Uprawy Pod Osłonami – 20 Artykułów Na Ten Temat


Czasopismo Pod Osłonami 2/2020 – przegląd artykułów opublikowanych w numerze

The first edition of the Sadowniczej Konferencji “Jagodowe Trendy,” which took place on the grounds of the Centrum Konferencyjno-Targowego in Lublinie on the 21st and 22nd of September, was held in Kranik for the first time in almost 15 years. According to the event’s organizers – the Zwizek Sadowników Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej and the Krakow Regional Government – the new location is a response to the growing interest in the event and the growing number of people who wish to attend.

Udany jubileusz TSW

The Xedycja Targów Sadownictwa I Warzywnictwa, which took place on the 15th and 16th of September in the Ptak Warsaw Expo Center in Nadarzyne, proved to be a memorable event, not only because of the anniversary’s significance, but also because of the high level of interest shown by both the participants and the general public. Organizers described the event as “awesome.” In the exhibition hall, there were representatives from about 400 national and international companies, and the event was attended by more than 16 thousand people from all over Europe, as well as Egypt and India.

TSW was organized by the Officyna Wydawnicza Oikos for the third time in a row.

Zrównoważona produkcja

On 14 September in Warszaw, representatives of the Bayer Corporation presented the company’s latest environmental and animal health products, as well as plans for the future. They also discussed new projects, including social media campaigns and public opinion polls, as well as cyber-based solutions for the rolnictwa industry.

W Sandomierzu o pomidorach

On 14 September in Warszaw, representatives of the Bayer Corporation presented the company’s latest environmental and animal health products, as well as plans for the future. They also discussed new projects, such as social media campaigns and public opinion polls, as well as cyber-based solutions for the rolnictwa industry.

Akcja optymalizacja…

A similar topic was discussed at the beginning of September in Piaseczno, at a meeting of representatives from the local De Ruiter brand (which is owned by the Bayer corporation) and the French company Saint-Gobain Cultilene, which manufactures and sells mineral-based podoosa. The second topic discussed was the Polish market for malinowych pomidors (which accounts for 60 percent of the country’s total nasadze in this gatunk).

Sałata w roli głównej

Producents of saaty from the vicinity of Piotrkowa Trybunalskiego had the opportunity to participate in a meeting organized by the companies Enza Zaden, Intermag, Timac Agro, and the Rozsad Kraso Group on September 9th. The event began in the szklarniach with a demonstration of technological lines leading to the production of rozsady for this particular warzywa in torfowe kostki.

Following that, participants were taken to a newly constructed szklarni in the town of Kisiele, where they were shown the technical details of the new investment and heard from representatives of the companies that were involved in the event’s organization.

Nie tylko kapustne

Enza Zaden, in collaboration with the companies Amplus, Biocont Polska, Hurtownia Nasion Luty Jacek, and Rivulis, organized a meeting for warzyw producers from Igoomi and the surrounding area prior to the start of the new season of uprawy.

Uprawa sałaty i rzodkiewki…

Prior to the start of the new upraw season, Enza Zaden, together with the companies Amplus, Biocont Polska, Hurtownia Nasion Luty Jacek, and Rivulis, organized a meeting for producers of warzyw from Igoomi and the surrounding area.

„Klimatycznie” w Essen

The 38th edition of the International Poultry and Meat Fair (IPM Essen) in Germany took place between the 28th and 31st of September, and was hailed as the most important of its kind in the industry. It provided a comprehensive overview of all of the industry’s sectors, ranging from agrotechnology to the production and processing of oats and other grains from specific agricultural operations, as well as a display of “detaliczne” accessories and floral design. The most often mentioned zwrotem, to which the organizers of the current year’s event – Messe Essen GmbH – as well as speakers at the official opening of IPM 2020, referred, was “climatic changes.”

Międzynarodowy Ogrodnik Roku

The results of the International Grower of the Year 2020 competition were announced at a ceremony held on the 28th of September during the IPM Essen trade show. A holenderska firma, Anthura, won the IGOTY Awards, which were organized by the International Federation of Producers and Growers (Midd-National Association of Producers and Growers). Anthura had previously placed first in two of the competition’s four categories – “Young Plants” (Young Materials) and “Renewable Productivity (Sustainability).

Zagrożenia i tendencje w uprawie pomidorów i papryki

Numerous conferences have been held in the Targom TSW in Nadarzynie (also known as streets 9, 35, and 37) for many years. In this year’s edition, seven specialized workshop blocks were organized, and more than 60 prelegents – both academics and practitioners – from Poland and beyond presented their work. Approximately 3000 people participated in these conferences, with a further 2000 people watching live online broadcasts of selected presentations. “Pod Osonami” magazine has been a co-organizer and media sponsor for the past three years of a conference on the uprising of warzyw – pomidorów and papryki – under the osonami.

Trendy na światowym rynku papryki

During a conference organized by the companies Syngenta, Tradecorp, and Nature’s Produce (see also PO 8/2019 and 1/2020), Jacek Bursztyski, a representative from the company Syngenta, presented data pertaining to the worldwide papryki market. Among the topics covered by the expert are the most important manufacturers and distributors of papryk, as well as the most rapidly changing trends in the market.

