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Sklepy i centra ogrodnicze – adresy i kontakty

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Center for horticulture in the scleps

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Tarnowska 30 is the address of, an internet-based garden supply store. 77 454 98 16, 696 81 31 71, 509 705 260 email:[email protected],Agropest – Centrum OgrodniczeSokoów Podlaski, ul. Lipowa 82Tel. 25 781 70 20 email:[email protected],Agropest – Sklep OgrodniczyWocawek, Agroservice II s.c. Jarosaw, ul. Sowackiego 30-30, Jarosaw, Poland Call +48 16 621 49 00, email +48 16 621 49 00, website +48 16 621 49 00, fax +48 16 621 49 The following companies are located in Poland: AwexNowe Skalmierzyce, Kociuszków 11, Tel.

  1. Przemysowa, Tel.
  2. Bielska 54 54Tel.
  3. Bielska 54 54Tel.
  4. z o.o Call 061 29 61 232 or 606 164 395 or send an email to [email protected]

061 29 61 232 or 606 164 395 or Centrum Ogrodnicze Dom Plus Ogród Radomsko, Pisudskiego 35 (Radom, Poland) Phone: 044 68 38 938, email: [email protected], website: Dom w Ogrodzie – Ogrodnicze Centrum Ogrodnicze The address is Warszawa, Modliska 339; the phone number is 022 614 76 21; the website is Centrum Ogrodnicze (Agricultural Center) Joanna Kowalska is a Polish actress and singer.

  1. Phone: 789 332 896; email: [email protected]; Ogrodniczy Lublin, Prawiedniki 188; Centrum Ogrodnicze KosiareczkiZamo, Szczebrzeska 39a; Fax: 606 877 148; Website:; Kwiaciarnia L’amour is an agricultural research and development center.
  2. 74 847 38 16 email:[email protected],Centrum Ogrodnicze ORCHIDEABydgoszcz, Gajowa18Tel.
  3. Ciele 47, Bodzanów, tel.
  4. Szosa Gdaska7, Osielsko, ul.
  5. Szosa Gdaska7, Centrum Ogrodnicze ROL-P Call 062 767-06-88 or send an email to [email protected] to reach Opatówek, Rogatka9 or visit their website at
  6. Syrokomli 1, phone: 022 510 30 55, email: [email protected],Poprzednia12.3,Nastpnia12.3

Strona główna

We are pleased to present to you today, Agroflora Zielony Oówek, a newly upgraded version of our online store, which is a component of our family-owned, small business. Nasz sklep,male rodzinne centrum ogrodnicze, powsta as the first of its kind in the city of Opolu in 1989, when it opened its doors. The company Agroflora has been in operation with its current name and address since 1993. In addition to arising from a variety of vocation-related interests, it was inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, the splendor of world travel, and the dread of creation.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our little company and invite you to take advantage of our services.

Torfyi caters to kwiatów and sadzonek, as well as a wide range of artykus for the care of gardens.

In the field of specialized ogrodnic services, we design and build residential and commercial gardens, as well as horticultural and horticultural land development projects in municipalities.

Józefa Walecki 1, 45-586 Opole NIP 7542852335 Nr.konta bankowego: 18 1050 1504 1000 0092 5256 3193 Anna Konowalczuk-Oud. Ul. Józefa Walecki 1, 45-586 Opole NIP 7542852335 Telephone: +48774549816 Telephone: +48774549816 Telephone: +48774549816 Telephone: +48774549816 E-mail:

Największe Centra Ogrodnicze w Polsce – Garden Rangers

With this article, we will show you the largest horticultural centers in Poland, which are available to you. This type of location is most commonly found near large szkókoh rolin ozdobnych, although it may also be found elsewhere. We will not be replacing ogrodniczych commercial centers with more traditional skleps built from the ground up, i.e. from one neighborhood to another.

