Szkodniki Roślin Balkonowych – Rozpoznaj I Zwalcz


Choroby i szkodniki roślin balkonowych – rozpoznawanie i zwalczanie

Upwiecone balkony have a really attractive appearance and provide a relaxing respite throughout the summer months. Such a result can only be achieved by the use of healthy and well-groomed roeli, and maintaining them in good health is not an easy task. Balkony kwiaty are far more likely than other rolin to succumb to disease and szkodniks than other types of rolin.

Szkodniki roślin balkonowych

Despite the fact that unproszeni gocie might appear on our rolinach with relative ease (for example, while taking a stroll on the ssiada’s balcony or strolling through a nearby park), the most common source of szkodniks is a rolina from the supermarket. Consequently, systematyczna kontrola rolin balkonowych na kwiatach, liciach, or in korzeniach, as well as zwalczania procedures, should be carried out immediately upon discovery of the first owads. owads masowo erujce na kwiatach, liciach, or in korzeniach should


Noszeni gocie, on the other hand, are more likely to appear on our rolinach than you might think (for example, when you go for a walk on the sand dunes or in the nearby park). The most common source of szkodniks, however, are the ropes from the grocery store. Owady masowo erujce na kwiatach, liciach, czy w korzeniach mog skutecznie doprowadzi do ich cakowitego zniszczenia, dlategowana jest systematyczna kontrola rolin balkonowych pod k

Zwalczanie mszyc na roślinach balkonowych

Fighting mszycami isn’t all that difficult these days, thanks to the abundance of high-quality roelin-health products available, such as Kaptan 50 WP, Substral Polysect (with a wide range of owads), Calypso 0,015 AL, and environmentally friendly Agricolle koncentrat, Agricolle Spray, and Substral Multi-insekt Naturalny. In addition, there are many other Terodki wykonane we wasnym zakresie, jak np. wycigi lub wywary z rolin (np. pokrzywy, czosnku, cebuli), oraz opryski woda z dodatkiem szarego mydla mog by skuteczne te


Przdziorek, on the other hand, is a far more dangerous adversary of mszycy. Szkodnik has the ability to attack a wide range of balkony rolin (including but not limited to: niecierpki,pelargonie,aksamitki,gazanie), but it is difficult to locate due to its small size (which is exacerbated by the presence of a growing szkodnik) and the fact that it is located primarily on the spodniej stronie li Typically, szkodnik appears during periods of very hot and humid weather, and signs of its presence include sparse, jasne plamki on ledges and delikatna pajczynkau at the base of licias, as well as drobne, jasne plamki on ledges and delikatna pajczynkau at the base of licias.

Zwalczanie przędziorków na roślinach balkonowych

However, due to the fact that owads are extremely sensitive to chemical substances, a stroll with przdziorkami is not without difficulties. In order to avoid this, immediately after discovering szkodniks, it is necessary to remove or thoroughly oczyci the most poraone portions of the roelin, followed by the application of an appropriate chemic preparation such as Substral Polysect, Magus 200 SC, or Envidor 240 SC, which is an environmentally friendly Agricolle Spray.

Opryski must be completed successfully and in accordance with the specifications provided by the manufacturer of the preparation.


On the balkony rolinach, in addition to mszycami and przdziorkami, it is possible to see gsienice motyli or larwy from other owads, which may be seen in the distance. The most common places to find them are in napelargoniach, nasturcjachiheliotropach, but they may also be found in other roelin gatunki. Gsienice are difficult to notice right away since they like to lick their lips and lick their lips in the course of a day. While it is possible to see the effects of their erowania in a postacidziur of liquids, doing so without difficulty is not recommended.

Zwalczanie gąsienic na roślinach balkonowych

Once the first signs of gisienic appear, we must thoroughly examine the rolin, identify and photograph any szkodniki that are immechanically causing the problem (either by taking a photograph of them or taking one from the rolin), and then administer a kwiatyodpowiednim preparatemochrony rolin, such as Fastac 100 EC, Decis Ogród

Choroby roślin balkonowych

Aside from a slew of szkodniks, rolinom balkonowym is associated with a variety of diseases, the most common of which are rolinom balkonowym-related: rolinom balkonowym-related choroby, the cause of which may be anything from poor upkeep (nadmierne podlewanie, przenawoenie, or the lack of it causing


One of the conditions that frequently affects roliny uprawiane in pojemniks is rolinitis, which is a serious condition. Getting to know Grzyb is easy when there’s something strange and mischevious lurking around the corners of the room, on the ledges, on the plow, or in the corners of the room. Mczniak prawdziwy atakuje a plethora of rolin, but the majority of the time he appears in nawerbenach, begoniach, and bratkachilobeliach. Mczniak rzekomy is a grzybe that is strikingly similar to mczniak prawdziwego in appearance, but with a more utajnion appearance and more difficult to detect.

Only a few tan plamy can be found on the left-hand side of the licia, which can be interpreted as the result of the roiling of the roiling.

Zwalczanie mączniaka na roślinach balkonowych

Topsin M 500 SC, Amistar 250 SC, Baymat AL, and Amistar 250 SC are some of the products available for use in prawdziwego mccniaka zwalczania. Proplant 722 SL, Ridomil Gold MZ, Pepite 67,8 WG, Mildex 71,1 WG, Aliette are some of the preparations that have been recommended for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.


Jestrdza is the second disease that frequently manifests itself on the ozdobnych rolinach. It contains postadrobnych, lilac-hued plamek, which may be found on the zewntrznej stronie of the liciai and hidden from view by the brzowymi skupiskami of the zarodniks. Rdza is most commonly found in napelargoniach and bratkachigodzikach, but it may also be found in other rolin gatunki as well.

Zwalczanie rdzy na roślinach balkonowych

It is possible to fight against them with the help of medications such as Baymat AL or Substral Saprol Dugo Dziaajcy. Roliny Ozdobne (Roliny Ozdobne)


The use of medications such as Baymat AL or Substral Saprol Dugo Dziaajcy can aid in the battle against them.

In the case of Roliny Ozdobne, the word “dobne” means “disappointing.”