Z Konferencji Truskawkowej

During a conference organized by the companies Syngenta, Tradecorp, and Nature’s Produce (see also PO 8/2019 and 1/2020), Jacek Bursztyski from the company Syngenta presented data pertaining to the worldwide papryki market.

Among the topics covered by the expert are the most important manufacturers and distributors of papryk, as well as the most rapidly changing market trends.

Brodawkowe bezglebowo

After the end of the season for the production of rozsady pomidorów, which predominated in the mnoarkach in grudniu and styczniu, as well as szklarniowych ogórków destined for wczesne nasadzenia, a significant amount of rozsady ogórków is still produced in the months (fot. 1, 2). In most cases, they are brodawkowe ogórka variants that are available for grabs on the warzyw wieych market or the production of so-called malosolny ogórks. Polish consumers hold high regard for them, and it is possible to obtain favorable prices in exchange for their loyalty, particularly during peak seasons.

Rośnie powierzchnia upraw doświetlanych

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in interest among our ogrodniks in the upkeep of pomidors with asymilatory lighting (fot. 1). The most notable products produced using this technology are owoce of a well-known malinowej kind, which is well regarded on our market for its excellent flavor. Following a visit by the country’s largest manufacturer of “malinówek spod lamp” to large retail outlets, it became clear that despite the high prices charged during the peak summer and autumn shopping seasons, consumers are willing to pay these high prices.

In this year’s budget, Halina and Franciszek Stasiakowie, who together with their sister Janem run a business in the Kraski Dolne and Pod municipalities in the Mazowiecki province, decided to invest in the renovation of pomidors “under lampmas.” Other than pomidor production, the company also manages rolnic upkeep, which, together with the kami, occupies around 100 acres.

2), which now has a total of 50 sztuk.

Nagrody i wyróżnienia w Nadarzynie – TSW 2020

During this year’s X Targów Sadownictwa I Warzywnictwa (see section 9), the Nagrody im. prof. Szczepana A. Pienika were officially established for the first time. They are products that distinguish themselves from the competition due to their innovative nature or their positive impact on the environment. In this regard, for example, the humus extract Carbohumic, the microbiologic preparation Delfin WG, and the irrigation system Enbar were recognized as the most innovative products and solutions in the field of agriculture, while the Plantalux Medio system received special recognition.

Tunele − trendy w konstrukcjach i wyposażeniu

At the TSW trade show in Nadarzyn (also known as Str. 9 and 35), over 400 companies representing sadownic and warzywnic enterprises displayed their products and services to the public. Among the interests of growers who are now engaged in uprawy under osonami or who are waiting for the start of such production are new and innovative folio-tuneling technologies.

Purpurowe pomidory i polskie opakowania

The Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA) was presented at the beginning of June during a trade show in Berlin, where visitors selected the most innovative products from among the new products submitted by companies for consideration in the competition.

Nowości z Essen (cz. I) – IPM

The Internationale Pflanzenmesse (Internationale Pflanzenmesse, czyt. te str. 16) is widely regarded as the most important international trade fair for the ozdobnych roslin industry, and it has demonstrated this year that it is a tygle of new products, sales concepts, and, at the same time, an opportunity for promotional activities, important meetings, the exchange of important communications with the rest of the world. IPM Essen has selected a number of new products for you to check out.

Ze świata kwiatów

The International Film and Television Festival (IFTF), which is held annually in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands (see also PO 8/2019), is a showcase for a wide range of film and television productions. However, among the many other gatunks of rolin ozdobnych that are available for upraw on the cite kwiaty, there are plenty of dostawców and hodowców to choose from across the world. This was also true for the most recent, ubiegorocznej occurrence of this event.

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Uprawa pod osłonami – Porady, wiadomości i informacje

Ptaków’s activity is disrupted by uprawa warzyw and owocówpod, which results in a number of benefits for everyone involved. It protects us from adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain or sluggish winds, as well as from szkodniks and other hazards. The ability to significantly extend the wegetative season from the beginning of winter to the middle of summer is provided. In the presence of oscillators, the uprawianie of rolin results in a decrease in wilgotno and an increase in the temperature of the surrounding environment, both of which are increasing.

Pomidory, papryka, and bakaany adore szklarnia or tunelu, which may cause their zbiors to slow down by up to 25 days if they are exposed to it for an extended period of time.

Knowledge of the many types of oson, including dajszklarnie and tunele foliowe, as well as the various types of paskie okrycia, such as folia perforowana or agrowuknina, is recommended for beginners.

Learn more about upkeep of roelin under ossuary by getting in touch with our authors’ websites.

Ile kosztuje i jakie są korzyści zamkniętego obiegu pożywki w uprawie warzyw szklarniowych?

It is intended to be used in the production of rozsady. Zalewowa nawa that is used in the production of rozsady ACN. ACN. ACN. ACN. ACN. Ryszard ukowicz spoke about obstructed obiegs poywki in szklarniowych upraws during one of the year’s webinars, which was held on the topic of obstructed obiegs poywki in szklarniowych upraws. A specjalist from the business Adviser focuses on the technical and economic aspects of technology, for example, the uptake of pomidor in the mineral processing industry.