1. Centrum Ogrodnicze Majewscy

The company has been in operation since 1994. In terms of size, it is now the largest such center in Poland. It occupies more than two hectares of land, on which is built a collection of handicraft shops with a variety of specialized wares, including, for example, roliny for the home, pielgnacia equipment, roliny for the garden, florystyka, and even zoology. In the Dolnolskim Województwie, the procession is being led by a maze in Legnicy, near the Koskowickiej 12 Street.

2. Centrum Ogrodnicze Cisek

The school began in 1979, and the entire family is involved in the development of the institution. Customers will find a large selection of products for their homes, balconies, and gardens here. In addition to sprzeday, Centrum offers ogrodnicze services as well as a florystyczny kcik with unusual bukiet compositions. Centrum has the ability to operate throughout the year due to its extensive range of offerings. You may find the sklep at the following address: Jaczów, ul. Krta 12, Gogów, in the Dolnolskim Województwie.

3. Centrum Ogrodnicze Ogród Śląski

Similarly, it is the largest center in the entire county of lsk. Their offer contains just what you are willing to pay for. In addition to drzew and krzewów ozdobnych and owocowych, byliny, pncza, roliny skalne and wodne, as well as ogrodnicze akcesoria, are available for purchase. The building is equipped with pitra, on which appropriate activities, such as zoological research, can be carried out. Clients who have changed their minds may look forward to a break in the pokazowy garden, while children can look forward to several attractions.

4. Centrum Ogrodnicze Daglezja

This is one of the largest shopping centers in the whole of the Saxony-Anhalt region, and it is dedicated entirely to the needs of the people of this region. In addition to the many types of flowers that are shown on the front of the store, a newly constructed annex has items for the home and garden that were just completed. The scope of the company’s offering has been expanded to include the design and construction of greenhouses in conjunction with nawadnianiem and brukarstwem. The sklep may be found on Brata Alberta 6 in the Zawierciu neighborhood.

5. Szkółka krzewów ozdobnych PUDEŁEK

Festiwale Kwitncych Azalii, among other things, take place in this picturesque setting. Agronomic center is located near the school, and visitors are welcome to visit the private gardens of the school’s owners on a few occasions each year. We’ve written about it previously in our articles. Please come to ul. Paska 40 in Pisarzowicach, in the province of lsk, to meet with us.

6. Szkółka roślin ozdobnych PUDEŁKO

If you’re confused by the previous name, it’s because there is an odrbna szkóka located in the same town.

In addition, the proprietors run a small horticultural center. In this Japanese garden, you might get some inspiration for your next project. Pisarzowice’s Sklep can be found on Ogrodnicza Street, number two.

7. Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów Ozdobnych Krzysztof Kubiczek

Apart from the schools and the ogrodniczego center, this is the final point on the outskirts of the city with display gardens. The owners concentrated their efforts mostly on the uprawie of pnczy, as well as iglastych and liliowców. The Pisarzowicch branch of a family-owned business is located on Paskiej 50 in the city. Days of open ogrods are organized in collaboration with the other nearby szkókami.

8. Gospodarstwo szkółkarskie i Centrum Ogrodnicze KAPIAS

Not only are they well-known among ogrodnikom, but they are also well-known among the general public. It takes its name from the beautiful pokazowych gardens that surround it, where it is home to hektaries with hodowanymi rolinami. This is an excellent location for a weekend getaway as well as ogrododowe shopping. The kooo Pszczyny in Goczakowicach, ul. w. Anny 4, has been transformed into a family-run business.

9. Szkółka krzewów ozdobnych Milczyński

The oldest parts of the school date back to the 1980s of the twentieth century, and after a few decades, a garden center was established, which was revitalized thanks to the presence of a demonstration garden. The zielony dach in front of the sales floor is a unique feature. After taking a break in the garden and shopping, you may relax in the kawiarence. You may find the sklep at the following address: Podlesie 1, Dankowice, in the Polskie Województwie.

