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It is believed that Hel is associated with Chelaty-Zwizki chemicznew, which are in a minor degree. These chemicals have complicated chemical structures (for example, the most widely used EDTA is a kwas etylenodiaminotetraoctowy), but they are capable of forming long-lasting reactions with metal cations (for example, Fe+2, Fe+3, Zn+2, Cu+2) when combined. They have a distinctive quality in that they have excellent water floatation, but they also have a mild depressive disorder, which is related to the fact that their zwizki do not float in the water.

The development of chlorozato choroba rolin as a result of a lack of chlorofilu is characterized by the presence of a lilac ring.

The presence of wapienna chloroza on glebs with a zasadowy odczynie is caused by the passage of elaza in conjunction with the formation of zwizki that are difficult to przyswajajalne for roelin, if not completely unavailable to them.


  1. Chocho is one of the most difficult to depict when looking at it through a camera lens, and at the same time it is one of the most difficult to depict when looking at it through a lens.
  2. This fungicyd is formed as a result of the reaction between wodorotlenku and siarczanem, and it is known as bordoska.
  3. A total of 0.11 kg of wapna palona should be zgassed in water and then increased to 10 L of water.
  4. A few days before the start of the construction of the siarczanu, miedzi wlewa itself into the wapiennego mleka, causing a loud squeaking sound.
  5. The following are examples of miotato:1)Richly varying degrees of skupienia of non-normally rozwinitych pdów, which are nadmiernie zagszczone, and skarowaciae.
  6. Occasionally, czarcie mioty, after being zaszczepienie and rozmnoene, provide the beginning of a new odmianie of drzew ozdobnych.
  7. They are not need to come from the human szkielet.
  8. An example of this is a kilkucentymeter-long piece of peka dziczka that is attached to a zokulizowany (zaszczepiony) eye of odmiany that is not slachetnej in nature.

There is no connection between the quality of the material and the quality of the kpiel. This is the percentage of a certain gatunk’s nasion that is wyksztacony, healthy, and not uszkodzony in the currently being investigated nasion problem.

Jak szybko poprawić żyzność gleby? – Poradnik ogrodniczy

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  • How to quickly improve the quality of life in gleby

In order to improve the quality of gleby quickly, a nawóz should be used. Mineralne (sztuczne) and organiczne nawozy are the primary focus of the overall nawozy (naturalne). Azol, fosfor, and potassium are only a few of the minerals that are supplied to the glebe by mineral-rich awozy. Despite the fact that they might occur in a sporadic manner, the nawozy wieloskadnikowe are the most widely distributed. Among other things, organic nawozy consist of compost and obornik. In conjunction with mineral-based skadniks, they promote the growth of ziemi in the proximal limb.

It is necessary, however, to take precautions to prevent rolin from becoming engorged, particularly when using mineral-based nawozy.

Popiół drzewny – wykorzystanie

In the garden, you may make use of a drzewny popiól. None of us are aware that popió that has formed as a result of drewna spalania in the home may be used in a practical manner. This herb is beneficial in the re-establishment of blocked pathways around the house, as well as the protection of roots from the elements and the prevention of roiling. It is possible to separate him from the gleb by sypywanie into the gleb’s powierzchni, but the best results are obtained when the popiós is transferred to the kompostownika.

Apart from that, popió is also used in the treatment of limak disease.

Ogrodzenie drewniane – czy to dobry pomysł?

Drewno has been a fixture on the ogrodzenia from the beginning of time. For the longest time, Drewniane Poty were associated with the krajobrazem wiejskim, since at one point in time, it was there that such poty were most common. At the moment, the current drewniane ogrodzenie is unavoidably required to be constructed from inexpensive materials. Desek or bali are also options for creation. It is necessary to remember, however, that drewno is a surowce that lasts only under the conditions of appropriate zaimpregnowania, subsequent conserwowania, as well as persistent dbaoci o nie.