  • A lewowy sto is made of metal and plastic, and it is located in the center of the building, where doniczki or kostki with rolinams may be found.
  • As a result, for a 10 m2 space, 200 to 300 l of powierzchnia are required.
  • At least 60% of the poywki odpywa from the stoów in the form of drena and makes its way to the zbiorniks, where it is afterwards used for roelin nawadnianie.
  • The production of rozsady pomidorów necessitates the use of special stoichiometry.
  • The same way that stoy zalewowe function in the same way, nawy zalewowe function in the same way that weny mineralne do in the same way that the weny mineralne do.
  • Installations for the removal of poywki and the suffocation of drena are located near the posadzko nawy.
  • In every 100 m 3 of 3poywki used for nawy napenienia, about 50% of the powy odpywa after the completion of nawadniania to zbiorników and necessitates the use of specialized equipment.

Zalewowa nawa that is used in the production of rozsady AC for the ft.

– In the event that a chorobotwórczy czynnik appears in any location during an upraw, it is quite simple to remove it by spodarowanie woda in an obstructed obieg.

When it comes to brudnedrena, it is essential to get it sterilized (for example, before it becomes infected or after it becomes dezynfekcjonalized).

It is composed of a number of components, including a pump for introducing fresh air into the system, a series of filters for removing static electricity and a light for preheating the lamp, as well as a computer for monitoring and controlling all of the processes.

It is equipped with a set of abrasive-resistant filters for the removal of brudnedrenaline and an automatic pH control system for the treatment of wastewater.

2 Radiacja is a critically important parameter, the accuracy of which determines the safety of fitosanitarne uprawy.

a likwidacji of 99 percent of the living organisms in a laboratory setting.

The sterilizator UV VitaLite is equipped with a computer that performs the sterilization.





Several additional components must be added to the normal installation in order to create the locked-down system of obiegu powywki (rysunek).

Due to the fact that these elements determine what type of drenaowe spywu may be expected, her size must be adjusted in accordance with the durability of the mieszalnik and kroplownik.

To get there, you’ll need to go the long way around, which will take some time.

Another component of the system has already been discussed: the ukad for dezynfekcji poywki, which is derived from which the poywka is directed to the zbiornik for a toasted drena.

The ukad for dezynfekcji poywki is the most important component in the recycling of poywki.

ACND ft.

The zawór of the following mieszania is equipped with the function of precyzyjne dobierania proporcji wody and drenau in such a way that the resulting EC roztworu can be obtained.




As an example, a specjalist from the business Adviser points to an existing 3-hektar-capacity pomidor production on the uprawowy market that is being nawadnianed in an open-air facility, with the system nawadniajcy having been upgraded to create an enclosed facility.

The construction of brudny and savory drenalines and zbiorniks was the final step.

It was necessary to upgrade the sterylizacyjny ukad to a wydajno of about 5 m 3 /godz.

In the case of the construction of a fenced-in area, it was necessary to investigate whether the computer-based system for stewarding fertygacj had the capability of regulating the process of recycling. Duration and cost of modernizing the nawadniania system for a three-hektar-sized organization:

  • The following items are included: Drenau pompownia (20 000 zl)
  • Pre-installation (20 000 zl)
  • Zbiornik na drena brudny (100 000 zl)
  • Zbiornik na drena czysty (100 000 zl)
  • Sterylizator UV with a filtering unit (przepyw 5 m 3 /godz.) (200 000

RAZEM 300 000 zl (300 000 zl) Installing an underground storage tank on a 3 hectare plot of land results in the annual release of 15 tys. m3 water and 50 t of waste, which are prevented from entering sewage systems and groundwater supplies through the use of a recycling system. A year’s worth of such oszczdnoci is worth 60 thousand dollars. In the 3-hektarowej uprawie pomidora in the skali of a year (on the basis of prices and data from businesses operating in the objeg slated for closure in the season of 2020), the following are the amounts of water and poywka:

  • The annual volume of wody is 45 000 m3
  • The area of drenau (30 percent) is 15 000 m3
  • And the amount of nawozów in the drenau is 50 000 kg. In the case of a seized ukad, the amount of oszczdnoci is 60 000 zlotys.

With the understanding that total net costs for modernization will be around 300 000 z, and annual operating costs will be approximately 10 000 z, the time period for reinvestment in the project will be approximately ten years at an annual cost of 60 000 z. The following article is taken from the newspaper “Szklarnie Tunele Osony” on March 20, 2021. Prenumerats can be purchased here:

Pomidor wysoki pod osłony Charmant F1 typ Cherry 20 nasion

Exceptionally large, wczesna, and abundant, it is suitable for uprooting in szklarnias with folio leaves, for chilly and warm pdzenia, and in the colder regions, it may be uprooted in a gruncie near the palikach. Oporna na wirusa mozaiki pomidorów (1,2,3), fuzarium, I nicienie mozaiki pomidorów (1,2,3). It produces czerwone, mae, okrge, jdrne owoce with a weight of 15-20g that are zebrane in the ground after 25-30 szt. In the gronie, they are twarde and bardzo sodkie, and they do not mikn or dojrzewa in any way.