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10. Centrum Ogrodnicze ‘Lilia’ i Szkółka Roślin Ozdobnych Blabuś

Continuation of the previous point in the Saxony-Anhalt region. The center, which is located inside the grounds of the Rodzinnie Szkóce Rolin Ozdobnych, was established a few years after the establishment of the school. Towary may be found in the sklep building as well as the handicrafts market. The offer is valid from the beginning of the season through the end of the season. Please come to ul. Warszawsk 15 in the borough of Wielu, inside the boundaries of the Województwo ódzkie.

11. Centrum Ogrodnicze i szkółka roślin Hortulus

Number one in the Zachodniopomorskie Województwie (Southern Pomorse). It is a farm with around 30 acres of land, as well as an ogrodnicze center and thematically themed gardens. Hortulus is a place to relax and unwind. Additionally, they provide customers with high-quality roolin gatunki as an alternative to their own szkókarski material. Purchase drzewa as well as byliny for use in thematic gardens while you’re here. After making a purchase, it is possible to take a stroll among the colorful ogrods that are located adjacent to the store.

Fragment of a pokazowego jesieni (fot.

12. Centrum Ogrodnicze Żulicki

With the introduction of rolinny from the outskirts of Poland and from the ranks of the country’s teachers, the company’s commercial operations began in 1945. As one of the few ogrodniczych centers in the Zachodniopomorskim region, we have palm trees that are resistant to temperatures as low as -20°C in our inventory. Do you want to go for a walk amongst these stolami that are dripping with zieleni? (fot. : go to the address in Koobrzeguna, ul. Jednoci Narodowej 30, and drop by.

13. Centrum ogrodnicze Justyna

In the pónocnej czci Polski, in the województwie pomorskim, there is still another interesting location. Along with a private school for children with special needs, as well as a grocery store and coffee shop, the center is home to an outdoor garden where visitors may find inspiration for a variety of projects.

Pastwo will be able to get everything they require for the cultivation of beautiful orchards as well as their preservation. The roolinny material is available for purchase by customers (the factory is located in Gdask, on Trakt w.Wojciecha 291).

14. Centrum Ogrodnicze Petra

However, the sklep is located in the vicinity of the Dammera orphanage, but it is not easily accessible during the uprising. As an alternative to the usual rolin, owocowych drzewek, and ogrodniczego sprztu, it is possible to purchase items for domestic use at the store. The address of the ogrodniczego center is ulica Krótka 13, Pruszcz Gdaski, in the province of Pomorskie.

15. Centrum Ogrodnicze Ostaszewo

Although the company is family-owned, it does not have its own manufacturing facility. Instead, it purchases raw materials from international and domestic manufacturers and educators. A small exhibition area is located just outside the main entrance of the building. Aside from rolin for the house and the garden, you’ll find here items such as agro-pielgnacing supplies and, among other things, garden furniture. Ptaka lot on the premises of the store (photo: Ostaszewo 59 in the town of ysomice, in the Kujawsko-pomorskie region).

16. Centrum Ogrodnicze Pracuś

Working for almost 20 years, the property encompasses 2.5 acres and includes roliny doniczkowe, nasiona, orchards, and other garden-related products and services. Only ogrody have found a home here – zoological and artistic items may also be found in the store’s inventory. You may find the center in the town of Schodnia (k.Ozimka), on the street Brzozowa 4a in the province of Opole.

17. Szkółka drzew i krzewów Bór

It’s a well-known school in the province of Warmia and Mazury. “The Korzenie Szkóki Drzew I Krzewów Ozdobnych “Bór” is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.” This is a hodowla rolin that is being driven by passion, and this is knowledge that is being passed down from generation to generation. The current size of the farm’s land is 45 hectares. The primary focus of the store is on the sale of roelin, but it also carries a wide range of other essential gardening supplies. The location of the upraw fragment (photo) is in Sdziszow, near the Bolecice 58 street.