Zwalczanie plamistości liści na roślinach balkonowych

Baymat AL. and Topsin M 500 SC are two examples of medications that may be used to combat a variety of diseases. Tekst: Katarzyna Józefowicz, tytuowe zdjcia: RainerBerns/Pixabay, zdjcia w tekscie: Pixabay,Paramecium / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Wikimedia Commons, tytuowe zdjcia: RainerBerns/Pixabay, t Scot Nelson / Foter / CC BY,Scott Nelson Flickr CC BY 2.0,Scott Nelson Foter CC BY 2.0

Szkodniki roślin ozdobnych. Rozpoznajemy jakie szkodniki zaatakowały rośliny – objawy żerowania

If you pay close attention to the roolins in the garden, you may notice that something strange is happening with them from time to time: they may be zaatakowane by roolin szkodniki. If unsettling signs and symptoms are discovered throughout the course of the day, there is a chance of roelin being cured. What szkodniki were responsible for the roiling of the roiling? Effects of scrubbing szkodniks on the environment

Tarczki na liściach i pędach

If you notice tarczki on your pdach or liciach, it is likely that your rolins have been zaatakowane by the czerwce. Because of their rapid growth, these szkodniki are difficult to remove. They wysysaj z lici soki, hamuj ich wzrost, resulting in the formation of nekroz and the encirclement of pds. They are preparing a miodow rose – a poywk for sadzaks. It is divided into three parts: wenowce (pokryte biaym wenianym nalotem), miseczniki (wypuke tarczki), and tarczniki (paskie blaszki).

Wygryzione w liściach dziury

When you see chrzszcze, gsienice motyli, larwy bonkówek, or limaki in the midst of a dziury wygryzione, these are the winowajcams you should be looking for. Chrzszcze–dorosze zjadaj licie, an ich larwy wygryzaj dziury I zjadaj mode licie, pdy, oraz kor (Chrzszcze–dorosze zjadaj kor). Roliny that have been zaatakowane have become more resistant to disease, and certain people may get the condition. Gsienice motyli, larwy bonkówek – all of these things are quite irritating. Some of them suffocate on the psoas, some suffocate on the lias, while others suffocate on the nervs.

It is possible that the limakiwygryzadziury will spread throughout the whole kwiatach or perhaps to the entire liciach.

Zniszczone korzenie roślin

When the roolin’s korzenie is sniszczone, the result is a zerowanie in the ziemilarw chrzszczy (cherry blossom). The most dangerous are the opuchlaks, larwy sprzyków, pdraki – larwy chrabszczy – and larwy chrzszczy opuchlaks, which are similar to the opuchlaks. The most dangerous are the opuchlaks, which are similar to the opuchlaks. It is possible to live in the woods for several years, and they may grow up to 20 centimeters in height. However, some of them grow far faster than others. Korzenia and szyjki korzeniowe are weakened, and drooping korytarze are found between cebul, bulw, pdów, and corzeni.

They can cause widnie, and even zamieranie, in children’s nasadzes, as well as severe osabienie in old-age roelin. They can also suffocate trawniks, causing their sóknie and zasychanie. They can also suffocate a person’s womb.

Zwinięte liście

When the roolin’s korzenie is sniszczone, the result is a zerowanie in the chrzszczy ziemilarw. Most dangerous are sprzyków, pdraki (also known as chrabszczy), and opuchlaks (which are similar to chrabszczy). The most dangerous are sprzyków, pdraki (also known as chrabszczy), and pdraki (also known as chrabszczy). It is possible to live in the woods for several years, and they may grow up to 20 centimeters in height. However, some of them are significantly larger in size than the others. Korzenia and szyjki korzeniowe are weakened, and drooping korytarze are seen between cebul, bulw, pdów, and the corzenia plant.

They can also suffocate trawniks, causing their sóknie and zasychanie.

Plamy na liściach

Plamy on the limbs warn of the zaatakowaniu rosliny by mczliki, przdziorki, wciornastki, or skoczki, among other things. Small, unskrzydlone owads, which release sok from the lici. Mczlikito owads, which are somewhat larger than the average. They have also discovered a disease that causes a desire to eat kwiatowych pocks. During the summer, when it is hot and humid, they are most active. Occupied by no li’cie, pale plams and spadzi’s appear, with sadzakowe grzyby forming on the surface of the water underneath them.

  • Goym okiem roztocza przdziorkito drobne I niewidoczne goym okiem roztocza Its current state is characterized by a pajczynka on the spodniej stronie lici as well as a city-wide licie, which is brunatniej, póniej zasychaj, and eventually opadaj.
  • A few drab owads, which appear to be around the size of a peppercorn, have been discovered in Wciornastkito.
  • In the pkach and medium-sized liciach, they eruj, but they also miszcz kwiaty.
  • I enjoy a smoky atmosphere and a crisp breeze.
  • Tobacco skoczki produce sok and are associated with serious roilin-related diseases.
  • The manner in which they are poruszania is reminiscent of skakanie.

Zniekształcone liście i pędy

If we notice a snieksztacone licie and pdy, it is likely that roliny are opanoway mszyce or ochojniki. The owads are little and unusually strange, and they scream gromadly as they spit out soki made of old pds, old owoc, owiat, and li’ci. Mszyceto owads are small and unusually strange, and they scream gromadly as they spit out soki made of old pds, old owoc, and li’c. They exacerbate the growth of roelin, resulting in their overgrowth and usychanie. Grzyby sadzakowe rozwijaj si na wydzielaj bogat w cukry I chtnie zbieran przez mrówki spad, na której rozwijaj si grzyby sadzakowe Symptoms of wirus-related illness are alleviated.

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Poraone pdy reveal themselves as a biay wenistym nalotem woskowym in the dark.

Wiosna creates szyszkowate narola, which are surrounded by larwy that are in the process of growing. The result of their erowania is a sóknicie and opadanie igie, as well as the zamieranie of rolin. Choroby I szkodniki atakujce tuje (ywotniki) – tuje (ywotniki)

Szkodniki i choroby roślin balkonowych – jak z nimi walczyć?

As the summer months draw to a close, it’s important to focus on roliny on balconies and porches in order to maintain their appearance throughout the season. Regular podlewanie or nawoenie I obcinanie przekwitych kwiatostanów may not be sufficient, as szkodniki and rolin choroby, niszczce kwiaty and licie, may appear in conjunction with soneczna pogoda, may manifest themselves as well. In order to maintain the health of our balkony naszerolins, we may either immerse ourselves in a large amount of chemical agents or use natural remedies.

Which tools will prove to be the most effective?

Szkodniki atakujące rośliny balkonowe

In order to maintain their urokiem during the summer months, it is necessary to work on roliny on balconies and terraces. The use of regular podlewanie or nawoenie as well as the obcinanie of overly-exposed kwiatostans may not be sufficient since, in conjunction with the presence of southeastern weather, szkodniki and roelin-related diseases such as niszczczczczce kwiaty and licie may appear. For the purpose of treating balkony naszerolins, we may either immerse ourselves in a large amount of chemical agents or use natural remedies.

Which devices will be the most effective?


Mszyce – photo by Polly Dot, courtesy of Pixabay Most frequently encountered on the sides of ozdobnych and popularnychrollinach balkonowo-tarasowychszkodnikami mszyce, which are small owads with numerous spikes that appear in large numbers on the entire surface of the planet. Mszyce are also found on the surface of a large number of balkonowo-tarasowychszkodnikami. As a result, he is able to completely obstruct the growth of roliny by creating a kleist spad on their surface and preventing kwitnienie.