When combined with cegy sups or natural kamieni, Drewno makes for an excellent combination.

culture substrates po polsku, tłumaczenie, słownik angielsko

The culturing substrate is plaster of Paris (calcium sulfate) mixed with activated charcoal to provide the desired results. In this recipe, we use gipsu modelarskiego (siarczanu wapnia) and an active drzewny wglem to make a Podoedohodowli. EurLex-2Culture substrate (with any specifications, if applicable) (Eventually, a more specific definition will be provided.) odzywczy substrat eurlextmClass Substrates for mushroom cultivation Substratydouprawygrzybówtm Substratum for ClassCulture (specifications, if any) A pair of odywki (perhaps a szczegóowe okrelenie in the future) EurLex-2Culture substrate (with any specifications, if applicable) In the future, there will be further nuances to the odywki (eventual nuances).

eurlexCulture substrate (with any specs, if applicable) In the future, there will be further nuances to the odywki (eventual nuances).

An extension of the Podoadohodowlii family into the realm of the rolin bearing the word “Wermikulittm” Class Particularly important as a component of culture substrates is compost.

Opakowania I magazynowanie grzybów isubstratówdouprawygrzybówtm isubstratówdouprawygrzybówtm Class Prepare the culturing substrate according to the instructions.

Podoado upraw, zwaszcza ziemia do kwiatów, ziemia ogrodowa, ziemia beztorfowa, torfowepodoado upraw dohodowlii uprawy rolintm Podoado upraw dohodowlii uprawy rolintm Podoado upraw dohodowli Class Chemistry used in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry, including garden requisites and substrates, earth for plants, rockwool blocks, soil-conditioning chemicals, and fungicides.

  • Class Culture substrates made from a variety of recycled organic leftover materials that have been composted to produce humus products for plant culture.
  • Third, if necessary, natural gleby from unzanieczyszczonych obszarów can also be used to conduct lubhodowli zapodoedo bada lubhodowli in the case of specific research goals, such as those associated with specific research goals.
  • Warning number three: In the event of a need, such as for specific research purposes or to achieve specific goals in conjunction with specific research objectives, zapodoedo bada lubhodowlimog may also make use of natural gleby from uncontaminated areas.
  • tm potting compost, soil for gardeners, peat-free soil, and peatculture substrates are examples of cultivation substrates (which are included in class 1), which are used for plant growth and cultivation.
  • Chemistry-based products for rolnic, ogrodnic, and lenic applications, particularly for use as substrats in the uprawie rolin, particularly kora, ziemia doupraw, ziemia do kwiatów, and surowce (surowce)tm.
  • Culture substrates with a tree bark foundation are also classified as class 1 tree bark products.
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Importantly, the project contributed to a better understanding of the impact of religions and plural values in societies across Europe, as well as new knowledge to the debate over whether European political integration can be based on a pluralistic sharedcultural substrate, which was the goal of the project.

The project contributes to a better understanding of the role played by religion and other values in European society, as well as new knowledge to debates over whether or not a pluralist, multi-cultural approach to European integration should be pursued. cordis

Rolnictwo i ogrodnictwo / Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we Wrocławiu

In dyscyplinie, tematyka badawczych pracowników:

  • The optimization of roolinnej production in a variety of gospodarowaing systems
  • The use of genetic and molecular approaches to the production of uprawn roolin and the development of novel methods for the extraction of roolin
  • The impact of mineral and organic nawoenia on the plon and chemic skad of roolin with consideration for the health of humans and the environment, as well as the reaction

University of Przyrodniczy in Wroclaw has established a Rolnictwo and an Ogrodnictwo in the Bazie Wiedzy. The University of Przyrodniczy in Wroclaw has established a Rolnictwo and an Ogrodnictwo in the Bazie Wiedzy. The University of Przyrodniczy in Wroclaw has established a Rolnictwo and an Ogrodnictwo in the Bazie Wiedzy. The following are key terms: badania, rolnictwo (orchard), ogrodnictwo (orchard), rolinna produkcja, uprawa rolin, nawoenie (orchard), gleba (orchard), flora (orchard), fauna (orchard), microorganisms (orchard), and social and economic changes (or changes in social and economic conditions).

Żyzność gleby sposobem na wysokie plony

Wiadomoci – Rolnictwo – Wiadomoci – Rolnictwo Wednesday, June 3rd, 2016 01:37 a.m. In Skierniewicach, a conference titled “Gleby’s yzno as a determinant of high-quality ploning” was held. Another one of the most important responsibilities of rolnictwa is the production of a sufficient amount of food for the rapidly increasing population of people in the United States. Gleba, and particularly her ebullience and productivity, play a significant role in this procedure. Gleba is the only one of the several raw materials used in the production of rolniczej that is completely non-nawial in nature.