18. Szkółka Roślin Ozdobnych i centrum ogrodnicze „Dąbrówka”

The total land area occupied by the company is approximately 26 hectares. The company has been growing steadily since the 1990s, when it was founded in the city of ódz. The ogrodnicze center is open for business as a means of supplementing the school’s offerings. Customers may take advantage of a handicraft pawilon as well as a plaza with rolinami that have been crafted. Location: Radomsko, ul. Sucharskiego 350 (Polish: Radomsko).

19. Centrum Ogrodnicze Park M

In the province of Maastricht, the architecture of krajobrazu and orchards is ranked first. The company has its own szkóki rolin on around 40 acres of land, as well as its own team of architects and construction workers, and it works with both institutions and municipalities. In the Starym Sczu neighborhood, a private client is visible from a distance of several hundred meters.

20. Szkółka drzew i krzewów Marek Gurgul

Firma began operating from ozdobnych schools, and over time, expanded its offerings to include a retail outlet where it currently sells szkókarski materials to the public.

Currently, the company employs over 100 people. Roliny of several sizes and shapes are available for purchase on the sprzeday website. The ogródki pokazowe and the kawiarenka are two of the attractions. The sklep is located in the village of apczycy 336 in the Maopolskie Voivodeship.

22. Centrum Ogrodnicze Mój Ogród

The family-owned business has expanded to a total land area of around 20 acres. The szkókarski material is distributed to international companies as well as, of course, to the company’s own horticultural center. The sklep is open throughout the year, but in addition to rolin and accessories, it may be able to provide project management services as well as project execution. The sklep is located in the neighborhood of Kranica Kolonia 28, in the town of Konina, in the province of Wielkopolski.

23. Centrum Ogrodnicze „Ogród Marzeń”

Company’s beginnings date back to the year 1927, starting with simple upraw warzyw, progressing to citych kwiatów, and finally culminating in the construction of hodowli of orange roelin for use in gardens and homes. The sklep was established as a means of expanding the offerings of the Szkóki rolin school. Customers will find the perfect roliny for their garden as well as essential artykuy for their landscaping needs in the newly renovated hall and on the adjacent parking lot. Seine rolinii are found in the agroforestry and horticulture sectors, as well as on agricultural and horticultural lands.

24. Centrum Ogrodnicze oraz Szkółka Roślin ‘Ogród i Dom’

A total of ten hectares of land are devoted to agriculture; on the property are pokazowe orchards, a plaza with rolinami cut from their own szkó, a hale with agro-assorted accessories and ogrodowy meblams, and a variety of other features. It’s best to dedicate the entire day to the evaluation of available options on the spot. The most prominent location in the city center is on Warszawska 80A, Choszczówka Stojecka, and the kool Miska Mazowieckiego.

25. Gospodarstwo szkółkarskie Łazuccy i Centrum Ogrodnicze

The school has been in operation since the 1970s of the twentieth century. One of the largest szkoa in the Mazowiecki region, it has an area of 35 hectares. The Multiplanta Agricultural Center was established near the school. Miejscowe roliny, as well as typical horticultural equipment, are available in the product line. In addition to purchasing items, customers may benefit from professional consultations and floral services. The address of the renowned school is ul.Warecka 110, 05-604 Jasieniec.

26. Centrum Ogrodnicze Kalisiak

For example, they point out that “we source our ropes from the best Polish producers, and occasionally we supplement our supply with imports from other EU countries.” The majority of the city’s center is occupied by roliny, but it is also possible to find a facility for growing vegetables and caring for them. The location was also ideal for those who wanted to display their crops. The company only hires employees with a background in horticulture, although you may inquire about anything and anything related to roelin and ogrods.

Zagaczyka 16A.

27. Firma Duet

Its members have their own farm and are redeveloping a number of agricultural centers throughout Mazowiecki’s territory. Included among them are the Emilianów Ogrodnicze, which is located near the school (Emilianów 31), the Artplants Nadarzyn Ogrodnicze (Ul. Zygmunta Vogla 44), and the Centrum Ogrodnicze Artplants Wilanów (Ul.