The fastest way to eliminate the threat of mszyc is to use a masticating agent.

Zwalczanie chemiczne

Prepared chemicals are available in pharmacies, including Obsydian 01 AL, ABC na mszyce, Provado Plus AE, Parcan, Floris and Afizol. When using these products, it is important to be aware of the presence of ostronoci-causing substances. Provado Combi Pin paeczki are also available in pharmacies. Chemistry-based drugs are frequently harmful to humans as well; thus, we must be vigilant to ensure that no animals, children, or elderly people with compromised immune systems are discovered in the vicinity of the laboratory.

Remember, as well, that chemicznych mszyków should not be used on the roliny that may be found in a variety of buildings and structures.

Zwalczanie naturalne

  • Mszyce are revered for their aroma, which is enhanced by the presence of cebuli, czosnku, mity, or lawendy in the vicinity of rolin hodowane on balkonies or przycigating to themselves, as well as their nasturcja or pokrzywa and the removal of these in the event of mszyca attack
  • The zwalczane of biedronkami As a result, devotees of this natural method of healing spend a significant amount of time preparing special biedronki on beaches or in parks and delivering them to their homes. mszyc zagniatanie lub spukanie ich wod z dodatkiem mydlniczego, if it is possible to zanurzy the entire roelin in the water
  • Opryski z gnojówki lub skrzypu and pokrzywy – zala zimn wod ziele skrzypu and pok Adding mydlo to the mix increases the preczepno of the preparation, which after a few days of soaking transforms into gnojówka and is also useful for spryskiwania when it has gotten to the right temperature. Minusem is a bit clumsy when it comes to zapping such a preparation. As a result, the best time to store zielne opryski is the day after their nastawieniu. It is possible to carry out these procedures on a regular basis, especially during warm weather
  • They wzmacniaj roliny, acting as if they were odywki.

Mszyce jedzą w szczególności:

Wikimedia Commons has a photo of Przdziorek taken by Paramecium that is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

Not insignificantly unwitting szkodnik, atakujcy mostly spód lici rolin. The results of his efforts may be seen in the form of jasnych plamek on the liciach and pajczynki near the nasady of licia.

Zwalczanie chemiczne

  • A few of the upcoming tools include: Substral Polysect and Aerial Polysect. Huge owad zakres, ABC on the front, Magus 200 SC, Envidor 240 SC, and a whole lot more. When using them, it is necessary to use similar ostronoci-inducing substances, as is the case when using drugs on the mszyce.

Zwalczanie naturalne

  • Preheat oven to 200°F. Prepare rolins in a large pot with a few pynu croplams, some salt, and a dash of denaturate (in a cup of water, add 20 g myda and 10 ml denaturate and thoroughly mix)
  • Prepare a folie to go with the rolins and a dash of salt. After 12-14 hours, the wycig from the czosnku is ready for use in the natychmiast. The wycig from the cebuli must be completed within three days.

Na przędziorki zwracaj uwagę szczególnie, jeśli hodujesz:

Image courtesy of David ROUMANET’s Pixabay account. Gsienice and larwy motyli have the potential to appear on both the balkony and the tarasowy rolinach. It’s sometimes difficult to see them since they’re chowajing chtnie in the cieniu lici throughout the day, but wygryzione licie will be the catalyst for their activity. Gsienice are first and foremost rczne, after which we spryskujem roliny that have been spryskujem.

Zwalczanie chemiczne

  • Fastac 100 EC, Decis Ogród 015 EW, Karate Gold lub Calypso Perfect 0,015 AL are some of the options.

Zwalczanie naturalne

  • In a separate bowl, combine the odwar with the piounu bylicies in the following proportions: kilogram fine lici or 0.07 suszonych. Pour the water over the odwar and let it sit for 10 minutes. This wywar was made by combining 10 liters of water and spryskating roeliny.

Na Twoim balkonie gąsienice najchętniej zjedzą:

Marta Boro’s photograph is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Wciornastki are owads that are characterized primarily by the presence of sokami and rolinny tkanks. They have a thickness of 1-2 mm and resemble kreseczki. The appearance of jasnych plam on the lias is the first sign that we may be dealing with this owad, according to certain indicators. During the process of deformation, the prebarwienia take on the appearance of srebrzystych smug, and the length of the licia increases.

If you want to be sure that the rolin’s zaatakoway wciornastki, all you need to do is use some basic bia kartks and a potrzsny energic doniczk.

Zwalczanie chemiczne

  • Preparations such as Mospilan 20 SP, Karate Gold, and Polysect Ultra, which include anti-szkodnik substances, should be used on open wounds. Rolins should be sprayed with a disinfectant such as Polysect Ultra, which contains anti-szkodnik substances. Agrocover Spray, Mutli Insekt Spray, Emulpar, and other agrochemicals are used in confined spaces
  • Emulpar and other agrochemicals are used in confined spaces
  • And Emulpar and other agrochemicals are used in confined spaces

Zwalczanie naturalne

  • The most effective method is the removal and reintroduction of sabotaged lici and sodyg
  • It is also possible to introduce into doniczek rolinami that have been infected with bacteria, natural wrogów wciornastków, such as dobroczynka wieloernego, dziubaeczka wieloernego, or dobroczynka szklarniowego. Those are drapiene roztocza, and they affect every type of wciornastków that comes their way. Pdziorki are also a favorite of mine.

Wciornastki atakują

  • Palmy
  • Figowce
  • Draceny
  • Bluszcze
  • Storczyki
  • Godziki
  • Gerbery

Mączlik szklarniowy

Photograph by gaucho, CC BY-SA 3.0, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. ‘Mczlik szklarniowy’ is a malutki owad that is latajcy. His ciao obstructs the view of his woskowy nalot, resulting in the impression that he is nienobiay. Larwy and elderly people are also found in the south-eastern side of the island, where Samica has built a jaja. Toxic soki from lici are released by szkodniki, which results in their deformation, discoloration, and ultimately their death. Spada (also known as miodowe rosa) is caused by the movement of the mczniki, which results in the formation of spadziowe grzyby.

Zima appears to be appearing more and more frequently.

It takes nothing more than a potrzsn, and we should keep an eye out for a chmara of szkodniks that are unwinding themselves.

Zwalczanie chemiczne

  • Images from the Wikimedia Commons (fot. by gaucho, CC BY-SA 3.0). This is a long, thin owad known as Mczlik Szklarniowy (szklarniowy malutki). His ciao obstructs the view of his woskowy nalot, causing him to appear aloof. Larwy and elderly people are also found in the south-eastern side of the island, where Samica has set up shop. Toxic soki from lici are released by szkodniki, which results in their deformation, discoloration, and, in the end, their destruction. Spada (also known as miodowe rosa) is created by the movement of the mczniki, which results in the formation of spadziowe grzyby. In addition to clear skies, a warm climate and tranquil surroundings are important to Mcznik. Zima appears to be appearing more and more frequently these days, unfortunately. How can I tell whether this mczlik is causing the rolin to bleed? Simply said, all that is required is a potrzsn, and we should be on the lookout for szkodniks that are uncoiling themselves.

