Quizy Ogrodnicze, Testy Wiedzy I Zabawy Z Przyrodą – Strona 3

Quiz – test wiedzy ogrodniczej

Quiz – a test of your gardening knowledge Do you believe that you are a trustworthy ogrodnik, to whom no one will ever ask a question? Do you believe you already know everything? This is something you can easily verify in our ogrodniczek knowledge base. Investigate whether you are “dowiadczony” or “completely zielony” by answering 50 questions. Zaczynamy? Take a look, sir! Please join us for a game of zabawy:) 1/50 Forsycja, oczar, and Kalina Bodnantska are some of the characters who appear before the start of the game.

6/50 Among the hortensji that may be grown in Poland are roeliny: from donic to rabaty and pncza, among others.

10/50 It’s a cukrowy groszek that’s wysiewa: 11/50 In a cienistym zaktku ogrodu na rabacie, the following is observed: 12/50 Trawnik is something we should wertykulowa: 13/50 What kind of gbowy apparatus do the Mszyce have?

Dereni jadalnych, klonówhortensji bukietowych, and piciorników are examples of adalni.

16/50 Biedronki are ogrodnik sprzymierzecy, due to the fact that they entrap pdraki chrabszczy majowychich larwy and cause them to sywa si mszycami.

To whom it may concern: 19/50 The pospolicie kula with latajing owoce is referred to as the “dmuchawce” in Polish.

In accordance with the most recent systematization, aster belongs to the family: 24/50 Serduszka appears to be well-known under two different aciskim names: Philadelphus and Nephrolepis (Philadelphus and Nephrolepis) 25/50 A single dominating pie is all that Rolina has; she does not produce odrostówkwiaty (meatballs) and (vegetables) on the same osobnik.

  1. 27/50 Topinambur is commonly referred to as: 28/50 Nowa polska nazwa rozchodnika jest rozchodnikowiec, a po aciska jest: rozchodnikowiec.
  2. 30/50Too popular, despite the fact that it is a common name for popular roliny.
  3. 33/50 It is not necessary to prepare for the next winter: 34/50 When should the rolins be okrywa before the mrozem?
  4. 35/50 It is possible to include: all of the leftovers from the ogroduchwasties and the opade licie, as well as the drzewrozdrobnione leftovers from the wild mushrooms in the kompost.
  5. 41/50 Montbrecja has a different name: To odmiany: 42/50Lobo, Gala, Golden Delicious, 42/50Lobo, Gala, Golden Delicious 43/50 Murarka is the name of the gatunku: 44/50 What kinds of horticultural events take place in Poznan throughout the winter months?
  6. 46/50Which warzywa are the quickest to produce plon?
  7. What is the pH (KCl) of a soda ash?

When a kwitny forsycje is made, it is called a wiosn. 49/50How many kropek do “polskie” rodzime biedronki possess? 50/50 Zioa in the garden should be prepared as follows: More information may be found here (6) Take a deep breath and press the PREZENT button!

MAC- Oficjalna Księgarnia

Education-related products and services are provided by Ksigarnia Edukacyjna, which is targeted at teachers, educators, parents, and students. On our website, you will find Pastwo podrczniki, poradniki metodyczne, pomoce naukowe, lektury, as well as a large collection of okoopodrcznikowych publications. Our goal is to assist parents and teachers in the education of children by providing high-quality publications from the best Polish publishing houses, including the MAC Publishing House and the JUKA Publishing House, respectively.