Stara Wie ul. Grodziska 2). Participants in various competitions and parades are also included. Roliny ozdobne, w donicach, drzewka sporych rozmiarów, roliny owocowe, and roliny wrzosowate are all available in a variety of sizes and shapes in stores.

28. Szkółka Szmit

It is an imponujca szkóka that occupies 53 hectares of land. The owners purchased a plot of land adjacent to the museum with a total area of 2 hectares, where visitors may view an interesting collection of rare roelin. They do not have a traditional agricultural center, and the only items for sale are ozdobne roliny. The address is ul. Kwiatowa 18, Pchcin k. Ciechanowa, in the Mazowiecki administrative region.

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29. Szkółka roślin Grąbczewscy

One of the largest educational institutions in the Mazowiecki region. Although it is not a true “ogrodnicze” center, it is a good place to park near the rooliny. They have a diverse selection of large drzew. It’s impossible to see the koca.

Centra Ogrodnicze Członków PSCO – PSCO

1 Centrum OgrodniczeACM AGROCENTRUM Kielce ul. Sandomierska 207 41 342 55 83
2 Centrum OgrodniczeACM AGROCENTRUM Kielce ul. Paderewskiego 38 41 368 40 39
3 Centrum OgrodniczeACM AGROCENTRUM Kazimierza Wielka ul. Przemysłowa 18 41 352 42 99
4 Centrum OgrodniczeACM AGROCENTRUM Miechów ul. Topolowa 3 41 383 15 34
5 Centrum Ogrodnicze AGAWA Lubin ul. Chocianowska 20 76 842-18-33
6 Centrum OgrodniczeAGRA Opoczno ul. Inowłodzka 12 44 755 03 20
7 AGRA Sklep Ogrodniczo-Rolny Opoczno ul. Stodolna 2a 44 755 43 75
8 Centrum OgrodniczeALFA Włocławek ul. Wiejska 107 54 235 22 48
9 Centrum Ogrodnicze BOGDANOWO Oborniki Bogdanowo 43a 612 961 232
10 Centrum Ogrodnicze DAGLEZJA Zawiercie ul. Brata Alberta 6 509 426 381
11 Centrum Ogrodnicze DOM I OGRÓD Tarnów ul. Zbylitowska 23 14 633 08 05
12 Centrum Ogrodnicze DOM OGRÓD Głogów ul. Kręta 12, Jaczów 76 831 24 26
13 Galeria Ogrodnicza EXO-FLORA Łódź ul. Pabianicka 324 42 212 80 60
14 Galeria Ogrodnicza EXO-FLORA Warszawa ul. Mrówcza 212 22 812 78 76
15 Centrum Ogrodnicze HEBE Nowy Sącz ul. Nawojowska 64a 18 444 24 14
16 Centrum Ogrodnicze HORTORUS Warszawa ul. Płochocińska 81 22 614 40 19
17 Centrum Ogrodnicze JERZY ŻULICKI Kołobrzeg ul. Jedności Narodowej 30 94 351 67 67
18 Centrum Ogrodnicze JUNIPERUS Borówiec ul. Poznańska 54 61 817 12 92
19 Centrum Ogrodnicze KALISIAK Kobyłka ul. Zagańczyka 16a 22 786 85 15
20 Centrum Ogrodnicze KAPIAS Goczałkowice- Zdrój ul. Św. Anny 4 32 210 72 75
21 Centrum Ogrodnicze MAR Wałbrzych ul. Noworudzka 3a 74 84 738 16