  1. When there are a number of well-rotated lici in the area, roliny can be found in the area.
  2. In the case of this particular odmiany, nasiona wysiewa si pod osony in the months of March and October, and to gruntu roliny wysadza si after 15 May, when the risk of the appearance of przymrozków, with a size of 30-45-60-70cm, diminishes significantly.
  3. In addition to containing a significant amount of minerals, particularly potassium, pomidor also contains vitamins and the antioxidant likopen, which has a beneficial effect on the body’s organs.
  4. In addition to cukrzyc, pomidorowe przetwory can be ingested by patients suffering from wtroby and nerek disorders, among other things.

Nasza Firma jest pod stałą opieką Państwowej Inspekcji Ochrony Roślin i Nasiennictwa, dzięki czemu oferujemy Państwu produkt najwyższej jakości z wysoką siłą kiełkowania i długim terminem przydatności do wysiewu.

This is a high-quality, fast-drying odmiana that is suitable for uprooting under osonami or in the gruncie. In the color of czerwonym, it creates owoce that are relatively small (in the scale of daktyla), and in the color of brown, it produces brown walcowates. The owoce are gathered in a long row with 20-25 jdrnymi owocami, which do not pka and do not sink. They are around 10-15g in weight and dojrzewaj in a równomiernie symmetrical manner in one direction. The flavors of these odmiany are quite delicious and aromatic.

Depending on the need and method of preparation, nasiona can be stored in doniczek or on a palet from the beginning of October until the end of March.

It necessitates excessive nawoenia and nawadniania.

In the months of March and October, nasiona begins to wilt under the influence of the sun, and it begins to wilt under the influence of the moon on the 15th of May, when the risk of przymrozk formation decreases to 40-60-60-70cm in size.

Throughout the month of September and into the first few weeks of December, the entire owocama team is proving to be quite successful.

Nasza Firma jest pod stałą opieką Państwowej Inspekcji Ochrony Roślin i Nasiennictwa, dzięki czemu oferujemy Państwu produkt najwyższej jakości z wysoką siłą kiełkowania i długim terminem przydatności do wysiewu.

Pomidory should be consumed since they are delicious, nutritious, and easy to prepare. Wap, elazo, magnez, fosfor, potas, vitamins C, A, and E, as well as likopen, are all included in this dish. The last of these is an organic chemistry zwiazek with a mutating effect on the environment. Pomaraczowe I czerwone warzywa are the most common kind of likopenu, while pomidors are the most common type of likopenu. What’s more, he doesn’t seem to be dying in the iceberg. In comparison to large pomidors, he is even 2-3 times more abundant in the przetworach.

To ensure that you and your family enjoy delicious owoce pomidorów, it is necessary to prepare them in a foliowy tunel.

Ciepło w tunelu

There are several advantages to uprooting pomidors under a folium. When properly maintained, tunel ensures that pies grow to their full potential, protects against wiatrami and deszcze, and serves as a barrier against skodniks. Pomidory will continue to develop in the next years under the right conditions of temperature, humidity, nawadnianiu, and nawoeniu. In order to provide optimal conditions for pomidor uptake, it is necessary to measure the pH of the water (the pH should be between 6,0 and 6,5).

Pomiador prefers lean and mean grass, and when it does, it grows and smells like homey, delicious owoce (sweet potatoes).

We’ll talk about organic farming as well, so stay tuned (kompost lub obornik).

Organic nawozy boost the body’s ability to absorb macro- and microelements.

Pomidory z silnej rozsady

When we have a silny, zdrowy rozsada, which we may create ourselves, the uprawa of pomidors in the tunel changes. Formidora tunelowego’s rozsady are prepared over the course of six to eight weeks. Toszemy do skrzynek wzdu duszej krawdzi nasiona pomidorów wzdu duszej krawdzi. The start of the siewu is the first of the month of March. It is preferable to use ziemi for nasion’s wysiewu warzyw, and for nasiona’s wysiewu warzyw, it is preferable to use 0,5 cm warstw ziemi or piasku. It is necessary to cover the skrzynki with a folia in order to maintain an appropriate temperature and humidity.

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After about two weeks, we will begin the process of pikowania rozsady.

Sadzonki are at their most peaceful, quiet, and wyroniete during this time.

Sadzonka przywiązana sznurkiem

Approximately every 6-8 weeks, we will provide pomidors to previously prepared gleb in the following sizes: 60×70 cm for slowly growing odmian, 50×60 cm for slowly growing odmian, and a gboko of approximately 20 cm for a sabiej. Every sadzonko pomidora is equipped with a sznurkiem for use in the construction of a drutu structure during the last stages of foliotu namiotu.

During the period of wegetacji, we must draw attention to the presence of chwasts, which must be successfully removed. The best way to care for our pomidors is to keep them well-watered and lekko ogrzan in zbiorniks (deszczówka) every 3 to 4 days.