  1. Because of this, you will be able to find the information you want when browsing our products without difficulty.
  2. Podrczniki provide assistance to children from the earliest stages of development.
  3. The goal of a good podrcznik is to identify and prevent the occurrence of problems that a child may encounter in his or her daily life, as well as to prepare the child for adulthood.
  4. To achieve this, the child should run up to the podrcznik and bury his or her face in it.
  5. Pakiety dla przedszkolaków are divided according to the age of the child.
  6. Ksiki and podrczniki, on the other hand, are not everything.
  7. In the dziale Pomoce dydaktyczne, you will find, among other things, publications and materials that will assist you in the learning of writing, reading, calculating, and ortografii.
  • A large selection of podrczniks as well as a large number of okoopodrcznik-related publications
  • Always up-to-date publications
  • It will take 48 hours for the delivery to be completed. Garantie obecnoci bezpieczestwa przeprowadzonych transakcji
  • A comprehensive educational offering in a single location

Quiz Przyroda i Geografia Polski ALEX –

Game in which participants participate in exhilarating zanies while also gaining a wealth of interesting information about Poland’s geography and history.

Three hundred and eighty-eight cards, on which there are 392 questions, are available for use by the players. Aside from that, there is a policy of security, as well as procedures for receiving and sending messages, and a regulatory framework for ksigarni.

Game in which participants participate in exhilarating zanies while also gaining a wealth of interesting information about Poland’s geography and history. Three hundred and eighty-eight cards, on which there are 392 questions, are available for use by the players. As an added bonus, katapults and other katapult-like weapons can be used to reach the goal. It is possible to earn bonus points and, as a result, improve one’s overall ranking by using this method. opakowania zawarto opakowania 80 etonów, a klepsydra, a kubek, a kulka, a katapulta, and an instruction manual are included in the set.

  1. In a game, in which participants take part in a highly energizing game, while at the same time receiving a slew of interesting information about Poland’s geography and history, the participants are called to the stage.
  2. The players have 98 cards in total, and on each of them there are 392 questions.
  3. In return, she can get extra points, which she can use to boost her own zru0119cznou0107.
  4. u015bu0107 zawartou015bu0107 opakowania

    8-kart liter, 4 znakuzapytania, 4 pionki, game-ready kostka, plansza, 80-cetonu00f3w, klepsydra,notes, kubek, kulka, katapulta, and an instruction manual are included in the package.

  5. There are 98 cards in total, and on each of them there are 392 questions.

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Format202Opakowaniepudeko,255x245x60 mmISBN/EAN13: 5906018005172 Format202Opakowaniepudeko,255x245x60 mmISBN/EAN13: 5906018005172 Format202Opakowaniepudeko,255x245x60 mmISBN/EAN13: 5906018005172 Game in which participants participate in exhilarating zanies while also gaining a wealth of interesting information about Poland’s geography and history. Three hundred and eighty-eight cards, on which there are 392 questions, are available for use by the players. Dodatkową.

Strona 147 – ProSkarżysko

The days of Skaryska2018 have already entered the annals of history. Residents of the city and visitors will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities over the course of three days. Gwiazda appearances couldn’t be missed among the many other attractions. Shaun Baker and Jessica Jean were in attendance on Sunday, while Lady Pank was in attendance on Monday.

Zapraszamy na Dni Skarżyska 2019:

It has already entered the annals of history. The residents of the city and visitors may engage in a variety of activities over the course of three days. Gwiazda appearances couldn’t be missed among the many attractions. Shaun Baker and Jessica Jean were in attendance on Sunday, while Lady Pank was in attendance on Monday.


The study of mathematics and technology contribute to the advancement of our civilization by revealing a plethora of previously unseen facts and odkry. Many people’s work, thoughts, and ideas have been focused on how our world is currently functioning, how many udogodnie we can take advantage of, and how quickly we can communicate with one another. In our daily lives, we come into contact with many objects and devices that have evolved into a natural and unchanging part of our lives; nonetheless, someone will have to odkrywa or re-construct them at some point.

At one point, everything appeared to be out of the question!

We also encourage you to look at the devices and tools that make our lives easier, as well as the people who were responsible for their creation.

We will be updating the site on a regular basis to reflect any new material that becomes available.

Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 123 im. Generała Józefa Bema

  • Our school’s annual “Colorful Jesienny Tydzie” event took place in the middle of this week, and it was attended by students from grades 3 to 6. Nasi najmodsi uczniowie wybrali na wygodne jesienne kolory, dziki którym nasze przekór jesiennej szarudze- radoniej szarudze- radoniej szarudze- radoniej szarudze- radoni

Wyniki Szkolnego konkurs dla uczniów klas piątych „Smacznie, Zdrowo, Kolorowo”

  • Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of the students from klas pitych, who participated in the school’s kulinarno-artystyczny competition, which focused on healthy eating and living. Out of all of the submitted work, the judging committee selected three, with the goal of recognizing them with a special award. The following are examples of works that met all of the requirements of the competition and received the highest level of praise from the jury:- “Jogurtowe niebo w gbie” Franciszka Cygana (5B),- “Jajeczna bajka z saatk” Hanny Roek (5A), and- “Grecka saatka makaronowa” Kacpra Kubina (5A) (5B). We’ll show you some photos of the contestants’ work below. We congratulate our laureate, wishing him further success as well as innovative culinary ideas! Organizatorzy

Światowy Dzień Misia

  • On the 25th of this month, all around the world, the World Day of Misia is observed – each and every country has its own day of misia. Every child brought their most treasured mission to school with them on this day, and the entire second grade enjoyed it. In addition to this, we learned about “Historia pluszowego misia,” saw an educational video on well-known misia, and solved zagadki
  • And participated in the game “Wyturlaj misia,” in which each child rysowaed his or her own mission and received a unique identity. At the end of the night, we had a great time singing songs about missions. It’s a shame that Dzie Misia is only held once a year:-)

Pisk Białego Orła

  • On the 23rd of November, in honor of National Day of Non-Violence, a celebratory academy for students in the fourth through eighth grades was held. Students at the current location of the sztandarowe szkoa sang the national anthem after receiving an early historical reminder on November 11, 1918. They then saw a musical performance entitled “Pisk Biaego Ora” after receiving an early historical reminder. Students from Szkolnego Koa Teatralnego, who were guided by p. Dorota Cienkosz and Justyna Zapiór, presented their work in a public performance. “Pisk Biaego Ora” is the story of a wiejskiej rodziny, which was widely regarded as a symbol of patriotism during World War I, and which endured the horrors of war – the death of their father and the death of one of their sons on the battlefield. People in their homes are burying a poet, who, by devoting most of his time to literature and poetry from the period of famine, helps to strengthen and ennoble the already strong sense of patriotism among the residents. To be a symbol of freedom in Poland is to be a blond orzesz, whose cry for freedom is heard in the hearts of all Poles but who can’t seem to find the courage to stand up for it. During the performance, we were able to express our gratitude to our students for their exceptional acting and vocal abilities. Stunning and nastrojowe piosenki performed by a group of students from classes IIIb and IIIc were bolstered by the work of the three artists on display. A huge significance was also attached to the beautiful scenography and rekwizyty, which allowed us to travel back in time to the epoch of 1918 roku in a single motion. Szymon Kisiel, Wiktoria Gwiazdowicz, Aurelia Figiel, Kornelisz Kusiak, Milena Jacak, Kacper Trybua, Ignacy Boruta, Milena Syrek, and Hanna Roek all contributed to the display. Gratulujemy

Festiwal Pieśni Patriotycznych

  • In order to participate in the National Day of Non-Violence, students in the upper elementary and middle school grades participated in a patriotic repertuar this year. In light of the current epidemiological situation, the Festival of Pieni Patriotycznych and onierskich was unable to take place at the school. However, that did not deter a group of young patriots from presenting their well prepared anthems in front of the camera. We cordially invite you to have a look at the reactions to the festival.