22 Centrum Ogrodnicze MATRASZEK Kurów Płonki 51 81 88 08 995
23 Centrum Ogrodnicze MILCZYŃSKI Dankowice ul. Podlesie 1 33 827 70 94
24 Centrum Ogrodnicze MÓJ OGRÓD I DOM Poznań ul. Naramowicka 310a 61 825 77 24
25 Sklep Ogrodniczy NATURA2 Bochnia ul. Trudna 41 603 261 807
26 Centrum Ogrodnicze NATURA Brzesko ul. Solskiego 22 14 68 63 384
27 Centrum Ogrodnicze OGRODNIK Lublin ul. Kraśnicka 33 81 444 62 82
28 Centrum Ogrodnicze OGRODY JUSTYNY Gdańsk ul. Trakt św. Wojciecha 291 58 309 46 41
29 Centrum Ogrodnicze OGROFOL Włoszakowice ul. Grotnicka 4B 65 537 07 89
30 Centrum Ogrodnicze OSTASZEWO Łysomice Ostaszewo 59 56 674 03 65
31 Centrum Ogrodnicze PARK-M Stary Sącz ul. Trakt św. Kingi 9 18 449 00 00
32 Centrum Ogrodnicze PLANT Poznań ul. Jana Pawła II 21 61 879 44 98
33 Centrum Ogrodnicze PLON Koszalin ul. Zwycięstwa 267 94 340 29 30
34 Centrum Ogrodnicze PLON Kołobrzeg ul.Jedności Narodowej 12b 504 026 581
35 Centrum Ogrodnicze PRACUŚ Schodnia Stara ul. Brzozowa 4a 774 026 595
36 Centrum Ogrodnicze PRIMAFLORA Owińska ul. Poznańska 15 61 811 19 00
37 Centrum Ogrodnicze ROL-PEST Osielsko ul. Szosa Gdańska 7, Żołędowo 52 320 30 50
38 Centrum Ogrodnicze SZAROTKA Żywiec ul. Wesoła 71 33 475 19 55
39 Centrum Ogrodnicze SZAROTKA Bielsko-Biała ul. Orzeszkowej 40 33 498 98 40
40 Centrum Ogrodnicze ŚWIAT ZIELENI Łapczyca Łapczyca 336 14 612 75 36
41 Centrum Ogrodnicze TOMKA Sosnowiec ul. Długosza 86 32 266 09 03
42 Centrum Ogrodnicze TRACZ Łódź ul.Kasprzaka 3 (Art-Dom) 42 633 28 09
43 Centrum Ogrodnicze TRACZ Łódź ul. Św.Teresy 56/58 (Klub Sportowy „Start”) 42 611 60 29
44 Centrum Ogrodnicze TRACZ Łódź ul. Retkińska 39/55 (Ogród Botaniczny) 42 686 04 97
45 Centrum Ogrodnicze TRACZ Stryków Sosnowiec 36 42 714 14 00
46 Centrum Ogrodnicze TRANS GAJ Konin ul. Zagórowska 16 63 240 61 26
47 Centrum Ogrodnicze TUSZYN Tuszyn ul. Starościańska 29, Tuszynek Majoracki 42 614 44 49
48 Centrum Ogrodnicze TWÓJ OGRÓD Suchy Las ul. Leśna 27 61 812 53 54
49 Centrum Ogrodniczo-Przemysłowe J. SYSIAK Stare Babice ul. Warszawska 609, Wojcieszyn 22 796 05 61
50 Centrum Ogrodniczo-Przemysłowe J. SYSIAK Leszno k/Warszawy ul. Sochaczewska 21 22 725 90 67
51 Centrum Ogrodniczo-Techniczne ROBI Mielec ul. Pardykuły 2 17 585 31 41 wew. 21 lub 22
52 Centrum Ogrodniczo-Techniczne ROBI Mielec ul. Krótka 5 17 583 66 97
53 Galeria Ogrodnicza ZIELONE CENTRUM Psary ul. Główna 1C 71 715 92 92
54 MAJEWSCY Świat Kwiatów i Roślin Legnica ul. Koskowicka 12 76 866 46 02
55 OGRÓD ŚLĄSKI Świerklaniec ul. Tarnogórska 75 32 284 43 83