Zwalczanie naturalne

  • Oprysk z wywaru z ziela wrotyczu z ziela wrotyczu For this recipe, you’ll need 50 grams of finely chopped white zela or 7,5 grams of suszu wrotyczu, which you’ll need to soak in one liter of water and leave for 24 hours. Following that, the entire process must be completed within 20 minutes. It is necessary to reheat the wywar after it has been preheated and cooled in the ratio of 1:5
  • Alternatively, it is possible to use tytoniowe napar or a tytoniowe Podlewanie. It takes 24 hours to decompose 100 grams of tytoniu in one hundred liters of boiling water. After that, it’s time to preheat the oven to 350°F and preheat the oven to 200°F. The use of ready-to-use products that include naturally occurring cinnamic substances, such as Agrocover or Emulpar 940
  • The wyapywanie of szkodników with the aid of lepowych or odkurzacza tablic. It is the second method, which relies on the potrzsaniu rolin, in order to ensure that when the szkodniki are about to embark on a journey, they will be brought to the odkurzacza. It is necessary to remove the odkurzacza from the work immediately. As a result, these approaches are only effective for older people.

Mączniki najczęściej atakuje:

  • The surfinie, the fuksje, the petunie, the pelargonie, the szawie, the paprocie, and the gerbery are all examples of kapustne pomidory and warzywa kapustne (as well as those uprooted and planted in skrzynks on the balcony)


Photograph by CSIRO, CC BY 3.0, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Wenowce are a group of czerwców owads that measure a few hundred meters in length. They have brown or red hair, and their skin is tanned or wrinkled, evoking the colors of wen or wat nalotem. It is possible to find roolinny soks on the pdach and liciach of the roolin, depending on the amount of nerves present. The sabnie and licie are traced by the zaatakowana rolina. The appearance of weniany nalot occurs during the preparation of jaj by use of samic.

Severe deterioration of the szkodniki occurs, with the latter being blyskawicznely transferred to other roliny.

Zwalczanie chemiczne

  • When you have weniste woski on the roof of your house, it is important to keep them protected from chemical agents. For this reason, it is necessary to choose preparations that are intended for use in podlewania. Rodek wnika in rolinne tkanki, and as a result, szkodnika is introduced into the body. In the fight against wenowcams, it is possible to employ weapons such as Mospilan 20 SP, Confidor 200 SL, Provado Plus AE, Calypso 0,015 AL, Imido 200 SL, Imidor 200 SL, and Kogan 200 SL.

Zwalczanie naturalne

  • Myda and alkohole are used in the preparation of rolin. Preparation is made by combining 1 liter of water, approximately 20 g of szarego mydla, and 100 mL of denaturated or spirytus water. When the odrobina of pynu for mycia naczy is added to the mieszaniny, it will be easier to remove the woskowoskowosona from the odwoku owads. A rodek that has been meticulously prepared is placed on a wacik and thoroughly minces the roelin from every direction. It is necessary to use cosmetic patyczka in order to get to difficult-to-reach locations. It is necessary to carry out the zabieg for 3-4 days, until the point at which we no longer have access to wenowców.
  • Kpiel in a pot of boiling water. It is possible to put Roliny with a few listkach, which are difficult to remove from the water, in the prysznic and then opuka them under a silny strumieniem of warm water. It’s important to remember that wenowce occasionally attack the rolin’s korzenie. It is also necessary to thoroughly clean them at this point. In the case of sukulents, it is also possible to prepare a complete kpiel for them by zanurzacing them along with korzeniami for around 30-45 minutes at 55°C. A few cropels of pynu to naczy can be added to the water to make it taste better. It is necessary to properly wypuka rolin after reaching this stage
  • Smarowanie lici and odyg olejem parafinowym are recommended. To prepare the preparation, it is necessary to thoroughly combine the parafin with the water (in a 1:1 ratio) and a few pieces of pynu for the naczy. Mieszank na szkodniki, as well as all zagbienia in the odygach and liciach of roliny, are thereafter attached to the pdzelkiem of the mikrokosmos. Szkodniks’ ciaa is darkened by an oleista substance, making it far more difficult for them to escape.

Wełnowce mogą żerować na:

  • Storczykach, fikusach, kaktusach, palmach, paprociach, dracenach, fuksjach, sukulentach, cytrusach
  • Fikusach, kaktusach, palmach, paprociach, dracenach, fuksjach, sukulentach, cytrusach

Choroby roślin balkonowych

Wiatr has the potential to bring grotesque roelin grzyby and zarodniki to our balcony, whether from the ogródka under the building, from the ssiada, or from the park.

However, the threat does not only exist in the atmosphere; we may also put ourselves in danger by purchasing roliny at an inconvenient location. What types of illnesses or injuries might be brought on by our balkony ogródek?


Mczniak – photograph by Scot Nelson / / Creative Commons Attribution Chorobagrzybicz is a parasite that appears on the liciach, pdach, and kwiatach in the form of a blond nalotu. Another example of a pockrewny choroba of this type is mczniak rzekomy, which manifests itself on the left side of the lici, where it is more difficult to detect and which is characterized by a szary nalotem. óknienie lici, on the other hand, is a widoczne feature on the horizon.

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Zwalczanie chemiczne

  • Image courtesy of Scot Nelson through / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License In the form of a biae go nalotu, this chorobagrzybicz may be found on the liciach, pdach, and kwiatach of people. The mczniak rzekomy, which appears on the left side of the li’ci, where it is more difficult to detect it and which is hidden by a szary nalotem, is another example of a pokrewn choroba of this type. However, licification of the zewntrz is a common sight.

Zwalczanie naturalne

  • Opryski wycigami z gnojówki lub wywarami z pokrzyw, skrzypu polnego lub krwawnika
  • Opryski wycigami z gnojówki lub wywarami z pokrzyw, skrzypu polnego lub krwawnika

Przed mączniakiem chroń w szczególności:

Rdza – zdj. domena publiczna (public house) Plamki with dark spots on them on the sides of roads leading to nowhere and brzowe zarodniki that appear from nowhere are all signs of rdza, the latest disease to attack our rolins and lead to their decomposition. It is necessary to remove and zniszczy the tainted lilies without allowing them to fall into the compost.

Zwalczanie chemiczne

  • Jerzy Rdza is an illustrator at the Public Domain Museum of Art in Warsaw, Poland. Rdza is a new type of cancer that attacks our roelins and leads to their obliteration. Drobne, oóte plamki on the edges of roads and brzowe zarodniki that appear from their mouths are all signs of rdza. It is necessary to remove and zniszczy the tainted lilies without allowing them to contaminate the composting environment.