  1. Although less common, the development of glebes in a state of high culture and in a state that is suitable for the uptake of uprawian rolin necessitates the implementation of production processes that incorporate natural resources, particularly water, air, and soil.
  2. As a result, it is necessary to draw attention to the role of gleby as a component of the broader economic system throughout the process of intensification of rolnej production.
  3. A good glebe condition, according to the prelegenci, guarantees success in the production of rolled steel and ogrodnic wood, respectively.
  4. Próchnica improves the zasobno of gleb, and its zwizki have the potential to zmagazynowa from 4 to 12 times more skadników pokarmowych than the mineral content of gleb.
  5. Zwizki próchnicze maj wysoka pojemno wodna I mog zatrzymywa nawet 5-krotnie wicej wody ni same wa, I to w formie dla rolin ni same wa.
  6. Amounts of grunts vary according on the locality, but often range from 40 to 72 percent when the próchnicy are less than 2 percent in abundance (i.e.
  7. In the last ten years, the number of próchnicy in glebach on the territory of our country has decreased by around 40%, making it the lowest among EU countries.

These techniques will help you to provide a healthy culture to our glebs and improve their overall condition.

They improve the health of glebes and have the capability of wizania non-removable metals, such as tlenks and wodorotlenks, as well as the ability to uwalnianie them in the event of roelin’s request.

Grzegorz Cieliski described the glebe’s powerful anti-aging properties.

Additionally, it is a very essential component in ensuring the proper functioning and overall health of the gleba The glebowa’s flora, fauna, and microflora are the foundations of the organization’s activities.

Their activity also contributes to the separation of organic and mineral components of the soil, so improving the structural integrity of the soil.

The quantity, diversity, and activity of glebe are all indicators of the quality and happiness of the glebe.

Processes biochemiczne and chemiczne are always taking place in her, and their dynamism is fueled by the activity of fauna and flora, as well as the presence of mineral salts and water vapor.

In order to maintain an appropriate level of plonowania, uprawa gleby, her ugniatanie by large-scale rolnic machines, and the use of excessive amounts of nawozow and pesticides are all practices that have an impact on the health of biologically active glebs.

This technology is based on the activation of the cellular metabolizm through the provision of certain mineral ions that have been carefully monitored.

This results in a slew of reactions that are sprzyjajing on the surface of the glebe and the conditions of roiling.

Example of a product built on this technology is PRP SOL – a stimulator of the gleb’s physiological functions (stymulator of functional gleb).

roelins are more effective at using minerals.

The increase in the diversity of biological processes and the increase in the activity of microorganisms living in the glebowy environment lead to: an increase in the population and activity of glebowy microorganisms (poyteczna fauna glebowa, np.

The deterioration of natural functions of the gleba/rolina ecosystem, together with the suppression of its równowagi, provides rolnikowi podwaliny in preparation for the introduction of zrównowaon rolnictwa.

Under the circumstances of the importance of the issues discussed at the conference, she drew enormous interest, as evidenced by the high number of people who attended the event. They were mostly rolnicy and sadownicy from the central region of Poland. Tematy:

Hasła do krzyżówek pasujące do opisu NARZĘDZIE OGRODNICZE, SŁUŻĄCE DO PIELENIA CHWASTÓW I WZRUSZANIA GLEBY – Polski-Słownik.pl

In the next section, you will find a list of all of the known krzy­owski-style ha­se, each of which will direct you to the opisu you are looking for. Grodnicze utensils, which are used for the skinning of chwasts and the wzruszania of gleby (na 12 lit.)

Sprawdź również inne opisy ha­sła:STRZEMIĄCZKO

The koa suchowa is a little koa that enters the skad of ucha srodkowego(na 12 lit.)pasek, which is composed of two naprzeciwlege krawdzie nogawki on the dole, which prevents the koa from escaping into the góra during the process of noszenia spodni (na 12 lit.) Take a look at some of the other ha­sa for krzy­ó­wek that are suitable for the opisu: ” NARZDZIE OGRODNICZE, SUCE DO PIELENIA CHWASTW AND WZRUSZANIA GLEBY “.