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  2. In the case of a service-related goal, the time period is limited to three years from the date of Pani/approval Pana’s by public authorities and private sector organizations (CEIDG and KRS)
  3. In the case of a service-related goal, the time period is limited to three years
  • The administrator discloses personal information after the expiration of a legally mandated period of time only when it is necessary to do so in order to prevent the development of a disease. This is done, among other things, to ensure that the disease does not spread to other people or to other animals.
  1. Collaboration with data-processing organizations in various countries, in response to which a stosowne decision of the European Commission was issued
  2. Application of standard-setting legal provisions issued by the European Commission
  3. Application of other corporate regulations approved by the relevant regulatory authority
  4. Collaboration with data-processing organizations in the United States of America (USA), in response to which a stosowne decision of the European Commission was issued
  5. Cooperation with data-processing organizations in the United States of America (USA), in response to which When this is implemented, the Administrator will notify you of the requirement to provide personal data to third parties other than EOG at the time of their erasure. Upon Pani/Pana danie’s request, the Administrator provides copies of data that will be forwarded to the EOG’s attention.
  1. Data on specific categories of people, such as race or ethnicity, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, affiliation with a particular organization, or membership in a particular organization’s social network, is not shared with third parties. Data on genetic or biometric characteristics of individuals is not shared with third parties for the purpose of determining their identity, sexual orientation, or other characteristics of individuals. If the processing of personal data is carried out on the basis of a consent granted by Pani/Pan, Pani/Pan has the right to withdraw that consent at any time without regard to whether or not the processing was carried out in accordance with the consent granted by Pani/Pan. possesses the right to request access to personal information about themselves, and to request their deletion, restriction, or omission from further dissemination, as well as the right to file a complaint against such dissemination, as well as the right to request the destruction of personal information. Pani/Pan also has the right to file a complaint with the Office for the Protection of Personal Data (RODO) if she/he believes that the disclosure of personal data pertaining to Pani/Pan is in violation of RODO.
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Specific information on the standards used by the Administrator in the area of privacy is available in the Policy on Privacy (Polityce Prywatnoci) section.

Ranking 10 najlepszych centrów ogrodniczych w Warszawie i okolicach – Rankingi

Znajdź dobrze wyposażone centrum ogrodnicze w swojej okolicy. According to us, the following is a rating of the top ten good wishes for the year 2021. According to the results of marketing-related research conducted on the internet-based agro-industry, the number of people interested in organic farming in Poland and across the world is increasing every year. Trendy centered on recycling and environmental responsibility are being implemented in the operations of the world’s largest corporations, resulting in a significant increase in profits for the agricultural industry.

The number of grocers’ stores with ogrodniczymi artykuami in Poland is estimated to be between 4 and 5 thousand.

Many agricultural businesses are combining traditional detalicious trading with rapidly expanding internet-based operations, therefore increasing the overall scope of their operations.

Due to the fact that no one has defined what criteria a center of agricultural production must meet as of today, there is no way to provide a definitive answer to this question.

Poniższy przegląd jest próbą zaprezentowania placówek, naszym zdaniem, godnych uwagi oraz cieszących się znaczną ilością pozytywnych opinii w Internecie.

Dane dotyczące powierzchni I ilości stanowisk, prezentujemy na podstawie wiadomości z Portalu Biznes Ogrodniczy.

Centrum Ogrodnicze Bronisze lokalizacja:ul.

In the offer, we can find drzewa and krzewy, both liciaste and iglaste, as well as balkonowe and rabatowe kwiaty, a large selection of roses in various sizes, all tailored to Polish climatic conditions, and all resistant to disease and szkodniki.

The exhibition of roelin takes up more than 5000 m2, and the area of the hall with its accessories is 1500 m2.

Centrum Ogrodnicze Hortorus, Warszawa, ul.

Largest available space: 20 000 m2w, with 1 000 m2 set aside as a buffer zone.