Zwalczanie naturalne

A photograph by Scott Nelson, CC BY 2.0, of the Plamisto Lici. Plamki lici, which are little, pocztkowo wodniste, and which are responsible for this disease, brzowiej and usychaj, niszczc roliny.

Zwalczanie chemiczne

  • The recipe calls for 14 ounces of frozen sody dipped in 12 ounces of boiling water at 20 degrees Celsius and doused with 1 litre of water, as well as 12 ounces of olive oil or another type of cooking oil (see recipe below). On the second day of the week, we prepare roliny using a well-wstrznited preparation.

Plamistość liści dopada przede wszystkim:

  • The recipe calls for 14 ounces of frozen sody dipped in 12 ounces of boiling water at 20 degrees Celsius and doused with 1 litre of water, as well as 12 ounces of olive oil or other flavoring oil. We prepare roliny for the evening using a well-wstrznited preparation.

Szara pleśń

The recipe calls for 14 ounces of frozen sody dipped in 12 ounces of boiling water at 20 degrees Celsius and doused with 1 litre of water, as well as 12 ounces of olive oil or another type of cooking oil. We prepare roliny in the morning using a well-wstrznited preparation.

Zwalczanie chemiczne

  • It is possible to spryska zainfekowane roliny using grzybobójczymi rodkami, such as the Amistar 250 SC, the Kaptan 50 WP, the Signum 33 WG, and the Topsin M 500 SC.

Zwalczanie naturalne

  • A method that is the most effective is the removal and slicing of the affected areas of the roeliny, followed by its transportation and placement in a dark and isolated location. A skuteczny method is also to make an oprysk out of wywaru ze skrzypu that has been rozcieczoned (proporcie: 3 czci wody to 1 cz wycigu ze skrzypu). It is necessary to carry out the zabieg over the course of three additional days. Oprysk z Polyversum WP (Polyversum WP). In this case, the biological agent is Pythium oligandrum, which grows in the soil and is a major cause of sour pleni. The best way to prevent the formation of pleni is to avoid its cultivation. In order to ensure proper wentylacji, it is necessary to podlewa from the bottom up, without the use of lici, and to do so at all times of the day, so that ziemia does not become a problem in the evening.

Na szarą pleśń chorują

  • Begonias, bluszcze, cyklameny, paprocie, spolie, kalanchoe, and filodendrons are examples of plants that grow in the wild.
Chcesz kupić mieszkanie? Sprawdź najnowsze oferty na


Sprawdź najnowsze oferty na


6 najczęstszych chorób pelargonii. Rozpoznaj objawy i szybko działaj

Photograph courtesy of Adobe Stock and gavran333. When the weather is hot and humid, pelargonie are more resistant to a variety of ailments. Because they are originally from Africa, these are optimal conditions for their development. When there is a lot of greenery in the air, it is possible that little balkons will be attacked by insects, bacteria, or fungi, which can be harmful. In addition to these conditions, several conditions such as excessively obfite podlewania, moczenia lici and kwiatów, zalewania korzeni, and others, can be caused by bdów in the uprawie.

Unusual stosowanienawozów w pelargonii are also a contributing factor to roelin ailment.

What kinds of symptoms should be looked out for, and what should be done if they occur?

  1. The following terms are used: Mczniak Prawdziwy
  2. Szara Ple
  3. Plamisto lici
  4. Rdza pelargonii
  5. Bakteryjna Zaraza pelargonii
  6. Fuzarioza pelargonii
  7. Fuzarioza pelargonii Szkodniki na pelargoniach
  8. Szkodniki na pelargoniach

Mączniak prawdziwy

This pelargonii choroba manifests itself as a sibiay nalotem on the liciach. During this time, the grzybni will begin to encroach on the odygi and kwiaty. After a while, it is possible to notice dark, drobne punkciki, which are associated with zarodniks. In the long run, the chore roliny get more rosy, their appearance becomes more appealing, and they eventually become a nuisance. In Mczniaka, you will be able to stomp on grzybobójczymi ochrony rolin protection mechanisms. The gnojówka with pokrzywy is a useful tool if you want to use an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fertilizer.

Szara pleśń

This is a grzybowa choroba caused by the bacterium Botrytis cinerea. Not only does it attack ozdobne roliny, but it also attacks warzywa and owocowe roliny. There are sizable plams on the ground near the szarym and a large, round nalotem. Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is caused by high levels of carbon monoxide in the bloodstream combined with high levels of oxygen in the bloodstream. In the course of their work, grzyba zarodniki may come into contact with garden tools and equipment, and even with the conewk during the process of weeding.

To treat non-cancerous patches of skin and unsightly roelin, apply a product that fights the growth of scaly skin (prepared against blue plein).

The most convenient way to apply it to a balcony, a tarase, or a small rabacie is in the form of aerozole or spray. If the time has passed and the temperatures are really high, it is also possible to apply it in a profile-driven manner.

Plamistość liści

This is also true in grzybowa choroba, which is caused by the Ascochyta petuniaeiCercospora petuniae. Jej objawem splamy na liciach with an irregular or owalnym ksztacie, which are first little but get increasingly large as time goes on. The cakes may be szarobrunatne (made with freshly grated obwódk) or szarawe (made with thick, czerwonobrunatne obwódk). The tkanki are sókniejs, brunatniejs, and by the end of the game, they have engulfed the whole landscape. Pedragons should be positioned so that they do not mooch on lici in order to prevent plamistoci from forming.

As soon as you see any signs of plamistosis, use poraone fragments and a rolin to prepare a preparation for grzybowe choroby.

Rdza pelargonii

It seems to be made of siokrgymi or liczowymi plamkami on the spodzie lici, but it is actually made of sótymi or pomaraczowymi plamkami. Choroba prefers to attack rabatowe pelargonie, while bluszczolistne pelargonie are the most frequently attacked (kaskadowe). If you want to get rid of it, you must first remove and spali the poraoned licie, and then you must remove the roliny that has been prepared against the rdzy pelargonii.

Bakteryjna zaraza pelargonii

A variety of nocturnal and nocturnal vegetation may be found on the ledges, including siciemnobrunatne, okrge plamy with jasna obwódk. Licie is becoming more widned, and czarne plamy are appearing on the horizon. It’s difficult to defeat this disease. Doniczki zdezynfekuj if you use zakaone roliny and ziemia, which are rosy in color. Sprykaj preparatem miedziowym ze zdrowej pelargonie, które s profilaktyczne.

Fuzarioza pelargonii

A variety of nocturnal and nocturnal vegetation may be found on the ledges, including siciemnobrunatne, okrge plamy with jasn obwódk. It’s becoming darker outside, and czarne plamy are popping up on the cliffs and cliff edges. It’s difficult to overcome this disease. Doniczki zdezynfekuj if you use zakaone roliny and ziemi, both of which are rosy. Sprykaj preparatem miedziowym ze zdrowej pelargonie profilaktycznie.