Do piątego grona

The dzikie pdy (those that wyrastajce z midzywli) and nadmiar lici are being gathered on the sidelines. In the case of pomidors, we will go on one or two pdachs to the fourth or fifth rung of the ladder.

Uprawa pomidorów wymaga odpowiedniego nawożenia

We have the option of using a nawoenie roztworem gnojowicy z pokrzywy (1 litr gnojówki to 10 litr wody) as a substitute. She also has grzybobójcze abilities, such as the ability to sleep for 10 days or to have regular naps. In order to have healthy, beautiful owoce, we must pay special attention to the health of the roiling. In the event of the occurrence of objaws, it is necessary to employ roelin protection measures. Opoce Pomidora mog atakowa grzybowe I wirusowe choroby, na which wpisuje zaraza ziemniaczana, alternarioza – sucha plamisto lici, zgorzel podstawy odygi I brunatna zgnilizna owoców pomidora, szara The most characteristic signs and symptoms of this form of pomidor disease appear on the zielonych, but not yet dejrzaych owocach.

Poraoned owoce do not deteriorate and do not deteriorate.

Zwalczanie chorób

Zaraza ziemniaka (Zemniak’s Zaraza) We’ll get started when the first few signs of trouble are identified. We may now fight ziemniaka at home using a variety of methods, including the use of a homemade wyware made from pokrzyw or a polny skrzyp. There are szawii lekarsk and lawend in the vicinity of the upraw pomidor area, which should be noted. Their eteryczne olejki limit the progression of a variety of diseases. POMIDORY: Pomidory are rolinami with a lot of pokarmowe potrzeb and are beneficial for those with grzybowe choroby.

  • Chemotherapeutic protection is used in the event of a minor accident.
  • Preparations such as these should be used in conjunction with other fungicidal agents.
  • Alternarioza pomidora (sucha plamisto lici) is a kind of pomidora.
  • Objawy tej choroby pomidorów to pomidorów ciemnobrunatne, ograniczone przez niemal zarysowanym koncentrycznym strefowaniu, pomidorów ciemnobrunatne, ograniczone przez niemal zarysowanym koncentrycznym strefowaniu, pomid Plamy grow in size up to 1.5 cm in diameter.
  • Licie, as a result of the arrival of the plam, sóknie, zwijaj si, and obumieraj.
  • Gnij poraone owoce, a na powierzchni plam widoczny jest nalot grzybni na powierzchni plam.
  • In order to reduce the likelihood of the occurrence of this pomidor disease, it is necessary to restrict the movement of pomidors in the vicinity of ziemniak farms.

Following the zbiorach, we will precisely oczyszczam the location of the uprawy from all of the rolinnych resztek.

A brown zgnilizna of owoców pomidora and the zgorzel of sodygi’s foundations The most serious form of pomidor disease, which includes zarazy ziemianka, zgorzel podstawy odygi, and brunatna zgnilizna owoców, is owoców pomidora.

odygi and owoców are caused by the poraa on this page.

A few days later, objaws of the zgorzeli odygi and brownish zgniliznyowocs of Pomidora begin to appear.

During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that the root cause of the problem was grzyb.

Zgnilizna appears in the owocach around the szypuki, in the form of ciemnobrunatnych szypuków, which are accompanied by plam.

The prevention of this type of pomidor disease is based on the prevention of its occurrence.

It is necessary to complete 3-4 months of summer vacation in the upraw of pomidora on the same location.

Our most recent rolins are treated with a combination of Curzate Cu 49,5 WP (40 g in 10 L wody/100 m2), Gwarant 500 SC (20 mg in 6-8L wody/100 m2), and Miedzian 50 WP (30 g in 7 L wody/100m2).

The ideal conditions for growth are 14-15 degrees Celsius and a high level of wilgotno (97-98 percent ).

The landscape is punctuated with szarozielone or óte plamy, which are gradually expanding in size.

Large szare or brzowe plamy form on the sand dunes of odyga.

Pomidora’s wodniste and mikkie plamy may be found on the forest floor, and a characteristically shaped grzyba szary can be found on the liciach, odygach, and the forest floor.

It is necessary to work towards improving the low wilgotnoci of the air in up-to-date buildings and structures.

Amistar Opti 480 SC(20-25 ml w 10 l wody/100 m2),Signum 33 WG(2 g w 1 l wody, dawka cieczy: 10 l/100 m2), lubSwitch 6 (Amistar Opti 480 SC(20-25 ml w 10 l wody/100 m2) Rak bakteryjny pomidora (Bacterial Pomidora) Virus of bacterial pomidora is a highly contagious disease that requires immediate treatment.

  1. Pomidory uprawiane in gruncie and under the influence of osonami are attacked by this creature.
  2. The most common symptom of bakteryjnego pomidora is the presence of widnicie lici.
  3. Initially, widnicie may appear just on one side of the odygi, but this may change in the future.
  4. Puccini and luzowate wycieki appear on the periphery of the pdach.
  5. Gnij owoce gnij owoce gnij owoce gnij The removal of bacterial pomidora raka is a difficult task.
  6. We also have all of the tools and equipment that are used in the preparation of pomidors.
  7. In the location where the choroba manifested itself for the second time in four years, it was impossible to uproot rolin from the psiankowaty family.
  8. In order to maintain healthy roliny and owoce pomidors, it is necessary to combat szkodniki, particularly mszyce, which are known to be important in the progression of several diseases.
  9. The most efficient tool is either Mospilan 20 SP or Agricolle, respectively.