Centrum Hortorus, in addition to sadzonkami rolin jednorocznych, nasionami, cebulkami, and sadzonkami drzew I krzewów, has a diverse selection of mebli as well as a small ogrodowe architecture.

“We are in the business of selling happiness!” is the company’s motto.

Centrum Ogrodnicze Melon’s address is: ul.

adres strony internetowej: www.comelon.plpowierzchnia: 4 000 m2adres strony internetowej: Aspects to consider: The company began operations in 1995 and has grown steadily since then.

Purchases of sadzonki drw of various sizes and shapes, as well as krzews of varying shapes and sizes with gooey korzeniami, as well as wreaths of various sizes and shapes, are available seasonally.

We’ll also find ptak-friendly budki and a ptak-friendly pokarm in this area.

Location: 339 Ul.


We can find a large selection of gatunks and odmian iglaks, bylin, krzewów I drzew liciastych, as well as a variety of kwiats for the home here.

Location: ul.

Centrum Ogrodnicze Kalisiak Specjalizacja: The building was completed in 1998.

Exhibitor’s pavilion with a total area of 1,5 hectare to 5000 square meters, a modern handicrafts hall of 750 square meters, as well as a retail building of 150 square meters.

The shopper receives the ordered roliny from the store.

Flora Point World of Rolin is located at ul.

Florapoint has a total area of 20 000 square meters, with a portion of 300 square meters dedicated to parking.

Experience on the market: over 30 years of hands-on experience.

Over the course of a year, it is possible to purchase uniwersal and specialized podola for kaktusów, palm, orchidei, rolin wodnych or ródziemnomorskich, as well as nawozy and rolin-protection equipment.

Among the items on display are vases and decoys for any occasion, as well as compositions of such and sztucznych kwiats, donice, ornaments, and other items that contribute to the overall look of the room.


Warszawska 80, Miesk Mazowiecki, Miesk Mazowiecki Choszczówka 10 haw tym pod dachem: 6 000 m 2 Stoleckapowierzchnia: 10 haw tym pod dachem: 6 000 m 2 There is parking for 150 cars at the OID website (

Specjalizacja: Ogród & Dom has over 150 000 positions in its offer, which includes agricultural equipment, roelinny material, and other roelinny material.

Warszawskiej, we may find, in addition to the ogrodniczym assortment, wdkarskie, samochodowe, and budowlane artwork.

They are intended to assist customers in visualizing the kocowy effect, as well as to relax them and provide the opportunity to spend quality time in the fresh air.

Green Garden is a school that teaches children about trees and shrubs.

The school’s grounds are 40 000 square meters with 15 000 square meters under cultivation.

The diversity and quantity of rolin obtained from GUS’s own szkóki, as well as the privileged access to vetted competitors, ensure that the GUS offer caters to even the most demanding customers.

Bonsai trees, sczepione, strzyone, and formowane roliny, unique iglak varieties, egzotycznych traw and bambus varieties, and soliterowi egzemplarze pnczy kwitncych and zimozielonych are all available for purchase here.

What’s more, when large quantities of dredge (solitery) are purchased, the Centrum provides comprehensive assistance in the transportation and disposal of dredge across the entire country.

Krakowska, Warszawa, poza ul.

parking: 70 stanowiska (parking lots) is the address of the company’s website.

A huge selection of nasion, cebul, and sadzonek, as well as a well-developed dzia based on zoological products, a large selection of preparates, podoly, and so on.

It is possible to purchase a card.

Centrum Ogrodnicze Twj Ogród lokalizacja: ul.Parkowa 49, Komorów, Polska.

The Center for Agricultural Research and Development in Twój Ogród offers a large selection of annual roelin, as well as kwiats and sadzonek roelin of long standing.

Sklep has the potential to grow into a well-established business in the field of decorative accessories, which will allow it to compete more effectively with its regional competitors.

Unfortunately, there are no options for becoming acquainted with the store’s offerings on the Internet. Take a look at the products available in our online grocery store. Check out what others are saying about the products on

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