Szkodniki na pelargoniach

Your kwiaty have the potential to aggravate szkodniki. When rolines get very ill, they are not difficult to treat; nonetheless, it is necessary to act quickly when they become seriously ill.

  • The muszki of Mczlikito malekie muszki, which are found on the spodzie of old people. One of them, though, is difficult to tame. You have the option of using better tablice or roiling roeliny as preparations for mczlika. Przdziorek’s attack results in the widning of pdów pelargonii, which is a permanent consequence of his actions. Initially, little, jasnobrzowe plamki may be seen on the liciach
  • But, by the end of the game, the entire licie has become wiotczej. On the most recent etapie, all of the roliny are widny. Przdziorka, on the other hand, is quite simple to use. Toss in some zwiotczae pdy and sprykaj some rolin to make some anti-przdziorkom preparations. It is because of Mszyce’s attack that the rolina wolnej roes and begins to crinkle. Mszyc pozbawia si, if you use an oprysk or a non-dominant method on the mszyce.

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Najpowszechniejsze szkodniki roślin doniczkowych – rozpoznaj i zwalcz

courtesy of Adobe Stock and ronstik In the months of January and February, doniczkowe roliny are osabione – suche powietrze w mieszkaniu jest dla wikszoci kwiatów doniczkowych niemal zabójcze, a niedobór wiata hamuje ich rozwój; niedobó This type of opportunity is taken advantage of by rolin doniczkowych szkodniki.

Mszyce – szkodniki roślin doniczkowych (zdjęcia)

Mszyce are little owads with a maximum length of 5 mm and a diameter of 5 mm. It can be difficult to distinguish them since they can be found in a variety of colors, including czarny, kremowy, szary zielony, and even pomaraczowy (there are a few different gatunks). In spite of the fact that emszyce are doniczkowe pasoyta, which may be both uskrzydlone and bezskrzydlone, the zadania does not make the situation any easier. Due to the spiczasto zakoczonym odwoku, in front of which two cienkie syfony emerge, you should become acquainted with them.

The roelins are delicious and they enjoy them so much that they can eat them all at once.

Is there a way to deal with these roelinny szkodniks on your own? Here are some simple methods for making mszyce. Mszyce are growing in the skupisks/Adobe Stock, according to

Jak pozbyć się mszyc

  1. Toss umyj rolin with a dash of szarego myda (about a cup of wiórks per one-liter-of-water). The clock stops after three days if the number of osobniks is too small
  2. Otherwise, the clock stops at the end of three days. Use a jakooprysk on a mszyce if the ocet on the mszyce is mingled with water. Wait a few of hours and watch to see whether the mszyce “odpadaj” or if they twitch in the dark. If there is a significant amount of mszyca on the rolinie, it will not be seen without the use of professional preparations. The best times to do a zabieg opryskiwania rodkiem na mszyce are throughout the day and evening. Preparations for the mszyce can be found here:

Tarczniki – małe pluskwiaki, które lubią storczyki

Tarczniki resemble little blaszki, measuring just a few centimeters in length. They spend their time on the liciach and odygach of rolin doniczkowych in the home (tarczniki on storczyks are a common problem), as well as on oblong drzewkach and krzewach in the garden. This resulted in the lici becoming sókniecia, which was caused by the ywiing of their sokiem. They are concerned about the growth of roliny, which would eventually lead to marnieje. LARWY AND DOROSE OWADY – Larwy and female owads are hidden by tarczkami that are either biaawy or brzowy in color, they are mistrzams of kamufla and appear non-traditional since they are often only 2 mm in size.


The image is courtesy of Adobe Stock, 7monarda

Tarczniki – zwalczanie

  1. A plate of patyczki on top of a tarczniki. Attempt to remove tarczki patyczkiem from the uszu nasczonym in the denaturation or spirytus. It’s best to start small and work your way up from there. If there are a lot of them, you’ll want to get yourself a szczoteczka for the zbs and a well-odizolowane space where you can carry out the usuwanie. On the tarczniki, a cinnamon sprig. Tarcznik, in a similar way as, for example, ziemórki, does not react to cinnamon. Posyp przyprawa wierzchnia warstwa ziemi w doniczce, which has the effect of increasing the zwalczanie of szkodnika
  2. Oprysk with olive oil on the tarczniki. Tarcznika can be effectively zwalczane with the help of olej that is blepiajcy. Put it in a container with water and a pynem for mycia naczy

Wełnowce – białe punkty wyglądające jak wata

Because they are located on the spodniej stronie of the licia and between the odygami in the spodniej czci of the roliny, it is easy to remove them. They have the appearance of drobne, miisiste kawaki of a dark hue. There are several types of roiling doniczkowes that have been discovered, all of which have a positive li, and all of which have the potential to lead to the emergence of other szkodniki on the roiling doniczkowes that are either eroding or being attacked by grzyb, leading to the appearance of wacko-looking plamy on the li.

  1. This is also one of the most common types of storczyks.
  2. They enjoy domowe roliny doniczkowe, which they quickly swarm and attack, as well as a variety of other roliny about the house.
  3. The majority of the time, you can get them in a store in a package with rolin, and they can be found attacking common varieties of kwiats (storczyki, hortensje), palms, draceny, monstery, or kaktus and sukulents.
  4. Wenowce atakujce rolin/Adobe Stock, 7monarda/Adobe Stock

Wełnowce – jak się pozbyć

  1. Tampon made of water
  2. Roil water with mydlinami or spirytusem (about a half-liter of water)
  3. Tampon made of wax
  4. In the kwiatach, wenowce move quickly, but do not enjoy water: an opaque prysznic aids in the removal of osobniks
  5. An obfity prysznic aids in the removal of adipose tissue. Wody, mydla, and alkohol are used in this oprysk for a wenowce. You may use it between the sodygi as well, if you like. Produce a biodegradable wenowce preparation based on oil from olives or rapeseed oil, with the addition of an ingredient that aids in the digestion of wenowce preparations, or purchase ready-to-use wenowce preparations. Preparations for a wenowce should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and they should only be purchased from reputable retailers.
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Przędziorki – małe ceglaste pajączki

The przdziorki, rolin doniczkowych szkodniki, and other doniczkowych szkodniki have a strange name, a microscopically detailed appearance, and a jaskrawy color. They appear to be little and harmless, but they have the potential to cause serious problems. This is a little pair of pajczki, whose barwa changes depending on the time of year. Depending on the stage of development (from larwy to being a grown-up), you may choose from a variety of colors, including maroon, czerwony, brzowy, lilac, and zielonyw.

There are pajczynka and pajczki on the rolinach that are erujce on the spodniej stronie of the licia (1 mm).