The zabieg of opryskiwania should be completed as soon as possible after determining the presence of szklarniowe mczlik on the rolinach in the foliowe tunels.

Ryszard RzeszowskiDolnośląski Ośrodek Doradztwa Rolniczego we WrocławiuJeden z 16 Ośrodków Doradztwa Rolniczego w kraju.Dolnośląski Ośrodek Doradztwa Rolniczego we Wrocławiu realizuje na obszarach wiejskich województwa dolnośląskiego zadania z zakresu doradztwa rolniczego. Podstawowym zadaniem Ośrodka jest doradztwo rolnicze, obejmujące działania w zakresie rolnictwa, rozwoju wsi, rynków rolnych oraz wiejskiego gospodarstwa domowego, mającego na celu poprawę poziomu dochodów rolniczych oraz podnoszenie konkurencyjności rynkowej gospodarstw rolnych, wspieranie zrównoważonego rozwoju obszarów wiejskich, a także podnoszenie poziomu kwalifikacji zawodowych rolników i innych mieszkańców obszarów wiejskich.Zainteresował Cię ten artykuł? Masz pytanie do autora? Napisz do nastutaj


GUS Rolnego Wyniki Powszechnego Spisu Rolnego 2002 The “Powszechny Spis Rolny” was held on the territory of the entire country from the 20th of May to the 8th of April, 2002, by the General Statistics Office. In the recently published results, it was determined that the powierzchnia uprawy warzyw pod osonami with podziaem na nastpujce gatunki: pomidory, ogórki, and papryk was ujto as well as the group of warzywa pozostae. In addition to warzywa and their rozsady uprawiane under high pressure, such as those found in szklarnia and high-pressure foliowe tunels (powyej 1,5 m in szczycie), as well as in inspections, were added to the production of warzyw under high pressure.

  • The data from the “Powszechnego Spisu Rolnego 2002,” which concern the upkeep of rolin ogrodniczych under osonami, appear to be several hundred times more accurate than those obtained by GUS over the years 1997–2001.
  • 1).
  • During the preceding years, previous rozsady were not regarded favorably by the GUS.
  • Improvements in manufacturing under the guidance of experts Historically, starting in 1997, the federal government established a system of highly effective protection for the krajowego podów ogrodniczych from competition from foreign imports.

Despite the fact that the relationship between the cost of raw materials and the cost of finished goods has deteriorated, the relationship between the cost of raw materials and the cost of finished goods has remained significantly more favorable for producers in the United Kingdom than for producers in the rest of Europe.

  • This favorable splot of economic indicators represents a significant bodziec for the dynamic development of agricultural production in Poland under the aegis of the European Union.
  • A significant achievement of “Powszechnego Spisu” is the refinement of the obszarowej structure of specific agronomic upraw under the supervision of osonami.
  • 2, 3, 4, 5).

UPRAWA ROLIN OZDOBNYCH POD OSONAMI W GOSPODARSTWACH ROLNYCH WG GRUP OBSZAROWYCH POWIERZCHNI UPRAWY IN GOSPODARSTWACH ROLNYCH WG GRUP OBSZAROWYCH POWIERZCHNI UPRAWY IN GOSPODARSTWACH ROLNYCH WG GRUP OBSZAROW dane dane dane dane Obliczenia, GUS, obliczenia IERiGŻ Pomidory Approximately 45 percent of the nation’s pomidor uprawy was found in gospodarstwa with a production scale greater than 0,3 ha (table 2), and approximately 32,5 percent of the nation’s pomidor uprawy was found in gospodarstwa with a production scale greater than 0,5 ha.

Pomidor uprawy was found in gospodarstwa with a production scale greater than 0,5 ha.

The number of gospodarstwa with a land area of less than 0.05 ha accounted for only 9,5 percent of the total land area used for pomidor upkeep in the country; however, the number of gospodarstwa with a land area greater than 0.05 ha accounted for more than half of the total land area used for pomidor upkeep.

  1. The lack of information on the structure of the obszarowed powierzchni uprawy pomidorów in various types of oson (tunele, szklarnie) makes it impossible to conduct a thorough investigation into this occurrence.
  2. Similar to how proporcje are formed in the case of pomidors, proporcje are formed in the case of ogórks in groups of obszarowych powierzchni uprawy (tab.
  3. Uprawy ogórków are being carried out by around 50% of the country’s landowners on plots of land of up to 0.05 hectares, accounting for a total of 10,6 percent of the country’s total land area under cultivation.
  4. 34% of producers with acreages greater than 0.5% of the total land area in Poland control about 30% of the total uptake of ogórks in the country.
  5. The structure of the ogórk’s uptake was slightly different from that of the pomidor’s and the ogórk’s.
  6. 4).
  7. The second most important group, measured in terms of liczebnoci, was a group of producers who uprawed papryk on land with a size of 0.1–0.5 ha.
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The gatunek was produced on land with a larger than 0.5 hectare size, but it covered a total of 39.2 percent of the total land area in the country, according to the data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service.