Kacper Kubin z medalem na mistrzostwach w Ju-Jitsu

  • I traveled from Krakow to Warszaw, Poland, with my coach and teammates from the Grappling Kraków club, on the 15th of February, to compete in the Polish Ju-Jitsu Championships. Following our arrival at the destination, a brief period of odpoczynku and posiku, we proceeded to the training and sparring facilities. Following my arrival at the OSiR on the following day’s zawody, I was zwaoned and sorted into the appropriate age and weight categories, respectively. After completing the qualification process, I looked forward to starting the walk. When I finished the fourth and final match, I went on to compete in the championship match against a stronger opponent from Pabianic, which I eventually won. In the end, I finished in second place and received a silver medal in the Modzicy up to 38 kg category. As part of the competition, I joined together with my teammates and coach to create a visually stunning obiad and deser. I returned home to my family on Wednesday, August 17th, after being away for a few days due to illness. I believe that this was a really good result, and I would have liked to have seen it repeated over the course of a year. Kacper Kubin is located at kl. 5 b.

Sukcesy szachowe

  • According to available information, the Szkoy Podstawowej nr 123 representative team competed in the Mistrzostwach Krakowa in the Szachach, which was held as part of the Krakowskiej Olimpiady Modziey. They were victorious. Milena Jacak (klasa 6a), who earned three first-place finishes in the individual competition, as well as Aurelia Figiel (klasa 8b), who earned five first-place finishes in the dziewczt starszych classification, had a spectacular performance. In contrast, among the older children, Jakub Leski (class 7c) took home the eighth place in an individual competition. During the druynowej classification, the following dziewczta received 4th place: Alicja Gsiorek (klasa 3c) and Milena Jacak, while the following chopcy received 7th place: Stanislav Khvalyk and Piotr Wójcik (obydwoje klasa 3b)
  • In the druynowej classification, the following

Zbiórki zuchowe iharcerskie w naszej szkole

  • We cordially invite you to our zbiórki: -gromady zuchowej (6-10 lat)w rodyw godzinach 16:34-18:04 w rodyw godzinach 16:34-18:04 At 16:34 and 18:04, the harcers’ senior team (plus ten years) will play in the pitko and the evening. Zbiórki will take place at the harcówce along the SP 123. Contact with the druynowych: A” Podgórska Druyna Harcerska,Zawiszacy”,dh Pawe Syc,kom. 782 927 975,A” Podgórska Druyna Harcerska,Zawiszacy”,dh Magdalena Ciela,kom. 504 698 622-4,A” Podgórska Gromada Zuchowa,Wawelskie Smoki”,dh To you, Czuwaj, with harcerskim pozdrowieniem! Sara Zago-Tastekin is a Ph.D. candidate in mathematics. Szarych Szeregów
  • Komendantka Szczepu Czwartacyim

Sukces w konkursie matematycznym

  • It was announced to us by Mio that Kacper Kubinzo, a 5bKacper Kubinzo student, was a finalist in the matematyczne Krakowska Matematyka 2021 competition. We congratulate you and wish you continued success.

Szkoła do hymnu!

  • On the 10th of this month, we participated in the pan-Polish campaign “Szkoa do hymnu” organized by the Ministry of Education and Science. On November 11th, in honor of the 103rd anniversary of Poland’s annexation of the territories of the former Soviet Union, we odpiewali four zwrotki “Mazurka Dbrowskiego.” We cordially invite you to see photographs taken during this event. As well as children from schools around the country, the National Day of Nonviolence inspired them to produce visually appealing biao-czerwony works of art.