When a przdziorek chmielowiec is zadomowi, the kwiaty and licie swijaj, and the igy – usychaj, as a result of the zadomowi. ft.Przdziorek is unattractive for oka, but when used to construct a pajczyna, it is impossible to miss it./Adobe Stock, 7monarda

Przędziorek – zwalczanie

  1. If the przdziorek does not cause damage to the kpieli or the prysznicu, it is necessary to roil it in a wannie before swalczaniem it, putting it on a korzeniowe bulw. As a last step, prepare a roelin’s worth of water with a pinch of pynem for dipping (around a liter of water).

Because of a well monitored chemic reagent, przdziorki may be maintained.

Mączlik, czyli mała biała muszka w doniczce

Biae muszki, which sit on the edge of the road, burst forth in the doniczkach, and bloom at the base of pdów pomidorów, oak trees, and kwiats. Mczliki are also known as muszki. Roliny are attacked when the weather is warm and clear because they do not fall prey to deszcze and wilgoci, but they are able to survive on the rolin for 10-12 months without succumbing to extreme weather conditions. They have a pleasant taste, similar to mszyce iwciornastki. Mczliki are large-sized owads that may be found not only on ozdobnych rolinach, but also on warzywa and owocach.

  • When purchasing these warzywa, be certain that there are no larw, mczlika, or wciornastka present.
  • It enjoys attacking azalie, róe, fuksje, and pelagonie – all of which can be easily displaced.
  • Every time you walk through the woods, you’ll likely come across several dozen or several hundred bald-headed robaczks in the bushes.
  • These difficult to detect (and potentially harmful to the roelins) mczlika snails are found on the spodniej side of the licia and have mikroskopijne morphologies.
  • Mczlik warzywny has cooler-than-average skin, and it also has the ability to be used for zimowania and is unbeatable in erowanie on railroad tracks.

Mączliki – jak się pozbyć

Mozolne zwalczanie mczlika, owady które s uciliwymi szkodnikami rolin, s dla mczlika dobrze mozolne. Begin by removing him from his current situation and removing him from his previously defined circumstances in order to begin a process of recolonization. Mczlik is a fan of both sweetness and heat.

  1. Reduce the temperature in the room and use specialized lepy for owads (available at ogrodnicze shops for 5–8 z)
  2. Fill in the gaps in the licie with wody, mydla, and czosnku
  3. The presence of nagietek, bazylia, aksamitks, and czyrumianek- these rolins obstruct the flow of mczlika
  4. Preparation for a mczlika made with wody and tytoniu: approximately 100 g tytoniu and 1 liter wrzcej wody In 24 hours, preheat the oven to 200°F and preheat the water to a ratio of 1:2. The roelin’s a bit spry. Mithilfe of prepared oprysks, you will be victorious against Mczliki.

Ziemiórka, muszka ukryta w doniczce

Posadacza rolin doniczkowych may get extremely frustrated as a result of the presence of the ziemiórka. Mama Muszka skada jaja in ziemi in doniczce, and then wykluwaj si larwy – te eruj si na rolinie, podgryzajc jej korzenie z nich. It’s a pair of malevolent czarne muszki that you may find in a doniczce or around the roliny. Ziemiórki, on the other hand, enjoy a good cup of coffee and a wilgotne podoe, therefore they are frequently found in the kitchen. Every person who comes into contact with them has the potential to cause a problem.

To be honest, dorose ziemiórki are not harmful to roelin in and of themselves; the only thing that makes them harmful is their larwy.

However, it is important to use them in a healthy manner. fot. Preparation of the kwiats and oczycing of the korzenie is the most important step in the process of zwalczanie ziemiórki. /Images courtesy of Adobe Stock and MarcOliver Artworks

Ziemiórki zwalczanie

  1. Add to 1/2 szklanki wody the yoke of octu winnego, the yoke of pynu to naczy, and the wsyp szczypta kurkumy. Postaw obok kwiatka – ziemiórki (czarne muszki) utopi si w pynie
  2. Ziemiórki (czarne muszki) utopi si w pynie
  3. Introduce into the ziemi market products containing nicieniami, which are known to reduce ziemiórek larwy. Przesusz podoe, in order to make larwom’s bytowanie more difficult. Make a sloppy mess of the podoe and obliterate the korzenie
  4. To make the rolins, cut them into small pieces and bake them in the oven at 350°F for about 20 minutes. To make the rolins, cut them into small pieces and bake them in the oven at 350°F for about 20 minutes. When home remedies are insufficient, use chemicznymi rodkami to flush out the ziemiórki.

Ajouter 2 cups of warm water, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of pynu, 1 cup of octu winnego, 1 cup of kurkumy, and mix well. In the distance, ziemiórki (czarne muszki) appear to be dreaming in the pyne; in the front, ziemiórki (czarne muszki) are dreaming in the foreground. Implementation of product formulations including nicienia, which inhibits the growth of ziemiórek larvae. For the purpose of preventing larwom from being harassed, the presusz podoes. Make a sloppy mess of the podoe and obliterate the korzenie with precision; Naprawdziwy roliny naparem ze czosnku (rozgnieciony zbek w jednej szklank wrztku).

Szkodniki – Bryła

  • The preservation of roelin is a difficult subject. However, her closeness to others is essential to enjoying a beautiful and tranquil setting. In this section, you will find information on diseases and disorders that are spread via the air by ogrodnikom.

Domowe sposoby na mączniaka i inne choroby oraz szkodniki roślin

  • A large number of people are unable or unwilling to use chemical agents in their homes. However, there are effective home remedies for the treatment of disease and ailment.

Przędziorki. Jak się pozbyć przędziorków

  • Przdziorki are the most dangerous and often occurring szkodniki among the roztoczy, although roliny are also harmed by other gatunki from the same group.

Choroby derenia jadalnego

  • I have a 3-year-old jadalny derek at my disposal. At the beginning of this year, his licie was blanketed with crimson plamks, which resulted in his slipping and falling. The same disease is being attacked by new growths. What exactly is going on? Andrzej Zajczkowski
  • Andrzej Zajczkowski

Szara pleśń. Jak skutecznie się pozbyć szarej pleśni?

  • Three-year-old derek is currently in my possession. At the beginning of this year, his licie was blanketed in crimson plamks, which resulted in his slipping and crashing onto the ground afterward. The same disease is being attacked by new growth. What’s going on here, anyway? Andrzej Zajczkowski is a Polish actor and director.

Ziemiórki zwalczanie. Proste sposoby na ziemiórki

  • Ziemórki? I noticed a large number of little muszki krce around the rolin doniczkowych. How can they be eliminated without the use of chemii? Diana Drosiska is a Polish actress and singer.