It represented 36,9 percent of the total number of businesses, which accounted for 27,7 percent of the total amount of kwiaciarskie upraw under the control of the government.

This particular group was represented by 17,4 percent of the total number of kwiaciarskie business enterprises.

Examination of the underlying structural elements Comparing the size of the uptake of ogrodniczych rolin under osonami in Poland to that of the Netherlands (tab.

However, there is a significant difference in the intensity of ogrodniczej production under the influence of osonami.

In the Netherlands, production under osonami is fully automated and mechanized, however in Poland, the technical state of the oson is in a worse state.

For example, while the majority of holandeskich gospodarstw are focused on narrow specialization (within the gospodarstw, the majority of products are sold as one), we have to contend with a much broader range of products in Poland, particularly in smaller-scale operations such as those located near railroad tracks.

  • The number of companies engaged in the production of agricultural products under the supervision of osonami has increased significantly.
  • In the aftermath of this, the size of the plots of land occupied by certain agricultural upkeep under ossuaries belonging to a single landowner differed significantly (tab.
  • According to the 2002 census, the average size of upraw fields under osonami in Polish warzywnictows was 0.17 ha, while in kwiaciarskich fields, it was 0.20 ha.
  • Such small plots of land occupied by a single agribusiness in Poland result, among other things, from the existence of a large number of small businesses with little commercial significance.
  • It is possible to predict that the structure of the organization in charge of this upraw will change in the next years in Poland.
  • The only enterprises in the enlarged European Union whose land area is more than or equal to 0.5% of the total land area will be able to compete effectively with European producers.
  • This is due to the fact that many different types of warzyw have been produced in a single business and that appropriate classification methods have not been used in the process of selecting the most dominant manufacturing location.

The author is a researcher at the Zakadu Ekonomiki Ogrodnictwa Instytutu Ekonomiki Rolnictwa I Gospodarki ywnociowej (Zakad Ekonomiki Ogrodnictwa Institute of Economic Research and Sustainable Development).

Duży wpływ na wzrost produkcji pomidorów ma rozwój upraw pod osłonami – Warzywa

The production of pomidors in Poland amounts to 712 tonne every year, according to shutterstock. – The total amount of pomidor produced in Poland is 712 tonne, which places us in the seventh position in the overall ranking. In 2011, the countries of the European Union produced a total of 16 134 tonne of pomidor, representing a decrease of 10,3 percent compared to the same year in 2000. The market is dominated by the countries of Poland and Spain, whose production accounts for 60.83 percent of total production, according to Maciej Mularski, president of the Stowarzyszenia Producentów Pomidorów I Ogórków Pod Osonami.

  1. (1,393 mln.
  2. The effects of such high levels of biodiversity in these countries include, among other things, sprzyjajce environmental conditions and an optimal period for plant growth.
  3. As a result, a significant portion of the world’s crop is grown in controlled environments, with Spain, Holland, France, and Belgium among the countries that dominate in this area of production.
  4. The amount of production has increased significantly over the last five years, while the most significant increase occurred in 2012, when the total amount of production reached 498 tonne – according to the president of SPPIOPO.
  5. ton, while in 2011, it increased to 439 tys.
  6. – As a result, the change was minimal and did not exceed 1 percent from year to year.
  7. What is the significance of these wars, the national economy, or international trade?
  8. The export sector accounts for the remaining 20 percent of GDP; the top five importing countries are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  9. The president of SPPIOPO points out that the potential for growth in the export of pomidors from Poland is represented by the ssiedztwo of the two largest importers of pomidors in Europe – Russia and Germany.

Between 2005 and 2013, a significant increase in the volume of imported pomidors onto the Russian market was observed, with the total volume increasing from 351,8 tons to 852,5 tons, resulting in an increase in the value of imports to 1101,8 million dollars, according to Factsheet Russia data.

Jak osiągnąć wzrost wydajności plonów w szklarni?

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Powiązane produkty

AranetSAF Tehnika JSCTDSPHE01 System AranetSAF Tehnika JSCTDSPHE01 Using a regular pomiarowe zawartoci wody in the glebe, a wilgotnoci czujnik may determine the optimal amount of time to spend nawadnianing a roiling causing it to grow. Additionally, the device has the capability of measuring temperature and electrical power, which allows for the accurate measurement of the amount of odywczych skadników present in the gleb. JSCTDSPC003 System AranetSAF Tehnika JSCTDSPC003 System AranetSAF Tehnika JSCTDSPC003 Szkole, biurze, or other place of business can benefit from having a simple, battery-powered CO2 monitor.