Dzień łamigłówek

  • On the 29th of February, a Dzie amigówek was held at our school, which was organized by the 8th-grade class. Students from the remaining classes in grades 4-8 were eager to participate in this event. With a lot of dedication, they worked on resolving the problems that had arisen before. We are quite grateful for the large number of participants, and we have high hopes that each and every one of them will have a good time on this particular day. Instructors of clasy 8b

Plebiscyt na najsympatyczniejszego zwierzaka domowego

  • In the framework of the Szkolnego Konkursu “Klasa z Klas” organized by the Samorzd Uczniowski for grades 4-8, klasa 4b, in collaboration with the wychowawcy, organized a plebiscyt for the most enthusiastic kid. The event will take place between October 18th and October 26th, 2021. It was necessary to take a photograph of one’s own zwierztka and bring it to school in order to participate in the plebiscyte. Uczniowie and Nauczyciele were among those who took part in the campaign. The battle for the title of najsympatyczniejszego zwierzaka took place on the 26th of February, with 55 participants. The decision was quite difficult. One hundred and forty-four people cast their votes for the selection of three of the most spectacular creatures on the planet. The following students received the most votes:kotek FoksikKai Kudek from klasy 4b, winka morska StopekWojtka Reubenbauera from klasy 8a, ipiesek Bambipani Anny Wosek. The teejeyk PiggyIgnacego Boruty from klasy 5a and the piesek Mafi Oskara Jdrzejczyka were also favorites. Thank you for your participation and for the fun we had together. The students in class 4b

Telefon Zaufania Rzecznika Praw Dziecka

  • The Ministry of Education and Science encourages students who are experiencing lupus, emocjonal napicia, kobiety, and difficulties that are negatively impacting their psychological well-being to contact the free information line Rzecznika Praw Dziecka at 800 12 12 12. Humanitarily and professionally compensated psychological assistance is available to young people by dialing this number. This service is also available to their caregivers. There is also a time limit for children and teenagers to use the internet. Both the phone zaufania and the time provide complete confidentiality and anonymity, and they are available for use twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. Young people who are experiencing difficulties that are having an impact on their psychological well-being might benefit from the free phone number provided by the Office of the Children’s Advocate. By dialing the number 800 12 12 12, they will be able to receive professional psychological assistance. The participants in the discussion will have the assurance of confidentiality and anonymity. Children and young people can benefit from the availability of internet access as well. The installation of any application or the creation of a logo is not required. The phone and the clock are ringing around the clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! More information about the topic of Dziecicego telefonu Zaufania may be found on the website of the Rzecznika Praw Dziecka. Starting on 1st of April, the Rzecznika Praw Dziecka will launch an all-Polish information line for children and young people, as well as their caregivers, called POMAGAMY (800 800 605).

Konkurs Wiedzy o Zdrowym Żywieniu

  • GOD BLESS YWIENIE = GOD BLESS MYLENIE We cordially invite students in the seventh and eighth grades to participate in the Wiedzy o Zdrowym ywieniu. The competition is being organized by the Modzieowy Dom Kultury im. K. I. Gaczyskiego in Krakow, in collaboration with the Office of the President of the City of Krakow ds. Rodziny (President’s Office). The goal of this project is to provide solutions to students who are interested in problems related to healthy living as well as pro-health education. The first stage of the competition (scholastic eliminations in the form of tests) will take place on November 19, while the second stage – FINA – will take place on June 26, 2021, at the Dom Kultury in Beskidzkiej. At the end of the first round, 30 participants with the highest number of points advance to the next round. We would want to establish contact with Dr. Justyna Frczek by the 5th of May, 2021. The following are the rules for the competition:

Wycieczka klas siódmych

  • On the 21st of February, students from the 7th, 7th, and 7th grade participated in a one-day excursion to the Bocheskie Mountains. During the excursion, participants learned about the most fascinating stories from the World Wars I and II that were connected to the bochesk ziemi. They also visited Nowy Winicz, including the Dworek Koryznówka (where the legendary general Pilecki was imprisoned). Following that, they traveled to a cmentarz from the time of World War I, where they participated in a series of active Quest warsztatas in the form of a competition. Skarb is on the prowl for zwycizców:) At the conclusion of the wycieczki, there was an ognisko with kiebasek pieczeniem, as well as sporting games and competitions. Throughout the whole trip, we were blessed with clear, sunny weather. The members of the 7th grade (I.Kondratiuk, R.Budkiewicz, and J.Frczek) are the wychowawcy.