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Szukaj po haśle

Put odga­dni­te already-existing li­te­ries here; in the event that you don’t have any li­te­ries, put myl­nik or a pod­krel­nik (that is, – or _) here. When you finish your przy­ci­sku” SZUKAJ HASA,” we will display all of your sowa, wyra­zy, wy­ra­e-nia, and ha­sa that have been pre­loaded into your computer. It’s a simple equation: the more li­ter you read, the more accurate your results will be.

You may expect to receive a large amount of pa-su-jing wyni­ków if you collect enough litter in a short period of time. If you collect too much litter in a long period of time, you will receive a large amount of pa-su-jing wyni­ków.

Szukaj po opisie hasła

Please provide a description of the potion in the box below for Hassa, which you will not be able to change. Following the completion of the ” SZUKAJ HASA ” przy­ci­sku, we will display all of the so­wa, wy­ra­zy, wy­ra­e­nia, and ha­sa that are suitable for consumption by you. Try to write your opis just as you would if you were writing it on a piece of paper.


The following is the most appropriate hash for krzyówki dla opisu:narzdzie ogrodnicze, which are used for the skinning of chwasts and the wzruszania of gleby:


Hasło Opis krzyżówkowy
strzemiączko, narzędzie ogrodnicze, służące do pielenia chwastów i wzruszania gleby (na 12 lit.)

Definicje krzyżówkowe

STRZEMIĄCZKO Grodnicze utensils, which are used for the skinning of chwasts and the wzruszania of gleby (na 12 lit.).

Krótki słownik ogrodniczy, cz.2 od L do Z

After being familiar with the often occurring occurrences of pojcia in the ogrodnictwa from the first half of the alphabet, it is time to become acquainted with the second half of the alphabet. There have been several questions raised in this article, and we hope to meet up with them on our upcoming trip to the salon for roelin upkeep and roelin pielgnacji. We begin with the letter L and progress to the letter Z. L Larwa is a stadium for the development of zwierzt. In many cases, they are found among owads, who can also become pests in our garden while they are in this state.

This is an important zabieg that must be considered in the planning of effective roelin protection as well as during any upcoming operations.

As a result of this work, the zeoli are disintegrated, their pokarmous components are removed, and their quality is deteriorated.

Resulting in organic zwizki being produced, as well as mineral zwizki such as those containing fosfor and azote.

The N Nicienie is a term used to describe organisms that live in the wild or in the glebe and have an extended ksztast.

When used in the garden as a biological tool in the battle against szkodniks, they are quite effective.

They are distinguished by a scarcity of owocolistków capable of obscuring zalak, which results in the absence of owoc.

In the case of nasions, a zabieg prowadzony on their surfaces, with the goal of capturing a substance that increases the nasion’s surface area is being pursued.

This has an impact on the improvement of kiekowania’s dolnoci.

In another instance, this method is used in the case of drzew, which is distinguished by the presence of ciciem gazi, which results in the deformation of korony and disruption in the normal progression of their growth.

These are czstki that are porowate, biae, and sterylne in color.

Pikowanie rolin-related activities that take place after the wysianiu and wykiekowaniu of nasion.

This facilitates the growth of siews and has a positive impact on their development.

The mnogosci of these roelins is what distinguishes them.

The next step is to transport them to their final destination, where they will bloom.

S Saletra amonowa – azotowy nawóz mineralny, which is frequently used.

It is characterized by its ability to be pushed around in water and by its speed of operation.

Soliter is an abbreviation for soliterowe drzewo or krzew.

It is possible to distinguish yourself by having a unique wybarwienie, a pokroje, or an effective kwitnienie.

These kinds of changes are referred to as tropizms, and they can be caused by a variety of factors, such as the weather, temperature, or grawitacjs.

The majority of the time, the supków are made of metal or drewniany material.

In Ukonica, there is a lot of begonia.

It is a rolinach-based zabieg that is aimed at the removal of the wierzchoks from the pds (uszczykiwanie).

A pielgnacyjny zbieg w Wertykulacja is performed on trawniks that point to a pionowym nacinaniu of darni, as seen in the film Wertykulacja.

Glebwymywanie (gleb-wymywanie) is the process of drawing water out of glebs containing pokarm-making components (Skadników pokarmowych).