Jak unieszkodliwić turkucia podjadka

  • In my backyard, masowo turkucie podjadki grasuj masowo turkucie podjadki and podgryzaj korzenie wszystkich rolin. I need to eliminate szkodniki without the use of chemicals since I upraw not only kwiaty, but also a significant amount of warzyw. M. Wacawa
  • M. Wacawa

Dziury w liściach funkii

  • In my backyard, masowo turkucie podjadki grasuj masowo turkucie podjadki and wygryzaj korzenie wszystkich rolin Due to the fact that I uprawe not only kwiaty but also a significant amount of warzyw, I must eliminate the use of chemicals. M. Wacawa
  • M. Wacawa, et al.

Mrówki w ogrodzie, czyli jak skutecznie pozbyć się mrówek

  • Mrówki in nature are unavoidable – this is a free sprztajcy service, and their ability to work is, to put it mildly, impressive. But it’s not uncommon for people to start stumbling in the garden. What did you do today?

Robaki w domu. 13 insektów, z którymi mieszkasz. Jak się ich pozbyć?

  • Mrówki in the natural world are unavoidable – this is a free sprztajcy service, and their working conditions are really favorable. Most of the time, though, things start to go wrong in the field. What did you do yesterday?

Leczymy kwiaty balkonowe – gdy w skrzynkach źle się dzieje

  • If you have a balcony, it is important to keep an eye on the ropes and to put them on a ratunek if there are any problems.

Jak walczyć z ochojnikiem?

  • My jody are over 30 years old, and they have been seeing little “waty” krabs on their igs for a few seasons now. Poraone mode przyrosty zasychaj on a stopniowo basis. I’ve already used Promanal, but it’s not helping me at the moment. What am I able to do at this point? Edward Bochysk
  • Edward Bochysk

Mrówki na piwonii

  • Is it appropriate to be wary of mrówkami spacerujcymi po pkach kwiatowych piwonii, or is it better to be cautious? Is it true that rolines krzywdy do not wyrzdzaj? Magdalena Ksicka
  • Magdalena Ksicka

Na co chorują truskawki i poziomki

  • Are mrówkami, which spacerujcymi po pkach kwiatowych pieconia, anything we should be concerned about? How come the rolines krzywda don’t seem to be wreaking havoc? Magdalena Ksicka is a Polish actress and singer.

Jak się pozbyć roztoczy z mieszkania?

  • During the months of June and July, we are more vulnerable to health problems caused by allergies to roztocze. When we are prevented from leaving the house due to a roztoczy, it will be easier for us to go through the difficult period.

Azalie wielkokwiatowe – gwiazdy ogrodowej sceny

  • The largest of the krzews, the azalie is the most beautiful. Even róaneczniki are influenced by their adolescence.

Hipeastrum czy amarylis?

  • In the hipeastrum family, kwiaty hipeastrum are one of the largest, having been formed in the spring by the cebulowe rolins. They are being considered for use as a home decoration for the Boe Narodzenie.

Brzydkie plamy na roślinach. Jak sobie z nimi radzić?

  • This time, we’re paying attention to the plamistoci that attack iglaste drzewa and krzewy, byliny, roliny jednoroczne, as well as warzywa and owoce.

Rośliny odstraszające komary

  • We will not compel a komarom to zepsu romanticznych wieczorów in a letnim saloniku. The presence of roliny odstraszajce komary aids us in our battle against latajcymi natrtami.

Szkodniki w ogrodzie: mszyce, ślimaki, gryzonie, jak się ich pozbyć?

  • When we walk to the garden, we often see uninvited guests who annoy us by behaving strangely. We call these people “skoodzies,” since they make us seem bad. Sometimes it’s impossible to tell what they’re talking about. Mszyce, limaki, mrówki, szczury, and myszy are examples of traditional Polish dishes. They are extremely uciliwe not only for our rolin, but also for us as a whole. We’ll go through how to deal with szkodniki in the garden.

Bonsai choruje. Co się stało z fikusem?

  • When we walk to the garden, we often see uninvited guests that annoy us by behaving in an inappropriate manner. A lot of the time, I don’t understand what they’re going through. The following are examples of Mszyce: lemonade, mrówki, szczury, and myszy They are extremely dangerous not only for our roelin, but also for ourselves. We’ll go over how to deal with squatters in the garden.

Szrotówek kasztanowcowiaczek. Opaski przeciw szkodnikom

  • Unpredictable creatures appear in our garden on a regular basis, causing us to squirm. Sometimes it’s impossible to tell what they’re thinking. Mszyce, limaki, mrówki, szczury, and myszy are some of the dishes on the menu. They are really uciliwe not just for our rolin, but also for ourselves. We’ll go through how to deal with skunks in the garden.

Gąsienice w ogródku. Gąsienice zjadające liście warzyw

  • A lot of owads are capable of ogoocing their rolin due to the presence of gsienice, also known as larwy. In contrast to this, some of the most beautiful motyli, such as rusaek and pazi, do not pose a significant threat to them.

Skuteczne sposoby na walkę z ślimakami

  • A lot of owads are capable of ogoocing their rolin because of their gsienice, or larwy. In contrast to this, some of the most beautiful motyli, such as rusaek or pazi, do not pose a significant threat to them.

Choroby cisa

  • The leaves of one of the cisów rosning in my garden have fallen. There are no szkodniks visible
  • The only thing I noticed were czarne kropki on the igie’s spodium. What can you do to help rolini? Radosaw M. Pyta is the author of this work.

Kliwia z plamami na liściach

  • What is the best way to get rid of a kliwian choroba that has been infected? No benefit may be gained from the use of poraoned lics. Pyta is played by Ewa Krysa.

Co niszczy rośliny wodne?

  • Roliny began to chorowa in my left oczku (wet oczko). Many of them have dziurki on their limbs, and a few of them are downright marniejing. What can I do to get rid of it? Pyta: Bogna Surwio
  • Pyta: Bogna Surwio

Parch jabłoni i drzew owocowych. Objawy i zwalczanie parcha

  • Liscie and owoce drzew owocowych I ozdobnych are harmed by this choroba. The most severe attacks occur during periods of heavy rain.

Na co choruje katalpa?

  • That type of chocolate is known to nip at the edges of the lips and the corners of the eyes of owocowych and orange-fleshed Dr. owocowych and orange-fleshed Dr. In the case of severe opads, it is the most dangerous.

Pomarszczony storczyk

  • What kind of disease has been plaguing my storczyk’s health? One of the most impressive aspects of her work is how quickly she works. After only one week, she has taken over nearly all of the available positions. What exactly is going on? Pyta: Tomasz Tomkiewicz
  • Tomasz Tomkiewicz

Skuteczne zwalczanie szkodników glebowych strona 2

What kind of disease has been plaguing my storczyk’s life? One of the most impressive things about her is how quickly she develops; after only one week, she has already taken up nearly all of the available positions on the board. What’s going on here, anyway? Tomasz Tomkiewicz is the subject of this pyta.

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