is a unique rolin, characterized by a noncodzienny, contrastowy zestawienie of barw that captivates the senses. When the spód is characterized by a rubinowe barwa, the liciowa blaszka is in the color of pale yellow zieleni. On a regular basis, they are used on a pdach in the form of liquid with a wyduom ksztastym. Makes little knuckles up to 30 cm in circumference.

Peperomia obtusifolia

Peperomia obtusifolia is one of a few genus of pieprzówki that has a krzaczasty pokrój with gruby, wyprostowany pdami and a krzaczasty pokrój with gruby, wyprostowany pdami. Extruding from the sides of the earth are two large, glimmering lilies in an okrgly ksztatic ksztate that look like they’re floating in mid-air. Blaszka is a crimson-orange color with a hint of crimson-orange undertones. Casa rolina has the potential to grow up to 35 cm.

Peperomia `Green gold`

Peperomia ‘Green gold’ is one of the varieties of tpolistnej pieprzówki. Lici, which are zielone with ótymi przebarwieniami, distinguish themselves from other colors on the spectrum. It also has a krzaczasty pokrój and has the potential to grow up to 30 cm.

Peperomia `Red margin`

Peperomia ‘Red margin’ is the latest in a long line of delicious tpolistnej pieprzówka variations. Possesses a krzaczasty pokrój made up of gruby, wyprostowanymi pdami, which is a unique feature. Licie are grube and misiste in nature. They distinguish themselves by having a cienkim, ciemnoczerwonym marginesem blaszki liciowej. Pdy, on the other hand, have a ciemnoczerwone zabarwienie.

Peperomia clusiifolia `Ginny`

Peperomia clusiifolia ‘Ginny’ is the latest roelin to be discovered with an unknown licensing mechanism. It has the appearance of a liciowe color of zielonego with the color of the koci of soniowe in the background. The czerwono-róowe zabarwienie marginesu blaszki liciowej is depicted by an owalny ksztat lici in a czerwono-róowe ksztat lici. Due to the presence of soneczne promienie, a bluish color appears on the rook, giving the rook a unique appearance. Promienie soneczne Pieprzówka possesses a krzaczasty pokrój and is capable of reaching lengths of up to 35 cm.

Take a look around your home and see what kind of messes you’ve made.

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⋆ ✔️Peperomia: rodzaje i opieka w domu ⋆ ‍ Farmer-online

From among the many varieties of peperomii available, every home grower will be able to select the one that is most appropriate for his or her own floral composition. Household peperomia kwiatowa is perfect for use in interior design: roliny can be obfite, krzaczaste, or even wylegajce, but they will almost always have a skórzaste li’cie – either gadkie or pomarzczone, równomiernie wybarwione, or even prkowane. Peperomia (peperomia) is a member of the Pepper family. Ojczyzna – tropiki I subtropiki Ameryki, as well as several regions of the United States and the Pacific Northwest.

The majority of the population lives in the tropical and subtropical regions of America.

The pds are gritty, wyprostowane, wylegajce lub pezajce, and they may reach a length of up to 1.5 meters.

Skórztaste peperomii come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as different colors and textures.

Licie have the potential to be okrge, lancetowate, or in the ksztacie serca. They are often gadkie from above, but they can also be pomarszczone from below. A lot of kwiaty are very little, without okwiatu, and are zebrane in a kwiatostany colb, or they are brown and poskrcane in the middle.

Gatunki roślin Peperomia: zdjęcia i nazwy

Hybryda Peperomia is the most widely used variety (P. hybryda) Peperomia gowa ból gowy (P. glabella) Rosina from Peperomia czubkowata (P. clusiifolia) that has been prepared, with soy sauce and fioletowodk as the main ingredient. Peperomia is a red pepper (P. róyczka), but it is also available in white. Wspinaczka Peperomiapstrokaty mundur wspinaczka Peperomiapstrokaty mundur (P scandensf.variegata) P. magnoliaefolia ‘Atropurpurea’ and magnolia leaves (P. magnoliaefolia ‘Atropurpurea’) are two varieties of pepperomia.

  1. marmorata) Peperomia pomarszczya si (P.
  2. A beautiful variety of roelin is the magnolialeaf peperomia, which is a softly curled roelin with a delicately curved leaf.
  3. The Gatunek is growing in the Panamie, near the Antylach, on the eve of the Pacific Ocean’s equinox.
  4. Peperomia arifoliais regarded as the most decorative of all the gatunek species due to the presence of srebrzyste paski on the leaves.
  5. Wspinaczka Peperomia, różnorodna-P.
  6. Ojczyzna – Peru.
  7. Kwiatostany na czerwonawych szypułkach.

Peperomia szara-P.

Łodyga jest gruba, mięsista, bladozielona.

Jak widać na zdjęciu, w wewnętrznym kwiecie peperomii tego gatunku młode pędy są smukłe, ale z czasem stają się ampeliczne: Peperomia srebrzysta(P.

Liście są zaokrąglone, jajowate, o długości 6–9 cm I szerokości 5–8 cm, zebrane w rozety, ciemnozielone ze srebrzystymi paskami, z perłowym odcieniem.

W kulturze najczęściej uprawia się pomarszczoną peperomię.

Wysokość rośliny nie przekracza 10-15 cm.

Kwiatostany są zakrzywione, tworzą długi wyrostek podobny do ogona, złożony z bardzo małych kwiatów.

Spójrz na zdjęcia rodzajów peperomii, których nazwy podano powyżej:

Dbanie o wewnętrzny kwiat peperomii w domu

Peperomia is most frequently uprooted in areas with a strong slant toward the pónoc. However, different-colored roeliny accentuate the presence of a particularly attractive color in the sand (however caution should be exercised while approaching promienia from the south). Roliny unpretentious, with temperatures ranging from 16 to 18 degrees Celsius in the summer and a few degrees higher in the winter. The growth of pepperomia is accelerated in low temperatures. Preparation of the rolins, with the exception of gatunks with owosioned licias, is essential in the process of peperomii pielgnacji.

Torfu and piask are used to prepare the podoe for the saddening of peperomii.

It is not necessary for Rolina to engage in obfuscated behavior.

The ability to maintain consistency throughout the course of a year is required.

In order to effectively pielgnowa kwiat peperomii in the home, the water must be osiada and mikka.

Due to the fact that pepperomia rolin (domestic roelin) gromadzi water in the leaves of the plant, it szybko rozkada when exposed to an unpleasant environment.

Massive problems for the roelins result in nicienie and przdziorks.

System of korzeniowe and the Rozpad of Odyg This is the meaning of the word: podmokoo gleby.

It is essential to reduce the amount of water used throughout the cleaning process. Change in the color of the lilacs. The reason for this is a lack of illumination. It is necessary to move the roliny to a more convenient location.

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