Modianowanie (also known as rolowanie) is the occurrence of rolin appearing in close proximity to one another on a particular piece of land, which has a beneficial effect on the process of plowing. Differing types of pre-production determinants have been identified and grouped together.

garden soil – Tłumaczenie na polski – słownik Linguee

If you do not have sandbags you can use alternatives such as pillow cases orrefuse sacks filledwithgarden soil.flooding.ieflooding.ie Gdy nie masz worków z piaskiem, możesz użyć w zamian np. poszewek na poduszki lub workówna śmieciwypełnionychziemiąogrodową.flooding.ieflooding.ie
At the same time a separate sample of the crosslinkedpolymericcomposition was tested on the biodegradation resulting from storing the sample for over 6 month singarden soil.en.en.www.ichp.pl Próbki usieciowanej kompozycji polimerowej poddawano, trwającej 6 miesięcy biodegradacji w gleb ieogrodowej.ichp.plichp.pl
It grows well on e verygarden soil,butit prefers sunny places.clematisy.plclematisy.pl Dobrze rośnienawszystkichglebachogrodowych,n ajlepiejw pełnym słońcu.clematisy.plclematisy.pl
B ackgarden soilforplanting as soon aspossible?en.househunter-france.comen.househunter-france.com Pow rót ziemia ogrodowa do sadzeniajak najszybciej?pl.househunter-france.compl.househunter-france.com
Care: sandy soils, ave ragegarden soil,fer tile and moist (like along ponds).clematisy.plclematisy.pl Pielę gnacja: gleba piaszczy sta,przeciętnaogrodowa,próchniczn a, stalewilgotna (np. wzdłuż stawów).clematisy.plclematisy.pl
After that you can purchase the absent nutrients to provide intothegarden soilwhic h can help maximize your vegetation!bandonvoices.combandonvoices.com Ostatecznie, na niedowolnym z ciągów potężną atencję przymocowuje się do stałej symbiozy z organizacją ewentualnie jednostką, jaka projektowanie pagin internetowych naznaczyła.bandonvoices.combandonvoices.com
This is basically the same composting process astakes plac eingarden soilori n a forestwithout any human assistance.deepdemocracy.pldeepdemocracy.pl wasięw glebie ogrodowejluble śnej bezpomocy człowieka.deepdemocracy.pldeepdemocracy.pl
Fill containerswithgardenorp ot tingsoil.thoolen.nlthoolen.nl Pojemnikimożna wypeł nić ziemiąogrodowąlub doniczko wą.thoolen.nlthoolen.nl
A new urban landscape which refers to the characteristics of the old: from gasfactory to housing factory, fromgarden village to garden town with ‘ moregarden’,fromsoilreme diation to housing canyon.kuiper.nlkuiper.nl Powstaje nowy miejski krajobraz nawiązujący do charakterystycznych cech dawnego: fabryka gazu staje się fabryką mieszkalnictwa,wieś-ogród staje sięmiastem-ogrode m(z większym pier wiastkiem o grodu),miejsce rekultywacji gleby–miesz kalnym kanionem.kuiper.nlkuiper.nl
When you’re ready to plant, you can just rip the carton outside the seedling without damaging the root golf ball and put the comp letegarden soilsocc er ball into the ground.bandonvoices.combandonvoices.com Wokalista zestawu muzycznego będzie w stanie nadszarpnąć ugaszcza nieweselnych aż do imprezie, nie kawa na ławę przeciwnie w czasie planu odpowiedzialnego, nie zważając na rzeczonego również w wypadku jak ziomusie siedzą w otoczeniu chórach.bandonvoices.combandonvoices.com
In the Institute some pupils worked inthegardendiggingsoil,tak ing care of plants, fetching water from a far-away well.centrumrozwojuheurystyki.plcentrumrozwojuheurystyki.pl W Instytucie w Fontainebleau jedni pracowali w ogrodzie kopiąc ziemię, pielęgnując rośliny, nosząc wodę z odległych studni, pieląc grządki i wykonując wszystkie konieczne ogrodowe prace.centrumrozwojuheurystyki.plcentrumrozwojuheurystyki.pl
The Compoststarter intensifies thecomposting process and speeds up thedecomposing of domesticandgardenwast e into com postsoilwithwell-balancednutrient values.biolan.fibiolan.fi Środek do rozpoczęcia kompostowaniaintensyfikuje proceskomposto wania iprzyspieszarozkładodpadów domowych i ogrodowychwglebie ko mpostowej zapewniając dobrze zrównoważone wartości odżywcze.biolan.fibiolan.fi