Szkoła pamięta!

  • In the upcoming week, we will be participating in the “Szkoa pamita” campaign. Students from Klasy 2B chose to participate in a wycieczk at Kopiec Kociuszki. On our way back, we stopped at a cemetary in Salwator, where we buried a plaque commemorating the lives of those who died during the Second World War in a zbiorowej mogile. After that, we headed to the Kopcu for a pikna, jesienna alej dinner. Because to the generosity of one of our colleagues, who happens to be a volunteer, we learned a few interesting facts about Tadeusz Kociuszko and learned the short history of the creation of our national hero’s kopca. We expressed our displeasure with both the potent kopiec and the wzniesioned around the twierdz. Following in his footsteps, we completed the makiety following the powrocie. In the next week, Pani will read to us an excerpt from the story “Mad Tadek rusza ladami Tadeusza.” Tadeusza Kociuszki’s postaw drew a lot of attention from us.

Z życia świetlicy.

  • The students of the third and third grades came together to form a small instrumental group during their swietlicowych activities. They collaborated on the composition “Owieczki Kasi.” We cordially invite you to participate in the discussion! In addition, students are developing their plastyczne abilities, as seen by the photographs included in this publication.

Konkurs plastyczny “Jesienne drzewo”

  • We cordially invite students to participate in the plastycznym konkurssie, which will be organized by the Szkolna wietlica. REGULAMIN KONKURSU

“Smacznie, zdrowo, kolorowo” – szkolny konkurs dla klas piątych

  • “SMACZNIE, ZDROWO, KOLOROWO” is a culinary-arts competition open to students in the third grade. Please see below for more information. We would like to invite you to get acquainted with the competition’s rules. REGULAMIN KONKURSU

Trzecioklasiści w Puszczy Niepołomickiej

  • The beginning of the Polish summer is a perfect time to take a trip to the countryside, where you can enjoy the stunning colors of the landscape. The opportunity to express gratitude for the beautiful natural surroundings was provided by the participation of kindergartners and third- and fourth-graders in a field trip to Puszczy Niepoomickie on 19th of February, in conjunction with their teachers. Implementing the “Become a Lennikie” project, the team deployed leaning sciek while keeping an eye on the road ahead. Every child received a specialized zeszyt with tasks from the Nadlenictwa Niepoomice, which let them to learn about how las is constructed, how leniks work, what benefits the leny ecosystem provides, and what animals they may encounter in the lesion of roeliny and zwierzta. It was a wonderful opportunity for further development and application of theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms, as well as for spending time in the great outdoors.

XI Ogólnopolska Giełda ProjektówNarodowe Centrum Kultury

A call to action is issued by the National Center for Culture (NCK) to all animators, educators, and representatives of cultural institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are interested in the implementation of culturally themed public events at the Ogólnopolsk Gied Project. “Animacja + krajobraz” is the theme of the current year’s first edition of the magazine.

The Maopolski Instytut Kulturyoraz krakowskiOrodek Kultury im. C.K. Norwida and the Narodowemu Centrum Kultury are collaborating on the organization of the event, which will take place in a hybrid format (both on-site and online) and will take place in Krakow.

O Ogólnopolskiej Giełdzie Projektów

It is the primary goal of the Pan-Polish Giedy Projects to popularize good practices that are being implemented by cultural animators all around the country. The current edition of the event will be accompanied by a bdzierefleksja on the current location of Krajobrazu, which has been characterized both as a terrain and a topic, but also more broadly as a process, which is dependent on human activity and has an impact on it in educational and animacyjn settings. Krajobraz is also a collection of practices and activities that are associated with the city’s historic core and pre-Rodniczymi areas.