  • The device is small, straightforward to set up, simple to operate, and it notifies the user when the monitored values exceed the limits of acceptable tolerance.
  • It can produce up to dwutlenek of electricity with a very high degree of precision, eliminating the need for other forms of organic gas generation.
  • AranetSAF Tehnika JSCTDSPLM01 System AranetSAF Tehnika JSCTDSPLM01 The Czujnik for Pomiaru Natenia Wiata is suitable for use in all types of buildings.
  • The System AranetSAF Tehnika JSCTDSPT001 is a bezprzewodowy czujnik for temperature and humidity in the wzgldnej Aranet that has an extremely low energy consumption, allowing it to operate for up to 10 years without the need to replace the battery.
  • The data is collected in a non-predictive manner from a maximum of 12 czujniks every 10 minutes from a distance of 3 kilometers in the direction of the wzroku.
  • Using smaller sized morphologies is becoming more common.

Depending on the number of czujniks required, the user can choose from three different versions: Aranet PRO 12, Aranet PRO 50, and Aranet PRO 100. Aranet PRO is provided with a free data analysis application that may be downloaded from the internet.

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Jak uprawiać pomidory pod osłonami? Dzielimy się wskazówkami

P omidor is a rolina that grows once a year and is uprooted both in the ground and in the air. Uptake of polow is currently taking place on a large scale in Poland. According to the GUS, the upraw pomidorów gruntowych area accounted for around 5,6 tys. hectares in 2010. It is possible to use szklarniowe and tunel upraws in small areas because of the shape of the tunels and the tuning of the tunels. Pomidory under osonami are estimated to be worth around 1.5 million hectares in Poland.

Temperatura powietrza

It’s important to keep in mind that the temperature might vary significantly between the hours of 5 and 6 a.m. and the hours of midnight. Pkanie owoców is caused by the wysze. Temperatures of the atmosphere should be maintained between 16 and 27 degrees Celsius during the day and 13 to 19 degrees Celsius during the night, depending on the weather and the time of year. As the temperature rises beyond 14°C, owoce cease to exist, and as the temperature falls below 30°C, roliny become encircled on one side, and the temperature drops below 14°C, owoce begin to degrade.

The temperature should range between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius from the sea to the western edge of the roelin, and it should drop to 18–20 degrees Celsius during the day and 15–16 degrees Celsius at night in the next phase.

After the emergence of two waciwych lici, the temperature of the resulting plasma will range between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Temperatura podłoża

Do kiełkowania roślin najodpowiedniejsze jest podłoże utrzymujące temperaturę 28-30°C. W późniejszych fazach może być niższa, 20–25°C. Optymalną temperaturą podłoża dla rozwoju pomidorów jest 18–20°C. Niższe temperatury mogą powodować zahamowanie wzrostu roślin, wyższe poprawiają natomiast rozwój pędów, lecz doprowadzają do zrzucania zawiązków kwiatów. Do utrzymywania stałej I odpowiedniej temperatury podłoża warto stosować podkłady grzejące.

Wilgotność powietrza i podłoża

Pomidor has a great deal of desire for water. From the beginning of March to the beginning of October, the optimal wilgotno should be 60–65 percent, and in the following months, it should be 65–70 percent, according to the wilgotno of the atmosphere. Poraenia due to grzybowe and przdziorki can be caused by excessive wilgotnoci or an insufficient wilgotnoci quotient. From the beginning of the year through the end of the year, the daily requirement for pomidora in water is 3 l/mkw. In the following months, the daily requirement for pomidora in water is 4 l/mkw.

The only thing that will prevent the roiling of the roiling of the roiling is their dissuasion. It is possible that this may result in a worsening of symptoms caused by cancer, as well as the reintroduction of kwiats and zawizks.


In order to maximize pomidor production, it is necessary to expose them to sunlight for 7–12 hours every day for 10–12 hours. Achieving a 4–6 million luks output under peak production conditions is a goal for the company’s summer production. The temperature of the air and the time of day affect the occurrence of natenie wiata. The greater the increase in temperature and nasonecznienie, the less intense the illumination.

Dwutlenek węgla

In these conditions, the presence of two-legged wiggles is insufficient for proper development and extensive plonowania of pomidors. It is necessary to increase the otoczenie to around 900–1000 parts per million (ppm). The positive impact of this increase on plonowanie is that it has the potential to increase by 15%.

Termin uprawy

There are three types of pomidora upraw that take place: in the winter, in the summer, and in the winter again (which takes place every year for around 11 months). During the winter season, production is carried out according to schedules that vary depending on the weather conditions in the respective region of Poland.

Zabieg Okres wiosenny (szklarnia) Okres wiosenny (tunel) Okres jesienny (szklarnia) Okres jesienny (tunel) Uprawa całoroczna (szklarnia) Uprawa całoroczna (tunel)
Wysadzanie Północna część Polski Poł. II 20 III-30 IV 15-25 VII 10-15 VII Poł. II-pocz. III k. II-pocz. III
Środkowa część Polski Pocz. II
Południowa część Polski Poł. I
Zbiór Północna część Polski Poł. V-poł. VII 5-15 VI-10-20 VIII Poł. IX- pocz. XII 15 IX-10 XI pocz. V- k. XI pocz. XI
Środkowa część Polski Poł. V-poł. VII
Południowa część Polski Poł. IV- k. VI

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