To discard, it can berecycled inyourgardentol ightenthesoil.gb.eurohydro.comgb.eurohydro.com Jeśli chcesz się go pozbyć, może zostać przetworzony wogrodzi ei zużytydo spulchnienia gleby.pl.eurohydro.compl.eurohydro.com
Gardensele ction and planting density:red-soilhill s, plains, paddy fields and eyots with a thick soil layer, good permeability and an organic content ≥ 1,5 %. 600 trees are planted perhectare.eur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu 1) Wybór plantacji i gęstość obsady: wzgórza, równiny, poletka ryżowe oraz wysepki rzeczn eog rubej warstwie gleby, dobrej przepuszczalności i zawartości organicznej ≥ 1,5 %.eur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu
200 202Soilandstones Only fromgardenandparks waste; Excludingtopsoil,pea teur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu 2 002 02 Gleba ikamienieWyłączni eodpady ogrodowe iparkow e; oprócz warstwy uprawnej, torfueur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu
Multifunctional, lightweight andcompact rotavator is designed for different operationsinagardenoronsoil.unimaster.netunimaster.net Wielofunkcyjny, lekki i zwarty ciągnik jednoosiowy jest przeznaczony dlawykonania różn ych prac na dział kach przyzagrodo wych,w sadach iogrod ach.unimaster.netunimaster.net
it needs fertile, hu mid,gardenandwell wo odedsoil.clematisy.plclematisy.pl w ymaga gleby żyznej, wilgotnej,ogrodowej,dobrzezdrewniałej.clematisy.plclematisy.pl
A Toro tiller is a machine thatmixes upthesoilinyourgardenusin g rotatingtines that cut up the soil, making it easier to cultivate on it.diyexplore.comdiyexplore.com Toro rumpel jestmaszyna, któ ra mieszaglebęw ogrodzieza pomocąobracających się zęby, które tną się na ziemię, dzięki czemu łatwiej uprawiać na nim.pl.diyexplore.compl.diyexplore.com
fromthegardenside: distribution and drainageintosoildomdevelopment.com.pldomdevelopment.com.pl od strony ogrodu: ro zsączaniewgruntdomdevelopment.com.pldomdevelopment.com.pl
T hesoil,thegarden,thepeople workingin it or in the kitchen. all of these are valuable resources.deepdemocracy.pldeepdemocracy.pl Gleba, ogród,ludzi e pracujący tami w kuchni. wszystko to wartościowe źródła.deepdemocracy.pldeepdemocracy.pl
Not everything does grow on every soil. In case you have a problem finding a tree or plant matching your soil the usual way, please select the type(s)ofsoilthatmatches that ofyourgarden.bomenonline.nlbomenonline.nl Indien u moeite heeft op de normale manier een boom of plant te vinden die geschikt is voor uw tuin of een gedeelte daarvan, selecteer dan hier de eigenschappen van uw grondsoort.bomenonline.nlbomenonline.nl
Subject to Article 35, seeds, fertilisers and productsfor the treatmen tofsoilandcrops, intendedfor use on property located in the Community, and adjoining a third country or third territory and operated by agricultural producers having their principal undertaking in the said country or territory adjacent to the territory of the Community shall be exempt on admission.eur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu Z zastrzeżeniem art. 35, zwolnieniem objęte są nasiona,nawozyiproduktydo uprawy gleby ipielę gnacjiroślin uprawnych, przeznaczone na użytek gospodarstwa znajdującego się we Wspólnocie, w bezpośrednim sąsiedztwie państwa lub terytorium trzeciego, które to gospodarstwo jest prowadzone przez producentów rolnych mających swoje główne gospodarstwo w tym państwie lub na terytorium położonym w bezpośrednim sąsiedztwie terytorium Wspólnoty.eur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu
It is best if we have received a new spirit, or somegifts, or if one of the Jesuits who gives the spiritual exercises listenedto our outpourings, anddugsoilinourgarden.stanislawpapczynski.orgstanislawpapczynski.org Najlepiej, żeby wylano na nas jakiegoś ducha, żebyśmy otrzymali jakieś dary albo żeby któryś ze znanych„jezuitów od czterech tygodni” posłuchałnaszych wyn urzeńi przekopałnasz ogródek…Z aszkodzićnie powinno, a może w końcu coś wyrośnie.stanislawpapczynski.orgstanislawpapczynski.org