Under the auspices of the three-day conference, participants will take part in a plethora of events, including: the presentation of the best cultural projects in the context of a plenary session, warsztataches both in person and online, as well as study sessions and events that will take place in the surrounding area. Warsztaty, in accordance with the pre-eminent hash mark of Giedy, will be centered on topics related to krajobrazemiocologia, such as the Jadalny krajobraz as an example of partycypujing ogrodnictwa, during which the participants will construct an extremely small ogrodnictwa, and the Zielone Wydarzenie Culturalne, where participants will learn There are a variety of offerings in the form of warsztats that are available on a regular basis, such as praktyka yczliwej, methods of interpreting cultural and historical sites, as well as zagadnienia in the field of social archaeology.

  1. Themes covered by webinars and online conferences include, among others, ideas for the creation of cultural parks, a zielony sal, and the establishment of non-profit organizations that promote children’s recreational activities.
  2. We had planned study-related get-togethers on the 15th of March.
  3. In addition, while our spacer in Krakow, we will be having discussions and reflections on the topics of environmental awareness and the impact of human activity on the environment.
  4. Inspiring zwyciskie projekty pozwol na spojrzenienie na krajobraz przez pryzmat jak dwików, zapachów, relacji z przyrod, lokalnego dziedzictwa I symboliki, oraz historii.

Poster and stolikow sessions as well as warsztats will take place at the Orodku Kultury im. C.K. on the 17th of March following a joint sniadanie in the plenere.

Dlaczego? Przyroda. Pytania i odpowiedzi dla maluchów

The most frequently asked question by both children and adults, “How come?” is one of the most popular in the world. Dzieci are inquisitive and often have a lot of questions. You’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about przyrody in this collection of essays. Unusual okienka and straightforward explanations of facts will, with certainty, heighten the interest of your child.

Dostępna liczba sztuk
Dostępność całkowita 16 szt.
Dostępność w naszym magazynie 2 szt.(realizacja już jutro)

The introductory offer is now available for 199,00z.

  • Create your zamówienie by selecting a location from earlier in the day in which you wish to have them delivered. It might be a pocztowa plaza, a sklep abka, a Freshmarket, or a station called Orlen. You will get information about the revocation of your permission from us. You will receive notification through email or SMS from Poczty Polskiej informing you of the arrival of your package at the selected location. A pracownik in a placówce creates a psyk after receiving odbiorcy’s data that is consistent with the data on the psyk and after receiving approval of personal information. Keep in mind that you have seven days to complete the odbiór przesyki from the pocztowej parking lot.
  • Create a zamówienie and include your home address in the body of the message. You will get information about the revocation of your permission from us. Listenosz dorcza przesyk
  • Listenosz dorcza
  • Create a zamówienie by providing your home address. You will get information from us regarding the cancellation of your order. It is a listonosz dorcza pysyk
  • Create your zamówienie by selecting a previous Paczkomat, in which you want to have them deposited
  • You will get information about the revocation of your permission from us. You will receive notification through email or SMS from Paczkomatów InPost with information on the delivery of your package to the selected Paczkomat. The creation of the spreadsheet begins after the entry of a phone number and the submission of a code, which is contained in an SMS message. Remember that you have 48 hours to complete the odbiór przesyki from Paczkomatu.
  • Create a zamówienie and include your home address in the body of the message. You will get information about the revocation of your permission from us. In this case, the Kurier will dorcza przesyk
  • Create a zamówienie by providing your home address. You will get information from us regarding the cancellation of your order. It is the responsibility of the Kurier to prepare the dish.
  • Create a zamówienie and include your home address in the body of the message. You will get information about the revocation of your permission from us. In this case, the Kurier will dorcza przesyk
  • As soon as the visitor doesn’t recognize the address, the system sends an alert, and the package may be collected at the nearest Poczty Polskiej location at the appropriate time.

Create a zamówienie by providing your home address. You will get information from us regarding the cancellation of your order. It is the responsibility of the Kurier to prepare the dish. As soon as the visitor doesn’t recognize the address, the system sends an alert, and the package can be collected at the nearest Poczta Polskiej location.

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