3.5.3 Floods are on the increase in the EU for two main reasons: firstly, it is now generally believed that climate change has an impact on the intensity and frequency of floods all over Europe (7), partly due to irregular torrential rains and potentially higher sea levels; secondly, human activity, such as construction work in rivers and projects to divert and channelthe course of rivers and otheractivities which sealthesoil,andthereby reducethe natural capacity of nature to store excessive amounts of water during a flood event without measures to assess and redress their environmental impact.eur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu 3.5.3 Powodzie w UE nasilają się z dwóch głównych powodów: po pierwsze, panuje powszechne przekonanie, że zmiany klimatu wywierają wpływ na intensywność i częstotliwość powodzi w całej Europie (7), częściowo z powodu nieregularnych ulewnych deszczy, a także potencjalnie wyższego poziomu morza, po drugie, działalność ludzka, taka jak prace budowlane w obrębie rzek,projekty mające na celu zmianę biegurzeki i jejuregulowanie oraz inne działan ia uszczelniającegrunt, ogranicza naturalną zdolność do magazynowania nadmiernej ilości wody podczas powodzi, a w dodatku nie towarzyszą jej środki oceniające i niwelujące wpływ na środowisko.eur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu
This Regulation shall not apply to the keeping ofornamental aquatic animalsor plants in pet-sh ops,gardencent res, conta inedgardenpond s or aquaria whichcomply with Article 6 of Commission Decision 2006/656/EC of 20 September 2006 laying down the animal health conditions and certification requirements for imports of fish for ornamental purpose (1) or in facilities which are equipped with effluent treatment systems which fulfil the aims set out in Article 1.eur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu Niniejszego rozporządzenia nie stosuje się do trzymania ozdobnychzwierząt lub roślinwodnych w s klepachzoologicznych,centra ch ogro dniczych,zamkniętychstawacho grodowychlub akwariach, które spełniają przepisy art. 6 decyzji Komisji 2006/656/WE z dnia 20 września 2006 r. ustanawiającej warunki zdrowotne zwierząt oraz wymogi dotyczące świadectw wymaganych przy przywozie tropikalnych ryb dla celów ozdobnych (1) lub zakładów wyposażonych w systemy oczyszczania ścieków spełniające cele określone w art. 1.eur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu
Aiming at improvement of soilfertility and structure, conservation tillage, limiting the processe sofsoilenvi ronment degradation, is introducedintogardencropproduction techniques.aqua.ar.wroc.plaqua.ar.wroc.pl W trosce opoprawę żyznoś ci ist ruktury gleby do agrot echnikiroślinogrodni czych wprowadza się uprawę konserwującą, która ogranic zaprocesydegradacjiśrodowisk a glebowego.aqua.ar.wroc.plaqua.ar.wroc.pl
On intensive ma rketgardens,whi ch have different crops following each other frequently on the same area of land, particular care inthesoilhusb andry is necessary.demeter.org.pldemeter.org.pl W intensywnie pro wadzonychogrodachtowarowych,którewielością roślin występujących jedna po drugiej na tej samej powierzchni, niezbędna jest szc zególna troska o glebę.demeter.org.pldemeter.org.pl
The complainants allege that the machinery rings were not only involved in the core tasks described in recital 12, but also provided other communal services such as snow clearing, road building/repairs, waste-water treatment plant construction, etc.,plusgarden/land scape maintenance and building golf courses and other sports facilities, in competition with other commercial undertakings.eur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu Skarżący twierdzą, że działalność kółek rolniczych obejmuje nie tylko działalność podstawową wymienioną w motywie 12, ale również inne usługi, jak usługi komunalne (np. odśnieżanie, budowa/utrzymanie dróg, budowa oczyszczalni ścieków), utrzymanie ogrodów i terenów zielonych czy budowę boisk i pól golfowych, które stanowią działalność konkurencyjną dla innych przedsiębiorstw.eur-lex.europa.eueur-lex.europa.eu

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